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Love Conquers All

by JS3729

(mf, MF, ff, mc, rom, ts) Very little actual sex.

Update Note: I am writing the missing sex scenes for some of the
chapters of this story.

I will be posting these updates when I finish writing them. I have

finished only the first scene. It is for the end of Chapter 6 and it

Geo and Ingrid's sexy and touching reunion. Enjoy.


This is my first story, and let me apologize, in advance to any lesbians who may read this. I do not mean for this story to demean or ridicule
lesbianism in any way - it just is a part of the whole story and please
treat it as such.

I also want feedback of any kind on this story. I want to write more,
but I don't want to make the same mistakes over and over again. Praises
and complaints are both very welcomed.

E Mail me at

Thank you in advance.

Chapter One

I walked up to the front door of my old school buddy's house with a bit
of apprehension. I had not seen Brian for nearly seven years since our
senior year in high school. We each went to different colleges and neither
one of us was the writing type, so we kind of lost track of each other.

Brian had finally called me about a week ago, and asked me to visit him
and his family. This really surprised me, as I had always thought that
Brian would never marry, much less have a family. He was madly in love
with one of his neighbors, Lynda, but she was not interested in him - in
fact, most of us were really sure that she was lesbian as she never dated
any guys at all.

Oh well, he must have finally found someone to love instead of Lynda. I
wondered if it might be Wanda (she was always in love with Brian, but he
never could see it because of Lynda).

I knocked on the door and was met by a lovely three or four year old girl (I mean REALLY lovely). I looked at her for a second or two and
wondered why I had not yet settled down. (I knew the reason really, I just
could never bring myself to admit that I was in love with Wanda, and I knew
that there was no hope).

"What is your name, sweetie? I asked this vision in front of me.

"Lynda", she giggled. "You must be Uncle George?'

"Yeah, I guess I am Uncle George." Brian and I had always been like
brothers, anyway.

"Hey, Geo (Brian's nickname for me), long time no see, bud!" Brian
bellowed from somewhere inside the house.

As Lynda led me in the house, I thought, of course, Brian's daughter would be named Lynda.

Hey Brian, looks like you have a future heartbreaker here..." I laughed.

"What do you mean FUTURE! She already has a couple of the guys in day
care nervous." Brian chuckled.

At this point, a melodic and beautiful voice interrupted us: "See what
good breeding can cause."

I turned towards the kitchen, and my jaw dropped about down to the floor
- Standing in the doorway of the kitchen was a grown-up version of the
enchantress now draped around my legs.

Brian saw my reaction, and smiled and said "You remember Lynda, don't
you, Geo?"

I just stared for about five more seconds, my mouth would not work at

Lynda, walked over to me and gave me a kiss and said "You look surprised
to see me."

Surprised, no, shocked would be more like it. As I looked (no, stared)
at Lynda, I had to ask the question, but I did not want to do so in front
of their daughter, so I just said "I don't believe what I am seeing, but
you will have to tell me all about it later. I do not think I could sleep
tonight otherwise."

Give Lynda and Brian credit, they did not pretend to not know what I was
talking about and they both smiled and Brian said he would tell me the
whole story while the two Lyndas prepared dinner.

"Oh, by the way, we have another one of the old gang dropping by for
supper - I think you might like to meet again."

Now he had my interest - "Who?"

"You don't think I am going to spoil the surprise? Both Lyndas might
kill me!!"

"I will wait, but only if you tell me how THIS all happened."

Brian motioned to the couch and said to get comfortable - this will take
a while.

While he was sitting down, I tried not to hope that Wanda would be the
guest. I had also lost track of her after my senior year, but I know that
I still loved her.

Brian started his story.

"I guess most of this started in junior high in the summer between
seventh and eighth grade. Lynda and I had just returned from a coed summer
camp, and I was looking forward to spending a lot more time with her the
rest of that summer."

"Lynda and I had rode up togther as we had always been good friends, but
the first sign I had that something was not right was when Lynda called her
mother and had her take Lynda home by herself. This was very upsetting to
me - I wondered if I had done somthing to make her mad at me."

At this point in the story the elder Lynda came out of the kitchen and
whispered something to Brian, he nodded and left for the kitchen. Lynda
sat down and smiled.

"Where did Brian leave off?"

"You had just come home from camp alone, not with Brian."

"Well, it actually started earlier than that, but Brian would not have
known that."

"You see, I met Wanda for the first time in camp, and something just
clicked between us. I had been having fantasies about other women for
months, and it really scared me, as I was also in love with Brian (still
am, in fact). But somehow, after the camp was over, I no longer had any
interest in boys. That is why I asked my mom to pick me up. She knew
something was wrong, and she naturally assumed that Brian had done
something to hurt me. I did not want to face the truth of my new feelings,
so I let her believe that, but it was not true. Brian was so much the
gentleman and shy, that I used to be quite frustrated that he wouldn't even
try to kiss me. I thought I was ugly."

"You are kidding - half of the males in school would have sold their
souls to have a date with you, and the other half probably had wet dreams
about you for several years. I know I had a few, myself" I said, blushing
beet red.

Lynda smiled and said "You know, I never thought about it til just now,
but you may have been right - but anyway, I would not have noticed or even
have cared back then. You see, I had found out that I liked women. You
guys probably suspected as much in high school - I never dated or was seen
with any guys, including Brian, and the gossip mill was off and running."

Brian came back out of the kitchen in time to hear Lynda's last
sentences and sat back down with me.. Lynda went back into the kitchen.

Brian continued "Now I know what you are thinking - why didn't I make a
move on Lynda back then. I have asked myself that same question for many,
many years and the only answer I could come up with was that I was scared -
scared that I might send her away, or worse yet, lose her entirely. Of
course, that is what happened."

