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L 101 WIFEt


One Wife's Approach To Rekindling Sexual Excitement In Her Marriage

A true story by a lady who wishes to remain anonymous.

It was an adult BBS that changed my marriage forever, and launched my
sex life to heights I never would have imagined possible. I am going to
avoid using names... including my own... and my home city and state,
because I wish to keep our identity to ourselves. Maybe I am your next
door neighbor! This is the story of how my husband and I went from very
conventional sex in the bedroom with the lights out, to the gang bang last
night of which I was the star.

I am posting this story here on the Internet, because it was the stories I found here that sparked the change in my life. So, I guess you all want
to know something about me before I get started. OK, I am 5'10" and
weigh-in at 160lbs. I am a bit overweight, but not fat. I have wide hips,
a large but apparently not-unattractive-butt, and solid thighs. "The
better to trap men with," my husband says. I would prefer a slimmer figure
and a smaller butt, but my husband doesn't want me to change a thing.

And, as I have discovered, when you are on your knees with your face
buried in the pillows and that big butt is sticking up in the air, all a
man wants is to grab hold of those wide hips and bury his bone somewhere...
right up to his balls. I guess I would be described as "big boned."

To go with my wide hips and big butt, I sport a pair of 38C-sized boobs.
I can't claim that they are as firm and pert as a Playmate's. My nipples
don't quite point up anymore, but at least they're not aimed at my toes.
They are certainly not flat, and my nipples tend to point straight ahead.
My nipples have wide, dark, aureole, with big, thick tips. I enjoy having
them licked and suckled... but I really love it when they get bitten or
pinched. And I like my biting and pinching hard.

I have brown hair and brown eyes. My husband says I am beautiful, but
without being vain, I think that "pretty" is more accurate. As for my
husband, I find him to be an attractive and fit man. I also love him very
much. However, since this is my story... and I am writing it, I want to
be the star. So, at this point, that's all I'm going to say about him.

Oh, by the way, as I am writing this it is now 10:07PM on Saturday, May
20st 1995, 19 hours after participating in my first "Gang Bang"... and I
genuinely hope my husband will enable me to be the "star" of more gang
bangs in the future. It was my husband's idea that I write this story and
post it here. He suggested it to me this morning after I woke up naked,
slightly-bruised, and sore, sprawled face down on the bed in a motel room.
As I awoke, memories of the night before brought a slight smile to my face.
I was still smiling as I lifted my head to find my husband laying beside
me... studying me. He said he had never seen anything so sexy as me that

Exhausted by six hours of sex with seven men (that's right... 7!), and
my body covered with the little bruise marks, and traces they left on me, I
hardly thought of myself as sexy. My hair was an absolute horror,
stiffened in places with dried semen. I stank of dried sweat, and felt the
itch of semen that had run from my ass and pussy, and dried in my pubic
hair. My knees, elbows, back, and butt, were rug-burned, my rectum was
sore as hell, the lips of my vagina were tender and swollen. My boobs hurt, and my nipples felt raw. How, you ask, could I feel like smiling
with my body in this condition? The odors, itches and sore feelings each
reminded me of the pleasures I had experienced as they came into being.

My husband and I later counted numerous hickeys on my breasts and
shoulders, and minor bruises on my back, arms and breasts. They must have
been bite marks. The inside of my thighs were chaffed and sore. My poor
boobs. In the areas where there wasn't a hickey or a bite, there were
finger marks and grab marks. My boobs had received some very heavy
handling last night. I felt like every muscle in my legs, arms, back, and
neck was pulled. In short, I felt like I had been hit by a truck.

But, as I thought of the ecstasy I had experienced the night before, and
saw the love and sexual desire in my husband's eyes as he looked at the
poor wreck of his wife, I found the energy to give one more blow job. It
was while I was sucking on my husband's cock that he suggested I write all
this down. I was thinking I just might like to do that... as my husband
came in my mouth. And thus... this story was born, as the final wad of
semen from my first gang bang passed down my throat.

This morning when we awoke, my husband bathed me and massaged me, gave
gentle kisses to each of my bruises, to my boobs and pussy... and put me
to back in bed for several hours of needed rest and recuperation. So, now
that I have recovered a bit from my pleasure ordeal and we have enjoyed an
in-room meal together... I am using my husband's handy laptop computer to
tell the story of how all this came to pass.

