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Kitchen Duty 2


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Kitchen Duty-2 by Andy
Kitchen Duty-2
Amy and Alexia had by now gotten settled in their new relationship. The
house began to morph into a combination of living quarters, farm and
orgiastic retreat.

Amy could not get enough of Alexia, Butch and Shasta. The four of them
covered each other in shit, piss and cum on a regular basis.

One day, they had gotten dressed because they were expecting a carpenter to
come by and advise, suggest and plan a new addition that the girls wanted.
He was supposed to arrive at 10AM. Both of them reluctantly refrained from
any of their usual breakfast habits. Amy was still grabbing Alexia's butt
cheeks through her jeans, "Oh Amy I hope the carpenter is not here to long
I'm so horny today," exclaimed Alex in a pouting little girl voices

Before Amy could comment, they heard a van pull into the driveway and heard
a door open and shut followed by footsteps and a knock on the door. A gentle
knock, Alexia was nearest so she opened the door.

"Yes how may I help you?" Alex asked.

"Good Morning, my name is Andy Wilson, I'm looking for Amy Stone," he said

"Good Morning to you Mr. Wilson, no, I'm Alexia Travers, this is Miss
Stone," she smiled as Amy appeared behind her.

"Call me Amy. Can we get you some coffee or tea?" Amy asked, showing him
into the kitchen.

"Coffee please, black, no sugar and please call me Andy," he said.

They all sat at the table, sipping coffee as Amy as Alexia told him what
they had in mind and why they called him. While Amy did most of the talking,
Alexia was eyeballing the carpenter. Middle aged, late forties, great arms
that were hidden by his t-shirt, strong looking legs that were threatening
to burst the seams of his jeans, a thick barreled chest and he wasn't too
bad looking either. A receding hairline but otherwise thick brown/gray hair,
a moustache neatly trimmed and piercing blue eyes made up the rest of Andy's
appearance. Alex was trying to discern if there was a bulge in his jeans,
and was standing behind him looking at Amy while licking her lips.

"Andy, Alexia and I have just bought another 40 acres that surround this
place and we need you to come up with some ideas for a small barn, corral
and fencing that we want," Amy explained. "We don't plan on becoming a farm
or ranch or anything like that, but we would like a safe, comfortable and
modern place to keep some horses, and smaller pets."

"Can you help us?" Amy asked.

"Sure I can. You say all this land is yours," Andy went on. "That's good
because we won't need permits and there won't be any congestion while I
work. Suppose I draw up some plans and return tomorrow so we can see where
we are? Before I leave I would like to take some measurements."

"That would be fine Andy, and thanks for being so responsive. Alexia and I
are partners and expense should not be spared, as we want only the best."

"Before I go can I please use your 'John,' coffee goes right through me."

Amy pointed out the bathroom to him and when he wasn't looking motioned for
Alexia to go into the living room. Amy had cameras everywhere, if you
remember, the bathroom was no exception. Andy stepped over to the toilet and
began to zip down his fly.

The women's eyes were riveted. Andy pulled out his cock and produced a good
8-inch flaccid yet impressive member. He stroked his cock sideways and aimed
it into the bowl. Amy and Alexia were transfixed as he started to urinate,
First a trickle and then a strong steady stream. He pissed for a while with
no sign of being done. 30 seconds went by......40........45.......50, and
still no sign of abating, 1:10 and only then did the stream begin to
dissipate. Amy was drooling and jamming two fingers into her cunt. Alexia
was mesmerized.

Suddenly Andy let loose with a blood curdling fart. Long and loud it even
made his nose cringe . He shook his cock of the last of the piss remnants.
Amy pointed at the clock and whispered that 1 minute and 30 seconds had gone

Andy was drying his hands after washing them and came out of the John
looking relieved. Alexia and Amy saw him to the door politely and walked him
to his truck.

"Andy, it was nice meeting you, we are looking forward to seeing you
tomorrow," Amy said and Alexia echoed.

"Same here, I'll be here early if you don't mind, say around 8:30am." Andy
looked carefully.

"That's fine, we'll be up." Amy waved goodbye and she and Alexia walked back
in the house.

The truck pulled away and the women both burst out into uncontrollable

"Did you see the size of his cock?" Amy asked.

"I sure did and I noticed that he can piss like a firehose," Alexia intoned,
"How are we going to get him to join us?"

As they thought about it, they began to take of their clothing and were soon
naked in the kitchen, which was turning out to be their favorite room.
Alexia sat on the counter and raised one leg so the heel of her foot was on
the edge of the counter. In this position her cunt was opened lewdly. Amy
was sitting on a chair in front of her when Alexia let go. Her urine
splashed directly onto Amy's large bust that she began to fondle and cup.

