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Kitchen Duty 3


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Kitchen Duty 3 (Mass Menagerie) by Andy
Kitchen Duty 3 (Mass Menagerie)
Read Kitchen Duty and Kitchen Duty 2 first.


Amy and Alexia were busier than bees in a windstorm for the next two weeks
as Andy and a team of contractors erected the barns, fences and

The work was intense, but under Andy's supervision, all went according to
plan and as the last truck pulled out of the conclave, Andy stood by
admiring the fruits of his efforts.

"Boy, Andy, You sure did a great job, it's beautiful," Amy fussed. "I have
another proposition I would like to lay on you, game?"

"Sure, what's up," he asked.

"As you know Alexia and I are partners, not just in business, but in
everything," she began. Alexia stood by Amy's side and became just a bit
misty as she heard her friend affirm their relationship. "I, we, would like
you to join us and help us manage this place. We seem to have plenty of
money and we would like you to join us in everything. You would be our
partner, our friend, our lover and our protector and share almost everything
with us. You would only have to remember that Alexia and I are each other's,
first and you second and anyone else next. Money is not a consideration. You
could live with us or even build your own place right here. Choose whomever
you wish to join you and us," Amy stated and paused for breath.

"Close your mouth Andy," Alexia smiled as Andy stood stunned by the

"Jesus, are you serious?" Andy asked.

"Never more," they both said simultaneously.

Without a moment's delay or an afterthought of any kind, they were soon
hugging and climbing all over each other with gleeful shouts. All three
started talking at once as they mapped out plans

No need to go into the arrangements that they made.

As they were raking the last of the hay to cover the barn floor and checking
the last minute items they heard someone enter the driveway. Looking out Amy
saw a station wagon pull in and an older woman in her late 40's get out and
approach them.

"I am looking for Miss Amy Stone," she said, "My name is Diane Magnuson."

"I'm Amy, and this is my partner Alexia Travers and my foreman Andy Wilson,"
Amy proclaimed.

"My son Bill is in the car, she motioned, as the lad got out. He was a tall
wiry lad, sort of cow-faced and he came over and shook everyone's hand.

As they were making small talk a trailer truck pulled up to the corral
entrance slowly.

"Great, they're here," said Diane, a somewhat heavy looking woman with a
monstrous bust that could not be hidden in the xxl sweatshirt she wore. Her
hair was jet black with a lot of gray mixed in and looked like an explosion
in a mattress factory. "Let's go help them with your stock," Diane took

There wasn't much, but all eyes were glazed in anticipation. Diane and her
son were somewhat skeptical but were being paid handsomely and were not
stupid enough to ask questions.

Three stallions were led out first. Two were jet-black males and the mare
was a roan. The big beautiful horses were perfectly built and exuded an
animal majesty that was awesome. Next came a pair of goats, two porkers that
had to weigh 350 pounds each, a mule and three cows and their bull. The
truck then pulled away leaving the Magnusons to tie up the deal.

Bill asked Andy to help unload the feed that they had ordered and soon the
animals were in their new home and everyone was sitting around the kitchen
table. Amy handed over a check for $8500.00 dollars and they shook hands
smiling while Alexia poured everyone a drink.

"Hey gang, Bill has to drive into town to pick up a few things do you mind
if I hang out with you for a few hours until he gets back, asked Diane. "Not
at all, replied Amy

"Tell you what Bill, come in with me, as I want to get a few things too and
I have to stop off at my sister's house," Andy said. Bill agreed readily.
"Great we'll be back in a couple of hours or so, OK ladies?"

"Take your time, we'll have a few drinks and think about supper.

Off they went and the women were into a second and third round of drinks.

"Girls, can I speak freely," Diane asked quietly.

" Of course," Amy and Alexia said simultaneously.

"Well, that was a very odd shipment of livestock I made today," Mrs.
Magnusson started.

"Do you mind telling me what you have in mind with such a menagerie and in
such an odd number."

"Well it depends, Diane," Alexia said with a smile, "upon how broadminded
you are."

Diane smiled back; "Very, and I'm pretty imaginative too!"

Amy looked her in the eye and said "we are going to use them for our own
sexual pleasure, and in return we will take great care of them and never
abuse them." Amy said it so proudly and straightforward that Alex couldn't
resist standing up next to her "wife" proudly.

Diane started giggling and smiling broadly. "That's just what I hoped you
were going to say. I knew you guys were hotter than hell when we first drove
up. Billy couldn't take his eye of all of you, including that gorgeous hunk
foreman, Andy, God!! He looks delicious."

"He is Diane, trust us," Amy replied.

"If one of you beauties doesn't show me some flesh in a minute, I think I'm
going to scream," Diane pleaded.

