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Kris and Julie

Kris & Julie

I was sitting at the bar, nursing a Kamikaze, and checking out the
clientele, as single young males do. It was a college town, and the women
were the usual, bubbly girls who frequent places like the Whole. They
might not all be 21, but they were all close enough, at least in this town.

People watching is a fun way to spend time. I've always been amazed at
how people fall into categories. On the dance floor were the care free,
beautiful people, ringed by the "I want to participate, but I'm too self
conscious" people, and behind them, against the wall leaned the "This is
what people do, but I don't like it people". I think I fit in somewhere
in-between. Being a little older, it's not really my crowd, but where else
do you go on a Friday night.

Sitting off to the side, I had been watching two young women chatting
with each other. They had been drinking, not heavily, but steadily. A few
of the guy's had approached, a few even managed to sit down, but all of
them leaving after 10 minutes, failing to get anywhere with the two. They
didn't'' seem standoffish, just content with one another.

The night wore on, the music went up, and I got buzzed. I can hold my
own in a bar, not being a stranger to alcohol. I knew it was about time to
leave, it was 2 am, and I'm not the young machine I used to be who can go
for a week on 3 hours of sleep. I left a couple buck's on the bar, and
made my way through the now thinning crowd to the door, into the cool night
air and gave an involuntary shiver. I heard a commotion behind me and felt
myself mashed against the wall just inside the door as the local meathead
who worked as the bouncer escorted a young man who had a little too much
out the door. As I was forced back, I felt my feet step on uneven ground,
and a "OW!" in my ear. Once the bouncer and his client were passed I
walked out the door to get out the way and turned to look for whom I had
stepped on. I was greeted by one of the two young women who had been
sitting at the table in the corner. She was short, 5'2", and petite, not
scrawny, but with some meat on her, the kind of girl who doesn't look like
she'd break with more vigorous activities.

"I'm sorry about that," I spoke, looking down at her, trying to make eye
contact, but finding it somewhat difficult as her low cut shirt was drawing most of my attention. Her breasts were great, not huge but a nice
proportionate size to her small frame. They would be a nice handful. I
quickly gave a slight shake of my head to clear it and listened to her.

"That's OK." Her voice was beautiful and nice feminine pitch that was
produced through a set of red, full lips. "I don't think you had much
choice. That jerk had been over to me and my friend's table about 10 times
and all the others girls as well. Some guys are such jerks!"

We were standing outside, just in range of the streetlight's glow, so I
saw a figure walk up behind this woman and place a hand on her shoulder.
"Hey. I was wondering where you were."

The girl who had been sitting at the table with her was beautiful.
Taller 5'5", and with long wavy brown hair. It was hard to tell in the
shadows, but her figure seemed amazing, classical hourglass shaped, with a
tiny waist, that accentuated her rounded hips. Her breasts weren't big but
there, and the shirt she wore accented them nicely. I've always liked
women who aren't ashamed of their chests and show what they got with pride.

"I had to pee. Then some guy tried picking me up as I was leaving.

"That's ok. I was getting trampled by the bouncer and ..." She was
looking at me, and I realized, looking for me to supply my name.

"Mike. Sorry again about your foot."

"No problem, Mike. My name's Kristen and this is my friend Julie. You
can just call me Kris if you want."

"Nice to meet you Kris, Julie." I said, extending my hand and shaking
each of theirs in turn. " So, I would I have to assume you are students

"Well, I am," Kris replied, her green eye's looking into mine. "But
Julie's a friend from home, just visiting form her school `cause they have
a long weekend."

"Yeah, I find it hard to stay out the sticks on a regular weekend, let
alone an extended one."

"Really? Where do you go to school?" I asked, directed at Julie.

"Oh up at Bucknell, the center of nothing."

I started to notice the cold again, giving an involuntary shiver. The
two women were huddled up against each other; their arms crossed across
their chests as women do when they won't wear a coat, even though they know
they'll need it later. Women, I thought.

