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L 117 PEGt


Couple's 'Pregnancy Missions' Involved Other guys
I found your list of stories on the Internet, and was taken by the fact
that most of your stories are written by women... about their personal
unique sexual experiences. Joan, I don't know if other women will judge me
to be outrageous in my conduct... but the following experiences really
happened to me and my husband, and (for the first time) I thought I would
put them into writing for other women to read.

Please leave me simply known as "Anonymous." While I have given names to
a couple of the guys involved, they are fictitious names... used simply to
enable the reader to follow what was going on. The main part of this story took place over nine years ago, and I can't even remember some of the
names... but I sure remember the other details! Anonymous

My loving husband is now 38 years old. I am 35, and still have a good
shape. I am much shorter than my husband (I am only 5' 3" tall... he is
5' 11" tall). We have been married now (1998) for 14 years.

When I was in my mid-teens, I was considered attractive, shapely and
personable. I thought I had the world on a string. As the song goes...
"I enjoy(ed) being a female female!" I had no trouble getting what I
wanted, while exuding my feminine sensuality.

By my late teens I had already realized that there was a certain
inequality between men and women. I heard how men often were paid more
than women for similar jobs, and I observed how my mom had to work outside
our home and still was struck with making all the meals, caring for all the
family clothes, and keeping the house clean. Naturally my two sisters and
I helped... but we got little or no help from my dad and brother.

When I went out with guys, I enjoyed having doors opened for me and
being treated like I was special; but I noticed that I was often regarded
as a pretty possession... used to show how the guy could attract a
good-looking woman.

When it came to making love, too often I found that the guys were
exclusively focused on their own pleasure... and mine was only incidental.
Then, guys would want me to give them head, but seldom wanted to return the

That's about the time I developed my own philosophy for getting what I
wanted from life. I decided that as a woman, I had to be a bit more
aggressive in letting males know what I wanted and expected... whether
they be dates, employers or friends.

Having recognized that as a female I needed to be a bit more aggressive,
I also concluded that I had to be careful to not seem pushy, "butchy,"
domineering or heavy-handed. I even developed a little saying that I have

Naturally, this philosophy demands that I continuously have a reasonably
clear focus on what I want out of life. That changes, but I never let
myself "just take what life brings." Further, I decided that regardless
what boobs some guys showed themselves to be, I was determined to be a
really great lover!

In the early days of my marriage, my husband and I met some other
couples through a bar that we often visited on weekends. It seems that
several of these couples would periodically get together for adults-only,
rather-unusual parties.

One night, two of the women came up to me and told me that there was to
be a party the next night at one of their homes, and that my husband and I
were invited. There would be lots to eat and drink, and great music for
dancing. However, they said, we needed to know in advance that it would be
a party where some of the folks shed their clothes... and "since we are
all friends, sometimes the gals get together with someone other than their
husband in one of the bedrooms... well, to play!"

I got the picture. I told them I would talk with my husband and give
them a call the next day. My husband and I had been married nearly three
years at this point. We had both done a lot of screwing around with others
before we had married, but had not "cheated" on each other since our
marriage. However, I knew that many of my girlfriends had already done
some experimenting with extramarital affairs... as had some of their
husbands. I knew that generally ended-up causing pain to the participants
and their families.

My husband and I had always agreed that at some point either or both of
us may want "to try some new stuff... for purposes of variety." We had
told each other that when that time came it would be better to be open with
each other rather than lying to each other. But, so far neither of us had
explored sexual fun and games outside our marriage.

Before mentioning the party to my husband, I mulled it over in my
mind... thinking about how this could be an opportunity for both of us to
experience "some new stuff," while keeping our loving relationship primary
and free of lies. Well, when I mentioned the proposed party to my husband,
he thought it sounded great. We had also been wanting to meet some other
couples our age, and the idea of "playing around" sounded kind of funky to
both of us.

The net result was that we were introduced to "swinging" or
"mate-swapping." Without getting into all the details, both my husband and
I had sex with other people's spouses that night. Later we went home and
screwed for hours. Amazingly, my inhibitions dropped away early in the
evening when most of the gals at the party shed their tops. I did too...
and soon I had several guys wanting to dance with me and caress my rather
sizable melons.

