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Kitchen Duty


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Kitchen Duty by Andy
Kitchen Duty
Amy put the keys in her door and walked into her world. Her home was her
"paradise." She was a recently divorced systems analyst, who had had enough
of her husband and his missionary attitude. She was also fed up with the bar
scenes and with the usual meeting crap.

Amy was by no means the typical well-built model of perfection you always
read about. That is not to say that she didn't have special attributes, she
just wasn't a super model. Yes, she had a large bust. Their weight made them
sag a little and they started from under her arms. She also was about 30
pounds over weight for her 5'7" height. She had a good sized gut on her, not
fat mind you, but a beer gut was the best way to describe it. Amy loved her
beer. She did have a great pair of legs and looked absolutely great in high
heels. Her hair was jet black, thick, long and always looked like it had
just been teased. Out of style for these times.

She wore glasses as opposed to contacts, had bright blue eyes and a very
sexy overbite. Amy was not beautiful by any stretch, but the whole package
was quite alluring in a tired washed out sort of way that always boiled your
blood anyway.

Her home was in a semi secluded area and was hers in an even split with her
husband as he got other things he wanted. Amy loved being off the beaten
path as it allowed her freedom to pursue her desires which to say the least
were not your everyday fantasies.

Amy walked in and put her brief case in the hallway and went quickly into
the her bedroom. The house was an eight room ranch and her bedroom was
opulent on the inside and rustic on the outside just like the rest of the

Amy removed her suit, blouse and skirt, followed by her bra and panties. Now
naked she gave her body a quick all over feel that was not sexual but rather
an awakening. She was always naked in her home except for one quirk. Amy
always loved to keep a pair of black pumps on her feet. She loved the way it
made her legs feel and that was her entire outfit when she was home.

Walking into the kitchen she opened the fridge took out a six-pack of Coors
and then a bottle of Jack Daniel's that she kept in the freezer. She downed
a can in three quick gulps. Between each gulp she took a swig of JD. Now she
became alive and forgot all about the day at the office.

Amy went into her studio to get set up. You see she had her own web-site on
the net and had a very interesting and sometimes lucrative business. She
advertised that she would fulfill any, ANY, sexual fantasy that anyone
wanted to see via web/cam. You told her in her private chat room or by
E-mail what you wanted, you discussed it, came to an agreement on price and
gave her a credit card that she would verify at once.

The only other thing you need to know was that there were cameras in every
room of the house and also outside that allowed Amy to be anywhere it was
necessary. She sat down at the keyboard and opened up her system. Lightening
quick and responsive it was the best money could offer as she did not like
hassles when she was "working."

She opened up her mail and saw that she had over 100 messages. Good that
would keep her busy for a while as she always answered each and every one.

She put them aside into folders according to what they wanted. Masturbation
shots, bust cupping shots, open leg poses, insertions, outdoor stuff, bdsm,
and her favorites, animal sex and watersports.

Today everyone wanted her to make herself come. She figured she could have
about 25 of them on at one time and would give them their money's worth, but
not now. She wanted something else. Unsure of exactly what she wanted, she
continued to drink her boilermakers and sort out the messages when she came
across one that made her shiver.

"Dear Amy,

I came across your site and just had to see if you were for real. After all
anything is really a broad statement. My tastes are pretty far out and I am
thinking that I will be turned down as you are turned off. Let me say that I
would pay well for what I want but you will earn your money. I will tell you
more if you answer me as I want to see how real you are.

Yours, Alex"

Amy read the message twice and decided to bite. After all, this message was
not as revolting as some of them were. You know the ones that say "lemme see
yer cunt, whore and "show me yer tits baby" She answered them with a vague
response and charged them enough to make their crudeness expensive.

"Dear Alex,

I am real. You let me decide if I'm turned off or not. Bet you I won't be.
Answer me now, please, or I will put you at the bottom of the pile.


Amy opened her fourth can of beer and drank it down. She could really drink
and it took a lot to get her wasted..