Alexia and Amy pulled of their tees and stripped right down to their skin.
They stood right in front of Diane and started posing lewdly in front of
her. First Amy cupped her bust in front of Diane's face. Then it was Alexia
sitting on the table opening her legs widely and holding the lips of her
vagina open. Amy then turned her back and spread her asshole open stretching
the anal ring with her thumbs.

Diane was sweating and shivering with excitement. 2/3 of the "A" team
reached for Diane's sweatshirt and pulled it off her. Diane stood up and
when the shirt rose up off her chest, these immense veiny breasts exploded
into view causing both Amy and Alexia to gasp audibly.

Diane just looked heavy because her bust was an incredible 50 mmm.

Amy and Alexia each festooned themselves upon one breast each and licked,
sucked, fondled, mauled and squeezed until they were all groaning. Diane
slid out of her jeans and proved to be pantyless. Lo and behold this woman
had the hairiest bush you could imagine. The pubic line went up to her
navel, curled around her ass and was thick enough to hide her already
swollen clitoris.

Amy went down on her at once and started to eat her cunt with wild abandon.
Alexia climbed up on the table and slid her thighs around Diane's head.
Diane suddenly let go of a fart right in Amy's face

Amy inhaled deeply and looked up at Diane with her eyes glazed, never once
pausing her lapping.

"Go ahead Diane, shit in her mouth, she'll love it," Alexia intoned.

"Really, Oh God this is to good to be true," Diane cried as she was already
opening her sling to release her shit.

A dark brown pungent nub emerged and slowly grew into impressive dimensions.
As the shit erupted the turd proved to be almost a foot long. Amy had opened
her mouth and guided the entire piece into her mouth while bending it
delicately so it would fit.

As Amy savored her mouth full of Diane's warm shit Alexia started urinating
on Diane's face.

"grgrg!This is deli (grgr) cious!!" she gurgled.

Amy grabbed more of the shit that kept coming out of Mrs. Magnusson's ass
and smeared it all over Diane's cunt. Alexia was now shitting and pissing
all over their new friend. The shit was landing on the top of those huge
breasts, which Diane was cupping. The urine flow continued unabated and the
swallowing never spilled a drop.

"Di, I love your shit," Amy cooed, "Give me your urine to wash it down."

When Alexia heard that she climbed down off the table and joined Amy at the
front position of Diane's widely spread legs and waited for the torrent of
urine they were salivating for.

Diane did not disappoint and peed directly into both girls' mouths waiting
for each to fill to the brim before switching to the other.

While drenching her hosts, Diane was rubbing Alexia's shit into her bust and
then on to her face and into her hair. She took a handful of hot shit and
made a ball out of it the size of a baseball. Then she started to take bites
of the shit and savored every morsel.

Amy then lay down on the kitchen floor and raised her legs over her head,
using the bottom of the table to balance. Her legs were pointed behind her
head and she began to urinate directly into her own mouth. Shit formed at
her anal ring and gravity did the rest as her lumps of excrement fell down
towards her face. With the precision of luck, just as her mouth filled with
her pungent urine, a 2-inch piece of her shit fell right into the center of
her mouth.

"God that's great, nice shot," Alexia laughed and Diane chimed in. "When
you're done I want you girls help me do that, as I always wanted to, but
could never quite get in position."

"Lay down on the floor Di," Alexia instructed. Amy and Alexia helped Diane
raise her legs over her head. Even though she just filled each of the "A"
teams mouths 4 times apiece she still let go of a powerful stream that
maneuvered it's way right into her mouth and down her throat. The mere
thought of pissing in her own mouth made Diane orgasm intensely. She tried
to shit but had been depleted while feeding Amy.

They eventually all got to their feet and were banging down shots and beers
and having a whale of a good time.

Diane proclaimed, "Let's go outside to the barn and let me introduce you to
your new friends."

Naked and filthy they strolled lewdly and boldly through some mud that
accumulated (it was raining) and started to stomp in the puddles. More and
more mud splattered until they started covering each other with to gritty

When they walked into the barn they were covered from head to toe with shit,
piss and mud.

Diane then proceeded to show them how to handle the animals. First she led
them over to the stalls to the older and larger stallion. She grabbed the
sides of his head and whispered soothing sounds to the horse. She patted his
cheeks and let him nuzzle her.

Then Diane started to pat the sides and rump of the relaxed steed. Alexia
and Amy were watching this and got a little nearer to the animal flesh. The
smell of the horse was like an aphrodisiac to them. They could feel the
juices begin to flow.

