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LAWANNA2 stretch even more than when


Mike, Lawanna, Becky and I Chapter 2 The Swimming Pool.

{m/m, f/m/f, m/m, mast, oral, slight femdom, voy, inc}

By Typoman

Edited by Typoman

Do not repost this story without my header. Do not remove my name from
this story.


Larry Sanderson

My stories contain graphic descriptions of sexual encounters. Various
ages from adult to children may be described in sexual acts, either willing
or coerced. If you are not of legal age to read or adult material, close
this file. If you are offended, or even think that you might be offended
by reading material such as this then go find something else to read. By
continuing to read this material, you have agreed that you are of legal age
and material such as this is legal to have in your possession.

A word about fantasy: My stories are just that, a FANTASY! They might
contain a thread of an old childhood memory, or just be the brainchild of
my fertile imagination. If you like to read stories like mine then more
power to you! However, if you find yourself seriously contemplating
abusing an innocent minor, then go seek help. Our children are our future.
Don't start (or continue) the cycle of sexual abuse. Enough said, on with
the tale.

About 3 months after Mike and I started hanging around together he
showed me where his secret stash of porno magazines were. He had them
stashed way out in the desert so nobody would find them. Mike had only
said that they were porno magazines but when I got a look at them I nearly
came in my pants right there! They weren't just porno, it was the hard
core stuff. Mike told me that he found them in the trash at one of the
houses down the street. About a third of them were gay magazines and the
rest was an assortment, ranging from dirty books to bondage and regular
hardcore. I had seen my share of Playboys and Penthouses, but up until
then I had never seen anything so graphic as the stuff Mike had collected.
He had stashed them close to the river bottom and away from where people
usually went. A little ways away from where they were hidden was a stand
of Cottonwood trees where we could look at them in the shade. The shade of
the trees was a welcome relief after the half-hour long ride in the hot
Arizona sun to get to where his stash was. I got so horny after looking at
the first couple of magazines that I desperately needed to go somewhere
private and jack off.

"I gotta go and take a dump." I told Mike, hoping that he would buy the
feeble excuse I had thought up.

When I looked up from my magazine I saw that Mike was rubbing his boner
through his jeans. He wasn't paying any attention to anything but the gay magazine he had and the boner in his pants. I decided to stay where I was
and stay quiet, wondering if he would actually take his dick out and play
with it in front of me. He was lying on his side and was slowly stroking
up and down on his bulge. It looked like he was reading one of the stories instead of looking at the pictures.

I had been sitting cross-legged with my cock wedged in the fold of my
jeans. The longer I waited, the more my cock ached. It was trapped in the
fold in my pants and wanted to grow more, but couldn't. I rose to my feet
and walked a few feet away to take a leak. Out of the corner of my eye I
noticed that Mike had stopped doing his thing and was watching me getting
ready to leak my lizard. I don't know why, but instead of turning my back
to him, I stood sideways so he could watch me. After finally wrenching my
erection out of my fly, I let go with a long arching stream.

"Ahhh, that's more like it!" I said out loud.

"Damn Charlie!" Mike exclaimed. "Where'd you ever get a dick like

I turned slightly, my piss stream following the new direction. "What do
you mean Mike? My dick's not that small!"

"Shit, yours is at least an inch longer than mine is!"

"Really Mike? Let's see it then!"

I thought that Mike would be too embarrassed to take his dick out, but
without any hesitation he unbuttoned, unzipped and pulled his pants down
past his hips. I knew that my five and a half inch cock was about average
for my age, but poor Mike only had a little over three inches! Not only
was his dick short, it wasn't that big around either. I thought about
saying something, but decided to just keep my mouth shut. Mike didn't seem
too embarrassed about his equipment. His fingers were slowly stroking up
and down on his dick and his eyes were riveted onto my dick. I felt a
little rush of excitement and leisurely milked out the last dribble from my

The way he was looking at my cock gave me an idea. I wasn't sure
whether he wanted me to see that he was playing with himself. I remembered
the first time I had jacked off in front of my friend Karl. I was spending
the night at his house for the first time. The story he told me about his
old baby sitter got me so turned on that I had to do something about it.

I'm still not certain whether I put my hand in my underwear on purpose,
but Karl stopped talking when he caught me. I practically jerked my hand
out of the front of my undies and apologized. When I asked him to tell me
the rest of his story he hesitated then said he would if he could watch me.
I was more desperate than embarrassed and so I agreed to do it.

It's kind of humorous thinking back as an adult on the negotiations that
the two of us went through before Karl continued telling his story. We
both ended up naked, but I had to let Karl sit between my legs so he could
see everything I was doing. Karl agreed to let me watch him when I was
done. We were supposed to have already been asleep hours ago and so the
bedroom light was off, but there was enough light filtering through his
bedroom window to see. It felt really strange with my legs all splayed
open and my goodies completely exposed and vulnerable. Karl was one hell
of a good teller of tales. He drew the story out as he watched me choking
my chicken. His story ended about a minute before I shot what little load
a twelve-year-old boy like me could produce. Karl knew that I had about
zilch actual experience so the story that I gave him was derived from a
one-sided phone conversation from my mother that I overheard. Whoever she
was talking to had caught her boy playing doctor with a girl down the
block. From what I could gather hearing only one side was that the woman on
the other end thought the girls father had abused her. The tidbits I
garnered like "In her mouth?" and "How else could a little girl know about
doing things like that?" made me come to the conclusion that the girl was
giving the boy a blow job.

That was enough to fuel my fantasy that I had been the boy with his dick
getting sucked. After many wanking sessions it worked out that my mother had caught us, then showed the girl how to do it right using me for
demonstration. After hearing Karl's tale I added the final tidbit that my
mom made me lick the girl's pussy. Karl certainly liked the story cause he
squirted when I was only about half way done with it.

Now here I was with an opportunity to develop a similar relationship
with my new friend. I let my cock milking action segue into slow steady
stroking and watched to see how Mike would react.

I asked him, "Hey Mike, do you ever do anything with your sisters?"

"You mean like see them naked and stuff?" Mike asked, his eyes became
locked onto my rigid equipment and what I was doing with it.

I said, "Well yeah, seeing their pussies would be cool. I was thing
about doing stuff! Stuff like getting them to let you feel them. Better
yet, getting them to play with your dick! You know, stuff like that."

"Oh yeah Charlie! All three of my sisters used to pull their panties down anytime I asked them to. Susan don't do it anymore, janet will do it
sometimes. They're getting too old to do it now, but Lawanna still likes
to do it."

I sped up the hand action on my cock. "Wow, really Mike? Do you think
she'd do it in front of me if you asked her to?"

"Sure! Want me to ask her when we get back?"

Mike was now stroking his cock in earnest. I unbuttoned the waistband
and pulled my pants down to my knees. After a few strokes I lay on my side
about three feet away from Mike, facing towards him. My head was towards
his feet so we could both watch each other jacking off.

"So when was the last time you saw Susan naked? Does she have hair on
her pussy?"

"She's got lotsa hair on her pussy Charlie. It's blonde too! Janet's
only got a little place in front but it's a lot darker than Susan's.
Lawanna don't have any hair at all yet."

"Gawd you're so lucky Mike! The only pussy I ever seen was my when my
Aunt changed her daughter's diapers! So did you ever get them to do stuff
with you?"

"They're my sisters Charlie! Damn what type of bastard do you think I
am anyway!"

"Sisters or not, that wouldn't stop me from doing stuff Mike! I'm not
saying I'd try to fuck them, but I bet it'd feel fantastic to have a girl jack me off, even if she was my sister! Hell I'd bust a nut if a girl just
touched my cock right now!"

Mike decided to go ahead and tell me some of his secrets. "I got my
cousin Bonnie to put my dick in her mouth once. Lawanna won't do that, but
she's done other stuff. Janet's done things too. She and Lawanna used to
do stuff with me at the same time!"

"God Mike I'm getting ready to blow! Tell me what they did! I'm not
gonna go blabbing it around!"

"Okay, I'll trust you. janet and Lawanna used to like to put Vaseline
on my cock and do it with their hands. Sometimes one of them will put
stuff on my cock then kinda sit on it with their pussies and slide up and
down on it."

"Oh Gawd here it comes! UNNGggghhh!"

I started bucking my hips, my hand going a mile a minute on my steel
hard crank. I held it back as long as I could, then with a mighty lurch, I
shot my load all over the ground. I had never shot out so much semen in my
entire 14 years of life. Some of my splooge almost landed on Mike who was
three feet away.

Mike said, "Wow you really shoot don't you Charlie! I don't squirt half
that much!"

"That's the most I've ever done Mike! That was great!"

Mike rolled onto his back and started flailing away on his smallish
cock. I worked my pants back into place and zipped up then moved to sit
next to him.

