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The Secret Confessions of a Housewife’s Hot Experiences.

Perhaps I should start by telling you a little about myself. I am a
25-year-old housewife, and have been happily married for the past 4 years.
I am 5' 6" tall and weigh 110 lbs. My measurements are 38-24-36, and I
have blue eyes and long black hair.

My husband thinks that my most admirable qualities are my D-cup tits and
large hairy pussy. However, I have had others say they think my smooth
rounded ass is my best trait.

Anyway, I am writing this story as a confession, in the hopes that my
husband will read it some day. I don't have the nerve to tell him myself
what I'm about to tell you.

My husband and I have wonderful sex together, and I tell him that I
can't get enough of his big stiff cock. That's the problem. I can't get
enough of ANY stiff cock... period!

Over the past 3 years, I've probably fucked 50 or 60 different men, some
of them more than once. My husband doesn't suspect anything, because I am
very careful about when and where I choose to cheat on him.

It all began about a year after we were married. My husband was giving
me a regular fucking every night, and sometimes I could coax him into
sliding his dick up my tight cunt in the morning before he left for work.
One morning I tried to get my husband to make love to me before he left,
but he said that he was late already and had to leave.

I was feeling very horny, and just laid in our bed rubbing my hot, wet
pussy. There was a knock at the door so I jumped out of bed, threw on my
robe, and went to the door to answer it. There, standing in front of me
was one of the most handsome men I have ever seen.

He was at least 6' 4" tall, had wavy blond hair, a very muscular build,
and deep green eyes. Now, I'm not saying that my husband is not handsome,
but this man could have been a candidate for Mr. America. He appeared to
be in his mid-twenties and had no wedding band on his left hand.

I couldn't speak for several long seconds, but finally managed to ask
what he wanted. He said that he was from the appliance repair company and
that the semi-annual maintenance was due on our central air conditioning
unit. His voice was soft and deep, and my pussy started to get wetter just
listening to him.

I told him the unit was at the back of the house, and that the control
box was down the hall. He said that he would need to have me turn the unit
off while he performed the maintenance outside. I told him I would turn it
off, and that he could knock at the back door if he needed anything else.

The repairman headed for the back yard and I closed the door and
returned to our bedroom, turning the air conditioner off as I went. I
decided to take a shower and maybe obtain some relief from the craving for
sex that I had.

After showering I was aware that the house was becoming quite warm
without the AC, so I decided to open some of the windows for ventilation. I
had forgotten to put on my robe, and when I opened my bedroom window the
repairman stood up from where he was working, just below the window. His
eyes were right even with my tits, and I could tell he was as surprised as
I was. He just cleared his throat and looked down at the ground, saying
that he didn't mean to startle me, and that he would be finished outside

I stepped away from the window and took a deep breath, trying to calm
myself from the experience I had just had. I put my bathrobe on and went
to the kitchen to fix myself a drink for my nerves. The repairman knocked
at the kitchen door, and when I answered he said he was finished outside
and needed to inspect the inside unit. I let him in and showed him where
the unit was. My robe fits very loosely, and I caught the handsome
stranger catch a glimpse of my tits again as he passed me in the hall. I
noticed a distinct bulge in his pants and started feeling hornier than ever

Soon, the AC was back on, and I heard the repairman returning from the
hall. I was sitting in the kitchen and decided right then that I had to
see if I could get this hunk to fuck me. I had never cheated on my husband
before, but I was obsessed, and my pussy was swollen and leaking my cum out
wherever I sat.

I undid the tie on my robe and pulled it open so that my 38 D tits were
half exposed. I opened the bottom of the robe enough to reveal a great
deal of my thick black pussy hair and laid my head back on the chair and
pretended to be asleep. I heard the repairman's foot steps as he entered
the kitchen. He didn't say a word.

I heard him set his tool box down, and then I heard the zipper of his
fly being pulled down. I shifted slightly in the chair, still pretending
to be asleep, and my robe fell open, exposing my tits and pussy completely.
I heard the man exhale with almost a groan and I lifted my head to see him
standing over me with his huge cock in his hand. I told him I had been
waiting for him to finish... so that we could start.

The handsome stud reached out with his free hand and began massaging my
right breast. He was rubbing his thumb over the nipple and said that he
knew all along that I wasn't sleeping. He said he could smell the sweet
aroma of my pussy as he was coming down the hall.

My cunt was getting wetter with every minute, and I started breathing so
heavily that I thought I would hyperventilate. The repairman released his
cock while still fondling my breast and wiped his hand across my pussy,
wetting his fingers with my juices. He then rubbed the head of his huge
dick (it must have been 10" long!) with my hot liquid.

