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L 120 MARYt


Mary and the Paperboy

My name is Mary and I am a 42-year-old happily married woman but prior
to my marriage I explored my sexuality in various ways. My husband enjoys
me writing about these experiences since it turns him on and enhances our
sex life. I have a number of stories to tell, some wilder than others, but
to start I have chosen this one that I like to reminisce about:

My early teenage marriage sadly ended in divorce, and when I was 24
years old I decided I needed to live alone awhile. During this period I
bought a mobile home which I kept in a rural NW Ohio park, and I dated
about eight different guys off and on. Most of these I met in local bars,
and I was really having fun and trying different things sexually with them.
One Sunday afternoon I noticed half dozen teenage boys playing
basketball on a court which was easily visible from my kitchen window.
They had such lean, hard, sweaty bodies and I actually masturbated which
watching them. One of the boys was my sixteen-year-old paperboy. He was
the cutest and sexiest of the bunch.

After a few hours I called to Jimmy and asked him to come over because I
thought I owed him for the paper. Jimmy came to the door and told me he
did not have his records with him, but he would check and let me know. I
invited him in for a drink of water, and he came inside thanking me because
he was so hot and thirsty. Jimmy was about 6 feet tall, dark hair with
beautiful deep blue eyes. He had a handsome, manly face and could have
passed for 20 years old.

We sat and chatted while he drank a glass of ice water. I asked if he
would prefer a beer to quench his thirst. Jimmy smiled and said he would
love one. Just at that moment his friends came to the door saying they
were leaving, and Jimmy told them to go ahead and he would meet them later.
I told Jimmy I was glad he was not going to run off right away.

I turned our conversation to sexual matters and asked him if he had any
experience with girls. He said he had sex with one girl earlier in the
summer, and that it was his first time. He confided with me that he has
tried to find other girls who would be willing, but so far had had no luck.
I assured him that there was more girls “out-there” that would love a
good-looking boy like him.

Due to the heat, I had on a light nightgown and was naked underneath.
Jimmy could not see through the nightgown but he certainly did stare at me,
and I got the feeling he was undressing me with his eyes. I was already
turned-on, and Jimmy’s stares made me feel pretty… which made my pussy even

I kept hoping he would make a move on me, but he was shy. My air
conditioner was not working and we were both sweating as we continued to
sit at the kitchen table. Then I got an idea. “Jimmy”, I said, “you are
so hot and sweaty, why don’t you go in and take a quick shower?” To my
surprise Jimmy agreed, so I led him to the shower and closed the door.

I took off my nightgown, waited until I heard the water running and went
inside and pulled open the shower curtain. I will never forget what I saw.
Jimmy was pulling on his soaped-up cock and it was almost hard. For such a
young boy I was amazed at its size, in fact only one of the guys I was
dating had a larger one. As I climbed into the shower I said to him,
“thought you might want some company!” Jimmy was too shocked to say
anything, but he did not resist.

I scrubbed his back and then ran my hands around to his front and washed
his cock and balls. Jimmy’s legs started to quiver, he tensed-up and shot
his load much too quick. I looked him in the eye and said, “Jimmy, I have
some things to teach you… if you would like to learn.” At this point in our
relationship Jimmy stopped calling me “Miss” and addressed me as Mary. He
looked into my eyes and said, “Mary, I am just a kid, but I have such a
need for sex, and I just don’t know what to do about it.” I replied, “I
will show you what to do about it!”

One thing I’ll say about Jimmy, he may have had a quick trigger, but he
sure did recover fast. By the time we got out of the shower and dried off
he was hard and ready. We made a quick trip to the bedroom and I wasted no
time tasting that hot, young cock. I sucked Jimmy so hard that I thought I
was going to draw up his balls. Jimmy about went crazy. He loved it, and
he made no effort to hide how good he felt, he was very vocal. I began to
think this kid was going to make a great lover once I calmed him down a

I began to sense Jimmy was going to cum again so I pulled off him and
instructed him to lick my pussy. He needed help in this area. He was
eager, but not knowledgeable in what feels good to a girl. I spent at
least a half hour telling Jimmy exactly what I wanted: “lick first, then
use a finger, now two fingers, now three fingers, lightly suck my clit,
tongue my cunt hole, lick my ass hole, tongue my ass hole, go slower, now
go faster, now finger me hard and slap my ass.”

