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L 104 JOANt


Joan's Personal story Updated - June, 2000

By Joan... The host of Joan's Library

Who am I... a real person! I am 35 and my two guys are 37 and 38. For
the past twelve+ years we have shared a fantastic life together. I met
them both when I was 20 and we all three worked together. I dated both of

The theatre group we worked with frowned on dating between the
staff/cast, so in each case, we kept our dating to ourselves. Then, after
alternately dating (and enjoying some great "recreational" sex) with each
of the guys, finally one night the three of us were out together... and I
admitted that I enjoyed both of them.

That night both guys joined me at my place with a few bottles of wine.
At first the guys were a bit apprehensive. Soon they were both eagerly
kissing all over my body as they worked together to remove my clothes.
From that night forward the three of us have been inseparable. Within a
few months after that first night of the three of us together, we found a
suitable apartment and we all moved in together.

My "partners" and I have a warm, loving "primary relationship" and
periodically enjoy "recreational sex" with friends. The home we now own
together has a master suite that is well-separated from the rest of the
house (the two guys and I all have our separate bedrooms within the
suite... for when we want to have some private space and for when any of us
has a guest for the night). This way our kids (yes... we now have four
kids... more about that later) and our housekeeper are not directly
exposed to our threeway play and other parties.

My Background

You no doubt wonder how I happened to develop such an open attitude
toward the pleasures of sex. Let me tell you a bit about my background.

As a young girl, I lived with my two-year younger brother, mom and dad
in an older two-story home in the Midwest (my older sister had already gone
off to college). That's where I got my earliest exposures to sex... and
the joys it could bring to a woman.

My brother Tommy and I had our bedrooms on the second floor of the large
old house. The second floor also had a third room. It was directly over
my mom and dad's bedroom. That room was generally used as our game room
during the day. It had short walls and sloping ceilings, and a window at
the opposite end from the door.

In each of the second floor rooms there was a floor vent (about 1' x 1')
to allow heat to come into each room from the floor below. The game room
vent was right above mom and dad's bedroom. Once mom and dad went to bed
and closed their bedroom door... and Tommy and I were in our rooms...
neither my brother nor I could hear much from their bedroom. We have
always made a practice of keeping the doors to our bedrooms and the game
room closed. Among other things, that effectively kept my brother and me
from hearing any sounds that may have come through the floor vent in that

Nudity was commonplace within our home. mom and dad frequently walked
around partly clothed... and sometimes nude. Naturally within such a free
environment, my brother and I often saw each other nude too. So, there was
no mystery about the human body and differences between the sexes. It all
seemed rather natural... even though I understood from my friends that
such a lifestyle was not common in their homes.

Dad did not flaunt his nudity in front of me... and mom didn't go out
of her way to be nude in front of my brother Tommy. However, if we
happened to walk in on them while they were bathing, showering or dressing,
no big deal was made out of their nudity. It may be surprising to some,
but this open living environment didn't seem to lead to any increased
interest in sex. At this pre-teen point of my life, neither Tommy nor I
had made any overtures toward each other... and there was no sexual
contacts between us, nor between us and our parents.

One night I just couldn't sleep, so I decided to go into the game room
to find one of my books to read. That proved to be the first of many
enjoyable nights for me.

Not wanting to wake mom and dad in the room below, I quietly opened my
bedroom door and the game room door... and started to tip-toe over to the
book case without turning on the light. That's when I noticed light coming
through the grate over the floor vent. I laid down on the floor and looked

mom and dad's bed was right under the vent, and I could see from just
above their waists to down beyond the foot end of their bed. The tv in
their room was on, and it's picture cast a flickering light across their
nude bodies. The bed covers had been kicked off the bed, and mom was
laying face-up as dad lay on his side, facing her. Her hand was wrapped
around dad's cock, and dad had a hand over mom's crotch as his fingers
seemed to be working in and out of her hairy pussy.

Until this time, I had never seen dad with an erection. I was surprised
to see how stiff and long it looked as mom stroked it back and forth.

I heard mom whisper, "That feels soooo good! Please put your mouth down
there." With that, dad twisted around in the bed and put his head between
mom's legs. As you might guess, I was a bit surprised. mom had turned
slightly toward him, and lifted her top leg a bit. I could not see the
upper part of the bed, but dad looked like he was bouncing his hips toward
mom's face.

For a while I could hear slurping sounds as I watched intently. In a
few minutes there was a loud "Ahhh" from mom as I saw her legs clamp my
dad's head between her legs and her hips seemed to shake. A few more
spasms, and dad turned back around and seemed to cuddle with mom. That's
when I really noticed that dad's cock was very stiff and hard... and now
it was shiny wet.

They lay on their sides facing each other, and I saw mom's hand reach
down for dad's cock. She stroked it back and forth a few times and then
she raised her leg slightly and pressed her hips toward him. He pressed
back toward her crotch, and I saw his cock disappear between her legs...
and re-appear even wetter than before.

Dad pumped his cock in and out of mom for some time until he rolled on
top of her. Then, after a couple of hard pumps, he stopped... and I heard
him sigh. They continued to lay that way, and I decided I had better get
out of the game room and back into bed.

I thought about what I had seen, and I found my hands begin to play
between my own legs. It felt good. I fell asleep.

Some years earlier mom had talked to Tommy and me about "where babies
come from." She had made it clear that Tommy and I had grown within her
tummy, and had come out of her body from between her legs. She had told us
that our dad had "planted a seed" within her to start our growth. Through
conversations with my older sister and with other kids, we had come to
understand that the "seed" came from dad's cock, and that he put his cock
up inside our mother during "sex." As I watched below, I wondered silently
if he was planting "seeds" again for another brother or sister.

Later, when my sister was home for a college break, I confided in her
about what I had seen. She giggled a bit and then assured me that mom and
dad were definitely not trying to give me another brother or sister. She
told me "they were just having fun."

Over the next several months when I couldn't sleep, I would sneak back
into the game room and look down through the floor. Sometimes mom and dad
were just watching TV. Other times they were "having fun" again. I found
it fascinating to watch.

Dad's brother, Uncle Andy, was a salesman who did a lot of traveling in
his work. He lived in another state, but would stay with us whenever his
travels took him through our town. There was a guest bedroom on the main
floor, and he slept there.

On one of the nights when I decided to check to see if mom and dad were
"having fun" again, I slipped into the game room and silently crept over to
the vent to look down. I was surprised to see three pair of legs on the
bed below. mom was in the middle, dad was on one side, and Uncle Andy's
bare legs were on the other side of mom. I knew it was Uncle Andy's legs
because they were much hairier than dad's legs, and I knew Uncle Andy had a
lot of hair all over his body.

They seemed to be watching tv as dad and Uncle Andy's hands roamed over
mom's nude body. After a few minutes I saw mom's arms reach out over the
two bodies next to her, down to their crotches, and her hands wrapped
around each of their cocks. She stroked up and down for awhile. Both
cocks started to get hard as she stroked. I was amazed to see that Uncle
Andy's cock grew very long and stiff... much longer than dad's.

Dad crawled down between mom's legs, he spread her legs, and he put his
face right over her crotch. I could hear slurping sounds again as I
watched mom's hand continue to stroke Uncle Andy's cock. His hands seemed
to be up by her breasts.

After a few minutes, dad moved back up where he had been and mom turned
on her side to face him as she again reached out for dad's cock. I could
see Uncle Andy turn on his side, facing mom's back side, as she slightly
raised her leg. Almost immediately I saw Uncle Andy's hips press against
mom, and I could see the end of his cock slide between her legs. It must
have come out in front, because mom momentarily released dad's cock, put
her hand down in front of her crotch and seemed to be stroking on Uncle
Andy's cock in front of her legs. Then she seemed to use her hand to cup
Uncle Andy's cock head against her crotch.

mom raised her leg a bit again as her hand pressed tightly against her
crotch. She had clearly put Uncle Andy's cock inside her. Her leg dropped
back down and Uncle Andy's hips began a slow pumping motion. Dad rolled on
his side, facing mom, and he and mom seemed to be cuddling. After a few
minutes I heard mom's voice whisper, "Oh Tom, it feels really good to have
you kiss and hold me while Andy has that hard tool of his inside me."
Needless to say, I was a bit surprised.