"Where's your car? It's late and I don't mind walking you to it." I

"Don't have one." Shivered Kris. " We walked down from my dorm room.
Julie's staying at the Motel Six, cause my roommate is a bitch and doesn't
give me much privacy." This seemed a little odd to me but then when have
women not seemed odd. Don't get me wrong, I love women, but logic is
sometimes not their strong point. " So, we were gonna catch a a cab back
there and I was gonna stay with her at the motel."

"No kidding? I'm staying at the Motel 6 too. If you want I can give
you a ride.If you're comfortable with that."

"Really? That would be great. I don't know if nips would make the
2-mile hike over there, and I don't see too many cabs out. Not that
there's more than 2 in this town anyway."

"Yeah Mine feel like they're gonna break off too!" Julie chimed in.
This produced a round of laughter from all three of us and we started
across the street to the parking lot with my Explorer in it. We climbed in
and I started it up, trying to get some heat going as quick as I could for

We pulled out and started down the main street towards the motel. The
buzz was starting to wear off a little, and my stomach was growling.
"Would you guys mind if I stopped and grabbed a bite to eat at the drive

"Not at all. Actually that sounds great. Would mind ordering for me

"Yeah. I could stand some food too." Julie chimed in.

"Hey no problem." We pulled into the fast food joint and waited in line
with the other 15 cars of drunken kids who had the post booze munchies.
The conversation was easy, the 2 women fun and obviously intelligent.
Before long we were laughing and joking and sharing stupid stories about
the bar. So far, this had been the high light of the trip.

We got our food and headed for the motel. I pulled in and asked where
Julie's room was. "Door to door service." I quipped.

"Hey, do you want to come up and eat with us?" Kris asked.

"Sure, If you're comfortable having a stranger in your room."

"Oh I'm not worried, I f you were a psycho killer, I think we'd be dead
by now!" We started up to the 2nd floor and Kris started to ask me about
myself, with Julie piping in here and there.

"So, what do you do Mike?"

"And why are you here? You don't look like a student."

"Well, I can't really give a straight answer as to what I do. I've sort
of been wander around for the last 2 years, traveling and `finding myself'
if you will. I'm here because I wanted to talk to one of the professor's,
who I did a research paper with a few years ago over the Internet."

We got in their room and spread our snack out on the table and started
to eat. The conversation flowed and I felt very comfortable with the two
of them. They were not the typical girls I remembered from school, both
seemed down to earth and intelligent, and very comfortable with themselves.

Kris got up and excused her to the bathroom, and Julie and I stepped out
onto the balcony for a cigarette. When we came back in, Kris had changed
into an oversized T-shirt, which hung mid thigh, revealing a pair of toned,
athletic legs. I found myself feeling aroused at the sight of her, and
bulge started to form in my pants.

"I was thinking about watching some tv before I call in a night." Kris
said, "And you are more then welcome to stay, if that's ok Julie?"

"Sure, I just hope you don't mind if change as well as Kris."

"Go ahead. It's your room." Julie headed for the bathroom and Kris and
I lay down on the bed and turned on the TV. Julie joined a few minutes
later, with her own T-shirt. She lay down next to Kris, and we chatted
softly as the tv played. Things were mellow, and soon it was quiet, just
the sound of some show in the air.

I glanced over and noticed that the two of them were pretty well
snuggled up to one another and Julie's' hand was resting on Kris's thigh,
just below her T-shirt. This did not help the bulge in my pants as typical
male thoughts played in my head. More minutes passed and I began to detect
a slight rocking to the bed. Looking over again, I was amazed to see the
two of them locked a passionate kiss, their eyes closed and their arms
encircled around each other. I watched in amazement as Julie's leg crept
in-between Kris's, and Kris pressed herself into Julie. I could Kris's
hand softly rubbing Julie's back, and another stroking her hair.

I began to feel a little weird. , almost like an intruder. They were
obviously in the middle of a very passionate moment, not some porno fuck
fest, and I felt guilty at the now raging hardon in my pants. I decided it
would be best to make my escape. I gently cleared my throat to try and get
their attention. They slowly parted from their kiss, and untangled from
each other. Julie rolled over so that her back was to Kris and both were
facing me.

