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L 122 GANGt


Vanessa’s Spermy Gangbang

My name is Vanessa. I am 18 years old. I was born in Germany but have
been living in Maine for three years. I apologize if my English is not as
colorful as that of a native writer, but I will do my best to let you
participate in an event that happened to me soon after my 18th birthday,
earlier this year, and that I will most certainly never forget.

I have always been called a pretty girl. I am reasonably tall (176 cm),
have a slender but not skinny body, firm cup B breasts with pink nipples
that very easily get hard, and then cannot be hidden by anything but very
thick pullovers. My hair is deep brown and I wear it quite long.

I had been sexually active since I was 15, dating guys quite regularly,
but nothing had ever satisfied my appetite for cock and sperm for more than
a couple of hours. I was looking for something far more exciting. The
idea of taking part in a gangbang had crossed my mind a year ago, and I
fantasized about it every time I masturbated (which means at least once or
twice a day). I had, however, no idea how to make this fantasy come true.

Finally I told Mike, a distant friend, about my fantasy and he eagerly
volunteered to organize something. He asked me how many guys I wanted to
take part in this orgy, but when I said 50 or so, he was stunned. "You
sure," he asked. "Absolutely", I said.

He smiled a bit uneasily, but he promised that he would do what he could
to arrange something like what I had in mind. After that conversation, I
did not hear from him for quite a while. I started to doubt, if he would
really get something organized, but after three weeks he finally called me.
"Do you still want that gangbang?" he asked. When I assured him that I
was still ready to be fucked by fifty men one after the other, he told me
his plan. "I got the key to a strip club that recently closed down. It
should make a perfect setting. I have started to talk to guys, and about
everyone I asked was eager to take part. Is next Saturday ok?" I agreed,
while my heart was racing.

My fantasy had become an obsession, forcing me to interrupt work several
times a day in order to find a quiet place (usually the bathroom) for
masturbating. Mike warned me once again. "It will be very hard to chicken
out, once we get started. Everybody will be incredibly horny, and nobody
will leave before he fucks you. And nobody will permit you to refuse him."
But the idea that among those fucking me there would be all kinds of men and dicks just aroused me more. So we agreed that Mike would pick me up
Saturday afternoon and drive me to the place.

Saturday arrived. I slept until 11 o'clock and then prepared carefully.
I took a long bath and then dressed in black underwear and a short black
dress. My nipples were fully erect and pinched themselves through the bra.
At four o'clock Mike arrived, dressed very casually. He greeted me a bit
coolly and we drove off. It was a one hour drive, during which we talked
very little, until we arrived in a seedy part of Berlin.

Mike pulled the car into a parking lot and we walked to the club. The
neon signs that said "Erotica Peep-Show and Table Dancing" were still in
place, but every other decoration had been removed. The small stairs that
led up to the door were full of litter. We did not enter through the main
door but used a back entrance. Mike directed me to a small room and told
me to wait there until everybody had arrived.

I sat on a stool in the little dressing (or rather undressing) room and
watched myself in the mirror. The light was dim, my face glowing with
desire. As I was waiting, heat was already pulsating through my body, and
my pussy was warm and moist. I forced myself not to caress myself.

Eventually I heard voices from outside, some laughter, but the
atmosphere seemed rather tense. Mike came back. "Everybody is here,
Vanessa, 47 in all. I want you to go out and shake hands with everybody,
they will just tell you their names. They are still dressed.

After you have introduced yourself to everybody, you will go to the
small rotating stage. There will be music, and you will dance and perform
a slow striptease. Do it slowly, but be as provocative and luscious as you
can. You will be in a pool of light, so you will see nothing, and
everybody will undress. And then you will see what happens. I will
probably blindfold you at first, but I insist that you show no resistance
to anything. As soon as you resist there will be a punishment. From here
on there is no way back."

He left. I heard that he started the music, not very loud. I stepped
out, and the men all stopped talking. They stood in a loose circle around
the small stage that was covered with a huge red towel and was rotating
already. I started my introductions. Some were openly horny, touched my
breasts or fondled my ass, and licked their lips, but most were still
rather shy and just muttered their names. Most of the men were between 18
and 35, but there were some fiftyish men as well. Actually, I was quite
pleased, because most of them were reasonably handsome, none of them really
ugly. I wouldn't have cared, though.