Uncle Andy seemed to be rubbing mom's back while his hips pumped against
hers. Then I saw dad's hand reach down along mom's tummy until it stopped
at mom's crotch. His fingers seemed to be playing with her as he pressed
her even tighter against Uncle Andy's hips. "Does that feel good, hon?" I
heard dad ask. "Oh god, yes," she replied. Soon Uncle Andy's thrusts
became faster and I heard mom moan for awhile before her body twisted and
she let out a big sigh.

Uncle Andy paused for a few moments, his hips still tight against mom.
Then he resumed his pumping faster and faster until I heard him let out a
grunting sound as he made one last, hard pump into mom. Then mom seemed to
put her arms around both dad and Uncle Andy and draw them to her for a few
minutes. "Your turn" I heard mom say. Dad climbed on top of her and I
could see him adjust his cock toward her crotch. "You feel really wet and
good," dad said. With that, he started pumping up and down on top of mom's
crotch. Meanwhile, Uncle Andy continued to lay on his back next to mom,
and he moved one of is hands up by her breast. It was not long before dad
was pumping hard... then he stopped... then another hard pump or two...
then I heard him gasp as he stopped pumping.

Dad rolled to mom's side, and I thought I had better get away from my
peep show before one of them spotted me. Back in bed I thought about what
I had seen. I guess mom and dad had decided to let Uncle Andy "have fun"
with them. As I thought about it, I wondered what it must feel like to
have a man's cock inside a woman's body.

I had a candle in the drawer of my bedside stand (in case the electric
lights ever went out). I reached into the drawer and retrieved the candle
while using my other hand to fondle my own pussy. I began to get wet. I
spread my legs and started pressing the candle up against my pussy.
Eventually I used the blunt end to press against my opening. I held it
tight against myself, just inside my pussy lips as I continued to play with
the little knob at the top of my pussy. It felt really good.

I felt my hips begin to grind against the bed sheets, and I pressed the
candle more tightly against my opening. To my surprise, the candle started
to slip inside me. "Wow!" I thought. I stopped playing with myself long
enough to wrap both hands around the candle. I kept easing it into my
pussy until I felt it press against something and stop moving into me.
Then I placed one hand around the candle tight against my pussy so I could
measure how deep it had gone into me. I withdrew it and found it had gone
at least four inches inside. I used my thumb nail to mark how deep it had

However, I noticed a little blood on the candle. I wondered about the
blood, because I didn't feel any pain... and I didn't feel that I had
"jammed" myself with the candle. I had an old towel in my room, so I
decided I better get it and put it under me so I didn't accidentally get
any blood on the sheets.

After I had the towel under me, I spread my legs again... started
playing with myself again, and slowly began to re-insert the candle again.
I clenched my legs tightly against the candle when it was way inside me.
It really did feel good. I played this way for some time before I decided
to wrap the candle in the towel and hide it under my bed before falling

Some mornings while Tommy was playing in his room, I quietly went into
the game room to look down. Sometimes mom and dad would be asleep... and
sometimes they would be playing again just like at night.

One Saturday morning I decided to go down stairs, turn their bedroom tv on, and crawl in bed with them to watch tv while they slept. mom and dad
had a sheet over them. mom woke up a bit, smiled, cuddled me to her, gave
me a kiss, and then let me watch tv while she and dad slept a bit longer.

I got into a habit of doing this each Saturday and Sunday morning.
Tommy seldom came in. Sometimes I could feel the bed move while I lay in
front of mom and watched TV. I think dad had his cock inside her, moving
in and out as she faced away from him, but up tight against him.

Eventually mom got a part-time job in a nursing home on Saturdays. That
meant she had to get up early on Saturday mornings to get to work. I
continued my ritual of crawling into mom and dad's bed to watch tv on
Saturday and Sunday mornings. Sometimes on Saturdays, I would crawl under
the covers, move over and cuddle in daddy's arms as he slept. He always
slept nude. I usually wore my night shirt and panties.

One Saturday morning I decided to remove my panties before joining daddy
in bed. When I did, I raised my night shirt and cuddled my back against
his chest... and quietly watched tv for a while. I snaked my hand down
behind me and found dad's limp penis. As he slept, I lifted my leg and
placed his warm penis between my bare legs... and let my upper leg fall
back down and trap it there... like I had seen mom do.

I found myself grinding against dad's crotch as I watched TV...
thinking about my candle (which I had now played with several times). My
pussy had gotten wet, and I discovered that dad's cock was actually
lubricated in my juices. It was beginning to slide in my juices as I
pressed against dad's belly and then withdrew. It was actually getting

Before I knew it, dad had partly awakened and he put his arms around
me... drawing me tighter against him. In his partly-asleep condition, he
started moving his hips in a gentle pumping action. It felt really good...
and I didn't know quite what to do. Daddy may have been thinking he was
cuddling with mom.

I let him continue holding me and sliding his cock gently between my
legs for a while. Then I slightly raised my upper leg and used my hand to
aim the head of his cock toward my very wet pussy... and lowered my leg
back down. He kept up his gentle pumping in his semi-conscious state.
Suddenly a wave of heat passed through my body, and I shivered in his arms.
I couldn't seem to control myself... but it sure felt good. It felt VERY
good! We had the bed clothes over us.

About this time Tommy came into the room to ask dad a question. "Dad,"
he shouted out, "where's the tire pump for my bike?" Dad came to, didn't
move, rubbed his eyes, and said "look under my work bench in the garage."

Tommy left the room, closing the door behind him, and dad began to
realize where his semi-erect cock was nestled. "Honey, how did this
happen," he whispered into my ear. At first I didn't say anything. Then I
tightened my legs around his cock and pressed my hips back into him. He
was still for a moment. "Is this something you really want to do," he

I turned my upper body just enough to smile at him... then I turned
back and pushed my hips toward him again. With that, he reached down to my
hips and held me firmly as he started pressing his hips toward me. I could
tell by the feel that his cock had gotten harder than it had been. I think
he was actually surprised when he felt the tip of his cock enter me. I
know I sure was startled!

"Does it hurt?" he asked. I shook my head "No." He pressed himself more
tightly against me... and I could feel my pussy tingle as my dad's cock
gently slid on into me. "Honey, I never thought I would be doing this," he
said, "are you OK?" "It really feel's good, dad. Please, pump into me like
you do with mom," I replied.

With that, dad began to gently pump in and out of my pussy. My pussy really felt hot. Soon my body began to shake and convulse in what I later
realized was my first orgasm. Moments later I felt the warmth of dad's
warm juices squirting up inside me. That made me quiver in pleasure again.

Dad's cock got soft and fell out of me. I turned over and grinned at my
dad as he planted a fatherly kiss on my forehead. We cuddled like that for
several minutes with the tv in the background. Then dad said we had better
get up before Tommy might come back into the room.

My thirteenth birthday was just two weeks later. I felt that I had
entered my teenage years ahead of my girlfriends. Neither dad nor I ever
told anyone about our experience. Every Saturday morning after mom went to
work I crept into bed with dad. Sometimes he would wake up, sometimes he
did not.

I found that I liked playing with his limp cock. It felt satiny... and
the sack below was quite warm. As I let my hands rub around, I noticed
that it started to get hard in my hands. Sometimes he would awaken and
just let me play with his "tool." "How did you make it get hard like that?"
I asked as I turned to face him. He simply smiled, and said, "You did
that!" Occasionally it would shoot all over my hands. I noticed that his
sack would get tight just before he shot off. That would let me know it
was about to happen. In those cases I enjoyed looking up into his face as
his penis exploded into my hands.

Yes, I got to enjoy his penis inside me many more times after that...
until I started having my period. Then, since daddy explained there was a
risk of pregnancy, dad limited our contacts to oral pleasures. He taught
me how to make love to a penis with my mouth and hands... and how to give
pleasure to myself, with my hand and dildo-like objects. We would take
each opportunity that came our way to give tongue and mouth pleasures to
each other.

One weekend when Tommy was gone (before my periods started), dad laid on
his back and let me sit on his hard cock. It felt good to be able to
control its entry into my body as I sat down on him. Once he asked how I
knew about the way he pumps into mom. I pointed to the heat vent in the
ceiling... and he smiled. I told him that I had also seen him put his
face between mom's legs, and I asked if that felt good for her.

He immediately moved down on the bed, spread my legs and started licking
my pussy. It really did feel good. I started to squirm, and daddy pressed
his tongue up into me. Wow! That sent my head spinning until my body
shook in a very pleasant orgasm. "No wonder mom likes to have you do
that," I said... after I recovered my senses.