Mike said, "We can pitch a tent in my back yard and you can ask your
parents if you can do a camp out with me. I'll ask Lawanna to sneak out
when everyone's asleep."

"Cool! You think she'll do stuff with both of us Mike?"

"If you'll do it for me right now I'll make sure she'll do lotsa stuff
with you. I don't know if she'll want to do it with both of us, her arms
get tired kinda quick. I'll pretend to be asleep, or find an excuse to
stay away till you're done."

"You want me to..... To jack you off? Naw I'm not a fag! Besides, how
do I know you'll be able to get Lawanna to agree?"

"I'll suck your cock then Charlie! All you gotta do is use your hand on
me and I'll suck your cock all the way tomorrow. I'm sure Lawanna will
want to do things, especially after I tell her how big a dick you got."

"You're saying I'll get both then Mike?"

"Cross my heart Charlie! Sometimes I can't get off by myself or I
wouldn't ask!"

The deal was too good to pass up. Mike wouldn't be the first guy that I
had jerked off. I had even sucked my best friend Karl's cock more than
once and he had done the same thing to me. Neither one of us wanted to get
come in our mouths so when we got close we would finish by jacking each
other off. Although Mike didn't mention anything about swallowing my come,
I was almost sure that he would do it without me even asking. There had
always been something just a little different about Mike. I hadn't been
able to put my finger on it until right then.

I reached out and ran my fingers over his little three and a half
incher, then grabbed his pants and pulled them all the way down to his
ankles. As an afterthought I decided to take his pants all the way off so
I could sit between his legs. I pulled Mike's tennis shoes off then
stripped his pants off.

"Spread your legs so I can sit in between them Mike. Pull your shirt up

I reached out and lightly brushed his balls with my fingertips. Just as
expected, Mike's cock sprang upwards and a shiver ran through his body.
When I grasped his cock I could only use my thumb and two fingers instead
of my whole hand like I could do with mine. His fully erect cock was about
as big around as my finger and was sort of spongy feeling, not hard like
mine gets.

I pinched the loose flesh of Mike's scrotum between my thumb and
forefinger, then pulled it downwards. This tightened the skin on his cock
and helped to enhance the feeling from the fingers of my other hand that
was jacking up and down on his cock. I smiled to myself and began working
up a big gob of spit in my mouth. Mike was already responding to the
feelings he was receiving when I bent forward and pushed out my spit
silently between my lips. Just before it dropped away from my lips I
caught it in my hand and began fisting mikes Cock with my spit lubricated
hand. Mike groaned and tensed up then his body jerked as he shot a meager
load of come into my hand.

"That was great Charlie! You just wait till tomorrow, I'll give you a
real good blow job!"

"What about Lawanna, Mike? You weren't bullshitting me about her were

"You'll see Charlie. We gotta do a little planning though, cause
sometimes she don't want to play like that."

"Yeah, I guess girls are like that huh?"

"Especially when they start getting tits and hair." Mike replied. "It's
too bad cause that's when their body starts getting interesting. They know
it too cause after that you gotta start doing stuff to get'em to do it."

"What kinda stuff Mike?"

"Oh, like you start out by scratching their back or rubbing their feet.
Stuff like that gets em in the mood."

"Shit that ain't bad Mike! I'd love to scratch a girl's back or rub her
feet even if that's all I get to do! You're just spoiled cause you had
sisters around you all the time."

"They're only girls Charlie! They're supposed to obey the men!
Nobody's gonna marry a girl that won't submit to her husband! I feel sorry
for the poor bastard that marries Susan!"

"Well Mike, Susan may be kinda bossy and stuck up, but she's got one
hell of a pair of tits!"

"That's true Charlie. Lawanna's got nothing on her chest but at least
she don't expect me to lick her! janet and Susan......"

"Lawanna likes to be licked? Does she give blow jobs?"

"Never mind. What I'm saying is that we gotta sorta work her into
playing nasty with you. She hasn't really done stuff with anyone else but
me and. Well never mind."

Mike gave away a few hints about what he had been doing which really
piqued my interest. I figured that he would tell me more in his own time.
I didn't want to blow any chance of getting his little sister to drop her
panties. I let the matter of his older sisters drop and concentrated on
the task at hand.

"So how do we get Lawanna in the mood then Mike?"

"Well I guess it's more whether she likes you enough to be willing to
play. Lawanna told me that you got a boner both times she rode with you."

"Oh shit! So she knew then!"

"Don't worry about it Charlie. That's why she asked to ride with you
the second time. She wanted to see if you'd get one again."

"So what did she say about it then Mike?"

"I don't know. She didn't mention anything about the second time and I
wasn't gonna ask her about it either. Did you get a boner?"

I was sweating bullets for a second or two that Lawanna might have told
Mike about her orgasm at the hands of my bike. Once I thought about it
though, whether she told him about it or not would not have ruined my
chances. I decided that the best plan of action would be to give him
enough information to satisfy his curiosity.

"Hell yes I got a boner!" I gestured my surrender with my hands.
"That's why I had her sit in front of me instead of behind me. I figured
that without her hands right over my dick, I wouldn't catch one. I shoulda
known better though. I get a boner just about every time I get close to a

"Looks like Lawanna should ride with you for a few more times then,

Mike smiled knowingly. "You ARE gonna let her ride behind you, right?
We'll let her get nice and comfortable with her hands on the outside of
your jeans, then getting them on the inside'll be a lot easier!"

"Oh okay, I see what you mean. I guess getting caught with a boner
isn't nearly as bad if Lawanna likes it. There's more room for her on my
bike anyway."

"Hey you wanna go for a swim when we get back Charlie?"

"Yeah, that'll be cool Mike." I said. "Do you think your sisters will
want to swim with us? I bet Susan looks hot in a swimsuit huh?"

Mike had put his pants back on as we talked, so we stashed the magazines
back in their hiding place. I stashed a paperback under the seat of my
bike to read later then we hopped on our bikes and headed back to Mike's
house. I stopped at my house to get my swimsuit then rode over to Mike's
house. Mike and his sisters were already in the pool along with another
girl from the house next door. Her name was Becky. Although she was a
little younger than Janet, she liked to play with Lawanna.

All Mike's sisters were wearing the modest one piece bathing suits that
was typical of the Mormon way of life. Becky was the only girl that was
wearing a two piece suit. Her bikini style suit was at least two years old and was pretty threadbare. The bottoms were so tight on her that I could
clearly see the shape of her pussy whenever she got out of the water. She
had little ice cream scoop titties with pointy nipples that made the
material of her top poke out.

I walked over to the deck that surrounded their above ground pool and
rested my arms on the top. The girls were taking turns jumping and diving
from a raised platform. That meant that there was a steady procession of
girls that passed in front of where I stood. I wanted to check out the
scenery before I changed into my swimsuit. I planned on taking care of the
erection that the procession of girls gave me when I went into the storage
shed that was set up as a changing room. Even though Susan was wearing a
modest suit, her sixteen-year-old body was enough to make my mouth water.
The trouble was that Susan was also aware of how good she looked. Whenever
she climbed up the ladder to get out of their pool she would "adjust" the
leg holes of her suit to draw attention to herself. She had shot me down a
long time ago, because I was not of "The Faith" and therefore not worthy.

Janet's developing body filled out her suit quite nicely and best of all
she liked me. She had a way of catching extra water in the top of her suit
as she climbed up the ladder. When she bent over slightly at the top of
the ladder I got a good view down the front of her suit. My eyes were on
Janet's butt, watching her do the leg hole adjusting trick that she had
picked up from her older sister when Lawanna's voice caught me by surprise.

"You gonna go swimming with us Charlie?"

When I looked up my eyes got a real treat. Lawanna's swimsuit must have
been a hand me down because it was just a little bit too loose on her body.
It was also made out of some type of thicker knit material that stretched
and sagged when wet. The crotch of her swimsuit hung down from her pussy just enough to give me a tantalizing view of her pussy lips. My eyes
stayed at Lawanna's crotch for a little too long and she realized what I
was looking at. She blushed and covered her exposed flesh with her hands.
Thinking back to what Mike had told me and seeing for the first time a hint
of actual girl pussy, I cast aside my insecurities and fears.

I gave her my best smile. "Don't be embarrassed Lawanna, I can't help
looking! I don't have any sisters so I've never really seen one before. I
can only see a little bit anyway. Let me have another look okay?"

Lawanna started to take her hands away from her crotch but she got
embarrassed and moved her hands back to where they were.

"I'll get in trouble if someone sees us Charlie!"

"How about if you just go ahead and take a few jumps off the platform
then Lawanna. Pretend like you never saw where I was looking okay?"