I finished the handshakes and stepped onto the stage. Mike changed the
music, put on Prince's ‘Little red Corvette’. Mike handed me a glass of
champagne and I drank, while I started to dance. The light was blinding
me, I could hardly see anything, I danced as if I were alone. I started by
removing my slip and then lay down. I spread my legs, my dress moved up
and exposed my pussy. My cunt lips parted and I gently rubbed them with my

And then I thought I had to do something more aggressive. I put both
hands to the seams of my dress and slowly ripped it apart. I could hear
some heavy breathing, some muttered comments. With a last effort I ripped
open the collar of my dress and then shook off the remains. I then spent
two minutes of more or less classical sexy poses, showing off my pussy and
finally removing my bra. I heard the men moving and sometimes I could see
shadows of men undressing.

Finally, I just lay down on the stage, tried to relax, and started to
caress myself. I softly squeezed my breasts and softly rubbed my labia
that had become hot and wet. I didn't put my finger into my pussy, though,
I was waiting to see what was going to happen.

I didn’t have to wait long. The music suddenly stopped. There was
complete silence in the room. I sat up, still blinded by the lights.
Someone approached me from behind and blindfolded me. Then I was slowly
guided away from the stage. Many hands started touching me and helped me
lie down on a table. There was something like a towel on it, but the wood
still felt cool. I shivered.

The table was very narrow, so narrow, I could not even rest my arms on
it. When my arms fell down, they touched naked skin. There was naked skin
everywhere. The touching started again. Hands were all over my body.
Hands grabbing my tits, rubbing my belly, hands on my labia, my thighs,
hands grabbing my ass. Then someone took off the blindfold.

The room was not too dim, I was surrounded by what now seemed to me an
incredible number of men. Almost all of them had their dicks in their
hands, most of them were fully erect. I looked for Mike. I did not see
him. After a little period where everybody hesitated and waited for
someone to really get started, a young looking handsome guy, who had
introduced himself as Ron grabbed my ankles, spread my legs and knelt down
in front of my pussy.

He started licking it, very slowly and with a lot of tenderness. I
really liked it, and I laid back, closed my eyes and relaxed. For two
minutes nobody else touched me, everybody watched while this guy licked my
pussy with increasing vigor. My pussy felt very warm and wet, both from
his licking and from the flow of my cunt juices.

Finally I broke the silence. "How does your dick feel, Ron?, Does it
feel like fucking? Put your dick into my pussy, Ron, I said.

"You bet I will", he answered and he stood up. His dick was thick and
throbbing hard. He stroked it a couple of times, let me and the others
take notice of its size, fleshiness and virility. He rubbed his glans
against my labia, so that it became wet and glistened. Then he put it in
with a thrust. It was the thickest dick I had ever felt in my pussy, and I
shrieked with the sudden feeling of having my vagina distended more than
ever before.

He motioned two other guys to hold my legs spread wide so that he didn't
have to hold them while he was fucking me. He grabbed my ass cheeks and
pulled them over the edge of the table. Then he both pushed his dick
forward and pulled my ass towards him so that his dick rammed into my pussy with unbelievable force. I moaned softly with real pleasure.

The guys who held my legs caressed the inner sides of my thighs and
sometimes moved up almost to my asshole. Now the spell was broken, and as
many guys as space permitted joined in. There was a guy licking my right
nipple, one licking my left nipple, and men caressing my belly. One man had climbed on the table and offered me his dick to suck. I greedily
enclosed it between my lips. It was long, not very thick, and went down my
throat nicely. Suddenly something happened that was unexpected to me, and
changed my sex life forever.

One guy who had been quietly massaging his dick started moaning. Please
make room, let me shoot my come on this slut. The men who stood around me
parted and let the man, who was squeezing his cock to keep it from shooting
too early, come to the table. He came up to my chest and ejaculated at
least 8 large shots of come on my breasts.

Watching this stranger cumming with his head all red and the feeling of
the warm liquid splashing on my tits was all new to me, and it gave me an
instantaneous orgasm like I had never had one.