We found ourselves joining our new friends often, and both of us enjoyed
the variety and the new sexual techniques and ideas we learned at the
parties. My large breasts, my "gentle aggressiveness," and my enthusiasm
for giving and receiving oral pleasure... and my husband's long, curved
cock and talented tongue caused us to be regularly invited to new and
bigger parties. However, this story is not about our swinging lifestyle. I
just wanted to give you a little background.

We had been married about four years when we both decided it was time to
consider having a baby. Unlike many of our friends, we did not tell anyone
about our hopes and plans. We just decided that we would have to forgo the
swing parties until I was pregnant. So, that's what we did. We used a
variety of excuses for avoiding sex with others for several months...
while keeping our options open.

I immediately stopped my birth control pill regimen, and my loving
husband and I screwed all the time. Nothing happened. I finally went to a
doctor to get checked. He told me I was perfectly capable of having
kids... that maybe we needed to keep trying since my body may be taking
time adjusting to no longer having the birth control chemicals in my

Several months later, I visited the doctor again. Again he assured me
that my body was quite capable of getting pregnant. However, this time he
said he wanted to check my husband. Well, we got a shock. It seems that
my dear husband is sterile... possibly due to a childhood illness that he
had had many years ago. We were crushed. We really wanted to start a

To avoid the chemicals in the birth control pills, I got myself fitted
for a diaphram, and we got into the party scene again for about a year.
During that time my husband and I talked about all sorts of possibilities
for having the kids we wanted. Adoption... no, I was capable of bearing
children... and I wanted to. Sperm Donation Bank... no, that sounded too
impersonal, and Bart would not be part of the process. Surrogate Father...
no, again my husband would not be part of the process... and there could
be complications if the surrogate father ever wanted to claim his parental

By this time, my husband was a very successful salesman with a computer
hardware manufacturer. I had my own small business, and could sometimes
travel with him on his business trips. He often went to conventions, and I
would go whenever I could.

At these conventions, my husband would often bring guys back to our room
for an evening of penny-ante poker. I often served snacks before
retreating to my portion of the suite that we usually rented. I noticed
that several of the guys were quite handsome, and seemed to appreciate my
feminine presence.

One night after an evening of poker, my husband crawled into bed with me
and said he had an idea. By this time he had his long cock buried in my
pussy as we faced each other, and we started to talk. "So what's your
idea," I quizzed him.

He pointed out that we really want to have kids, and that all the
options we had considered so far seemed wrong for us. I agreed. Then he
surprised me. "Well how about if we made it possible for several guys to
plant their seeds in you at the same time... guys I bring to our bed...
so I play a major role in this operation," he said. As we talked it over,
we both knew that under such conditions I was sure to get pregnant, and
neither we nor the contributor of the successful sperm would know its

I thought about his proposal for a while as his cock continued to gently
slide in and out of my juicy pussy. I liked the idea that I would not know
which of the 'donors' actually started the pregnancy... and that my
husband would be able to know that he played a major role in my (our)
pregnancy. I kept thinking about it. It could work. I mean, I knew I
could get pregnant if I just left the old diaphram out... and yet the
'sperm donor' would not know of his contribution to our cause.

And, under this plan, neither my husband nor I could identify the
'donor'. That was an important variation from earlier ideas we had
considered. We talked about the fact that we probably should not try this
in our home town area where the participating guys might eventually see
that I am pregnant, and might put two and two together.

That's when my husband said he had gotten the idea during the poker game
that evening. He suggested that we could take advantage of one or more of
these convention evening poker games. He said he had watched how the guys often seem to drool over me when I serve snacks... and then look
disappointed when I left to go into the bedroom for the night.

I pointed out that Marvin (a black guy who sells at some of the shows my
husband attends) often joins in the poker parties. I reminded him that we
would have a hard time explaining a black child to our parents.

"That's where I come in," my loving husband proudly told me. He
suggested that he could select a list of 6 or 8 prospective 'donors.' Then,
he promised, he would select only white guys who seem intelligent and are
in good shape. We talked about the fact that we would have to schedule a
poker party at a time when I would be most fertile... and then he could
pre-determine who would come to the poker party that night. That way, he
assured me, he would feel that he would be 'fathering' our child by guiding
the combined pool of sperm that got to mate with my eggs.