I begged him to fuck me. I told him I was going out of my mind. He
said he was going to fuck me like I've never been fucked before, but first
he wanted to see my naked body from all angles. So I stood up, letting my
robe fall to the floor, and I turned slowly so he could see all of me.

When my back was facing him, I heard him groan and say that my firm
white ass was beautiful, and that he couldn't believe how hairy my pussy was. He said he was going crazy over the sight of "all that hair" and how
it was coming out between my legs behind me. He reached down and grabbed a
handful of cunt hair and tugged lightly on it.

By that point, my pussy juices were running down the inside of my legs,
and I was moaning loudly. I was told to bend over the back of my kitchen
chair and to hold on to the seat. The stud said he was going to enter me
from behind, but he wanted to be able to squeeze my “big tits” while they
hung below me.

I followed his directions and bent over the chair, spreading my legs
wide as I did. I felt my lover rub my cunt and coat his hand with my hot
cum. He greased his throbbing tool with the juice, and parted the lips of
my aching pussy. As I felt his large shaft at the opening of my cunt, I
pushed back, causing the head of his cock to pop inside my tight twat.

He reached around me and grabbed both of my swinging tits, and began
inching his dick into me. I was going over the edge with pleasure, and
started screaming so loud that I thought the neighbors would hear. The
repairman's rock-hard cock was still entering me, and he was squeezing my
tits harder and harder. Finally I pushed back once more and drove his pole
all the way up my enflamed twat. The stud's balls slapped against my cunt,
and he let out a loud grunt.

I was writhing on his shaft like a wild woman. He started pulling out
of me and when he was almost all the out, he rammed that awesome cock back
into me. He was fucking me like a machine, and I didn't think I would be
able to remain conscious. He let go of one of my swollen tits and slid his
hand down to the hair between my legs and started pulling on it with each
thrust of his cock.

My free tit was slapping my chest with each plunge of his cock. He
started thrusting faster and faster as I had what must have been my fourth
blinding orgasm. He released my cunt hairs and squeezed my tits again. He
told me to get ready, that he was coming.

I let my head drop so I could see his pistoning cock as it rammed my
cunt. I felt the grip on my tits tighten, and he let out a loud groan as
he started spurting his hot cum up my cunt. After a few moments, he
started pulling out of me and I could feel hot steams of his cum still
shooting into me.

He pulled out completely and continued to pump hot sperm all over my
ass, pussy, and legs. The sight of it brought me to another screaming
orgasm, and I fell to my knees. I just sat on my knees for the next few
minutes while I caught my breath. The repairman sat down in another chair
as his dick started to soften.

I could feel the cum leaking out of my worn out cunt and drip onto the
floor. My pussy hair was soaked with the studs... cum mixed with my own.
The repairman was stunned when I finally stood up and grabbed my twat and
wrung it out, spilling a large quantity of his cum and mine onto the floor.
He said he had never fucked anyone like me before and that my pussy was
beyond belief.

I thanked him for the compliment but said that we could only do this
again on his next regular maintenance call, 6 months from now. I told him
that I had never cheated on my husband before that day and that I didn't
want any chance of suspicion from my husband or neighbors occurring. He
said that he could understand, but that it would be hard for him to wait
until the next time.

I suppose that the experience with the appliance repairman is what lead
me to the life I now lead. That was three years ago, and now I can't stop
myself from looking for new men to fuck in new situations that won't lead
to any suspicion by my husband. I still love my husband's cock in my
well-tested pussy every night, but it's still not enough.

I've really gotten good at finding situations that lead to being fucked
by perfect strangers. It was just two weeks after the repairman had reamed
me when I made a deliberate attempt to find someone to screw my horny cunt.
I was sunbathing in our back yard one hot and humid day. I was wearing
my bikini and had removed the top to sun my breasts. This swim suit is cut
high on the legs and rides up between my ass cheeks when I bend over. I
can't wear this particular suit in public unless I trim my pussy hair. You
see, this suit is so small that my cunt hairs protrude out of each side in
the front and on both sides of the fabric covering my ass.

As I was laying in my lawn chair, I heard the garbage collectors
shouting to each other a few houses away. I had forgotten that it was
pick-up day for my neighborhood, and now I realized that the garbage men would be coming down the alley in a few minutes.

Our yard is surrounded by a wooden shadowbox fence that obstructs any
outside view unless someone is standing directly behind the fence. A clear
view of the yard can be seen by someone in the utility alley but only the
garbage collectors, meter readers, or utility service people use that

I heard the garbage collectors voices getting louder as they approached
my house. I thought I’d give them something to see when they reached my
fence, so I turned my chair so that my rounded ass was facing the alley. I
reached around behind me and pulled my thick black cunt hair up so that it
could be easily seen against my smooth white ass.