"Dear Amy,

Are you sure you won't mind. My thing involves Golden and Brown. Wanna go
further. Alex"

Now Amy's interest was really peaked. This was a favorite fetish of hers but
she wondered whether she should play it careful to see what transpired.

"Dear Alex,

Come on Alex, I'm not stupid you know. piss and Shit are your things. So
tell me exactly what you want and how far you want me to go and I'll see if
I can give you an honest answer.

Curiously Amy."

"Dear Amy,

God I hope you not trying to bullshit me. I am really excited that you may
consider my fantasy. Please. I don't want to shock you or make you sick can
I really tell you what I want?"

Nervously, Alex


Please get to the point, I WANT to know what you want right fucking now."

"Dear Amy,

Hear goes then. I want to see you in your kitchen, on a chair, legs open,
tits hanging, smoking a cigarette (hanging from your mouth), with your hair
messy, like you just got up.

I want you to take three or four large glasses and piss in them until they
are filled to the top. Then I want you to fill a clear glass bowl with a
large load of shit.

Set them down before you and while alternating smoking, drink your piss and
eat you shit for breakfast. Act bored like it's a daily occurrence. While
you do this make sure you fondle your breasts, finger yourself and put some
of the poo and pee in your hair and on your face and body.

Make sure I can see you chew and swallow.

There Amy, I've said it, now I suppose you'll delete this and that will be

Hopefully, Alex"

Amy almost came when she read this message. She had done this quite a few
times but never on camera. The thought thrilled her into almost coming. She
decided to negotiate a price before letting on that she was thrilled to do
this for her customer.

"Dear Alex,

You weren't kidding were you. If I were to agree to do this it would take me
a full day to get ready. I would have to avoid my other customers and that
would cost me money. Besides, how much could I charge you? I'm probably not
even sure that I can do what you want.

Thinking, Amy"

"Dear Amy,

Would 500 dollars do?

Alex (fingers crossed)"

Amy could not believe the offer and decided to play fair and not play with
Alex any longer

"Dear Alex,

$500 is a very generous offer. Too Generous! I'll do it because it happens
to be one of my favorite fetishes. Give me $100 dollars and we'll make a
date as I prepare. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Love, Amy

PS are you a man or a woman, not that it matters I just would like to know"

"Dear Amy,

WOW you are great. Really money is no object and I think it would be worth
every dime, besides I want to pay you for missing out your other customers.
When can we do it and how do I log on? here is the charge # 3487634876345
exp. date 9/10/01.

Love Alex

ans. to Ps; Guess"

"Dear Alex,

OK the charge went through for $200 that's really all I need. How about we
do this right. I'll eat and drink tonight and not go to the bathroom until
the morning when I can really have breakfast. How about 6:00 AM? You can log
in to the site with this password, *&%&^%

Looking Forward to it, Amy

Have you ever been at in a cam/room before?"

Dear Amy,

Great I'll be there with you. Will you have audio on? I would like to hear
you. I have seen you many times. I chose you after seeing hundreds of others
who didn't offer what you did.

See you In the morning, Love Alex.

Amy signed off but not before doing a 25 minute masturbation sequence for
about 22 subscribers that had them pounding their dorks and fingering their
holes as they came together. All the while Amy was drinking and cooking
herself supper off camera. She had inserted a butt plug up her ass after the
show ended. Six cans of beer and the JD really made her nuts and also
filled. However she went to bed holding every thing in. She also had bread
and potatoes and eggs to fill herself.

When Amy awoke the next morning, she felt like she was about to burst. She
concentrated for a few minutes and the urge went away, always lurking in the
background. She fluffed her hair so it looked even more messy then it was
and slipped on her pumps. Into the kitchen she went and produced four 12
ounce glasses and a large glass salad bowl. She adjusted the cameras so one
was trained directly at the height of her ass so that her legs were fully
visible from the floor up. Another was positioned over the table looking
downward and a third gave an eye level view.

The lighting was no brighter than a normal kitchen in the morning except for
a small spot on the table. All was in order and she turned on the computer
at 5 to 6 so that everything would appear as if it were a normal day. Amy
went off camera and left the sound turned on so all normal sounds could be
heard. She really had no way of knowing if Alex was on or not.