We talked about it a lot over the next several days. Since it was not
the right time of my cycle, we couldn't implement our little plan during
that convention... but I found myself wandering around the convention
floor checking out potential 'donors.'

We agreed that our little plan was a bit kinky... and really far-out...
but we decided together that this could be a great way to get the family we
had always wanted. While this was not the way I would have chosen to have
a child with my husband, I began to realize that we needed to implement
some "gentle aggressiveness" and some unconventional thinking and actions
to get what we wanted.

We learned that about two months later, there would be two simultaneous
trade shows for the same industry. My husband learned which trade show his
good friend Marvin would be working... and he signed up for the other
one.... one in Oklahoma City We checked the calendar. YES! The five-day
Oklahoma City trade show would start just two days before my most fertile
period would begin.

We did a lot of planning. My husband knew he would be seeing some of
his fellow Oklahoma City trade show attendees a few times before the show
date. He put together a list of eight guys he knew would be there alone.
Then he started challenging them to a series of special poker games during
the evenings of the show. Seven of them bought into his plan.

I went out shopping. I bought some really sexy lingerie and some rather
revealing tops, short skirts and swim wear. We were loaded for bear!

The first two days I wandered around the trade show and engaged each of
the 'chosen guys' in conversation. I always wore tops that showed my ample
breasts at their best. Occasionally my husband would bring one or two of
the guys out to the hotel pool where I was swimming... for a mid-day
drink. That gave me an opportunity to flaunt my wares to them in my bikini
when I would join them for a drink.

The first two nights of poker I played my old role of hostess... but
while wearing lacy robes, etc. I even sat on the laps of a couple of guys.
We always had two or three tables set up in the living room area of the
hotel suite. Unfortunately, after the first night, one of the guys was
called home for an emergency. We still had six other guys, not counting my

By the end of the second evening, some of the guys were making remarks
about how attractive they thought I was... how sexy... how lucky my
husband is... how they would sure like to see more of my half-revealed
breasts. I smiled and just before they all left, I said, "Come back for
round three of your poker tournament tomorrow night... and maybe you'll
see more!" With that, they all assured me they would be back the next

I kept myself scarce the next day. I got a massage and steam... and
prepared myself mentally for what I knew was ahead. By this point, I had
already enjoyed a large variety of sexual partners... but they were always
one-on-one. I was beginning to get a bit apprehensive, until I remembered
my motto... to get the things I wanted out of life, I must be gently
aggressive. I really wanted to get pregnant... and to have a child!

After the show was over for the day, my husband and I had a leisurely
dinner with lots of wine... before meeting our guests back at our room at
8 PM.

I arrived late... after all the guys were already deep into their game.
I was wearing the rather conservative outfit I had worn to dinner. The
guys all welcomed me, but several of them said they had hoped I would be
wearing something a bit more sexy. After my parting challenge of the night
before, they were beginning to get vocal about their hopes of seeing more
of my body.

By now they were beginning to act a bit like a cheering squad, trying to
get me to change into something more revealing. My husband took command.
He announced that he thought I could be persuaded... if each guy would
just give me a good kiss and hug as I passed through the room.

I bent over and gave my husband a deep tongue kiss... then began moving
around the tables, giving somewhat-more-modest kisses to each of the guys.
Most of the guys insisted on a hug... and some of them copped a feel in
the process. God... my head was already spinning in anticipation. I just
gave them a sly smile. Then, after the last kiss I headed for the bedroom
while assuring them I was going to change into something "more comfortable
for the evening."

A few minutes later I came out. I was wearing a snap-bottom teddy and a
thin lacy cover-up that barely covered my crotch. That's all! "You said
you wanted me to wear something a bit more revealing... a bit more
comfortable," I announced. They stopped planing cards and just studied me.
Finally a few of them started to whistle.

As I served them some snacks and drinks, several of them wanted another
hug and kiss. I obliged. My husband chided them to get back to their
cards. "If you will stop your drooling, I'll make you a deal," he
announced. With that, they all looked toward him and some of them said,
"What kind of deal?"

I saw a grin begin to grow on my husband's face as he announced, "The
next guy who gets a full house can take my wife into the bedroom where she
will give him one of her special massages."

