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Kitty Kissing


WARNING: This story is a work of fiction that contains descriptions of
explicit sexual acts between females. If this type of content offends you,
or you are under the age of 18, do not read it.


The morning light came through the window waking me. I tried
desperately to hold on to the delicious wet dream I was having but it faded
quickly. It had seemed so real and I wanted to close my eyes and return to
its erotic embrace.

Had it really been a dream?

I was groggy as I drifted back to reality, lying naked, warm and cozy
under a thick comforter protecting me from the chill of my poorly heated
apartment. I strained to remember what had happened the night before.
There was the party--I recall drinking a lot and dancing endlessly. But
most of all I remember Kim.


Instantly I felt her warm body spooned against me under the blanket.
Her soft breasts pressed into my back, her arm hugged my waist, and her
hand rested on my tummy. Sweet memories flooded my head as I realized it
wasn't all a dream. I stirred slightly and Kim did too, cooing like a dove
as she cuddled closer. Her leg felt like silk against the back of my thigh
and her breath tickled my neck.

"Mmmm, Paula," she said in a sleepy whisper, moving her hand to cup my
breast. Her touch caused an instant moist itch between my legs.

I covered her hand with mine. "Go back to sleep, angel. It's early."

She sighed and gently pinched my nipple.

I brought her hand to my lips, kissing her fingertips. Those same
wondrous fingers that had been inside me so many times last night still
held the scent of sweet sex. Then her hand relaxed, she sighed deeply, and
drifted back to sleep.

I laid in the soft glow of the autumn morning and the warm afterglow of
a night of passionate lovemaking. Gently placing her hand back on my
breast, I slipped mine between my legs. My fur was sticky and matted from
hours of what Kim called kitty kissing. The words made me smile. After
producing a raging river of girl-cum from one orgasm to the next, I
couldn't believe I was growing moist again from just feeling her next to
me. Last night, Kim and I took each other to heaven so many times I lost
count. Now I was blissfully content but apprehensive at the same time.
Had it been just one night of amazing sex or something much more
meaningful? I let my middle finger snuggle up between the folds of my pussy as I thought back on how it started.

I'm a sophomore communications major at a small New England college and
share an off-campus apartment with another girl. I discovered in my early
teens that I was attracted to both guys and girls, and later came to
thoroughly enjoy straight sex and lez love. I started experimenting with
lesbianism in high school when the latest fad was for girls to make it with
other girls. I thought it was loads of fun, and after that first taste, I
definitely developed a craving for pussy. The most recent was last summer
with a girl who worked at a local video store. We would go to her
apartment after she got off from work, get stoned, watch porn, and wind up
fucking our brains out. Just like in high school, it was great fun and I
loved it. We had sex regularly for a couple of months until she lost her
job and had to move away.

Anyway, yesterday was Saturday, and this guy I'd been going out with
said there was a big party at his fraternity house. His name was Jimmy and
we'd gone out five or six times. I had let him fuck me twice but both
times I masturbated later to get off. Jimmy was a nice guy, just not very
exciting or sexually skilled.

I had hoped tonight would prove better as I dressed in my shortest mini,
the one with the slit up the side, and a tight spaghetti string top. It
never crossed my mind as I looked at myself in the mirror that it would be
another girl I wound up going home with that night.

Jimmy came by and we walked across campus to the party a few blocks
away. It was chilly and my mini did little to protect my ass and bare legs.
When we got there, the house was packed. Everyone was drinking and dancing
and having a wild time. I knew a lot of the students there--I shared
classes with many of them. It didn't take long before I was immersed in
the excitement of the flashing lights and loud driving music.

After about an hour of dancing and drinking, I was getting quite a buzz.
When Jimmy said he was going down into the basement to play pool with his
buddies, I said fine and just blended back into the mass of bodies on the
dance floor.

That's when I saw her.

The music was blaring and the strobes were flashing, and suddenly she
was there dancing with me.

"I'm Kim," she said, shouting in my ear.

I stopped breathing. She was beautiful--long black hair flowing in
waves down to her shoulders. Mysterious dark eyes that swallowed me, and a
smile that made my heart melt. Kim was dressed in extremely low-cut jeans
that showed off her flat tummy and belly button. She wore a short T-shirt
that was cut off just below her small breasts. When she held her arms up
while she danced she gave me quick peeks at her nipples.

I smiled back and leaned in, my mouth only inches from her ear. "I'm
Paula." I shouted, smelling the fresh fragrance of her hair and feeling her
body heat.

Kim placed her hands on my hips and suddenly our breasts were touching
as we moved in sync with the music. She closed her eyes and let her head
drift back showing me her beautiful neck. It was all I could do to keep my
mouth off it. Then she turned around and pushed her ass into me, reaching
back to pull my hips against her.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and buried my face in her hair. The
dance floor was packed and no one gave us a second glance--there were lots
of other girls dancing together, many openly making out or feeling each
other up. The guys loved it.