On Sunday mornings I usually still crawled into bed with mom and dad to
watch TV. Dad tended to be more open about his amorous attentions to mom in my presence now. With mom in between us, and me often in her arms, I
could feel him pumping into her from behind. I remember once looking back
and watching the pleasure in mom's face as he brought her to a mini
orgasm... and then felt the bed move as dad unloaded into her. I just
kept watching tv and pretended not to notice.

I feel very fortunate that my father introduced me to the many pleasures
I could experience as a female. It's been more than twenty years since
then, and I am continuously grateful to daddy for all he taught me, and all
the good times he and I have shared.

Tommy and Me

During our early teen years, Tommy and I still had our separate bedrooms
on the second floor of our home. Occasionally, in the middle of the night,
I would hear rustling coming from Tommy's bedroom. I knew my brother was
masturbating. By this time I felt like I was a knowledgeable "woman of the

One night when I heard Tommy playing with himself, I slipped out of my
bed, into Tommy's room, and into his bed. He was more than a little
startled as I reached down and circled my hand around what I was now
calling a "cock." "Hey, what are you doing?" Tommy whispered to me. "Well
little brother," I whispered back, "I am going to help you learn how to
treat that thing to the pleasures it should experience."

With that, I bent down and took Tommy's cock into my mouth while
cradling his balls. He gasped and started to push me away. "This isn't
right," he protested for a moment. When he could tell that I wasn't going
to let his cock out of my mouth, he lay back and began to enjoy my
ministrations. It didn't take Tommy long. Soon his young cock was
shooting cum all over my face.

"God sis, that was great," cooed Tommy, "where did you learn how to do
that?" "Never mind," I told him, "The important thing is that we keep this
between ourselves... and I may want you to provide similar services for
me... OK?

"Are you for real?" Tommy asked as he hugged and thanked me for the
great orgasm he had just enjoyed. "You mean you would let me go down on
you sis?" "Right now," I said, "if you know how." Tommy jumped out of bed,
pulled my nightshirt up, and buried his face between my legs. I learned
later that Tommy had been reading some "porn" books, and had been wanting
to give "head" a try. He wasn't bad... but, I could see I was going to
have to give him some training in the weeks ahead.

I guided his face and told him where to place his tongue. It took him a
while, but eventually he got me off with his fingers and tongue. When he
brought his face up, it was covered in my juices, and he had a
self-satisfied grin that I could make out in the darkness.

I told him to go to sleep... and I went back to my bedroom to enjoy the
afterglow of my just-completed, brother-induced orgasm. Naturally, Tommy
wanted to do this every night after that. He even tried to work his cock
into my pussy. I had to push him away with the admonition, "do you want to
father my kids?"

I managed to keep him satisfied with my skilled tongue, lips and fingers
for the next several weeks. Finally, one night he pulled out some condoms
he had hidden under his bed. "Can we fuck if we use these?" he asked. It
had been some time since I had felt dad's cock inside my pussy, and I was a
bit horny myself. I said, "OK, start by getting me ready with your tongue,
and I will tell you when I am ready for you to enter." In the meantime, I
stroked his rather modest cock to hardness, and rolled a condom over it.

Finally I said, "Now Tommy, now!" He climbed above me and thrust his
cock right in. I thought to myself that I would have to help my younger
brother improve his technique. He pumped me like a jack rabbit. It was
not the same kind of feeling I had when daddy had screwed me... not as
deep, not as full... but Tommy's banging against my clit quickly brought
me off as he shot his load into the condom.

We repeated the mutual masturbation, shared oral services and occasional
intercourse several times over the next few months. I figured it was time
for Tommy and me to find new, outside interests "so we could expand our
horizons." We were now age 14 and 16, and he agreed to my proposal. We
each started dating others. Thereafter, it was only the odd occasion when
we found ourselves in bed together.

Tommy never did know where I had obtained my "training"... nor that
daddy and I still occasionally pleasured each other.

Daddy... My Lover Again

Just after I turned fifteen, I started bringing some of my boyfriends
home to watch TV... and to neck with them. Suddenly it dawned on me that
if I did this enough when my mom could see it, she might get the idea that
I should be put on "the pill," and I could again enjoy the feel of daddy's
hard penis inside me. It worked! Within a few weeks of my bringing guys home, mom took me aside and suggested we visit a doctor and order some
birth control pills.

By this time mom and Tommy had different schedules. mom worked Monday
through Thursday evenings. She didn't get home until about 10:30. Tommy
now had ball practice every Tuesday and Thursday evenings. That typically
lasted until 8 pm... and then he went to a buddy's home where they would
study together until about 10 PM. I volunteered to fix dinner for daddy on
Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Right... Dinner! I was daddy's dinner! We took full advantage of
those Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Daddy would get home about 6 PM,
shower, and join me in my new basement bedroom for two or three hours of
shared fun. From my room, I could always hear if someone came into the
house... and daddy would have time to get his pants on and head for his
basement shop room... if anyone came home early. Fortunately for me, we
were never interrupted.

Daddy treated me like his lover. Sometimes he would bring me a single
rose... and stroke its petals over my belly and pussy. One time he
brought home a "cock ring" and showed me how to slide it over his penis, up
tight against his balls, while stroking and sucking him. Gawd he got hard
that night... and stayed hard for three hours! Another time daddy brought
home a small "butt plug" and had me slide it in and out of his ass while I
sucked him.

Then he washed it, applied some lubricant, and gently slid it into my
ass. That gave me sensations I hadn't known before. Daddy had me climb on
top of him and slide my pussy down onto his penis... or cock, as I was now
calling it... and he again slid the butt plug up my back side. I felt
VERY full. As he slid it in and out, he said he could feel the movement
against his cock. As he held it deep in my back side and plunged his cock
as deep as possible, I shuddered in a really great orgasm.

It was during this time that daddy brought home some porno videos he had
rented. He brought our VCR down to my room and hooked it to my tv so I
could watch them as he "ate" my pussy. It was wild. I saw ladies who had
two and three guys play with them at the same time.

This brought back memories of the time I looked down through the floor
vent and saw mom between dad and Uncle Andy. I had never asked dad about
that night. Finally I did.

"Dad, remember when Uncle Andy used to visit us and say over night?" I
asked. "Yes, he used to do that quite often," he replied. Then I told him
what I had seen that one night. He laughed and said, "Hon, that was just
one night of many!" "Your mom used to enjoy Andy's extra long cock... and
the simultaneous attention of Andy and me. It has been some years now
since we last did that, but your mom and I have an understanding.
Periodically she comes home late after work... with a smile on her face,
and I know she has gotten some 'on-the-side-stuff'."

I was amazed... and amused at the same time. "Your mom has never liked
to talk about such things as having two guys or having outside
experiences," dad told me, "but she used to enjoy Uncle Andy, and
periodically she likes to try new things on her own. I don't mind," said
dad. We dropped the subject... but I always remembered what he had said.

One scene in the video showed what daddy described as "a sandwich,"
where the lady was on top of one guy with his cock in her pussy... while
the second guy stood behind her and pressed his well-lubed cock into her
ass. They even had a close-up of the two cocks pumping in and out of her
two holes as the top guy lay against her back and "sandwiched" the lady
against the lower guy.

"I never knew a penis would fit into a girl's ass," I told my dad. He
told me that it was quite possible, but that the lady must really want
that, must practice taking increasingly large "butt plugs" in her ass, and
must use lots of lubricant. I wished I could do this with daddy, but knew
I could never let another guy know what daddy and I were doing. As an
alternative, daddy brought home a couple more "butt plugs," each larger
than the first. We experimented with them until eventually I was able to
accept the largest plug. I let the bed hold it in me while daddy drove his
cock into my pussy. Now that's what I called feeling FULL!

Daddy never seemed to tire of using his tongue on my pussy. He always
seemed to know just how to get me to respond. I would have as many as four
or five orgasms in a single evening with daddy. One evening I just laid in
daddy's arms and he talked to me about my female body and told me of its
potential... a potential for pleasure and fulfillment that he said most
women never allowed themselves to experience. He told me that unlike a
male, I could train my body to accept prolonged stimulation that would lead
to a series of repetitive orgasms. He said that was why some women enjoyed
having several lovers in the same evening... so that as one wore out,
another could continue giving her stimulation and pleasure.

As my dating years evolved, I always told daddy everything about my
sexual experiences. I had my share of back seat bunglings by inexperienced
"lovers." Sometimes I had some really juice stories to bring back to
daddy... and I shared them with him as he ate me to explosive orgasms.

