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LAURA girls dance Miriam leading and Laura


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Author: Altan
Title: Laura
Keywords: exhib nosex
Date: May 2001
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This story is a work of erotic fiction. If you are not allowed to
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reading now.

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Laura (exhib nosex)
by Altan

Laura knew it would be another boring day the moment she opened
her eyes. She looked at the ceiling, exactly the same as every
other hotel room ceiling she had ever been in. Another day of
standing at the booth, waiting for customers that would not come,
watching the business men in their gray suits pass by without
even glancing at her company's products. A complete waste of time
and money.

With a deep sigh Laura got out of bed and walked over to the open
window. She felt the morning sun warming her bare skin. At least
it is not raining, she thought to herself. That was the only
advantage of attending a tradeshow in Dallas. She gazed out at
the street far below, suddenly realizing she was standing here
naked for everyone to see. A little smile curled around her
mouth. Well, let them look, she thought. At twenty-nine, watching
her diet and working out regularly, she had nothing to be ashamed
of. At five foot eleven she was tall and slender, with long legs
and a narrow waist. Her long brown hair fell over her shoulders,
almost covering her firm breasts. No, she was not ashamed of her
body at all. Slowly, Laura turned away from the window and went
into the bathroom.

She emerged twenty minutes later, feeling fresh and awake, and
very angry. She had just remembered how her boss had called her
in his office, just before she left. He had used a lot of nice
words, but it really had boiled down to the fact that the company
had decided the show was not worth the effort, all sales people
but Laura had been pulled from it, and she would have to do it

It wasn't even the fact that she was considered the least
important of all the sales people that made Laura mad. She knew
that she did not have the fanaticism that others have. But when
her boss told her that she would have to limit her expenses to
forty dollars a day, she felt insulted, and that anger welled up
in her every time she thought back of the conversation.

With the anger boiling inside her, Laura was getting dressed.
What did the company think--that she was going to cheat on them?
Didn't they trust her anymore? Why would she stay loyal to them,
when they were using her like this?

Why, indeed? At that moment, a thought came to Laura. There was
nobody at the show that she knew, or was likely to run into ever
again. She was only there to uphold the image of the company.
Well, she did not care about the company's image, and was not
going through another boring day at a boring show. Today, she
would have some fun at the show.

She looked again at the clothes she had selected. A white satin
blouse and a light brown skirt with buttons on the front. Calming
down, she smiled at her reflection in the mirror. Yes, that would
do perfectly. Quickly, she took all her clothes off again and
then put the blouse and skirt back on-- nothing else. She could
feel her excitement grow when she examined herself critically in
the mirror. Her breasts did not really need any support, but with
the excitement, her nipples clearly poked through the thin
material. Other than that she looked just like an ordinary sales
woman. It was nice to feel the fabric of her clothes directly at
her skin, but the excitement would wear off soon enough.

She counted her buttons--nine on the skirt and seven on the
blouse. Sixteen in total. Then she looked at the alarm clock next
to the hotel bed. It was eight o'clock, sixteen hours until
midnight. Today, she would undo one button every hour. At the
stroke of midnight...

* * *

Laura walked over to the convention hall, leaving her jacket in
the hotel room. She saw a few men looking at her twice, and
smiled inwardly. There would be much more for them to look at
before the day was over. Oh yes, she would draw attention all
right. Her mind took her back to her high school days. Her best
friend, Joan, had felt ignored by the boys and one time she had
come to a school party wearing a see-through blouse. Joan had
been careful to keep her jacket on until she was on the dance
floor, where teachers did not dare come. Within minutes, she had
become the center of attention of the boys, and she had enjoyed
every minute of it. Eventually she was caught, of course, and
sent home with a reprimand. But later she had described to Laura
how wonderful it was, to have all these boys stare at her.

The convention doors opened for the public at exactly nine
o'clock and Laura, ready at her booth, undid the top button of
her shirt. She felt a surge of anticipation rushing through her,
and she had to concentrate not to flush. For the next hour, she
concentrated on the feeling of the shirt touching her breasts.
She turned to enjoy the fabric stroking her, and every time she
felt her nipples harden in response. Some of the men that passed
her booth seemed to notice, and were looking at her twice--or
rather, were looking at her breasts.

At ten, Laura undid the second button from her blouse. Halfway
through the hour, she crossed the aisle to a booth that had been
manned by a lone young salesman all day. She had noticed him
glancing at her all morning and decided to take the initiative.
She could see it took him some effort to move his eyes from her
breasts to her face.

"Hi," she said. "You seem to be having a quiet show as well?"

"Eh, yes," he answered almost stuttering. "How about you?"

"Haven't had a single customer all week," Laura replied. "I've
never been to such a boring show. By the way, my name is Laura."

"Oh, hi, I'm Pete. I haven't had much traffic here either."

