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Archived Sex Stories

L 109 STEPHt


An Adventure In Pleasure & Paternity

A series of letters from/to a couple new to extra-partner sex. They
found their extra partners were closer than they had guessed... and they
were able to pursue their baby-making wishes while having fun!

Received FROM STEPHANIE on 12/21/99

Dear Joan...

My husband, Don, has tried for several years to get me to open our
marriage to a second man, or if not that, to another woman. Recently he
gave me one of your "True MFM stories from Joan's Library."

I have to admit that it did excite me, and later we had a very powerful
sex session. Afterward we talked about who might be someone we would
consider sharing with. Don and I (Stephanie) have been trying to have a
baby for several years, and thus we have unprotected sex, which makes
having sex with another man a little iffy even with condoms. We are both

My examinations show there is no biological reason that I cannot get
pregnant. Don is very virile, but his sperm count is almost zero, and he
has not responded to any of the treatments.

As we talked, I told him that the one man I had fantasies about making
love to is his father, and if I could not have a child by Don, his father would be the only man I would consider for the father of my child. To my
surprise he seemed aroused by the thought, and confessed that while he was
living at home, his parents were not at all modest about their bodies, and
were not very secretive about their love-making. The sounds of his parents making love aroused him greatly, and were a source of most of his
masturbation sessions.

He had pictured himself making love to his mother, with his father kissing and assisting in pleasuring his mother. This seems to be the
source of his strong desire to add others to our relationship.

As we continued to talk, we decided to see if we could find some way of
solving our problem of having a baby, and fulfilling Don's dream that has
now also become mine. Don's dad can hardly keep his eyes off of me when we
are together, and Don’s mother kisses him full-mouth when they greet each
other. I really think they would both be receptive to the idea. They do
not know about Don's problem, and they often ask when we are going to have
a child. We have agreed that they should not find out about Don's problem.

Please send to me your stories J01-HER, and J03-WHY to give us ideas
about how to proceed, and J3-108A “Karen’s Story” for further stimulation.

I feel sure that we will develop a plan to have a threesome, and perhaps
a foursome, with his parents. Assuming thing proceed as we hope, I will
tell you the details in story form. I look forward to getting the
requested stories, and can now hardly wait to develop and activate a very
casual and loving adventure with Don’s parents... and an on-going dialogue
with you. Stephanie

The Second Letter FROM STEPHANIE ... Received on 12/27/99

Dear Joan,

Thank you so much for your letter... and your concerns about our plans.
Don and I agree with you that it would be best for neither of his parents know about our plans for Bill (Don's father) to be the father of "our"
child. We would want Bill and Barbara (Don's mother) to view the child as
their grandchild, with no mixed emotions.

We do not feel this is unfair to either of them since most grandparents
are virtually as involved in their grandchild as they are with their
children. Though having a baby is high on our list of desires, the more
Don and I talk about it, the more sensually excited we are getting.

When Don and I first began having sex, I used a diaphragm which I still
have. Should a question arise about me getting pregnant, I will say I am
using that for protection. Then when and if I get pregnant, I will just
say that when Don and I have sex I do not use it... as we have decided
that we would welcome a baby at any time. Since diaphragms are not 100%
effective, Barbara and Bill might have some thought about Bill being the
father, but that should not be a problem.

The more Don and I talk about it the more we think Bill thinks of me in
very sexual ways, because of the way he looks at me and takes every
opportunity to put his arms around me and cuddle more than might be
expected. As I mentioned earlier, Barbara's kisses with Don seem more than
motherly, and she sits close to him and takes every opportunity to sit on
his lap.

Since Bill and Barbara live rather far away, we did not know when we
would be able set our plan in motion. Last Friday when we were talking to
them, Bill said he had some year-end vacation time coming, but Barbara had
to fulfill her year-end responsibilities at the hotel where she works. She
will be totally immersed in that for the whole week. Bill asked if it
would be all right if he came out for a visit on Monday, and Barbara would
come on Sunday after the New Year’s parties are over, and the two of them
would stay until the next Friday.

We could hardly contain our excitement about this happening at this
time. This will give me time to find the right way of introducing Bill to
our bed. Bill is due to arrive about 3 PM today. Don and I are as excited
as teenagers anticipating their first "all the way" sex session.

As soon as we are able find the right time to get Bill involved, and I
am out of bed, I will let you know how it is going. To add to our
excitement, this week is the most fertile time of my cycle. Can you
believe it???

I would very much like to read your personal story (JL-104) and story #J-117 that you mentioned. I hope this is not too much of an imposition.
Don joins me in wishing you and your two guys (Tim and Bob) a happy NEW

Received FROM STEPHANIE on 1/4/00

Joan... I have finally found time to tell you the story of the best
time of my and Don's life!

I stayed home to fix snacks while Don went to the airport to pick up his
father at about 3 PM on the Monday after Christmas. We had a loosely-knit
plan to get Bill to join us in our bed. What had started as plan to get
Bill to father a child for us (since Don had an almost non-existent sperm
count), had now shifted to a tremendously erotic plan for Don and, as of
late, me... to live out our fantasies, with my getting pregnant as almost
a hoped-for second goal.

Don later told me that on the way home, Bill complained that he had to
be out of town a lot the last two weeks and that Barbara, Don's mother, had
been so busy with planning the New Year’s events at the hotel where she
works, that they had no time together. Bill had said that he could hardly
wait to just kick back and relax, and get rid of some of the tensions that
have built up.

I had carefully planned what to wear. I first thought I would not wear
a bra, but then decided on one that is almost totally see-through, and
panties that are the same. With a silky top that was open, to show my
cleavage, of which I am quite proud. A pair of shorts that are snug and
accentuate my very round hips also seemed to be appropriate. I wanted Bill
to see me looking as sexy as possible.

When Bill and Don arrived, Bill came in ahead while Don was getting his
father’s luggage. When Bill came in the house, there was no question he
liked what he saw, as he grabbed me in a tight hug with butt-squeezing that
could not have been accidental. With this opening, I gave him a full
open-mouth kiss with little tongue to add to his and my sensations. I am
sure I could feel something very interesting pressing against my pubic

About that time Don came in, and we began to make small talk, with Bill
bringing up the fact that he missed not being able to spend time with
Barbara for so long. We had a couple of glasses of wine and snacks. Then
as Don and I had pre-arranged, I excused myself and went to the bedroom and
called Don on the other phone to give him an excuse to say that he had to
run to the office and sign some papers. He said it should not take long,
but you never know once you get there. He said, “Why don't you and dad
hope in the hot tub, so he can start getting rid of some of his tensions?”

I gleefully said, “That sounds like a great idea,” as Don went out the
door. I turned to Don’s father and said, “What do you say Bill?” He looked
eager, but hesitant and said, "I would love to, but I didn't bring a
bathing suit... and I am afraid I couldn't fit into to one of Don's."

I said, “What the heck. Don and I never wear a suit when we use the
tub. Besides, the tub is off the bathroom in an enclosed area where it
completely private.” I told him that if it would make him more comfortable,
we could just keep on our underwear. Bill worried about what Don would
think if came home and found us like that. I assured him that Don would
just strip down and join us without a second thought. I urged him to come
on, and I would tell him why I was so sure about Don's reactions.

Bill began to unbutton his shirt, and I undid the two buttons holding my
top together... but I waited until Bill removed his shirt before I did
mine. When he saw my very full breasts in my totally-revealing bra, his
jaw very visually dropped, and he said, "Oh my God."

With a little delay, he took off his shoes and socks, and then began to
loosen his belt, but as he did so, he turned so his back was to me. I
undid my shorts and pushed them out of the way. By then he was bending
down to pick up his trousers, and so doing, he showed his very masculine
butt in very shear bikini underwear.

I grabbed his arm said, “Come on.” We grabbed our clothes and headed
toward the bedroom, with Bill holding his clothes in front of his crotch. I
was sure I knew why he was doing that, and when he finally laid them down
my suspensions were confirmed. What looked like a magnificent cook was
bulging forward, pushing the waist band down and the leg bands out.

His eyes were fixed on me... going from my breasts to my crotch...
with his cock visibly pulsing against the material covering it. Taking
things one step further, I said, "It looks like you like what you see." He
said, “That's the understatement of the year. You can't imagine how often
I have fantasized amount seeing you like this.”

