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Wife's Night At The VFW

NOTE: This story made its way into Joan's Library from someone other
than the author. The supplier of the story assures me that it is a true
story, and that he has often corresponded with the couple involved. I
understand Martha and Joe have gone on to enjoy their newly-opened sex life

by Joe the Cuckold

Just a couple of weeks ago a very embarrassing thing happened to me.
Let me tell you about it.

I am a member of our local chapter of the VFW. For a couple of days it
seemed like every time I met one of the other members of the chapter he
smiled a big smile, patted me on the back, said I was a great guy, and was
lucky to have a wife like my Martha, and to tell her that he enjoyed seeing
her the other day at the VFW Hall.

I wondered when he had seen Martha at the VFW, because she rarely goes
there without me, she usually being the wallflower-type. Then I recalled
she and some other ladies had rented the bar the previous Saturday night
for a Bachelorette party. My wife works in an office with several other
ladies. She is the oldest by several years, say maybe 12.

One of the younger gals was getting married and they had given a
Bachelorette party for her. The ladies had arranged for the party to be
held in the bar at the VFW. Through my intercession, they had gotten it at
a reduced rate.

So, I was in the bar on a slow Wednesday night at the VFW, having a
shooter before going home after a long hard day at work. I was sitting
near the cash register just bullshitting with Joe the bartender. When I
saw a Polaroid photograph taped to the mirror behind the bar.

The photo was of a naked male. He was young... maybe 22 or 23. A very
well-built specimen with washboard abs, bulging pecs, deltoids, biceps,
triceps etc. A real Greek God type... only he was black as the ace of
spades. In the pic he was dancing with a lady who was also nude.

His right hand was cupped over her right breast and his left hand was on
her white ass. Her head was thrown back, her full red lips slightly parted
and a dreamy smile was on her pretty face. She was white, in her mid-30s,
about 5' ft 8 inches and looked to weigh about 135 pounds. She had dark
brunette hair and was nicely upholstered at 36D-27-38.

She was very attractive and in very nice shape. Even with the glasses
she wore, she was a real looker without being a hard-bodied babe. Her
full-figured body was soft, rounded, womanly, even wifely, motherly. Just
what you would expect a wife and mother to look like. I admired her and
thought her husband was a lucky son-of-a-bitch. I knew he was lucky
because the woman in the photograph was my wife!

"What the Fuck is this?" I blurted out when I realized what my eyes had
seen. "Where did this fucking photo come from," I demanded?

Joe was taken aback and said, "What about the photo? What's the big

"The big deal is the lady in this photo is MY Wife! What do you know
about it," I again demanded?

I was flabbergasted. When had this fucking shit taken place? My mind
raced and kicked into high gear. It had to have been the Bachelorette
party. The background revealed the photos were taken right in this bar...
and had several of the ladies in them, although they... unlike my wife...
were fully dressed.

I remembered my wife telling me the Bride-to-be was a petite blonde and
very cute and had expressed a desire to see a Chippendale-type show. The
other ladies pooled their bucks and hired a hunk to dance for the blushing
bride. I couldn't fathom how in the world...what could have possibly
possessed my wife to dance naked .. to show off her body?

"Martha is YOUR wife? You mean you don't know about this?" He laughed
but stopped quickly when he saw the look in my eyes.

"Hey don't get mad at me. All I did was take the photos."

"Photos? You mean there are more of them?"

"Yeah yeah, here they are," he said as he took several more from the

I grabbed them from his hand and thumbed through them. They all showed
my wife in various stages of undress and dancing with the black guy. In
most of the photos he had his hands somewhere on my wife's tits, or ass. A
couple of them... the total nude ones... showed his hand between Martha's
legs and over her pubic mound.

From the expressions on my wife's face she was clearly liking whatever
he was doing to her. One particular photo had several men in the
background. I recognized them as the ones who had been congratulating me
on my wife. I now knew why. They had seen my wife dancing naked with this
black stud. I flushed red hot with embarrassment thinking of the show my
wife must have put on for them. I was dizzy and held onto the bar until I
regained my composure.

"Ok Joe. You only took the photos." I looked him in the eye. "Now tell
me what happened. What caused my wife to get naked in here and why did she
let you take photos of her Joe? Tell me Joe."

Joe stammered, "Hey guy... I uh.."

"Look Joe. This is my wife and I have a right to know what the fuck
happened here. She hasn't said shit about this. I want you to tell me
exactly what you saw."

He obviously didn't want to say anything and tried to brush me off with
a, "Nothing."

"Joe, I 'll make a deal with you. You tell me what happened in here
Saturday or I am going to have to bust your face. You understand me?"

Joe saw the murderous look on my face and realized discretion was not
the better part of valor in this instance... and began to spill his guts.

