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LANDLORD thick finger jabbed its way inside

Welcome Home Pr4esentImma ScaredI was thrilled as I left the offices of
Oakley and Oakely Inc.I really hadn’t exepected to get the job, even tho
they had flown me in, and put me me up in a four star hotel for the the
thrid interview.How many times I had I gotten to this stage with other
companies, only to be told, in so many words that I was far to young for
such a position? Or that they hadn’t realized that Andre was a woman, and
while they didn’t have many problems, some of their clients might?But
Oakley and Oakley was what was known in the “industry” as a “progressive
company”. Founded by two young brothers, who just happened to be gay,
Oakeley and Oakley sought out those that other companies passed by because
of age (too little or too much), gender, race or sexual orientation. “You
won’t believe how much talent gets passed by out there”, “Smokey” Oakely
said as he led me to the spacious office I would soon occupy. “But thanks
to them, we’ve got the best here, and you’re going to be a vaulable
addition to out staff.”I knew Smokey was sincere, because my starting
salary with the company was $10,000 more than the orginal salary offred in
the trade journal ads, abd $5,000 more than what I had asked. Plus
benifts, plus a generous relocation allowance.It was my hope, that I could
have find a nice furnished apartment before I flew back “home” on Monday,
and I could be back in Metropolis at least two weeks before I was to start
work with Oakely and Oakley.When I mentioned this to Smokey, he said
“Well, I’ll tell you, Jim and I just got a nice little place in Bucktown.
It’s a seedy-looking neighborhood, but it’s becoming gentified, if you know
what I mean.”“Right now, the apartments and homes there are dirt cheap.
The place I’ve got would cost three times as much at least in other parts
of town. So you may want to try there.”It sounded like a good idea to me,
so when I got back to the hotel, I got a newspaper and began to go thru the
Housing Ads. The ads, sorted by neighborhood, proved that Smokey was
right, at least as far as pricing went. Housing was much cheaper in
Bucktown. And one ad in particular leaped out right at me:For Rent:
Recently rehabbed 6 room plus baths, and garage space, wall to wall
carpets, some furnishing avaiable if renter desires. Very private. $600
per month. Utitilities included. Call 555-5000 and ask for Mr. Mordeth
Baalzemon.It sounded perfect. Six rooms meant that I could have a
“office” at home, and my own little library if I wanted. Glancing at the
other ads, it was clearly the best deal.But the contact name sent shivers
thru me. About six years ago, I had seen a program on tv about serial
rapists. One of them in particular has stuck in mind and had been giving
me recurring nightmares. Karden Baalzed had been his name. Karden
Baalzed’s name indicated that he was a follower of the Dark Lord of Klanta,
Shaitan Baal. The Dark God of Lust, Death, Cruelty and Pain.He was a huge
man, with a shaved head, and according to the program, an abnormally large
and poweful penis. It was his penis that has caused his victims the most
damage. One woman died from the way he had rammed it down her throat,
chocking her to death.I remember he was totally unrepentant, and he had
told his interviewer, “ It is too bad that broad died. But was what she
was made for. Every female is made to be fucked by any and every man whp
lays eyes on her. Every woman should be fucked hard, and brutally, on a
regular basis. At the very least every man, if he is a real man, should
rape at least one woman before he dies.”The host of the show went on to
say how that there was a growing movement of men who believed the same,
shaved their heads to show their support for Karden, became members of the
Brotherhood of Baal, and pledged themselves to defend and support any man tried and convicted of rape. In the last six years, more and more men had
shaved their heads, most simply as a matter of fashion, but a significant
number, the majority of millions, also changed their name to some form of
the Dark Lord’s as well. And some states had a slim majority of its High
Officals, Judges, Sherrifs, and City Guards who had joined the movement.
The movement had been sucessful in repealing rape laws in 5 of the 18
Provinces, and severely weakening the laws in 8 others. And the rape
statistics showed that a woman was being raped somewhere in the Union every
69 seconds.So as I looked at the contact name for the apartment. I
hesitated. Instinct said to forget this one, to look for something else.
But I reasoned that however frightful the Dark Lord was, however evil His
teachings, his followers were, in spite of the statistics, law abiding,
many actually upstanding contributors to the local community where they
lived. I convinced myself that to not look into the apartment because of a
name, would be giving into bigotry and paranoia.If only only I had not
listened to that “reason”, and ignored that fear of being a bigot!!! If
only I had listened to my instincts.*********************Considering how
wondeful the apartment sounded, I was amazed that when I called Mr.