I laid back down and closed my eyes to make the men think I was dozing.
Soon the men arrived behind the fence, and I heard one of them call to the
others to come over where he was. I could tell that they all could see me
and my sexy pose, so I got up on my hands and knees like I was going to
straighten the towel on the chair. I heard a collective groan from the men behind the fence as my tits hung beneath me.

I moved my knees apart so that everyone could see the way my large hairy
cunt overfilled my swim suit bottom. Then I ran a finger under one of the
suit legs to pull the fabric out of the crack of my ass. I turned sideways
to the alley and sat back on my heels while I applied tanning oil to my
tits in slow circular motions.

I could faintly hear one of the men say that he'd give anything to "suck
those big tits." Another said he would be happy just to "slide his black
dick up my hairy white cunt." I heard a third man say that he'd love to
"fuck my mouth while he milked my tits."

All of the comments that I was overhearing make my pussy drip. So I
decided to really give the men a show, and I pulled my bikini bottom off of
my legs. I heard one man say he couldn't help himself anymore... that he
had to "jack off right there."

Hearing, that I walked over to the fence and told the men that there was
something that I had forgotten to put out for collection. Later, I could
not believe I had done this, but I turned around and shoved my hot slippery
cunt up against an opening in the fence boards. I felt several hands
stroking my twat and a couple of fingers probing my hairy bush.

I heard one say that I had "the hairiest cunt he'd ever seen." Another
man said he couldn't believe "how much cum my twat was leaking," and then
he shoved a finger up my cunt and rotated it before he pulled it out. I
was starting to moan like crazy. I needed to be fucked or I would loose my
mind. I could tell two of the men were black and one was white as I bent
forward and looked between my legs through the fence.

I heard the men arguing about who was going "to fuck that hot dripping
cunt first." I asked them why didn't they just take turns filling my pussy with their cocks, and stop arguing. I was so hot I started bouncing my ass
off the fence trying to push my cunt even further between the boards. One
of the black men pushed the hair on my cunt out of the way and sank his
cock into my welcoming cunt.

I started gasping for breath as the other black man reached through one
of the adjacent fence slots and started milking my tits. The man fucking
me was pumping faster and faster when the white man said it was his turn,
and pulled the guy in my cunt away. The black cock was immediately
replaced by a white one, and my cunt juice was running down my legs. The
white man fucked me for a few minutes then he pulled out and shot hot cum all over my ass.

The black man milking my tits said "it was his turn to fuck some of that
white pussy." So he let go of my tits and positioned himself behind my
cum-covered ass. I heard the other two men chuckling but I didn't know
why. The next instant I understood why the men were laughing. The man who
was starting to fuck me must have had a 12" dick that was 3" thick!

He started forcing the head of his tremendous member between the swollen
lips of my pussy. I thought he would never get it into my stretched cunt.
Once he had the head of his cock started into my twat, he reached both arms
through fence slots on each side of me and grabbed my hips, pulling my ass
tight up against the boards. Then he started shoving his massive hot meat
into me.

He was drilling my pussy so hard that my juices were squirting out,
under pressure, around the sides of his dick. I was just hanging from the
fence, the huge black man was suspending me with his grip, and I felt like
someone was shoving a fence post up my cunt.

After several hard pushes the man was all the way in me. I could hear
loud slurping noises coming from my pussy as the cock ramming my cunt went
in and out. I wanted to scream, but feared that a neighbor may hear and
come to my aid... aid I did not want!

Finally... the black pole was pulled out of me, and I dropped to the
ground. The other black man, the one who had his dick in me first, said
that he hadn't cum yet. I heard him kneel down on the ground just on the
other side of the fence. He reached through the fence, ran his hand over
my crotch, scooped up a handful of pussy juice and cum from my cunt and
rubbed it all over his stiff cock. He then started stroking his shaft and
squeezing my tits through the fence. I heard him moan, and he shot thick steams of white sperm all over my face, neck, tits, and hair.

One of them said, “it was sure nice to find something in the alley like
we found today,” and walked off, leaving me lying there covered with their
cum,,, and feeling like I'd been fucked by an entire army. I just closed
my eyes, reached down to my numbed pussy, and rubbed it as I lay in the
cooling grass.

Since those early days of first screwing around on my husband, I have
had as many large cocks up my firm ass as I have had crammed up my cunt.
I've sucked so many spurting cocks that I must have swallowed a gallon of
cum by now.