"I hope we didn't make you uncomfortable, Mike." Julie said.

"No, well maybe a little. I just don't want to, you know, be a peeping tom."

"No? Well why don't you join in?" This came from Kris. I watched in
amazement as her hand slowly began to peel Julie's shirt up from behind,
exposing a pair of thin panties, her navel, taught stomach, and then the
lower part of her breast's. Her nipples came into view; pink and hard,
standing at rigid attention a good 3/8 of an inch of the quarter sized pink
areolas. Julie lifted herself and Kris pulled the shirt over her head and
off, to be deposited on the floor next to the bed. Julie lay back down,
this time with Kris's arm under her, and Kris wrapping the other over the
top. Gently, Kris cupped the two rounded tits from below and gave them a

I started in rapt fascination. Julie Smiled at me, "You can touch too.
It's ok. In fact, I would like it if you did." Mesmerized, I rolled onto
my side so That IO faced them, and reached tentatively for Julie's
beautiful rounded breasts. Grasping one in each hand, Kris moved her hands
out of the way and let me have free access to Julie's tits. I squeezed
softly, in amazement as all guys are at the pure joy of a woman's chest.
They were both soft and hard at the same time, giving slightly at pressure
from my hand but only so far, almost in defiance to my touch. I spread my
fingers slightly, and each of her nipples slipped between them. I closed
my fingers again, this time pinching her nipples between them. This
brought about a soft "Ummmmm" from Julie. She seemed to burrow deeper back
against Kris. I felt hands on top of mine and looked to see Kris's on top
of mine, kneading gently at Julie's breasts together.

Julie was not just lying there. I felt my shirt being pulled away from
chest, and soft, almost delicate hand slide underneath. Julie began to
slide her hands up and down my chests, gently rubbing over my own nipples.
Kris's hands left mine and the bed rose slightly. I continued to massage
Julie's breasts as our lips met hers soft and hot against mine. Her tongue
slowly began to ease into my mouth. I felt the bed dip again, this time
behind me, and knew that Kris had joined us, this time on the other side,
behind me. Kris started to tug at my shirt, and let did my best to
accommodate, as she tugged my shirt up. I was still lip locked with
Julie's, but had to break it off for Kris to finish removing my shirt.
This accomplished, I again met my lips with Julie's, and felt Kris press up
against me. I was now sandwiched between the two women, and felt like in a
dream. Kris pressed against me and I felt at first two soft points, then
heat, as her nipples, then breasts pressed into my back. This was too
much. She had removed her shirt and I had to feel those tits! I rolled
over, Seeing Julie smile, not offended that I was switching over, and got
as far as my back. Kris stopped me there. Each of the women lifted up on
an elbow and began to kiss another, across my head. I reached and grabbed
a breast of each girl as the kissed. With their free hands, They began to
each stroke my chest. By now, my cock was exploding to get out of my
pants, and I wiggled a little trying to try and relive some of the
pressure. I am not John Holmes, but my cock is a little bigger than
average, about 7- inch's and thick, so it was quite noticeable. The girls sensed my movement, and in unison their hands slid to the top of jeans. I
felt one snaking under the waistband and another glide on top so that it
rested squarely on my dick.

They broke their kiss, and looked down at me. Kris brought her mouth to
mine we began to kiss, our tongues exploring the inside of each other's
mouth. I felt Julie make her way down my chest, and my zipper begin to go
down. It was almost too much to deal with, to have Kris's tit in my hand,
her lips pressed against mine, and Julie undoing my pants. My cock sprang
free, against just my boxers now, and some of the pressure eased. Julie
began rubbing the length of my unit, a soft purring or sighing coming from
her. Kris suddenly broke free of our embrace and went down to meet Julie.
After a brief kiss, They lifted my butt, and pulled my pants and boxers
off. That's finished, they then pulled my socks, a nice touch I thought.
Then things got interesting.