Oh, and by the way... as I write this, all I'm wearing is a thin shear
robe, opened so my poor boobs are exposed. They are still too sore to
stuff into a bra, and at this point I don't want anything touching my
nipples. I just thought you might like to know (G). OK, here's how it all

My Husband and I have been happily married for 13 years now. We both
have good jobs, live in a nice house in a quite neighborhood, and have two
beautiful daughters ages 10 and 12. I am 36 years old and he is 35. We
met in college and got married soon after graduation. We had some tough
times at first, but we hung in there and now we have achieved pretty much
what we had hoped we would.

Our sex life had been satisfactory enough up until about a year ago, but
then I noticed that my husband almost seemed to be getting bored of sex
with me. Well perhaps bored isn't the right word. We still did it, just
not as often and without as much enthusiasm and satisfaction.

Around that same time that I found this adult BBS on his computer. He
always uses the same passwords for everything, so I was able to log on and
WOW, it was quite an eye-opener for me. It appeared that my husband had
some sexual preferences that I had not known about. After searching thru
his desk for a while, I found a box of disks containing .GIF and .TXT

I viewed the gifs and read the texts, and discovered that my husband
seemed to enjoy pictures of women with cum on their faces, and stories of
wife-swapping and gang bangs. The cumshot pictures didn't really do
anything for me, although I do find the smell, taste, and texture of semen
to be exciting. I'd just never had it splashed all over my face.

Seeing it splashed on other women's faces wasn't particularly exciting
to me, but thinking about it being splashed on mine made my nipples harden.
It was something I had never thought of. In my experience, semen ended up
in my vagina or in my mouth. I kind of liked it in my mouth, and the taste
of semen usually caused me to have a stronger orgasm. I had never
mentioned that to my husband, and now I wondered if he had ever noticed.
Looking at the pictures of the cum-splattered women, aware that my nipples
were fully-erect and my juices had started to flow, I realized I might like
to try that.

I had a brief fantasy of my husband masturbating in front of me and
squirting a HUGE load all over my face. He then would go down on me and
eat me to an orgasm. All the while we would be looking in each others
eyes, him with his tongue in my pussy, me with his load on my face. Based
on the pictures that I had found, I thought he would love to see me like
that. And as for me... smelling, feeling, and tasting his cum... my
orgasm would be earth shattering.

As I sat there at my husband's desk in front of his computer, spreading
my legs and rubbing my crotch, I began to think of ways to rekindle our sex
life. Actually, I had thought quite a bit about how to do just that even
before finding my husband's cache of computer porn.

I had thought that somehow I would have to make sex better for him...
for us... but until finding the stuff in his computer, I admit I really
didn't have any idea of how to do that. I knew that I would probably have
to try something "kinky." That notion didn't necessarily revile me. I just
didn't know what to try or how to bring up the subject.

Finding my husband's secret "X files" was a great help. I found the
stories about swapping and one-gal/multiple-guy sex very erotic, especially
the ones written by women. In fact I quickly found that I don't much care
for stories written by men at all. I suppose I had always known that some
women and couples did such things, but I had thought of it as something
"weird," something that "nice" girls didn't do. But after reading the
experiences other women had had, it seemed to me that trying some of these
"kinky" things might be a lot of fun.

Some of the stories of gang bangs and wife-swapping, left me with mixed
feelings. For one thing, I was amazed at the number of stories dealing
with men who wanted to see their wives have sex with other men. I would
never have thought that that would be a turn-on for any man. I always
thought that men jealously guarded their wives... not passed them around.
But, apparently some men (more than I had ever thought) do like to see
their wives having sex with other men... and apparently my husband was one
of them.

At first... I really didn't understand that at all. I know men say
they like their wives to be a saint in the kitchen and a whore in the
bedroom, but I thought that meant they wanted blow jobs, not gang bangs.
Until this point, I had been strongly opposed to the idea of ever having
sex with another man. At first, I was even a little repulsed that my
husband even found such stories entertaining. But again, I found that the
stories written by women, shed a different light on the subject than the
stories written by men.

The women's stories all seemed to show a loving relationship with their
man, in which they were allowed to admit they enjoyed sex every bit as much
as a man. The women in these stories were allowed to take their pleasure
for their own sake... and not just settle for what they may get as a
result of pleasing their man.

I thought that these women took their freedom to extremes. But, after
reading their accounts, it seemed like they had a hell of a good time.
And, their husbands or boyfriends always seemed to be well-satisfied too.
It appeared to me that the underlying theme of all these stories was that
everyone involved loved it. And more importantly, the love-relationship of
the couple or couples involved always seemed to be strengthened by the

I know that men fantasize about sex with women other than their wives
when they masturbate, and I admit that women do the same. I'll have to
admit that after reading those stories, I was curious about some of the
experiences described by the women who had enjoyed them. As I thought
about being the center of a gang bang experience, I even went so far as to
think of a list of men I would welcome having present.