Most of the guys looked at me. I gave an assuring smile back at them
and said, "I told you tonight's round of your poker tournament would be
special." They immediately returned to their card playing... now building
hands that might lead to a full house. I continued to serve snacks and
refresh drinks.

Again, I found myself occasionally sitting on one of the guys' laps,
helping him sort his cards. A couple of the guys had hard lumps in their
pants, and I just casually ground my nearly-bare bottom down onto them.

A few minutes later, George stood up and showed his cards to everyone.
He had a full house. I led him into our bedroom and smiled back at the
guys while I closed the door. Then I turned to George and gently directed
him to remove his clothes. "Are you serious," he asked. "How else can I
give you my special massage?" I asked him.

I pulled the bed covers down and lay on my back on one side of the
king-sized bed as I watched him strip. He stood there naked for a moment,
returning my smile. I patted the bed next to me. He gingerly crawled onto
the bed. "Want to take anything off me?" I asked him. Without hesitation
he removed my cover-up and started trying to figure out how the teddy could
be taken off.

"You'll have to put your hand down here and unsnap these things," I told
him as I spread my legs apart while moving his hand down there. In a flash
he had it off me and we were cuddling.

He reminded me that I had promised some type of special massage. I
assured him that indeed he had won my special massage, as I moved my hand
down to wrap around his cock. He was hard already. "This is what I really
like to massage," I told him. Then I crawled down between his legs as he
lay back on the pillows.

I gave him a prolonged blow job, until I knew he could not hold out much
longer. Then I squeezed his cock to hold him back. I lay next to him and
invited him to mount me. "Now, I want to let my pussy muscles finish my
special massage of your cock," I said. He didn't have to be invited twice.
Soon he was pumping away, and I found myself getting into the heat of
the moment. I think we both moaned loudly at the same time... just as he
pumped a big load into me. I noticed that it had gotten quiet in the other
room. We rested beside each other for a few minutes, and I heard the
talking resume in the other room.

I gave him a kiss, told him we had better check to see if anyone else
had a "full house," and he dressed while I went to the bathroom.... just
to wipe off the his excess juices that had flowed out of my pussy. Then I
snapped my teddy back in place... and I escorted George back into the
living room.

All eyes were on us. They could tell by the satisfied look on George's
face... yes, he had received his special massage. "Anyone else get a
'full house" yet?" I asked while surveying the room full of gawking eyes.
My husband immediately said, "Yep bab, that crazy-looking salesman from
Minneapolis... Bob... has been awaiting his reward."

"Come on Bob," I said while motioning him toward the bedroom. George
wobbled back to his chair, and I saw the other guys at his table lean over
to ask him what I had done with him. "If you guys get a full house,"
George smiled, "... you'll see!"

With the door closed again, I soon had Bob nude and laying on his back
across the bed. His cock was already hard. I just kneeled on the bed and
began using my hands to massage his heavily-veined dick. His eyes closed
when I touched my lips to its head.

After a few minutes, I crawled onto the bed into a doggy-position...
and invited him to stand at the end of the bed and "give that thing the
kind of massage it deserves... inside my pussy." He quickly got behind me,
grabbed my hips, and inserted himself as I had invited.

Bob pounded into me... increasing his tempo until I found myself using
the pillow to hide the moans of pleasure coming out of me. I didn't really
reach a full orgasm that time... before he shot a big load of his sperm
deep inside me, and then collapsed on the bed beside me. After a few
minutes, I gave him a kiss and told him we had better get back to the card
party. Again, I used the bathroom to wash my crotch and re-snap my teddy.

By the time we returned to the living room, Bob was dressed and had a
huge grin on his face. He was extolling the wonders of my massage
skills... without giving any details.

My husband pulled me to him and gave me another big kiss. "You are a
very special hostess," he assured me, as he winked. Then he told me that
while Bob and I were out of the room, Ted and Mac and both gotten "full
house" hands.

Not quite sure how I was going to handle this, I took both Ted and Mac
by their hands, and led them to the bedroom. When I had closed the door,
Mac gently removed my cover-up while Ted made no bones about the view of my
body that he was enjoying. "What do you say Ted," said Mac, "what do you
say we give her the massage this time?"

