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L 103 DONNAt

Six Years of Multiplied Pleasure For This Wife!

The following are two TRUE stories about experiences my husband and I
have enjoyed together. We have writen a number of stories in order to keep
a record of some of our memorable events.


Hi, my name is Donna and I'm a housewife. I am now 36 years old, 5 ft.
4 in. tall and I work out to keep my body firm and in shape... and am
married to a great guy named Dave. My husband and I have been married for
12 years, and we are very sexually active.

My husband Dave is 38 years old. We have always had a very open
relationship and for the past six years, Dave has loved watching me fuck
other guys. I love showing off my body to other guys and teasing them and
then sucking or fucking them.

My First Time... When I Took On Four At Our Cottage

When I was 30 years old... sometimes when we were making love, Dave
would ask me if I fantasized about other men. Or he would ask me to
describe in detail, one of the times that I had sex with an old boyfriend.
I asked him one day if he would like me to have sex with another guy...
and he replied that it had always been a dream of his. So I told him that
if opportunity knocked, I might consider it.

Nothing happened until the following summer when we bought a cottage on
a secluded lot overlooking a beautiful lake. We needed to do a lot of
repairs to the lot and to the water front, but the cottage was in good
shape. Dave came home from work one day and told me that he and a few guys were going to the cottage that weekend to work on the lot, play cards and
drink some beer. So there was not much sense in me going up. I got upset
and told him that it was just as much my cottage, and that I was going
whether he liked it or not.

When we arrived on Friday night the guys were already there. I was
introduced to Jim, Peter and Dan. We got settled in and had some dinner,
it wasn't long before the cards came out and the boys were into poker. I
was getting bored so I sat in the living room and was leafing through some
magazines when I found an old copy of a skin magazine, so I started to read

As I read letter after letter, I began to feel the heat building between
my legs. Then I came across a letter that was written by a woman that
described in great detail how she fucked her husband and another man, and
that it was the greatest sexual experience of her life.

Well, by now my nipples were hard, and my pussy was wet as I looked up
to see four virile men sitting around a table out in the middle of no
where... and my mind began working as to how I might attract their
attention without looking like a slut. So I got up and told them that I
was going to get ready for bed. Once in the bedroom I striped naked and
slipped on one of my nighties that is white, clingy... and shear enough to
definitely show that I had nothing on underneath.

I waited for a couple of minutes in order to work up the nerve, and
walked out of the bedroom and into the kitchen, where the men were... to
get a glass of water. The poker game sure got quiet for a moment, but the
beer was having an effect, and Dave suggested that I come over and sit on
his knee, so I did as I was asked.

The game continued and Dave kept running his hand up and down the inside
of my thigh. Soon everyone knew what was happening. The next game was won
by Peter, so he asked if I was going to come and sit on his knee. I got up
from Dave and sat down on Peter's lap. He proceeded to rub the inside of
my thigh. Soon Jim and Dan won hands, and during the following hands, I
sat on their knees. Dave won the next hand and when I sat on his lap he
slipped his hand under my nightie... and pushed a finger deep into my
steaming hole.

I whispered into his ear that "your fantasy is going to come true
tonight"... and he smiled and pushed two fingers into my pussy. Jim won
the next hand and as I sat on his lap, he slipped his fingers where Dave's
had just been. Dan won the next hand and before I sat down on him I
noticed that his zipper was undone. I could see his hard cock still inside
his pants.

As they continued the next hand, I slipped my hand behind my back and
undid the top button of his jeans. This enabled his cock to spring free.
As the game continued I wiggled around until I was able to feel his hard
manhood slip deep into my waiting pussy. By now all of the guys knew that
I had Danís cock inside me, so when Peter won the next hand and I walked
around the table to sit on his lap, his cock was already out of his pants
and standing at attention. So I just eased myself down until his cock was
deep inside.

With all of this attention to my pussy, I began to have a massive
orgasm. After I stopped shaking, I lifted myself off of Peter, pulled my
nightgown off, pushed the cards aside... and laid down on my back on the
table. Themn I pulled Peter's cock back inside of me. As Peter was
getting into the rhythm, I suggested the other three remove their clothes
and get ready for some action.

What a great sensation to have Peter pumping my pussy, Dan sucking on my
left tit, Dave at my head sliding his cock in and out of my mouth, and Jim
sucking on my right tit. Soon Peter began to groan... and I could feel
his cum splash deep inside of me. He withdrew quickly, and was replaced by
Jimís massive uncircumcised cock. Each guy rotated one place to the right.
Jim filled me like I've never be filled before... and proceeded to give me
two orgasms as he pumped his ten inches of muscle into me.