Leaving out the movie stars I knew I wouldn't get, I surprised myself at
the length of the list I came up with. I guess that goes to show that once
the floodgates of your imagination are opened, there is no stopping you.
And... as you already know, I did eventually get gang-banged.

For "security reasons" none of the men on my mentally-generated list
were actually involved in the gang bang... except my husband. While I am
on the subject, I must address one glaring omission in all the
female-authored orgy stories I read. Why didn't you ever mention how sore
you were the next morning? Anyway, I came away from my reading with some
definite ideas about how to put some excitement back into my marriage.

At that time, I never really anticipated that my husband and I would do
some of the things we have done. And, I certainly never thought I would
end up having sex with 16 other men this past year, not counting last
night's 6 strangers at one time.

I realized that night what our problem was. It was simply that we both
enjoyed sex... but that we had limited ourselves to experiencing sex
within the guidelines and boundaries of what is considered "normal" or
"acceptable." We were caught in the trap that says 'couples in love don't
"fuck," they make love... and they don't bring others into their bed.'

My husband obviously had some ideas about sex that he felt uncomfortable
about sharing with me. No doubt he felt uncomfortable about them because I
was his wife and the mother of his children. I can understand that. The
sexual acts depicted in his .GIF and .TXT files were to him the sort of
things a man would envision doing with some slut, not with his conservative

For example, my husband obviously liked to watch me blow him, but he
always watched secretly. I mean, if I looked up and tried to catch his
eye, he would turn away. I always found that disappointing, because I like
to watch my husband's face as I suck him. I enjoy seeing him enjoy what I
do to him... and I love to watch him come.

But, apparently it embarrassed him that his wife was sucking his cock. I
guess that goes a long way towards explaining why he never asked to fuck me
in the ass. After reading his files, it was clear to me that he wanted to
experience that sexual variation... and probably had wanted to do it since
we first met.

Twelve years was a long time to wait for my rectum, and on the night I
offered it to him, he made up for lost time, believe me! If he had only
asked, I would have told him that I had had it in the ass before our
marriage... from another guy... while my husband (then boyfriend) and I
were broken up for a few months, back in our college days. I truly enjoyed
it back then, and I would have had no objections to handing him the
Vaseline and rolling over for him... if he had just asked. But he didn't
ask. When we finally did do it, and talked about it afterward, he said
that he had always wanted to take me that way... but was afraid that
asking me would somehow offend me and make me feel he was a pervert.

Offend me? I shocked the hell out of him that night, and you know what?
He loved it (and so did I!). I don't know if my rectum really feels any
better for him than my vagina or my mouth, but he went to town on it, and
came like a geyser. I think he just loved doing something "dirty" with his
wife, and more important, watching his wife enjoy it.

So... my mission beginning at that time (about 13 months ago) was to
engage my husband in any and every form of sex play... including those
sexual activities that for whatever reason, he thought I would be repulsed
by... but which he admitted he really wanted to try.

Discovering his collection of computer porn let me know what turned him
on. It was now up to me to decide how to "break the ice" and get our sex
life back on track. Well perhaps "back on track" is not the correct
phrase. It was obvious our staid old ways weren't enough of a turn-on for
him anymore. Really, after reading some of his stuff, I didn't really want
to go back to just the same old thing either.

The question was, should I confront him with what I had learned of his
secret desires? Or should I just spring something new on him? I thought
about how I could get him to come on my face. That would certainly be easy
enough... but I wasn't sure if it would send a strong enough message.
After all, it could happen anyway by accident. And in any event it would
be over before he realized what was happening, and he might be too
embarrassed to admire his handiwork.

I decided I had to let him know I was definitely up for something new. I
decided that day, that I would invite my husband to take me in my ass that
very same night. When we hit the bed that night, I cuddled with him,
caressed his chest and moved on down to his crotch. I began to suck his
nuts before moving on to lick and suck his cock... getting it real hard.
Then I simply rolled-over on my tummy and asked him to take me
doggy-style.O As he enthusiastically mounted me, I took the tube of
lubricant I had been hiding under my pillow, and used a handful to coat his

Then, I looked over my shoulder and told him firmly... "I want that
cock of yours up my ass tonight!" He was clearly startled for a moment, but
he took me at my word and gently aimed his cock head between my ass cheeks.
I winced a bit. It had been a long time since that passage had been used.
"Slide it all in," I directed him. He did. Soon we were in a frantic
ass-fuck that gave enormous pleasure to both of us. I had a
body-convulsing orgasm when I felt his hot cum shoot up my backside.