It was during one of these times that daddy was licking my pussy and
diving his tongue in and out of me while I told him about a particularly
hot date I had had. Midway through my story daddy caused me to shiver
through my first orgasm of the evening. He kept his head between my legs
and just lay there until I recovered my breath.

I started to resume my story, and daddy started licking the inside of my
thighs and working his way back to my pussy. My body started to respond
again... and just as I was nearing my "peak" of pleasure... daddy backed
away just a bit. Then he kissed the backs of my knees as he reached for
some lubricant. As he moved back up my body, he slowly slid two of his
fingers in my ass as his thumb played with my clit and he blew his warm
breath on my pussy. GOD that felt good. Again, I almost exploded... but
his fingers got very still and he started using his tongue to lick along
the edges of my pussy lips.

My body started to convulse and he stopped until I regained control
again. This must have gone on for at least a half hour until he finally
let me have a truly EXPLOSIVE orgasm! It was like feeling one long
orgasmic-high... a high that terminated in an even higher HIGH.

After High School...

I went to Medical Assistant School for a year after high school. During
that time I discovered that I had a real interest in drama. I started
hanging out at a local civic theatre, and was eventually invited to try out
for a part in one of the plays.

That led to my introduction to a private theatrical group, and I started
working with them as they prepared and presented touring plays. I never
did go into Medical Assistant work, but I did graduate... to keep my folks

This was when I met Bob and Tim. By this time I was 20, and we all
three worked for the traveling theatre group. I found them both
attractive, and occasionally dated each one separately, and discretely. As
I mentioned earlier, the theatre group we worked for frowned on dating
between the staff/cast... so we had to be quite discrete.

After alternately dating each of the guys, finally one night the three
of us were out drinking together... and I admitted that I enjoyed both of
them. We were sitting around a small table in a dark corner of the bar as
we talked. Now, I had already enjoyed numerous times of great recreational
sex with both... so at this point, I had to be up front with both.

"Tim," I said as I looked him in the eye over my beer, "you and I have
enjoyed some great times together... including in bed... but I want you
to know that I have also enjoyed great sex with Bob here." He was a bit
taken aback at first. Then I looked directly at Bob and said, "Now you
know. The same places on my body where your cock, tongue and hands have
traveled... have been explored by Tim too! Does that bother you?"

There was silence for a while as the two guys took a sip of beer and
thought about the situation. Bob leaned over to me. "May I kiss you," he
asked... and without waiting for an answer, he gave me a deep tongue kiss
right in front of Tim. During the kiss, I felt Tim take my hand and place
it in his lap over his hard cock.

As the kiss broke, Tim drew me to him and nibbled my ear before moving
to my lips for another deep soul kiss. This time Bob grabbed my other hand
and led it under the table to his already-unzipped pants... and planted it
firmly on his exposed rock-hard cock.

When I caught my breath I said, "I guess that means we are all right
with each other!"

A few minutes later we left the bar, stopped by a liquor store for a few
bottles of wine... and we all headed for my place. At first the guys weren't quite sure how to act around each other. Soon they were both
eagerly kissing all over my body as they worked together to remove my
clothes. I ran to my bed with a bottle of wine in each hand... and they
followed, dropping their clothes along the way.

We opened the wine as we all sat nude on the bed, and passed the bottles
around as we each swigged right out of the bottle... with wine running
down my chin. I giggled. Bob bent over to lick up the excess wine as it
ran down onto my breasts, and Tim took the bottle from my hands as he
gently bent me back onto the bed and began to nibble my ears again.

I can't tell you how many great orgasms I enjoyed that night as both
guys took turns licking my body, tonguing my pussy and screwing me
repeatedly. After our first hour or so of non-stop sex, we lay back on the
bed and laughed as we talked about what had developed. Soon I slipped down
on the bed and took a cock in each hand. I stroked them, licked my own
juices off them, alternately sucked both to full erection, and then
announced that I wanted them both to shoot a full load down my throat.

With that, I kept stroking Bob while I sucked Tim's cock into the deep
recesses of my mouth and throat. I worked him with my extra hand, lips,
tongue and throat muscles until I felt the tip of his cock begin to
vibrate... and I gave one last gentle squeeze on his nut sack just as he
released his load down my throat.

I drew back, kissed the tip of Tim's now-soft cock, winked up at him,
and moved over to Bob while continuing to gently cradle Tim's nuts in the
palm of my hand. Without missing a stroke on Bob's cock, I wrapped my lips
around its tip and repeated my ministrations until his load of cum joined
Tim's in my mouth, down my throat and all over my lips.

I laid back down on the bed between the guys, drew them to me, and said,
"Now I am going to kiss both of you... and let you both taste each other
just as I have tasted and enjoyed both of you." With that, I planted a wet
tongue kiss on Tim's mouth just long enough to be sure he received a good
dose of the cum on my lips... and then turned to Bob to share the same
with him. That led to another round of heavy-duty screwing before we all
fell asleep across my bed.

From that night forward we were an inseparable trio. Three months later
we moved in together. Two years later we talked about how we would like to
have some kids... but, obviously, I could not marry both of them... and I
wanted to be sure that any kids I brought into the world have a father.

After much discussion (over the coming weeks), the two guys legally
changed their last name to match mine... and we formed a legal
"partnership agreement.” We even registered it with our County Clerk. Our
agreement dealt with many issues, but clearly set forth that we would each
bear 1/3 responsibility (financial and otherwise) for any children we had.
At that point I stopped taking the pill, and I stopped having sex outside
of our "primary relationship."

More than fifteen years later, we have two sons and two daughters...
and they have a loving mother and TWO loving fathers! Both of my guys regularly filled me with their seed during the period immediately after WE
JOINTLY DECIDED a child or another child was desired... until I was
definitely pregnant (not that it stopped then!!!).

As "partners," the three of us have a warm, loving, permanent "primary
relationship." Over the years, we have frequently invited various friends
(married and unmarried) to share "recreational sex" with us.

Tim has proven to be a detail-oriented guy. He handles all of our joint
money. With all three of us working, we were able to build a good-sized
nest egg. Bob, by profession, is an architect. Shortly after we had our
first child, he designed a very special home to meet our special needs.
With Tim's careful saving and investing of our joint-funds, we were able to
build just what we wanted, on a secluded lot in the foothills of the
Colorado mountains. It was completed just before our second child was

As mentioned before, our home has a master suite well-separated from the
rest of the house. The suite includes three bedrooms (the two guys and I
all have our separate bedrooms within the suite... for when we want to
have some private space and for when any of us has a guest for the
night)... and three bathrooms. We built rooms for the kids which are
well-separated from the master suite. That's all on the second floor.

The main floor is pretty much typical home (living room, dining room,
kitchen, study... and a small bedroom with its own bathroom, for our
housekeeper. In addition to the regular (open) stairway between the
basement, main floor and second floor, there is a hidden stairway from the
master suite on the second floor to the basement... which by-passes the
main floor. This enables us to go back and forth between our basement
(adult) playroom and our bedrooms.

The basement is divided into two well-separated areas. One area is for
the kids playroom, with access via the regular basement stairs. The other
large area has developed over the years. It now has a large hot tub, a
large walk-in shower area that looks like a tropical waterfalls area, an
area with exercise equipment that we all use... and a secluded corner that
has two side-by-side king-sized sheet-covered mattresses on a raised stand.
Obviously, we do a lot of playing there.

Tim and Bob did most of the construction on our "dream home." They even
built an attached over-sized three-car garage so we all have a place to
park. There is a hidden door within the garage that leads down to our
adult playroom. That passage has allowed each of us to discretely bring
home guests to join us in enjoying our playroom and master suite...
without the housekeeper and kids knowing of there presence.

Oh yes, Martha, our housekeeper knows generally what goes on. But, she
is cool about everything. She is an older Hispanic woman whose husband
died of cancer several years ago. She has been with us for eight years

Martha never engages me in conversation about our lifestyle... and
never asks questions. Fortunately, she does not seem to be a judgmental
person. She does a great job keeping up the house, and caring for our kids
when we are not around. She is perfect for us... and we try to treat her
like ‘family.’

Martha goes out with various guys, but never brings them home. Tim and
Bob have both told me that they have taken her to bed a few times each.
They claim she is a one-orgasm woman who seems to experience great
pleasure... and then absolutely shuts off after she climaxes. She has
never discussed the encounters she has had with Tim and Bob. or her other
guys... either with me or with Tim or Bob. I am reasonably certain that
she keeps her mouth shut with others too.

