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She Loves To Teach

I represented our state in the Miss America contest when I was eighteen.
My family and friends all think I'm beautiful, as does my husband... but
most of them know nothing of my real self. If they did, I'd probably be
labeled promiscuous, but that's not the right word at all to describe what
I really am, although it's true that I'm different from all but a few
girls. For instance, I seldom wear panties or bra, and pantyhose only if I
cut out the crotch or they're crotchless to begin with. Curious?

Dr. Martin, of course, knows more about me than anybody. As a
psychiatrist, it's his job. I started seeing him about two years ago, when
I was 26-years-old... not because I was unbalanced or anything like that,
but because in listening to my friends talk, I had realized I was so
different... if not a freak... then at least one-in-a-million.

I constantly desired men. men desired me. It seemed so simple and
satisfying... that is, we could satisfy each other. Instinctively I knew
my husband would never understand. Nevertheless, I continued to be
obsessed with sensual, sexual living.

Some sex was never enough, neither was a lot. I was always ready for
more, always wanted more. I love having sex. I love fucking. I love to
be fucked. I love any form of sex. Dr. Martin says that it is simply
tracable to the fact that I had sex while very young... and to the fact
that I found it to be was very good.

The first time was exceptionally good. And each time after I found sex
to be good. I was addicted to great sex. Dr. Martin says it is quite
unusual for a pretty woman to have such a down to earth view of sex. He
says it is usually plain women who are so blessed, women who feel the need
to please their men. I dunno.

The lover I have now is a few years older than me. He is wealthy, and
can easily afford to pay for the furnished apartment where I meet him
several times a week. Unlike most women, I don't LOVE him in the usual
sense. Instead, I love making love with him.

Dr. Martin says there's nothing wrong with using my sexual drive to the
fullest. Some women have a strong drive as I do, some don't. In my case
sexual pleasure is an all-consuming passion that never leaves me.

If Pete A. (my lover) can't make it (as often happens on weekends and
sometimes during the week), I simply take another available man to the
apartment. No, I see nothing wrong with that. My husband makes love to me
almost nightly, and does an excellent job of it, but I always need and want
more. You see, I have to have outside lovers.

I accidentally learned how to masturbate when I went to my parents bed
one Sunday morning when I was eight. I was in bed with them only a short
while when my mother, for some reason, decided to go to the store. Alone
in bed with Dad, I started to wrestle with him.

I remember enjoying the cuddles and embraces as Dad tried to get the
best of me and then decided, I suppose, to let me win. He lay on his back,
his pajamas undone, my own nightie up around my waist, and when I straddled
him, my naked pussy came down on Dad's very large, hard penis which was
resting on his stomach pointing toward his head.

I rocked my bottom back and forth, rubbing my cunt lips and clitoris
along his long tool while Dad continued to lay very still. It was at that
moment that I learned to masturbate. Nothing like that ever happened
again. Dr. Martin says that my not having further sexual encounters with
my Dad is good, but he thinks what really got me off on the right sexual
track was a chance encounter a few years later that turned out exceedingly
well. Things don't usually go so well for most girls, he said.

When I was about fourteen, I went downstairs one morning to get
breakfast. I was completely nude. It was summer, and my parents and
brother had gone out for the day, and it just felt good to walk around the
big empty house naked.

I still remember well the good sensual feelings stirring within me as I
walked around caressing my naked body. But, I was in error about one
thing... my brother hadn't left with my parents.

I had left the kitchen and was headed for the stairs. As I rounded a
corner at the foot of the stairs, I was surprised to bump into my brother.
He was a year older than me, and he was as naked as I (he thought I had
gone with our parents).

For a moment we just stood there, drinking in the details of each
other's body. But then I noticed a distinct change happening to his body.
His flaccid cock was growing and stiffening. I watched in fascinated
amazment as it raised and stood out as straight as a flagpole. We were
facing each other... very close.

I slowly turned and mounted the first step, determined to make the best
of it by rushing upstairs. But something made me pause and turn. Standing
on the bottom step looking back down toward him, I was now about as tall as
he was. As he took a step toward me, it was obvious that our "parts" were
perfectly aligned.

I was instantly and completely disabled by a zap of high voltage when
his hot, throbbing penis touched my clitoris. My body responded with the
same good feelings it had that time with Dad. Zing! That was all for me.

My brother and I spent the morning exploring each other's body and
trying new and different things: "Does this feel good, Mary? This, too?"
"Oh, yes, Jimmy, don't stop!" And so the morning flew by... and I lost my
virginity, or rather, I gave my virginity to my brother Jimmy.

Now, my current lover has added another new chapter to my sex life.
Last April on a bright sunny day he calmly asked me if I'd please take his
14-year-old son to train and initiate into the wonders of the sexual world.
I was shocked, but flattered, and agreed to do what he wanted. Teach a
virgin boy? Oh, yes, I couldn't wait to begin. Three days later our love
sessions began.

I had decided that the best way to start was very, very slow... so I
wouldn't embarrass the boy. The door chime at the apartment sounded right
at the appointed time. I answered the door and invited the blushing
youngster in. I was wearing heels, pantyhose (no crotch, of course), a
pretty blouse and a short skirt to show off my legs.

We had a Coke in the breakfast nook so I would have time to talk and
reassure him. Gradually he calmed down, and after a few minutes I told him
I wanted to show him the rest of the apartment. I took his hand and began
leading him from room to room. It was easy to see that he gained more
confidence with every passing moment.

Finally, I stopped so suddenly that he couldn't avoid bumping into me,
and asked him to help me undress. I stood calmly facing him and waiting
for his next move. I tried to appear seductive and sumissive.

He blushed furiously... but didn't back off when I guided his hands to
the buttons on my blouse, which came off quickly and easily. The bra was
another matter. When he finally got it off I put his hands on my ample
breasts and nudged his head down so that his lips were touching my nipples.
He immediately kissed and sucked them, and so began the conversion of a
virgin to a very adept Lothario... a young seducer par excellence!

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention this boy's natural endowments and
gifts. Junior had more of everything than his father. He was taller
(athletic build), fair hair, blue eyes and very, very handsome... though
immature as a boy would be. The first surprise was that his tool was
larger than most. The second surprise was that he had greater control than
most males I have been with. I had stumbled onto a gem.

That first time I was on my back and he was lunging and thrusting...
literally fucking up a storm. In less than a minute I had an orgasm, then
another (who is teaching who here) and another. I had decided to let him
have a go at me in his own way this first time.

Eventually he shot a large load of his pent-up juices deep inside me.
We then relaxed together, cuddling on the bed. Then he crawled down to
take a close look at mt pussy. He fingered it a bit to inspect the female
parts that had given him such enjoyment. It didn't take long before he was
rock hard and he entered me again. That afternoon I relished every moment
of having his great, hard shaft in my sheath.

Junior not only possessed a king-sized tool, but the control and stamina
to go as long and as often as required. He was a natural! I taught him
very little. Instead, I became the recipient of the rare and greatest gift
a sexual woman could ever receive. If I was a nymphomaniac, he was my

The rules have changed now. My lover knows I mean it when I say he can
have any afternoon with me he wants... as long as I have at least as many
mornings with Junior.

Let's just say I love to teach!


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