Quietly Diane made sure the horse had feed near his face and tethered him to
the side lightly. Then she knelt down in a semi-squatting position under

"Girls get down here with me, but don't do it fast. Just go nice and slow.
If he accidentally kicks you it will hurt like fucking hell," Mrs. M.

"God this smell is intoxicating, what does it smell like when he pees and
shits?" Amy asked.

"Maybe we'll find out soon, now watch this," Diane ordered.

Di reached under the horse, and touched his sheath with her hand. He
whinnied a bit a tried to stand higher, but it was momentary. The girls were
a little frightened at first but it was thrilling nonetheless.

"As soon as you see the head of his prick you can just pet it and the cock
will extend until you think it will never stop," Diane explained.

As if on cue the horse's giant phallus was almost out about 2 feet already.
Diane began to take long strokes with both hands. The horse was stirring and
beginning to fidget around not concentrating as much on his food as he was
on the hand job Diane was giving him.

"Ok ladies hold out your hands so you can grab it with me." Soon 6 hands had
this Steed's cock rock hard, erect and at least 3 _ feet long. Diane pressed
her lips to the side of the cock she was yanking.

"Oh goody, his sheath hasn't been cleaned of the smegma yet. This is really
gucky and gross but if you like 'filthy' this is it," Diane stated. Soon all
three women were licking the horse's pole.

Diane had Amy get in front of the dick and kiss the helmet and head. Amy
opened her mouth as wide as she could and tried to stuff this gamy horsemeat
into her mouth.

This caused the "Arab" to buck and then suddenly he released a load of shit
that almost hit Alexia in the chest. Alex inhaled deeply as if hypnotized.
She just stared at the piles of hay filled balls of shit that came out of
its ass.

Diane started to work the shaft harder and more rapidly. Alexia came out of
her reverie and started to stroke along with her. Their tempo was in synch
and the hose began to pulsate as his giant cock was being masturbated.

Amy now had the hang of sucking this cock and concentrated on licking the
piss whole at all the precum and smegma. She licked this helmet like it was
a last meal.

"Lexi, get in front with Amy and get ready for a treat."

The two "owners" gave each other's tongue a quick lick and went in tandem
attacking the throbbing cockhead of this new friend.

The Stallion's back legs began to move as if he was on fire. He whinnied a
few times and with a snort of horse breath, began to orgasm. The sperm that
erupted from his prick was unbelievably copious. Torrent after torrent of
hot gamy horse semen erupted like a fire hydrant in the inner city at summer

Both of Amy and Alexia's mouths were filled to capacity as they tried to
gulp it down. Their already shit/piss/mud covered faces were deluged with
cum. Their hair was plastered to their heads and matted thick.

"Oh God, This is fantastic Amy, I'm Commmmiiinnngggg!!!"

"Me too, Honey Augghh!!

The girls continued to lick the throbbing cock and when their eyes were
clear they looked back at Diane.

Their guest was sticking her fisted hand in to the stallion's ass. This made
the horse slightly uneasy, but only slightly. She was in over her elbow and
inhaling breathlessly. Amy and Alexia were standing behind her watching.
They were dripping with the steed's semen and actually had a mouthful each
that they were sloshing around.

Diane pulled her hand out and it was covered with shit. Her fist had a large
fresh ball of shit in it and it was so hot it was smoking. Then Diane went
farther. She pressed her face into the horse's filthy ass and began licking
its asshole. She had gobs of horseshit on her mouth and all over her face.
Then she pulled away and turned to face the girls with a dazed look on her

Amy had semen dripping down her chin as she tried to talk. "Let me taste
that shit, darling, give it to me," she implored.

Diane raised her hand with the melon sized hay filled horse pucky and took a
bite out of it and then offered it to Amy, who crammed it into her mouth.
The two of them were chewing the horse's smelly shit when the horse expelled
another load that hit Diane in the back.

Alexia had swallowed her horsecum and grabbed two large balls of shit before
they hit the ground. She rubbed one in her hair and face and the other was
bitten in half. The three of them had their eyes closed and were swallowing
the shit as if it was meat loaf.

Diane came out of her reverie long enough to grab a large wash tub and slide
it under the horse. She knew that soon after a horse shit for the second
time his urine would flow. boy did it flow!

The horse's still engorged member started to pee ferociously. The tub was
half full in no time at all. Diane untied the horse and let him wander away
on his own.

Amy and Alexia were covering themselves in horseshit and also feeding each

"Hey you fucking sluts come and have another treat," Diane ordered.

Diane ducked her face right into the tub of horse urine and took a few
enormous gulps, swallowing it right down. Her eyes were burning from the
acidity of the urine. Alexia then ducked her face in and came up sputtering.
" Oh God, this is nasty," she cried. Then she went right back in and started
gulping down.

