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Our First (and only) Swing (A true story)

Received by Joan’s Library on 8/28/98

About fifteen years ago, my wife Allyson and I were very close friends
with another couple, Scott and Kristen. Scott was my best friend all
through high school and college, and he and Kristen had married shortly
after graduation.

Kristen was very attractive: strawberry blonde hair, green eyes and
large breasts (I would guess a 38C) on a 5' 6" frame. Scott was 6' 1",
brown hair and eyes, around 200 lbs. Allyson is a 36C, 5' 6", red hair and
green eyes. I am 5' 9", 175 lbs., brown hair and eyes. Just your average
early-to-mid thirties couples.

Until one night.

The four of us liked to get together on the weekends, and one Friday
night after meeting at their house, we went to a nearby suburban Marriott
hotel for dinner. Allyson wore a short blue sequined strapless cocktail
dress with nice heels. Kristen's dress was a black spaghetti strap number,
cut low to show her ample cleavage. Scott and I were both wearing slacks
with a sport jacket and open collars.

After a nice meal punctuated with several bottles of wine, we went into
the next door lounge where a small combo was playing. Whenever we went
out, we usually started dancing with our own spouses, then we'd change back
and forth as the evening wore on. I was dancing with Allyson and in the
darkened room, I was nuzzling her neck. We'd all drunk more than we should
have, and she was already a little tipsy from the wine.

She slid her hand down between us and started rubbing my crotch. My
cock sprang up willingly and I whispered to her how nice it felt. She just
giggled a little, and as the song ended we headed to the table. Scott and
Kristen met us halfway, and I took Kristen's hand and led her back to the
crowded dance floor. As Allyson went with Scott, I laughingly said to him,
"Watch out, she's horny tonight," and Kristen said, "That's okay, I am

I took Kristen in my arms and we began to slow dance. The wine from
dinner and the drinks at the table were having an effect on all of us by
now, as Kristen nestled her head against mine and put her arms around my
neck. I had my arms wrapped around her lovely buttocks and we swayed to
the music, letting our body heat build together. In the dim light I could
make out Scott and Allyson similarly entwined.

After a few minutes, I began to gently kiss Kristen's neck. She purred
in response and ground her hips into mine. I looked over at my lovely wife and friend. Scott was kissing Allyson's neck as well, but she now only had
one arm around him. From my vantage point I could see that her eyes were
closed and her other hand was now doing for Scott what she had done for me
a few minutes earlier.

We'd often flirted with each other's spouse, especially after a few
drinks together, but it had never gone farther than that. Allyson and I
had once talked about swinging, but just as "pillow talk." I knew the idea
excited her, but she was too reserved to do anything about it. Tonight was
different though, as I watched her getting Scott hard.

I also remembered from the showers in gym class that Scott was
well-endowed, and I could tell from the smile on my wife’s face she liked
what she was feeling. I danced Kristen over so we were next to them, and
suggested we go back to their house as it was close by, and we could put on
some music and relax. They all agreed, we finished off our drinks, paid
our bar tab, and went to get my car. When the valet brought it around, I
was only mildly surprised when Allyson got in the back with Scott, and
Kristen slid into the front next to me.

We drove the short distance back to their house, and stumbled up the
walkway. After we got in, Scott and I took off our sport coats and shoes,
and the girls kicked off their heels. Scott headed for the kitchen to make
us some more drinks, setting the lights low as he went. Allyson sat on the
sofa, her skirt riding up higher than she usually let it while I sat cross
legged on the floor by the coffee table.

From where I was, I could see up my wife's skirt and noticed her panties were moist. Kristen put on some music and joined me on the carpet, laying
on her back and resting her head on my ankles. Scott came back up into the
living room with our drinks (their house is a split-level with the kitchen
and dining room on the lower level... the living room is on the main
floor, and the bedrooms are upstairs) and sat down next to Allyson, putting
his arm around her.

I gently stroked Kristen's hair, and before I knew it she had passed
out. The three of us made small talk for a while, but Kristen's head was
getting uncomfortable so Scott tossed me a pillow from the sofa. I moved
out from under her and put the pillow under her head then stretched out
next to her.

I started to nod off myself. Just before I did though, I heard Scott
ask Allyson if she thought we were both asleep. "It looks like it," she
said, "Looks like they're both gone for the night." She paused and then
said, "Wanna play a little?" and with that gave Scott a long slow probing

Needless to say, this woke me up, but I didn't move, letting them think
I was out like a light. They continued to kiss on the sofa, while I
watched through half-closed eyes. Soon their hands were roaming over each
other's bodies and their kissing became more intense. Scott suddenly broke
the kiss, saying "Come with me."