They gently lifted me onto the bed and both began to lick and kiss my
legs... moving upward toward the inside of my thighs. Mac stopped long
enough to remove his clothes. Ted unsnapped the crotch of my teddy and
started sliding it up over my body. As soon as it was totally off, he took
one of my breasts into his mouth and began sucking while his hand roamed
across my tummy to play in my juicy pussy.

A now-nude Mac took over, and Ted stepped back to remove his clothes.
Mac engulfed one of my breasts with his mouth while using his fingers to
tweak the nipple on my other breast. My body was again responding to the
masculine stimulation.

When Ted was ready, he lay beside me and gave me a deep tongue kiss
while Mac continued his ministrations to my boobs. Soon Mac joined Ted
with kisses on my head and neck while both of them snuggled tightly against
either side of me... their hands playing on various parts of my body.

My hands strayed to their crotches. "My God," I thought as my hand
tried to wrap itself around Mac's member. It was huge! Not just long...
but THICK! I rolled onto my side, facing Mac as I now used both hands to
stroke his large cock.

Ted moved in tighter against my back, and I felt his dick slide between
my legs. I lifted my top leg slightly, and found myself burying my face in
Mac's hairy chest as Ted penetrated me. While Ted picked up his tempo, Mac
used one of his hands to cup my public mound. His finger was playing with
my clit. My body shuddered. I had to admit it... this really felt good!

My body reacted with a couple more orgasmic quakes before Ted unloaded
within me. Then Mac rolled me onto my back and positioned the pulsing
deep-red head of his cock at my pussy opening. Ted lifted my head so I
could look down across my tummy and watch as Mac began to slowly press
himself into me.

Naturally my pussy was well-lubed by now, but Mac was really stretching
me. Both guys watched my face as Mac's fat dick disappeared inch-by-inch
inside my body. My eyes clenched tightly closed as a very large orgasmic
wave began to wash through me. My body convulsed in an overload of really
great sensations as Mac barely moved within me.

When I calmed down, I found that Ted had moved his crotch up near my
face, and Mac was just now finally starting to jack his cock in and out of
my pussy. I grabbed Ted's cock and began to suck it while I felt my pussy muscles clench around Mac's in-out thrusts.

Since I already had a load of Ted's sperm where I really wanted it, I
didn't mind letting him screw my mouth... even if he left a load there.
While trying to concentrate on giving Ted a good blow job, I felt Mac's big
cock start to get bigger. He was getting ready to plant his seeds within
me. With my legs up over his shoulders, Mac pounded his expanded cock hard
against my pubic bone... and deposited a hot load inside my hungry
pussy... just as Ted rewarded my oral efforts.

This time I had to really do a good clean-up job before joining Ted and
Mac on our return trip to the living room. I entered the living room with
my arms wrapped around both guys. They had not gotten fully dressed. They
walked in just wearing their shorts, and very satisfied looks on their
faces.... and carrying the rest of their clothes.

There were two guys left who I had not yet had. Neither had yet gotten
a "full house." My husband then told me that "as a good hostess," I should
help them get the hand they needed. I looked at their hands, grabbed the
deck, sorted through, and pulled out the cards they both needed to each
complete a "full house." Then I helped them hold their hands up so everyone
could see that indeed, they both did have a "full house."

Then I took both of them by the hand and led them back to my rumpled
bed. With the door closed, before getting onto the bed, I stripped the
pants off both of them. Then I stuck my hand into their shorts and palmed
their nuts and hard cocks while they looked down on me.

Then they snapped out of their surprise, and began shedding the rest of
their clothes. I had them lay on their backs next to each other on the
bed. Then I did a slow strip of my cover-up and teddy while standing at the
end of the bed. Then I kneeled on the end of the bed between them and took
one of their cocks in each hand... and began giving them a hand job as
they lay back and watched.

After about five minutes of this, I could tell that one of them was
about to cum. I scrambled to sit down over his cock, and take it up inside
me while still holding on to the other guy's cock. Just a couple times of
my body making up-down strokes on the cock impaling me, and I felt him
shoot deeply within me. It was fun watching his face grimace in pleasure
while he exploded inside me... and I continued to hand-stroke the other

As soon as he stopped spraying, I clamped my legs together, and lay down
between the two guys. I could tell the second guy was about to explode
too, so I turned my back to him, lifted my leg, and drew his cock between
my legs. I planted the head of his cock at the entrance of my now-oozing
pussy and said, "Fill me, Tiger!" He plunged in as I began to plan kisses
on the chest of the first guy.