Sometimes I'll go out during the day, while my husband is at work, and
look for an opportunity to get laid. I'll put on a short skirt and loose
fitting blouse with no bra or panties and drive around in my convertible

One day I was out, driving around in a neighboring town, when I noticed
that I needed to stop for gas. I pulled into a self-serve station, got out
of my 'Vette, and walked back to the pump. I saw that there were two,
well-built guys putting gas into their Jeep, and both were staring at me.
They looked like they were probably students at the local university, in
their early twenties anyway.

I could feel my pussy starting to get wet just thinking about getting
fucked by one of those young hunks. I had my blouse unbuttoned about half
way and my tits could easily be seen when I stretched to remove the pump
hose. I saw the men look at each other and make some comment that I
couldn't hear.

Then, one of the guys came up to me and introduced himself as Bill and
said his friend's name was Tom. He asked me if I would allow him to pump
the gas for me. So I thanked him and said that I needed to get my purse
from the car while he finished putting in the gas. I walked to my car door
and bent all the way over, as if I was trying to get something off the
floor. My short skirt slid up over my bare ass, exposing a good deal of my
hairy snatch. The action had it's desired effect as I heard the young man fumble with the pump hose.

I walked back to the pump just as the young stud was finishing, I
‘accidentally’ let my skirt ride up enough to reveal my bushy cunt, and
asked him if he saw anything else he wanted to pump for me. I thought he
was going to fall over.

When I was sure he had my meaning, I told him to go to the men's room to
see if it was vacant, and to signal me if it was. A few seconds later Bill
stuck his head out of the men's room door and waved to me. I slowly walked
to the restrooms so Tom could see my swaying ass and bouncing tits.

When I got there, Bill opened the door and then closed it behind us. I
told him we would have to hurry before someone else came along, and I
unbuttoned my blouse all the way. Bill grabbed my tits and started sucking my nipples. I was going crazy, and my pussy was dripping juice down my
thighs. Bill said he had never seen such beautiful tits, and started
squeezing then harder.

I told my young stud to take his pants off. I told him that I wanted to
fuck his stiff cock so bad that my pussy was aching. Bill removed his
pants and shorts. His huge, stiff cock sprang up.

I told him to lower the lid of the toilet and to sit down. He complied
and I turned my back to him, pulled my skirt up over my ass, and lowered my
already-wet pussy onto his rigid dick. I slid all the way down his shaft
until his throbbing cock was buried in my cunt and I was sitting on Bill’s

He reached around me and fondled my tits and said that my pussy was like
a vise on his dick. I started riding up and down on his cock shaking my
head wildly. Bill was groaning each time I plunged back down on him.

Suddenly, the men's room door opened and Tom walked in. He said that he
had been imagining what was going on, but that he couldn't believe how sexy
I looked as I was being fucked by Bill. Tom unzipped his pants and pulled
out a cock even bigger than the one I was fucking. I was going out of my
mind as Bill released my tits and placed his hands on my waist. He began
lifting me up and down on his rock hard dick, fucking me harder and harder.
My tits were swinging in big circular motions when Tom stepped up and
put his monster cock between them. He squeezed his large cock with my
tits, and started fucking them. Each time the head of Tom's dick emerged
from the crease in my tits I would lick it with my tongue. I was in cock

Bill said he was going to come. He held me down tightly against his
crotch, and I began to feel his cock engorge within me. Then I felt it.
He started spraying the insides of my cunt with streams of hot sperm. I
was screaming as Bill continued fucking me.

As Bill calmed down, Tom was pumping my tits faster and faster until
finally he shot his scalding load into my face and hair. I was covered
with so much cum I could feel it dripping off my chin and onto my tits. I
had a large glob of Tom's cum covering my left eye, and my ruby lips had
sperm all over them.

Tom took his huge cock in his hand and beat it against my tits, then he
rubbed the hot shaft over my face. I was having one orgasm after another
as Bill's dick continued reaming my soaked pussy. Bill came again. I
screamed and stood up, and then fell to my knees and buried my face in
Tom's groin. Bill was still sending spurts of cum from his twitching cock
into my hair and onto my neck. We cleaned up as best we could and left the
men's room separately. I raced home so that I could shower and wash the
cum out of my hair and pussy before my husband got home.

Fucking strange men has become an addiction for me. I can't wait until
the next encounter I have. What can I say? I simply love having new cocks
to play with... and to feel within my body. I would rather not be
cheating on my husband, I would rather be having all this variety without
having to also deceive him. But, he would never agree to swinging or to
openly letting me see other men. So, I do what I have to do.


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