They talked a little bit more and then Laura walked back to her
own booth. She could feel his eyes in her back, but when she
turned around, he quickly looked the other way.

At eleven, the third button went. She knew the third button was
lower than her nipples, so a little bit of her breasts would be
exposed. She was starting to attract some attention, people
veining interest in the company as an excuse to look at her from
close by. Laura had put the box with company literature on the
floor, so she would have to bend over to get a brochure.
Sometimes she could see a bulge in the men's pants and the
thought that she had caused that invariably made her nipples

When there was a particular slow moment in the show traffic, Pete
walked over to her and they continued their conversation. Laura
leaned on the small counter and put her head in her hands. She
knew that her blouse would fall open and Pete could see all the
way down to her belly. She saw his eyes widen and then quickly
returning to her face. Laura smiled again.

"At least there is a nice view around here," she said innocently,
which instantly made Pete blush. Laura felt stupid keeping on
grinning at him, but she did not want to scare him right now.
When he shyly smiled back, she knew that he would be the fun part
of the evening.

* * *

Lunch break was at noon, right after Laura undid the fourth
button of her blouse. In the restroom she carefully studied how
she looked. With four buttons undone, the sides of her breasts were exposed even when she was standing up. She practiced bending
over in front of the large mirror, imagining how a man would
react. If she bend over just a little bit more, her shirt would
fall open completely and her hanging breast would be totally
exposed. Her nipples were in plain view and getting hard as rock.
Some of the other women looked shocked at Laura parading herself
in front of the mirror, but she did not pay any attention to
them. One of the women though gave her a thumbs up, and she
wondered what to make of that.

The lunch area had a number of self-service counters for hot and
cold food. Laura went to the salad bar first, making a point of
reaching over to get a salad she actually did not particularly
like. But she did enjoy the heads turning away as on an unheard
command when she straightened up again. Only one man did not turn
and she rewarded him with a smile. He smiled back and went to the
cash registers.

Laura finished collecting her lunch, paid, and sat at an empty
table. She ate slowly, looking around her. It didn't take long
for the first person to join her. Within five minutes the table
was filled with men, all eager to chat with her. Laura mainly
smiled but did not say much. Every now and then she would bend
over her plate, letting her blouse drop open. The thought that
there were seven men here intent on watching her was exciting,
and she enjoyed every moment.

* * *

During the afternoon, she left the buttons of her blouse alone
and undid one from her skirt every hour. Although that was not
adding anything to the attention she was attracting, it filled
her with anticipation. At five, when the convention doors closed,
she undid the fifth button from her skirt and walked over to

"Doing anything special tonight?" she asked.

"Not much fun doing anything special on your own," he answered.
"Now, if I would have some company..."


"Well, I hear this restaurant on Fleet Street is good, and there
is a disco right next door."

"Sounds like fun," Laura replied lightly. "Why don't you pick me
up at six thirty at the Hyatt, and we'll see if your informant is

She gave Pete one last wink and walked away to the exit. Laura
knew that he was just amazed at his luck right now, but probably
didn't anticipate what would happen tonight in his wildest

Back in the hotel she checked herself in the large mirror again.
With the sixth skirt button at six, she was showing more than a
little leg. Just to know what would happen, she tried undoing the
seventh button and moving around. With only two buttons left, the
skirt would open up all the way up and anyone watching would
clearly see her lack of underwear. That would be very interesting
in that disco Pete was talking about. Quickly, she fastened that
seventh button again--that would come later.

Pete was in the lobby when she came down, and for the first time
she could see that he was looking at her legs as well as her
chest. She didn't say anything but followed him to the taxi and
into the restaurant. She undid another button from the blouse
when they entered the restaurant.

At the table, Pete clearly didn't know where to look, and Laura
decided to relax him a bit.

"You like to look at my breasts?" she asked, and Pete turned red like a traffic light.

"Don't worry, it's okay," she comforted him. "I enjoy it when men look at me particularly sweet ones like you."

This made him turn red again, and he clearly didn't know what to
say. But he was no longer averting his eyes. Instead he was
looking straight into Laura's blouse and at her breasts. With
only two buttons left, there was a lot to look at. She tried to
sit straight up, bending just a little bit forward, so that the
fabric of her blouse was just touching her erect nipples when she
was startled by the waitress.

"Hi, my name is Miriam and I will be your server tonight. Can I
get you something to drink while..."

The waitress stopped in mid sentence when she noticed Laura's
outfit. 'This is it,' Laura thought, 'now we will be thrown out
of here.' But instead, Miriam cleared her throat, winked at Laura
and said to Pete, "while you enjoy the view?"

Pete turned red once more, but checked himself and said, "yes,

When the waitress had left, Pete addressed Laura.

"Who are you?" he asked. "I've never met any girl who shows
herself like this."