I found my legs squeezing tightly around this sixth guy's cock as he
worked his way toward explosion. A wonderful orgasm rippled through me
again, and the guy in front of me wrapped his arms around me as the cock
within me began to expand. The sixth cock shot its load way up inside of
me, and I just melted in the other guy's arms as I began to realize that I
had accomplished what my husband and I set out to make happen.

These last two guys dressed and left me laying on the bed, waving my
thanks to them. When they had all left our suite, my husband came in, got
rid of all of his clothes, and crawled onto the bed next to me. We
embraced in a long tender kiss as I told him that I had gotten all six guys to dispense of their life-giving liquid in my proper cavity.

We kissed again, and soon I found my husband's familiar long, curved
cock finding its way between my legs "to tamp down the seeds real good," as
he put it. This one was a prolonged, loving, sharing of sexual bliss. My
husband added his cap of cum to the six already within me... just as I
experienced my last peak of pleasure for the night.

We slept. The next day, my husband awoke me with a series of kisses to
my breasts. Later that day my husband talked with each of the guys who had
been in our room the night before. They were singing my praises... and
thanking my husband for his extraordinary hospitality. He invited them for
one last night of poker before the end of the trade show.

When they arrived at 8 PM this time, I met them at the door, wearing
only a black laced push-up bra, black laced tie-at-the-side panties, and a
black see-through shorty gown. As the guys arrived, they each asked where
my husband was. I told them to wait until all six guys were there before I
handed them a note my husband had written. Each one read it and handed it
to the next.

It said, "Hi guys! I am going to be busy until 10 PM tonight. My wife enjoyed last night, and would like to entertain you as a group tonight.
After you finish reading this note, my wife will head for our bedroom. The
first one of you who is stripped and follows her into the bedroom will get
to be first to enjoy her special massage. The others may all join her
too... until you are all very relaxed by the time I get there at 10 PM."

As the first guy had finished reading, I turned and trotted off to the
bedroom. At the door, I looked back. I noticed that the guys just looked
at each other for a moment. "Anyone coming?" I asked. They all
immediately began dropping their pants, shoes and remaining clothes.

Bob was first to arrive in the bedroom. Then the other five arrived to
find me giving Bob a serious blow job. I had to sit up when the guys started to remove my gown. Then, off came my bra and panties as I felt
male hands all over my body.

I bent back over Bob's cock, taking him in as deep as I could. My back
end was up in the air on the end of the bed. Someone had a hard cock
pressing against my pussy lips. Then I had an idea. My first priority was
to get an "insurance load" of each of these guy's sperm in my pussy, so I
took my mouth off Bob's cock and issued a challenge.

"I really loved having your cocks in my pussy last night," I told them.
Tonight, if you will each use your cocks to massage the inner walls of my
pussy... and evidence your pleasure with the event by exploding within my
pussy... I will then give each of you the most memorable blow job of your
life. And, if Bob here can hold his load in spite of my oral attentions
while the rest of you take me doggy-style, I will finally let him explode
within my pussy... and after resting, he may then fill my backside."

I went back to my sucking... while periodically squeezing the base of
Bob's cock to keep him from coming. The guy behind me promptly drove his
cock in deep while holding onto my hips. As soon as he had shot his load,
a second cock worked its way in between my pussy lips.

When he was finished and had withdrawn, I felt my pussy being filled by
another cock... I mean REALLY FILLED! I knew it had to be Mac. He worked
me over real good... causing my body to squirm in pleasure. After he shot
into me, another cock worked its way in. I could tell Bob was having a
hard time holding back... but he did. I felt an internal explosion in my
loins... and the cock within me pulled out. The final cock made its way
in. He pumped and pumped and finally let go.

I rewarded Bob by sitting my well-filled pussy right down over his
throbbing red cock. Just two thrusts up into me, and Bob let go with a
gut-emptying stream of his juices.

We all relaxed for a while. I lay next to Bob with my legs clamped
together to keep as much sperm inside me as possible. I relaxed a while to
give those little sperm time to swim to their destination within me. The
guys each got themselves (and me) a been. Eventually I retreated to the
bathroom to tidy-up a bit.

