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The Night I First Experienced Group Sex

By Fergie, from Australia

The following is an account of the first time I experienced group sex.
It didn't start out as a group session... it just ended up that way.

It all started after a night out with the girls. I'd gone home and my
best friend (Alice) decided she was going to stay the night to teach her
boyfriend a lesson. He didn’t want her to go out with us, and had tried to
stop her from joining us. My hubby on the other hand never stopped me
going out... he often went out with his mates, so he couldn't very well
say no to me going out with mine. Anyway, we'd been out drinking since
about 6 pm... and after the pubs shut we had gone on to a club... and by
the time we got home at 2:30 am we were both wasted.

I grabbed hold of bottle of wine and our drinking continued. After a
little while she asked if we had any videos in the house. When I asked
what sort of vids, she burst out laughing... and said I knew exactly what
she meant. Which of course I did. I mentioned that we had a few that the
hubby and I enjoyed watching together.

At this she said to put one of them on. So I went upstairs to the
bedroom to fetch a few, and when I got back downstairs she was in a state
of semi-undress. Gone were the trousers and shoes she'd been wearing. All
she had left on was her large baggy blouse and her underwear. I told her
she looked comfortable... and said I may as well get comfy too. So I
slipped back upstairs and undressed. I put on a large baggy T-shirt over
my knickers and bra.

By the time I returned to join my friend, she'd slipped one of the
videos into the player and was sitting there watching the screen intently.
I sat down on the sofa beside her and began to watch the tape. I was just
starting to think that the picture quality wasn't that good when it
suddenly dawned on me... it was one of the video tapes my husband had made
of me. My head had been out of the frame, or so I had thought, but then
all of a sudden there was my face large as life on the tv screen. My hands
were frantically pulling and stretching my swollen clit. It was made all
the more dirty by the fact that my pussy was shaved bare, which is normal
for me.

I was feeling very embarrassed, and was just about to get up and turn it
off when my friend turned to me and said, "Fuck... this is way better than
any of the cock films I've seen before. Don't switch it off. It's making
me horny as hell!!!"

Well what could I do? As the video progressed, I decided to go and get
another bottle of wine from the fridge. I was rather taken aback by the
sight that greeted me on my return. There was Alice with her hand inside
her G-string, gently rubbing her large and very swollen clit while watching
me wanking off on the video using two vibrators... one about 6-inches
long... on full speed, rubbing my clit... the other about 10-inches long
on the thrust setting. It was pumping my dripping wet cunt.

As I joined her again on the sofa she smiled at me and told me she'd
always wondered what it would be like to fuck another girl. I told her I'd
wondered the same, and had in fact fantasised about it. Then I admitted
that I'd actually wanked-off thinking about having sex with her. I could
see this got her even more turned-on.

The next thing I knew she had her other hand inside my G-sting and was
gently rubbing on my swollen clit. I reached over and replaced her hand
with my own in her G-string, which was by now was soaked in her cunt juices.

After a short while we both got undressed and lay on the floor exploring
each other's body, and wanking each other off. It soon turned to oral sex.
The feel of her tongue flicking back and forth over my now-aching clit sent
shivers up and down my spine. As I lay there on the floor she worked her
way round so that her cunt was now hovering just an inch or so away from my
face, I grabbed hold of her arse and took her clit gently between my teeth.

I could taste the juices from her wet cunt, and then plunged my tongue
as deep into her fuck hole as I could get it. This obviously pleased her,
as she let out a little moan and then returned the favour.


We were so caught-up in our own pleasure that we didn't hear the front
door opening, and my hubby and his two mates come into the house. In fact
we didn't even hear them come in the front room. The first we knew of
their presence was when the light was switched on. We both stopped what we
were doing and looked up, our faces flushed and covered in each other's
cunt juices.

"Don't stop on our account girls." The guys all chorused in unison. So,
we just carried on where we were. Delighted at the response we'd
received... we were pleased to see that our little performance was having
a VERY noticeable effect on their three cocks.

It didn't take long for them to start unzipping their flies and get
their stiff cocks out. Alice and I were still in the same "69" position on
the floor, and the guys were sitting like the three wise monkeys on the

Alice reached out with the hand nearest the sofa and, much to the
delight of my hubby, (who had confessed long before that he wouldn't mind
fucking her), she grabbed hold of his rock-hard cock and started to wank
him off.

Not to be outdone, I decided that I'd follow suit, and I grabbed hold of
the cock nearest to me. Luckily for us, the two mates he'd brought home
were both guys that on a previous night of drunkenness, Alice and I had
both confessed to fancying!

The guys decided that we had the right idea, and started to strip-off
their clothes. That pleased us both. We both knew that what was about to
happen was one of those things that most girls is only fantacize about.
Well, up until that night that's all it had been for us!

Once the guys were all naked, the fun really began. We were all sitting
around on the floor... me and Alice wanking the guys off as they rubbed
and pulled our clits and finger-fucked our dripping wet cunts. Then I
decided to spice things up a little more by suggested we talk about our
most intimate sexual fantasies.


With all that erotic talk, it didn’t take long before my hubby had
positoned himself near my head, where I was sucking on Alice’s clit (she
was laying on top of me). He knelt down, I grabbed hold of his hard cock
and aimed it at Alice’s wet opening. “Here’s your chance Babe,” I told
him. He immediately took the suggestion and pushed himself fully into her

Then I alternated between licking her clit and licking his swaying nuts.
Alice stopped licking my cut just long enough to utter an enthusiastic
“Whow... that feels good!”

After my hubby had given Alice a dozen or so hard, deep thrusts, he
rolled Alice onto her side, while staying deep inside. That left the three
of us laying side-by-side, giving each other pleasure. That also left my
arse exposed to my hubby’s mates. They quickly took their clothes off and
joined us.

While one began playing with my breasts, I heard the other put spit on
his cock, and I soon felt it pressing against my arse hole. In he went!

It sure felt good having Alice licking my clit while Marvin buried
himself in my arse. Sone Marvin’s fucking action got so intense that Alice
had to move from my clit. She and my hubby rolled over and as my hubby lay
on the floor, Alice sat on his crotch and slid his cock into her again.

Ronnie, the other mate, took Alice’s place in front of me. He sucked on
my breasts for a few minutes before working his hard cock up against my
crotch. As I watched Alice bounce up and down on my hubby, I felt Ronnie
slide his stick into my cunt. I had BOTH Ronnie and Marvin in me at the
same time! A first for me.

My body shook with pleasure. Then both of my hubby’s mates started
fucking me for all they were worth. I know I must have made a lot of noise
as I enjoyed wave after wave of wonderful feelings. Then, Marvin shot a
hot squirt in my arse as Ronnie kept pumping me.

When Marvin got soft and came out, Ronnie rolled on top of me and
pounded me until he let loose inside me too. It felt so good...
especially since I was getting this treatment from my hubby’s two drinking
mates... two guys I had never had before.

When I regained my senses, I found that my hubby and Alice were in a 69
position, and Alice had just sucked out a big dose of my hubby’s juices.
She was looking over at me with a big grin on her face, and his juice
dribbling from the corner of her mouth.

We all broke into laughter and then opened some more wine as we all sat
around nude and continued talking about our various fantasies. I noticed
my hubby had gotten hard again, and he said he wanted to stuff his cock
into my pussy so he could see what it felt like when filled with Ronnie’s
sticky stuff.

That led to another round of play in a variety of combinations. What a
night to remember. We may all get together and try it again. Alice’s
boyfriend will never know what he missed out on by being such a jerk!


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