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Archived Sex Stories



Daddy Taught Her Well

I was just 15 when my dad first introduced me to the many pleasures I
could experience as a female. It has now been sixteen years since then,
and I am continuously grateful to daddy for all he taught me, and all the
good times he and I have shared.

Let me go back to when my brother and I were just kids. Ken, my
brother, is two years younger than me. On Saturday and Sunday mornings
when we woke up we would always join mom and dad in their king-sized bed...
to snuggle-up with them, and watch cartoons on their bedroom TV. Usually
mom and dad would just smile when we crawled into their bed, and then float
off back to sleep.

Ken and I usually crawled in between mom and dad, with our PJs on. mom slept nude when we were younger, and later started wearing a loose-fitting
babydoll-type pajama. Had usually slept in his boxer shorts. This was
still our typical weekend morning activity when I turned 15 and Ken was 13.

There were times when mom would roll over facing Ken, and he would
snuggle his head up against her warm breasts. I always enjoyed the feel of
daddy's furry chest. Sometimes when I slid down under the covers, daddy's
penis (or "thing" as I called it in the earlier days) would be sticking out
of his boxers, hard and long. Occasionally, while I thought he was
sleeping, I would rub my foot over his "thing," and feel it respond, and
get harder. During those days, Ken's "thing" was so much smaller... and
never hard.

Sometimes Ken and I would fall back to sleep... often cuddling up
against the backside of mom or dad. Sometimes it was just the opposite.
If dad and mom were facing the middle of the bed, we would fall asleep with
our backs to them... often with their arms around us... often with Ken
laying against mom's breasts... often I could feel dad's penis gently
laying against my back. It all just seemed so natural.

One time I heard mom quietly say to Kenny, "don't do that!" She rolled
over with her back to him, and went back to sleep. He told me later that
his hands were laying near the furry area between her legs, and he began
running his fingers through her "fur." I thought that sounded like fun, so
on a later morning, I ran my fingers through the "fur" on dad's chest, and
trailed my fingers all the way down to the "fur" around his "thing." He
seemed to smile in his half-sleep, and didn't move to push me away.

That was the first time I had ever used my fingers to touch daddy's
penis. It seemed to grow in size as my fingers gently ran along its sides.
Soon a wet spot developed on its tip, and I thought daddy had to go to the
bathroom. I pulled my hand away. Daddy woke up, kissed my forehead, and
gave me a squeeze. He just smiled and rolled over to face away from me. I
was surprised when he did not get up to go to the bathroom.

Eventually mom got a morning waitress job that caused her to leave for
work early on weekend mornings. Dad usually just worked Monday through
Friday. Kenny joined a softball team that met early on Saturday mornings,
so he started getting up earlier and leaving the house. Often, when he
would leave, the noise would wake me, and I would go crawl in with daddy.

By this time I was beginning to develop some breasts of my own. I
usually wore babydoll's to bed at night. I was proud the way the frilly
top was beginning to fill-out. Of course, mom had talked to me about a
time when I would get my period... and other girl-stuff, but no real
details about sex. I had listened to other girls talk about how boys had
tried to "feel them up." Daddy never mentioned the time I had played with
his penis... and I never mentioned it either.

This particular Saturday morning, with mom off to work, and Kenny gone
to join his friends at softball practice, I slipped into bed with daddy to
cuddle, and to fall back to sleep. He felt me get in, and woke up enough
to smile at me, turn over toward me... and cuddle me to him.

As he wrapped his arms around me, his big hands brushed against my small
lace-covered breasts... and said, "I think my little girl is beginning to
grow up." Facing away from him with my eyes closed, I smiled as I mumbled,
"I guess so, daddy!"

By this time we were both quite awake. Daddy's arms were around me...
one under my side, and one over my other side. His hands slid on down my
body, pressing against my belly. Then, slowly, his hands moved lower...
sliding under the bottoms of my babydolls. They stopped as he discovered
the peach fuzz that was starting to grow between my legs. "My," he said,
"you are beginning to develop into a young woman!" This time I blushed, and
didn't say anything.

By this time I could feel pressure against my back that I now knew to be
his penis. It was growing hard and poked out of his shorts against my
back. I rolled over to face him, and asked, "Why does your penis get hard?"
Daddy simply grinned at me and drew me to him... pressing his now-hard
penis against my bare belly.

After giving me a prolonged squeeze, daddy looked right into my eyes and
smiled again. "I'll tell you more about that later... but I have a
question for you first." His hand slipped down between us, under the waist
band of my pajama bottoms, and he gently pressed it against the mound at
the top of my crotch. "Does that feel good," he asked. God, it really
did! I stammered out a "Yes," as I snuggled closer to his chest.

"It's time daddy taught you some of the pleasures you can now begin
enjoying as a female," he whispered into my ear. With that, he began
stroking his fingers over my fuzz-covered crotch. "This," he whispered to
me, "is your pussy, or cunt." I had heard the words before, but hadn't
really used them myself. I thought they were dirty words... but they must
not be, since daddy was using them with me.

He pulled his hand out from under the covers and put his fingers in his
mouth... leaving them wet as they returned to massage my "pussy." He
continued to look straight into my eyes. My eyes closed and I put my head
on his chest. What he was doing felt sooo good! Pretty soon I felt his
finger enter my pussy, and slide in and out. He kept that up for what
seemed like thirty minutes... and I just clung to him. Eventually he put
two fingers inside me. It felt so full! I was getting wet down there.
Was I peeing?