He stood up and took Allyson's hand. He led her down the half flight of
stairs to the kitchen. He took her by the waist and lifted her onto the
counter top and resumed their kissing. From where I was lying, I had a
clear view of them. Allyson started to unbutton Scott's shirt and ran her
hands over his chest. Scott's hands were cupping Allyson's breasts through
her dress.

I was trembling now, thinking about what was taking place. I stood up
in the darkness and moved to the stairs. I watched them for a while,
Allyson's hand once again rubbing his crotch through his pants, only now
she was making low moans as their tongues intertwined.

I stepped into the kitchen, startling them. They broke the kiss and
pulled back from each other, obviously embarrassed, and started to
apologize. "No need to," I said and stepped forward to kiss Allyson. As I
did, I smiled at Scott and said, "I only ask the same in return."

With that, I reached around and pulled the zipper on Allyson's dress
down. She looked at me, a little frightened, but I assured her it was
okay. The dress fell from her shoulders, exposing her lovely mounds, and as
I cupped the left one and kissed her again, Scott's mouth encircled the
right. Allyson's hands once again began rubbing crotch, only this time is
was both of ours.

Scott pulled off his already opened shirt, and began to run his hands
along Allyson's thighs. I stepped back and stripped off my clothes. I
turned Allyson on the counter top and laid her back. I lifted her ass and
pulled off the little dress, throwing it on the floor. She was naked now
except for her panties. She sat up and turned so her legs hung over the
counter, and she began to stroke my inflamed cock. Scott positioned
himself between her legs, licking her inner thighs and savoring the musky
scent of her vagina. Allyson's other hand pulled his head forward. He
licked the soft silk of her wet panties, turned to me with a smile, and
pulled them off.

With that, my wife shuddered with her first orgasm of the night. It
would not be her last.

There was no going back now. We lifted Allyson off the counter top and
carried her back to the living room sofa. Scott finished undressing, and I
saw Allyson's eyes widen as his prick sprang into view. Until now, she had
only felt it through his pants. Now my friend was standing there with his
full 10" pointing to the ceiling. As I knelt beside her with my own 8"
sticking out, I said to her, "Do you really want to do this?" She smiled at
both of us and just whispered, "Fuck me."

Scott dropped to his knees and once again positioned himself between her
legs, this time with nothing obstructing his view of her red-haired mound.
His tongue snaked out, and as it hit it's mark, Allyson shuddered again. I
placed myself near her head and rubbed my cock on her lips. They parted
and she began to lick my shaft up and down, then she fully engulfed the big
red knob.

Of all the girls I had dated before, Allyson was unquestionably the best
cocksucker of them all. She would twirl her tongue around the shaft, up
and down, licking the precum, all the while using her hands to caress my
balls and play with that area between scrotum and anus. Recently, she had
even begun to stick a finger up my ass while sucking me, making me all the
harder, making me thrust so deeply into her mouth I thought I would hurt her.

I looked over at Scott, who was throughly enjoying his midnight snack,
pulling Allyson's legs as far apart as I've ever seen them. Her ass was
lifted off the sofa and Scott was working his tongue from crack to crack. I
met his eyes, and at the same time we loudly whispered, "Switch!" We
changed positions, hardly missing a beat. For the first time, I watched
another man's penis enter my wife's mouth.

Scott's thick cock was almost too much for Allyson, and I knew her jaw
would be sore in the morning. "Jeez, Scott," I said, "how does Kristen
take that much cock?" "I guess you'll have to see for yourself," he
grinned, cementing the deal made in the kitchen. Thinking about the fresh
pussy I would be sampling later, I returned to my wife's wet box, lapping
up her juices.

I wanted Allyson to experience something different. When making love at
home, we would often wind up in a 69 position, so having a cock in her
mouth (albeit another man's) while getting eaten was nothing new to her. I
raised my head and moved up on the sofa. Pulling her legs apart again, I
rubbed my cockhead on her labia. The lips parted smoothly and I plunged

She kicked and a muffled scream came from her lips as I began to stroke
furiously, my balls slapping against her ass. Now for the first time my
beautiful wife had two cocks in her at once. She was cuming over and over
again in an absolute frenzy. Scott started to moan, and I knew he was
about to cum.

My own orgasm was near as I felt Allyson's pussy clamp down on my shaft
and it continued to slide in and out. I couldn't hold back any longer. I
felt a volcano-like eruption travel up my cock and spew into my wife's
belly as she shuddered yet again. With her orgasm, she took Scott's cock
even farther down her throat, and he too erupted, his jism spilling out of
Allyson's mouth, running down her chin. We all collapsed in a heap on the

Scott and I pulled out, exhausted and sweating. I looked at my lovely
wife, and kissed her deeply, tasting Scott's cum in on her mouth. I
whispered, "I love you," and she smiled back through her hard breathing and
replied, "I do you, too. Thank you for letting me do this."