"You're so sexy," I said, my lips touching her ear.

She responded by grinding her ass harder into my crotch.

We pushed our bodies together as my hands roamed her tummy, slipping up
under her shirt and cupping her breasts. Kim reached back, running her
hand along the inside of my thigh before moving under my mini and rubbing
my already moist pussy through my panties.

My heart raced as she turned around. She brought her hand to her nose
smelling my scent. Then she grinned and rested her arms on my shoulders as
we continued dancing. "Are you with someone?"

I nodded reluctantly, lost in those dark eyes.

"Too bad," she said, leaning into my ear, letting me smell her fragrance

Our hips were pressed together, her leg between my legs. She wiped her
crotch on my bare thigh and I felt moisture seeping through her jeans. I
was so aroused I became dizzy.

Suddenly the music stopped for a moment and I heard someone call her
name. She turned, waving to a group of people at the bar. Then she looked
back to me. "Maybe next time, Paula."

"I hope so," I managed to say, my heart breaking. As she walked away, I
watched her ass in those tight jeans. She had adorable dimples above each
cheek and a hint of the top of her crack peeking out. Before she got to
her friends, she looked over her shoulder to see if I was watching. When
she knew I was, she formed a kiss with her lips.

Then the music started again and the floor was a tangle of moving
bodies. I lost sight of Kim and half-heartedly started dancing with no one
in particular. I touched the top of my thigh and could still feel her
moisture. I wanted her so bad I could scream.

After a while, I went down to the basement and found Jimmy and a bunch
of other guys so drunk they could hardly stand. I grabbed a beer and stood
around watching everyone get royally fucked up. Frustrated and horny has
hell, I decided to head to the bathroom upstairs and masturbate. At least
I could get myself off while fantisizing about Kim. The door was locked so
I waited outside, watching couples party from bedroom to bedroom. I turned
at the sound of the lock clicking and the door opening. Suddenly, I was
face to face with Kim.

She broke out in a huge smile and extended her arm like she wanted us to
shake hands. As I reached out she pulled me into the bathroom and quickly
locked the door. Kim turned me around and pinned me against the door. She
pressed her mouth onto mine and kissed me hard, her tongue slipping past my
lips. I slid my hands under her short T-shirt rubbing her back. Then I
cupped those cute little breasts again, teasing her nipples with my thumbs.
They immediately stood at attention.

Her hands were under my mini rubbing and squeezing my ass. Our crotches
were like magnets. I returned her kisses, battling her tongue with mine
and eating her mouth. When she would pull her tongue back I would chase it
so she could suck on mine. I trembled with excitement.

"How did you know I wanted you?" I said between kisses.

"I smelled your pussy. Remember?" She smiled. "Was I wrong?"

I answered by attaching her mouth again like my life depended on eating
her alive. My hands were all over her and she was in my panties rubbing me
with one hand and running a finger up and down my ass crack with the other.
I yelped when she slid two fingers in my cunt.

"You're soaked," she said with a giggle. "Is that all because of me?"

"Yes," I moaned, squeezing her nipple while I pushing my other hand down
the back of her jeans. She wasn't wearing any panties and I quickly found
her anus, teasing it with my fingernail.

"Nasty girl," she said. Her fingers made wet slapping sounds as she
fucked me; her thumb flicked my clit.

"We gotta find a bed," I said. I was breathing so hard, I couldn't see

"Where?" Kim had three fingers in me now.

I felt cum dripping down the inside of my thighs. "My apartment." My
knees turned to rubber. "My roommate is gone for the weekend. It's only a
few blocks away."

Kim pulled her hand out and licked her slippery fingers. "Yummy," she
said smiling. "I can't wait."

I kissed her. "Give me a few minutes and then meet me out front."

"What about your date?" she asked.

"You're my date now."

"Don't be late," she said, giving my crotch an affectionate goodbye rub.

I kissed her one more time before she unlocked the door. Holding hands,
we moved through the crowed hall to the stairs and were at the bottom in no
time. Kim squeezed my hand. "Hurry," she said before disappearing into
the crowd.

I headed to the basement to tell Jimmy I was leaving. The room was
packed and I finally spotted him lying in a corner passed out. Screw him,
I thought, and ran back up the stairs. Quickly I was outside, down the
steps and standing in the chilly night waiting. The cold would have been
unbearable except for the fact that I knew I was about to make love to the
most delicious looking creature I'd ever met. Hot passion rushed through
me at the thought.