Suddenly a wave of heat passed through my body, and I shivered in his
arms. I couldn't seem to control myself... but it sure felt good. Daddy
withdrew his fingers and hugged me tightly to him. I wasn't sure what had
happened, but I still felt tingly... especially where daddy's hand had
been. I kicked off the bottoms of my babydolls, and snuggled closer to
him. Daddy had kicked his shorts off, and his penis rested between us
against my belly. Soon we fell asleep together for awhile.

When we awoke, daddy got up and walked around the bed on the way to the
bathroom. His penis was hanging down in front of him. "You never did tell
me why your penis was hard earlier," I said to him. He walked back over to
the bed and lay down again, on top of the covers, next to me. "It's time
you became better acquainted with one of these," daddy said. "I want you
to reach over... like you did a few months ago... and put your hands on
my penis," he said. I rolled out of the covers... ending up with my face
below his chest, resting on his tummy... looking down at daddy's large,
but soft penis. He took my hand and wrapped it around the base of his
penis. "Now, use your other hand to gently wrap around the sack under my
penis." daddy instructed me.

I did as he told me. His penis felt velvety and warm. As I let my
hands rub around, I noticed that it started to get hard in my hands. Daddy
got up and headed for the bathroom... this time with his penis pointing
the way. I followed. "You still haven't told me why it gets hard," I

I followed him into the bathroom as he sat on the toilet. His penis was
so hard he couldn't get it to point down into the toilet. Finally he said,
"Come here sugar, sit on daddy's lap... facing me... and I will show you
'why'." I threw my leg around him and began to sit down on his lap... only
to find that his hard penis was making it impossible to sit down where I
first had started. I moved back to sit on his thighs. Daddy drew me to
him, pressing my pussy against the side of his hard penis. Then, suddenly
he lifted me up and gently let me come back down toward his lap... this
time with my spread-apart pussy sitting on the tip of daddy's hard cock.
He held me there... letting only the tip of his penis rest inside the
opening to my pussy. "That's why it gets hard Carmen," said daddy, "so it
can enter a beautiful pussy like yours!"

My feet were on the floor, now holding my weight... as daddy's hands
relaxed against my sides. My body quivered again as I felt daddy's penis
tip press against my virgin pussy. I let my body rest down harder on his
"pole"... and as I looked down between our tummies, I could see that the
tip was now hidden within my pussy. "That feels real good, daddy... but I
think it is too big to go inside me any further," I moaned into his ear as
I leaned into his chest. "For now Carmen, that is far enough. Just hold
yourself like that for a few minutes to see how it feels," daddy told me.
"Oooooh daddy, it does feel good," I told him, "Do you do this to mommy?"
"Yes, baby, almost every night!" daddy assured me.

We sat on the toilet like that, rocking back and forth for several
minutes, with the tip of daddy's penis impaling the opening of my pussy. I
felt my body start to quiver again... and my pussy seemed to grab onto the
tip of daddy's hard penis. With that, daddy's eyes closed and he clenched
his teeth as I felt his penis vibrate against my pussy... and my pussy suddenly got very warm and wet. As I looked down, I saw a stream of thick white juice flow down around daddy's penis from where it's tip was within
me. What a GREAT feeling!

In a few minutes, daddy's penis was soft, allowing me to sit right down
on his lap without any pressure against my pussy. "What was that," I asked
him. "That, my dear sweet daughter," said daddy, "was an orgasm... and
the 'cum' that it produced came out of my penis. The quivers that went
through your body were similar to an orgasm for you. But, when you really
have a full orgasm... it will be feel ten times better than that for you."
I thought to myself, "Ten times better? These feelings were great. A real
orgasm must feel super!"

"Am I old enough to have an orgasm, daddy?" I asked. With me still
straddling him, his penis now hung down into the toilet, and I could hear
him pee into the thing. As he peed, he wrapped his arms around me and
said, "Soon... soon, my beautiful daughter! Now, get yourself into that
shower and clean up." He got up and started to shave as I removed the top
of my babydoll and jumped into the shower.

After we were both dressed, daddy told me he had errands to run... that
he would be back later... and he hugged me to him as he said, "What we did
this morning... we must keep it to ourselves... OK?" I looked up at him
and said, "I promise not to tell anybody... but sometime soon you must
show me how I can experience that 'orgasm' you talked about, OK?" He
grinned and shook his head "Yes."

Sunday morning I woke to find that Kenny was laying on the floor in the
living room, watching tv there. I said "Good morning," and told him I was
going to crawl in with dad. Kenny mumbled a good morning, said mom had
left for work, and went back to watching his program.

Daddy was in a deep sleep when I slid under the sheets and cuddled next
to him. He was facing me, and I slid down so my face was against his
chest. That left my hands down near his shorts. Quietly, I slid my hand
inside his shorts and took hold of his soft penis. I rubbed it gently...
and soon it became hard. It felt so warm and good in my hands. I crawled
under the covers to take a closer look. I used one hand to cup that sack
between his legs, and circled his penis with the other one. The little
hole on the end looked like a small single eye... and as I stroked my hand
back and forth on the penis, the "eye" seemed to wink at me.