At exactly 6:AM, Amy walked into the kitchen, naked. Her shoes made that
distinct high heel clomp. She stretched her arms over her head and her bust
swung lewdly. Without preamble, Amy sat down at the table facing sideways
and lit a cigarette. She took two or three deep drags while letting it
dangle from her lips. A particularly distinctive smoker's cough followed
without her removing her cigarette from her mouth..

Her legs were wide open and you could see her vagina. The close-up camera
focused on it (the views could be controlled by the viewer using
instructions on his or her screen). Amy reached for a glass and placed it
under her cunt and immediately filled it to the brim with hot steaming
urine. Glasses 2 and 3 followed immediately. Amy then clenched her pussy
squelching any remaining piss. The three glasses were on the table in front
of her, their golden brilliance highlighted by the spotlight.

Then she took the bowl and placed it under her ass, which she slid so only
enough of it to balance her remained on the seat. Immediately an explosion
of hard brown turds filled the bowl. Some of these turds were at least 10
inches' log and soon the last turd exited with a loud fart.

Amy placed her face in the bowl inhaling the aroma. then she smiled at the
camera and began her dialogue. "Alex you should smell this wonderful shit
that just came from my ass. It's really foul but has a wonderfully hard
texture. I really can't wait to eat my own shit as it makes me feel so

She put the bowl down on the place mat and reached for a glass of urine. "Of
course, she said, I must drink my own urine first. I drink two or three
glasses of my piss each and every day."

Amy took three long swigs of her hot salty urine and then filled her mouth
to overflowing and held it for the camera to see. She gargled her urine and
swallowed it while reaching for her cigarette. Amy then reached for another
glass of her piss and splashed some on her breasts. She put the glass down
for a moment and cupped her breast and rubbed her urine into them

Grabbing the glass again, she poured the rest of the contents on to her hair
and head. The urine cascaded down onto her face and into her eyes. You could
see that the salt stung her, and she reveled in the feeling.

Now with her hair and face soaked in urine, Amy reached into the bowl and
grabbed a large 6 or 7 inch piece of her own shit and jammed it right into
her mouth and began chewing and swallowing. While she was chewing the shit
she reached for her cigarette and took a few hits, all the while swallowing
the shit.

Amy took another handful of her warm smelly shit and rubbed it into her hair
and face. Then she covered her bust and made sure to put a few handfuls of
shit under her bust and let it harden there.

Another mouthful of urine from the third glass as she reached for the
remaining shit in the bowl. A 6 inch turd remained and she dunked it into
the urine and raised the dripping lump of shit over her head and lowered it
into her wide open mouth. She fillated the turd and finally swallowed it in
two bites.

Amy then pivoted in her chair and the camera at leg height caught her
expelling a large multi-colored log of shit from her ass into her hand. She
broke off half of it and ate it. the rest if her shit was massaged into her
cunt. Amy reached for a third glass that was 3/4 full and splashed the urine
directly onto her face and eyes.

Then she took the glass and placed it under her shitty vagina and filled it
again to the brim.

The camera zoomed in on her face that was covered in her shit as was her
hair pieces of shit were falling into her eyes. She raised the glass of her
own urine and drank it down in one gulp. Amy came as the glass was put back
on the table. She commented to the screen, "Alex, I hope you saw this and
enjoyed it as much as I loved doing it. Write to me and tell me if you got
your money's worth."

The camera switched off and Amy sat inserting her fist in her cunt while
licking all the piss and shit residue she could find.

FLASH!!!!!!!! you have mail, appeared almost immediately. Amy was not even
concerned with cleaning up as she loved to feel this filthy especially since
she did not have to worry about explaining anything to anyone.

She opened up the E-mail and sure as shit it was Alex.

"Amy, that was great. It was the best thing I have ever seen. You are
beautiful and I can't thank you enough. I came at least 12 times and I'm
still coming as I write this, thank you dear I hope we can do this again.