Kris promptly straddled herself across my chest and mashed her tits into
me. We began kissing and I slid my hands down her back, under the elastic
of her panties, and cupped her small rounded ass. Julie began lick the
length of my cock, finally taking the head into her mouth. It was
unbelievable to have a mouth sucking away on the head of my penis while
sucking on another girl's tongue. I knew I wasn't going to last very long.
Julie kept going deeper and deeper down my shaft, but she never got all the
way to the base. I couldn't blame her, I think I'm just a little too big
for an "amateur" to actually deep throat.

Mean while, my hands were busy in Kris's panties. I was inching closer
to the crack of her ass, and down, when I felt the material pulled aside
and a finger brush mine! Julie was going to help me with Kris! She took
my hand and placed it squarely on Kris's pussy, cause Kris to start. I
felt Julie spread Kris's inner lips and press my finger between the folds.

The hot, moist texture was too much and I arched my head back, breaking
my kiss with Kris, and came. I Julie kept her mouth firmly on the head of
my cock and nursed just the top inch or so I spurted cum into her mouth. I
felt like I had just passed out, nor could I believe the amount I was
shooting. Again, I don't shoot porn star quantities, but probably a little
more than the average. When I was done, and began to get some of my sense
back, I opened my eyes to see Kris grinning down at me. She was gently
rubbing her crotch against my chest, and I realized I had a finer stuck
deep in her pussy.

With one hand Kris reached between us and pulled my arm, out of her
pussy, across her ass and out from under her panties. She slowly brought
it to her lips and began to suck my finger; the one that had just been
buried in her own little box. Julie mean while pulled her mouth off my
cock, dragging her lips the whole way so that they never opened and sat up.
With a devilish grin, she looked at me, her mouth closed, and then pulled
my hand out of Kris's mouth. Kris leaned to her and the two girls' lips
met, and they kissed. I watched in fascination, as Julie fed my cum from
her mouth to Kris's, who then promptly swallowed it down. I was in awe at
the beauty of the two of them sharing my cum. No word were being spoken
the two of them seemed to know what the other was going to do

Kris climbed off my chest and lay back, lifting her butt up and peeling
her panties off. Julie stood on the side of the bed and seductively rolled
hers down her shapely legs. By now I had almost completely recovered from
my orgasm, and my cock was at attention again. Julie climbed back onto the
bed and again kissed Kris across my chest. Then, wordlessly, like some
kind of dance, the rotated themselves across me. Julie's lifted on leg and
draped it across my head so that I was staring up at her puffy, glistening
labia, and Kris straddled my cock. Julie lowered her awaiting pussy to my
face, where I began to breathe in the musky fragrance of her sex. Kris
brushed the lips of her own pussy against my cock, then spread her own lips
and sat down on the middle of my shaft. My tongue began to probe into the
folds of Julie, and I heard her give a soft gasp. I worked up the length
of her folds till I found the little bump, and began to suck on her clit.
Meanwhile, Kris was slowly rubbing her wet pussy along my cock, not inside
but between the lips. She came to rest near the head and began to slowly
rub on the head, and I realized she was rubbing her clit against the hard
edge of my cock head.

Julie was becoming somewhat agitated I noticed, pressing down a little
harder against my mouth. I turn began to flick my tongue against her clit
a little faster. This brought about a moan, and I could picture Julie's
face as she sat atop my head, her hands supporting her on my chest, her
eyes closed and head thrown slightly back. I also could picture Kris
Rubbing herself against the head of my cock, faster and harder as Julie's
moans Became louder. I moved my tongue from Julie's clit and licked the
length of her slit, going a little e father and running over her anus. She
jerked a little, in what seemed to be a good way as she pressed harder
against my face. Sensing she needed release, I moved my tongue away from
her anus and drove it as deep into her actual hole as I could. She
squealed a little and jerked. I knew she was close I turned my attention
back to her clit. Flicking it with my tongue for all I was worth, I felt
her lower half begin to tighten, especially her vagina which had the tip of
my nose poking slightly into it. She was close. I sucked, licked and
flicked at her clit as she pressed down on me and I felt her beginning to