Daddy woke up and reached down to gently pull my head from under the
covers. "Where's Kenny," he asked. I told him Kenny was in the living
room watching TV. All the time I kept my hand wrapped around daddy's
penis. I asked, "does it feel good to you daddy, when I hold your penis?"
"It sure does darling," he replied, "but, we need to be careful that Kenny
doesn't walk in with you doing that to me."

I let go, and wrapped my arms around his neck, planting a big kiss on
his mouth. He turned me around, placing my young bottom against his
crotch, and held me tight to himself. I told him I had been thinking about
what we had done the morning before... and that I had really enjoyed it.
With that, daddy reached his hand around to slide my panty-like bottoms
down my legs. I kicked them off my legs under the covers... and daddy's
hand found my pussy.

For several minutes his fingers played along the edges of my pussy. It
felt wonderful. I reached back to touch his penis. It was still hard and
long.... sticking out over the top of daddy's shorts. He pushed his
shorts down a bit... lifted my leg a bit... and laid his hard penis
between the tops of my legs. When I lowered my leg, his penis was
sandwiched between my thighs, up near my pussy. It felt firm... and very
warm. He reached around and took one of my hands in his. Daddy moved my
hand down by my pussy as his body pressed tightly against my backside. I
could actually feel the tip of his penis as it stuck out on the front side
of my legs.

We lay like that for a long time... me touching the tip of his penis
with my hand as my legs absorbed the heat of his penis shaft. Soon Kenny
decided to join us in dad's bed. He curled up where mom usually slept...
totally unaware that daddy had his penis between my legs. God it felt
good. As Kenny finally fell asleep, daddy began a gentle rocking action
against my backside. that caused his penis to slide back and forth against
the skin of my legs. On one of his forward thrusts, I raised my leg and
pressed my bottom back so his penis would come far enough forward for me to
wrap my hand round it... and so I could press the side of daddy's cock up
against my pussy. I lowered my leg to trap it there.

Kenny stirred a bit. Daddy and I lay still as I felt the heat of
daddy's penis against the lips of my pussy. "Relax, baby," whispered
daddy, "lets sleep a bit longer." I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep
as my hands continued to play with daddy's penis under the covers...
periodically pressing it against my pussy.

Eventually, Kenny woke and asked daddy to fix us some breakfast. Daddy
stretched a bit, causing his penis to withdraw from between my legs... and
he pulled his boxer shorts up before getting out from under the covers. We
all got up, had breakfast, and got into our regular daily chores.

Nothing was said between daddy and me during the next week. I couldn't
wait for Saturday. I wanted to experience that 'orgasm' daddy had told me

The following Saturday I awoke early, and lay in bed waiting for mom to
leave for work... and Kenny to leave to visit his friends. When I was
sure Kenny was gone, I quickly made my way to daddy's bed. This time, he
was awake. He welcomed me into his arms with a gentle hug.

After laying together for a few minutes, daddy threw the covers aside
and said, "this week it is my turn to get a closer look at what you have
between your legs!" I remembered how last week he woke up to find my head
under the covers as I studied his penis. I said, "OK, I guess fair is

Daddy slid down the bed and removed the bottoms of my PJs as he planted
a kiss on my belly button. Then his kisses continued across my tummy and
around my thighs... and his tongue began to play in the peach fuzz around
my pussy. Surprised by the good feelings that were going through my body,
I said, "daddy... what are you doing?" He lifted his head, looked up at me
and said, "just lay back and enjoy yourself... I am going to see if you
are ready to experience one of those orgasms!"

I had heard about girls taking a boy's penis in their mouths, but I
guess I never had heard about a guy putting their mouth on a girl's pussy.
Surprise, Surprise! I could feel daddy's tongue moving around the edges of
my pussy... and then dip inside. Wow! His tongue washed back and forth
several times, often stopping to flutter near the top of my pussy opening.
GOD THAT FELT GOOD! My body quivered in response to these new feelings.

Eventually daddy used his fingers to spread apart the opening to my
pussy and he seemed to bury his tongue inside me with various diving and
fluttering actions. Then he would lick up over the growing bud at the top
of my pussy opening. This drove me wild. I wrapped my legs around his
head, but he kept licking and tongue-diving into me. The feeling was
REALLY GOOD... and more intense than I had ever before experienced.

Soon I felt my pussy contract, and my legs involuntarily squeezed
daddy's head tighter to me. My pelvis convulsed up against daddy's face...
and my whole body shook as wave after wave of hot sensual feelings shot
through me. My legs relaxed, and daddy pulled his face from between
them... moving up next to me to cuddle me to him. I felt totally drained
as my pussy continued to quiver and send pleasure throughout my body.

Daddy held me tightly for at least five minutes before saying,
"Beautiful daughter, you just had your first orgasm! Did you like it?" "Oh
daddy... yes, yes YES! It felt wonderful," I replied as I hugged and
kissed him. A new kind of satisfaction washed over me as I fell asleep in
his arms. Eventually, when I woke up, I found that daddy was already up.
He had shaven, and was in the shower.

I tore off my PJ top and joined him in the shower, reaching down to feel
his penis while pressing against him. Although only thirteen, I felt like
a full-grown woman now. I pressed my still-small breasts into his chest,
and he held me close to him.