I stomped around in a circle rubbing my hands together. One moment
turned to five, then ten. Doubt seeped into my thoughts. Had she changed
her mind? Maybe she just liked teasing me and had no intention of coming.
A chill ran through me and I wondered if I had made a fool of myself. I
was about to give up and leave.

"Hey, lover," Kim said, throwing her arms around me. She had come
running around the house from the back. "Sorry I'm late. Had to take care
of some loose ends."

"Are you sure about this?" I held my breath for the answer.

It came as she pulled me into a passionate kiss. Her tongue slipped
into my mouth. As we kissed, two girls came out of the party and headed
down the walk past us. They held hands. One giggled and said, "Somebody's
gonna get laid tonight."

We laughed and Kim wrapped her arms around me. She winked at them.
"You're just jealous."

"Have fun, ladies," the other girl said and they both blew us kisses.
Then they disappeared arm in arm into the night. I hoped they were going
to make love just like us.

Kim looked deep into my eyes. "So, do you wanna fuck or stand here and
freeze to death?"

I grabbed her hand and we ran down the sidewalk like demons were chasing
us. I was so excited and aroused I couldn't stop giggling. I felt like
someone had poured a glass of warm syrup down the front of my panties. Kim
was equally as giddy as we flew across campus.

Suddenly, we were at my door and I fumbled with the lock. We rushed
into the small apartment out of breath. My chest heaved and I bent over
with my hands on my knees trying to catch my breath. Kim collapsed on my
couch, breathing like there was no oxygen in the room. We must have looked
pretty ridiculous--two horny girls so anxious to have sex we ran a
half-mile only to collapse from exhaustion.

As I got my breathing under control, my pussy reminded me how bad I
wanted her. Kim was now sitting up so I straddle her with my knees and sat
in her lap. I cupped her chin, tilting her face up. "You asked if I
wanted to fuck or freeze." I lightly touched my lips to hers and in my
sexiest, most seductive voice I said, "I wanna fuck." Then I kissed her
with the deepest, most passionate kiss of my life. It was a twelve on a
ten scale, an earthmover, and Kim moaned in response.

She let me explore every inch of her mouth before sucking on my tongue.
Kim's hands were running up and down my bare legs. Her touch was electric,
setting off fireworks deep inside my pussy. Then her fingers were rubbing
me through my wet panties and pressing the thin material against my hole.

Kim pulled my tank top over my head exposing my breasts. "I want you
naked," she said kissing each nipple.

I worked fast trying to kiss, grope and undress her at the same time.
It was insane. I got her top off and somehow she managed to get my mini
down my hips and I stood and let her take it off. Then I was on the floor
pulling her jeans down and licking my lips at the sight of her baby-bare,
shaved pussy. She made me stand so she could slip my panties off. Her
eyes sparkled when she smelled them. Suddenly, we were kneeling face to
face and Kim pushed her small, cone-shaped breasts at me, her nipples
rock-hard. I held them, kissing, biting and teasing. We laughed and
moaned and yelped as our hands caressed underarms and legs and tummies and
toes and hair. Then she was back on the couch pulling me on top of her.
We kissed and licked and sucked, and her hands were on my ass and mine on
her tits. I reached between us until I found her pussy and put two fingers
inside her and she reached around my ass, found my cunt and shoved two
fingers inside me.

We fucked and grunted like wild animals.

And the wave built and our breathing became frantic and our bodies moved
in unison and our fingers were fierce and our pussies grabbed and made
squishing sounds. Our tongues licked and lapped, and our hungry mouths
devoured. Then the wave roared up and crashed over us and we shook
uncontrollably and our toes spread and curled and our backs arched and our
teeth clinched, and the roar was deafening. Our cries were loud and
primitive and our pussies quivered, and honey flooded out and coated our
hands, and the roar became a rocket ship, and the room darkened and stars
came out and gold dust fell around us . . .

The roar faded into a long sweet silence. From far off I heard a voice.
It was like distant wind through high trees. Then it grew close.


"Yes?" I said.

"Holy fuck."

"Yes." I said.

I lifted my head and looked into Kim's eyes. "Holy fuck to you, too."

She smiled, kissing me. "I couldn't tell for sure, did you come?"

"Brat!" I said, giving her a love tap on the arm. I brushed her
sweat-soaked hair out of her face. "I saw stars."

"I saw the whole fucking solar system."

I caressed her cheek. "I can't imagine ever making love with anyone but

She wrapped her arms around my neck and locked her legs around my waist.
"Are you falling in love with me?"

"Maybe," I said, kissing her chin and neck. "I'm definitely in lust."

"In heat is more like it." She ran her hands down my back and tenderly
loved my ass. "Just to make sure that it wasn't a one time fluke, I
suggest we do it again."

That wonderful itch came alive between my legs. I nibbled her earlobe.
"When do you want to start, angel?"

"Turn around and let's do some serious kitty kissing."

