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LAMERS sucked Lisas finger And Lisa


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
deeper or humiliation. End Sermon.

Lamers Unite
This is the kind of stuff I find on the net all the time-I thought I'd
write some too. I've actually had sex like this, but if it was as
boring as this story, I wouldn't have bothered. So read this and
guess what sex is really like-- you lamers

Chapter One
My sister Lisa was having one of her rotten old girlfriends
over today. Even if it sounds like I'm only 16, I'm really like 26 or
something but I live at the same place as my sister. We don't still
live at home, but for some reason she has a bedroom next to mine
at like 28 years old. Maybe its because I'm a total dweeb like I
So Frannie, the girlfriend's name, comes over and, like, she
goes- what's the kid here for and I go- like, I live here. And Lisa
goes- yeah, like I can't throw him out. So they whisper a bunch and
giggle and then Lisa goes- you gotta leave us alone, like for real,
but you can stay.
So I'm in my room putting together this muzzle-loader
when I head them giggling real wicked over in Lisa's room. I know
I've, like, promised Lisa and everything, but I figure I ought to take
a look to see if they're like okay and everything.
So I look in and they're dancing around with this sexy
underwear on and a bunch more spread out on the bed. Then Lisa
goes- try this one , holding up a bra. And Frannie goes- okay
and TAKES OFF THE BRA SHE'S WEARING so I can see her
tits naked. I get a hard-on right away even though Frannie puts on
the other bra and then I see her nipples poke out through openings
in the bra.
They're trying on sex lingerie in there and I decided to
watch quietly. Then my sister takes off her panties and puts on
ones that don't have a crotch at all. Her hairy snatch is hanging out
and she like shakes it a Frannie.
They're like all giggling, and I'm rubbing my dick through
my underwear. Then they grab each other and, like, roll on the bed.
I was, like, going don't shoot it in your underwear, hold on, hold
on, when I saw that. Then they started kissing and it wasn't like a
little friendly kiss. They were like, going, suck my tongue, baby
and I did shoot in my underwear.
Fortunately I'm like 26 and young enough to get it up again
quick, because the girls weren't stopping. Frannie slid down and
started LICKING Lisa on the crotch right through the underwear. I
was like going- no way! Like, my sister is a homo lezbo fag? I
don't think so. But Lisa liked it and made Frannie get up and put
her pussy right over Lisa's face.
She pulled the panties aside and like, stuck a finger in
Frannie's pussy. It was the reddest looking pussy I had ever seen
and it sucked at Lisa's finger. And Lisa was going- in and out with
that finger and Frannie was making slurping sounds at the other
end. They were like, lezbos, and I was going- do I stroke myself
off to this? Does that make me queer?
But then the part I'm telling you this for happened. Lisa,
like goes- I think I smell a rat. And Frannie goes- wanna catch it?
And Lisa goes- yeah, it might be fun. Then like nothing happens
for a minute and then- boom!- they jump out and run to the door.
I didn't have time to get away and they like surrounded me.
I'm standing there in my underwear with these girls around me and
I'm like blushing all over and stuff. They were going- like, we like
our underwear better, don't you? and what makes the front of those
underpants push out like that?
I like, couldn't cry or nothing because I'm, like 26 and all,
but I was trying to like apologize for peeping at them. They said it
was, like, real bad and I'd have to make it up to them or they'd have
to punish me. I was glad I so scared because I almost shot my wad
in my underwear again having them standing around me with their
pussies all naked and Frannie's nipples sticking out of that bra.
So they go- what you going to do to make it up to us? And
I go- like, I don't know. And they go- then we'll think of something
for you. And then they got totally evil looks on their faces and
made me go into Lisa's bedroom.
Except Frannie pulled down my underwear as I walked in
the room and my boner was like, going- Boiiimg!! up in front of
me. Lisa like looks at that and does this pretend to be shocked
thing and goes- watch out! it looks like it's going to go off. And
Frannie goes- look in his underpants- he already did!
And I know they're like older and stuff but I'm still