"Now, they only rented the bar... other activities were going on while
this party was in progress. Due to the type of men who seems to hang
around these facilities, and all of these good looking dames in here and
this male stripper too, I had my hands full keeping the other members from
disturbing the ladies."

"So, anyway the ladies are having drinks and laughing and opening gifts
and such for the Bride. Pretty little thing she was too. After about 90
minutes of drinking and such, the stripper arrives and starts his show. He
used his own CD player and danced along the front of the bar. The women
were really enjoying it and he was dancing to several tunes and striped
down to a thing that just covered his dick. You can see it in a couple of
the photos."

"So the women are having a great time and for some reason I noticed your
wife, only I didn't know she was your wife. I saw her in the back,
intently watching this guy go through his moves, strutting his stuff. I
saw your wife... Martha is her name right? I saw Martha with a
glassy-eyed look on her face and I saw tiny beads of sweat on her forehead.
Martha was biting her lips and sticking the tip of her tongue from her
mouth. I saw her with her hands on her tits. She squeezed them a couple
of times then self-conscientiously look around to see if anyone had
noticed. She did this two-three times. I said to myself that here was some
guy's wife and she was getting hot over this black stud."

"The dancer was roving around the ladies, giving table and lap dances
for each of the gals. He was thrusting his big black pecker almost into
their faces. The gals were stuffing money into his G-string, and all
seemed to really like what he was doing.

When he moved over to Martha I saw her squirming in her seat as he
thrust his barely-covered cock into her face. Her eyes were riveted to his
crotch. She was licking her lips and holding her hand tight in her lap
like she was afraid to release them in case they would grab at this black
stud's cock."

"Everyone was watching Martha as she was watching the stud do his stuff.
Then the stud took Martha's hand from her lap, tugged slightly and pulled
her to her feet. He slowly led her up in front of the bar. The music was
a slow sensual tune and he took your wife into his arms and started dancing
with her. Slowly.

He pressed his body very close to Martha's and rubbed his cock along her
thighs. Hey look, don't get mad at me for this, OK? I thought to myself
something was going to happen. I left for a minute and called to the guys playing poker in the hall to come in here to see the show that was
starting. Then I grabbed the Polaroid and began taking photos."

"Your wife was dancing with him and he spun her around and moved up
behind her and then ran his hands all over her body. Everyone gasped as he
felt your wife's tits and then drifted to her hips and lifted her skirt and
flashed her panties to the others. There wasn't a sound in the place
except the music. All attention was now directed to this black stud and
your wife.

I don't know how he convinced her to go along with it, but he undid your
wife's skirt and it fell to the floor. She kicked it away. He put his
hands on your wife's hips right over her white panties, then ran them
around her ass, back to her tummy, then down over her bush and onto her
thighs, and back up to her ass and onto her hips again. They kept dancing,
swaying to the music. I could see him whispering to her, but because of
the music, I couldn't hear what he was saying."

"The stud put his hands on your wife's tits again and really played with
them, guy. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. And, if I didn't have
the photos, I wouldn't believe it now. Anyhow, he slowly eases himself to
his knees behind her and places his hands on her hips, then moves them over
her pussy several times.

I've got to tell you friend, your wife was moaning. I could hear her
over the music. I knew what was going to happen, and I moved around where
I could get a good shot, here this one is it. Martha is facing the ladies
and most of the guys have moved around behind them and are standing along
the back wall.

Hooking his fingers in her panties, the guy slowly tugged down on them
and pulled them to her ankles. There was an audible sigh from everyone as
your wife's pussy was exposed to everyone's view. I gotta tell ya guy,
your wife, Martha, has a beautiful pussy. Hey don't hit me. It ain't my

"So he pulls off her panties and tosses them into the audience. I don't
know who got them man. all I know it wasn't me. Martha was naked from the
waist down and he moved his hands all over her pussy hair, along her hips
and thighs and once even came up from behind her ass and between her legs
and rested his hand on her pussy and rubbed it.

Then he stood up, turned her around and pulled her to him. He really
ground his thinly-covered cock into Martha's pussy. By this time, everyone
can tell this dame was really hot. I gotta be honest guy. Looking at this
show and your wife's naked pussy... my cock was rock-hard. By the way how
old is Martha? However old she is she still has a killer ass!"

"Then he turned her around again and undid the buttons on her blouse
very slowly, one by one until it is hanging open, revealing her big tits.
They were swelling in the lacy white bra she had on. He slipped her blouse
off and flipped it away. Without much warning he undid the hooks in the
back and whipped off the last piece of your wife's clothing.

I can tell you, after the initial gasp and several oohs and ahh's, no
one was saying anything. They were just taking in the sight of your wife standing there bare-ass naked. What a sight. For a dame who I guess is
nearly forty, your wife is one hot babe! Hey man. Cool it. You outta be
proud of her body."