It was amazing. As Julie began to quiver and let out a long "uhhhhhhh",
and her pussy began to spasm, I felt her vagina clenching at the tip of
nose. But as it started, I was aware of Kris lifting off my cock, grabbing
it, and then impaling herself to the hilt on me! She was coming too! As I
laid there, on my back, I awash in sensations. I had Julie writhing
against my face, feeling every little spasm her pussy made with my mouth
and nose, and at the same time, I felt Kris's tight, hot pussy doing its
own milking to my cock as she sat with it in her. She didn't ride up and
down, but rather seemed to rotate herself against the base of my cock,
rubbing her clit.

The two girls slowed, then finally stopped moving against me. Neither
made any attempt to move for at least a minute. Kris sat, my cock deep
inside her, and Julie just rested while I gently licked the very outer
edges of her delicate little lips. But a minute was about all I could
take. I began to gently move under them, softly thrusting into Kris and
twisting my face against Julie. This seemed to wake them both from their
trances, and they moved a little with me. Finally Julie raised herself
from me and knelt next to my head. Kris slowly, oh so slowly began to rise
off my cock, and I feel myself sliding out of her. With a slight pop, she
was free and next to Julie.

Kris began to kiss me, licking at Julie's wetness on my face. Somehow I
ended up in a sitting position. Kris and Julie began to Kiss and fondle
each other breast's. It was one of the most beautiful sights I had ever
seen. Both had that slightly glassy-eyed look that women get from an
intense orgasm, and both were super sensitive to touch. Kris began to urge
Julie towards my cock but she seemed reluctant.

"If you don't want me in you, its ok Julie." I said to her

"No, I do. Badly. But I've only had sex with one other person, and he
wasn't nearly as big as you are." Like I said, I don't think I'm that big.
Bigger than average, but certainly not huge. And Besides, Kris, the 5'2"
girl had just taken the whole thing without even thinking about it.

"Julie, I help you." Kris said with a smile, almost tenderly. "I'll
make sure it's nice and gentle."

Kris then began to passionately kiss Julie, her arms wrapped around her,
their breasts pressed together. Slowly they separated, and Kris turned
Julie so her back was to us. Then she gently pushed her shoulders down
until Julie was on her hands and knees. Kris put her hand on Julie's
tender little pussy, which was red and glistening in the soft light thrown
off by the lamp next to the bed. She began to run a finger between the
slightly parted lips, again bringing a soft sigh from Julie. Kris was not
ignoring me either. She reached over and grabbed a hold of my cock, and
began stroking it. I'm not usually a fan of having someone else stroke me.
I don't like the friction. But my cock was literally dripping wet from
Kris's pussy. She knelt between Julie and I, running a finger gently
between Julie's pussy lips and stroking my cock, covered with her own

Kris began to focus most of her attention to Julie, not letting go of my
cock, my not going crazy with it either. She slowly stuck a finger into
Julie, as far as she could go. It wasn't very far, since her hands were
proportionate to her body, small. In fact, as she was stroking me, I
noticed that just the tips of her middle finger and thumb touched around my
cock. After a minute of this and Julie softly purring, Kris added another
finger inside Julie's pussy. The smell of sex was starting to get very
strong, and the sounds were joining in. Julie's pushes was making a soft
squishing sound that pussy's make when well lubricated. I wasn't too sure
about this. If Julie was scared or worried about the size of my cock, I
didn't think doggie style would be the best way to start. That usually
gives the deepest penetration, but I left it up to Kris.

After about a minute of Kris using two fingers in Julie's pussy, she
tugged on my cock, as best she could since it was so wet from its earlier
treatment. But I knew what she wanted, so I shuffled on my knees right up
behind Julie. "Are you ready, Jul?" Kris asked softly. "Mmmm, mmm" was
the quiet reply. Kris let go of my cock and moved that hand to Julie's
pussy too. With one hand she spread Julie's Lips as far as they would open
and with the other began to rub her clit.