"Wow, I've never heard it called that before." I giggled at the adorable
way she described girls eating pussy. "That's so sweet. Kitty kissing--I
love it." Slowly I got up on my hands and knees carefully turning around
into a sixty-nine. I felt her hands hug my thighs and caress my hips. Kim
brought her knees up and spread her legs. Her beautiful bare pussy glistened with cum--flushed and puffy from her orgasm. I wiped my face on
it smearing her cum on my cheeks and chin and nose. She smelled sweet and
sexy, and ready to fuck again.

Kim gently spread my outer lips with her fingers and blew warm air in my
hole. My vagina quivered in anticipation of her tongue. "It's beautiful,

I gently lowered my ass to her mouth and she kissed my pussy. I
returned her affection by kissing hers. Then I started tracing her slit
with my tongue. I reached around her legs and pulled her open to get to
those creamy sugar walls. Kim's clitoris was swollen and fully exposed,
reminding me of a precious pearl in a delicious pink oyster. We buried our
heads between our legs, put our tongues to work, kitty kissing our way to
the next rocket ride.

* * *

Kim was still curled up behind me sleeping soundly under the warm
blankets as I slowly fingered myself and continued to relive every detail
of our night of lovemaking. After we had fucked in the sixty-nine on the
couch, we lay in each other's arms kissing and hugging for a long time.
Then Kim said she was thirsty so we found a bottle of wine in the kitchen
and I filled two glasses. As she sipped hers, I poured some on my hand and
wiped it on her pussy. Then I squatted and licked her clean.

I had a small breakfast table in the kitchen and Kim made me lie on it
and spread my legs. I pulled my knees back and she gave my anus some sweet
lovin. Then we went back to the couch and positioned ourselves in a
scissors so we could rub our pussies together. More kitty kissing. We
fucked like that until we both came.

I turned the lights out, lit a few candles, put on some rock music, and
we danced like we did at the party--only this time naked and sweaty. Kim
loved grinding her ass into me and I adored reaching around and teasing her
nipples while whispering all the nasty things I wanted us to do. She sat
me on the couch and said she wanted to give me a lap dance. Kim made me
sit on my hands so I couldn't touch her or masturbate. She humped my leg
leaving wet trails of hot girl-cum. Then she stood up on the couch, turned
around and wiped her ass all over my face and tits and legs. She sat in my
lap with her back to me and fingered herself until I felt her cum dripping
onto my pussy just inches below hers. Somewhere along the way I quite
sitting on my hands and started playing with her tits and ass. Then she
fingered us both until we came again.

We moved into the bedroom and did our second sixty-nine--this time with
Kim on top. I came so hard, I passed out for a few moments afterwards.
Next, Kim sat on my face and flooded my mouth with her hot cum. Then we
switched and I straddled her head and ground my pussy into her eager mouth
until she sucked out every drop of my honey.

Our pussies needed a rest so we decided to have some anal fun. Kim got
on her hands and knees, stuck her bottom in the air, and I licked her ass
until she had a screaming orgasm. Then I laid on my back, pulled my legs
up to my chest and let her return the favor. She pushed her finger up
inside my rectum and fucked me while sucking my clit at the same time.
That one was a mega come and it was my turn to scream.

I had a strap-on my girlfriend from the video store gave me for my
birthday, so we took turns fucking with it for two more orgasms. After
that, we were so exhausted we lay in each other's arms until finally
falling asleep.

* * * So here I was, lying beside my sleeping lover, casually fingering
myself as I remembering a magical night of passion. I realized I had never
been so content. Kim had not only given me the best sex in my life, but
she had captured my heart like never before. She was so sweet and adorable
and loving. I couldn't get enough of her.

Suddenly I felt her move, her hand went between my legs and found my
finger busy at work.

"What do you think you're doing?" she said, faking anger.

"Nothing," I said, realizing I was caught.

"Liar." She kissed my neck. "My sweet, delicious, irresistible Paula is
a liar. Who said you could do that without me?"

"Well . . ."

She gently pushed my hand away and replaced it with hers, sliding two
fingers in me. "This is my job, baby."

I turned around and lay facing her, gazing deep into those dark eyes.
"Kim," I whispered.

Her hand stopped and she stared longingly back at me. "Yes?"

I caressed her cheek and brushed her long hair away. "I . . ."


"I think . . ." I was so scared, I shook. But I knew she was the one,
and I had to say it. I had to tell her how much I loved her.

She scooted close so our lips almost touched. We breathed the same air.
With the sweetest smile, she said, "I think I've fallen in love with you,

My heart almost jumped from my chest. "Truly?"

"I adore you, Paula."

I pulled her on top of me, wrapped my arms around her, and we kissed and
kissed and kissed. Kitty kissing.

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