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Annie Finds That Weighter guys Can Be Fun Too

Hi Joan.

Well I'm glad you liked my story (How Annie And Her Husband Expanded
Their Sex Life). Sorry; I'm not really a writer or any thing close to
that. Thanks for "brushing-up" my work.

Have you gotten many replies to your Internet posting? I would like to
read some of the stories you have received that feature gals with
multiple-men... especially any new ones you may have.

I would like to share a couple of things with you concerning our
alternate lifestyle.

We are a couple that started with nothing financially, and made good.
We have no wants that can't be obtained. In our new lifestyle, we have
found couples at all levels of financial security, and have found that the
ones with the most money are a bit snobbish.

The couples that are more middle-class are the most fun and easiest to
get along with. With our kind of get togethers, no one needs to spend a
lot of money. We have never been into the "travel with us to the Islands
and spend a week in bliss" people. We just like to have fun and then go
home and have more fun.

Another thing that I discovered (accidentally) are big men. Not just
big between the legs. My husband is a really physically-fit 47-year-old
guy. I had never really imagined myself having sex with someone who was

One time in a group situation, a larger (weight and size) guy came up
behind me and entered me from the rear, doggy-style. He was so gentle and
talented that when I looked back, I was stunned. I was really enjoying
this big guy no matter how much he weighed.

We met with this fellow and his wife a few times after that and had
incredible sex. His wife told me that she has found that big guys out-perform the lighter ones. I checked it out myself at a couple of
parties and... lo and behold... I found her to be right.

Now I don't stay away from the big guys. They are part of my fun. I
just wish more women would try one and see for themselves. I've gotten to
feel sorry for some of the big guys I have met and had great times with.

At a couple of the parties I have seen the heavier guys just ignored by
a lot of the women. I asked a couple of the women if they had ever had a
big guy... and they just said, "Oh, heavens no." Their loss.

Do you have any way of getting the word out there about the special
pleasures the big guys can give us? They need some backing from more
people. Yes, I am glad my husband is physically-fit and all. I am also
glad that I am still 108 lbs. I have not convinced my husband yet to
really give large girls a chance. He has been with a couple of larger
women, but really prefers smaller ones. Oh well.

Have a great week and send some more stories. Just no animal stories. I
can't get into that yet. Maybe sometime.

Annie September 3, 1998

A Reply From Joan...

Yes Annie, I have received lots of E-Mail since my Internet posting. I
am amazed how many couples (and single gals) have begun to explore the
pleasures of multiple-partner sex play. I guess we're not the odd ones
after all.

I was pleased to see your comments about larger (weight) men. Actually,
I have noticed the same thing. Often the more physically-fit guys can be a
bit into themselves, and less gentle and giving than the guys who carry
more weight. Maybe the guys who weight more have learned that they need to
give a woman extra pleasure in order to be invited back.

Whatever the reason, I (too) have enjoyed some great sessions with
larger guys. There does seem to be a point when too big is simply too
big... unless the guy limits himself to giving oral pleasure and enters me
via doggy-style penetration. Some of the bigger guys seem to get a lot of
pleasure out of using just their hands, mouth and tongue to pleasure a
woman. They seem content to be the source of a sensual woman's
oral-induced orgasmic pleasure.

I have discovered that some guys who fancy themselves as "tit men" do
enjoy going to bed with larger women... so they can bury their faces
between the woman's "giant boobs."

I hope you and Gordon keep having fun! I am sending you another story from my "library." Hope you enjoy it.



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