Lawanna scrunched her face up in thought for a moment then smiled at me.
She turned away and trotted over to the platform then jumped in. In no
time she was climbing up the ladder which was right in front of where I
stood. Her smile was big and her eyes were twinkling . She was doing
something naughty and enjoying the thrill of it. I watched her for a few
minutes then went into the shed to change. There was no way to lock the
door to the shed from the inside so I decided that it was too risky to
spank my monkey right then. When I pulled up my swimsuit I put the elastic
waistband across the head of my cock so I could at least get into the pool
without an obvious tent in front. I exited the shed, climbed up onto the
deck and jumped into the water.

Mike came over to me and quietly said, "Do you know about the neighbor
girl Janet?"

"Not really, what about her?"

"She'll let guys feel her up! She does other things too, with girls and

"You're shitting me right?"

"No Charlie! Duck underwater and watch me. You'll see!"

Becky was over by the edge of the pool holding an inner tube for
Lawanna. I went underwater and swam in close enough to the two girls to
watch without being too obvious about it. Becky was tall enough to stand
on the bottom but Lawanna had to either tread water or hang on to the edge.
From my underwater vantage point I saw Mike walk up behind her and put his
hands on her hips. After a moment Mike's hands began to roam. One hand
began feeling Becky's breasts while the other went down the front of her
belly and actually cupped her pussy.

It was then that I saw something almost unbelievable happen. Becky had
wrapped her arm around Lawanna's hips as if to help lift her onto the tube
she was trying to climb on. As Lawanna tried her best to get atop the
inner tube Becky moved her hand down to Lawanna's crotch then she wormed
her fingers under the loose cloth at Lawanna's crotch for a direct pussy feel. I heard Lawanna squeal as her legs began kicking wildly at the
intrusion. The surprise at what I had witnessed made me blow out all my
air. I had to come up for air right in front of the two girls. Becky was
surprised by my sudden appearance. Becky got embarrassed and shrugged
Mikes hands away from her. She also let go of Lawanna when she saw the
knowing look in my eyes.

Lawanna brightened when she saw me. "Charlie can you help me get on
this darned inner tube?"

I smiled back at her. "No problem Munchkin. I'll have you riding that
thing in no time."

Becky began to back away but she ran into Mike. When she tried to skirt
off to the side I put my hand on her arm and thwarted her escape.

I said with a big smile, "Could you hold the tube for me Becky? I'm
sure that Mike'll be glad to stand behind you. Just like he was doing
before I interrupted you guys."

Lawanna reached out to me so I grabbed her off the edge of the pool.
She wrapped her legs around my hips, cupping herself to my side. Getting
braver, I placed my hand on her butt to hold her against me then pushed the
inner tube to Becky. Mike pressed himself right up against her back and
gave out a low chuckle. I couldn't see where Mike's hands were, but he
must have gotten a hold of something good judging by the crimson shade that
spread across Becky's cheeks.

Lawanna giggled and whispered in my ear. "Mike's grabbing Becky's
boobies and stuff Charlie!"

I whispered back loud enough for Becky to hear. "That's okay Lawanna,
Mike was feeling Becky up while she was trying to help you up on the tube
and she didn't seem to mind it then. I was watching what they were doing
when I was underwater. I also saw what Becky was doing to you too at the
same time."

With that said, I slipped my hand under the loose material that covered
Lawanna's butt, then I worked my hand downward until my fingers found the
smooth pouty lips of the underside of her pussy. Lawanna's body stiffened
and her legs clamped tighter together, but my body was between them. I
felt the pressure of the inside of her leg against my rock hard erection as
she squeezed her legs together. The expression on Lawanna's face showed
that she had felt the hardness against her leg and was wondering what it
was. Her eyes grew large when she realized that it was my boner that she
was feeling. I could tell that she was going to say something about my
boner so I acted quickly to distract her.

I said to her in an almost whisper. "Becky had her hand down where mine
is now didn't she Munchkin?"

Lawanna nodded her head to the affirmative. Her mind was still
digesting that her leg was against my boner. The material of my suit was a
lit thinner than the combined thickness of the zippered flap at the front
of my jeans. She must have also been a little scared that I had seen that
she allowed Becky's hand to feel her bare pussy under her swimsuit.
Lawanna's nod bolstered my hormone-enhanced courage, so I put my free hand
directly over her leg where it met against my cock and pressed in.

I whispered in Lawanna's ear. "Did you like it when Becky put her hand
on your pussy Munchkin? Don't worry, I'm never gonna tell anyone about
what I saw, so nobody's gonna get into trouble. It sure turned me on when
I saw it, just tell me yes or no."

Lawanna looked at me worriedly. "Becky's my friend so I don't mind it.
Don't be mad at her please Charlie? "

"I'm not mad at her squirt! I just was a little surprised when I saw
that she was feeling your little pussy. I guess I can't blame her though.
You got the nicest little pussy I ever felt!"

I squeezed her leg with my hand then forced her leg up and down against
my boner. "I'm sure you can feel how much I like you huh Munchkin?"

Lawanna didn't want to answer my last question, so she changed the
subject. "Are you gonna help me to get on the tube or not Charlie?"

"Sure Lawanna! You ready to get on the tube then?"

"As soon as you get your hand outta down there I will be!"

"Oops! Sorry Munchkin. Okay, here you go!"

I reluctantly slipped my hand out from under Lawanna's swimsuit then
cradled her body in my arms and hoisted her onto the inner tube. She
spread out her arms and legs and hooked them over the edges of the tube
with her butt hanging down into the middle. She gave me a big smile then
tried to propel herself with her hands and feet but they barely reached the

"Darn it, I can't paddle anywhere! My arms and legs are too short!"

Becky chimed in, "I'll push you around okay Lawanna?"

I was hoping that Lawanna would ask me to push her around because of the
way her butt was sunk down into the water in the middle of her inner tube.
It made a tantalizing target for more exploration. As soon as Becky and
Lawanna were out of earshot of Mike and I, they began whispering excitedly
to each other. Lawanna's hand movements made it clear to me that she was
trying to describe the properties and dimensions of my cock. Mike was
grinning from ear to ear as he told me about feeling up Becky. I looked
back over to where the other two girls were and saw that Lawanna was saying
something to Becky and pushing her toward me. They squabbled back and
forth for a bit but Lawanna won out.

Becky came over to me, her face red with embarrassment. "Lawanna wants
to ask you a question."

I glanced at Mike, then back to Becky. "Yeah, sure thing Becky. I'll
be right over."

Mike said, "Hey! I'm gonna go lay out on the deck for a bit and catch
some rays. I guess Susan and janet must have had enough swimming."

I had never even noticed that they had left. After looking around and
confirming what Mike had said was true, I turned my head back to him.

Mike gave me a smile and a nod, then he said, "Mom don't want Lawanna
swimming alone but she won't say anything if I'm out here watching her."

Mike he went over to Lawanna and said something to her. The two of them
whispered back and forth for a bit before he got out of the pool.
Lawanna's expression changed to slight embarrassment at her brother's first
words. She also looked right at me so I guessed that he was talking about
me. After their exchange Lawanna seemed more at ease. Mike had laid out
on his stomach with his head facing toward us. His eyes were closed and
his head was resting on his forearms.

It dawned on me that Mike had given me the go ahead to see how far I
could get with his little sister. Judging by Lawanna's reaction I figured
that He must have told her something similar. I wondered exactly what he
had told her. Did he say that he wanted her to let me do what I wanted, or
maybe that it was okay for her to do what she wanted? I went over to
Lawanna. Becky followed along behind me.

"What's up Munchkin?"

Lawanna looked at her friend. "Ask him Becky!"

I turned to Becky and watched her face turn red. She only held my gaze
for a second before she averted her eyes.

"Lawanna told me some stuff. Stuff about....... About when she had her
legs wrapped around you."

"Oh! You mean when her leg was pressing on my boner?"

I watched the girl's expressions change at my bold choice of words.
Lawanna put her hand over her mouth as if she was the one that said
"boner". Becky's eyes grew larger, but she wasn't as shocked at her friend.
Normally I was a real chicken when it came to girls that were around my
age. With Lawanna and Becky, I didn't get the usual butterflies in the
stomach, the lack of confidence that held me back so many times before. It
was my hormones that made shake off my fear and take those first steps. I
felt ashamed that Lawanna and Becky were so young, but the opportunity
presented itself and I took it. The truth hit me like a slap in the face.
Lawanna and Becky were the ones that had the biggest case of butterflies.
My jitters were still there, but they were manageable. The tables had
turned because I was older than they were.

Becky got over her shock first and nodded, then said "Yeah."

I said, "Well Lawanna wasn't lying if that's what you want to know."

Becky gave me an indignant look. "No, that's not what I wanted to

"What is it then Becky? Go on and ask me. I'm not gonna get mad or

"It's not like Mikes!" Lawanna managed to blurt out.

I smiled. "No I guess it isn't, but that's what makes the world go
around. Life would be pretty boring if everyone is built the same way
don'cha think?"