Amy was licking Diane's face for all she was worth. Alexia then picked up
the tub over her head and walked over to her friends and poured the content
right on their faces and into their open mouths.

They were drinking horse urine, eating horseshit and fingering their cunts
wildly. They wanted more.

Amy whistled and Sasha and Butch ran in to the barn. Diane was surprised but
eager. She got on her hands and knees and Butch mounted her instantly and
began slamming his cock in her ass up to the knot.

Butch's nails were making marks and his cock was plunging as if this was the
first or last fuck of his canine life. Alexia brought Sasha around to the
front and firmly laid the bitch on her back. The dog's cunt was inches below
her mouth. The dog's aroma filled Diane's nostril. She lowered her mouth and
began licking the dog's cunt. Butch was pile-driving her. Sasha was so wet
with dog mucous that Di was taking long deep sucks and swallowing mouthfuls.

Amy squatted down on Sasha's mouth and began expelling a small shit turd
that the dogs licked, bit off and chewed searching for more. Alexia was
standing to the side and stuffing a large ball of horseshit into her cunt.

"OWW, OOH YEAH COCKSUCKER!" Diane screamed as Butch jammed his knot into her
and began ejaculating semen into her ravaged ass. The knob embedded itself
and the resulting spasm from Diane made her pass out momentarily. Amy went
over to Diane's semiconscious face and began urinating on it.

As of on cue, Diane opened her mouth to receive her drink. Alexia presented
her horseshit filled pussy to Amy who lapped it up savoring the taste of
everything that was stuck to her friend's vagina.

Alexia came for the third time when Diane stood up to get her bearings. She
was knotted for almost 10 minutes and her ass was on fire. Amy was fingering
herself and chewing one last mouthful of shit.

They were standing in a circle staring at each other when they began to
giggle, then titter and finally belly laugh were exploding form them as they
realized what they had just come through.

Without even giving cleaning up a thought, they left the barn after making
sure the animals were well cared for (feed and water and stuff) they
strolled back into the kitchen. They were so filthy you would have thought
that they had each put on 8 pounds.

Amy noticed that the server button was blinking which meant that someone was
trying to log on to the CAM.

"Wanna have some fun girls?" Amy chuckled. Alexia said, "OOH! Lets", Diane
just stared blankly.

Amy pressed the audio button and spoke loudly while remaining of camera,
"This is Amy, what can I do for you?"

"Hi Amy, how come I can't see you?" a male voice asked.

"Because you haven't paid to see me Sweetie and you haven't told me what you
want," Amy stated.

"Well the advertisement says you'll do anything, and my friend Bob said that
you were pretty raunchy and I decided to see for myself," he explained.

"OK what do you want to see?" Amy was becoming impatient.

"I err aah, love filthy women. Covered with dirt and shit and all messy and
disgusting and I was wondering if I could see you like that."

"I can pay for what I want," he stated quietly.

"And that you will, that you will hmmm! I have a proposition, if you give us
your card # I can guarantee you that you will see not one but THREE filthy
women right before your eyes."

They agreed that he would pay 50 dollars for five minutes. The processing
took a minute

"What's your name honey?" Amy cooed.

"Ronnie," came the reply.

"Well Ronnie baby, get comfortable and grab your cock, it's show time."

Amy walked before the camera and all you could see was a woman who was
covered from head to toe with muck and mire. She sat down in front of the
camera and spread her legs and reached into her cunt and pulled out a
handful of waste.

"Know what this is Ronnie?" she asked shyly.

"No but I can't wait for you to tell me," he answered happily.

"It's horse shit, isn't it girls."

Alexia and Diane sauntered onto the screen equally filthy.

"Oh WOW, the heard the speaker say.

The girls were now scraping shit and mud off their bodies and digging their
hands into their own inflamed cunts.

"I can't believe it, is that shit your pulling pout of your twats?" Ronnie

"Not just shit, Ronnie," said Amy. "It's a horse shit."

"We just sucked our stallion's cock until he came in our mouths and then
drank his piss and ate the shit that burst out of his ass."

"Too bad you didn't see that."

"Oh man, I just shot my load all over my chest, that was fantastic, can I
call again," he asked. "In fact I'd like to arrange to see you with the
animals again, what would it cost me.

Without batting an eye, Alexia said $50 for five minutes of for $500 he
could watch for a whole hour. Amy then chimed him and said he should arrange
to have his friends with him and the girls would allow him to suggest what
they wanted the girls to do.

When they hung up, they realized that the business was about to take off.

"Diane, you're not going anywhere, when Bill comes back. Is he as twisted as
we are?"

More, what about that lovely Andy?

Ditto... In spades.


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