Amy was maneuvering her mouth into the flow and swallowed every drop of piss
she could until the flow stopped suddenly.

"Hey, what happened?" Amy cried.

"Nothing honey, I just wanted to save you some to wash down a treat I have
for you," Alex said wickedly.

Alexia put her hand under her ass and concentrated in expelling one
continuous 5" bomb. It stank up the entire kitchen but to these girls it was
perfume. Alexia took the shit log and held it above Amy's face. Amy, in
turn, bent her neck back and opened her mouth wide. Soon the turd was
dropped into her mouth and stuffed in completely. Amy savored Alexia's shit
as she chewed and swallowed. Amy slid her chair under Alexia's vagina as she
prepared to swallow the rest of Alexia's piss along with her shit.

Amy was in a state of bliss as she looked over to the dish drainoff and
spotted a big glass bowl. Her eyes made contact with her partner and Alexia
immediately jumped one step ahead.

She placed the bowl under Amy's ass and watched as her lover shit a gigantic
load into the bowl. Then Amy started to urinate, Alex grabbed a glass and
watched it fill. Soon it began to overflow into the bowl of shit and she put
it down and grabbed another. She had to do this one more time and was
surprised that Amy could fill three large glasses.

Alexia could not contain herself and reached into the bowl and squeezed both
of her hands into this hot stinking pile of fresh waste and brought her shit
filled hands up to her face, inhaling the aroma. Then she put a large lump
of Amy's shit into her mouth, while rubbing the rest of the crap into her
hair and all over her face.

Amy, in the meantime had drank down a glass of her own urine in one gulp.
Then she went for the bowl of shit and began to cover her breasts while
eating the larger turds. Alexia was an unrecognizable brown mass now. Her
teeth were filthy with Amy's shit.

"Amy, the only thing I love more than your shit is you darling," Alexia was
welling up. Amy was no less stricken and swallowed her shit while looking at
her friend and said, "Alexia I love you too and I want you to be with me,

Not to get sappy but the girls then proceeded to eat every piece of shit
they could find and drink every drop of urine they could piss out. Alexia
suddenly gagged a bit as her stomach tried to give up the foulness that she
had ingested. A gusher of vomit burst from her mouth hitting Amy directly in
the face.

"Vomit in my mouth honey, I want to eat your puke while I frig myself into
another cum," Amy cried.

The sounds of Alexia moaning and wailing as she puked into her friends mouth
where unholy especially since Alexia was masturbating herself vigorously as
she threw up.

Amy was covered entirely with shit and vomit. Her legs were wide open as she
shit some more turds out. Her breasts were hanging low and looked like
eggplants about to fall from the vine. Big black sacks with nipples.

Alexia and Amy soul kissed as the vomit was being spit back into Alexia's
mouth from whence it came.

The girls went into the shower to clean up. They couldn't imagine what Andy
would have done if he had seen their act but somehow they knew they would
find out.

The next morning found them asleep in each other's arms. They were awakening
at around 7 am. They immediately fondled each other's cunts and had a quick
morning cum to start their day. The dogs were aching to go out.

"Hey Amy, look at out pets, do you think we should help them out?" Alexia

"I hate to be a spoil sport, but Andy is coming soon and I'm not sure we
could explain and..." Amy's voice trailed off.

"Too bad, but we'll have lots of time. Have you thought about how we are
going to see if we can interest him?"

"Yeah I have," said Amy. " I noticed he tried to look down our blouses every
chance he got but was careful not to get caught."

"Yeah I noticed it too, made me tingle all over. Why don't we wear something
a little more revealing?" Alexia suggested.

"I've got a better idea sweetheart," Amy opined. "Why don't I greet him and
start to look at the plans while you step out of the shower not knowing that
he's here." Amy outlined.

"I know just what to do," Alexia said.

Soon 8:30 rolled around and the truck drove up on time. Andy strode to the
door not knowing what he was about to get into.

"Good Morning, Andy how are you today?" Amy was smiling happily. She had a
pair of sweat pants and a tee shirt on. Nothing else. Her hair had not been
brushed yet and it was positively exhilarating. Her bust bounced around
freely under her tee and Andy could not help but notice. There was just a
hint of a twinkle in his eye.

"Alexia is in the shower, would you like some coffee, she asked, her own
eyes somewhat glazed over."

"Sure," he said, wondering about the look in her eyes.