Bob and Tim seem to enjoy sharing fatherhood with each other. They take
turns playing with the kids and taking them on outings. They take great
pride in the home they have built, in their kids... and in me. Outside of
our home, they seem to enjoy "squiring me around” to various events and to
lounges that we enjoy. We are often all three together... but sometimes
one of them is busy or out of town on business, and the other one makes me
his "date" for the night.

In our professional lives (Bob is a respected architect, Tim does
computer programming, and I work in a small PR/advertising agency) we
seldom talk about our unique lifestyle. However, we have outside-of-work
friends who know all about our “arrangement.” Some understand, others do
not. With those who do not, we don't share information about our sex
lives. Of those who appreciate the unique lifestyle we have built, we have
occasionally invited some to join in our play.

Bob and Tim belong to a baseball team. After the games, the team
usually heads for a bar. Sometimes I watch the games... other times I
join them at the bar. One time, after the "hard-nose" guys had left, Tim
suggested that we invite the remaining guys to join us at our place for a
dip in our hot tub. In addition to Tim and Bob, there were five more guys.

Our kids were at camp that weekend and Martha had the weekend off. So,
I eagerly agreed. On the way home, I wondered just what might happen. I
entered the house and went up to my room to freshen up. The guys used our
"special passage" to head for the basement. I decided to put my bikini
on... not knowing what would happen with seven guys downstairs.

When I descended our hidden stairway, I found that four of the guys were
already in the tub, and the other three (Tim and two of his friends) had
stripped to their shorts... and Tim was showing them the features of our
little adult playland. Bob and the three others in the tub beckoned for me
to join them in the bubbly water.

As I approached the tub, they all stood up and held their hands out to
me. Surprise surprise! They were all nude! Bob said, "Hon, I think you
are a bit over-dressed for the occasion. We're all friends. Why don't you
just take those little strings off?" I hesitated just long enough to feel
Tim walk up behind me and tug at the string of my top. It fell away.
There were a few whistles of approval from the guys in the tub.

Now I have had four kids, and am in my mid-30s... but I guess I still
have a reasonably-shapely body. My breasts aren't large, but they don't
sag. With all those male eyes feasting on me... I felt "pretty!" I
quickly shed my bikini bottoms and hopped into the tub next to Bob.

That left room for just one more. One of the guys who had been
inspecting our playroom with Tim quickly pulled his shorts off and jumped
in next to me. Tim and Joe, the other fellow who remained outside the tub,
went over to try out some of the exercise equipment.

Well, as you can imagine, it didn't take long for a lot of kissing,
grab-ass and fondling to get underway in the bubbling water. Soon I was
crouched-down in the middle of the tub, reaching under water for each of
their cocks. Meanwhile, they took turns palming my breasts, sucking a
nipple and massaging my body.

When I stood up... up on the built-in bench, one guy on either side
stood up and each took one of my breasts in their mouth. One of the guys stood behind me on the bench, and pressed his semi-erect cock against my
ass cheeks as he wrapped his arms around my tummy. The other guy leaned
over before me and started licking my burning pussy.

Bob reached over the other guys and planted a tender kiss on my lips as
our eyes met. He smiled at me to show his approval. I was getting VERY
hot... and not just from the water. "Why don't we head over to the
'playpen' (the name we have given our double-mattress area)," I whispered
to him.

"Guys," Bob announced, "Joan thinks it would be more comfortable if we
all went over there. He pointed to the mattress area. As the guys released me, I jumped out, grabbed a towel to dry off, and ran over to the

Over the next hour I was treated to an abundance of sensual pleasure.
Mouths, hands and cocks everywhere. It was truly a feast! I had so many
orgasms I could not keep count. All of my original four guys and Bob
filled me at least once... most twice... with their hot juices. I loved

As we lay tangled together enjoying the afterglow, I noticed Tim and Joe
walking our direction. They finished their exercising, had removed their
shorts and had taken a shower. "Gawd," I thought. "Joe's cock is huge!"

The other guys joined Bob at the shower wall to clean up and get dressed
so they could head home. Tim lay next to me and asked if I had been
enjoying myself. I assured him I had enjoyed everyone. "Not quite
everyone," he reminded me. With that he invited Joe... who had been
standing at the foot of the bed stroking his cock... to join us. Tim
turned around, putting his cock near my mouth, and lay his head near the
foot of the bed so he could watch as Joe lifted my legs and aimed his huge
tool at my dripping pussy.

Joe held his cock head at my opening, pressing gently, as he continued
to stroke himself to hardness. I lay back and took Tim's familiar cock
between my lips. Soon I felt Joe as he began to press into me. I paused
my sucking of Tim. I had already just experienced five enjoyable cocks
within my body... but this one was a new experience. It really stretched
me as it slowly slipped into my depths. I felt it bottom-out. I looked up
and noticed that about 2' of Joe's cock was still outside. He grinned as
he saw me look.

Joe withdrew and started a slow pumping action. My pussy was very wet
and cum-filled... but it still felt tightly-stretched around Joe's cock.
Heat began to build up in my loins again. I found myself responding to
each of Joe's thrusts. I tried to continue my sucking of Tim's cock...
but I was quite distracted.

Soon my hips were lifting to meet each of Joe's inward thrusts. I could
feel the bulbous head of his cock as it pounded the back wall of my cuntal
channel. I began to moan. I knew my eyes were rolled back in my head. I
let Tim's cock slide out of my mouth... but my arm reached out and drew
him tightly against me.

By this time, the others had left, and Bob had returned, and was laying
on my other side... his face near mine. I wrapped my other arm around
him. He gently kissed me as the passion rose within my loins. Joe's pace
increased. Joe must have driven me through a half-dozen mind-warping
orgasms before I looked up and realized that his each-inward-thrust was now
burying his entire length within me. Gawd it felt good!

Joe's balls were now slapping against my ass as Bob whispered his love
for me... into my ears. Tim had turned around and was sucking my nearest
nipple while playing with the other one. Joe was now ramming his
love-stick deep toward my tummy. His arms were wrapped around my legs and
one of his hands pressed down on my tummy so he could feel my body respond
as the head of his dick pounded my insides.

My body just seemed to convulse with a near-overload of pleasure-filled
sensations. When Joe's nuts finally erupted and he shot his load deep
inside me... I felt like a flow of lava had hit the back of my womb, and
was seeping along the inner walls of my pussy. He held himself within me
for a few more moments... then withdrew, and gently laid my legs on the
bed. The contents of my pussy began to flow between my legs. I felt
sticky... but I also felt a wonderful afterglow of continuing tingles as
another minor wave of satisfaction washed through my body.

After Joe left, Tim and Bob took me to the shower wall and gave me a
gentle all-over wash up. We climbed the stairs to my bedroom, and I
flopped in the middle of my bed. Tim and Bob showered my body with 15 or
20 minutes of gentle kisses before we all fell asleep.

In the morning I awoke facing Tim, and realized that Bob was laying
against my back... and had already directed his morning hard-on between my
legs and into my pussy. Tim woke up as Bob's thrusting movements began to
make the bed move. He suckled my breast while Bob gave me a "good-morning
orgasm" and shot his first load of the day. Then I reminded Tim that his
blowjob of the night before had been cut short. I crawled between his legs
and he promptly presented his cock to my lips. It was a leisurely suck
while Bob headed for the shower... but soon Tim rewarded me with his sweet

We haven't repeated that particular "gang bang," but since that night
various of the guys have returned with Bob and Tim to join them in
"tripling" my pleasure. Joe has been over several times... and I have
enjoyed him every time!

By the way, my older sister has always thought I was a bit of a slut...
living with two men and having children with both of them. After college,
she got married and led a fairly conventional life. Mom, dad and Tommy
were always more understanding of my chosen lifestyle.

It seems that my sister's conventional lifestyle got a little stale.
One day she came over for coffee. During our conversation she admitted
that sex between her and her husband had gotten rather boring... but that
he would never consent to having another man in their bed.

I told Bob and Tim about my conversation with my sister. They thought
it was rather amusing. Then, they suggested that I invite my sister...
who is now 42... over for an afternoon dip in the old hot tub. "And then
what...?" I asked. They grinned. "After the two of you have been in there
drinking wine for a half hour or so," said Bob, "Tim and I will join you...
in the nude!" Tim laughed.