I led him to the spa, turned, and again gave him a more open-mouthed
kiss while pressing against the rigid mound between us. As we sat down in
the water, I took his hand and placed it on one of my breasts, while
letting my hand move down to work its way under his bikini undies. Still
keeping my eyes on his, I took his cock in my hand. It felt so much
different from Don's... not so much larger, but sensually different.

Bill began to remove my top as I began to lower his bikini. When I had
his bikini briefs removed, I again took his cock in my hand. That’s when I
discovered why it felt so different. Just below the crown, his cock began
a gentle curve up toward his stomach. Soon my panties were gone, and a
finger was exploring my clit. He worked his finger down to enter my pussy.
I think my pussy was wetter from the inside than from the water outside.
All of a sudden Bill stopped what he was doing and said, "I'm not so sure
Don would be so understanding if he found us doing this."

This was my opportunity to lay everything on the line, except my desire
to get pregnant by him. I told him about Don wanting me to have sex with
him and/or with another man, and that I had resisted. But as Don
persisted, I told him, “The only other man I had sexual thoughts about was
you... and I had often gotten aroused thinking of you and me having sex.”
I explained that when he called to ask if he could come visit us alone, we
saw this as the perfect time to live out our dreams, “and since you always
seem unable to keep your hands and eyes off of me, you might be living out
your dreams.”

Bill answered by folding me into his arms and giving me the deepest most
active kiss I have ever had. Soon his hand returned to my pussy to
administer an unbelievable massage. I was keeping an eye on the clock,
because Don and I had agreed he would be gone an hour, and then he would
quietly enter and come to the bedroom, as I planned to have Bill there by
that time. We had fifteen minutes before Don was to arrive.

Getting up, I took Bill by the hand and led him out of the spa. I
handed him a towel and took one myself, and we began to dry each other,
paying close attention to the most erotic areas. I was dying to feel his
cock in my mouth and pussy, but I wanted Don to be there for the first
penetration of my cunt.

As we got to the bed, I had Bill sit down, and I got on my knees. I
began to lick and gently suckle on the head of that fascinating curved
cock. I rose and gently pushed him to lay down with his head toward the
foot of the bed. Laying on top of him, I placed my cunt over Bill's face
with my mouth ready to engulf him. I had wanted this position so I could
see the door and watch for Don, and Bill's view would be blocked by my

We were just getting deeply involved when I saw Don at the door, naked,
and with a hard-on that looked almost painful. I gave him the ‘A-okay’
sign and motioned for him to go to the foot of the bed. I felt my
husband’s cock rubbing up and down the crack of my ass. Bill must have had
his eyes closed lost in reverie, because he did not seem aware of the new

Don gently pushed his cock into my sopping pussy. I am sure my
husband’s nut sack must have grazed his father’s forehead. As he entered
me, my husband said, "I hope you don't mind if I join the fun." His father responded with a rather surprising answer, saying, "Not at all... if what
is yours is mine... and if we share it all." With that, Don pulled his
cock out of me and began to rub it on my clit. He had to also be rubbing
against Bill's lips, since Bill was still busy giving attention to my clit.
I felt Bill's lips leave my clit, and it felt as though he was licking
his son’s cock. Don raised his cock higher and entered me again. After a
few strokes, I told him to stop and to let Bill fuck me. With that I
rolled over on my back and spread my legs to let Bill get in position.
Then, feeling really gusty, I told Don that I wanted him to guide his
father’s cock into me.

Don laid with his head at my pussy, and he began to flick my clit with
his tongue. I had put my head on a pillow so I had a good view of what was
happening. Don had his father’s cock in his hand, and he started moving it
toward my pussy lips. Then he moved his head back a little and began to
massage my clit with Bill's cock. That was heaven! Then my husband
lowered his head and let his tongue join Bill's cock on my clit.

Moments later, the totally-unexpected happened. My husband took nearly
the whole length of his father’s cock into his mouth! Next, Don placed his
lips next to my cunt lips, and began to guide Bill's cock into me, while
his tongue glided along its length. OH! I have got to tell you... that
curved cock felt like nothing I had ever felt before. As Bill began to get
his rhythm, Don was fingering my clit. And, as Bill would pull out, Don
would again lick all that he could get to.

I pulled my husband’s cock to my lips, and in my unabated lust, I took
it all in one stroke... yes, all seven inches of my husband’s cock! I
began to hear Bill's breathing getting hard. Don's cock was flexing in my
mouth. And, my pussy was contracting so tightly I was afraid I might hurt Bill. Then as Bill began to cum, he leaned back to push his cock in as far
as it would go. This gave Don the chance to attack our connected organs
with his tongue. In so doing, he set off his own orgasm just as mine
reached its peak.

Don's load had never been larger. It filled my mouth and began to seep
out around his cock. Then to my amazement, I felt Bill lean over my
husband’s body and use his lips and tongue on my lips, cleaning up the cum that had dribbled out. I released Don's cock and gave Bill a big wet
open-mouthed kiss, which gave him a good amount of the cum that I had just
received form my husband.

To my surprise, Bill then took Don's cock and sucked the end of it,
licking it clean. As Bill pulled his cock out of my pussy, Don's mouth was
there to clean it of the combined juices, and as Bill moved to the side,
Don did a terrific job of cleaning my pussy lips... being careful not to
disturb ‘the potential baby-makers’ inside.

As we all three lay in bed trying to regain our strength, we began to
talk. Bill said in his wildest dreams he never thought this would happen,
and that during his marriage he had never had sex with anyone but Barbara.
He said he had wondered what it would be like to make love to me, and
though he was anything but homosexual, he had always wondered what it would
feel like to have a cock in his mouth and to taste another man's cum.

We agreed that during the next few days, nothing would be taboo, and we
would live out our dreams. We have... and we are!

This is all time I have for now. As you can imagine there is much more
to be told. As time permits, I'll write more.

Love, Stephanie and Don

Received FROM DON... on 1/5/00

Dear Joan, Tim and Bob,

I would like to tell you a little about my feelings concerning our first
love feast with dad.

Stephanie, Dad and Me From My Prospective

Dad had told me enough on the way home for me to know that he and mom had not had sex for over two weeks. This told me that he was probably
horny as hell, and probably had a bountiful supply of cum, filled with his
sperm. So, when I left him and Stephanie alone, I had no doubt she would
have him in bed when I returned.

When I walked into the bedroom and saw Stephanie on top of Dad, with his
cock in her mouth and his head buried between her legs feasting on her
pussy, I immediately stripped and nearly shot my load on the spot. When
Stephanie signaled for me to move to the foot of the bed, I saw Dad had his
eyes shut.

I carefully moved into a position where I could rub my throbbing cock up
and down between her ass cheeks. I knew that as soon as I inserted my cock
into the soupy warmth of her cunt, it would make my presence known to Dad.
I didn't know how he would react, but I had the urge to move my cock down
to where his lips and tongue were exciting Stephanie's clit.

As I moved my cock down to where Dad was licking Steph’s clit, I felt my
balls touch Dad’s forehead. That’s when I asked if I could join the party.
Dad said, “Hell yes... if you will share everything with me.”

Then he surprised me by moving his head so he could get most of my cock
into his mouth. When he removed his mouth, I inserted my cock into my
wife’s love channel. But, after a few strokes, she ask me to stop, and to
let Dad fuck her. So, we changed positions and she asked me to guide Dad
into her.

I couldn't pass up the chance to tongue her clit, and as I brought Dad's
cock closer, to use it to increase the action on her large clit. About
that time Stephanie asked if I had noticed anything different about Dad's
cock, which I had not. Then I noticed the upward curve at the end, and
Stephanie said she could hardly wait to see how it would feel. I said, “I
can't either, and proceeded to take it in my mouth all the way.

I had never had a cock in mouth before, but this sure felt erotic! I
then held Stephanie's pussy lips open, and inserted Dad’s cock... with my
tongue shifting between her clit and his penis. As I lay there watching
and participating, I remembered all the times I had heard (and a few times
saw) mom and Dad making love... and had so wanted to be able to join them
and do what I was now doing with Dad and my wife.

Needless to say, my excitement was almost beyond control... and then
Stephanie took my entire cock in her mouth. This must have excited Dad,
because he began to stroke faster, and his breathing was raspy. I could
see Stephanie's stomach muscles undulating as I continued to stroke and
(when room would permit) tongue her clit.

