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L 119 EFRNDt


Internet Friends Finally Meet

It was a cool summer evening when I arrived at Andy's vacation beach
house. We had never met in person, but had been writing to each other via
the Internet for several months. We were eager to finally meet face to
face. I was 32 at the time, and he had told me he was 37. Although we
live a few thousand miles apart, this year he had rented a vacation cottage
just 500 miles from my home. We had both agreed... this was our

As I turned in toward the little cottage, I inhaled the evening breeze.
The sun was beginning to drop low in the sky. When I pulled up, Andy was
waiting to greet me. He was much more handsome than his picture had shown.
His dark brown hair accentuated his hazel eyes and sexy mouth. Andy was
wearing cut-off jeans and looked great as he walked toward the car. His
mouth looked sexy as it radiated a smile. I stopped the car and turned-off
the engine.

I had intentionally worn a rather revealing pink halter top and short
white shorts. I wanted to show off the tan I'd been working on all summer.
Unfortunately, I hadn't been able to sunbathe in the nude and didn't
believe in tanning beds, so I had some definite "tan lines" between my
halter top and shorts.

I had my hair pulled up to get it off my neck. It was easier to handle
this way while I was driving... because in the warm weather I like to have
the windows rolled-down with the wind blowing through my hair.

I opened the car door and started to get out. As I glanced at Andy, I
noticed him taking a long, close look at my legs, even though they are very
short. I've been told I have nice legs for a short gal. I guess it comes
from years of dancing, walking, and lots of exercise. Andy seemed to be
smitten with them! I knew right away... this was going to be fun!

He offered his hand to me and helped me get out of the car. I had to
lean forward a little. As I got out I noticed he was checking out my C-cup
boobs. They were straining my halter top seemingly seeking freedom. I
thought his tongue and eyes were going to pop out as I completely emerged
from the car. His response to my arrival really enhanced my feeling of
being a feminine and desirable woman.

As soon as he realized he was "busted" for oogling, he pulled me to him
and gave me a hug. "I'm so glad you could come visit!" he exclaimed,
wrapping his arm around me as we headed toward the porch.

"I'm thrilled to be here... finally!" I responded, laying my head on
his shoulder. During our many E-Mail messages, we had shared intimate
thoughts about our individual sexual experiences and fantasies. It was
clear that mutual sexual fulfillment would be a primary feature of my
300-mile trip to visit him at his vacation beach house.

"Let me show you around the place," he offered.

"Okay," I responded... admiring his tush as he took my hand and guided
me into his rented vacation abode.

He gave me a tour of the kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedrooms and
then showed-off a great view of the ocean from his window. Soon the sun
was nearing the horizon. It was a beautiful view as it set in the west
over the ocean. The whole sky seemed to be on fire with passion.

"Are you hungry? Thirsty?" He asked.

I looked into his eyes and smiled as I said "Just hungry for you!" "I
feel like I could use a shower, though. Could I?" I begged.

"Sure... follow me. Need someone to wash your back?" he inquired.

"Mmmm... I just might. Any suggestions who could do that for me?" I

"ME! ME!" he replied, flashing me a boyish grin.

"Okay, Andy... I'll let YOU wash my back... but that means you have to
wash all of me. Think you can handle that?"

"Sure can! Here... let me help you out of those clothes." he replied.

He stepped toward me and wrapped his arms around me as he untied my
halter top. He kissed me on the neck as he did so, his hair brushing
against my cheek like a feather. He smelled good, clean,
favorite smell. He was shorter than most men I'd been with. I liked how
we fit together as he held me in his arms. I wrapped my arms around his
waist and held onto him as he slipped my halter top off and slid down my
shorts, revealing my tanlines.

I didn't know what he would think about my body. I admit I was
self-conscious. At age 32, I don't feel quite like a calendar girl. I'm
not tall, thin and blonde, like the so-called All-American gal, but I'm not
bad for my age, either. In Andy's arms, I was beginning to gain confidence
about my womanly-charms.

As I stepped out of my shorts, Andy cupped my large breasts in this
hands, He began to kiss them, suckling them one at a time. I reached down
to unzip his shorts and felt his hardness against my thighs. I reached
inside and found him rock-hard and ready for lovin'.