Becky and Lawanna looked at each other. It was clear that they didn't
get the information they wanted.

Lawanna's face brightened. "Hey Charlie! Wanna see how good Becky and
can I dive? We've been practicing, right Becky?"

Becky looked at Lawanna like she didn't understand. When Lawanna gave
her a stern stare she said, "Yeah we been practicing!"

Lawanna asked me, "Will you catch me when I dive Charlie? I hate
getting water up my nose."

Lawanna rolled off her inner tube wrapping her arms and legs around me
for support. She was facing me instead of at my side I could tell what her
motives were by the slight look of disappointment on her face. She was too
short to feel my erection bump against her pussy like she hoped would

The game became clear to me. The three of us would play a little game
of "accidental" feels. That way the girls could test their boundaries and
still call a halt to things if someone went too far. My original
impression about the two girls was that Becky was the leader, the
instigator of the sex play between her and Lawanna. Becky was older than
Lawanna by almost two years. Those two years meant that she had quite a
head start into puberty and the sexual curiosity that came from her
developing body. Judging by the way that Lawanna was acting, I began to
change my mind. At my age and experience I knew nothing about submissive
personalities. In 1968 nobody really knew about it. If they did, they
certainly didn't talk about it.

Things were fairly clear cut and simple for me back then. There were
bossy kids and then there was everyone else. The bossy ones were the ones
that wanted to control the way the other kids played. If the others didn't
go along with the bossy kids, they would make sure that everyone else in
the group was miserable until they finally gave in. It was a simple black
and white conclusion for me. There was no real gray area in between.
Lawanna's oldest sister Susan was a classic example of a bossy person.
Somehow I knew that Becky would do what Lawanna wanted her to do. I had
wrapped my arms around Lawanna's waist when she rolled off her tube and
clung to me. My left hand traced its way down her back and then slipped
underneath her butt and inside her swimsuit, easily finding the tender
folds that I hoped for.

Lawanna's body reacted, but her voice didn't betray the fact. "Can you
take me over to the ladder Charlie? I can't swim that good yet."

"Sure thing Munchkin!" I replied, knowing full well that she could swim
like a fish.

I took my time moving to the ladder, and my explorations grew bolder.
My fingers found the opening of what I guessed was Lawanna's pussy so I
probed at it.

Lawanna winced. "Ow! Charlie don't do that so hard!"

"I'm sorry!" I apologized and immediately removed my hand.

Lawanna unwrapped her legs from around my waist. In the process the
front of one of her upper thighs brushed across my boner. She gave me a
sort of surprised smile then she released her hold around my neck and
turned to grab the rails of the ladder. Thinking quickly I placed a foot
on the bottom rung and raised my body out of the water so that I could
press my boner against her. Lawanna pressed against me as she started
climbing up the ladder. She got a good rub against the hardness in my
swimsuit from the middle of her back down to her butt before she exited the

Lawanna turned and gave me a sly smile, then she went out of her way to
drip water all over her brother by stepping over him on her way to the
platform. Mike made a playful grab for her leg but she dances out of his

"Hey you little twerp I was almost asleep!"

Lawanna sticks her tongue out at him. "I seen you watching us Mikey!"

Mike just smiles then he laid his head back down. Lawanna reached down
and jerks the loose material of her crotch to the side then she thrust her
hips forward at him.

"You said I should play the games with Charlie so there!"

Mike frowned a little at his sister blatant show, but he kept his mouth
shut. I didn't really get to see a whole lot of Lawanna's pussy when she
flashed her brother because she was turned sideways to me.

Lawanna climbed up on the platform. "Okay Charlie are you gonna catch

The flash that Lawanna gave to her brother had caused her swimsuit to
stretch even more than when I had seen it before. The material at her
crotch now hung down enough to leave about a half-inch gap. I heard a
slight gasp from Becky so I turned towards the sound. Becky's eyes were
fixated, feasting on Lawanna's exposed charms. She had moved next to me
and was apparently getting ready to climb up the ladder when the show
between Lawanna and Mike caught her attention. She didn't even notice that
I had begun to move so I put my hands on her hips and brushed my erection
across her butt cheeks on my way over to the platform. Becky sucked in her
breath at the surprise I had given her, but she didn't move away either.
She just stood there and let me do what I wanted. I briefly considered
stopping and copping a feel from her, but Lawanna's exposed pussy took

I got into position and said, "Okay Munchkin, I'm ready for you!"

Lawanna motioned me closer. "That's too far away Charlie, you gotta get

Lawanna squatted down on her heels and motioned me even closer. She
waited until I was standing within inches of her crotch before she spoke.

"I'm gonna land in the water in front of you. When I push off the
bottom you catch me okay?"

"Yeah, I got it."

Lawanna's squatting position gave me a great view of the underneath part
of her little hairless pussy. I was surprised that I had been able to
answer her at all. Naturally she knew exactly where my eyes would be drawn
to when she squatted down. She prattled on about how she was learning to
hold her breath under water and that she wanted to show me low long she
could stay under. The words registered somewhere in my mind, but I was
busy feasting my eyes on her charms. I was looking at the first live pussy that I had seen ever since I watched my cousin's diaper being changed. I
still couldn't see the entirety of Lawanna's charms so I reached out my
hand towards her crotch. I deliberately moved slowly, even pausing right
before my fingers touched the cloth that blocked my view. Lawanna stopped
talking, but her silence was also permission for me to continue. I knew
that Mike was watching and that he was getting a kick out of watching me
playing nasty with his little sister. I hooked my index finger under the
loose cloth and pulled it to the side.

There it was in its full glory. A pussy! Hairless and underdeveloped,
but a pussy just the same! I could see the whole thing from where the two
little lips started all the way to her butt hole. To make things even
better, Lawanna's squatting position caused the lips to open a little.
There was a kind of sticky out part in the middle of the top part. I
couldn't see exactly what it looked like because it was still mostly
covered by her pussy lips. I moved in closer and moved my head to the side
for a better angle but that didn't make my view better.

To my surprise Lawanna brought her hand down and used two of her fingers
to spread her lips apart. Lawanna giggled when she heard me take in a
sharp breath. I could see everything that had been hidden between her
folds. The flesh tone of her pussy lips changed into a reddish pink tone
after they turned inward towards the center. The sticky out part was a
little ridge that started a little below where her labia began. The ridge
rose in height until it reached its peak. At the peak was a little rounded
bump that was slightly redder in color than the flesh that surrounded it.
After the bump the ridge turned into two little flaps, which dropped away.
Then I spied her pussy hole. It was not very large at all, barely the
width of the tip of my pinkie finger. I said to myself that it must have
been her pussy hole that my finger went into when she said "ouch".

My old friend Karl had told me about how girls just loved to be eaten
out. His first time was with a fifteen-year-old baby sitter when he was
only in the third grade. She sucked his dick afterwards and he said it
felt great but he was too young to come. She had baby sat for him a whole
bunch of times and almost every time she would get him to lick her twat.
When he was older he did it to two neighbor girls at the same time. Karl
said that they both came really hard. Even though they refused to return
the favor he still got off on what he described as "sex power". In other
words being able to drive a girl wild made him feel like he could conquer
the world after they came. Karl loved to tell me about what happened while
the two of us jacked off. Most of my other friends at school thought
eating pussy would be gross, but I swore to myself that I would try it if I
ever got the chance.

Now here I was with my face about six inches away from a girls pussy,
but there were two other people watching me. I knew from what Mike told me
that hadn't done it to the pussy that was right in front of my eyes. Mike
did promise to give me a blow job, but he acted like girls weren't supposed
to want anything other than to please their men.

I wondered if that was why Lawanna didn't seem to have much of a sex
drive, at least as much as wanting to do things that made her feel good.
What she appeared to like the most was the game itself, like flashing her
little pussy to her brother and me.

Becky was another matter. I had seen her around, but never thought a
whole lot about her. It did seem a little strange to me that she would
choose to play with Lawanna instead of Janet, who was closer to her own
age. Becky had that look in her eyes. The look of un-quenched desire that
usually only boy's got. As a matter of fact, I could even feel her
presence as she stood behind me. Yes, Becky was definitely turned on. In
many ways she was like me when I was around the girls in my grade level.
We were horny that it almost hurt, but too shy to do anything about it.

I knew that my opportunity was about to slip away if I didn't act right
away, Lawanna would begin to feel a little self conscious and would cover
herself back up. Karl told me that he never asked the two neighbor girls whether he could lick them. When Charlotte, the first girl took off her
panties and lay out on her bed so he could get a look, Karl just did it.
Charlotte squealed and told him to stop, but later she let him do it.
Leanne, the second girl had only agreed to show him her pussy because
Charlotte had dared her to do it. Leanne only agreed after Charlotte
agreed to go first. Leanne just sat there on the edge of the bed after
Charlotte had her orgasm..