My body spasmed so heavily that Ron's dick slid out of my pussy. My
screams made everybody in the room even hornier. The atmosphere was very
aroused. I said, "Please make sure that nobody shoots his sperm somewhere
else than on or into me." Two guys came up to me, faces red, ready to
shoot. One aimed at my face and shot a huge load of come right into it.
The warm fluid ran over my cheeks and trickled down to my chin, and from
there slowly dripped down to my neck. The other one came on my belly, so
that a little pool formed in my belly button.

Finally, Ron was ready to come as well. He started moaning and pumped a
hot load of sperm into my pussy. The feeling was great, his huge dick deep
inside my womb, and the sperm filling out and distending every empty part
of my vagina. I orgasmed again, not quite as wildly as the first time, but
it felt really burning hot inside me. This was such a great experience. I
was as completely full of lust as I had never been.

When Ron withdrew, there was almost a shuffle, so many wanted to fuck
me. The next guy had a cock that was significantly smaller than Ron's. He
was young and quite nervous and he was so excited that he came after less
than 10 strokes. He quickly and slightly ashamedly withdrew and made room
for someone else who stuck in a thick and long piece of meat. Sperm oozed
out of my pussy when he penetrated me, and I felt it running down my crack,
covering my asshole and then distributing over the cheeks of my ass, while
the guy fucked me.

He was ruder than the two others, he grabbed my ass so hard that it
almost hurt, and thrust his dick in and out without any attention to my
rhythm. So I didn't move anymore, I just lay there passively, and
concentrated on feeling his thrusts. Which felt good as well. I closed my
eyes and grabbed two cocks with my hands. I pulled them until their cocks
were over my chest and then I wanked them hard.

They came almost simultaneously. Their come shot over my hands and arms
and breasts and mixed with the sperm that was still there and had started
to dry. The smell was strong and fruity. When I licked my lips, I tasted
come, when I breathed, I felt the stickiness of the sperm drying on my
breasts. My current fucker pulled his dick out and ejaculated on my pubic
bush and over my labia.

Now there were no more breaks. As soon as one guy had pulled out, the
next man was there and put his dick in. For over one hour, at least twenty
of the men fucked me, while I remained in the same position. I had stopped
sucking and wanking. I just lay there, eyes mostly closed and enjoyed the
fucking. I tried to appreciate the differences of all those cocks as well
as how the men used them.

Everybody was different. Every second or third guy made me come.
Mostly, I came simultaneously with the guys, I watched their happy faces
when they came. Most pulled out and watched their dicks shoot their jism on my pussy or onto my belly. Others shot it deep inside me. Only a
couple came up to my face or to my tits and deposited it there.

When at first everybody had seemed slightly inhibited, now everybody
seemed to act out according to their fantasies. I don't know if everybody
liked the way we did it, with no cleaning in between, having to see all
that come on me, and having to fuck into my pussy that was oozing out the
sperm of a dozen men already, but for me this messiness was probably the
most exciting part of it.

Then someone said, "Do you mind if I assfuck you?" I answered, "Not at
all," and rolled over, so that my feet were on the floor, legs spread wide
and my ass all open to him. My whole crack was all wet with cunt juice and
sperm, so he didn't need a lubricant. He fingered my tight little hole until it opened up, and then he slowly put his dick in. He had a very long
and thin cock. One could easily understand why he was into assfucking.

I had assfucked only twice before, but here, being as aroused and hot
and wet as I was, it felt all too natural. Someone else offered me his
cock for sucking and I did it eagerly. This one was the first to come in
my mouth, he came so suddenly that I was unprepared and almost bit off his
cock in reflex. I didn't swallow it but let the come run out of my mouth
and distributed it all over my face and neck.

After my assfucker had cum on my back, I rolled over again and we
continued as before. It took another hour until everyone was through
fucking me. The group had dissolved a bit. Some of the guys had gone to a
back room and chatted and drank beer. Others sat on the stage and watched
from a distance.

Someone had offered me something to drink, and I had had two glasses of
champagne that made me a little drowsy, and hotter. I was actually
sweating, and tiny drops of sweat covered my skin. What happened around me
became a bit more intimate, sometimes a guy would kiss my cum-covered face
or mouth. I got caressed more. guys took lots of time to expertly lick
and suck my nipples. It was so cozy and warm, and I felt so exhausted from
a dozen orgasms, that I was close to falling asleep (while my pussy would
still not be vacated for more than 15 seconds at a time).