When I returned, I noticed that George was stretched out on the bed,
stroking himself to another really great erection. I climbed onto the bed
and straddled George's legs. Then I moved up and let his hard cock slide
into my pussy. Ted came over to the side to the bed and offered his cock
to my mouth.

As I rode up and down on George, I did my best to reward Ted with a
memorable blow job. I was surprised to feel someone playing with my
backside. It was Bob. He was hard again already. "In that drawer over
there Bob... you will find some really slippery lubricant." He got the
stuff as I continued to ride George and suck Ted. As I squeezed Ted's
nuts, he exploded in my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could.

Then I felt Bob's finger applying lubricant to my anus... and up
inside. I looked back to notice that he had already applied a liberal load
to his dick. I stopped pumping up and down on George's cock long enough
for Bob to grab my hips, press his cock head against my anal opening...
and then press in.

Oh... I have to tell you, that felt wonderful. My husband and I often
enjoy anal sex, but I had never had a cock filling my pussy when another
cock drove on into my backside. Even George commented that he could feel
Bob enter me.

I found myself laying over George's chest with Bob's chest pressing
against my back... and both of their cocks just throbbing within me. One
of the other guys came over and offered his cock to my mouth while George
and Bob began to gently move back and forth within me. What a feeling!
Three cocks in me at the same time.

When George and Bob neared their climax, their cocks expanded until my
pussy and anus felt like they were going to explode. Instead, they both
exploded inside of me at about the same time... causing me to convulse in
a wonderful orgasm. I darn near bit the cock in my mouth.

Before my husband arrived, I gave a blow job to Mac (as best I could...
in view of his super size), and to the other remaining guy. I was
finishing with him when my husband joined us. Then, while the others
watched, my husband had Mac screw my pussy, and simultaneously, my husband
repeated Bob's backdoor performance (which I had told him about).

This time I was double-penetrated by a very fat cock filling my pussy cavity while my husband's long cock dipped deeply into my ass. They both
filled me with their juices again... and again, I shuddered in a wild,
intense orgasm that left me drained.

There was no card playing that night. My husband told the guys that the
past two nights had been the fulfillment of some fantasies he and I had
shared for a long time (to give some justification for what we had done).
Then he reminded them that they were all married, and that it was therefore
ESSENTIAL that we all be discrete... and that we all avoid telling others
(particularly others we worked with) about our experiences. When the guys left, they all thanked me for the special experience we had all shared over
the past two nights, and they gave me a parting kiss.

As you may guess, nine months later I gave birth to a beautiful baby
girl. My husband and I immediately fell in love with her. Our daughter is
eight now. Since this story has been written anonymously, and since my
husband and I have never told anyone of our venture, she will never know
that anyone other than her daddy (my husband) is her biological father.

Since my husband's work causes him to occasionally see the guys who had
attended our two special poker parties, they have each thanked him for
allowing them to enjoy me that week. When I traveled with my husband, we
invited a couple of them to join us for spontaneous threesomes... but only
a couple of times.

Without getting into the detail of our first "pregnancy mission," about
two years after our daughter was born, my husband suggested that our
daughter needed a brother or sister. I agreed. This time we did not make
such elaborate arrangements.

We traveled to New Orleans where we ended up having five guys join us
over a two-day period... most of those guys joined us on both nights.
While planned and executed during what I thought was my most fertile
period... this venture did not produce a pregnancy. I will spare you the
details of this trip, since it was not successful. Two months later we
tried again.

This time we planned a trip to Chicago for a week, and decided that such
a big city would surely produce a group of guys who would enjoy being
invited to have sex with me... while unknowingly contributing their sperm
toward our second pregnancy.

As we had done the time before, we ran some ads in various swinger
magazines and local adult publications, seeking young guys for a "gang
bang" which was to be held in the Chicago area. Believe me, we got LOTS of
replies. That gave us a chance to select and choose. This time we came up
with a list of 15 guys to give more serious consideration as potential

My most fertile period was anticipated at the end of the week we would
be in Chicago. Like we had done in New Orleans, we used the early part of
the week to "interview" prospective invitees. My husband met personally
with all of them... in the lounge of the hotel where we were staying.
Often, I sat at the bar so I could watch and observe from a distance. Four
of the guys proved to be racially unacceptable for our purposes. Two more
were over weight, unattractive guys who I ruled out.