Baalzemon, he said that it was still unavaiable, and that there was no one
he had considered as renters so far.“When would you like to see it?”, he
asked.“Well right away, if I could see it say in about 2 hours? I’m new
in town, and I’d like to get a feel for the neighborhood first, “ I
replied. I explained how I had just been hired by Oakley and Oakley, and
how I planned to be moved in and settled well ahead of my actual starting
date with them.“Fine, fine”, Mordeth Baalzemon said. I’ll be here. And
if you like the apartment, you can sign the lease today. My Security
Company holds the contract for all of the Oakley and Oakley properties, so
it seems fair enuff to give one of thier employees the apartment, if you
decide you want it.” “Well”, I told myself, “See? you were scared for
nothing. The man has a Security company, and he sounds nice enough, even
if he is one of the Dark Lord’s”********************In just under an
hour, I found myself in the area of Metropolis called Bucktown. It was as
Smokey said “seedy”. But it was also a neighborhood with a lot of
poential. I could tell from at one time this was a very “fashonable” area.
There were still a number of delightful cafe’s, restaurants, and antique
stores, and “craftman’s” shops sccared among the vacant “For Rent”
storefronts to prove that.Newer shops, too showed that a new class of
people, that one referred to as “Yuppies” were re-investing, giving a
second life to the neighborhood. The Sunbrooks coffee shops chain, Balaam
and Rable Books, and even a Hardywood Star Restaurant had moved in. Still
the streets were quiet. No children. A few old people sitting on stoops
or benches. And here and there a person who appeared to be a panhandler,
perhaps even homeless. It didn’t seem to be the kind of neighborhood well
patrolled by the City Guards either. I wondered if the neighborhood would
be safe enough for me.But when arrived at the address for the apartment
that Mordeth Baalzemon gave me, I felt that I wouldn’t have to worry about
safety. The entire first floor of the block long building was taken up by
what appeared to be the offices of his Security Company.I parked the car
across the street from the building., and sat watching it for a few
minutes.There seemed to be a constant stream of men going in and out. All
dressed in Black uniforms with the symbol of the Dark one emblazoned on the
front of their caps, and over their hearts. Many were also wearing Body
armour, the color of dried blood. And the vast majority had their heads
shaved shiny smooth, tho some were heavily bearded, and a small number had
hair that hung down thier backs like a cloak The sight of them was both
terrifying and reassuring. A small army of the Dark Lord’s servants
working only a floor below me..... I should have listened to my
instincts....********************I entered into the main office of
Baalzemon Security, where Mordeth had said he would prefer to meet me. To
my surprise, all the employees in sight were male, file clerks, typists,
even the receptionist. All looked cruel, and hard, and it seeme every eye
turned to look at me as I walked to the receptionist desk.“Five feet,
seven inches in height, aproximately 125 pounds, 32b cup, greens eyes.
Appears to be in mid twenties, hair is of the color called chesnut, appears
to be her natural color. Manner of dress and body lanuage indicates female
is not only a Child of the Light, but a prude with a tite pussy,”, a voice
behind me stated.I blished with embarassment to hear myself described so,
and was ready to turn to turn and verbally, at least, attack whoever had
said that, when the receptionist smiled at me and said, “You must forgive
Uther. He’s a fairly new recruit and likes to show off his ability to be a
good eyewitness. And you must admit he was accurate.”Well that was true.
Besides, it occured to me that any response I made might just make the
situation, and my embarassment worse. So I simply said, “I’m here to see
Mr. Baalzemon. My name is Dawn Shepherd, and I believe he is expecting
me.”“Ahhh, yes, about the apartment.”, the receptionist said. “ Mr.
Baalzemon was called away, but Uther will show you he apartment, and if you
decide you want it, he has been instructed to go over the paperwork and
give you the keys.”I almost ran when I turned and saw Uther. He was the
spitting image of how I remembered Kaden Baalzed to look, the very image of
the man who had raped me in my nitghtmares again and again over the last
six years. “I am Uther Baalzed”, he said, and he stared hard into my
eyes. I wanted to run more than ever, but I found myself unable to make
myself. “If you will come with me, I believe you will find that we have
exactly what you need.” There was a heavey emphasis on the word “need” that
made me shiver.I heard the men in the room begin to laugh, and at that
moment I knew that my nightmares had been warnings, prophecy.....“You
won’t so anything stupid like scream or fight will you? I’d hate to have
punish you for being a stupid cunt, “ Uther smiled at me as someone grabbed
me from behind, and tied my hands behind my back, a blindfold was put
on.“No. Please.” I knew even as I pleaded, that it was useless. “Why me?