My load could not be contained any longer, and I filled Stephanie's
mouth to overflowing. Moments later Dad screamed, "Oh God," and leaned
back, giving me room to lap at the overflow of his and Stephanie's cum,
which no doubt was the sweetest and most sensual taste I had ever

In the meantime, Dad began to lean forward around my body, nudging my
head out of the way, and began licking my cum from Stephanie's face. About
that time she let my cock slip from her mouth, and Dad reciprocated by
taking all of my cock into his mouth with seemingly no effort. As he
pulled his cock free from Stephanie's pussy, I began to clean the cum mixture from it. I could taste it deep in my throat. As dad moved away, I
got between Stephanie's legs and gently cleaned her outer lips... being
careful to not disturb the huge amount of cum trapped inside of her.

As we moved to lay side-by-side with Stephanie in the middle, we
gradually began to talk. Stephanie was now holding a rather flaccid cock
in each hand. Stephanie said she didn't want to hurt my feelings, but that
she couldn't believe how good Dad's curved cock felt as it rubbed against
her G-spot. Dad said that mom is a very good fuck, but that Stephanie's
tight pussy and strong cunt muscles gripping his cock reminded him of when
he and mom first started having sex... but was even better. What was I to

I decided to go ahead bring up my fantasy that had not yet been filled.
I told Dad that as he knew, he and mom were not modest around the house
when I was at home. While never really flaunting their nudity, quite often
they didn't shut their door all the way when they were making love, which
gave me the chance to get quick looks at what they were doing. I told him,
“I would go back to my room and masturbate, thinking of laying there beside
the two of you... kissing Mom's breasts and having my fingers spread over
her cunt, and your cock gliding between them. Then when you had cum, you
would move aside and let me lick and then fuck mom while you did what I had
done with her breasts and pussy.” I told him I still dream about it, and
even masturbate at times, mulling it over in my mind. Then I said, “But, I
suppose it can never happen.”

Dad said, “Don't be too sure about that. As you said mom never tried to
hide her body from you, and when I would say something about our bedroom
door being open as we made love, she would say ‘that's all right,’ as
though she wanted you to see us and especially her.”

He said that he didn't think I could be oblivious to Mom’s full-mouth
kisses that she gave me, and how she seemed to love to sit on my lap or sit
very close to me. He said that more than a few times when they shared
their fantasies, she would mention making love to me. Dad said that if we
were to follow a very similar scenario when mom arrives, that we did when
he arrived (and left me and mom left alone), he could almost promise that
she and I would be in bed at least as fast as he and Stephanie were.

I asked him what she would think if he and Stephanie joined us as I had
them. He said, “She would be so wild with passion that she would welcome
us as we did you.” With this thought in mind, his prick and mine were now
rock hard, and Stephanie moved down and pulled Dad and me together so she
could lick and put the tips of our cocks in her mouth.

This will have to continue later when Stephanie or I have more time.

Our best to you, Don and Stephanie

Received FROM STEPHANIE on 1/6/00

Hi Folks, this is Stephanie and I have short time to take up where Don
left off.

Cuddling With My Two Lovers

There I was, laying between my husband, Don, and his father after having
the most wonderful sex of my life. Don had just told his father of his
fantasies of having sex with his mother while his father added to his Mom's

While Don was telling his story, I was gently massaging both of their
cocks and thinking how lucky I am to have a husband that I love beyond
belief... and a father-in-law that I simply adore and who I want so much
to father a child for Don and me. It could feel no more natural if we were
all three husbands and wife.

I moved down in the bed and began to alternate taking their cocks in my
mouth. Then I moved my two lovers closer together, so I could get the tips
of both magnificent organs in my mouth. I tried to take as much as
possible of both of them in, causing both to moan in pleasure. It was so
nice that neither had a problem with their cocks touching... or as
mentioned earlier, touching and taking each other's cock in their mouths.

When I could tell that they were both getting very close to exploding in
my mouth, I withdrew and reminded them that Don had not had a cum in my
pussy during our earlier session. With that, I turned Bill on his back and
straddled him with my pussy over his face, and my face nuzzling his cock. I
then asked my husband to get behind me to do me ‘doggie style,’ but I
wanted his Dad to return the favor and guide his cock into my
still-very-wet pussy.

Bill said, “That sounds great to me,” and took hold of Don's cock. He
rubbed it up and down my slit, and down to my clit where his tongue was
doing its magic. Then I felt Bill's mouth leave my cunt. I was sure he
was sampling Don's cock again. Then I felt him spread my pussy lips and
guide his son's cock to my waiting cavity.

As my husband’s cock went deeper, I could feel Bill's fingers gently
stroking my pussy lips and clit. All the while, I had Bill's curved cock
deep in my throat, which gave me very different sensations than when I did
this to Don. Bill’s cock seemed almost as special as it did in my pussy,
rubbing my G-Spot.

All three of us were near orgasms when we began this triad, and I could
tell I was not going to last long with Bill's tongue on my clit and his
licking at the junction of Don's cock and my cunt. Don's speed of thrusts
and breath were getting much faster and I could sense Bill's heavy breath
on the center of my being. I began to succumb to the throes of orgasm, and
I pulled my head back to better get my breath.

At that instant, Don let loose with a cunt-filling blast which caused
Bill to increase his slurping of my cunt as Don pulled out. Bill continued
to clean my crotch of the combined love juices. I had not returned to
sucking Bill's cock, because I wanted so much to concentrate on the feel of
that talented cock deep inside of me again. I wanted my father-in-law to
give my cervix another shower of his sperm-filled cum.

Remaining on my knees, I asked Bill to get behind me and to fuck me as
hard as he could. He told Don to “get out of the way and let me at it.”
With one quick thrust he was balls-deep inside me. If I thought his curved
cock felt good when I was on my back, the feel of that curve from this
angle was even better!

Don stayed by our sides, rubbing my butt and tweaking my nipples, and
occasionally letting his fingers roam to my clit and Bill's cock. Don
somehow was hard again, and I pulled him to my mouth to again feel that
wonderful sensation of having the two cocks I love so much inside me.

Bill said he couldn't last much longer, and I could feel my cunt began
to squeeze his cock, signaling my own orgasm was near. Don's hips began to
jerk his cock in and out of my mouth, leaving no doubt he would again make
it a mind-numbing triple orgasm. Bill slammed in deep and held it...
repeating over and over, “OH GOD,” and Don was saying, “Drink my cum and
rub it all over your face and tits.”

I didn't have the strength to stay on my knees, and I slipped slowly
down on the bed, letting Bill's cock slide free. He moved around to be
near my face where I was still sliding Don's cum-soaked cock over my face
and tits. As I turned over on my back, Bill leaned forward and began to
lick the slickness from my face, and I purposefully moved Don's cock toward
his lips.

Bill began cleaning the remaining cum from the cock that I had presented
to him. When he was done with this, he and Don both moved to where they
could both clean Don's cum from my face and tits, and then continued down
my body to thoroughly clean the overflow of Bill's cum form my cunt. Oh
was that a mind blowing feeling!!!

Don had told me many times that he got his greatest pleasure form being
sure that I got the ultimate pleasure. He must have inherited that from
his father, because Bill seemed equally intent on putting my pleasure

As I lay there I could not imagine how the days to come could be this
good, nor could I picture how it would be when and if Don's mother joined
our activities. But now I know they were not only destined to be as
good... they have been even better.

Don or I one will continue to relate these events as time permits.

Blissfully yours, Stephanie

Received FROM STEPHANIE on 1/11/00

Dear Joan, Bob and Tim,

I could just jump right in summarize what has happened with Don, Bill,
Barbara and me, but I want to record the important parts of our encounters
as completely and chronologically as possible. This is partly selfish, as
I want to be able to relive all this exactly as it happened for years and

Time For a Break and Then Some

As I left you last, I was laying between Don and Bill wondering how
anything could be better than that last fucking, sucking and being
tongue-cleaned of Don's and Bill's cum from mouth to pussy. We decided we
needed and break and something to eat and drink.

I put on a pair of panties and a thin robe to keep from leaking cum on
everything I sat on, and Bill and my husband both had silk boxers that they
put on, to be more comfortable as they sat around. We ate some of the food
I had earlier prepared, and drank some wine. Our conversation reverted
back to our more normal family talk. By that time it was getting late, and
poor Don had to go to work the next day.