Well... we did it! When Tim and Bob arrived, my sister feigned
embarrassment. About that time I grabbed the string on her bikini top and
yanked the top free of her body. She momentarily stood there, using her
arms to hide her charms. Meanwhile, I shed my bikini and tossed it out of
the tub.

"You're still over-dressed," Tim told her... and he dove under water to
yank her bikini bottom down. In response, my sister sat down... only to
find that she had sat in Bob's lap. She let out a nervous half-laugh at
her mistake... but by this time Bob had his arms wrapped around her and
was cupping each of her bare breasts.

As Tim came up from under water... holding my sister's bikini
bottoms... we all laughed. That seemed to break the ice. She relaxed, and
soon found herself being kissed by Tim as he used his hands to ease her
legs further apart over Bob's lap. To her surprise, Tim reached between
her spread-apart legs, grabbed Bob's cock... and aimed it at her pussy.
She jumped... involuntarily trapping Bob's cock between her legs.

Bob rocked back and forth a bit, causing his cock to move between her
legs until it lodged between her pussy lips. With one quick thrust upward,
Bob's cock was inside my sister's pussy. "Oh... I can't do this....
Oh... It feels so good," she exclaimed. I slid over and gave her a
sisterly-kiss while Tim wrapped his lips around her nearest nipple. Her
body seemed to explode as she ground her hips down against Bob's lap. With
that, she collapsed in Bob's arms.

Within a few minutes we had all moved over to our 'playpen' and Tim's
face was buried between my sister's legs... bringing her to another orgasm
as Bob ate me out. I cuddled my sister to me and studied her eyes as she
recovered from this second orgasm. "Feel better sister?" I asked her. She
looked up at me and said, "I feel VERY good... but how do you feel about
having your guys give me this pleasure?" she asked.

"Sister of mine..." I told her... "come back and get your pent-up rocks
off anytime you want." The four of us romped for another hour before she
had to go home to her stogy husband. Naturally, he doesn't know anything
about our little time together... nor about the numerous times she has
returned to be serviced by Tim and Bob.

I could tell many more stories about the sensual experiences Bob and Tim
and I have shared over the years. But for now, this will give you an
over-view of our unique lifestyle. We are real people... and the
experiences I have reported have been real... mostly REAL FUN!.

Questions About Our Lifestyle

Recently (10/99), I shared the above story with a gal

by the name of Judy. She wrote back with questions,

and info about her own sex life. I thought my readers

would enjoy seeing Judy’s letter and my replies.

Dear Judy...

Thank you for your interesting note. In addition to telling us some
good stuff about yourself, you asked some good questions about the
lifestyle that Bob, Tim and I share.

I am going to try to answer each question as you have posed it.

Judy’s Comment: I know you wrote your story with the

intention of it being a sexy, arousing story, and it was.

But, I found myself wondering about the other aspects

of your relationship. I can't imagine feeling the way

I do about my husband with more than one person.

Sharing sex is one thing, sharing love is another.

Judy... MFM relationships take many forms. Our type of threeway
relationship is probably one of the more unique approaches. I am convinced
that many thousands of adult women share their sex lives with more than one
male in one way or another. And, that does not count the hundreds of
thousands of women who experience multiple male partners in a serial
fashion due to the 50% of marriages that end in divorce.

ForgeTting the serial-type of multiple sexual partnerships that are the
result of divorce, there are MFM relationships like ours (1) a woman and
two men who have forged a loving, permanent family relationship.

Then there is (2) the conventional MF couple who invites an additional
male into their lives on a semi-permanent basis to add to her pleasure, but
who is clearly not a part of the primary couple’s “family”... and (3) the
conventional MF couple who, over a period of years, invites different
additional males into their sex life on either a “one-nighter” basis, or on
a multiple-time basis, but strictly for sex.

Then (4) there are MF couples who get into swinging so that both can
have additional ‘different’ partners. I have also heard from several women
where (5) her husband’s brother, father, cousin or other relative have been
invited to join her husband in adding to her pleasure on a periodic basis
over a fairly long period of time.

There also are MF couples who (6) just occasionally experiment with
bringing another guy to their bed to assist the husband in multiplying the
wife’s pleasure... as a variation from their regular love-making.

And, finally, (7) there are MF couples with open relationships where the
wife is allowed/encouraged to have “outside” sexual relationships, where
the husband may not participate, but usually wants to know every detail of
what the wife did with her “lover.”

The above seven variations do not include the many wives who simply
experiment with secret sexual flings, and the many adult single women who
“date” (bed) multiple guys over a period of years.

In the case of Tim, Bob and me, I believe we share a love similar to
that of a conventional loving MF couple... except that my love is equally
directed toward two guys, and they each shower me with their affection and

Most married women love their husband while loving their parents and
their children. I don’t find it so difficult to understand that a woman
can equally love two men at the same time. Naturally this requires that
both men accept... and are comfortable with... the notion that neither
have my “undivided, exclusive” love. We do not believe that love requires
any of us to “own” the other.

Judy’s Question: How do Bob and Tim feel about each

other? Do they "love" each other too? (And of course,

that might or might not include sexual love.) Or are

they both in a relationship with you and not with each

other? What happens when two of you fight?

Yes and No. Yes, they “love” each other... as brothers might... as
mutually respectful buddies and friends might. Yes, they are in a
“relationship” with each other... but fortunately, I am the core of the
sexual relationship that they share.

No... they do not express their ‘love’ for each other sexually. They
are both 95% hetro. I have never seen them go to bed together, unless I or
another woman are there as the center of their shared sexual attentions.
Sure, they have sexual contact with each other while the three of us are in
bed together, but it always seems to be contact incidental to their
love-making with me.

Fortunately, “spats” between me and either of the guys, or between the
guys, have been minimal. We always manage to find common ground in bed

Judy’s Question: And one more question, from

my perspective as a stepmother... Who goes

to the teacher conferences? I usually go with

the children's mother, but my husband usually

doesn't. I wonder if the teachers think my

husband’s ex and I are a lesbian couple. It's

amusing to me, but she would *die* if she

thought anyone thought that.

When it comes to teacher conferences, I am usually the parent who goes
to the school. However, when the kids are involved in sports activities,
often Bob and Tim both go with the kids to show their support.

Sure, there are periodic questions about which one is their dad. The
kids generally reply, “They both are!” Then, the subject usually drops
there... although I am sure it makes for some interesting conversations
back at the other kids’ homes.

When it comes to school plays, etc., generally all three of us attend
with all four of our kids. There are occasional strange looks, but usually
the teachers and other parents just accept us as an “extended family” who
are all there to support the kids.

Judy’s Question: You seem to be very comfortable

with the incest in your past. Do any of you have

a sexual relationship with any of your children?

Again.... Yes, and NO. Yes, I am totally comfortable with my past
experiences with my brother and father... even if society gives that
activity a less-than-pleasant name.

No, there is no overt sexual activity between Tim, Bob and/or me... and
our kids. Nudity is common around our place, and the kids have
occasionally walked into my bedroom while Bob and Tim are making love to
me, but we have never involved our kids in any adult/kid sex play. It just
hasn’t seemed necessary or appropriate.

The kids ask questions... lots of them. We always answer them in a
rather matter-of-fact way. The girls have their own room. All four have
their own bed. However, we occasionally get up to find one or more of them
in one of the other’s bed. No doubt they have explored each other’s
bodies... and maybe even more... between themselves.

Judy tells her own story...

When I was in grad school, I fucked around with a lot of men, many of
them married, none of them in any kind of open relationship. Then I met
the man who would become my husband... Chet. Chet and I connected
intensely and became very emotionally intimate very quickly.

Not too long after that first weekend, he asked me how long it had been
(before that) that I had had sex. I told him the truth... which was the
day before. He got so hard and so turned-on. It was amazing. I had
expected him to be hurt because I had known I was about to see him, and
debated whether to see the other guy or not. So that was the start of more
openness between us.

A couple of months after we met, we pursued the fantasy of having sex
with another couple. We talked on the phone with them while we all fucked
(at out two individual locations). Nothing happened for a while after that
as life became more difficult and complicated with Chet's not-complete
divorce, and the kids' various problems (fortunately we never had a
step-kid problem).

We were hanging onto our relationship amidst all the chaos around us,
and it wasn't easy. Actually it was a long time after we were married until it became easier. Anyway, we decided to do something for ourselves,
and we placed an online ad looking for another couple. I don't remember
now if we got many responses (I don't think so), but it only takes one.