As we lay in each other's arms after, I told him I wanted him to take me
that way AT LEAST once each week. And, I told him that from now on, when I
gave him blow jobs, I wanted to have the light on and his head propped-up
so I could have the pleasure of watching the expressions on his face as I
gave him pleasure. Over the next few weeks he received several blow
jobs... and I found that my pleasure was even better than before as I
watched his eyes and facial expressions just prior to and during his

Finally, one night I asked him the direct question... "what would you
think about holding me in your arms and cuddling me while another man screwed me from behind?" There was a long pause. "Are you serious?" he
asked. "I mean, that has been a fantasy of mine for years... but I never
thought you would even consider it."

That's when I finally told him that I had seen the .TXT and .GIF files
in his computer... the ones from the adult BBS. He was embarrassed at
first. I told him that at first I was not sure how to respond to this
evidence of his sexual interests... but that as I read the reports of
other women, I had gotten turned-on too.

I looked him straight in the eyes... gave him a passionate kiss... and
told him I could be persuaded to try such sexual variations... if it would
please him... and if it could be done safely and discretely... and ONLY
IF HE wanted to do it. I wanted to assure him that he was in charge.

Well, after that conversation, we had a frantic "fuck" that left us both
really satisfied. During the following days, we began to plot how we would
go about involving other guys in our sex life. First off, we decided that
for us, such activities had to be away from our home (because of our
daughters... neighbors... friends... and business acquaintances). Also,
we decided that we wanted to remain anonymous to any men we met. That
meant that most of our activities had to be out of town.

My husband found an adult store that had lots of contact-for-sex
magazines and newspapers. He brought them home, and at night we would go
through them. We found that such publications gave us lots of potential
guys for threesomes.

We had about six very pleasant threesomes with a variety of guys (different ages, different sizes (in all respects), different techniques,
and different personalities. During most of those initial encounters, I
had my husband cuddle, caress and neck with me while the other guy gave me
oral sex... and then screwed me. I must admit, I enjoyed them ALL! After
the extra guy had left, my husband and I always had another round of great

Eventually, my husband suggested that I suck-off the other guy while he
screwed me from various positions. Finally (after I had been fantasizing
about it for some time) my husband suggested that he screw my ass while the
other guy simultaneously screw my pussy. I quickly agreed. What a
feeling... having one cock explode up my ass about the same time as
another cock is spraying my pussy walls! Boy... that really gives me a
wonderful orgasm. I have got to tell you... I REALLY enjoy being
sandwiched! This has proven to be one of our all-time greatest forms of
shared sexual pleasure.

Sometimes I like laying on top of my husband (either face-up or
face-down) when the other guy enters me while standing at the side of the
bed or kneeling at the foot of the bed. Sometimes I enjoy having us all
lay on our sides. A few times my husband has even joined the other guy
(from behind me) as they both filled my pussy with their cocks... and
ultimately with their sperm. That creates a VERY full feeling for me and
for them... as their cocks rub along each other... and both expand just
before they flood my pussy with their mixed juices.

Eventually, my husband suggested that I pretend to be a hooker in an
upscale motel lounge while he watched me pick-up a guy. A couple of those
times he joined me in taking the guy back to our room. On other occasions,
he had me take them back alone (pretending to be by myself). Then, after
the guy left, he joined me in the room for another round of great sex while
I told him every detail of the just-finished encounter.

One time he walked in while the guy was still there. boy was that guy
surprised when I introduced him as my husband. I simply told the guy to
relax, and keep eating me while my husband took off his clothes so he could
join us. A bit hesitant at first, he was assured by my husband that
everything was OK, and the guy resumed a great oral treat for my pussy.
Soon my husband joined us and necked with me until my body rocked with a
giant orgasm from our new friend's great tongue. Then they took turns
getting blow jobs from me... and screwing my brains out!

Most of our threesome or "hooker" experiences are one-time affairs...
for security reasons. We did meet one 22-year-old guy who has joined us
several times. Although he tends to get off too fast at first... after I
give him a blow job or two, he tends to be a slower, gentle lover. It is
kind of special for an "old" gal like me to have a lean young stud sucking and fucking me.

