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Kiss and Tell


*If you are younger than 18 years
If sex is taboo to your neighborhood peers
If offended by stories of sexual sleaze,
Please go no further, and skip this, please.

(c) 2000 by Cat's sara

Special thanks to all the boys who asked for an M/f story. This is my
first effort, and I hope you find it enjoyable. Especially, thanks to
MountainMan, who has shown me great kindness, despite the fact that my
stories don't usually fit his preferences.


Kiss and Tell

by Cats' sara

Cateories: (MF, MD, MC)


"So what makes you a good hypnotist?" I challenged. "And if you say
it's because you can put people in a trance, don't waste my time with
it. There are thousands of people who can do that."

Randy looked at me and smiled. "No, you're right. Then again, I'm not
so much of a hypnotist as a manipulator. Do you gamble?"

"Are you saying you want to make a bet?" I asked. "About whether you
can hypnotize me?"

"I told you, it's not hypnosis. And no, I was going to explain
something. But since you want to be so *nasty* about it, forget it," he
sniffed. What a baby.

As a woman, I've been accused of being emotional; but men are
inherently insecure and fragile. Threaten the control they believe they
have, and they act as if you kicked them in the balls. Several times.

So I said, "Randy, I'm sorry. Tell me what you were going to tell me."

He just sat there, sour-faced, so finally I tickled him until he was
clutching at my hands and nearly crying from laughing so hard. "Okay,
okay, I'll tell you.

"You know in poker, the way a lot of people win is by looking for the
'tell'. Anyone can develop a poker face, but when they have a good or
bad hand, they usually have some physical quirk that gives it away. All
you have to do is observe someone long enough and you can read what
they are thinking in their body language, and use it to get what you

"Yes, I've heard of that," I responded. "But I've never been much on
cards, so I've never really worried about it."

Randy looked at me squarely in the eye. "Well, I've known you for ten
years, and I know all your 'tells', sexually speaking. You know what
they say. Knowledge is power. All I have to do is create what you
respond to, and you would be powerless to stop it from happening. Also,
you couldn't hide it from me."

"Randy, I respond to women, not men."

"Wrong, Mia. You also respond to things you don't even know about."

"Yeah? Well, Mr. Manipulator-Smarty-Pants, pretend I'm from Missouri
and show me."

"You sure? You might find some things out about yourself that could
make you uncomfortable," he said. Was that fear or anticipation I saw
in his eyes? It didn't matter. As *if*.

"I'm sure," I said. What I was sure of was that it wouldn't work.

He shifted his posture slightly, moved his leg to the left, raised one
hand just *so*, and said, in a low, breathy voice, "Lick your lips,

I licked them without thinking. They were very dry. It was a funny
coincidence, and I said so. "That's a funny coincidence," I said.

"Lick them sexy, Mia."

I ran the tip of my tongue around them and thrust my chest outward
slightly, giving him a coy look. There certainly wasn't any harm in
humoring him.

"You see?" he said, with a smug look on his face. "By know your
'tells', and knowing you for some time now, I know what to do to get
the response I want."

"Well, I hate to burst your bubble, Randy, but I would do that for
anyone. It doesn't go against my grain, and it doesn't mean I'm doing
anything I wouldn't do for a stranger," I countered.

"Pinch your nipples through your shirt," he rasped, "hard." His voice
*did* sound hot... okay, so he knew some of my buttons but that didn't

My brain stopped in shock as I felt the familiar pleasure/pain of my
nipples being brutally pinched. I looked down to see my fingers
pinching and rolling my suddenly erect nipples. With the slightest bit
of reluctance, I dropped my hands to my lap.

"Randy, you know as well as I do that I've always been willing to be
outward," I said. I tried to speak with conviction, but I could hear
the quaver in my voice. I hoped that he couldn't.

"True, and physical things are easy. It's making you want something you
didn't recognize yourself as wanting that is the mark of a master," he
said, smiling casually at me. That didn't help. For a moment, I had a
terrible vision of being a puppet for some *man's* whims, and I didn't
like what I saw. At all.

I watched as the casual look changed... became earthier. I mean, he was
starting to look *really* horny. Something about his confidence was
unnerving, too. I still figured I could play along... I mean, he'd been
a good friend through tough times, and I knew I could trust him, but...

What if I couldn't?

Randy shifted again on the couch, taking on a very relaxed pose.
"Besides, I can't make you want to get naked, for instance, when all
you want to do is rub your pussy through your jeans."