surprised they know all about this guy stuff and I'm like, turning
red to be naked in front of my sister. They're not even curious or
nothin' about my boner- they go- we ought to do something with
And I go- come on, not in front of my sister and Frannie
goes- see- Lisa, he wants to do you from behind. And Lisa like
turns around and goes, why don't you like, put it in for me. And I'm
staring at my SISTER'S snatch- right up into her pussy and they
want me to like, FUCK MY sister right there. And Frannie
goes, hey- like, no way- you can fuck him all the time - I get to go
And like, Frannie had my dick in her hand and everything,
so I just did what she wanted. I mean, she's all - my legs are spread
-put it in me and, like, I'm all holy shit- what's going on? Well,
what was going on was Frannie pulling me to her by the dick.
She put me in her thing and it felt, like, good. Then Lisa is
all pushing on my butt and I'm, like, hey- you're my sister, stop
touching my butt. But Frannie was holding me and I was, like,
helpless and pretty soon I was like, going I'm going to shoot again-
don't make me shoot inside you- 'cause I know about making
babies and everything and I don't want to marry Frannie.
And they go, for sure, we're going to just let you go after
you've been looking at our naked stuff and everything. Like, shut
up and make Frannie happy.
And Frannie got all, like, excited as I did the sex thing and
I said, like I'm going to shoot it and I mean like right now. And she
was all, like oh god oh god you're giving me an orgasm of
monstrous proportions, and she goes, you keep up that sex stuff
and I mean, like you do that stuff real good.
Then I shot off right inside Frannie and she goes, that was
the best ever, like you're a big stud and she's all hot for me after I
put my stuff in her.
So Lisa goes, don't get crazy on me, like he's only a 26-
year-old kid and stuff. And Frannie goes, don't, like tell me that,
you let him put that stuff in you and you'll be all, like hot for him
too. And I break in and I go, hey, I don't want to do it with my
SISTER! Like that's really gross! And they both go, shut up and I
mean it.
They're going, you still gotta get punished for peeping and,
like, you'll do what we want. So they, like, push me down and sit
on me and they're going- get it up for us, like right now. And I'm
all, I can't, Frannie took it from me. And they go, well you get it
back, right now, we're not kidding.
But that didn't work at all. So they get all, well you better,
like try harder. And then Frannie goes, like you're his SISTER, like
he's always telling us, maybe he'd really be all hard and stuff if you
were to, like, kiss it. And I'm like, all struggling and going, no- not
my lezbo fag SISTER, for christ's sake. And she kissed it anyway
and I'm like getting hard right away because it's, like, so dirty and
Well, Frannie goes, hey, he's, like ready for love now. And
Lisa is all, yeah, but he called me a lezbo fag queer and all and,
like, I don't like that. And Frannie goes, then we'll make him, like
sorry he said it, so get all hot again and we'll, like make him go all
faggy with you.
I was like, all, no way, but they were bigg.., there were two
of them and they made me get all girlie with lipstick and makeup
stuff and put sexy underwear on me. They used the ones with no
crotch at all so my thing still stuck out and they were like, all
going, oooo, you're a hot girl, you're a girly man.
And then Frannie makes me get up behind Lisa and takes
my thing and like puts it on MY SISTER's pussy and then she's all
pushing on my butt like she was a guy and making my thing go
into my sister. I'm all, don't make me do this, it's, like really creepy
and they are like all laughing on me.
And I'm dressed like a girl and all and Frannie is acting like
a boy and all and I'm going, what can I do? I was, like freaking out
and Lisa was all moving her butt and stuff and going, I'm getting it
from MY BROTHER. And that made me go all tingly inside and
I'm all trying not to shoot again- not in MY SISTER. But Frannie
keeps like doing sex things with me and I can't help it.
When I shoot off, Lisa goes, my god Frannie yes, MY
BROTHER is a hot stud, like I don't believe that at all. But I'm so
hot from this stuff in me from MY BROTHER.
And then they let me go, but they're all you're real good and
stuff. You can come and do the sex stuff to us any time. And I'm
like trying to figure out what I'm going to do now.
Like, The End


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