"Be gentle, she's really tight." I nodded. I grasped my cock and
brought the head to Julie's awaiting hole. I ran the tip up and down
between her lips a couple times to let her know I was there, then aimed it
toward to puffy pink opening. Slowly, I began to push. Julie felt the
head being to stretch her, and pulled way, then stopped. I had stopped
too. Then She began to push back against me, and my cock began to slide
inside. Little by little I disappeared inside her. It was incredible. I
had anal sex with a girl in high school, and this was almost as tight. I
could ever inch of cock being squeezed, and could sense every little twitch
that her vaginal muscles made. Finally I was completely buried inside her,
and her I heard her let out her breath. We didn't move for a few seconds,
letting her get used to me. Then I began to work in and out, a little bit.
Just an inch. Julie began to actually pant as I pulled out more and more
and drove into her deeper each time. After a minute I was thrusting the
entire length in and out of her.

She was incredibly tight, almost like a blood pressure cuff around my
cock. Kris, not wanting to left out, moved to in front of Julie and began
to rub herself in front her. I have no doubt that they had eaten each
other, but Julie was too preoccupied to do it now. As I thrust into her,
she began to be vocal, not screaming like a porno, but unable to be quiet
at the same time. "Unh! Uh! Ohhhhhh! UuhnnnnnOhhhhhhhhh!" I felt her
already tight pussy clamp down on me so hard that I could not move. She
was cumming again. Her pussy convulsed around my cock, clamping and
releasing, clamping and releasing. I tried to thrust but it was hard it
was so tight. With a final "UUUUNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", she
collapsed onto her shoulder, her pussy released me, and I began to thrust,
overly excited at this point. With her ass stick straight up I began to
speed up, marveling at her pink little anus as drove my entire length into
her. She was too gone at this point to move with me so I grabbed her hips
to steady her pounded home. I tried to be gentle as well as forceful, not
wanting to hurt her. I could feel myself building and looked at Kris. She
could see I was going to, and got up from playing with her pussy in front
of Julie and came back to me. She grabbed my balls and tickled that spot
just under them. That was it.

I felt the entire lower half of my body tighten, my balls contract up to
shaft, and a primal urge take over. I thrust myself as deep into Julie as
I could got, mashing myself against her ass, savoring her pussy clench
against the almost violent thrust and then a lightheaded rush came over me,
aware in an out-of-body way of cock spitting a torrent of cum. The first
shot seemed to last forever, depositing itself deep inside the clenching
pussy I was buried in. I shot 4 more huge loads, dimly thinking I had just
shot enough cum into Julie to fill a good inch of a glass. Then it was
over. My head collapsed forward, my chin resting on my chest.

After a few seconds I began to come to. The first thing I felt was
sweat dripping off my nose. Opening my eyes, I could see it landing softly
on Julies behind. There was already a little puddle there, running down
the cleft of her spine and her ass crack.

I felt my balls. They ached, like I had been kicked there a few days
ago and they were almost ready to stop hurting. They were moving, and I
realized Kris was softly stroking them. Her head lay on Julie's cheek,
looking up at me. I grinned in a goofy kind of way at her, and felt Julie
stir. She turned around, her face flushed and breathing hard.

"My god, I never felt anything like that. I've never felt so full. You
made me feel like I had been missing something inside for a long time. And
when you came, I could actually FEEL it spurting. I could feel each shot
hit me, inside. It was amazing."