I smiled. So he knew that he had limitations. Feeling my panties rub
against my wet snatch was really all I needed. It felt so good, but I
knew that it was a passing phase and that I would want more, and want
it soon.

"Even your trysts with lovers aren't what you *really* want, and I
doubt I could make you do that, period. Your lovers are just a poor
substitute for your own fingers plunging deep inside you. There's no
way I can fight that kind of conviction," he conceded.

God damned right. I was my own woman, with my own needs and desires,
and there was no way he was going to screw with them. No pun intended.

Just to prove it, I pulled off my shorts and panties and showed him how
it was done when it was done right. What a stupid, stupid man, to ever
think he could have any influence over a strong woman like me.

"And your fingers taste so good after they've been inside you, too. I
mean, why would I want to change that? I really think you're just fine
the way you are, don'tt you, Mia?"

"Mff ehuhdhhf hewll yeffff!" I answered, talking around my fingers.
Hell, it's easy to tell people what they like and want when they're
already doing it.

"But you know what's funny," he added, "is that all of your sex for the
last ten years has been an effort to get me to show you my cock. I bet
you didn't know I knew that."

Okay, now I *was* shocked. His words chilled me to the bone. How could
he have been so dense for so long? How many hints did I have to give in
order for him to "get it" that all I wanted was his beautiful cock?
Well, at least the cock I imagined it would be...

"So what do you say when you want to see something?" he teased.
Bastard. After being so obtuse, now he was going to make me beg. Well,
I could play this game better than he could.

"PleasepleasepleasePLEASE let me see your beautiful cock, Randy!" I
nearly shouted at him, giggling and threatening to tickle him again.

"Why don't you ask what you *really* want?" he said.

"And just what would that be?" I parried.

"To suck it," he jabbed.

"For someone supposedly so perceptive, it sure has taken you a long
time to see it, Randy."

"Just ask."

"May I look at and suck your beautiful cock?" I said, so sweetly that
it made my lips sticky. Just for effect, and to build up the drama, I
added, "Let me worship your cock, if I may be found worthy!"

He lowered his pants, and his cock sprang out... so magnificent... long
with the slightest upturn, the head large and expanding as he flexed
his muscle of love. I lowered my lips and took it in, letting it slide
back my throat, they way I did when I sucked all my girlfriends'
dildos, practicing for this moment.

The slightly salty taste was so good, and I felt and tasted the
evidence of his arousal as his delicious precum slid over my tongue. He
began to thrust into my mouth involuntarily, his hips building my own
arousal... I cupped his balls and pulled down on them, causing him to
grunt with pleasure and increase the pace of fucking my face.

"You want to go harder and faster, Mia. Do it, it's what you want," he
said in between moans.

I grabbed his hard ass and begand flailing my mouth up and down his
god-cock, faster and faster, my nose driving into his pubic hair as I
took him in... I felt the channel along the bottom begin to swell along
with his perfect mushroom head, and knew he was close... I pressed my
tongue along the bottom of his wondrous fuckpole and pressed him hard
into me and began to swallow, the muscles of my throat and mouth
milking him, begging him to cum down my open throat.

He yelled, grunting in rhythm with my swallowing and I felt his white-
hot jism shoot against the inside passages of my throat and fill my
mouth, nearly making me gag, but I couldn't stop... had to continue...
as he came and came and came... until I was cumming along with him...

I stayed glued to his pleasure maker until I felt him go limp. He was
breathing heavy and hard, and I thought for a moment that he was going
to fall asleep. But instead, he said, "But of course, I can't
manipulate you."

Suddenly I saw it all... the change, subtle and then growing in
intensity. I was angry, then scared, then... aroused.

"You see," he continued, "that I can make you want anything I want you
to want. It's a natural gift, and one that I was bound to use on you,
eventually. Of course, you really don't mind, do you?"

I felt my head as it shook "no". I realized quite unexpectedly that I
didn't mind.

Randy went on. "And I obviously have a talent. To make someone want
something they didn't want before is a sign of how deep my talent goes.
I said it just a few minutes ago. So here's the pop quiz question...
what does that ability make me, my beautiful, pliable, slutty Mia?"

I hesitated a moment before answering, knowing that he would like it
that way. And then I said it. Whispered it. Relished it. Savored it.
Loved it.

"Master," I said, with almost no sound at all.


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