Amy read the message twice. Something was trying to get through to her
subconscious. And then just like that it registered. Came 12 times? what guy
could come 12 times. She flew to the keyboard and typed;

"Dear Alex,

Hey girl, why didn't you just tell me you were a female? Now I'm turned on
too as I love women who are into the things I like. Tell me about yourself,
please. Don't make me wait.

Anxiously, Amy"

"Dear Amy,

How did you know? Never mind, I didn't want to turn you off in anyway, in
case you didn't like women to see what you do. I love everything you did. I
do it to myself every day. I love the taste of my shit and urine. I never
had the courage or the means to do it like you do as I am not inclined
electronically and I do not want anyone in my hometown to know about me. By
the way if you don't think it's too personal, I live near New York City. Are
you far away from me?

As for me, I am 40 years old, never married. I am very skinny being 5'7" and
only 112 pounds. My breasts are pretty big 36c bit the rest of me is all
bones. I have a lot of money that was left to me when my parents died.

I love shitting and pissing and always wanted to meet a woman who liked the
same things as me. I 'm afraid of rejection so I always communicate this
way. It avoids embarrassment. You're the first woman, or person for that
matter, I have ever told this to.

Since I've gone this far and told you so much I would like to ask you one
more thing. Have you ever had sex with animals?

All my love and thanks for listening

Alexia Travers."

Amy was masturbating furiously and answered it typing with one hand as the
other stroked her shit matted cunt.

"Dear Alexia,

First of all, Alexia is a beautiful name. I cannot believe how this is
turning out. I live in Jersey, only about an hour from the city. I love
animal sex. I have always wanted to have oral sex with dogs and would love
to try other animals. I would even like a dog to piss in my mouth. Do you
like that? If I gave you my number would you call me? Look Alexia, I insist
you call me right now. 555-345-9874. Amy

Amy stared at the phone, willing it to ring. When it did it scared the shit
out of her. She answered it a little apprehensively, fearing it was not
Alexia, but someone else.

"Hello, Amy, this is Alexia."

"Well hello there, I am very happy you called," said Amy

"So am I Amy, I have to tell you that what you did on camera this morning
was the sexiest thing I have ever seen,"

"Thanks dear, I really got off on it myself too...Look Alexia, I've just
gotta ask you, I hope you don't mind but would you like to get together and
talk or would you rather just keep this as is?" Amy asked quietly.

Oh Amy, I can't believe it, I was trying to find a way to ask you the same
thing. Of course I would love to meet you, the sooner the better," Alexia
practically swooned.

Amy gave Alexia directions and they realized they were less than 30 miles
apart. They hung up and Amy got giddy. Finally a friend who saw eye to eye
with her in matters of sex.

Amy realized that she had no idea what Alexia looked like and a bit of
consternation grasped her. 'I hope she is just reasonably attractive,' she

She decided that she would greet her guest just the way she looked when
Alexia laid eyes on her. Totally naked with all her charms completely
visible to the eye.. She had already cleaned her "breakfast dishes" so she
would see where they progressed from there. Amy chilled some wine and made
sure the was plenty of beer and food just in case the day got interesting.

Before long the doorbell rang and Amy took a deep breath and shivered a bit
in anticipation and went to the door proudly, with her ample bust swinging

When she opened the door all she could say was "WOW."

Alexia was a very streamlined angel with tits that had to be 15% of her body
weight. She had jet black hair with flecks of gray. She was positively
beautiful. Alexia had gray eyes that were hypnotic. When Amy opened the door
nude Alexia immediately took off her coat while still outside to reveal that
she too was naked in anticipation of this meeting.

"Let me kiss you darling, you're beautiful," Amy cooed. They were in
each-others' arms, feeling, touching, instantly. Alexia dropped to her knees
in front of her host and said "please Amy, piss in my mouth right now, I
cannot wait another minute."

