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How Annie And Her Husband Expanded Their Sex Life

August, 1998

Hi Joan.

As promised, here is my story. While it is not as involved as yours...
it is my story.

I had been married for around 10 years when my husband Gordon and I
started using more sexual talk during our love-making. With this came XXX
movies and general talk of sex, even during non-sexual times. While I had
never liked the XXX movies when I had seen then in earlier years, now they
seemed a lot different. I really enjoyed them.

They would turn me on quite a bit, and we would never even get an hour
into them when we just had to have sex. I would always be the hottest one,
and couldn't leave Gordon alone. I had never acted like this just a couple
years earlier. Gordon really enjoyed my change and benefited greatly from
it. And so did I.

Gordon had noticed that I would almost always have an orgasm the same
time a very well hung male would be performing. I hadn't even noticed. I
guess I also always came when there were two males on the screen. When
there were two females pleasuring each other, I know I was into it. I knew
just what they were feeling.

Yes I did enjoy seeing those big men. And yes, I was fascinated with
seeing two guys with one woman. However, I knew those little thoughts I
had when I lay in bed and spent time on myself would never come true in
real life.

One night during our love making, Gordon asked me if I wanted one of
those big cocks? I didn't say anything, but I knew he knew my answer...
because my excitement level went way up, and I orgasmed instantly. He
started talking about it more and more while we made love. He would ask me
what I would do with one and I would try to tell him.

I always orgasmed when I would start to talk about it. He would also
talk about how I would feel if two guys would do to me. How I would be the
center of attention and be thoroughly pleased. I loved that talk. It made
our sex life very enjoyable.

One morning while Gordon was looking at a magazine, he looked at me and
asked if I really wanted one of those big cocks? I said that I felt it
would be exciting. I told him about a guy I met in Australia and with whom
I had had a one-night stand. He was a large man... and I had felt really
full. The sensations were more intense, and I had really enjoyed it. He
was not so large as to hurt me though.

Gordon wanted to know just how big he was. All I could do was try to
show him by holding up my hands to show how big he felt. I didn't know
size real well. Gordon then asked me if I minded if he tried to find
someone with a big one for me to have sex with. Gordon would either watch
or join in. It would be up to me. I told him I would think about it and
let him know.

Almost four months went by and I never said a word. I didn't think I
could do something like this... being married and all. Gordon then asked
me about my thoughts on it again. I told him that I was worried that he
may take it wrong, and then we would have problems. Gordon then proceeded
to tell me about how much he would enjoy watching me with another man. How
much he would be turned-on watching me have sex.

He told me that he had thought about it for years, and was always afraid
to say something to me for fear I would get upset. I told him that I was
not upset. I said that it would probably be fun, and I would want him with
me, and not just watching. Well, with that the clothes came off and we had
some fantastic sex.

Afterward we talked about it some more. I asked him where we could find
someone that was well hung? He mentioned a friend of ours... and I said
that I didn't want it to be any one we were friends with. I thought it
would be better if it were someone that we could get to know a little...
and then not worry about seeing again.

Gordon said there were some publications on males, females, and couples
looking for mates for sex. We could try them and see where they take us,
he said. I agreed. After looking through a couple of magazines we decided
to get hold of a couple of single guys who sounded like they were what I

After a letter and a couple phone calls, we decided to meet with one of
them. That was a mistake. This guy ended up being so into himself that he
seemed to forget there were other people involved. We decided on the spot
that the magazines were not the way for us to go.

One night a couple months later, Gordon called me over to the computer
and had me look at a site he had found on swingers. We discovered there
were a lot of these sites, and decided to put out our ad. I told Gordon at
that time that I would prefer we look for a couple. This way Gordon could
have as much fun as me. He agreed, and our first ad was placed.

We heard from a lot a weird people and a few nice ones. We started
corresponding with two couples that didn't live too far away. First by
mail, then phone calls. We exchanged pictures and liked what we saw. We
also enjoyed talking to these people. They seemed to have the same
interests as we did, in most cases. They certainly had the same ideas for

We set up a meeting with one of the couples to get to know them over
dinner. We all said that we would just meet and spend some time together
talking. We did just that. They were great people. We set up a meeting
with the other couple the next weekend. Same plan as the first meeting.

After talking a few more nights on the phone, we set up a meeting with
the first couple. We reserved a hotel room and met in the lounge. We
spent about an hour in the lounge, and then decided to go to our room.
When we arrived, we decided to play some strip poker to break any tension
and to get to know each other better.

I lost very quickly. Not on purpose. Just because I don't know how to
play poker. Oh well. Everyone else followed. There started to be a lot
of touching and kissing going on. Gordon and I wanted to have everyone in
the same bed, but the other couple made a good argument for separate beds.
We went with separate beds.