When I realized that everybody had fucked me once, I stood up and called
them all together and said, "Hi guys, my pussy now needs a break. Do me a
favor. I will lay down on the stage and masturbate, and I want you to all
stand around me and watch me and wank your dicks. I want all 50 of you to
shoot a load of come over my body and face. I want to be all covered with
fresh come, and then we will think about a new round of fucking.

Someone put on a hot dancefloor disk and I lay down on the stage. It
was just large enough that they all could stand around me, and I started to
masturbate. I pushed my fingers into my cunt that was completely filled
with come. Then I introduced a vibrator that I had brought with me, and
contracted my cunt muscles around it so that the remaining come was forced
out and ran down my ass crack.

With my left hand, I caressed my clit while the other held the vibrator
and shoved it deep into my dilated pussy. The men seemed to like the
performance, at least judging from the little time it took until about
everyone had a throbbing penis in his hand. I started moaning and pulled
my feet up to my ass so that my pussy spread even wider. I sighed louder
and louder, which they took as a signal to start cummming.

The 10 guys who stood directly around me really came simultaneously,
almost within 15 seconds from each other. Since they were standing
upright, the sperm splashed and fell hard and hot on me. As I had told
them, they put it everywhere. I didn’t bother to close my eyes, although
it burned like fire when one big drop fell directly into my left eye. I
wouldn't have thought that they still had so much jizz to shoot, all having
ejaculated at least once or twice in the last 2 hours.

The first row withdrew from me and gave way to the second bunch. They
were not yet ready, so I continued my performance, using both hands to push
the vibrator in and out while my breasts stood upright between my arms. I
said, “Someone take the toy and fuck me with it while I wank some cock."
One guy grabbed it eagerly and pushed it in and out so hard that it nearly
hurt. But when he suddenly slowed his rhythm and put pressure to the tip,
so that it pressed against the most internal part of my vagina, I suddenly
exploded with just an incredible orgasm.

Oh Oh Ohh OHHH yes Ohh OHHHHHOHHH oh yeah yeeahhh .... yeah yeah yeah

I had closed my eyes and forgotten everything around me, but when I came
to I realized that the next round of guys had shot their loads over me; and
that my breasts, belly, arms, hands and face were thickly covered with a
new layer of come that mixed with the cold and drying layers. I now felt
the drying come with every breath I took. My skin felt like it was covered
by a thin film of glue that cracked whenever I moved.

“Somebody ready to fuck my ass, so that the others have something to see
while wanking?” I asked provocatively.

A short guy with a nice smooth, long, thin dick came up, kissed my
sperm-covered mouth and said, "Look at this. Doesn't this look like it is
made for fucking your little ass?"

"Come on in," I invited. I rolled over and presented him my ass,
spreading my ass cheeks with my hands. He shoved his cock in with
experienced steady pressure, so that it did not hurt at all. His cock felt
fantastic in my rectum and I relaxed immediately. Another guy took the
abandoned vibrator and shoved it into my pussy but I called out (between
sucking three different cocks), "Why don’t you use your dick instead of the

I didn't have to ask him twice, he crawled between my legs and without
disturbing my assfucker’s rhythm even for a second, he penetrated my pussy with the thickest member I had felt that day. This was the perfect
sandwich, the long smooth penis that was well over 22 centimeters long and
that fat one. When I watched what was happening, peeping through my two
dangling breasts, this thick member that a stallion could be proud of,
dilated my vagina like a fist, while the long slender cock slid in and out
of my asshole without any resistance.

They fucked me for quite a long time, surely 10 minutes, while the other
guys watched this perfect scene without impatience. From time to time
someone started moaning and either shot his load on my back or ass or came
up to my face and shot it into my face. Others asked me to drink it all,
and I did whatever they wanted.

It was nice to see all these guys' wet dreams come true. Some may never
have been able to see their sperm on a woman's body. They watched every
porno cumshot in envy. Some only liked to watch it drip from my chin or
nipples, others insisted that I drink it. Yet others wanted their wad to
stick in my hair. A few liked to touch me, to spread their come on my
skin, that was funny.

After the two guys had both re-filled my cunt and ass with fresh cum and
sent me through another explosive orgasm, I suddenly felt very tired and
relaxed. I said, "I am very tired, and I will try to doze off for a while.
But you don't have to stop. Treat me like one of those dolls. Do with me
whatever you want. Roll me and fold me as it pleases you, and fuck me, and
wank on me, and caress me like you want. But for a while I will not show
any reactions.