We toweled off and went back to daddy's bed, still naked. I told him
that what he had done to me was wonderful... it left me feeling so warm
and tingly. I asked him if I could do the same thing for him. "Are you
sure you want to do that?" he asked. "Oh yes," I replied as I slid down
the bed and began kissing his belly and penis. "What should I do?" I

Daddy guided my head to his penis and gently coaxed my hand to cradle
the sack below his penis as he placed the penis near my lips. I stuck my
tongue out and let it drag up and down the sides of his penis while gently
squeezing the sack below. Then I kissed the sack and the underside of
daddy's penis as it began to grow hard. Daddy's hand reached down and
covered my hand as it was wrapped around his now stiff penis. With my hand
under his, he stroked back and forth over the penis. I then took my other
hand to hold the top of the penis against my lips as my mouth opened to
suck on the tip.

Suddenly, daddy said, "Look out, I am going to cum!" I didn't know what
to "look out" for, so I pushed more of my mouth over daddy's penis...
surprised as it momentarily got larger... and then a warm fluid shot into
my mouth. Not quite sure what to do next, I moved up next to him and
looked up into daddy's warm eyes. He bent down and kissed my forehead
before he took the sheet and wiped some of the fluid off my face. Then he
gave me a very hot kiss on the lips... sucking some of the fluid out of my
mouth. I gulped the fluid that remained in my mouth. It had a salty/sweat
taste that I kind of liked.

Well daddy," I smiled up at him, "now you have had your first orgasm...
from me! Did you like it?" "Carmen, it was wonderful... truly wonderful!"
dad told me as he hugged me close to him in the rumpled bed covers.

After about twenty minutes we got up, took separate showers, got
dressed, and began our regular chores. Each Saturday morning after that
for the next two months, daddy and I repeated these pleasures together. On
Sundays, we occasionally lay together while Kenny watched tv in the other
room. On those days, daddy would place his penis between my legs. I had
found some baby oil to spread there so daddy's penis could glide between my
legs as I pressed them together.

One morning Kenny came in to talk with daddy while my back was cuddled
up against his chest. Kenny couldn't know that daddy's penis was trapped
between my squeezing legs. As they talked, I kept my eyes closed,
pretending to be asleep... all the while playing with the tip of daddy's
penis as it slid slowly forward between my thighs. Kenny had barely left
the room when daddy squirted his cum all over my hands, and grabbed me
tighter around the waist.

"You little she-devil you," daddy whispered into my ear. I grinned up
at him and then bounced out of bed to get washed off before Kenny returned.

One weekend shortly after my sixteenth birthday, daddy had really gotten
me hot by licking and tonguing my pussy for hours. I must have had three
or four intense orgasms... and I felt like my pussy was receiving his
tongue and fingers deeper than usual. I couldn't help but wonder what it
would feel like to have daddy's hard penis buried within me.

That Sunday morning, I had spread extra oil on the inside of my upper
thighs and around my pussy lips. When I crawled in with daddy, I reached
down and stroked his penis until I knew it was very hard. Then I backed up
against his crotch, with the covers discretely covering us. I lifted my
leg as usual so daddy could place his penis between my legs. However, this
time... before squeezing my top leg down over his penis, I bent forward a
bit more so his penis was aimed right at my pussy. Then, when I clamped my
leg down and pushed back, I could feel daddy's penis pressing up into the
entry of my pussy. That felt incredibly good.

Fortunately, this time Kenny was in the basement, playing with his train
set. "What are you doing young lady," daddy asked me. "I want to feel you
inside me," I begged. "You are still a virgin, baby! It may hurt if I
press my penis into you," he whispered into my ear. Besides, you are now
old enough that you could get pregnant.

Daddy, I REALLY want to feel your hard penis in my pussy... PLEASE?" I
implored. He began to stroke back and forth... each time letting the tip
of his penis press into the entrance of my pussy. Oh... it felt good. He
kept this up for a while with gentle, even strokes. Since each stroke was
so predictable, I decided it was up to me! As daddy pulled back from me, I
readied myself. On his next stroke into the entrance of my pussy, I pushed
back HARD against his groin... causing daddy's penis to break its way into
the inner depths of my virgin pussy. There was a brief pain... followed
by a wonderful warm feeling in my belly. "Oh Carmen... you are so tight
and warm in there," daddy whispered to me.

"Oh, daddy... that feels so very, very good," I whispered back to him.
He continued to saw back and forth within me... and then he stopped with
his penis buried deep... as we heard Kenny approach the bedroom door.
"When's breakfast?" asked Kenny. "You start the eggs, Kenny," daddy said
calmly, "and we'll be right out." Kenny headed for the kitchen, closing the
door behind him.

I almost laughed at the situation. Daddy withdrew from me, reached back
into a drawer and grabbed a condom. He quickly tore the packaging off and
rolled it over his penis as I watched. He gently entered me again and
began to drive into me. The humor of the moment quickly gave way to an
enormous orgasm that ripped through my body. Daddy pulled the pillow over
my mouth as I almost screamed out. My contractions were too much for him,
and daddy quickly exploded inside of the rubber condom. "WOW," I thought,
as the feeling started spinning me into a second earth-shaking orgasm.
Daddy whispered into my ear, "you are a very special daughter... and now,
even though you are just fifteen, you are a very special woman!"