We headed toward the bedrooms as Bill asked where was he to sleep. At
almost the same time, Don and I said, "With us." Bill asked if we were
sure, as he might not be able to refrain from molesting me during the
night, and it might keep Don awake. Don said he could sleep through almost
anything; and if he did wake up, he too might need to work off some

As we lay in bed, we thought of Barbara being alone, and began to devise
our plans for when she got here. Don also told us not to get up when he
went to work... that he wanted us to have some "quality" time to
ourselves. He urged us to do all the things new lovers do, but be ready to
tell him all about it when got home. We were getting pretty aroused, but
decided to try to go to sleep. This happened fairly fast since we were all
pretty used up.

Sometime during the night I felt Bill snuggling into my back with a
tremendously hard prick poking its way between my legs, and trying to get
into me. I opened my legs some, and guided it in. At first he started
slowly, but then he began to bounce the bed pretty hard. Don was laying
with his face toward me, and I thought he was still asleep, until I felt
his hand rubbing my mound while feeling Bill's cock go in and out. Don
moved forward so he could rub his cock on my clit, and simultaneously have
Bill's cock massaging his cock.

I put my hand under the covers to take hold of his cock. I guided his
cock to find the most sensitive areas on and around my clit and cunt lips.
Bill's curved cock began to work it’s magic, and I knew I was at the brink.
I was sure Bill was too. I increased my attention on my husband’s cock,
and within seconds we exploded one after the other. I couldn't go to sleep
with Don's cum soaking my pubies, and Bill's running out to join it. So
again they volunteered to jointly clean up the "mess" they had made. That
really did us in.

The next thing I knew, I heard Don in the bathroom. He came over on his
way out to give me a nice wet kiss while feeling my pussy, and said, “Have
a good time.” He then swatted Bill on the butt said, “Old man, don't waste
the day sleeping.” Bill laughed and asked who he was calling an old man,
reminding Don that he had kept up with him last night, and it was he who
had to have more during the night.

As we lay there Don and I cuddled, kissed and gently explored each
other. As I move down and began to fondle his semi-hard cock, it proceeded
to get fully-hard and take on that beautiful curve. As I was measuring it
with my fingers, Bill asked whether he or Don had the larger cock. I
grabbed a tape out of the bedside table and said, “Let's see.”

I told him Don's cock is 8-1/4 inches long and 2-1/4 inched wide. I
measured the cock before me, and it was 7-3/4 inches long and 2 inches
wide. I told him not worry, that with that curve of his, it really felt
larger than Don's inside me. I couldn't wait, so I climbed aboard and let
my passion take control... and had his morning cum inside me in very short

I remembered that I had not sucked Bill until he shot his cum in my
mouth. I needed this to get me going for the day. My lips and hands had
him hard in no time. That curved cock felt so good rubbing the roof of my
mouth. Soon the cock stiffened more, twitched and shot a delicious
"cocktail" into my mouth. I swallowed a lot of it, but kept some in my
mouth to share with him in a long and passionate kiss.

We got up and showered (I will not go into all the details of our play
in the shower). I put on a clean pair of panties (since the ones from last
night were well soaked), and my thin robe. Bill donned his silk boxers.
After eating, we discussed more about what he thought Barbara's reaction
would be, and just how to approach it. We then decided that I would show
Bill around town some, have lunch at an intimate restaurant that I knew,
and then come home and let nature take its course.

It being unusually warm for this time of year, I wore loose-legged
shorts and a revealing top while Bill wore shorts and a tee shirt. We rode
as lovers do, with Bill driving and me nearly in his lap. Sooner than
expected, nature took its course, and I had my hand in his shorts relishing
in the feel of the soft skin of his cock, and his fingers found their way
up my shorts to feel the wetness there.

We were on a sparsely traveled street, and I couldn't resist. I did as
I had done to Don many times before, I pulled out Bill's cock and proceeded
to have my second "cocktail" of the morning. When we got ourselves back
together, we found the restaurant and had a leisurely meal.

On the way home I suggested that we go by a park that has many secluded
areas. We found one, and as Don and I had done in the past, we fucked and
sucked for nearly an hour. I then wanted to go by an adult video store, as
I wanted to get a dildo that I thought we might be able to use in our
experimentation. There was one item that I particularly had in mind. Bill
spotted a video about threesomes and couples swapping, so he rented it.

At home I began to make plans for dinner. As I was preparing things at
the sink, I felt Bill come up behind me, undo my shorts, and then pull them
and my panties to the floor. He kneeled behind me and began to kiss my
butt. Then he worked his way in between the cheeks and licked my ass.
From there he proceeded down to my pussy and clit. My knees were about to
buckle when he stood up, dropped his shorts and began to rub my butt and
ass with his cock. It was already profusely wet with his pre-cum.

He nuzzled my neck and asked me if I had ever had it in the ass. I told
him, "No." He said he and Barbara had not either. He lowered his cock and
inserted it into my sopping pussy, and after a few strokes he pulled out
and asked if I wanted to try it. I told him that was why I wanted to buy
the dildo. I thought it might be a way to try it, if he and/or Don had a
problem putting their cocks up my ass.

He gently began to position his cock at my tight ass opening, and pushed
forward. There was some discomfort, but he gently moved in, and I soon
felt his pubic hair tickling my butt. He and I both began to feel more
comfortable, and he picked up speed. Soon he was filling my virgin ass
with his come.

When he pulled out, I turned and kissed him, and told him that I wanted
my pussy full of his cum when Don gets home. He went to the shower and
came back all clean as I was finishing my chores. He took my hand led me
to the living room where I spread a blanket over the carpet to protect it.
Bill took off my top and laid on the floor. Then he guided me over his

I was soon impaled on it, with my ass still leaking his come. Don
evidently took off work a little early. While Bill and I were still
fucking, my husband came in the back door. As he came in, he had a clear
view of us as he looked into the living room. He removed his clothes, and
the first thing I knew he was kissing and licking my butt. As he moved
down the crack of my ass he did something he had never done before. He
pulled the cheeks apart and was greeted with the sight of his father’s cum oozing out.

I didn't know what his reaction would be, but he laughed and said, “It
looks like you really took me at my word and had all sorts of fun.” I could
feel my husband’s hand on my pussy lips, and Bill's cock within my pussy.
Then I felt the tip of my husband’s cock at my wet back door. He said,
“Thanks Dad for lubricating the way,” and with that he slowly pushed his
way in.

Yes, I had been wrong. It could get better than what we had done
before. Don's cock in my ass seemed to be pressuring Bill's curved cock,
giving me even greater sensations than I had experienced the night before.
Then they began to go wild at the tightness of my holes, and I reveled in
the feel of their cocks rubbing together inside me. Again we all three had
explosive orgasms. Don said he had always wanted to try my ass, but was
afraid I would not go for it. He thanked his dad for leading the way.

We showered, ate dinner and then watched the video Bill had gotten. It
was really hot, with a lot of bi-sexuality in it. There were scenes of the
couples swapping partners, the women 69ing each other, and even the men doing the same. That opened a conversation about our feelings about what
we had seen. We agreed that it all looked like fun, and we all knew that
we are not homosexuals, but bi-sexual activities do turn us on even though
I still had never had my mouth or hand on another woman's breast or cunt.

Just as we were about to start playing again, the phone rang. It was
Barbara. She said that the Y2K scare had caused so many cancellations that
she was told that she would not be needed for New Year's Eve, and could
leave whenever she wanted to. She said she had gotten reservations on the
same flight that Bill had been on, and would see us about 3 PM Wednesday.

Everyone was ecstatic that she was coming so soon. My only concern was
that I didn't want her to deprive me of all of Bill's sperm that I needed
so it would be there at the right time to get me pregnant. Don called his
work and told them that he was taking the rest of the week off.

We went to bed early, and made love in many different ways. Then we all
went to sleep. I was awakened only one time during the night as Bill just
couldn't contain himself, but this time Don slept through it. The next
morning.... Oh that will have to be in another story.

Things are getting better all the time. Our best, Stephanie and Don

Received FROM DON on 1/12/00

Dear Friends:

This is old Don, the happiest guy in the world... and maybe just about
to be getting happier.