I just smiled, tiredly. I was spent. Kris sat up, and I began to
withdraw from Julie. Even at this point, Julie was so sensitive, that my
softening cock made her emit a soft moan. I watched as my cock pulled out,
and gaped when I was free, seeing her pussy gaping open. I took about 3
seconds for it to close. Had there been more light, I could have seen all
the way down to cervix and the puddle of cum inside her. I sat back
heavily, almost falling off the bed. Kris caught me, but leapt away a
moment later. Julie was starting raise herself from her chest to her
hands, and Kris forcefully put her hand on her back to keep her from

"Wait a second Jul." Kris moved behind Julie, and stuck her head between
her legs. Lying on her back, with her legs in my lap, Kris reached up and
grasped Julie's hips. "Okay Jul, sit up and lower yourself ver my face." I
was in awe. Mesmerized I watched as Julie got to her hands, then
straightened so that she has on just her knee's and squatted a little over
Kris's face. Kris reached up and spread Julie's flapping pussy lips apart
and opened her mouth. In amazement, I watched as a flood of white fluid
came oozing out of Julie, almost like water, but thicker, and poured into
Kris's mouth. Kris swallowed, and let her mouth fill again, this time to
the point that some ran out the corners of her mouth, and swallowed again.
But now the flood had subsided a little and my cum began to drip out of
Julie, down into Kris's waiting mouth. Then the dripping had almost
stopped; Kris raised her head and licked the opening, not wanting to waste
any. I was beyond words. I had never seen anything like the two of them
before. Watching Kris eat my cum out Julie was the most erotic thing I had
ever seen.

"Is that all?" Kris asked, looking up at Julie. "Try and push, see if
anymore comes out."

I watched Julie's lower belly contract and tighten and flex as se
squeezed her vaginal muscles. At first nothing happened, then as she
relaxed at soft noise escaped from her and a dribble of cum ran out. She
repeated it again and then again until no more of cum ran from in her. I
lay back, exhausted, unable to move. After the orgasm I had just had in
that tiny pussy, and then seeing the two of tem share my cum like that, I
felt I could easily pass away a happy man.

I slid my way up the bed and propped myself against the headboard. I
looked at the scene before me, wondering if it was a dream, and not wanting
to wake if it was. My cock was drooping a little to the left, taking its
sweet time doing the post orgasm shrinking game, and glistened in the light
from Julie's pussy juice. Julie, glistening from sweat was squatting over
Kris's head, her hands running through Kris's hair. And Kris, Lying on her
back, was gently, licking Julie's pussy. It lasted no more than a minute
when Julie told Kris her legs would not support her anymore. Julie flopped
onto her stomach and crawled over to me, laying her head just above cock,
looking up at me. "Let me clean you off. After what you just did to me,
it's the least I can do." And with that, she began to lick my cock, from
base to head, eating up her own juices and my cum that were mixed all over
it. I was again amazed, this time with myself, as I felt life in my cock
again. When Julie put the head in her mouth and began to slide down the
shaft I felt the old feeling again as I began to get hard. I hadn't been
this resilient since I was 18, 6 years ago.

When I was fully hard again, Julie took me out of her mouth and rolled
onto her back in the middle of the bed. "I need to rest, and so do you." I
couldn't disagree, even though I was hard, I was drained. Kris would have
none of it though. She moved to the end of bed, got on all fours, and
lowered herself so that her ass was sticking straight up, like Julie had
been when I had fucked her. She took two fingers, and shoved them into her
pussy, as deep as they would go. She rested the palm of her hand on her
clit and began to rub, giving Julie and me a show. Apparently this wasn't
enough, as she took her other hand stuck a finger in her mouth, wetting it
completely. Removing it, she laid the hand on her outstretched bottom,
keeping the moistened finger in the air. She then began to probe at her
anus with the wet finger, slowly rubbing a circle around the puckered
opening, then on it, then pushing the tip inside. Once again, I was
mesmerized. Kris was rubbing her pussy with one hand and sticking a finger
in her ass with the other. I think Julie must have felt guilty and called
to Kris. Moving away from me a little, Julie laid on her back, and Kris
mount her, in the classic 69 position. They went after each other
hungrily. I didn't think that Julie would have been ready for anymore sex
for a month. 5 minutes ago she had barely been able to sit up.