This time, Laura blushed a little bit herself. "To tell you the
truth, I don't really know," she answered. "I have never done
this before. But you know what--it is fun! I just hope I don't
get arrested or something."

During dinner she told Pete how bored she had been, and what
resolution she had made that morning. He looked at her

"One button every hour?" he asked. "With the last one to go at
midnight? What happens then?"

"I don't know," she answered with a crooked smile. "I guess I
will leave that up to you..."

* * *

Dinner lasted for over an hour, and the next blouse button was
undone at eight. Service was excellent, almost as if Miriam never
took her eyes off of them. But after a last cup of coffee, and
leaving a large tip for the waitress, they got up and went to the
disco next door.

To Laura's surprise, Pete turned out to be a good dancer. Laura
had told Pete she wanted to stick with the slower numbers,
sitting out the wilder ones. Fortunately, it turned out to be
"Romance Evening" at the disco with a lot of slow numbers. When
they danced close together, Laura could feel the bulge in Pete's
pants growing each time she touched him.

At nine, the seventh button of her skirt came loose. Laura knew
from the experiments in front of the mirror that with a little
shuffling her pubic hair became exposed. At the next close dance,
she made sure she could feel the fabric of Pete's pants on her
bare skin. Pete let his hands slide under her skirt and was
massaging here bare buttocks.

"Lift my skirt," she whispered in his ear when they came back on
the dance floor after a drink. "Move your hands up to my back,
and I'll pretend not to notice. I want everyone to see my bare

Pete grinned and slowly moved his stroking hands upwards, all the
way to the curve in her back. There could be no doubt that Laura
was not even wearing a G-string. Laura's heart was pounding, she
expected a manager to come over any minute. But nobody came and
they finished the dance together.

At ten, the last button of her shirt became undone. A series of
very fast numbers started and Pete and Laura returned to their
table. Everyone in the disco had noticed Laura, of course, but
she had refused all the other dance offers. Until Miriam, the
waitress from the restaurant, showed up at their table. "May I
have this dance?" she asked Laura.

Miriam had changed into a very thin shirt, knotted in the front,
and a long skirt. She stood there smiling, waiting for an answer.

"I'm sorry, I can't," Laura said. "Not dressed like this. They
would throw me out when I danced now."

"Of course you can," Miriam replied. Her smile deepened. "I'll
match your clothing." With that, she untied her shirt so that it
hung as loose as Laura's. Then she took the hem of her skirt, and
tore it all the way up to the waistband. She wasn't wearing
anything underneath either.

When they got to the dance floor, Miriam started swinging and
Laura followed her. One by one the men in the disco stopped to
watch the two girls dance, Miriam leading and Laura following. At
the second song, Miriam threw away her useless shirt and without
thinking Laura imitated her, barely noticing that Pete caught it.
Dancing topless was exhilarating!

When the music finally slowed down to a romantic melody, Pete
joined the two girls and the three of them moved together in
close embrace. Having lost all his shyness, Pete caressed both of
them, and they massaged him where he enjoyed it most.

Eleven o'clock, and the eighth button of Laura's skirt followed
the others. Laura had told Miriam about her day, who thought it a
great idea. Now, she pulled Pete closer.

"In one hour, that last button is going, and I will be stark
naked," she told him "You decide where you want to be when that
happens. We can be here on the dance floor, or back in your hotel

Pete stopped to consider this. Taking this wild woman back to his
hotel room was very tempting. On the other hand--she was offering
to drop her skirt right here, in a busy disco. Now that was an
exciting thought as well.

Laura looked at him with curiosity, without any indication of
what she wanted him to decide. Oh what the hell, he thought, and
said, "Let me get us another round of drinks."

When Pete left for the bar, Miriam looked inquisitively at Laura.
"You are serious, aren't you?" she asked.

Laura nodded. "Yes, this is exciting, I never knew it would be
this much fun. But now I want to see it through to the end.
Whatever that end will be."

"You are one amazing girl!" Miriam exclaimed, then smiled at Pete
who was returning with the drinks. "You don't mind me sticking
around, do you?" she asked. "I want to see this."

"No, of course not" Pete replied, sliding into his seat. "You can
stick as close as you want to."

* * *

They watched the others dance until it was a few minutes before
midnight. Then Laura got up and took Pete by the hand to the
dance floor. They danced slowly while the minute hand on the
clock above the bar approached the number twelve.

At exactly midnight, Laura unhurriedly undid the last button from
her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Then she put her arms
back around Pete's neck while they continued their slow dance.

Pete let his arms slide down to Laura's bare buttocks and held
her close to him. Dancing around them came to a stop when people
noticed Laura's nakedness. Then the pace of the music picked up
and Laura and Pete started to swing. No longer shielded by Pete's
body, men all around them enjoyed the sight of Laura's nude body
and started cheering the couple on.



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