Mom's Arrival

My fantasies of having another man with Stephanie and me in bed, and
that extra person being my Dad had been so passionately fulfilled. Being
able to feel my Dad's cock go in and out of my wife’s pussy while she
sucked my cock... and then to be able to join my Dad in licking her pussy clean... was even more entrancing than I could ever have imagined.

Then to find Stephanie on top of Dad, fucking a way, with her butt
toward me, turned me on nearly as much as it had the first time I walked in
when this all started. But when I began to explore and kiss her butt and
found the unmistakable signs of Dad's cum running out of Stephanie's ass...
I nearly lost my load in my pants.

I had wanted to try the back door approach with Steph, but had gotten
the impression that she thought it was not to cool. After spreading their
combined juices on my cock, I pressed forward and was pleased to find a
hole even tighter than her pussy. With Dad's cum inside, it was
wonderfully wet and warm. That, mixed with being able to feel Dad's cock
moving back and forth against mine, had me adding my cum to his in very
short order. I believe Steph has related the rest of the evening, and the
fact that mom would be coming the next day.

Steph and Dad woke me the next morning, with him on top, plowing away in
her cunt. I got in my then favorite position, so I could lick her clit and
Dad's cock while she was slurping on my cock. After Dad blasted a big
load, I proceeded to lick them both clean, and then I replaced his cock
with mine in my wife’s sweet pussy.

Dad assumed the position that I had been in, and reciprocated by licking
her cunt and my cock. Afterward we lay in bed, making our final plans for
the day. Though we knew the answer, we asked Dad if he had had a
vasectomy. He said that when they decided they wanted to have no more
children, mom had had her tubes tied, and that he was too chicken to have a
vasectomy. We thought surely he would ask about our situation, but I guess
he assumed we had that under control.

Dad said that while he was talking to mom last night he told her to
bring the swim suit that she had bought last year to wear when they went to
the Hedonist Resort. He said it is not a thong, but is the next thing to
it. He said she giggled, and said, “Are you sure you want your son and
daughter-in-law to see me like that.” He said he just laughed and said,
“Yes, give them a thrill.”

It was agreed that we would all go to the airport to meet Mom. When she
arrived, Dad took her in his arms and gave her a lover’s kiss. She then
embraced Stephanie very tightly, and gave her more than just a peck on the
cheek. I was next, and it seemed that she kissed me even more sensually on
the mouth (with a little tongue play too) than she ever had before. It
seemed that she was as starved for affection as Dad had been when he

As we made our way home there was a lot of family talk, and mom kept
asking what all we had been doing. We just brushed off her inquiries and
told her we would talk about it later. By the time we got home and got
Mom's luggage to the guest bedroom (where we had put Dad's that morning),
it was after five o'clock. We had a couple of glasses of wine and then,
according to plan, Stephanie asked Dad to come with her to Eatsies to pick
up food for dinner, and run a few errands. Dad agreed, and as he headed
toward the door he told mom that if she was a stiff and tired as he had
been, that she and I ought to get in the spa until they returned.

I told Mom, “Come on, let's do it.” She said she would have to find her
swim suit, and I laughed and said, “If you must.” When she came back with a
short robe on, we went through our bedroom to the spa. I purposefully had
worn a pair of shear bikini underwear instead of swimwear.

I pulled off my shirt and was undoing my pants as mom was taking off her
robe. She said, “Where is your suit?” I told her I had on what I always
wear. My eyes nearly flew out of their sockets when I saw mom in
very-nearly-next-to-nothing. Her breasts were fuller than I remembered,
and her figure was full, but it seemed to be without an ounce of fat.

As I kicked my pants to one side, she seemed to be as fascinated with my
body as I was hers. The only exception was that my cock was definitely
starting produce a pronounced bulge in my bikini. mom said, “It looks like
you do like my suit,” to which I said, “Its not the suit... it’s what's in

The ice had been broken far faster than I had even hoped. I said,
“Mom... you can never know how long I have wanted to be with you like
this,” and I reached over and pulled her to me. I initiated my own
passionate tongue-searching kiss, with one hand on her butt and one on her
breast. Her hand had made its way to my cock and was squeezing it through
my bikini!

As we broke the kiss, mom said, “I know we should not be doing this, but
I have wanted this at least as long as you have.” We moved into the hot
tub. I sat sideways and she sat with her back to me, letting my hand roam
at will. My cock (which by this time had burst free) was pushing against
the crack of her ass.

She confided to me that in years past while she and Dad made love when I
was at home, she had purposely left the door open so I might see them. She
blushed as she admitted that she had wished I would come in and kiss her...
and watch them make love... and had wished that I would make love to her.
She said that she was afraid to do more than that for fear of warping me
sexually (at my age such ideas were considered illegal).

I told her that indeed I had seen and heard their love-making, and had
so wanted to do more, but being ‘the good son,’ I had not wanted to do
anything that would upset them. I told her that I had probably cum gallons
as I masturbated, listening to them and thinking of being with them.

I was keeping my eye on the clock. I wanted mom and me to be in bed
when my wife and father returned. During all this talk I had managed to
remove Mom's suit, and mine was covering nothing by now. I lifted her off
my lap so she was standing, and I turned her so her beautiful pussy was
right at my face level. She made no pretense of modesty, but instead moved
closer to my face. My tongue began to explore this long-denied pleasure

I then stood with my cock at its most rigid. I led her out of the tub
and we hastily dried each other. When we got to the bed, I flopped down
and turned so that my head was toward the door. I pulled her down with her
head toward my cock, and my face was in her pussy much as Stephanie had
done with Dad. mom said, “Don, I can't believe we are finally getting to
this... but hadn't we better hurry? Bill and Stephanie may come back
soon.” I told her not worry... to just enjoy our good fortune.

As she started to suck and slurp on my cock, I heard a slight noise. I
was sure it was Dad and Stephanie. I continued to lick and suck Mom's
rather large clit, and the saw Dad's curved cock quietly approaching. I
used the fingers of one hand to open the lips of Mom's pussy, and used my
other hand to guide Dad's cock in.

mom let loose of my cock and said, “Oh my gosh! What's going on?” I
replied, “At last... my dream is coming true. I am watching Dad fuck
you!” By then Stephanie was on the bed with her head next to Mom's, and she
was joining mom in pleasuring my cock. mom just said that even if she
wanted to, she couldn't stop.

After stroking mom pretty hard, Dad withdrew. He said, “Son its time
for you to live out the rest of your dream.” With that, he rolled mom onto
her back, spread her legs, and kissed her pussy. He beckoned me to come on
over... and with him on one side and Stephanie on the other... they took
hold of my cock each kissing and licking it, and with Dad holding Mom's
pussy lips open, Stephanie guided me in (as if I needed to be guided).

As I slid in, Stephanie and Dad were teasing Mom's clit and occasionally
licking it. Dad had moved so mom could suck his cock, and I leaned forward
to join Mom’s lips and Dad’s cock with my lips and tongue. Shortly, Dad
said, “We can't leave Stephanie out,” and he moved onto her with their cock
and pussy connection right next to Mom's head.

To my surprise, mom took Dad's cock in her hand and rubbed it on
Stephanie's pussy before guiding it in. She left her hand there to feel
the erotic action. Dad and I began to pickup speed with our thrusts, and
were soon joining the girls as we all came. As Dad pulled free from Steph,
Mom had another surprise for us. She licked Dad’s cock clean while, my
wife was doing the same for me. Stephanie then sprung the next surprise as
she moved over mom and began to clean the wetness from her cunt. Mom, not
to be left out, pulled Steph over and began doing the same for her.

Dad and I were again sporting mighty hard cocks again, and we moved into
position for some fun screwing. mom aimed my cock into Steph, and my wife led Dad's cock to Mom’s cunt. Each of them had a prefect view of the other
getting screwed! When we came again, Dad moved to Stephanie's cunt to
clean it of my cum, while I did the same for Mom.

As we broke apart, mom asked what in the world had been going on before
she got here. We told her that we would tell her later, but for now were
famished and could not let that good food go to waste. We put on the bare
essential for clothes, and headed for the kitchen. We ate and had some
small talk before the subject of our sexual escapades came up again. That
will have to be another episode.

Our best, Don and Stephanie

Received FROM DON on 1/16/00

Dear Friends,

Just a note to let you know that we have not forgotten you. We have
been very busy... both in business and in personal activities.