Daddy held me close to him for a few more moments, before reminding me
that Kenny was waiting for us. As we got up, I noticed a small trickle of
blood on the inside of my thighs, and daddy noticed a spot of blood on the
sheets. We quickly covered the sheets until we could get and wash them
after breakfast... and we ran off to get dressed.

For the next three years, daddy and I would take each opportunity that
came our way to give pleasure to each other. We occasionally still did it
in my mom and dad's bed, in the car a few times, on the couch in the
basement one time when no one was home, and up in the loft of grandpa's
barn twice. Daddy also showed me how to masterbate myself... and I did it
often, with much satisfaction!

Our lives changed a lot when I went off to college. Dad and I still
occasionally get together to pleasure each other, but I have other
priorities now.

During college I met Mark. He was not only great in bed... he was
quite open-minded about how he and his future mate would have a varied and
full sex life... even if it involved extra partners for each. At first I
was a little startled by his unconventional attitude toward marriage. Then
I began to realize that such an open relationship may be the only kind I
could endure without inviting boredom. However, I still decided NOT to
tell him about my relationship with my father.

We went together for over a year before we got engaged. Then we were
married within two months.

While we were going together, I decided to test Mark on his "open
relationship" theories. During Spring break, I traveled back home for a
few days. During that time I went out with a couple of my old boyfriends
and had sex with each of them. When I got back to school, I headed up to
his dorm room for some wild sex and beer. At one point, while he was
eating me, I told him about my experiences of the week before. He lifted
his face from my crotch long enough to ask me to give him every detail...
and then resumed a great tonguing of my pussy. The more details I gave
him, the more enthusiastic his tongue got as it worked its way deep inside

I told him about one evening when I slept with two guys at once. I told
him how I had given a blow job to one guy while the other screwed me. Mark
moistened a finger and drove it up my ass while his tongue continued to
probe my pussy. I couldn't finish telling my entire story because Mark
drove me into a gigantic orgasm before I was done talking.

Some weeks later, Tim, an old high school buddy of Mark's came to our
campus for a week. During that time he bunked with Mark. The second night
the three of us went out for dinner and then to a bar for some drinks.
While at the bar Mark and I danced. He asked if I would like to dance with
Tim. I winked at Mark, and said, "Sure... why not!"

With a rather slinky walk, I strolled over to the bar and invited Tim to
join me on the dance floor. We danced a few fast ones... and then a
couple of slow dances. While Tim held me tight, I let my hand trail down
his back as I nibbled on his neck. Tim was not quite sure what to think...
but took my cue and let his hand slide down my back until he was cupping
one of my ass cheeks. When he did that, I pressed against his groin and
discovered a rather hard cock pressing back.

Nothing was said, but when we got back to Mark's room, Mark shut the
door and gave me a very passionate kiss as he started to remove my blouse.
Tim looked a bit uncomfortable at first... but Mark handed him my blouse
and broke the kiss just long enough to ask Tim to unzip my skirt. Since I
did not protest, Tim did as he was instructed, and my skirt fell to the
floor to reveal that I was not wearing any panties.

I stood there in my bra, high heels, and thigh-high nylons... still
locked in embrace with Mark. One of my legs involuntarily bent at the knee
as I pressed into Mark's groin. Mark broke the kiss and suggested that Tim
needed some help getting his pants off. With that, Mark turned off the
light, leaving the room only slightly lit by a street light reflecting
through the window. I "obeyed" Mark's instructions and undid Tim's pants,
letting them fall to the floor. I bent down and grabbed Tim's jockey
shorts, tugging them down his legs as his rigid cock sprang out toward my
face. I took Tim into my mouth as I looked up at him.

He had a shit-eating grin on his face as he looked over at Mark who was
simultaneously removing his clothes. That night... and each of the next
three nights... I took turns sucking and fucking both guys. The two guys gave me several orgasms each night. The most fun was laying across Mark's
bed... on top of Mark... having Mark hold me in his arms as Tim drove his
cock deep inside of me. On different nights, we tried this with me facing
up, and then with me facing down. The best was when I was facing down,
looking deep into Mark's eyes... necking with him... and telling him each
sensation that I felt course through my body as Tim pounded my pussy from
behind. As I recovered from a super orgasm and began to feel Tim expand
within me, I hugged Mark and whispered how much I loved him... just as Tim
was exploding within me.

Another time Mark told me an old girlfriend would be coming to campus
for the weekend. He asked if I minded that he planned to have her stay
with him. I said, "No, but I would like to meet her." Mark said that janet would be arriving Friday evening. How about if I dropped by Saturday
morning? The arrangements were made.

janet and Mark went out for dinner Friday night and bedded down at
Mark's place Friday night. Mark told janet about me, and that we had a
very open relationship... that he wanted us to meet. janet thought this
was a bit strange, but it was OK with her. The next morning, while janet and Mark were still in his bed, I knocked on Mark's door. Mark yelled out,
"Come on in... the door's unlocked."

I walked in to find a nude janet pulling the sheet up over her breasts.
I simply said, "Hi... my name is Carmen... you must be Janet." janet looked at me, then Mark... then me again. Mark broke out laughing as he
yanked the sheet off janet to expose a very shapely body. "Take off your
clothes Carmen... and get comfortable," directed Mark.