Amy held open her vagina and positioned her cunt right over Alexia's
upturned mouth. She began to urinate in short bursts at first. Alex
swallowed eagerly and begged for more. "It's delicious, she moaned, cover me
honey." Amy let go of her flow and washed her new friend's face and hair.
Alexia had four good mouthfuls of Amy's urine in her belly and was very

As Amy filled Alexia's mouth one final time she bent down and pressed her
lips to Alex's urine filled mouth and sucked out her own piss. They pulled
each other up and Alexia motioned for Amy to get under her cunt. Amy sat in
the puddle of urine with her legs open and started caressing her breasts as
Alexia was positioning her pussy over her mouth. Her friend let go with a
torrent of hot pee right down Amy's throat.

As Amy swallowed Alexia's urine she reached her hand under her asshole and
forced herself to expel a turd that turned out to be about 5 inches long.
Amy took the turd and put it into her piss filled mouth and chewed it along
with the urine making a nice gooey brown paste. Alex took a piece of the
shit and popped it into her own mouth.

"Oh Amy, I've wanted to do this with a woman for such a long time I just
about gave up," Alexia said while swallowing the filth in her mouth.

"Me too, sweetheart, and I'm never going to let you go," Amy stated
matter-of- factly as if the issue was resolved.

The girls took a few moments to compose themselves, and drink a few beers
and get to now each other even better.

"Alex, lets not hold back anything and just get to the point about
everything. I love shit, stinking brown hard turds, wet messy lumps, any
kind at all. I love eating my own shit," Amy paused. "So do I Amy, I have
been practicing lying upside down as I expel my shit and try to catch it in
my mouth. I love shit almost more than anything," Alex stated proudly.

"What do you like more than shit, honey," Amy asked. "Urine, hot salty
urine, morning urine so heavy with the evenings digestive wastes, the urine
from drinking a lot of booze, as a matter of fact I drink at least two large
glassfuls of my urine every day." Your piss was the first piss I ever had
that was not my own, except for one other time...."Alex's voice trailed off.
"What dollface, don't hold back," Amy pleaded

"Well, I am a little frightened in mentioning this, but I have two
Dobermans, male and female, and I drink their urine and eat their shit
often. I also let them fuck the shit out of me and I perform oral on both of
them," Alexia said while staring at Amy worrying about her reaction.

"God, dear, I am falling in love with you, that's fucking great. I have
always wanted a dog to come on my face and then fill my stomach with the hot
gamy piss. I want the knot stuck up my ass too, so I can't move for a while.
How does dog shit taste, I can't wait to try it," Amy stated.

The women were fingering themselves when Alexia grabbed an empty glass and
filled it with her own urine and drank it straight down, spilling nary a
drop. Amy was coming as she pulled another small turd from her ass and ate
it. She chewed it into her teeth and grinned at Alexia before she swallowed

They discussed plans for living together and decided to drive over to
Alexia's apartment and start making their plan work. Before they left Amy's
place they gave each other a small golden shower right over their heads so
that their hair was soaked in urine. Alex took some shit from her ass and
rubbed into her cunt. Then she put some on Amy's pussy too. They dressed
like dirty street bums and smelled horrible.

They drove for about thirty minutes when they approached the parking lot for
Alexia's building. There was a street full of passers-by and when Amy got
out of the car she made sure her legs were wide open and that her vagina
could be seen. Her bust was hanging obscenely in her black wool sweater that
was at least two sizes too small and had only three lower buttons buttoned.
Alexia's jeans were so tight and low that her pubic area was full visible.

They sauntered into the apartment complex holding hands, smelling of piss
and shit, and looking at everyone who looked at them as if to say, lick my
hole, suck my ass, fuck you!! By the time they got into Alexia's apartment
they had already cum twice each.

Alex was greeted by two very large Dobermans as Amy stare transfixed. Amy
offered her hand as both dogs sniffed her and Alexia kept repeating the
words "Amy and Friend." The dogs took to Amy like a long lost friend. Before
things could get any more out of hand they packed up a whole bunch of
personal items of Alexia's and loaded them into the car.