Filling mom In On What Went On Before She Joined Us

After dinner we went to the den to continue our conversations. mom said
that she just had to know what had happened when Dad got here. We told her
that Stephanie and I had been fantasizing about having sex with a second
man with us, and that Steph had said that Dad was the only other man that
she had sexual fantasies about since we had been married. We also told mom about my earlier desires to join in her and Dad’s sexual activities that I
saw and heard then while I was at home.

We told her that when Dad arrived he told us that he and her had hardly
seen each much... for some time... and that this set in motion our plan
to get Dad into our bed. Dad chimed in that when he saw Stephanie in
nothing but her see-through underwear, all of the fantasies that he and
Barbara had shared (about wishing I had joined them in bed... and later,
after Stephanie and I got married, their thoughts about watching us have
sex) came flashing before his eyes.

The die was cast, and nothing could have caused him to rebuff Steph's
advances. We all then related the experiences that we had shared since
then. mom said she must have been having premonitions about what was going
on, because when she did have time to get to bed... her thoughts/fantasies
were of the four of us in bed. That was why she greeted us so passionately
when she arrived.

She said that when she and I were left to get in the spa alone, she knew
where things were headed. mom told us that what followed was so much like
the thoughts she had as she masturbated while in bed alone, that she had no
reservations about moving into doing things she and Bill had never done
before... like licking pussy juice from someone else's cunt off Dad's
cock, and then licking his cum from Steph's pussy. She said it all seemed
so natural.

We all agreed that none of us had any second thoughts about anything we
had done... like me licking and cleaning Dad's cock, and putting it in my
mouth. Stephanie, Dad and I admitted that the anal sex we had indulged in
was most pleasurable... and is something we want to pursue further. As we
talked, we agreed that for the time they were here, we would have no limits
about what we would do... unless for some reason one of us seemed
uncomfortable about it.

While we were talking, mom and I were using our hands and lips to roam
and explore each other's bodies. Dad and my wife were in a large chair
doing much the same. We could tell things were about get to into
‘penetrating’ love-making.

mom said that she was still pretty tired, but that she had to have one
more round in bed with me before she went to sleep. We all agreed to we
should go to bed. She suggested that she and I sleep in the guest bedroom,
and Dad and Steph sleep in ours. After some hugging and kissing, we parted
into the two bedrooms. The events of that night will follow.

Our best Don and Stephanie

Received FROM DON on 1/18/00

Dear Joan, Tim and Bob,

Gee, I am sorry that this dragging out so long, but there is so little
time available for us to write all of the things we want to remember about
the is special time with mom and Dad.

My Loving Exploration of mom
After bidding Dad and my wife goodnight, mom and I went to the quest
bedroom and shut the door. I took mom into my arms and gave her a
passionate lover's kiss. At the same time I removed the few garments that
she had on. I told her that I knew she was tired, and that we would take a
nice warm shower to start her relaxation. I also told her that I then
wanted her to just lay on the bed and let me give her a gentle massage as I
explored every part of her body. I could see the happiness in Mom's face
at the thought of that happening. With just a little fore-play, we took
our showers and dried each other.

I led mom to the bed and made a cradle for her face and head so she
could breath easily and relax as she lay face down. Before we had gotten
into the shower, I had found a bottle of body lotion that I had earlier had
Stephanie get, because it is the fragrance that mom wore when I was at
home... a fragrance that I associated with both of the emotions I felt
when I thought of mom - maternal and erotic.

I placed the lotion in the sink with some hot water to warm it. After
arranging mom on the bed, I retrieved the lotion and told her to just relax
and not worry if she fell asleep. I began my massaging at her feet,
applying the warm lotion to each foot. This continued up each leg until I
was just brushing the trimmed hair of her pussy. I told her how beautiful
her legs are. “They have such a beautiful flowing shape,” I whispered to

I then got on the bed and gently straddled her legs, being careful not
to put too much pressure on them. This had my rigid cock nuzzling between
the globes of her butt. Each of her hands and arms received the warmth of
the lotion, and then I moved to her shoulders and back.

As I got lower, I had to move back... causing my cock to lose contact
with her butt, but she managed to trap it between her full thighs. As I
massaged the globes of her butt, she began to moan. This emboldened me,
and I began to part the globes and apply the warm lotion in the cleavage,
and then to her rosebud... over which I lingered to rub and barely probe.
I just couldn't resist. I lowered my tongue to continue what my fingers
had started. Then, as if my tongue had a mind of its own, it proceeded
down to lick at the juices flowing from what had been my door into this
world. mom was obviously enjoying this, but I had other plans.

I rolled her onto her back, and gave her arms and legs cursory attention
before moving to her more interesting parts. Moving easily to straddle her
with my raging cock, I began by massaging her temples, face and neck...
stopping only to give her loving kiss. As I moved to Mom’s bountiful
breasts, I felt like I was in heaven. They felt so good. The warm lotion
made them so slick and malleable that I could hardly force myself to move

As I did, I marveled at the tightness of her stomach muscles, and paid
special attention to her belly button... which I just had to explore with
my tongue. I let my tongue glide through her soft pubic hairs to the lips
of her cunt. I then let it move between the lips to savor her delicious
flavor, and from there proceeded to her rather imposing clit. As I began
to suck and tongue it, I could tell she was about to cum.

I sat up, and I moved up her body so my cock was resting between her
breasts. I poured some of the still warm oil on my cock and in the valley
of her tits. As I placed a hand on each side of her tits and pushed them
together, I began to slowly fuck that warm valley. As I was doing this,
Mom readjusted the pillows so that as my cock emerged toward her face, it
would enter her mouth. She moved her mouth just long enough to say that
she had tried many times to do this with Dad, but because of the curve of
his cock, it was nearly impossible.

She asked me to please cum in her mouth like this. I was only too happy
to oblige. In just a few minutes the cum that had been aching to get out
since we started nearly an hour ago began to fill her mouth, and as I
pulled back, it covered her lips and chin before my cock went back into her
mouth to complete its release. As I finally pulled back and lay beside
her, we kissed and I cleaned the rest of my cum from her face, only to kiss
her again to let her have it all.

I asked mom about her being tired. She just laughed and said that she
now felt so relaxed and at ease she was not even aware of being tired. She
opined that it was probably best that we had waited until now to do this,
but she could not help but regret all of the pleasures we could have shared
through the years.

As we talked about what we had done with Steph and Dad, and about what
they were probably doing now, we were engaged in cunt and prick massaging.
I was amazed at how hard my cock had become in such a short time, and of
course her pussy was leaking too.

I moved over mom with my cock resting at the door to her pussy. mom took it in hand and gently rubbed it on her clit. Then she guided me in.
After slowly stoking in and out for several minutes, I leaned forward and
kissed her, and then got up enough nerve to tell her that Dad had said that
she had never had a cock in her ass. She said that was right.

She said she had wanted to do it, but was afraid the curve in his cock
might make it painful. I promised that I would go slowly and gently... if
she would let me do it. It would be so great to give her one experience
that she had never had before, and that I had had only once before. She
began to slowly turn onto her stomach, drawing my cock from her pussy. She
said, "Don... this will be a special ‘first’ for us."

My cock was dripping with my pre-cum and her pussy juice. As I spread
her cheeks, I saw that her juices had flowed so much that her rosebud was
covered with it. I gently inserted first one and then two fingers inside,
taking some of the lubrication with them. As I pulled them out, I
positioned my cock to take their place. I gently pushed forward and told
Mom to tell me if I was hurting her. She told me that “it felt so
different... but was beginning to feel so good.”

I pushed in further, and began to get an erotic rhythm started. The
tightness, warmth and the wetness soon had me nearly loosing control. I
eased my finger under mom and began to play with her clit. This did it for
both of us. I filled her ass, and she flowed a stream of cum in my hand. I
took a tissue and cleaned her ass, and then turned her over and cleaned her
cunt with my tongue... and then gave her a kiss.

mom turned on her side and I buried my face and head between her
breasts, occasionally taking a nipple in my mouth. She just let out a sigh
and fell asleep. As I lay there letting all that had happened flow through
my head, I felt the most mingled emotions that I had ever had. In one
thought I was reliving my dreams of being able to see mom naked and open to
me -- more of curiosity than of lust. The next was of me being a horny
teenager wanted to mount her in shear lust, and to fuck both our brains out
with Dad watching. Third, was the thought that I was nestling and sucking on her breasts like I did as a baby, giving that warm feeling of true
mother-son love. With that thought in mind I went to sleep.