The three of us were all basking in the afterglow when we remembered
Kristen had been in the room asleep. We looked over at her on the floor,
only she wasn't asleep.

"I hope it's my turn now," she said with a smile.

"Ohmygod!" shouted Scott. "How long have you been awake?" "Long
enough," said Kristen. "I was aware of you all when you came back to the
sofa. That was quite a show you three put on." Scott was visibly shaken
and grabbed a pillow off the sofa to cover himself.

On the other hand, Kristen was playing it cool, though she was still
apparently drunk. "From what I heard," she continued, you and Hap made
some kind of deal. What was that all about?" "Nothing, nothing at all,"
stammered Scott, obviously thinking he was about to wind up in divorce

Kristen just looked at the three of us. We were naked, and Allyson was
covered in cum. She and I didn't know what was going to happen next. Then
Kristen said, "Watching you all fuck really got me wet. How about it,
honey? Want to watch your wife get fucked, too?" Scott was still shaken.

He didn't mind ripping off a piece of my wife, but was reluctant to
return the favor. I was a little angry at this, and said, "Yeah, friend,
how about it?" Allyson even chimed in with, "Yeah what's good for the goose
is good for the gander!" Scott was outnumbered, so there wasn't much he
could do except leave, and he didn't want to do that.

"Okay," he said, "but I didn't get to fuck Allyson, so if you fuck
Kristen, I get another shot." "No problem," Allyson said, and reached over
and started stroking Scott's cock again. I looked over at Kristen and she
pulled the little black dress over her head, stepped out of her panties and
sat down on my naked lap.

My cock began to twitch, and found it's way between her cheeks as I
began to grow hard again. I reached around and began to caress her large
tits, kneading the stiff nipples between my fingers. "Mmmm... nice," she
whispered into my ear as she wriggled her butt onto my cock.

Meanwhile, Allyson led Scott off the couch and down to the floor, where
she spread his legs and proceeded to suck him hard again. Kristen turned
and kissed me, pulling me with her onto the sofa. My hands covered her
naked body, and finding her pussy already wet from watching the three of us
earlier, I plunged my middle finger into her.

I kept finger-fucking her while I kissed her, then slowly worked my way
over her tits, and down her belly until I got to her neatly trimmed little
blonde snatch. I let my hot breath waft over it. Then, pulling her legs
apart, I removed my finger and replaced it with my tongue.

As I felt her hard little clit, I looked over to see Allyson now impaled
on Scott's cock. She had her eyes closed, and was slowly raising herself
almost to the end, then sliding back down. From the way she was biting her
lip, I knew she was enjoying it.

Kristen then brought me back to what I was doing as she grabbed my head
and pushed me deeper into her cunt. Her first orgasm broke over her like a
wave crashing into the shore... then pulled back into the sea and crashed
again. She had four separate cumings, all the while holding me in so tight
I almost couldn't breath, but what a sweet tasting pussy!

After she finished the four, I got up and moved over her, offering my
hard dick to her. She took it hungrily and I fucked her mouth until I was
about to cum. As much as I wanted to fill that sweet mouth, I wanted her
pussy more, so I pulled out. I turned Kristen over onto all fours, and got
behind her.

I gave her honey pot a few more good licks then placed the knob of my
dick on her crack. I ran it up and down a few times, and by this time she
was begging for me to ram it in. I was happy to oblige. I pounded her as
hard as I could.

I knew that since I had cum in Allyson earlier, I would be able to last
longer in Kristen, so I slowed down and began a nice gentle rocking rhythm,
my balls slapping against her clit while I fondled her large hanging
breasts. Kristen buried her face in a pillow as she came twice more before
I finally emptied myself into her.

Meanwhile, Allyson and Scott had finished up their fucking, with Scott
pulling out of her quim just as he let go, giving my wife a beautiful cum bath. They joined Kristen and me on the sofa and we all held each other,
licking and stroking and basking in the afterglow of a monumental fuck
session. The girls even kissed each other and fondled each other for a
little while, but we were all pretty well spent by that time. Allyson and
I got cleaned up, thanked our friends for an unforgettable evening (to say
the least!) and drove home.

The events described here really did happen, but the names have been
changed. This was the only time Allyson and I made love to another couple.
We are dedicated to each other, and look back on it as something that just
happened when the circumstances and timing were right.

Both Scott and I had had vasectomies, so impregnation wasn't a factor.
Even so, we would never consider doing something like this today,
especially without condoms.


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