I pushed his shorts down. They dropped to the floor.. and he stepped
out of them Like me, he was not wearing any underwear! He took my hand and
led me to the shower. I was pleased to find him so close to my height. I
couldn't believe it! His eyes, his hair... he is sooooo hot! A cute guy
just my size! WOW!

We stepped into the shower and turned it on full blast, squealing and
ducking the first blast of cold water until it settled to warmer
temperatures So much for the big hard-on! No, wait... I was wrong about
that! What a man!

Andy reached for the shampoo and began to lather my hair. As he washed
my hair, I took his rigid cock into my hands and began to explore it. Then
my hand moved downward to feel the weight of this balls, one at a time. As
I cupped his balls, I looked down to study his "tool of pleasure," as he
had called it in his E-Mail letters. His penis was beautiful. It was
standing at full attention... for ME!

He slid his hands down my back and cupped my ass, pulling me against
him. I could feel his erection against my tummy, my nether lips were
swelling and I was moist with anticipation. I wanted him so badly I could
almost taste him. So I did.

As the shower splashed down on us, I got on my knees and took him into
my mouth. He placed his hands on my hair and guided his penis into my
mouth and throat, slowly, a little at a time. I began to suck and lick and
nibble. He was delicious.

I wanted more... more! I looked up at him. He pulled me up and kissed
me deeply. I am sure he could taste himself on my tongue. As the warm
water splashed down on us, he lifted my leg and slowly slid his hardness
into my hungry wet crevice. He moved in and out slowly at first as he held
me tightly to him and continued to kiss me.

As I stood there with one leg wrapped around him, he began to pump a
little faster, thrusting a little deeper, faster, faster, until he spilled
his love juices into my waiting sheath. My body shook with gentle spikes
of pleasure as he continued to hold me, and as our combined juices ran down
my supporting leg.

After that passionate explosion, we needed to stay under the shower
spray a little longer to "cool off." Andy and I stayed glued together in
our love embrace, relishing the oneness of our newly-introduced bodies.
Our wet hair seemed glued to our heads. Beads of water were sliding down
the hills and valleys of our flesh.

"That was wonderful." I whispered in his ear. "I needed it."

"Yes, it was... I needed it too. Your pussy felt like velvet inside. I
can't tell you how great it is to be able to finally hold you in my arms...
and feel your softness against me," he whispered back to me.

"Your 'hardness' isn't too bad, either!" I giggled and grinned, as I
wrapped my fingers around his still-hard "tool of pleasure." "Let's get
dried off and try to maintain some composure for a few seconds, okay?" I

"Okay, I'll try... but it will be 'hard'," he replied... winking

We dried each other off, lingering on those special places that are so
much fun to play with, and headed for the patio. By now the sun was almost
completely down and there was a beautiful radiance over the mountains as we
stood hand-in-hand gazing at the view.

We had wrapped our towels around us. We decided it would be a good idea
to eat something besides each other at the moment. Sustenance, you know.

Andy was a wonderful cook. I had told him how much I loved Chicken
Curry, and he treated me to his own special recipe. It was delightful! He
looked so cute with the towel wrapped around his waist as he prepared the
food. I sat the table, complete with linen table cloth and candles, poured
hot tea and we sat down to eat.

After a few seconds, I let my towel slip off of me, giving him a full
view of my large, brown nipples. He almost choked on his food!

"Oh, that's the way you're going to play, huh?" he snickered.

"What are you going to do about it?" I replied.

"Close your eyes and you'll get a big surprise," he answered.

I closed my eyes (well, just a little... I'm not totally stupid). I
could feel the weight of the table shift as he slid off his chair and moved
under the table. He started crawling toward me. Pretty soon I felt his
hands guide my legs apart. His long soft hair was brushing against my
thighs as he dove for the treasure within. He licked, sucked and nibbled
his way up to my vagina. I leaned away from the table, took his head into
my hands and held onto him as he drove me crazy sucking my clitoris. He
was making me wiggle and squeal in delight!

"Oh god... you are... too... much! Don't... stop! DON'T STOP!"

The food is getting cold... Andy! You're driving me out of my mind!
"Aarghhhh... I'm cumming... I'm cumming!" I shuddered in orgasm as Andy
held onto my legs and drank the love juices from my body.

Afterward, I laid my head on the table to rest for a moment and
recuperate before we ate our "real" dinner.


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