When we awoke, we let our loving lust engulf us again, and we made slow
sensual love for about twenty minutes before we showered and went to see
what Stephanie and Dad were up to. We asked if everyone slept well, and
then we all just laughed and let it go at that. We decided to go out for
breakfast and just kick around most of the day. What happened the rest of
the time will follow soon.

Love, Don and Stephanie

Received FROM STEPHANIE on 1/20/00

Dear Friends,

It is hard not to continue to go into detail about our experiences with
Don's mom and Dad, but I will try to summarize the events of the next two

Kicking Around On Thursday

After going out for breakfast, doing a little shopping and showing
Barbara and Bill the sights, we returned home. Barb and I changed into
sweat shorts and tee shirts, and the guys just wore their sweat shorts. It
has been so warm here for this time of year.

It was not long before Don and his mom headed for the spa. Bill and I
went to the kitchen to make some snacks. We had gotten only a few done
before Bill came up behind me to fondle my tits and to press his very firm
cock against my ass. I told him that I really needed to get these things
done, to which he said, “Don't let me disturb you.”

As I continued to work, he pulled my shorts down along with his, and
began to insert his cock into my pussy. That was one salad that was made
with love! It did not take long with him playing with my nipples, and that
curved cock riding in and out, to bring us to a very satisfying orgasm.
While I finished the salad, Bill had me spread my legs in order for him get
his head between them and have his fist cum cocktail of the evening.

When I finished in the kitchen we went to check on Don and his Mom.
They had retired to chaise lounge, and Don was slowly fucking his mom with
his head nestling against her breasts as he alternately sucked her nipples.
We could only guess at what was going through their minds. We did not
disturb them. We got on bed and took a nap.

After we had our lite dinner, we decided to get on our king-size bed and
let Barbara see the video that Bill had gotten. Since the rest of us had
watched it earlier, we knew it would get us all excited and probably get us
into some new activities. The first few scenarios were rather commonplace
wife swapping in the usual positions.

Then came the scene where one of the girls said that she wanted
double-penetration. Barbara said that she couldn't believe that could
really be done. Bill told her he knew for sure it could be done since he
and Don had done it with me. Don asked her it sounded like something that
she would like to try. She hesitated a little, and then said, “Yes, if you
will be very easy with me.” We stopped the video.

I told Barbara not worry, that it really felt great... and since she
and Don had already done the anal part, it should be most pleasurable for
her. Since Don had already had her ass, it was agreed that Don should lay
on his back and have his mom straddle him. As she started to move lower, I
guided my husband’s spike up into her as I stroked her breasts.

Bill moved behind her with pre-cum dripping from his cock. Barb leaned
over to kiss “Don, and I moved to where I could part Barbara's ass cheeks
and lick at her rosebud. With my fingers, I gathered lubrication form the
connection of Don and her, and added a little from my cunt, to gently
insert two fingers into her tight ass. As I did this, I sucked my
father-in-law’s cock into my mouth to be sure it was very wet.

With Bill's cock now quite wet, and her ass equally wet, I guided Bill
into her. Bill gently moved the head of his cock into Barb’s ass. After a
pause, he pushed more of his curved rod into her. When he was nearly all
the way in, he pulled back and then buried himself completely. I could
tell that Barbara had lost her apprehension and was beginning to really get
into it.

I moved to her head and placed my pussy in front of her lips. Without
hesitation she began to suck and tongue my clit. About that time my
husband reached up and began to finger-fuck me. I could tell that Barbara
was really getting close, as were the guys. With the fingering and licking
that I was getting, so was I.

We all came, at very close to the same time, and we fell apart. I
cleaned Barbara's pussy of Don's cum, which I shared with her. Bill got a
warm cloth and cleaned his cock and Barbara's ass. We were so relaxed that
we drifted off to sleep.

Bill filled my cunt one more time during the night, and I am sure I felt
Don and his mom moving into the old 69 position, which is how they were
when we awoke with the sun up on Friday.

I will let Don fill you in Friday's activities.

Love, Stephanie

Received FROM DON on 1/21/00

Dear Joan, Tim and Bob,

Our exquisite first adventure continues. But, mom and Dad are about to
leave... and this new adventure is near its end.

Is There Anything That We Have Not Done...

...That We Will Wish We Had?

When I felt Stephanie and Dad moving on their side of the bed, I awoke
to find myself with my head pressed close to Mom's pubes. I gently moved
closer to lick at her clit, causing her to moan in her half-awake state.

My prick was hard, either because that is my natural condition in the
morning, or because of what my tongue was doing. She had begun moving
toward my prick, and she took it in her mouth. It was shear pleasure. I
decided that I really wanted to fuck her lovingly while being nestled in
her breasts. As I rearranged myself to get in position, I saw Dad behind
Steph, who was on her knees. Dad was giving my wife the same kind of slow
pussy massage I was getting ready to give Mom. We all took our time, and
after about fifteen minutes had soothing orgasms.

We then kissed our respective wife and talked about how wonderful these
few days had been. After showering, we ate and planned the day. We
ordered food to be delivered that evening, since none of us wanted to go
out and be in the New Year's Eve crowds. We then picked out an afternoon
movie to see. It happened to be the rather raunchy "American Pie."

Dad received a call from his partner asking if he could be back in the
office Monday to go over a proposal they had put together for an IPO for
their company. Dad agreed, and then called to make reservations. He found
the flights pretty well open on Saturday, and full on Sunday. So, this was
to be our last day together. We got home about 6 PM, just in time for the
food delivery that we ordered.

After dinner we turned on the tv and began watching the celebrations
around the world. We watched the celebration in New York, which was an
hour ahead of our midnight; and then agreed we should spend the rest of the
night doing any and everything we might want to do and had not yet done.
We showered and piled on the bed. I turned on the video tape where we had
stopped it the night before. The foursome was just ending their double
penetration love-making.

The next scenario was two other couples who were fucking each other
mates. They then changed to where one girl was on her back and the other
on top in the 69 position, lapping each other’s cunts. The men then moved
into position and inserted a cock into each cunt. The girls were now
licking cock and cunt at each end. When they all seemed to orgasm at the
same time (with the men spraying the cunts with cum), the cocks slipped out
of the cunts, and the girls began to clean the pussy before them.

The guys rolled over and were laying face-to-prick. One of them moved
forward and began sucking the other guy’s cock. The other then moved
forward and began doing the same thing. They did this until cum was oozing
out of each mouth. In the meantime, the girls were thrashing in orgasms.
After a little dialogue, they rearranged themselves so that one guy was
fucking one girl and the other guy moved behind him and began licking at
his ass. The other girl came and added some of her lubrication to the

When the asshole and prick were wet, she helped guide the rear guy’s
prick into the guy in front. The gal being fucked and the two guys seemed
to be really enjoying themselves. I stopped the tape and said, “Now there
are some things we haven't done. Is anyone game to try it?” After a brief
pause, everyone (at almost the same time) said, "Why not."

mom lay on her back with Stephanie on top, with their faces toward each
other’s cunt. We watched them as they began to lick at each other. Then
Dad moved behind Stephanie and I got in position at Mom's pussy. As Dad
and I fucked the women, we were also getting licked. It felt wonderful!!!

When finally we came, we did as the actors had done and rolled over to
the side to watch the pussy-cleaning that was going on. The girls seemed
almost unaware that we were there. I then took the initiative and bent my
head forward to take Dad's cock in my mouth. Though I had licked it
before, and had kissed and taken a little of it in my mouth, this was the
first time I had totally engulfed a cock in my mouth.

Dad followed my lead and soon had my cock covered to the root. I
quickly saw what my wife meant when she talked about how good that curved
cock of Dad's felt in her mouth. Dad and I lost ourselves in what we
doing, and were unaware the girls were now watching us.

I felt Dad's cock start to tremble, and knew mine was doing the same.
We shot our loads completely while each was sucking to get every little bit
of cum out. When we broke apart, we saw the girls watching us. They asked
us how we liked what we had done. I looked at Dad and he at me... and I
said, "You know next to fucking pussy, or maybe licking pussy, that would
have to be the next best thing that I have come across." Dad said he would
have to agree.