My favorite part of the story Karl told me was what happened with
Leanne. By then Karl was feeling the "sex power" more than ever. This
happened during summer vacation when he was getting ready to start Jr High
school and the seventh grade. It had been a while since Karl had done
things with a girl. The last time was with his baby sitter she had long
since gone. The girls were two years behind him and still in elementary
school. Karl said that he knelt in front of Leanne and looked into her
eyes. He said that Leanne's eyes were huge and her face looked strange.
She met his gaze for only a moment before she cast her eyes down to her
hands that were folded on her lap. He could feel that Leanne was trembling
when he grasped her by the upper arms and urged her to lay back. She even
let out a little moan that betrayed how scared she was, but she never
resisted him. Charlotte had recovered by then and she even looked a little
worried for her girlfriend. Karl tried to lift up Leanne's dress, but her
hands were still clasped together. He reached up and separated them,
laying them at her sides. Leanne's legs clamped together when she felt
Karl's hands touch them, so he took his time so she could get used to them.
He began rubbing her legs, pushing her dress up higher as he went. Karl
figured that Leanne might freak out if he tried to touch her pussy, so he
grabbed her legs just under the back of her knees and pulled her to the
edge of Charlotte's bed. Her dress had ridden half way up her back in the
process so he just flipped the front part up. Karl said that he ran his
hands up the outside of her legs until he reached the top of her panties then he just grabbed the waistband at the sides and worked them off. Both
girls had hair on their pussies, but Leanne didn't have much at all. There
was a big wet spot right in the middle of the crotch of her panties that
showed how turned on she was despite her fear.

Once Karl had Leanne's panties all the way off, he said, "That's all you
gotta do Leanne, you honored the dare."

Charlotte said, "That's right Leanne, nobody's gonna say that you
chickened out. I know you're scared, but you'll never.... God it was
FANTASTIC Leanne! You just gotta let him do it!"

Leanne meekly replied, "I never said he couldn't. I didn't make him
stop either!"

Karl told me that when he saw Leanne's legs open about an inch he knew
he was gonna get to do it. He slowly pulled her legs open then gave her
the first lick. Karl ate her pussy for twice as long as he did with
Charlotte because he went really slow and easy. He also pushed her dress
up past her titties and even pushed her bra up too. Leanne's titties were
kind of small but at least he got to see and feel them. He said that he
could probably have played with Charlotte's if he'd only thought of doing
it while he ate her out. Leanne got really noisy when she came. He said
that he could tell that Charlotte wanted him to do her again but he wanted
a blowjob. They told him no way and he got kind of mad. They got into an
argument and Charlotte told him to leave. Karl said that he thought Leanne
might have agreed to do it to him if Charlotte hadn't been there. The
problem was that Karl would have never gotten anywhere with Leanne if it
weren't for Charlotte.

So here I was remembering the tales that my ex best friend had told me
and now it was my turn. I quickly moved my head forward and licked the
reddish round bump at the crest of Lawanna's inner ridge.

Lawanna squealed and fell back on her butt. She cried out, "Charlie!"

I heard but mostly felt the reaction from Becky who was behind me and
slightly off to the side. I could barely taste her girlish essence and for
a moment I thought that I had blown things completely. Lawanna got to her
feet, her hands clutching at her pussy. Mike raised his head and was
considering saying something but Lawanna's giggle let him know that things
were okay. He lay his head back down and continued to watch what his
little sister and I were doing.

"You surprised me Charlie! It tickled too!" Lawanna composed herself
and let go of her crotch. "Okay are you gonna catch me like I said?"

I took a couple of steps backwards. "I'm ready Lawanna show me what you

Lawanna held her nose and jumped, landing feet first in the water right
in front of me. I knew what she wanted to see so I pulled my trunks down
just enough that an inch of my boner was sticking out above the top. I got
a real trill out of watching the little 10 year old moving in close to get
a good look. My hope that she would touch it was not fulfilled because she
soon propelled herself off the bottom and landed in my arms.

"How was that Charlie?" Lawanna asked, her face flushed from excitement.

"That was pretty good Munchkin! I want to see it again okay?"

"Okay, but Becky's next."

She propelled herself out of my arms and paddled over into Becky's
embrace, then whispered excitedly in her ear. After Becky shook her head
no Lawanna became more insistent. Becky finally agreed, her face becoming
a cute shade or two redder.

"C'mon Becky let me see how well you dive!" I said giving her some
encouragement. Lawanna whispered in her ear once again then turned so that
she was cradled in her arms like a newlywed being carried over the
threshold. She had a triumphant grin on her face as Becky carried her over
to me then handed her off.

"Becky's gonna show you how long she can stay under water too. She's a
lot better at it than I am. She don't even gotta hold her nose or nothing.
Right Becky?"

"Yeah, that's right Lawanna."

"You want Charlie to catch you just like he did with me right Becky?"

Becky was only able to nod her acceptance. She then turned and headed
towards the ladder.

Lawanna whispered in my ear, "I like Becky cause she'll do whatever I
tell her to do. She does the naughty things too. Remember what you did
when I was on the platform?"

I looked at her, my interest showing plainly. "I didn't mean to scare
you Munchkin, it's just that I'd always wanted to try it."

"You just caught me by surprise, that's all. I wasn't scared cause
Becky's done.... well. She wanted me to do it to her too, but I didn't
want to after I tried it only for a minute or two. She said that I didn't
have to but she still likes to do it to me."

"I'd like to do it to you some more too Lawanna, if that's all right
with you?"

"What about Becky? She's only felt what it's like for that couple of
minutes when I tried it. She's even growing some hair down there too!"

"I think she likes you better than me Munchkin."

"Becky likes boys too! She's only done things with my brother, but
Mike's thing don't stick out all that good when she's doing it to him."
Becky turned her head to see whether Mike was listening, then she said in
an even quieter tone, "One time I had Becky do stuff with me while Mike was
there. His weenie grew the biggest I ever seen it! He even did it by
himself and he squirted stuff and everything!"

"Really? Wow!"

"Don't tell anyone about what I said cause they'll start teasing him all
over again okay?"

"I promise I won't tell anyone. Stuff like that's kind of personal

"Thanks Charlie. I'm glad you're his friend cause he gets lonely
sometimes. Oops! Becky's been waiting for me. Are you gonna show her
like you did for me?"

"Are you sure she wants to see it Munchkin? She don't look real
thrilled about playing this game."

"Becky's doing it cause I want her to. I showed you mine remember?"

"Yeah, and after you jumped in the water? I saw you looking at me too."

"Please Charlie?"

"Oh all right Munchkin."

"Can I pull your swimsuit down? I want Becky to see more than what you
showed me. You can stop me whenever you want okay?"

Now there was an idea! I had only pulled my trunks down a little so I
could act like it was an accident in case Lawanna freaked out on me. I
tried not to sound too eager when I gave her the go ahead. Lawanna rolled
out of my arms then took a deep breath and went under. To help her out I
reached down and jerked on one end of the bow tie on the drawstring that
held my suit up. As she began pulling them down I felt my painfully erect
boner catch on the fabric of the waistband.

Lawanna came up for air. "They're stuck!"

"Yeah I know Munchkin. You gotta grab my dick and pull it up cause it's
stuck in the waistband. That's the favor I want you to do for me. I want
you to be the first girl that's ever touched it."

Lawanna smiled, "Okay Charlie. Here goes nothing!"

She took in another deep breath and went under. I heard Mike giggle
when he saw my body stiffen slightly as Lawanna reached into my trunks and
grabbed my cock. I had almost forgotten that he was still there watching
us. Once Lawanna got the head of my cock free of my shorts, she let go of
it and pulled my swimsuit all the way down to my knees. Her arms were just
long enough to take hold of it again, this time with both hands after she
came up for air.

Lawanna's face showed her surprise. "Wow Charlie! I never seen one so
big!" She giggled, "Look! It's holding me up out of the water!"

When I flexed my cock muscles it kind of hurt, but seeing Lawanna's
reaction as she rose almost an inch out of the water made it worthwhile.
Lawanna's mouth formed an "O" and her eyes grew large, then she giggled and
let go of me.

"Okay Becky get ready to jump in. I'll be right there!"

Lawanna danced out of her brother's reach as he made a playful grab for
her ankle. There were no secrets between the two of them. Mike's action
was just to confirm what she already knew. Now I knew it too. Mike was
wired a little different than most people. His little sister got him
aroused enough to achieve orgasm. He then found that watching her doing
sex things really got him going. Never having either a brother or sister myself, I could only guess that his personal guilt fit into the sexual
equation somewhere.

It was then that I noticed the slight movement coming from Mike's hips.
He was resting his head on one forearm instead of two like he had started
out doing. There also was a bottle of suntan lotion beside him that wasn't
there before. At some point Mike had lubed up his hand and was now fucking
his fist ever so slowly. I don't even think that his little sister had
paid enough attention to him to put two and two together like I had just
done. Mike certainly knew that I had it figured out when he saw the smile
I gave him.