Just then Alexia burst out of the bathroom with a towel wrapping a towel
around her head. She was completely naked and dripping all over the floor.
She dropped a hairbrush she was carrying and squatted, fully open legged to
pick it up. Andy was given a perfect shot of her wet, hairy, pin vagina. The
tumescence in his pants was rigid to the point of hurting. Alex straightened
up and stood causing her large breasts to bang together as she hurled the
towel backwards over her head, and thus came face to face with Andy's
stunned and bemused look. Amy was biting down one her lower lips to keep
from laughing.

"Oops! Excuse me Andy, I didn't realize you were here," she apologized. She
only covered her bust with one arm, which was a rather feeble attempt.

Excuse me Miss Travers, it's my fault, I didn't mean to errr..a stare, it
just that ..... well, its just that you are so great looking and...," his
voice trailed off.

Amy smiled warmly and said out loud to Andy, "What am I, chopped liver?" as
she pulled her tee shirt over her head and placed her hands under her
enormous bust and cupped them to his eyes.

Andy was too hypnotized to object. Instead he smiled and stood up.

"One good turn deserves another ladies," he said.

He took off his work belt followed by his work shirt, revealing a broad
hairy back and chest, framed by two very rugged and obviously strong arms.
He had a beer gut but it just made him that much more manly. Alexia lost all
pretenses and stared at him lewdly. She was now not trying to hide anything
and was standing with her hands massaging he breasts and her legs apart.
Amy, not to be outdone was stripping rapidly until she was totally naked and
was also flaunting her body for his eyes.

Andy removed his boots and jeans followed by his underwear. His cock was
extremely large and fat with a thick bulbous head. The shaft was blue veined
and an angry red. His balls were like lemons and the sack did not hang down
like it usually did on men his age.

Both women got on their knees in front of him and alternated kissing and
licking this weapon before them.

The time for talk was not now. Lust took over. Andy put his left arm around
Amy's waist and picked her 150 pounds completely off the floor as if she
weighed nothing at all. He was kissing her as he held her three feet of the
ground. Alexia was deep throating his cock with fervor.

He had Amy throw her legs around his head, so that he could eat her vagina
while Alexia was sucking his cock. After a few minutes he removed Amy from
his face and replaced her with Alexia as Amy went down on his bargepole,
sucking, licking, kneading and squeezing his massive cock.

"Hold on there doll-face I don't want to come right away, Jesus, you gonna
turn my dick inside out," he laughed

"Let's go outside and play in the dirt," Amy coaxed.

On the porch Alexia, bent over the rail with her breasts hanging low. She
looked over her shoulder with her eyes glazed and a hopeful expression,
aimed at Andy.

Not one to disappoint, He walked behind her and placed the head of his prick
in her wet crotch and inserted in one fell swoop. He started to plow into
Alexia's cooze with good sloshing sounds. While he was pile driving his cock
into her, Amy was squatting down on the ground in front of the porch and
petting the dogs.

Andy was staring at this large busted, naked cunt squatting in the dirt with
a male and female Doberman and was quick to realize that these dogs were
more than friendly to her. It was more like familiar.

He continued to thrust into Alexia and lay over her back so he could reach
around and play with her breasts. He could feel his load building up to very
explosive proportions.

"God, Alexia are all of your holes this exhaustive, your gonna drain me
before I get time to enjoy it," Andy complained woefully.

"That's my plan sporto," Alexia laughed.

"Amy, why don't you show Andy how friendly Butch and Sasha are," Alexia

They were wondering if Andy would be turned off, but fuck him if he was, it
was their house, and their dogs and he would fit in or still be looking for

Amy got on all fours, and Butch immediately mounted her, his nails making
red marks on her hips and sides. Amy loved this scratching. After slavering
over her back Butch's dog cock grew until it was a very impressive 8-inch
animal prod that was red, wet and angry.

Butch plunged his cock expertly into Amy's cunt and began to hump his
master. Sarah squatted over Amy's face and drowned her mistress in her
animal vagina liquids.

By this point Andy was wild eyed and he picked up Alexia and carried her
down the porch steps until they were right near the bestial woman. He
surprised every one by taking his cock and finding Sasha's dog cunt and
reamed her until she let out a yip.

Sasha kept trying to back up to get more of Andy's prick into her. Butch was
approaching a climax and buried his knot into Amy as she screeched out in
pleasure and came violently. Poor Alexia, was untended so to show how
"upset" she was at being left out, she went back up on the porch and climber
over the railing and spread her legs wide open. Her hot urine splashed over
all beneath her. Andy took a blast right in his kisser. Then he caught a
mouthful, swallowed and shot an immense load of human sperm into Sasha's
sucking cunt.