This new man in my life was very well hung. He told me he had 8 inches,
and I found that very enjoyable. I just wished he was a little wider. He
knew how to please a woman, that's for sure. I was able to see my husband
out of the side of my eye. He was going to town on a very nice looking
lady. I was enjoying watching her.

That evening didn't last very long. The other couple had to get home
because they didn't have a baby-sitter for more than 3 hours. We were a
little unsatisfied with that. After they left, we talked about it and
decided we liked what we had done. We still wanted to try this experience
with another couple in the same bed though. We had some great sex after
the couple left.

We decided that the next night, we would call the second couple and set
up a meeting. The following weekend we drove half the distance to meet the
other couple. We went out to dinner and then went and had a couple of
drinks. It started getting late and we decided to get a room. It ends up
that they already had a room. We went to their room and they just started
slipping out of their clothes.

They said they are always nude around their house and would rather be
nude than to ever wear clothes. Gordon agreed and took his clothes off
too. That is just the way Gordon felt. I said 'what the hell' and slipped
out of mine too. Reggie (the other woman's husband) reached over and
touched my breast. He was so tender. I shivered with excitement. He was
so bold.

Connie then reached for Gordon's cock. She started stroking it slowly.
Gordon was erect in an instant. I could feel the wetness building between
my legs. I reached for Reggie and played with is cock. It grew into a
sight I had never seen. Even Gordon commented on it's size.

Connie told me not to worry, Reggie has never hurt anyone with it...
and is an expert in it's usage. Gordon looked over at me and all I could
do was smile. Gordon was now more intertwined with Connie, and I decided
that I wanted to taste Reggie's manhood.

I had a hard time getting my mouth around it at first, but managed after
I got him good and wet. Connie and Gordon were sixty-nining it, and Reggie
started touching my wet love nest. I wanted him, and I couldn't wait much
longer. Reggie turned me so he could get his mouth between my legs... and
he started to eat me.

I couldn't help but have a great orgasm. It was almost at the same time
that I heard Connie have her first. My god, she was only a foot away from
me. I looked over at her and saw Gordon mounting her. She looked like she
was ready for anything. Reggie then came up on me and I opened up for him.
I didn't know what was going to happen.

Reggie parted my love lips with the head of his cock and started to
enter me very slowly. I knew I was being really filled, but I loved every
inch. Reggie was going slow... and suddenly I couldn't help but have my
second orgasm. He wasn't even all the way in yet.

With that orgasm, I pulled Reggie down onto me so he could have all of
me, and I so I could have all of him. I was in heaven. Reggie was slowly
moving in and out of me when suddenly I heard Connie cumming again. She
must of had four or five orgasms in a row.

I was glad Gordon was having so much fun. I was really glad I was
having so much fun. I then heard Gordon's big build up to his cumming. I
thought it sounded more intense then it normally did. Everyone was having
a great time.

Reggie kept slowly pumping his big tool in and out of me. It was the
most fantastic feeling I had ever had. Then it got better. Without my
knowing it, Connie had moved over and started slipping her head between my
legs under Reggie. She started licking Reggie as he came out of me... and
then he slid back into me. I was ready to have orgasm number three.

Gordon then started touching my breast and my neck. I couldn't hold
back. I had number three. Then Reggie erupted inside me. His stream of
cum was being forced out of me while he just kept pumping more into me.
Connie said that it was a shame to let all that juice go to waste.

Reggie pulled out of me, and at the same time, Connie started eating my
stretched pussy. I had never had another woman touch me sexually before,
and I wondered at that time 'why not.' I had an orgasm the moment I felt
her lick me.

She turned her head to Gordon and asked if he was ready for some more
fun. He said he was... and she told him to fuck her ass. She said she
loved this, but can't handle Reggie that way. So while she continued to
eat me, Gordon rode her ass and he was up in heaven with me.

I asked Reggie to come over and let me suck him. He was immediately
there. Connie got me off again and she got off with the ass-fucking she
was getting. Gordon got off on being in Connie's ass... and I got Reggie
off. We were all really tired then. and sat around and made plans for our
next meeting.

I told Connie that I was going to eat her the next time, and she said
she looked forward to it. We left them in the room and went home. Gordon
and I talked about our great fun all the way home. We were glad we did
this... and were also glad we were going to do it again. We didn't make
love when we got home. We were much too tired. First thing in the morning
we did make love... and it was fantastic.

Well Joan, this is what happened my first time with more then one man.
We have continued for four years now. Not all the men have been as big as
Reggie. That is OK because that extra size was only one thought I had. We
are still having great times with all our new friends and I especially like
it when six or eight people are involved.



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