Jimmy made me cum three times during that half hour and several times he
tried to quit because he wanted to fuck, but I would not let him. I looked
at his cock and saw that it was extremely hard. In fact, the head had
turned a light shade of purple, and a rather large vein was protruding
along the shaft. I laid my hand along the length and estimated it to be 8
inches long. I could wrap my hand around it but not quite close my
fingers; it was nice and fat, just the way I like them. Jimmy needed some
attention in the worst way.

I told Jimmy to roll over on his back and I mounted his beautiful cock.
Oh, what a delicious feeling! As I sat down and forced him into me, I got
a nut off almost immediately, but this time Jimmy didn’t cum right away.
He just kept moving his hips in unison with me and he was so vocal, moaning
and muttering, “Yea Mary, fuck me like that, you feel so good!” I love to
express myself when I am having sex and let my partner know exactly what I
am feeling. Jimmy was naturally the same way, and in spite of his young age he was not bashful about telling me everything in his mind.

When Jimmy shot his load, I could feel the force of his cum deep inside
me… and it was a huge turn-on, in fact I came again immediately when I felt
his load go inside me. I rolled off Jimmy and told him, “Lick me on my
pussy, clean it up!” I thought Jimmy would resist doing this, but to my
surprise he was eager and immediately went to work on my pussy. He did a
wonderful job and made me cum again!

I was in for another surprise. With no break in time I started rubbing,
then sucking Jimmy’s cock. This hot, young cock barely had time to go
soft, yet now it easily became hard and excited again. “Oh Jimmy”, I said,
“Fuck me again!” He mounted me and our bodies were wet with sweat, skin
sliding with wetness. My senses were alive, as I smelled body sweat, cock
cum and cunt juice while Jimmy fucked my pussy.

That’s why I like to reminisce, the feelings come back when I remember
the scene exactly as it was. Jimmy lasted probably 10 minutes this time
and when I sensed he was about to cum I instructed him, “When you need to
cum, pull out. I want to taste you.” Jimmy did exactly as told as he
leaned forward and allowed me to take his cock into my mouth just as he
shot off. He tasted so sweet I sucked every drop and licked him clean.

Jimmy reached orgasm six times that first day. When the sex finally
ended, we spent another hour holding each other and talking. He was easy
to talk to and very open with me. I began to know him as a person and I
liked him very much. We parted company that day and Jimmy went home to his
parents, but he promised to come back soon.

Over the next month Jimmy visited me about three times a week… and they
were wonderful, sexual meetings. I gave him some tips on how to hold-off
cumming too quick. I told him to masturbate himself to the point of
cumming and then to hold his cock very tight until the urge to cum stopped.
I told him to do this repeatedly for at least an hour each night and he
would build up the ability to prevent early ejaculation. I had limited
success but Jimmy did improve. He always had a problem with that first
cum, however, after his first cum he could last a long time, and he became
more than a good lover. He became one of the best I ever had.

Then a problem developed. Jimmy became jealous; he didn’t like me
seeing other guys. I told him in no uncertain terms that I was not ready
to limit myself to one guy, and that was the way it was. He was hurt and
left my home with little to say. I did not see him for the next week and I
thought our relationship was over, until 9 PM one weekday night.

Ralph, one of the guys I was seeing, had just left my home after about
an hour quickie fuck. I remember feeling a little unsatisfied, and
thinking that sometimes one guy is just not enough. Then there was a knock
on my door. Yep, you guessed it, there stood Jimmy. He said, “I just
spent the last hour hiding in the field behind your trailer, waiting for
that guy to leave… and now I want to fuck you!”

I was very surprised, but glad to see Jimmy, and I told him to come on
in and wait while I cleaned myself up. Jimmy said, “don’t bother with
that.” He pushed me down on a kitchen chair, lifted my nightgown, and began
to lick and suck my pussy.

Wow, did I ever get super hot! The thought of Jimmy sucking Ralph’s cum out of my pussy just made me horny as hell. He sucked every drop out and
licked me clean, and then stood up and french kissed my mouth, allowing me
to taste the cum. I always wondered about this event, perhaps Jimmy had
some bi-sexual feelings. Anyhow, after Jimmy called his parents for
permission to spend the night at a buddy’s house, we made our way into the

I continued to see Jimmy off and on until he went away to college then I
lost track of him. I never forgot him, and sometimes still masturbate thinking about our fucking. I really do hope that the things I taught him
have proven to be useful in his sexual experiences as he grew older.



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