We met Tess and Owen for dinner, and then set up another date with them.
That turned out to be a great day. We did the conventional swap, all in
our king-size bed. Then Tess had to leave to go to work. Owen stayed and
played with us the rest of the day. I paid next to no attention to either
of the guys, and they lavished attention on me. I came over and over

I was afraid I was ignoring Chet, and so I turned toward him. He
whispered that I was ignoring Owen and being rude. So I didn't worry any
more about Chet. Owen rolled on top of me and fucked me. Owen’s cock was
longer than Chet's and kept bottoming out against my cervix, which was very
uncomfortable. We switched to me on top. That was much better.

After we were done, I realized that my husband had gotten up and had
stood behind me so he could watch Owen's cock going in and out of me. I
climbed off Owen, and was completely surprised to have Chet immediately
pounce on me. He plunged right in because I was completely open and wet.
(My one regret, I did let Owen fuck me without a condom.)

My husband and I both came very quickly. By then I had come so many
times that I didn't want to stop. I tried to revive Owen... with limited
success. He pushed into my ass (which I love to do, and Chet hates), but
he couldn't stay hard.

We saw them as a couple once more. Tess was trying very hard to be
friends with us, as opposed to acquaintances who sleep together. She made
us dinner and wanted to talk all the time. Chet was into that, but I
wasn't. I knew we wouldn't have been friends without this. We just didn't
have much in common.

We were at their place for this second encounter. They slept in
separate bedrooms, ‘because they snored,’ or something. Neither room had a
large enough bed for the four of us. So it was more of a closed swap. I
didn't like it at all. When Chet walked away from me with her into the
other room, I was very upset. I guess what added to it was that I wasn't
all that excited by Owen without Chet there.

Owen and I finished long before they did, and I was annoyed at having to
wait to leave until they were done. Owen and I did walk in on them, and I
found out later that Tess didn't like me being there. Turns out she
thought I was smarter and prettier than she was, and didn't like having me

We saw Owen one more time... just him alone. I don't know if Tess was
really OK with that or not. It wasn't as much fun as the first time, but
it still was great. Finally Tess called the whole thing off, saying she
didn't know us well enough to have sex with us. I don't think she ever
really wanted to do it. I think she had the fantasy, and Owen perceived it
as a desire.

Another year passed, and Chet and I got married. We got joint custody
of the kids. Chet then decided to go back to school (*law* school!). Life
is now very busy, especially for Chet since he also works full-time. We've
now been married two-and-a-half years.

In the last year-and-a-half, I've had three extra playmates. Each was
only one time, although two of them were guys I would have been happy to
see again. The first, Alan, was just in the process of breaking up with a
long-term girlfriend.

I didn't know it, but while I was with him at our house, Chet had hidden in the basement to listen us. I guess he was hard almost all day. When we
were done, he called from the computer's phone to say he was on his way
home. Alan wanted to leave before Chet got home, but since he was actually
only coming from the basement, Chet got here before Alan left. Alan was
clearly uncomfortable, even though he knew Chet knew he was going to be
there. They awkwardly shook hands. If only he had known Chet had been
here the whole time! We talked about Alan a lot when we made love after

I didn't get the urge to look for anyone else for a while after that.
When I did, law school was in full swing, and Chet and I were only making
love once every two weeks or so. He was not particularly responsive one
way or the other when I told him George was coming over. That was last
spring. George was a disaster. He turned out to be older than he had
said, and fatter too. I like big men, but this guy was so big there was no
way he could fuck me. Too much gut in the way. And the grandchildren
stories didn't help. (I'm 30 yrs. old.)

Then a couple of weeks ago there was Norman. He was awesome. He played
with my body as if it was an exquisite treasure. I guess I needed that ego
boost, since... with Chet’s school work and regular work tiring him so
much... he and I hardly make love at all now, it's easy to feel
unattractive, even though I know that that's not the reason. Norman is
married and was really freaked out by the idea of catching something if we
actually had intercourse. He didn't seem to feel that condoms would be
adequate protection. That was a big disappointment. He fucked me with a
dildo though.

I have a date to see a new guy at the end of the week. Hopefully that
will go better. I'd love to find someone to have around on a long-term
basis. Not necessarily like you, but at least somebody I could see more
than once.

I have the occasional fantasies about having a second husband. The
second one would make up for Chet's weaknesses. He'd be a handyman and
mechanic, stay home and be boring with me... and like anal sex. That'd
make a hell of an ad, wouldn't it?


Comments to Judy from Joan:

Judy... You sound more like me than you might realize. We both have
strong sexual drives... stronger than is likely to be satisfied by one
guy. In my case, the problem is solved by having two “husbands,” and
getting to enjoy occasional additional guys that I meet or that they bring

Of the types of extra-guy relationships described above, I see you as a
"7," wanting to be a "2." If Chet agrees, that should be possible... and
most delightful for you.

Mine is a highly unusual situation... one that works because it has
been like this from the beginning, and because both guys are equals in my
life. However, you don’t need two ‘husbands’ in order for your drives to
be satisfied.

Obviously, your husband is OK with the idea of you occasionally having
another guy or more in your sex life. That’s good. Mark may have
“weaknesses” (don’t we all???), but he sounds like he loves you and
welcomes knowing that your sexual needs are being met. Just be sure to
keep him involved/informed, if you want to keep your marriage strong.

Stop thinking that you need an “ego boost” or that you are unattractive
just because you and Chet are having less sex these days. It sounds like
Chet is the one who needs the “boost”... an erotic “boost” that gets his
juices going again. He has already let you have several new guys. Maybe
you need to set things up so HE gets a new pussy to play with... maybe you
and another woman making love to him at the same time.

Then, go back to situations where YOU AND HE TOGETHER start looking for
an additional guy or two for you to have around on a longer-term basis...
as an extra ‘fuck-mate.’ From what you have written me about Chet, I think
he would buy-in to that idea.

Make sure Chet is present the first time you screw that next ‘fuck-mate’
or two. Make sure he is OK with the situation, and that he lets the other
guy know that he is OK with it. Then, keep him posted when you meet with
such guys... and how it felt... and that you wished he was there to enjoy
it with you... and how good it feels to be back in his arms.

As mentioned above, many thousands of women have extra guys in their sex
lives. But, you and I have the benefit of such pleasures while being open
and candid with our primary lover(s). Take FULL advantage of that.

But, be sure Chet gets variety too. I always make sure that Bob and Tim
are (1) at liberty to explore other pussies... and (2) given opportunities
BY ME for pleasure with specific women who I bring to our ‘play room.’ You
don’t have to play with the other woman yourself... if that is not your
wish. Just be one of two females who are simultaneously giving Chet
pleasure... just as you like that with two men!

I don’t know why Chet doesn’t like anal sex. But, if he doesn’t... he
doesn’t! Maybe sometime you should set up a threesome with a guy who
enjoys anal sex, and you can straddle your husband’s crotch, facing him
(with him buried deep in your pussy) while the other guy enters you anally.
I’ll bet Chet would love the feel of that additional pressure, tightness
and action inside your body.

Love, Joan

Some Recent Ventures That Bob, Tim and I Have Enjoyed

How We Rang-In The New Century...

New Year's Eve Bob, Tim and I spent a rather quiet evening celebrating
with your kids at home. We played games, enjoyed the kids, made "Shirley
Temples" for the kids to join us as we toasted the new year at midnight.

Then, when the kids went to bed, Tim and Bob took me to bed for a
wonderful few hours of three-way lovemaking. I gave both of them an
"Around The World" tour of my body (I sucked each to orgasm, then they took
turns servicing my pussy with their cocks until they filled me... and then
later I took a load from each of them up my back side).

After a refreshing shower, we continued our lovemaking until the wee
hours of the new millennium. They licked every inch of my body, and their
renewed cocks both pleasured me several more times. We didn't wake up
until midmorning when the kids came in and bounced on us. That afternoon
we took the kids to their grandparents for a 24-hour visit. That's when
OUR fun really began.

That evening (Saturday, January 1st), we had eleven friends over for a
special "adults-only new years celebration." Our friends included 4 other
gals, and 7 other guys (total of 5 women and 9 guys). I assigned each of
the women one of the beds, and the guys knew they could roam as they
wished. The party got underway about 9 PM, and continued until noon Sunday,
January 2nd. We were all nude most of the night... enjoying our hot tub
and each other in many different way.