By the time each of the four guys had taken a turn in my pussy, I was
exhausted from orgasm after orgasm... so I got up from the table, had a
shower and went off to bed where I crashed for the night. The next morning
I was awakened by Dave kissing and licking my pussy. He told me that I was
beautiful and that he loved me more than ever... and that I was the
sexiest women that he'd ever known.

I asked him if he liked my performance. He replied that he was wishing
it would never end. So at that very moment I made up my mind that I would
live for today and not for tomorrow. So for the next two days I did my sun
bathing and everything else in the nude as the men worked at clearing the
lot. And, each day after lunch and dinner I would service each of them in
what ever manner they wished.

I've never repeated this with four guys, but Dave has arranged
threesomes with some of his friends. He tells me that he is becoming even
more popular. My birthday is coming up, and I've asked for a repeat of the
cottage party. But this time I'd like to try six or eight guys in order to
multiply my fun.

The Night I Provided A Present For A Group Of guys From Work

Over the past six years, swapping, threesomes and gangbangs have become
a way of life for me and my husband. Most women fantasize about being
gangbanged, but few ever try it. I knew from my very first time when I
seduced my husband and three other guys into ganging me at our cottage...
that I was hooked. Gangbangs are sometimes hard to put together, so when
there is an opportunity, we take it.

Several years ago Dave accepted a job that required us to move half way
across the country. Because we would not see any of Daveís co-workers
again, we decided to give them a little treat as a going away gift.

Dave worked at a large complex and on his last week there he asked a few
of his co-workers if they would like to go out for a couple of beers and
watch the strippers, then come back to our house for a BBQ.

The day finally arrived, and I had a lump in my throat and wet panties all day in anticipation of what was to happen later that evening. When
they arrived home they were all feeling pretty good from the booze. After
I was introduced to them all (all 9 of them), they headed for the pool.

Dave stopped and told me that there were more than expected and that I
didn't have to go through with it if I didn't want to. My reply was to
take his hand and place it under my short summer dress to let him feel how
wet my pussy was.

I spent the next hour or so serving the men drinks and doing a little
teasing by bending over so they could look down the top of my dress and see
my firm tits. One of the guys turned on the stereo that was on the back
deck, and I started to sway to the music.

Robert (Daveís boss) made a remark about how good the strippers were...
but that I could put them all to shame. Dan shouted over that it was not a
fair comparison because I was still dressed. With that comment I knew that
it was now or never, so I turned up the stereo and started to do a bump and
grind in the middle of the deck with most of the guys sitting around me.

I strutted my stuff in front of each and everyone of them, all the while
teasing them by pulling the hem of my skirt up just shy of my ass. Finally
they started to shout, ďTake it off!" I then pulled my dress up and over my
head and continued my bump and grind completely nude in front of nine men.

I was now getting bolder and would stand in front of each man and rub my
tits over his face... and would then turn around and bent over... giving
them a perfect view of my trimmed pussy and ass. As I teased each guy,
they became more aggressive and were openly pinching my nipples and
squeezing my ass and pussy. I was so hot that I pulled an air mattress
onto the deck, laid down, spread my legs and shouted," I need to be fucked,
who wants to go first?" The guys were all over me.

There were hands and cocks everywhere. Robert was the first to shove
his cock into my wet cunt, and he started to fuck me just the way I like
it... hard and fast. As Robert humped away, another guy was fucking my
mouth... and I was able to jerk off two more guys at the same time.

Robert started to grunt, and I felt his come shoot deep inside of me.
As he rolled off of me, another hard cock quickly took his place, Bob was
now in the saddle and was riding me hard. It wasn't long before he pulled
his cock out and unloaded all over my stomach and tits.

Mario was next, and its a good thing I was warmed up... because his
cock must have been 12 inches long and as big around as my wrist. He eased
his meat into me and slowly began to pump. He continued to plunged his
cock into me as my body shook in orgasm. Finally, he started to grunt and
he quickly pulled his cock out and lunged forward and filled my mouth with
it. He pumped his load into my mouth and I swallowed as much as I could.

Eventually, Scott, Dan, Jim, Phil, Ron and hubby Dave took their turns
in my cunt and ass. When it was all over I had fucked all nine guys...
most of them twice... and had given head to anyone who had washed their
cock real well and were still hard. I had cum in my hair, on my face, tits and stomach, and it oozed from my ass and pussy.

The guys all left and I took a shower and went to bed. The next morning
Dave told me how much he loved me, and I told him that I had so much fun
that I would like to arrange a repeat performance with the same group. If
Dave has to come back to our old home for business, I will be coming too.

Dave has to go to conventions every few months, so I like to arrange to
go because 95% of the people there are men. You know what men are like at
conventions. I always have lots of fun organizing the entertainment.

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