I immediately started pulling my tank top over my head as janet shot
questioning looks at Mark. "Believe me Janet, Carmen's not going to bite
you," said Mark..."unless you want her to." I quickly removed the rest of
my clothes and slipped into Mark's large bed... on the side opposite
Janet. Mark kissed me as I reached out for his cock. Then he drew janet to
him and gave her a reassuring kiss. She relaxed a bit as she ran her hand
through the matted hair on Mark's chest.

I went down on Mark, sucking his entire cock into the back of my mouth
as Mark again embraced janet and locked lips with her as his hand began
massaging her pussy. When Mark was rock hard, I withdrew my mouth and
said, "Mark, it's ready. Now let me see you use that rod in pretty Janet's
pussy while I watch." janet momentarily looked shocked... but spread her
legs as Mark rose above her and inserted himself between her moist cunt lips.

Mark held himself high above janet as he began to thrust in and out of
her. Janet's eyes began to glaze over as the pleasure built up within her
loins. I bent over and gently took one of her nipples between my lips.
Janet's eyes popped open, looked at me for a moment and then closed as Mark
gave her an extra deep plunge. janet began to writhe under the attentions
Mark and I were giving her. I gave her lips a light kiss... and suddenly
her arms drew my face to hers and her tongue probed deep into my mouth in a
passionate french kiss. Moments later she threw her head back and screamed
out as an orgasm shot through her body.

The three of us spent the next several hours playing in Mark's bed. At
one point Mark had me in the "doggy" position and was drilling his rod into
my pussy when janet decided to slide beneath us to alternately lick Mark's
nuts and then my clit. What a great feeling. I think she even slurped up
Mark's overflow juices after he exploded inside me. We all hugged, and
decided it was time for lunch. We showered, dressed and headed out.

We spent the day together, often with Mark having one arm around each of
us as we laughed our way down the street.

That night we bar-hopped until Mark ran into John, a buddy from his
chemistry class. John joined us and alternately danced with both janet and
me. Later we all four went back to Mark's place for a night of four-way
sensual pleasure.

So, when Mark asked me to marry him, I felt that we really could handle
an open relationship... a relationship that I had come to feel would be
important to me too.

We were married about a year when Mark's younger brother came to live
with us. Allan was nineteen... Mark and I were now 23.

I had developed a habit of wearing minimal clothing around the house...
and Allan's arrival caused me to ask Mark if I should alter my living

"No, honey, " said Mark, "it's our home, and we must live the way we
feel comfortable. If Allan doesn't like it, he can leave."

By minimal clothing, I mean that around the house I seldom wear a bra,
occasionally wear thin or very loose-fitting blouses... light weight
knee-length skirts and no panties. Outside I will often replace the blouse
with a mini tank-top... and replace the skirt with short shorts.

Things were going well for the first two weeks. Allan helped out with
household chores, and avoided contributing too much mess. After the second
week, Mark and Allan got into a fight that resulted in both of them
wrestling on the living room floor. I pulled them apart and asked what was
wrong. Mark said Allan had gotten bitchy and was complaining that I was
driving him nuts. "What do you mean," I asked. My good brother thinks it
is not fair for me to get my rocks off every night with you... and he 'has
to put up with seeing you flaunt your body' in front of him... while for
months he hasn't been getting anything from his straight-laced girl friend.
Allan simply said, "Ya! that's about it! It's driving me crazy!"

I asked Mark to join me in our room. "Remember our 'open-relationship'
agreement?" I asked Mark. "Sure,' he replied, "but I don't think we should
include my brother in that sort of thing." "Why," I asked. There was a
long pause. "Because he is the one guy that has ever roused a jealous
streak in me... that's why," replied Mark.

"I have a suggestion," I countered. "How about if I simply 'relieve'
his sexual tensions periodically... but don't really let him 'make love'
to me?" Mark thought for awhile. "It may work... if I felt that my old brother-brother jealousies toward him don't return," he said. "Why don't I
start by just giving him my old stand-by oral services... and that only in
your presence," I suggested. Mark hugged me, apologized for his behavior,
and said he loved me... as he agreed to my plan.

With that, we both returned to the living room where Allan was sitting
on the couch. "I understand your gonads haven't been getting much release
recently," I said to Allan. He was a bit uneasy as he adjusted his sitting
position on the couch. "I have a plan to eliminate that problem, Allan," I
said softly to him. He looked questioningly at Mark.

"That's right Allan," said Mark, "with my permission, Carmen is going to
'service your needs'... but only on certain conditions which I will
explain later." With that I pulled Allan from the couch and asked him to
lay back on the floor. He did as I instructed, and I knelt over him,
beginning to undo his belt and pant zipper. I reached in and pulled out
Allan's engorged member. As it popped out of his pants, I gave him a quick
wink, and slid his cock into my mouth. Mark sat down on the couch and
leaned back as he watched his brother receive my expert blow job. Within
minutes Allan exploded in my mouth. He was right... he had a large
pent-up load that needed to be released.

I ran to get a towel to wipe up the mess on my face and Allan's pants.
Within moments, Allan was on his feet, and Mark stood to shake hands with
him. "My wife is going to take care of your 'needs'... with my
permission... but I don't want you to actually 'make love' to her," said
Mark, Is that understood?" "I'm not sure..." Allan replied. By this time I
had returned to the kitchen... and could just barely understand what they
were saying. But, I listened intently.