He was the first "extra guy" that my husband invited to use my "back
door." This lean-built kid also is equipped with an extra-long "lean"
(slender) cock. My husband and I discussed it in advance. I decided to
treat the kid to an "Around The World" experience. Shortly after I had him
nude in the motel bed, my husband made an excuse to leave for a while...
and he headed for the bar for a few drinks.

I crawled down the young man's body and engulfed his cock in my mouth.
Just as I had hoped, he used the pillows to prop himself up so he could
watch my service his long, slender dick. Our eyes studied each other as I
began sucking his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth and throat. I guess
because his cock was slender and long, I found it easy to take the head of
his cock right down my throat. I took his hand and placed it against the
front of my throat... so he could feel the head of his own cock as it
plunged up and down my oral channel. That really turned him on. Me too!

It didn't take long before the shaft of his cock expanded (almost
uncomfortably for me) and I knew he was about to explode. I lifted my head
slightly (still watching his now-somewhat-glassy eyes) and then drove my
face down to the base of his cock... driving his cock as deeply as
possible down my throat. That did it! He produced a huge load that nearly
choked me as I tried to swallow it all.

After we rested a while, he ate me to a very pleasant orgasm. Then he
lifted my legs over his shoulders and he shoved his renewed cock into my
pussy. It doesn't seem to take this kid long to regain a rigid hard-on.
He was still pumping me when my husband joined us. My husband put a
reassuring hand on his shoulder, kissed me passionately, and began to
remove his clothes.

Just as my husband lay down next to me to fondle my breasts and kiss my
nipples, a very satisfying orgasm rippled through my body... and my
younger lover filled my pussy with his spunk. He dropped my legs to the
bed, and stretched out next to me... opposite my husband. When my normal
breathing returned, I cuddled with my husband and we necked. Soon I felt
the young man's breath on the back of my neck, and I knew he was laying on
his side, facing me. He began to rub my back... occasionally reaching
around to palm one of my breasts in his hand while using his thumb to tweak
my nipple.

I knew the kid had never before experienced anal sex. This was it, I
decided. Time to complete his "Around The World" experience. I reached
back, found his cock resting near my backside, and started to stroke him to
another hard-on. All this time my husband and I (both knowing of my plan)
smiled into each other's eyes and showered each other with kisses on each
other's lips, cheeks and neck.

Finally, when I felt that the young man's cock was at full hardness, I
turned my head and told him I was about to give him a new experience. My
husband handed me a small tube of lubricant. I filled the palm of my hand
with a glob, stroked the young man's hard cock, and pressed the remaining
lubricant between my ass cheeks and up into my anus. "That's where I want
you to put your cock this time," I told him... as I pressed my buttocks
against his youthful dick.

I didn't have to tell him twice. As my husband and I resumed our
necking and caressing, I felt the tip of the young man's cock press between
my ass cheeks and through the outer ring of my anus. I pushed back. My
pressure and the abundant lubricant allowed his cock to slide in a few
inches. He stayed there... not moving for a few moments. "Does it hurt?"
he asked.

"It feels good," I assured him. "Please... drive it all the way in."
With that assurance, he pressed himself deeper into me... then began to
stroke in and out.

"Wow!" he exclaimed. "I can't believe how good this feels. I have
never done this before. You are so tight back here... and my cock feels
like it is being firmly clutched and massaged by a velvet-gloved hand as it
glides against your inner walls." He began to drive more deeply with each
thrust until I could feel his pubic bone press into the flesh of my butt on
each stroke.

I raised my upper leg slightly, allowing my hand to reach under. I
could feel his young cock as it entered and returned from the tight ring of
my anus. On one firm inward thrust, I cupped his balls in the palm of my
hand, gently pulled them forward, and allowed my leg to drop back down...
effectively trapping his nuts between my legs, within my gentle grasp.
This held him deep inside me. As he lay there, unable to withdraw, I
worked my rectal muscles in a squeeze and release action that he seemed to
enjoy. I heard a breathy "Oh my God," escape his lips just behind my ears.

As I released my grip on his nuts, he withdrew to begin a series of
pounding drives up my anal passage. It was not long before I could feel
his heat grow within me... and his slender dick expand. I whispered into
my husband's ear that he was about to climax way up inside me... and I was
about to explode too.