When the car was finally packed with a few suitcases and boxes, the girls
went back for the Dobermans. You should have seen the picture these women
made walking down the street dressed as they were. Each of them with a large
mean-looking dog on leash and the male dog with a massive erection
unsheathed and bouncing around.

Alexia told her super she would be a way for a few weeks and that she would
talk about the apartment when she got back.

Off they went back to Amy's place. On the way they talked about Amy's web
site and Alex asked her new friend if she ever got any requests for animal
sex. Amy laughed out-loud and said that she had plenty of them. She just
happened to be petless. "Not anymore, baby," Alexia laughed. They both
realized that they were about to make a lot of money.

After unpacking the car, the girls got totally naked and walked outside into
the open, the dogs running free to explore.

"God Amy, it feels wonderful to be outside naked, do you do this often?"

"Always honey, I never wear anything around here unless its cold," Amy

"How far can we go? How much of this is yours?" Alexia asked

"I own about 30 acres, including a small lake, the creek and the hills
around us. If I make enough money I want to buy the 40 acres around me from
my neighbor who wants to sell. He wants $125,000 for it, which I think is
cheap, and he is going to give me first crack, if I can do it by the end of
the year," Amy explained.

"Wow that gives you a little over two months, can you do it?"

"I think so, I just getting everything in order," Amy went on.

"Hey, I've got a great idea Ames." If you would like a partner, I would love
to put up the cash. Then we could have all this to ourselves for whatever we
want to do, Alexia said breathlessly and not without a little trepidation
that she might have gone too far.

"You're kidding, How much fucking money do you have? and if you mean it, I
think it would be the best thing that has ever happened to me," Amy said
wide eyed.

"Scads of money and that's great, we'll take care of it tomorrow, but now
enough business. Why don't you climb up on that little rock in that stream
and let me bathe in 'your' stream, Alex pleaded?"

Amy sat open-legged on the top of the rock as Alexia situated herself on the
ground in front of her staring up at her friend wickedly hairy vagina. Amy
looked down at Alexia with love in her eyes, and proceeded to drench her
partner in pungent urine that was created by booze.

"Drink my urine, Alexia, swallow every drop, you pig." Amy was peeing like a
race horse. Alexia was gulping furiously and staring up at her friend as she

"Don't stop, glrgrgg!! pissing, Grgrg!! I love drinking urine, glggrgr!
especially grgler! yours," Alexia mouthed between swallows of Amy's salty,
hot piss.

When Amy was drained, Alexia rose up and started to lick Amy's cunt. Into
each fold her tongue went, probing, licking, cleaning and gently sucking on
her clitoris. Then She bit Amy's clit hard enough to make her shudder but
not hard enough to hurt her. Amy was massaging her breasts and raising her
nipples, alternately to her mouth and sucking them vigorously. Soon Amy
began to throb and buck with passion as the throes of a violent orgasm
ravaged her body, causing her to squeeze her thighs around Alex's head.

"Amy, slide off the rock and let me up there"

They switched places. This time Amy festooned her mouth over Alexia's
urethra and waited for the gusher to explode in her mouth. Amy drained every
drop taking enormous mouthfuls until her cheeks were swelling and swallowing
in big deep gulps. The male Doberman, Butch, was sniffing around as if this
was a familiar odor.

"Darling, let me introduce you to me babies properly," Alexia said while
washing her friends face with her cunt. "Lie down on the grass with your
legs open."

Amy did as she was told and Alexia brought the female, Sasha, over and
positioned the bitch's mouth over Amy's dripping vagina. Sasha knew just
what to do and began taking long powerful licks that started at the asshole
and finished at top of the pubic line. Amy began to tremble as her cunt got

"Now I have something for you to taste that I bet you never had before,"
Alexia laughed. Butch was positioned with his hind quarters over Amy's face.
Amy, even though this was her first time, started to fondle the Doberman's
sheath. His small red pick emerged and enabled her to get a hand hold. As
Amy stroked more and more, the dog's penis began to grow to a very
impressive size. It was also quite fat and her hand could just barely
encircle the shaft.