"Allan," started Mark, "Carmen and I have a very open relationship...
but I don't want her falling in love with my brother. Do you understand?"
"Yes," said Allan, "but how does that relate to the limitations you want me
to respect with Carmen?"

Mark thought for a few minutes. "If and when Carmen is willing to give
you sexual relief, you may accept her kind gift," Mark blurted out, "but I
don't want you to neck with her, and I don't want to find you in bed with
her unless I am there with you... Deal?"

"Deal!" replied Allan as they shook hands. Mark knew that I had
overheard the conversation, so he knew he didn't have to repeat it for me.

Two days later, Allan started showing signs that he was antsy again.
Mark was at work. I asked Allan if he would like one of my "treatments?"
"You bet," he replied. He removed his pants and lay back on the couch. I
thought back on the days I used to exchange oral services with daddy.
Although I wasn't getting an "exchange" here, I gave Allan my energetic
services. We repeated this sort of thing two or three times a week for

Then, one week Mark came to me and said he thought it was only fair that
I get some service from Allan too... so he was going to set up Thursday
nights as a night when he could be home and could invite Allan to join us
in bed. On those nights, Mark lovingly held and caressed me while Allan
had his way with my pussy. He would lavish my pussy with oral attention,
bringing me to repeated orgasms as I lay in Mark's arms. Then I would
straddle Mark, raising my ass in the air for Allan to enter me while my
breasts were crushed into Mark's chest and we would neck and whisper words
of endearment to each other. When Allan was done, he would leave and Mark
and I would continue making love for hours.

Eventually, Mark felt more at ease with his brother sharing my pussy with him. Mark told me he still didn't want me to bed down with Allan when
he was not there, but that if Allan wanted to eat me, or drive his cock
into my pussy "from behind so he is not necking with you," that would be

One afternoon as I found Allan on the couch, and prepared to give him a
blow job, I lifted my skirt to remind him I wasn't wearing any panties. He
slid down off the couch, under my skirt, and pulled me straight down on his
face. His tongue made its way up into my pussy as I bent forward and
sucked his cock deep into the back of my throat. I ground my pussy into
his eager mouth... while bobbing my head up and down on his cock. Before
I could make him cum, he sent me through the roof with a really enjoyable
orgasm. When I recovered, I finished my mouth-work on his cock until he
sprayed his load into my mouth.

From that point forward, our household was at peace. Allan finally
found a job, and was not at home all the time. When he did come home, I
sometimes would give him a quick blow job... and other times he would
approach me from behind in the kitchen, lift my skirt, and know that my ass
would be void of panties. On those occasions I enjoyed leaning over the
counter... and allowing him to drive his cock into my pussy in a standing
position. A couple of times he was pounding me like that, and I was
nearing orgasm as Mark came home and kissed me just as Allan and I
simultaneously went over the edge. What a sensation to be nearing
orgasm... saying "Hi honey, welcome home"... pushing back onto my
brother-in-law's cock... having a potato peeler and potato in my hands...
looking out my kitchen window at the very conservative neighbor lady
hanging her laundry... and feeling my brother-in-law's cock explode within
me just as Mark grabs my breast and kisses me... sending me over the edge.

Believe me, I was getting my share of sex... and with lots of variety
right there at home.

Allan moved out when he got a new girl friend to live with. Mark and I
decided that this would be a good time for me to get off the pill in
preparation for us to start a family. We avoided having outsiders in our
bed during the next two years.

A month or so after Allan moved out, I traveled back East to visit my
parents. During that trip, while mom was out shopping, I caught daddy in
the bathroom sitting on the john stroking his cock as he thumbed through a
"girly" magazine. "How would you like the real thing?" I asked him. He
grinned up at me as I spread my legs and sat right down on his up-turned
cock. Naturally, as usual, I wasn't wearing any panties. Daddy slid right
up and into my warm and waiting pussy. "Remember the last time we did
this?" I asked. He grinned. I had not had daddy in me this way since the
very first time when he came in the entrance to my pussy while my virgin
pussy denied full access. This time I could feel daddy's heat and his
rigid pole all the way up to my belly. Like the first time, he rocked me
back and forth until we came together. We let our combined juices flow
down his cock and into the toilet bowl before getting up to clean ourselves
in anticipation of mom's return home.

Over those next two years Mark and I had two kids. Come to think about
it, my first son was born about nine months after I had visited daddy.

Now that we had our two kids, we decided it was time for me to get back
on the pill. We were both getting a little horny for "some strange stuff,"
as we put it. One night Mark stopped off after work for a drink. He
called to tell me he was bringing a friend home... and that I should
shower and be laying on our bed... nude! "Oh, by the way," Mark said, "I
want you to wear that blindfold I gave you." I didn't have any idea what he
had in mind... but I decided to play along with his game. I put the kids
to bed and went up to our second floor master bedroom suite where I enjoyed
a hot shower before treating myself to a spritz of my favorite scent. I
put on some soft, sexy music.

About thirty minutes after Mark's phone call, I heard the front door
open. I quickly tied the blindfold in place, and lay back on our
king-sized bed, face up. Moments later our bedroom door opened and I felt
Mark's lips lock against mine. About the same time I felt another pair of
lips lock onto my pussy lips... and a tongue reached down, down, deeply
inside before it moved back up and out to sweep over my sensitive clit.
Neither guy said anything. Four hands caressed my freshly-bathed body and
two mouths moved around from breast to breast to pussy... with trails of
kisses all over my body. My pussy was getting very wet!