Included were two married swinging couples Bob, Tim and I had gotten to
know over the past couple of years... an unmarried couple that had done
some swinging together, and another gal I knew wanted to try some
multiple-partner sex. I had already had her spend a night with Bob, Tim
and me... and she sure enjoyed Bob and Tim that night. Of the other four
guys who joined us, three were special friends of Bob, Tim and me... and
the fourth was an adult nephew (age 23) of Stephanie (of one of the
swinging couples). He had already been invited to join Stephanie and her
husband (Allan) in previous nights of bedtime fun. His name is Adolph...
an over-the-road truck driver (based in Minnesota) who happened to be in
Denver for the New Year weekend.

Adolph proved to be a special treat for all five of us women. He is
endowed with an extra long cock (we measured it at nearly 11"), with one of
those wonderful curves. Surprisingly, Adolph's cock is relatively slim...
no thicker than any of the other guys. Joyce (one of the swinging women I
mentioned) prides herself on giving great "deep throat" head to the guys.
She drew quite a crowd of voyeurs (guys and gals) when she decided to show
the other women how to deep throat a really long cock.

Believe it or not, after relaxing a bit, Joyce was able to take Adolph's
cock fully down her throat. As he gently stroked in and out, we could see
the outline of the head of his magnificent cock slide up and down her
extended throat. Naturally she had to limit the timing of his down thrusts
so she could draw in and expel air... but then (after a breath or two) she
would cup his nuts with her hands and draw him deep down into herself
again... letting his nuts rest on her lips as her tongue tickled their

Obviously, Adolph loved the attention he was getting. He said he had
never had such a great blow job. When he finally exploded, we could all
see the expanding outline of his cock through the skin of her slender
throat... and she swallowed all he gave, before pulling back to get a
fresh breath of air. During the night, Joyce gave each of the other eight
guys a very satisfying ball-draining blow job too.

But, oral sex was far from the only pleasure we all pursued that night.
Each of us five gals experienced sessions with at least three simultaneous
lovers. Adolph proved to be an adept anal lover too. After unloading down
Joyce's throat, Adolph recovered a rigid hard-on, and was able to hold back
his orgasms for long periods. One time Adolph was buried deep (and I mean
DEEP) up my backside while I lay on top of him. While I took turns sucking Bob and Tim, three different guys brought BOTH me and themselves to orgasm
by screwing my pussy, while Adolph just kept slowly pumping away. WOW!
What a wonderful (full, tingly, sensational) session of sexual fulfillment
that was.

Well, enough about our special New Years party.

Our Spring, 2000 Trip to Los Cabos...

This Spring, Tim and Bob and I took a week-long trip to Los Cabos in
Baja, Mexico. We had great fun.

While Tim and Bob and I were in Los Cabos, the guys decided to pose as
my brothers (we had booked two adjoining rooms). On two different evenings
during the week, I ended up bringing home a new guy "to play with."

On Tuesday night the three of us went downtown to a lively
tourist-centered bar. I ended up dancing with both Bob and Tim... and at
various times with other guys who were there on their own. The other guys always asked about Tim and Bob... and I just told them that "I had come to
Los Cabos with my brothers for a few days of sun and fun."

That night a handsome Latin guy was hitting on me pretty regularly. He
was younger (22 to 24???), and seemed to have an impressive bulge in his
pants. He was a local guy who worked at a local Scuba dive shop. At one
point we were necking on the dance floor, and I asked him if he wanted to
come back to my hotel room. He grinned and said, "Absolutely!"

I let Bob and Tim know what was happening, and they headed out...
alone. I encouraged Enrico (the Latin guy) to treat me to another drink
before we headed to my room. That gave Bob and Tim time to get back and
remove all their guy-stuff from "my" room before Enrico and I returned. We
also carry a small pair of "baby monitors" with us for situations like
this. That gave them time to set up the transmitting unit in "my" room and
the receiver in the other room, so Bob and Tim could later listen in on my

Well... Enrico and I had LOTS of fun... and Bob and Tim listened in.
The next day Bob met a pretty young gal who was sunning next to the pool in
her very brief bikini. She was there with her husband, but her husband was
out golfing. Bob flirted with her until he managed to persuade her to come
to "his" room for a drink. This time Tim rushed back and switched the
monitors before they arrived, and Tim and I were able to listen in on Bob's
fun (while having our own fun) for quite a while. Then Tim and I decided
to play a trick on Bob.

At a point when we knew that Bob and the girl were deep into screwing
for a second time, Tim walked in from the outer hallway... with me in tow.
Tim simply said, "Oh, sorry Bob, I didn't know you had a guest. Mind of my
new friend and I use the other bed?" The girl was really startled, and
tried to hide her nakedness, but it was a little hard since a nude Bob was
laying on top of her with his cock buried between her legs. Bob just
grinned and said, "Oh sure... do your thing... we won't bother you," and
he went back to nibbling on the girl's breast while resuming his thrusts in
and out of her pussy.

Tim and I quickly stripped and started making love on the adjacent bed.
When the other girl realized that we were enjoying ourselves, and not
particularly paying attention to her and Bob, she finally let herself get
into Bob's attentions. She let out a scream of pleasure and began bouncing
on the bed as Tim and I reached our own orgasms. Bob just kept pumping
her. Tim and I took positions on either side of their bed and soon were
caressing her breasts as Bob kept grinding his cock into her.

The gal was hesitant at first, but soon began to respond to her tripled
pleasuring. Tim began to neck with her while playing with her breasts. I
crawled between Bob's legs and began to apply long, sensuous licks over his
cock (as it withdrew on each stroke), and over the lower edges of her
dripping snatch. She came again... with even louder screams and moans...
and this time Bob filled her with his load.

As we all began to recover, Tim mixed fresh drinks for all of us. Now
that we were simply sucking on our drinks, the young lady seemed
embarrassed about what she had done. She was quiet. I asked her if she
was enjoying her afternoon. Finally she smiled and admitted that it had
been an extraordinary experience. Eventually Tim crawled up on the bed and
laid against her back while she lay on her side facing Bob and me who were
necking on the other bed. Tim reached around and cupped her breasts while
poking his renewed cock between her legs and against her snatch.

Bob and I noticed what was happening, so we got up, knelt on the floor
next to their bed, and Bob used his hand to direct Tim's cock into the
young lady's pussy as I gently kissed her on her forehead. When Tim was
deeply implanted, Bob moved up to suck on her breasts. I moved around him
and got on the edge of the bed in front of her, with my face at her crotch.
I began to lick her clit as Tim got a fucking rhythm started in and out of
her pussy.

I heard her whisper to Bob, "I can't believe this is happening! I never
would have dreamed.... Oh it feels SO GOOD! After a while, I slid out to
go to the bathroom, and Bob lay on the bed facing her, with his cock
against her belly, and necking with her while Tim kept pumping. When I
came back into the room, her body was trembling, and Tim and Bob had her
pressed between them. She was verbalizing her level of pleasure, and then
let out a loud "AHHHH" (obviously in the midst of a most satisfying
orgasm), as Tim pistoned a few more times and then unloaded into her.

We made another round of drinks and we all headed back to the pool to
cool off. Her husband showed up about an hour later. Flustered, the young lady attempted to introduce us to her husband. They went off together,
after she whispered to the guys that her husband would be playing golf
again the next day, and she would be at the pool by 10 AM. The next day
Tim and Bob had her back in "their" room for several hours of fun while I
went Scuba diving with Enrico.

Friday night we went out again. This time Tim managed to get himself
invited back to another hotel with a couple who were on the prowl... Bob
met a gal he had seen at our pool, and eventually got her back to "his"
room... and I met two guys from Houston who were there for a business
meeting. Surprise, surprise! They were both receptive to my suggestion
that the three of us go back to my room.

As I said at the beginning, we all had fun at Los Cabos!

Finally -

By the way, lest you think that all the three of us do is fuck, fuck,
fuck... let me clear the air. Bob and Tim enjoy their work, are active in
a couple civic organizations, and spend a lot of time camping with our boys and working with their Cub Scout group.

I have gotten our girls into girls Club, and am active with them. We
all travel a lot as a family, and enjoy introducing our kids to the wonders
of the world around them (history, wild life, nature, camping, etc.) For
the most part, we lead a fairly normal family life.

Sure, the kids occasionally get questions from other kids about why they
have two dads. They have developed a standard reply... "You mean you only
have one?!?" Actually, in this day and age, many of the other kids don't
even have one dad. Tim and Bob try to involve those kids in activities
with our kids.

Write to us and share your experiences.

Lots of Love....

Joan (and Bob and Tim) JJJ3313260@AOL.COM


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