Alexia had aimed a spray right into Amy's mouth as Butch shot his dog sperm
into her cunt. The knot had grown to the size of an orange and was imbedded
deeply within Amy's stinking, dogcome filled cunt. Amy was swallowing
Alexia's piss when she lost control of her rectal functions. The pounding
and coming of Butch had made her lose total control and the fact that she
was "tied" to Butch didn't help matters.

Shit exploded from Amy's ass in three long hard turds about 6 inches long.
Alexia saw this and ran down the stairs and immediately grabbed one of the
turds in her hand and crammed it into her mouth.

As she was chewing she grabbed a second turd and fed her lover with her own
shit. Amy sucked it in and chewed her own waste with abandon.

"Hey, I want some too, quick," Andy had just made both women very happy as
they wallowed.

The three of them were chewing shit and gulping it down. Andy pulled his
still rigid cock out of the dog's cunt and stood up. He grabbed Alexia by
the hair and pressed her face into Sasha's hot smelly hole.

"Baby, lick my spunk out of the dog's vagina while I lick your beautiful ass
clean," Andy exclaimed.

Amy was writhing around still tied to Butch when she cried out in joy, "Oh
yes Butchie, piss in mommy, urinate your gamy dog filth into my cunt until
it explodes your knot out," she wailed.

So as Alexia was licking semen out of a dog's smelly cunt and Amy was having
another dog urinate into her cunt, as Andy began to urinate directly up into
the air until he was pissing in his own mouth and gulping down enormous
loads of his own piss.

Just the Butch exploded out of Amy's piss filled cunt and jumped to her
feet. She grabbed Andy's pissing prick and gave herself, two good mouthfuls.
The she immediately got behind Andy and started cramming her tongue up his

"Feed me you piss drinker, feed me your hot filthy shit, shit in my fucking
mouth," Amy was delirious with passion.

Andy needed no further prompting. He took one more mouthful of his own
urine, stooped the flow from his still piss filled bladder and squatted over
Amy's upraised face. He had a high fiber diet and the shit that flew out of
his ass was firm, plentiful and foul. Her mouth was filled to overflowing
and her entire face was covered in thick shit. Her eyes were barely able to
open. Her hair was matted to her forehead.

Alexia had a bemused look on her face as she watched Amy treated so
wonderfully. "Hey don't look left out, get your fucking whore mouth over
here," Andy ordered.

Alexia's upturned mouth was soon filled with a second large dump form his
bowels. Now the two women's faces were totally shit covered as they melted
into each other's arms, tongue kissing and licking shit from each other.

Andy wormed his face into theirs and started feasting on his own shit. Then
he lay down on his back and Amy knelt over his mouth and released the dog
urine/dog semen mixture into his mouth and then when he glued his mouth to
her ass she began to pinch a loaf right down his throat

Sasha was licking her mistress's cunt when Alexia let go with a good long
burst of urine right down the female bitch's dog throat. Sasha swallowed
thirstily. Alexia began to grab all the loose shit she could find and coated
Sasha's fur with it. The dog was now as filthy as the humans were.

After a few more insane moments the three of them sat up on their knees as
Butch approached. As if he knew what to do,(he did) he raised his hind leg
and let go of more dog piss right in each of their mouths. They all drank it
down like it was Bollinger 55.

"That was great, Andy cried out, wait until we get to know each other
better," He laughed.

He stood up and put an arm around each woman's waist and lifted than off the
ground. They went into the kitchen, covered with shit and piss, both animal
and human and sat around as if nothing had happened and they further
discussed the plans for the new barn and accommodations that the girls
wanted. Amy brought out a 6 pack of cold brew and three nice glasses of JD
on the rocks. Amy's face was black with crusted shit. Her hair was
disgraceful. Her bust was filth as caked shit stuck to the bottoms and side
of her big cans. Her cunt was filthier than a sewer trap.

Alexia's was still sucking a turd of shit as they went over the plans. Her
face was so filthy that her left eye was stuck shut and she made no attempt
to unstick it.

Andy was just as filthy as the sluts he was working for were. His Hair was
slicked back with a "shit piss gel type glaze. The hairy body only served as
a sponge to suck up and hold a lot of shit in its mesh.

Sarah wash shit covered all over her sleek black body and was lying in the
filth happily licking her own shit filled cunt. Amy noticed this and smiling
happily said, "I wish I could lick shit out of my own cunt."

"So do I Honey, So do I," Alexia agreed.

"Hey ladies, how many horses, pigs and goats and other beasts do you plan on
keeping here? Andy waited for their reply. The girls looked at him and
started to....
Three??? Thanks for all the comments. Keep it up Andy (


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