I felt a strong pair of hands lift my legs straight up into the air,
pulling my ass up off the bed. When I was allowed to settle back down,
Mark had placed a pillow or two under my bottom. My legs were still being
held up in the air as I felt the weight of someone kneeling at the end of
the bed just beyond my pussy. My lips were gently kissed again and I heard
Mark whisper into my ear that I should relax and enjoy... and that his
cock was right near my head if I wanted to suck on it while my pussy was
being "serviced."

Evidently Mark reached over my body and took my legs from the other
man... still holding them up straight. The other man again licked my
pussy between my up-turned legs, until my own juices began to flow again.
At that point, I could tell he was about to press his cock into my hungry
pussy. But, it seemed huge! My pussy lips resisted the size of this
unseen cock until its owner pressed a bit more. Finally my pussy lips
could no longer resist the unknown, unseen cock as it began to press into
my love canal. Gawd if felt big... and hard! I could feel it being
pressed in very slowly, yet I still could not feel the legs or balls of its
owner. It withdrew some and pumped in and out a few time. man it if feel
good. Meanwhile I turned my head and Mark let me take his cock into my

The unseen lover at the foot of our bed began to increase the tempo of
his fuck pumps. Each thrust into me went deeper until I could feel the
enormous cock head beating on my cervix with each thrust until my body
shook in a mind-wracking orgasm that caused my pussy muscles to squeeze on
the arm-like cock within me. With that, the cock expanded even more, and
shot a warm bath against my pussy's back walls. With all this going on, I
almost bit down on Mark's cock just before he fed me a load of his
familiar, sweat-tasting semen.

I lay there panting to get my breath back as Mark moved down next to my
one side and kissed his excess come off my lips. The cock in my pussy was
still rigid, and its owner began slowly pumping again. Mark reached up and
removed my blindfold... allowing me my first opportunity to see the man whose cock still filled me.

"Meet Austin," said Mark as I looked up at a very handsome black man.
"Pleased to meet you Carmen," smiled Austin. I squeezed my pussy muscles
around his black pole to acknowledge his greeting as I smiled back. "Do
you think that pussy of yours could handle a few more orgasms and another
load of my juice," Austin asked. I gave him a devilish grin and said "Try
me!" He immediately renewed his pumping as Mark cradled me in his arms, and
my eyes closed to savor the feelings between my legs. I did have more
orgasms... several more... and Austin's second load seemed bigger than
the first as it leaked out onto our bed.

Austin became a truly fine friend who joined us for nights on the
town... and other nights in our bed. Sometimes he brought his girl friend
(Tina) who would lay next to me as Mark buried his tool in her pussy and
Austin pumped his monster in and out of me. I discovered that I enjoyed
sucking on Tina's breasts and french kissing her as Mark was rocking his
cock in and out of her pussy... and Austin was servicing me.

As our kids have begun to grow up, we have had less opportunity to bring
playmates to our home. Sometimes Mark "gets a little" on the side... and
I have occasionally accepted invitations to spend an afternoon in a motel
with a guy or two. We both always enjoy hearing every minute detail of the
other's exploits.

Every once in a while Mark and I still get crazy and decide the make the
most of our open relationship marriage. We have met another couple (Vic
and Lisa) who enjoy variety in their sex life. The four of us have taken
several trips to Las Vegas "as singles." We rent a cheap room as a sort of
home base. Then we each dress to the hilt as we go bar hopping... the
guys on their own, and we gals on our own. Each trip has had different
results. On one trip Lisa and I ended up in a hotel where a basketball
team was staying. It was one long gang-bang night for both of us. Several
of those tall guys had cocks to match. The guys usually end up picking up
separate ladies for the night or the weekend. Occasionally they have
shared one exceptional lady who kept them both satisfied.

I have two boys of my own now. They are seven and nine. Mark and I
have already decided that I will "initiate" both boys when the time is
right. I have always felt that daddy's training in my early years was what
gave me the ability to enjoy my feminine sensuality to the fullest...
while enabling me to accommodate the many nuances of married life without
causing the relationship to "crash."

I am 29 now. I still experiment periodically with eighteen-year-old
guys... both to "train them" and to renew the experience of the youthful
jack rabbit fucks. When the opportunity arises, I enjoy spending several
hours in the bed of "senior" gentlemen. Theirs tend to be a slower,
gentler kind of love-making. I always take pride in giving prolonged oral
attention to a long-dead older cock... and feel it eventually come alive
in my mouth. Its such a sense of accomplishment... and the older man is
always so appreciative as I draw his newly revived cock into the depths of
my pussy and give him a chance to pound again with youthful vigor until he
shoots his wad into a younger woman. Maybe my joy and satisfaction relates
to the early years of sexual pleasure I enjoyed with my own father.

Dad? He and mom live in another state, and they are doing well. I
never have told Mark about the special relationship I have with daddy.
Whenever I am able to visit them, I always try to arrive a day early so
daddy and I can meet at a motel for hours of unrestrained, shared sexual

Daddy still gives me the best orgasms. Whenever daddy nibbles on my
now-more-experienced pussy, or fills it with his now-older-but-still-firm
cock... I never fail to think back on my Saturday mornings in his bed as
he would introduce new pleasures to "daddy's little girl."


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