The girls reminded us of the rest of what we had seen with the guys also
getting fucked. Not to leave anything undone, we lay mom down and I got on
top. Steph again led my prick into Mom’s pussy. She then prepared Dad's
cock and my ass, and she led him home... right on into my ass!

At first it was uncomfortable, but as we got our rhythm going it became
more arousing. He and I let loose as mom began the tale-tale signs of
orgasm. When Dad dislodged from my ass, I pulled back from Mom... and my
dutiful wife did her cleaning job on Mom's pussy. Dad used a wet wash
cloth and towel to clean his cock and my ass, and then we began to complete
the action we had seen on the video.

Dad entered Stephanie's pussy with mom doing the honors. She then
prepared my cock and Dad's ass... and led me forward. Surprisingly, Dad's
ass received me pretty easily, and we rapidly got our motions in sync.
When we each enjoyed another orgasm, mom returned the favor to Steph by
licking her clean. The girls asked which we liked better... sucking another guy’s cock, or ass-fucking another guy.

Dad and I agreed that we liked the sucking best but the butt-fucking
wasn't half bad. mom said that she never knew the pleasure she could get
from making love to a woman... to which my wife added her agreement.

The question arose ‘would we ever want to do all these things again?’
The answer was a resounding "YES," from all of us! When I asked if anyone
regretted anything we had done, I got a resounding "NO." We agreed that the
reason we were so comfortable was that we knew we had no need to fear
catching anything, since none of us had had sex anyone other than our
partners until now. We made a pact that as long as the sex was just
between the four of us, any or all of us could get together whenever

We recalled how mom had lived-out her fantasy of me being there when she
and Dad had sex, and then of her having sex with me. Dad said that his
fantasies about fucking Stephanie had been fully met, together with having
that fun with me present.

Stephanie said that her only fantasy was of having sex with Dad, and
allowed that her wishes had certainly been fulfilled... most pleasantly!
Of course, my fantasy of seeing mom and Dad make love, and then me fucking
Mom... was so much better than I had ever imagined. We agreed that we did
not view anything we had done as ‘dirty’ or ‘immoral,’ since we were
fulfilling the emotional needs of each other, and our sharing had brought
us so very close together

After a little more small talk, we went to sleep with me in Mom's arms
and bosom (I don't know why that is so comfortable for me), and Dad
snuggled behind Stephanie with his hands holding those tits that I enjoy so
much. We woke up and again had slow comfortable sex with the one we had
been holding.

When each enjoyed yet another great orgasm, we did our cleaning routine,
except that the girls cleaned each other, and Dad and I did each other
until we both came again... and then the girls helped in cleaning our

We finally showered and began to get ready to take mom and Dad to the
airport. All the way to the airport we talked about how much closer these
few days had brought us, and how we look forward to the future with this
kind of relationship.

When we were hugging and kissing each other good-bye, I am sure no one
would have been able to tell who was husband and wife, because of the
passion we were showing. Just as mom and Dad turned to leave, Steph pulled
them back and told them that we had decided to have baby... and that we
planned to start trying immediately.

Dad said he was wondering if we were ever going to let them be
grandparents. Then mom and Dad headed for their plane.

What a perfect week!!!!!!!

Our best, Don and Stephanie

Received FROM STEPHANIE on 1/21/00

Dear Friends,

Well, the time of truth has come.

My period was supposed to have begun on Wednesday the 12th, and I am
about as regular as can be. Here it over a week later... and still no

Don and I restrained ourselves and waited until today to get a pregnancy
test kit. In fact we got two of them. We followed the instructions very
carefully. We did the first test... and saw the prettiest blue you could
ever imagine.

We splurged and tried the other kit... with the same results. It
appears that our dreams and prayers have been fulfilled. We will not know
for sure whether it was Don's or his Dad's sperm that implanted itself in
my egg, but I think we can both truly say we don't care. It is our baby.

We were not untruthful to Bill or Barbara in any way. We just didn't
tell them the whole story. I am convinced that had we told them, they
would gladly have agreed to help us. I think their relationship with their
‘grandchild’ will be more natural by us doing it this way.

Don and I look forward to continuing this close relationship with Bill
and Barb.

Thank you for being someone with whom we can share this wonderful
experience. We will always think of you fondly, since you have been so
receptive to our story. As my pregnancy proceeds, I will keep you posted.

Please continue to share your experiences with us, and send us any
stories you think we might enjoy.

Love, Stephanie and Don

Received FROM STEPHANIE on 1/27/00

Dear Joan,

I went to a new gynecologist yesterday, and he confirmed that I AM
PREGNANT! I chose to go to a new doctor in order not to have to try to
explain how I got pregnant, since my regular gynecologist knew of Don's
sperm deficiency, and our efforts for me to get pregnant.

The new doctor asked if I wanted him to get my records from my former
doctor. I told that since I had had no problems, it wasn't necessary. I
also told him my former doctor was no longer one our medical insurance

I will definitely keep you posted on my progress.

As for having another man join Don and me, I am sure I would enjoy it.
The time I spent with Bill, Barbara and Don certainly opened new areas of
my sexuality. Don and I will have to think it through since we promised to
keep our sex between the four of us.

I want us to have complete trust between us. I hope my being pregnant
will not change Bill and Barbara's desire to share sex together. If it
does not, then hopefully we can see them about every four to six weeks and
explore a few more venues.

I have great sex with Don, but I just find myself thinking about that
special feeling Bill's curved cock gave me, and that fabulous
double-penetration experience. Don and I still have wild sex when we
recall the things we did with his parents; and every time we talk with Bill
and Barbara, the remind us about the activities with us that they enjoyed
the most.

During a recent phone conversation, Barb said that she just can't
believe how much she enjoyed the two of us pleasuring each other, and the
times she held her son tenderly as he slowly fucked her. Bill said that
just being able to watch Don and me fuck, and to be able to place his hand
where he could feel Don's cock going in and out fulfilled one of his
strongest fantasies. And, he says that being able to fuck my wet pussy was
one of the best sensations he had ever had.

Bill reiterated that he had never thought about sucking another man's
cock, but he knows now that anytime it is convenient he would like a repeat
session with Don.

I cannot believe how the four of us have meshed together in our sexual
desires. We all wish we lived closer together. It will be interesting to
see how their attitudes are when they learn about the baby.

Love Stephanie and Don


Dear Stephanie and Don...

Just a quick note to let you know that Bob and Tim and I have been
reading each of your notes with great interest. You guys really had some
special end-of-the-year experiences! Sounds like you all had great fun.

Well Stephanie, now that you have experienced having someone other than
Don giving you pleasure, what do you think? Sounds like you totally
enjoyed yourself. And, it sounds like Don did too. AND... based on your
most recent report, it sounds like you may be “with child”... as you had
both hoped. Our best to you on that subject.

Stephanie... I noticed that just before you parted company with Bill
and Barbara, you set the stage for a near future announcement that you are
pregnant... by letting them believe you were just now going to “start
trying” to get pregnant. Smart move. Now, as soon as you feel TOTALLY
SURE that you are pregnant, wait a month before telling them... and then
tell them a date of expected birth that is about a month later than you
really will be expecting.

That way they will not be wondering about when you conceived, and what
roll Bill may have “inadvertently” played. Then, when you do give birth,
“the baby arrived early!” That way none of you ever have to talk about
parentage questions... and you and Don can totally enjoy “your baby,”
while Bill and Barbara fawn over their new grandchild... and everyone
comes out a winner!

Naturally you will want to wait until you are sure you are pregnant, but
we are curious if the two of you will now consider inviting some other guy
to join you for a non-pregnancy-mission MFM romp.

Stephanie... don’t just satisfy yourself with the fun you had with
Bill. Before your pregnancy gets too far along, you should consider letting
Don and some non-family-member (male) join together to double your
pleasure... just for the fun of it. If you wait until after your baby is
born, you MAY NOT get back to the new openness you have discovered

Please keep us posted on what we feel sure is your pregnancy. We know
that less than nine months from now you will be holding the fruits of your
holiday “labors” in your loving arms.

Write to us periodically along the way, and be sure to let us know if
you decide to explore any more fun before your pregnancy gets too
pronounced. One good thing about MFM play during this period, you don’t
have to worry about getting pregnant by the wrong guy.

Lots of love, Joan (and Tim and Bob)


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