Of the remaining nine, two could not join us at either our planned
Friday night or Saturday night events. That left us with seven guys...
all rather handsome. Naturally, we used fictitious names all week. Also,
we changed hotels for Friday and Saturday night so that none of the
uninvited guys could find us.

Keeping in mind that ours was first and foremost a "pregnancy mission,"
my husband told each of the selected guys that while I enjoyed other forms
of sex, I really enjoyed good old fashioned screwing... because I really
enjoyed the feel of a man's cock in my pussy. He told them that for this
reason, the first night would involve having one guy at a time visit me in
my room to give me his best screwing in the position of his choice, while
my husband and the others were in the other room.

Then, when all the guys had had a turn, we would have some drinks and
give me a chance to get to know the guys as a group. At my suggestion he
promised that during this time each guy would get my undivided attention
for a memorable blow job. Finally, we would then all return the bedroom
for a two-hour oral and vaginal gang bang with me at the center of the
party. He told them that if all went well, we would probably have a repeat
party the next night.

All seven guys showed up Friday night... and I must have drawn at least
two vaginally-deposited loads of sperm from each of them. That was in
addition to the climaxes they each enjoyed thanks to my talented mouth and

My husband decided that on Saturday night he wanted me to get lots of
orgasm-producing oral attention... along with extra "insurance loads" of
mixed sperm... to enhance the probability of success resulting from this
third "pregnancy mission."

Five of the guys returned for our Saturday night party. At my husband's
suggestion, the first hour was dedicated to "an oral fest" where no one was
allowed to cum inside me... so everyone would feel comfortable spending
"face time" between my legs. It was wonderful! I must have experienced
well over a dozen really fine orgasms during that hour. I sucked them...
and they sucked, licked and kissed virtually every part of my body.

Then my husband challenged them to each pump my pussy full of their
biggest possible load... telling them that I enjoyed the feeling of male
juices squirting inside me. They did! Later we snacked, drank, and then
most of them screwed me again while my husband watched... and periodically
kissed me. During one final round, my husband held me in his arms while
four of them did me doggy-style... one after the other.

As hoped, our Chicago trip left me well-impregnated! Within a few weeks
my doctor confirmed our success. Nine months after our Chicago trip we had
a baby boy. We have never again had contact with any of the Chicago guys.

As mentioned at the beginning, I have always believed that it is worth
being a bit aggressive to get what I want out of life. Fortunately, I am
blessed with an understanding and very loving husband who enjoys sex every
bit as much as I do. All of our relatives believe that my husband fathered
both our son and daughter. Why would they think otherwise? And, we both
love both of our children VERY MUCH!

I have to admit that having 5,6 or 7 guys all try to stimulate me at the
same time is a bit of a sensual overload for me. It tends to leave a lady
rather sticky with cum... and a little unladylike in appearance.

The "gang bang" scene isn't really my preferred sexual activity... but
the three (actually six nights) I experienced were necessary components to
accomplish the discrete husband-involved, no-recriminations pregnancies
that we desired.

Generally, my most satisfying and fulfilling sex is one-on-one stuff
with my husband. Although I have enjoyed some extended, extra high peaks
of pleasure when we have invited an additional guy to our bed. During
several of these prolonged MFM sessions, the guys either take turns keeping
me at elevated multi-orgasmic levels... or jointly fill me in ways that
are not possible when my husband and I make love along.

In other words, my husband and I don't need extra partners in order to
have a fulfilling sex life. The occasional extra guy just adds spice and
variety. For us, swinging adds occasional spice and variety too. "Gang
bangs" were only enjoyable as my husband and I sought to fulfill our
special mission to get me pregnant.

We still swing periodically... when the mood hits us. And, we
occasionally enjoy having either another woman or another guy join in our
bedroom games. But, we keep that part of our life well-separated from our
family life. Believe me, I still enjoy being a female... and I relish all
the sexual fulfillment that my femininity brings my way.

While some readers may think our "pregnancy missions" were weird...
they worked for us. All three were planned and executed by the two of
us... as a loving husband-wife team. My husband has been an integral part
of every stage of both of my pregnancies... probably more so than most
husbands are. As a result, there is no question that our kids are OUR

Sincerely, Anonymous


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