"Okay Charlie Here I go!" Becky called out to me.

Hearing Becky's voice kind of surprised me. It even had a happy tone to
it rather than the usual reluctant one I had heard her use. I turned just
in time to see that the wetness of her well-worn bikini bottom made the
material mold itself to her pussy. The other thing that had gone
un-noticed until then was that she had a bulge in the front of her crotch
whereas Lawanna was almost flat there. The fact that she also had titties
caught my interest. The water in the above ground swimming pool was clear
as a bell so I knew that she had to have seen what Lawanna had done with my
swimsuit. As a matter of fact she could probably see at least a blurry
outline of what I had in store for her when she went underwater. Becky hit
the water right in front of me and sunk to the bottom. I flexed my cock
for her when her face was only about six inches away from it and it caused
her to blow out some of her air. When she came up she was so flustered
that she forgot that she was supposed to jump into my arms.

I settled the matter by snatching her off her feet and cradling her in
my arms like I had done with Lawanna. When Becky looked into my eyes I
could see a hint of fear mixed in with her obvious arousal.

I said to her, "You were supposed to jump into my arms but apparently
you forgot so I grabbed you instead. Is that okay?"

"Uh Yeah Charlie! Your thing moved and it scared me for a second."

"Did you get a good look at it, or do you want to go back underwater and
have another. I promise I won't flex it again if you don't want me to."

"Well uh....."

Becky's sentence was cut off by the splash that Lawanna made as she hit
the water right beside the two of us.

Lawanna came to the surface and clung to my shoulder for support. "Did
ya see it Becky?"

"Yeah! You weren't lying Lawanna. I guess Mike must be kinda small
then huh?"

"Probably. Hey did you touch it? You saw me do it before I got out of
the pool right?"

"Lawanna! I can't just go and do that!"

"You told me you would remember?"


I just kept my mouth shut and listened to how Lawanna was talking Becky
into doing what she wanted her to do. It seemed to me like they were
acting like I wasn't there anyway. Instead of getting angry from being
ignored I knew that eventually I would get to do some more things. I was
hoping to at least get a look at Becky's tits and figured that one of the
girls might just jack me off and relieve the growing ache from my balls.

"Well it's not fair anyway Becky. You can stand on the bottom and I
cant so why don't you let Charlie hold me up."

Becky immediately complied with her friend's wish and in a flash Lawanna
took her place in my arms.

Lawanna beamed at me then turned her attention to Becky. "You know
Becky it just isn't fair. Both of us have seen Charlie's thing and
Charlie's seen mine. Both Charlie and you already felt underneath my suit.
Charlie even did it with his.... Well never mind, you know what he did."

Lawanna reached out and hooked her finger into Becky's bikini top and
pulled gently to make Becky take a step closer to us. She took both her
hands and casually reached around behind Becky's neck then pulled the bow
tie apart that held her top up. When Becky felt the little cups that
covered her ice cream scoop sized titties loosen up, her hands moved up and
covered her breasts out of instinct. Lawanna's hands came back holding the
ends of the two ties.

Lawanna let the ends fall then said to me, "Becky's got such pretty
titties Charlie! She likes it when I play with her nipples too only you
can't pinch them too hard cause it hurts. Have you ever seen a girls titties in real life before Charlie?"

"N..No I haven't!"

"Would you like to see Becky's titties then Charlie? She'll show them
to you if you ask her. Mike just comes up and grabs em, but you don't do
that cause you're nice. I want to see them too. That's the main reason
why, right Becky?"

"Yeah." Becky mumbles, casting her eyes downward.

"Go on Charlie! Ask her!"

A lump formed in my throat, but I managed to say, "I'd really like to
see them Becky! Will you?"

With her eyes still cast downward Becky hesitated a couple of times
before her arms dropped to her sides. The level of the water in the pool
covered a little less than half of Becky's breasts. The two small
triangular pieces of cloth were soaked with water. They had molded to her
shape and the wetness caused them to cling to her body. Lawanna remedied
the problem by reaching around Becky's back and deftly popping the last bow
tie knot that held her top in place. Lawanna grasped one of the straps
that had been around her neck.

Lawanna grinned at me. "I know you want to do this Charlie but Becky
won't get scared if I do it okay?"

I didn't answer her. My attention was fixed on Becky's breasts.
Lawanna took her sweet time pulling the wet, clingy bikini top completely
off Becky's body. The small wavelets on the surface of the pool danced
their way across the underside curve of Becky's breasts highlighting and
accentuating the erotic vision my eyes beheld. I stared in awe as Becky's
nipples responded to their exposure. The thin film of water that had been
under her top started to evaporate immediately. The drop in temperature
caused little bumps to form on Becky's areola as they puckered up right
before my eyes. Her nipples changed from little points to pronounced peaks
and their color turned a richer shade of reddish brown.

To most teenage boys, breasts are like getting popcorn at the movies.
The smaller one may be cheaper, but it won't last through the movie like
the jumbo size one. boys begin their puberty seeing only the shape that is
molded by the bra that is hidden underneath. Yes they all know that the
bra is there and it holds up their tits, but they never think about how a
bra disguises the beauty, the individuality of their natural shape. tits are tits; therefore the bigger they are the better they must be. The full
realization about how each and every female's breasts have their own unique
beauty was a slow process for me. The first seed to spark many years of
contemplation was planted right there in the Barnes family pool with Becky
and Lawanna.

Becky's breasts were small, but at that point the size didn't seem to
matter so much. I had already looked at and dismissed the area that her
bikini didn't cover. Now that I could gaze upon their entirety, what I had
dismissed earlier grew in importance tremendously. I could see the full
beauty, the mystery of the upper female form. Her breasts rose away from
her chest a little more than an inch, but I could almost see how
captivating they would look when they matured. My hands ached to reach out
and test their firmness, but they were busy holding Lawanna out of the

"Becky!" Lawanna said, "Look into Charlie's eyes! You'll see what I
mean when you do, honest!"

She did as her friend asked, then gave me a beautiful full smile.
Lawanna ran her index finger downwards across one of Becky's erect nipples.

"Did you see what they did a little bit ago Charlie?"

"Yeah I sure did Munchkin. That was the best part, watching how they
kinda puckered up and stuck out more. All at the same time!"

Lawanna giggled and Becky blushed. Then Lawanna said, "I bet you wanna
squeeze em really bad right Charlie? Too bad you gotta keep a hold of me


"I'll squeeze em for you then Charlie. Becky really likes the way I do
it don't ya Becky?"

Becky closed her eyes and nodded her head when the tips of her best
friend's fingers played across one of her nipples. Lawanna gently tugged
and twisted first one nipple, then the other between her thumb and
forefinger. She slipped her hands under Becky's arms and around her back
then suckled each one in her mouth. Lawanna clued me in on the finer
points of titty worship, explaining the do's and don'ts and what felt best
for a girl. She told me about how sometimes Becky liked it if she played a
little rough with her nipples. She became rougher to demonstrate her
point, after telling me to watch how Becky reacted.

I was in blissful agony standing there with my arms holding onto a girl and my swimming suit drifting somewhere around my ankles. The only thing
that I managed to accomplish was to slip my fingers under a leg hole of
Lawanna's swimsuit. I could just get the tips of my fingers into the
underside of her butt crack. Lawanna chose to ignore my probes. She
didn't clamp her legs closed and deny me the slight progress my fingertips
made. She didn't open them either. Lawanna had coaxed Becky right up
against her. I could even feel Becky's ribs against the backs of my
fingers. I considered turning my hand around so I could explore what
limited flesh I could reach but dismissed doing it. I felt like Becky
would take my action as an intrusion more than anything else.

A thought passed through my head, then it gathered weight as my mind
turned it about. What Lawanna was doing right then with Becky was her own
personal fetish because she damn good at it. She and Becky must have spent
quite a bit of time playing this game with each other. Then I remembered
Lawanna's brother Mike and the half hearted confession that I had to
practically drag out of him. He had to have been the first kid in the
Barnes household to get Lawanna's panties off. I began to wonder about the
two girls I was with. Who seduced whom? At first Becky seducing Lawanna
seemed to be the most logical theory. The more I pondered over their
relationship, the more certain I became that Lawanna had seduced Becky.

Lawanna didn't mind being touched but she didn't react to stimulation
like Becky or I did. Both Becky and I were in the same sexual boat. We
were in puberty and were affected by all the wonder, desire, and
frustration of our burgeoning sexuality. Lawanna on the other hand had
been exposed to sex before it meant anything to her. I knew that girls became capable of orgasms before boys did. Lawanna was ten years old. She
was small for her age, but she had budding bumps on her chest and that
meant that she was pubescent.