Butch began to hump and moved until his cock was just a few inches from her
mouth. Amy placed her mouth on the tip, swooned and allowed the dog to
thrust his cock into her mouth. The smell was overpowering and Amy began to
orgasm, both from the knowledge that she was finally sucking a dog's prick
and the fact that she was being eaten out by a "bitch" hound.

Amy shook as she continued to jerk off the dog with her mouth. Butch started
to fuck her face furiously as he approached his come. Alexia had gotten
behind Butch and was licking the dog's asshole, thrusting her tongue right
into the dogs shit chute. While Alex was licking dog ass, she started to
shit onto Amy's stomach and Sasha was licking it as it landed, alternating
between Amy's cunt and Alexia's shit.

Butch was now growling and thrusting frantically and began to pump enormous
amounts of dog semen into Amy's mouth. Amy came again as she swirled the
delicious gamy dog cum around her mouth. When Butch stepped away, Alexia
pressed her lip over Amy's mouth and they swapped the dog's ejac.

Now both Dobermans were devouring Alexia's shit. Alex then had Amy rise up
on her elbows, as she duplicated the request. "Butch, Sasha, piss time,
c'mon doggies pee-pee." Alexia commanded softly. In a flash Sasha was
hovering over Amy's face and Butch did the same to Alexia.

Both dogs erupted with a flood of dog urine. Dogs cannot control urine flow
like humans can so the flow was explosive, torrential and fast. Sasha's dog
cunt was inches over Amy's mouth as the urine exploded in her throat causing
her to choke and gasp. Amy swallowed as much as she could while coming
profusely. Alexia was taking Butch's stream of gamy dog piss directly down
her throat.

Sasha was now sitting on Amy's face as the woman buried her mouth in the
dog's vagina. Suddenly dollops of shit emerged from the bitch's asshole all
over Amy's bust. Alexia aimed the last of Butch's urine on the growing pile
of dog waste. Sasha stepped off Amy's face and lied down to lick her asshole
clean. Butch was now done urinating and was pacing as if wondering what he
could do with his still rock hard prick.

Alexia fed Amy and herself with morsels of the dog shit/urine feast. Amy
chewed, swallowed and grabbed for more. Alexia was feeling the dog shit
spread in her mouth, around her teeth and began to orgasm heavily.

"Ame, get on your hands and knees," Alex directed. Amy complied and Butch,
who was perfectly trained, put his front paws around Amy's hips and rested
his bulging phallus at the entrance to Amy's now rancid shit matted cunt.
Suddenly the dog inserted fully causing Amy to cry out in pleasure. "Aughh,
fuck my shitty cunt, Butch, fuck mommy hard," Amy writhed. Butch was
pounding ferociously. His cocked slipped out and came to the next insertion
in the wrong entrance.

Amy gasped as Butch's throbbing rock hard penis buried itself halfway up her
ass. "Ouch, fuck me, FUCK MY ASS she was coming one after the other. The
Doberman was approaching his spend and drove the knot deep into Amy's ass
and that caused her to drop down to her stomach. They came together,
screaming and barking. Sasha was licking Amy's cunt by now and Alexia was
urinating in Butch's face.

Butch and Amy were locked together immovable for at least four minutes. It
didn't seem to bother either of them. When his cock finally popped out, Amy
was able to roll over on her back. The Amy got up and placed her ass over
Alexia's upturned face.

First an incredible amount of dog sperm fell into Alexia's hungrily sucking
mouth, followed by turd after turd of shit. Alexia was chewing her friends
shit with abandon. "God umphh, Amy your shit is delicious," Amy cried.

Amy's ass was now empty and cleaned by Sasha. Alexia was rubbing shit all
over her face, hair and body. Butch was lying down licking the tip of his

"Well honey, it looks like we are going to have a very lucrative business,
aren't we, Amy stated. "We better go find more pets for our menagerie. I
know where we can get some great horse, goats and other interesting
partners." Alexia intoned

"I think we need some large human cocks too!!" Amy and Alexia laughed
together as they headed into the creek to wash.

(to be continued if there is any interest. Andy (


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