"I thought the show would be over since Martha was stripped and naked
for all of us to see. But the black guy took her into his arms and began
to really dance dirty with her. He rubbed his hard cock against her naked
pussy and buried his face in her bare tits.

I can't swear to it, but I think he sucked Martha's tits a couple of
times. One thing for sure he felt them up an awful lot. He was constantly
playing with them and tweaking her nipples until they stood out like nubs,
like the erasers on a pencil. Hot man."

"I know your wife was turned-on and very hot. I just wondered what was
going to happen next. Well, Martha dropped to her knees. She slid her
face along the stud's chest, stomach... and right onto his covered, hard

Hey look guy. I don't want to tell you this next shit. OK, OK,

She untied the guy's G-string and pulled it off of him. Even before she
did this, we all could see how big his cock was. All the thong did was
cover it, not hide its size. It was big maybe 8 or 9 inches... and pretty
thick, with a large purplish knob-like head.

Martha took it into her hands and stroked it slowly, staring at it, and
licking her lips. I wondered if she would... no I prayed she would...
take it into her mouth and suck it. I think we all did."

"Martha's face was maybe a foot from the end of his cock. The music had
stopped and now I could hear whispering..."

"Is she going to suck it?"

"Yeah bet she does"

"Damn I sure hope she does"

"Then someone whispered."

"Do it Martha. Do it."

"Someone else picked it up and soon it was a chant. Quietly at first,
but then louder and louder."

"Do it Martha"..."Do it."

"Do it Martha"..."Do it."

"Do it Martha"..."Do it."

"Martha leaned forward, her lips parted, her mouth opened... as she
stroked his cock. The purplish knob-like head disappeared into your wife's
mouth, and she wrapped her lips around the shaft. She had about two or
three inches of him in her mouth.

I could tell her mouth was full, and I didn't think she could take much
more without gagging. She sucked him and bobbed her head on his cock as
she continued to stroke him, building up speed. Then it plopped out of her
mouth and she began licking and kissing the shaft, the underside of the
head. What a blow job she was giving him.

Hey does she suck your cock like she did him?

Hey guy chill out, OK?

The black guy's head was thrown back, and his eyes were closed. He was
just groaning softly. Martha sucked and licked and tongued him for several
minutes. There wasn't a sound to be heard in there except the sounds of
Martha's mouth on this guy's cock."

"I've got to tell you friend, your wife was really going to town on this
black eel of a cock. She was really worshipping his cock with her mouth,
lips and tongue. We all were enthralled with the performance your wife was

I wondered how long the stud could hold out from this expert job of
cocksucking Martha was giving him. We didn't have long to wait. He
started to thrust his hips, trying to fuck your wife's face. He grabbed
your wife's head by the ears and held her tightly onto his cock.

It was then that he shot his wad. He must have shot a real load 'cause
cum literally flew from between your wife's lips and her mouth... as she
kept it wrapped around his cock. It dribbled down onto her tits. She
sucked him hard. Her mouth was working his cock, milking it and swallowing
his cum."

"When he had pumped it all into your wife's face, he pulled out and she
kneeled there and then looked at the ladies and the guys who had been
watching. Martha looked down at her cum covered tits, back to the stud's
cock and then at the others.

I guess that was when she returned to reality and realized she was
totally naked in front nearly twenty men and women... and what she had
just done. She turned a beet red. Her entire body seemed to turn red!
Then your wife screamed,"


"Martha stood up and screamed."

"Where are my clothes?"

"She frantically ran around looking for her things. I gotta tell ya
dude, it was funny. Your wife was screaming."

"What have I done? What have I done. My husband will kill me. My
husband will kill me."

"Eventually she located her skirt, blouse and her purse... and ran into
the restroom. We were all laughing and talking about the great show Martha
and the black stud has just given us.

Boy, at the time I was really glad I had taken the photos. OK, OK...
they're yours.

Maybe two minutes after she went into the ladies room, your wife ran
from the restroom and out the door. She didn't say shit to no one. She
was 'Gone with the Wind'."

"Hey look dude, I know now you didn't know about any of this, but what
the fuck... it happened. Ain't your fault, ain't your wife's fault. It
was just one of those things. Ya know shit happens. Hey its not like she
fucked him or anything.

Man... please don't hit me.W Wasn't my cock your wife sucked."

Yeah I thought. It wasn't his cock my wife sucked. It wasn't his wife that was a public cocksucker either. Now I know the real reason why Martha
didn't go to work... but called in sick on Monday and Tuesday. She's
afraid to face her friends. No shit, I would be too, if I was her.

So that's it. We live in a small town and Martha's fame has spread
among the populace. No longer is she just a middle-aged wife and mother.
She is Martha the renowned cocksucker


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