Why?”“Just your bad luck, girl. We couldn’t have planned this better, you
just fallling into out hands like this. If you’d been just a “plain-jane”
you’d have gotten a nice apartment, and that would have been the end of
it.”,I felt huge hands lift up my skirt, and pull down my panties. “But
its your bad luck that you are very pretty. You’ll make a perfect welcome
home present for my uncle Karden!”The hands began to fondle my pussy then
a thick finger jabbed its way inside, and to my shock shame and horror, I
felt myself getting wet, getting horny! Another thick, sausage like finger
began working itself into my ass, and I tried to pull away, but the man behind me me held me firmly in place.“Praise Shaitan, this girl is so
tight, I can barely get my finger in her!!! Are you a virgin, girl?”,
Uther asked, as he began pumping his finger into me. I nodded, and I heard
him grunt in satifaction.“A virgin, my brothers, surely my Uncle will be
well pleased with the prize we have found for him!” his hand left my body,
and the other finger lefy my ass. “Let’s get her to his quarters, and
prepare her for his arrival If we are lucky, she’ll survive his assualt,
and we will enjoy her as well!”I heard the men laughing as I uselesly
struggled to get away while I was dragged off...”Hell”, I heard someone
say, “Small chance of that!!”********************I was taken deep within
the building up and down stairs and finally the blindfold was taken off.I
was in a what appeared to be a bedroom, with a well apointed bathroom just
acroos the hall.“You have two choices, and only two.”, Uther said. “This
is the first choice.You can be obedient, quickly doing everything you are
told to do, and you will be raped, but not beaten, whipped, or tortured.
When my Uncle is done with you, if you are still alive, myself, and any all
the men who desire to will satify their lust on you. When we are done,
when every cock of every man has known the sweetness of your ass, your
mouth, your pussy, should you wish to leave, you will be free to go.”I
shuddered wondering, knowing what the second choice would be.“Or you could
be resist, you can be disobedient. You will be beaten into submission, and
raped. You be whipped till your skin in nothing but a mass of bloody
flesh, and you will be still be repeatedly raped. But that’s not all. You
will be tortured, and you will be raped yet again and again and again. And
when we are done, we will take many days to kill you.”“I choose to be
obedient”, I gasped. “I’ll do whatever you tell me, I swear!”Uther
grinned, “Good. The Dark Lord might prefer if you were to choose to have
us to use the second way, but most of us really do prefer the first. Now
strip!”I took off my clothes, as Uther continued to look at me, rubbing
his crotch. “I really wish you weren’t a virgin, so I could take you
now!”Just then the door opened, and Karden the “twin” of Uther came in,
with a third man. Now that that they, Uther and Karen, were together, I
could see the differences, but they were small. All three of the men could
have been cast from the same mold, over 6’6, at least 300 pounds, massive,
heavily muscled.“Hello pretty pussy”, Karden said. “Seems you get the
honor of being my first female fuck out out of prison. I’m gonna take six
years worth of horniness out on you.”“She’s a virgin too, Uncle”, Uther
laughed, “So I know there’s no chance you’ll be able to easy on her, even
if you wanted to!”“No way, boy!”. Karden laughed, as he began to remove
his clothing. “Shit, it aint every day I get to have a virgin.”“Sorry I
wasn’t here to meet you for the plain old rape I had planned for you”, the
third man, who I now knew was Mordeth said. “I’d have opened you up before
Karden, that’s for sure!”I heard a voice say, “We’re ready to start taping
now, Captain” and for the first time noticed that a the ceiling and one
wall was a mirror, a one way mirror.“I can’t believe you’re gonna be able
to keep up a running commentary while you raping this sweetmeat, Uncle”,
Uther smirked.“Maybe not, but I’ll give it and her my best shot!,” Karden
laughed. “Get up, little pussy, we need a shower before we get started.”I
got up and followed Karden into the bathroom, and we stepped into the
shower.Karden gave me a good washing first, then he handed me a washcloth
and ordered me to wash him. It took a great effort for me to touch him.
And then he ordered me to use the washcloth to soap up his soft, flaccid ,
yet obscenely huge cock. “Be nice to my cock, pretty pussy”, Karden
demanded. ” And jes mabbe it might be nice to you!”I grasped his shaft
and began to wash it. I shuddered as it visibly grew. Soon it was at its
full 12 inches of hefty, vein-twisted cock. “Stroke it girl! Feel what’s
about to rip into your pussy and tear your soul to shreds!!!”I tried to
grasp it, but it was so thick that I could not get my fingers around it.