But like Julie, I found new life and went over to the two of them. I
began by rubbing Kris's back, then butt, and finally poking at her anus. I
wetted a finger and began to poke it into her backdoor. Her head raised
from Julie's pussy for just a second in pleasure, then went back to work.
My cock was starting to feel like it wanted to get back in the game so
while I thrust my finger in Kris's ass, I started to stroke myself. This
went on for about 5 minutes, and it became apparent that Kris was getting
close. I got an idea, and pulled my finger out of Kris's little behind. I
made my way down the bed to Kris's head, which was lapping furiously at
Julie's pussy and lifted it gently. Grasping my cock I fed it into Julie's
pussy, slowly, getting it completely wet. Kris watched in amazement, her
eye's closing now then as Julie worked her pussy over. Julie moaned, and
Kris and I could tell it wasn't completely in pleasure. She had to be
sore! I pulled out, and by surprise, Kris sank her mouth down the entire
length of my shaft in one movement. I pulled her up and shook my head.
Again I put my cock into Julie, who was sopping wet, but I knew she was
sore, so I kept the thrusting to minimum, just getting it good and wet.

I pulled out again, and this time Kris didn't move for it. I'm not sure
she even knew I was there anymore. Her eyes were closed and she was
resting her head on Julie's thigh. Soft little moans were emanating from
her throat. I moved back to Julie's head and look down at her. Her tongue
was a blur on Kris's clit, but her eye's were open and she looked at me and

Julie took her tongue and dragged it up Kris's slit, collecting as much
juice as she could, which was a lot, and ran over Kris's anus. She then
stuck just the tip inside, getting a squeal from Kris. That finished, she
went back to work on Kris's clit. I grabbed the base of cock and aimed at
Kris's ass. I brought the head to her anus and started to push. Kris
gasped and jerked, then moaned as the head of cock pushed into her rectum.
I rocked back and forth easing inside her tight little ass, and Julie
licked her clit furiously. When I felt Kris's cheeks connect with my
stomach, she moaned, "unNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHH, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Her body
began to shake a twitch and she actually writhed on top of Julie. Like
Julie, she didn't scream but made unintelligible noises as she came. The
subsided and I thrust a few more times and she came again, not quite as
hard, but enough that I felt her contract around my cock.

She came a total of 4 times, with Julie licking her clit, and me deep in
her ass. She began to moan for us to finish her, she couldn't take
anymore. I was close, but was pushed over the edge when Julie, sensing her
friends need to be done, started licking my balls.

I came, quite a lot, but not like I had in Julie's pussy. I pumped and
pumped, and Kris looked back at me, a gleam in her eye. She met my
thrusts, actually humping back with her ass. The girl I had played butt
pirate with before had tried and liked it, but couldn't bring herself to
actually fuck back. Kris met me thrust for thrust, and seemed to actually
flex her sphincter muscles to help me along.

Finished I pulled out. Her ass closed right away, not like Julie's
pussy. Julie started licking her pussy again and Kris cried out that she
was going to cum again. And she did. With Julie flicking her clit, Kris
moaned and began shivering. Her internal muscles contracted, and my cum was forced out of her ass. It didn't spray, but flowed, like out of Julie,
and ran down her crack into her Pussy. Julie, Seeing this, began to lick
it off her friend's pussy as each contraction that Kris had forced more
out. It was stunning, to see my cum running out of Kris's ass, down her
pussy, into her friends mouth.

When Kris's spasms had subsided she rolled off of Julie and laid there,
an arm flung over her eyes, panting. We stayed on the bed for a few
minutes, catching our breath. A soft light was peeking under the curtains,
and looking at the clock showed it was 6:15. I gently kissed each of them,
then managed to get them standing. I put an arm around each and led them
to the bathroom, where I turned on the shower, and got in. We all helped
clean each other. They washed my hair and back, and I washed each of them
as the other sat on the side of tub. I didn't think too much and just
enjoyed their company. After we had toweled off, I started to get dressed,
and the grabbed me, pulled me onto the bed. Naked, we got under the
covers, and I lay on my back, with one of them on each of my shoulders.

The End

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