I was in bad shape, but my mental exercise seemed to clear some of the
testosterone induced fuzz from my mind. It became crystal clear in my mind
that Lawanna really didn't care if she came or not. She was doing the
thing that blew her dress up. Lawanna got her jollies by making Becky jump
through hoops. To make matters worse, she had been whispering things to
Becky while giving me a demonstration of her control. Speaking of control,
I realized that Lawanna had maneuvered me into the precise spot that she
wanted. Becky was her property and Lawanna probably didn't want me playing
with it.

Anger began to well up inside me. Lawanna had just whispered something
else to Becky and I was certain it was about me. I couldn't read the look
in Becky's eyes. I could easily read the desperate sexual tension that had
been building inside her, but there was something else that reared up as a
result of whatever Lawanna told her. Lawanna was getting her jollies.
Becky was on the verge of either going crazy or coming her brains out.
Lawanna was only playing with her breasts for Christ's sake. Back then if
someone said that females can achieve orgasm by only breast stimulation
I'da called him a liar.

The knowing smile that Lawanna gave me right then made me want to just
call it a day and leave with what little dignity a I could salvage. What
stopped me was the embarrassment I would have felt when I had to reach down
to my ankles and pull my swimsuit up. Lawanna didn't strike me as a cruel
person. She got her way by coercion. My anger started to dissipate.
Things weren't so bad after all. I felt, saw and licked one girl's pussy for the first time. I got to see another girl's titties, also for the
first time. It had been a pretty productive day after all. My anger must
have been blocking out the dialogue between Lawanna and Becky. Lawanna's
persuasive argument to Becky refocused my attention.

"You do want to come don't you Becky?"

"Oh god yes Lawanna! I'm gonna scream if I don't!"

"Do it then! Give me what I want and I'll give you what you want!"

It never occurred to me what Lawanna was forcing Becky to do for her
until it happened. I jumped a little when I felt the touch of Becky's
fingers on the head of my dick. One hand wrapped around my cock then
another. I moaned when Becky started sliding her hands in unison up and
down the length of me.

"See! That wasn't so bad was it Becky?"

"It feels like..... I don't know!"

"Like a COCK Becky! Mikes got a wiener but Charlie's got a COCK! Say

"COCK Lawanna! A long thick HARD cock!"

"YEAH! A Cherry Busting, home wrecking, split a girl in two hunk of

Becky giggled, "With one hell of a pile driving ass behind it too!"

"YEAH!" Lawanna said. "Jack that thing off girl! That monster's gonna
squirt so much goo the pool's gonna overflow!"

Lawanna's sudden language change made my balls draw up into firing
position. I think that I heard her say wiener once, but she mostly
referred to sex organs with words like "thing" or "inside my swimsuit". My
mind sent me an image of Becky and Lawanna sitting together in the privacy
of her bedroom late at night practicing nasty words. Each trying to top
the other with her choice of descriptive epithets, then giggling at

It wasn't long before Becky had me past the point of no return. Off to
my left I heard the distinctive moan of someone in the throe's of an
orgasm. The three of us turned towards the noise and saw Mike lying on his
side. He was hammering his sausage like there was no tomorrow and spurting
his seed all over the deck. Lawanna began raining little girl kisses up
and down the side of my neck.

Without prompting, Becky told me. "Come for me Charlie! Come on! Show
me how this hard cock of yours can shoot!"

"Arggghhh! You asked for it little girl! Now here it comes!"

Without thinking what would happen to Lawanna, I reached out and roughly
pulled Becky against me. Her hands became trapped and she could no longer
jack me. My libido had already worked out the solution and I began fucking
my exploding cock into Becky's fists. The head of my cock was bumping
against her. By the rising tone and volume of Becky's moans, I knew that
the head of my cock was ramming the right spot even though her bikini
bottom separated us.

Lawanna was sandwiched tightly between the two of us but her giggling
showed that she was okay. My orgasm began winding down and I could tell by
Becky's vocalizing that she getting close. I was playing it by ear when I
thrust my hand down the front of her bikini. I had no experience with
making a girl come, but somehow my fingers hit pay dirt. Becky cried out
and her hips began thrusting into my hand. The pebble like spot that my
two fingers found between her pussy lips had to have been her clit because
Becky's hips bucked uncontrollably. I held her quivering body to me
tightly, struggling to remove my hand from the front of her bikini. Becky
managed to work her arms out from between the three of us so she could hold
on to me. Her quaking body gradually settled down then relaxed.

Lawanna's heavy breathing caught my attention. At first thought that
the squeezing she endured made her short of breath, then I realized that
she was turned on. I still had a chance to keep the promise that I made to

I looked into Lawanna's eyes. "Gawd! That was incredible Munchkin!"

"I'm so glad that I got Becky to get over her shyness Charlie! For a
while I thought I might have to give up on her and jack you off myself!"

Becky came around enough to speak. "Wow! Did I really do what I think
I did?"

Lawanna gave her a hug. "You sure did Becky! And then some!"

"You know what Munchkin?" I broke in.

"What Charlie?"

"I'm gonna strip you down naked then lick your pussy till you come! I
imagine Becky's gonna want to have a go at you after I'm done. Right

"Yeah cool!"

Before Lawanna could say yes or no I grabbed the shoulder straps of her
swimsuit and pulled them over her shoulders and down her body. I lifted
her up and set her in Becky's arms then pulled her suit the rest of the way

"Lawanna you got the pretties little bald pussy! This time there's
gonna be no dancing away from me."

I thought that I might have been going a little too fast but I was
charged back up and ready to go. Lawanna was surprised by my boldness.
The surprise soon turned into excitement with all three of us. I grabbed
Lawanna's ankles and pulled them up and back till her face was framed
between her knees.

"Here Becky take these! Don't let this little vixen get away now!"

"I got her Charlie!" Becky said. "The little slut's got her little
muffin pointed straight up in the air! All it needs is a little butter and
it'll be ready to eat! I'm sure you'll provide the butter right Lawanna?"

I ran my hands down the inside of her legs starting at her knees and
ending up at her pussy. "This hairless little baby snatch looks so good!
I'll even eat it without any butter.

"Let me go! You guy's are being mean to me!" Lawanna said between
giggles. "I'm gonna tell my brother on you!"

"That's what you get for playing in the big kids side of the schoolyard
little girl!" I told her.

I took my index finger and ran it all the way down her wide open pussy and didn't stop until I reached her puckered little butt hole. Lawanna
squirmed and squealed. I noticed that the pitch of her squeal went up a
notch when I bumped across her sphincter.

"Mike! Help me!"

"Sure thing Sis. I'm coming!"

Mike splashed into the water. He was grinning from ear to ear as he
moved over to us.

"What do you think you're doing to my little sister Charlie?"

Lawanna said, "He put his finger on my butt hole Mike!"

"Did you say on it, or in it Lawanna? There's a big difference you
know! You see on it is just on the outside like this!"

"EEEE! Mikey!"

Mike put his finger in his mouth and gathered up a big dob of spit then
placed it right in the middle or her nether hole. Lawanna bucked and her
sphincter puckered.

"This is what it feels like when someone sticks their finger IN your
butt hole!"

"EEEEE! You're supposed to protect me Mike!"

"Well you didn't tell me whether he stuck it in your butt or just on
your butt! There's a big difference you know! A guy like Charlie don't
know he's supposed to get his finger nice and wet before he probes my
little sisters butt hole."

"He just put it on my butt! You're the one that stuck it in my butt!"

"Oh! Well that's different then! How come you got her legs pinned over
her head and her pussy all vulnerable and exposed Charlie?"

"Well Mike, I was really wanting to lick it!"

"You were gonna lick my little sisters pussy?" Mike lightly ran his
fingers over her lewdly exposed twat. "This is just a baby pussy Charlie!
Look! The poor little thing don't even have any hair on it yet!"

"Yeah I know! That's why I want to lick it so bad! I never really
licked a pussy before so I figured that I might as well start small and
work my way up!"

"Hmmm! I kinda'd like to see that! Lawanna? Do you want him to lick
your hairless little baby girl pussy?"

"YES! Lick my pussy dammit!"

Mike said, "You mean lick my hairless little baby pussy don't you
Lawanna? You better clarify that or Charlie might begin licking Becky's
pussy cause she's got some hair on hers."

"Lick my pussy CharliEEEE!"

Lawanna's eyes were closed so she didn't see me bend down and get into
position. Before she even finished her sentence my tongue was battering
her little button back and forth. Becky gave me a verbal lesson on where
to lick and how to lick it. Lawanna was right on the edge of losing it so
she told me to tongue fuck her pussy. She urged me on, saying to fuck her
harder and don't stop until I could feel her cherry with the tip of my
tongue. Becky was really getting caught up in the sex play we were doing.
Mike was too. Lawanna came to a shattering orgasm then her body went limp.
I thought that Lawanna was all done with but Becky told us that a girl could come again and again. Mike and Becky each grabbed an ankle and held
her out of the water with a hand under her back and neck. It surprised me
when Becky said that Lawanna never had her butt hole licked and that I'd be
her first if I tried it. All of us had been swimming for most of the day
so I figured that it would be the cleanest it would ever be.