I bit into my husband's shoulder as a building wave of pleasure
repeatedly rippled through my body... until I shrieked, "I'm coming... it
feels sooooo good!' I am sure that as my pleasure grew, I thrust my butt
back tightly against him, and involuntarily contracted my already-tight
sphincter muscle around his engorged cock He let loose with repeated, heavy
squirts of his spunk very deep up my backside... and I nearly blacked-out.
I collapsed against my husband. The young man collapsed against my back.

When we recovered, the first thing I noticed was the trickle of blood on
my dear husband's shoulder... where I had bit him as I tried to stifle my
yells of pleasure. I rubbed my finger through the blood, held it up for
him to see, and we both started to giggle. The young man's cock was
withered by now, and began to slide out of me. He rolled onto his back
next to me.

I rolled over, propped myself on my elbow and looked into his
sweat-covered face. "What do you think," I asked him. "Wow," he
exclaimed... "I never knew that anal sex could be so intense... so
wonderful feeling. I hope I didn't hurt you." I assured him that he
hadn't. I told him it was great for me too!

I told him he had just been initiated into his first "Round The World"
sexual experience. He grinned his approval. He is one guy we have gotten
together with several times, rather than just once.

Finally, my husband and I started talking about me taking on several
guys at once. He asked if such an idea turned me on. Before giving me any
time to reply, he assured me that such an experience would be a super
turn-on for him... and one he would like to see me try it. I thought
about it, and finally agreed that it was worth a try.

It took us a while to get everything set up. We rented a large motel
room in a metropolitan city some distance from our home... and pretended
to go on a week-end vacation. Our neighbors watched our daughters, and we
headed out early on a Friday. By 8 PM that night, my husband was meeting
our invited guys in the motel's bar while I was up in the room making
myself as pretty as possible.

At 9 PM I joined the guys and my husband introduced me to each of them.
Soon I found myself dancing briefly with each of our SIX new male friends.
I had worn no panties nor bra... and a rather revealing, low-cut dress.
All of the guys seemed to like what they were seeing. At one point back at
the table, I felt a hand on my leg, moving up under my dress toward my
crotch. Soon the guy on the other side was doing the same thing.

Obviously they could both feel the wetness of my bare pussy lips. The
two guys winked at each other and turned to the others to quietly announce
that I was definitely ready... showing their wet fingers as proof. I
found myself blushing. I finished my drink (to fortify myself), and told
them to follow me to the room in 30 minutes. That gave me time to take a
quick shower, get freshened-up, change into a sheer negligee, dim the
lights, and be ready to meet them at the door when they arrived. I noticed
that my body trembled in anticipation... and seemed extra hot... as I
walked back to our room.

When they did arrive, my husband invited them all to shed their clothes
right away, while he proceeded to give me a deep tongue-kiss and open the
front of my negligee. Before coming to the room, he had already told them
that I loved to receive oral sex, anal sex, and semi-rough play with my
sensitive nipples and breasts. He had also assured them that they could
expect some great blow jobs from me. "Pace yourselves," he told them.
"We've got all night!"

As I said earlier, that wonderful experience was less than 24 hours ago.
I can't tell you how many times I came... how much tasty sperm was pumped
into my mouth... how many times the guys branded the insides of my pussy and ass with their hot shots of molten cum. Between rounds, my husband
cuddled, caressed and necked with me.

Sometimes he held me in his arms while one of the guys would stand at
the side of the bed and drive his hard cock into me. Once he lay in a
69-position next to me on the bed... both of us on our sides... and I
sucked on him while someone with a bigger-than-average cock stroked in and
out of my pussy from a standing position at the side of the bed behind me.

On that particular occasion, my husband used his tongue to tantalize my
clit while the other guy's cock pumped in and out at an increasing pace.
When the cock within me exploded, I exploded too... and darned near bit my
husband's cock. That one was truly memorable. I collapsed... and we had
to take a brief break while I recovered.

Throughout the night, I kept my husband hard with my mouth and hands...
and he frequently dipped his stick into my well-used pussy for a few
well-lubed strokes... but he refused to climax all this time. He told me
later that it was a real turn-on to let his cock slide through the other
guys' cum within my pussy.

It was not until all the guys had left (some 6 hours after they had
arrived in our room) that my husband gently cradled me in his arms and
slipped his cock into me for a wild fuck that emptied all his pent-up sperm
and took me over the top for one last time. With that, we turned-off the
lights and fell asleep.

Well... tonight, my husband and I will have a leisurely dinner and go
back to our room to enjoy each other as we contemplate our memories of ast
night's special event. Then, tomorrow I have to put myself back together
so I won't look too bad when we fly back home.


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