It looked as big around as my fist and as long as my forearm, but the thing
that scared me the most was that it was gnarly like the limb of an oak tree
and felt hard as iron The huge post of flesh felt very, very hot in my
hands and seemed to throb with a life of its own. Karden rinsed off and
toweled himself dry. “Does my cock scare you pretty pussy? Think it might
kill you? Well , its somewhat possible, and you wouldn’t be the first
pussy my ccok done serious damge to!,” he roared laughing. “Hope not tho,
aint as much fun rapin’ a dead body!”Karden suddenly reached out and
yanked hard me against his burly body. “Somethin’ tells me I’m gonna enjoy
you as much as I did the first cunt I ever raped.....”, he whispered in my
ear. His huge hands ran up down my body, and to my shock, I found myself
responding to him, pressing harder against him, wanting more of the feeling
his huge hands were giging me.“ Oh yeah, Babe. It’s gonna you hurt like
hell, but I’m just givin’ you and I both know you just getting what you
derserve!”, he said as he lifted me up, and carried me, unresisting, out of
the bathroom to the bedroom.Following Karden’s instructions I climbed on
the bed, so that I was kneeling,, facing away from him and the bedroom door
. Then Karden knelt behind me, and I could feel the head of his cock,
whichseemed to be as hard and as big around as a brass doorknob, pressing
against my pussy. He began to rub it against my pussy, sending waves of
pleasure washiong through my body. “Yeah Baby, this is exactly what you
need, “ He grabbed me around the waist and yanked me savagely back at the
same time he threw his weight forward. I screamed in sheer agony as the
massive intruder tore past my cunt lips and on towards the the protective
veil of my maidenhead. “Oh man, this looks so cute! Its really pretty
how the lips of her assaulted pussyis wraping themselves around my
fuck-pole!.” My face fell into the pillow that only slightly muffled my
scream as more of that gigantic prick was ripping and tearing its way
relentlessly into me. I clenched my fists in pain and and amazement as
the torture increased, as the merciless cock tore ever onwards into me. It
rammed into me even more brutally as I tried to cry out, to plead for him
to stop the onslaught. I realized that the more I screamed, cried and
pleaded, the more it seemed to arouse and please Karden!!!“Oh shit, this
is too fucking great. She’s so sweet, so hot, feels so good! You guys can’t believe how tightly her pussy is gripping my prick. I’m practically
having to tear into her. This has got to be the tightest pussy I’ve ever
fucked my cock into!” I finally felt the large plum-like head bump
something within me that would not give..They was a great cramping as the
red-hot pile driving slab of meat tried to force its way forward. Then it
seated itself up against my cervix and Karden pulled back even more on ass
and threw himself even harder into me.. I screamed in terror as I felt the
head as the monstorus cock strain my cervical hole tothe limit. “Damn,
all I got is only 9 inches of my foot of cock in her,.!” Only nine
inches!?! And it felt there was a log in me and he was pressing against the
back wall of my insides!He pulled back and and I felt the lips of my
pussyr pulling and dragging at his cock. Laughing he said, “Man I’m trying
to pull out, and her pussy is trying to pull me back in!!!”, He continued
to pull out, and it felt as though he was pulling my pussy innards out as
the sucked at and clung to his cock. Yet pulling out was getting easier
for him, since my blood lubricanted and coated his pole as he pulled
out.It really it felt as though all of my guts were trailing out after the
big man’s baton like penis as he pulled out. “Now to get it back where it
belongs!”, he shouted as he lunged forward again. his time he plowed back
in, and he laughed as he announced “10 inches this time!”. he continued to
pound his fuck-pole into me, ramming his cock into me, causing it to bash
against my womb. he plowed into me with short, choppy strokes. I could
feel every bump and vein on his huge penis as it rammed in and out my
pussy, then he began to fuck me with a furious pace that seemed to get
faster and faster and more painfully brutal. He grabbed me around the
shoulders so that he could fuck me even harder, pounding into my ripped and
battered pussy. I felt my cunt walls burn as the pain began to increase
tremendously. I groaned as I felt the cervical opening begin to dilate as
the cockhead smashed against it, that ravaged, muscular hole was giving in
to the abuse. It seemed every nerve in my body was being flooded with
pain, even as I felt my body begin to relax as if giving up and
surrendering to the massive ram plowing into its depths. Karden was
gasping for breath as he announced, “Oh man, I can feel it cumming, I’m
gonna cum too fucking soon! “ He was fucking me harder, faster. “I gonna
blast my hot cum load into the depths of your sweet, sweet little pussy babe. Maybe you can have a baby rapist for me!!!”. He stabbed in one last
time, driving in what felt like the full 12 inces, just as semen rushed up
his dick shaft. My eyes bulged as the first shot of hot dick spray pelted
the walls of my bleeding and torn interior. He lunged and buried another
more of himself into me, and then collasped on top of me.Red hot cum continued to pump out of the ejaculating cock to drown my pussy tunnel,
easing and bathing some of the pain. The jets began to slow down and
finally he pulled back, out of my poor tender, torn body. He rolled off
the bed and my knees gave out from under me, and I collapsed down to lay on
my belly. My poor deflowered pussy gushed bloody cream onto the
bedspread.“Damn, that was a great “welcome Home Present” ! But I’m gonna
need a minute or two before I get to see what this pretty thing’s ass is
like”I screamed in terror, than blacked out.....

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