Lawanna told me NO! But she wasn't in a bargaining position right then
so I gave it a try. We were all surprised when Lawanna started coming once
again just from my tongue trying to force it's way past her sphincter. I'm
kind of glad to say that her sphincter won the battle because on one hand I
wanted to get my tongue in there, but on the other hand I didn't. I
finished her orgasm off by gently pressing my tongue on her button. That
was also Becky's suggestion. I suppose it would be better to say that
Lawanna finished her own self off. She was squirming around so much that
her clit was hard to keep track of. All I did was to hold my tongue still
and Lawanna's own gyrating hips brought her nubbin to me. After her clit
brushed across my tongue about four times she realized what was up and
wantonly diddled her clit against my tongue. The poor abused girl only
managed to do that for about ten seconds before she fainted dead away.

I knew then what Karl meant by being charged up on sex power. Poor
Becky didn't know what hit her after she and Mike laid Lawanna's limp form
out on the deck. When she turned around I was right there. She looked
into my eyes then surrendered herself to me.

Our first exploratory kisses were somewhat chaste and gentle. I know
that I had very little experience at it and I don't think Becky had much
either. It wasn't long before our passions shown through. There was
urgency with our foreplay. Time was getting short, we both sensed that
somehow. I don't know how I had gotten my hand inside the front of Becky's
bikini bottoms earlier because it was difficult working them down her hips.
By then Lawanna had recovered and was sitting on the edge of the pool right
behind Becky. She had Becky's top off in no time. My mouth and hands went
to her breasts after I worked her bottoms down her legs and got her to step
out of them. It was another first for me that day, the feel of naked
breasts in my hands and mouth. My upright cock was pressing against her
lower belly, which felt incredible to both of us. I first pressed myself
against her lightly, almost hesitantly. Becky soon grew comfortable with
the idea of having a ready to fuck cock so close to her virgin pussy. When
she pulled me in tighter and writhed against me I could only last for a
minute before I had to break away.

Becky had no idea what was in my mind to do with her. She knew that if
it were a fuck that I needed she would not try to stop me. This was
somehow communicated between us without words. Why didn't she know what my
intentions were then? Because my desire to fuck her was a little more than
my desire to make her come as Lawanna had done under my insistent probing
tongue. The need to fuck lost out because I wanted my first time to be
more private and intimate. Also the clock was running out for the four of
us. The girls would be called in for dinner or her sisters and neighbor
kids might come into their back yard. I looked around and to my relief I
saw that Mike was not watching us, but keeping an eye out by looking
towards the back of their house.

I had Lawanna scoot back then I lifted Becky up and sat her on the very
edge of the pool so her pussy would be accessible. Becky looked a little
relieved when she realized that she wasn't going to loose her cherry to me
at this time. She allowed me to open her legs with only a slight

Becky's pussy was a whole lot more developed than Lawanna's was. She
had a dark patch of hair that spread out in the front that was about two
inches high and a little less than that in width. Her pubes spread across
most of the front part of her labia then thinned out into a line that ran
down top of the lips. Her clit and the sheath protruded from between her
labia instead of being hidden inside like Lawanna's was. The alluring
mound that was apparent while she wore her bikini was all the more sexy
when it was exposed to my gaze. I could even see the evidence of her
arousal by the glistening moisture within as the petals of her pussy opened. As I moved my face closer I took in her aroma.

I looked up at her, "I don't think we got much time Becky. A pussy as
nice yours deserves special attention."

Becky didn't much of a chance to reply other than to moan in response to
my tongue driving into her pussy hole. That was where I had noticed her
wetness was most evident. When my tongue came back into my mouth it
brought her taste with it. Hers was more apparent than Lawanna's had been.
She was a whole lot wetter than Lawanna there was no mistake about that. I
knew that female's pussies became wet and that moisture was what allowed a
cock to go into it. I gently slipped a finger into where my tongue had
been. Her pussy felt like buttered velvet. I didn't want to ruin her
excitement by hurting her so I just moved my finger around, allowing her
juices to spread. As soon as I felt the barrier of her hymen I withdrew my
finger. Now that my finger had felt her warm inviting slickness I had a
better understanding for my imagination to work with. Lawanna had been
fondling Becky's breasts as she sat behind her. She volunteered her
fingers to part Becky's labia. With her middle finger Lawanna went into
her pussy hole enough to gather some of Becky's juices. She diddled her
friend's clit to point out its location for me.

"Right here Charlie! That's her clit."

With as large and pinkish-red as Becky's clit was, I'm sure Lawanna knew
that I would have been able to deduce that much by myself. She did it for
the affect it would have upon Becky. It certainly worked too because Becky
squirmed and let out a delightfully robust moan. I made a mental note to
myself at how Becky responded when Lawanna fingered her clit. When she
moved her finger upward from her pussy hole, she pushed Becky's clit
upward, stretching the flesh below it. The elasticity and lubrication
caused her clit to move back down even though Lawanna's finger was still
pressing against it. Becky tensed up a little in anticipation, then her
pelvis bucked as her clit sort of popped back where it belonged once it
cleared Lawanna's finger.

I imitated with my tongue what Lawanna's finger had done and got an even
better response. I stretched out the time of my tongue pressing upwards
against her button. When her clit finally popped free of the pressure, A
mega-pulse of stimulation slammed into the pleasure center of her brain,
causing a shudder that rippled through her body.

Becky and I reached an unwritten agreement after doing my new found
trick about eight times. I simply held my tongue rigid and let her do the
moving. When Lawanna saw that Becky's pussy was writhing against my tongue
and I was not moving my tongue at all, she put two and two together.

"Why you shameless little slut Becky!" Lawanna scolded her best friend.
"You're diddling yourself right here in front of everyone! You're using
Charlie's tongue instead of your fingers, but you're still masturbating!"

"He's....Making....Me Do it Lawanna!"

Lawanna excitedly said to me, "Make her keep doing it Charlie! Make her
show us what a gutter slut she really is!"

Lawanna leaned in close to Becky's ear. "You're gonna come this way
aren't you Becky! Gawd I bet that feels incredible! You feel so ashamed
cause it makes you look like a tramp don't it!"

"YES! Oh Gawd I'm almost......."

Lawanna's voice lowers to where I can barely make out what she's saying
in her friend's ear. "Fuck his tongue! Fuck Charlie's tongue until you
come Becky! Grab poor Charlie by the ears and wash his face with your
pussy juice!"


Becky's body jerked violently. Her orgasm slammed into her like a
freight train. I pulled my face away then pressed the heel of my hand
against her pussy. She bucked and shuddered against the pressure of my
hand riding her orgasm out till the very end. When I felt the time was
right I stopped pressing against her. I kept my hand in place until it
passed. Lawanna hugged her friend and rocked the two of them from side to
side for about a minute.

She said to Becky, "Gawd girl! I'm so jealous!"

"Huh? Why?"

"Cause you're old enough to fuck that's why! If I was you I'd be raping
Charlie right now! Just think about what it would feel like with that
monster cock of his buried up to the hilt inside your snatch! With as much
slickum your pussy makes I bet you could take him on and it wouldn't hurt a

Becky pointed a shaky finger at me, "Charlie Saunders! If you EVER do
that to me again I'm gonna fuck your brains out!"

With a threat like that what could I do but accept. "Mike and I are
gonna see if I can sleep over in a day or two. We were gonna pitch a tent
in his back yard and sleep under the stars."

"Good!" Becky said. "That'll give me a day or so to talk my parents into letting me sleep over with Lawanna! Of course we gotta stay in her
room until everyone's asleep."

We gave each other a conspiratorial look then found our suits and put
them back on. A few minutes later Mike and Lawanna's mom called them to
dinner. Becky and Lawanna went inside the house to change and I climbed
out of the pool then went into their shed to change. I was looking forward
to jacking off in the shed to make my boner go away but Mike came in just
as I was stepping out of my wet swimsuit.

I was about to tell him that we could talk about it tomorrow and that I
really had to get home just to get rid of him, but I realized his eyes were
glued onto my stiff cock.

When I made it home I collapsed onto my bed. It had been one hell of a
day for me. I jacked my friend off, ate two pussies, saw and felt some
titties and got jacked off by a girl. Why wasn't I surprised that I didn't
get hard laying there thinking about all the sexy things that I had done?
Well I just had one hell of a good orgasm not five minutes before! I
looked at the ceiling and wondered if Mike's dinner was gonna taste any
different with the taste of my sperm still in his mouth.

The end of part 2


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