I relaxed every muscle, and closed my eyes. Someone stopped the music.
The room became very quiet. Hands grabbed my arms and legs, lifted me and
carried me back to the table. I felt myself spread-eagled, legs and arms
pulled away from me so hard it almost hurt. A huge dick penetrated my
cunt. The sperm that had been trapped inside it drooled down my ass, and
the guy fucked me with hard thrusts.

Somebody else opened my mouth, forced his dick into it, put one hand
under my chin and one under my head, closed my mouth around his member and
fucked my mouth. I was so relaxed that he had no problems shoving his 20
cm erection deep into my throat. When he came, his load went directly into
my esophagus. I didn't have to swallow a single time.

After that guy was done, another man straddled belly and squeezed my
tits around his prick. Other guys took turns fucking my cunt or my
asshole, which by now was so dilated that it remained wide open all the
time, with sperm dripping out with every slight contraction of my rectum.

Then two guys lifted me up again and held me almost upright against the
wall while someone else grabbed my ass and started fucking me violently,
pulling me toward him with every stroke. While he fucked me, the two men who carried me rubbed their penises against my ass, and soon I felt both
left and right asscheek covered with their sperm, well before the guy who
was fucking me came.

It was a funny feeling, I couldn't sleep, but I was still in a
trance-like state. I was not really aroused, I felt like I was standing
next to the scene, watching what was going on, and this seemed even more
exciting than actually getting fucked. Time passed, and when I didn't show
any reaction to anything the guys did with me, they became even more

“Lets see how many dicks we can stick into her holes,” someone said.
“That’s a good idea,” others replied, and I felt myself being lowered onto
two dicks that simultaneously entered my cunt. This hurt and I moaned
softly, but nobody cared. The two guys fucked me in a simultaneous rhythm
while someone else stuck his cock in my ass, and two others fucked my

It felt a bit artistic, and I am not sure how much fun they had with
this number. Never-the-less, they all came, and it didn't take them long.
I had no idea how much time had passed since this gangbang had started. I
estimated that at least 8 hours had passed, and that my cunt had been
penetrated more that 100 times, and my asshole at least 50 times.

Everyone had ejaculated at least three times. Most had come 5 times or
more. So, even considering that the last shots were less voluminous,
somewhere between 200 and 400 milliliters of sperm had been shot inside my
holes or put on me.

The sperm stains fluoresced in the UV light that emanated from the disco
black light spots and the sperm stains were everywhere, on the floor, on
the stage, the tables. My body was evenly covered with sperm from my hair
to my ankles. My face was encrusted with the dried stuff.

When I finally came back from my trance, I realized that my bladder was
full. I just stood up on the stage, over the towel and peed! The men watched me peeing, some still rubbing erections, most of them with members
that looked exhausted.

"I want to piss on you, slut," one of the guys (one of those with an
erection) said. "You will need a shower anyway, I will give you a really
hot one."

"OK," I answered, "just don't piss in my face," and I knelt down in
front of him so that he could piss on my breasts. His urine came down in a
hard strong stream, and it felt burning hot.

"That's some kind of a shower," I said, while a couple of the others
positioned themselves around me and likewise emptied their bladders on me.
The scene made some of the men so horny again that they could not pee, but
rather had to jerk off again. Sperm and urine mixed on my body. After
they had voided on me, the first guys went back to the part of the room
where they had left their clothes, and they dressed.

Some kissed me goodbye, but none of them said anything, or thanked me.
One after the other, the men left, and it was funny to see that once the
first men had left the spell was broken, and no one approached me any more.
I realized that the orgy was over, so I stood up and said, "Thank you
guys, this was a wonderful experience. I hope it was as unforgettable for
each one of you as it was for me. Bye Bye, and au revoir."

And then I withdrew to the dressing room, showered to remove the first
layers of sperm and the urine that had started to burn on my skin, and then
fell into a long quiet sleep.

When I woke up, I was back home in my bed. Mike was not there, but a
vase full of dark red roses was on the bedside table and a card that said:
"Thanks for the night. Ready to share you with as many men you want any
time you are ready for it. Respect, love and regards, Mike."


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