I was trying to fight back tears, not very successfully.

Brian looked at me and said "You are not going to like some of what I
have to tell you because it concerns you and it concerns Wanda. I know you
have loved Wanda for about as long as I have loved Lynda."

"Is she the other guest?" I was reaching and hoping here.

"I promised Lynda and our guest I would not tell, but I will tell you
that our guest is female and that you have known her for a long time."

Brian looked into the kitchen, and yelled "Everything OK in there - it
seems awful quiet for two beauties to be preparing food?"

Lynda's voice came out "Yes, we are just fixing up the roast. Dinner
should be ready shortly.

Just then, the doorbell rang, and Brian jumped up to answer it."

My heart was pounding as Brian ushered the other guest in. I was
disappointed and about ready to cry again. It wasn't Wanda.

Chapter Two

The other guest was vaguely familiar, but I couldn't place her.
However, I was not going to let that deter me, because I had an instant
hard-on just from looking at her. She had long, thick brunette hair down
to about the tops of her breasts. Since I was an unabashed tit man, her
breasts got my attention right away - they had to be at least 44DDs or
more. The rest of the package was just as gorgeous too, and I was racking
my brain to figure out who this was.

Brian and the guest both stood there with huge grins on their faces, as
they realized I did not have a clue as to who this lady was. And both
Lyndas were laughing from the door of the kitchen.

All of a sudden, it hit me: "Ingrid?"

She laughed and said, "I was wondering when your brain would figure it
out. Some other part knew instantly." I could have melted into the carpet.

Ingrid was a foreign exchange student that was in my junior and senior
years. I had asked her out a few times because I spoke her language (she
was from Denmark) and she felt comfortable with me (all right, I was trying
to fuck her too). By that point, I knew I had no chance with Wanda because
the only two things on her mind were hooking Brian and bedding Lynda (Wanda
was happily bisexual, or so I thought).

Ingrid and I split up when she had to return to Denmark, but I can say I
have never forgotten her. If I couldn't ever have Wanda, Ingrid would have
been my next choice. I was trying to see if she had a wedding ring on her
finger, but I couldn't see her hand from where I was standing.

Ingrid must have seen me looking because she said "No, I am not married,
never have been. You are a pretty tough act to follow, you know..."

At that point, I finally realized that while I was still very much in
love with Wanda, I was also in love with Ingrid. She was the only person I
had ever fucked in my life and then only twice - both just before she was
to leave.

I finally found my voice "Ingrid, I thought you were still living in

She smiled and said "I have been for the last six years, but I moved
back into town a couple of months ago. I have a new job as a stewardess
flight instructor which is based in this town."

I had not known what she did for a living, but a stewardess made sense
since we had spent quite a few nights looking at the stars (and doing other

Ingrid came over and kissed me. I immediately kissed her back and we
held each other for a few minutes. My erection had also returned and that
got quite a reaction from Ingrid. As she pulled away from the kiss, I
could see a look of pure lust on her face.

"Uugh" came a small voice from the kitchen and four adults broke out

Ingrid came and sat down on the couch with me and started to ask what I
was doing now. I was a professional interpreter (I had taken several
language classes in both high school and college). I was very much in
demand because of the amount of languages that I could speak. Danish was
one of my very best. I decided to have a little fun with Brian and Lynda
who had joined us in the living room. Little Lynda was sent upstairs to
clean up for dinner.

Winking at Ingrid, I said in Danish "How would you like to fuck Brian?"

Ingrid tried to control her laughter and said back in Danish "I would,
but only if you fucked Lynda."

Brian was sitting there with a quizzical look on his face - he did not
know any Danish, but Lynda did and she broke out laughing." Lynda fired
back also in Danish "Have you got a spot picked out yet, or should we just
go back into the kitchen?"

This broke Ingrid and I up too. The look on Brian's face was priceless,
and I knew he would not rest until he found out what we were talking about.
I also knew Lynda well enough to know that she would not tell him until
later that night in bed.

Speaking of bed, I just hit me - where was I going to sleep? There was
only one couch that I could see, and I figured that Brian and Lynda and
Little Lynda had the other bedrooms. Maybe Ingrid was just here for
supper. Yeah, that must be it.

Lynda stood up and "Supper time everyone" "Lynda, get your butt down
here now!!"

Chapter Three

Dinner time went fairly well, little Lynda wolfed her food down fast and
made a beeline for the TV. Both Brian and Lynda gave her withering looks,
but let her get away with it.

I had been staring at Ingrid through most of the meal, and I was
thinking about how much I would like to see her again after tonight (all
right, I wanted to fuck her so bad that my cock felt like it was made of

She looked at me much the same way, and I wondered if the old feelings
were still there after nearly seven years. I knew they were for me.

After dinner, I asked Brian to pick up his story while Ingrid and Lynda
did the dishes (I know it sounds like we were male chavaunist pigs, but
they insisted - I'm sure they wanted a little girl talk, and knowing Lynda,
wondered if she was still liking women).

Brian must have read my face, because he said "Yes, she still likes to
fuck women, but at least she asks me before she does it." I could see this
still hurt him, and I wondered if Lynda knew how much it did. I would talk
to her later about it.

Brian continued with the story: "About two weeks after summer camp
ended, I saw Lynda for the first time. She was with Wanda and they were
kissing in her back yard. (Lynda's folks both worked during the day) I
felt my heart break in two and I started to cry uncontrollably. My mom heard me and asked me what was wrong - I couldn't talk or answer - I just
pointed. (Lynda's back yard was very visable from Brian's room - it was
where I first saw Wanda). My mom's eyes got very wide and she immediately
left the room. I looked out to see what was happening and I found that
Lynda had Wanda's top off and was sucking her breasts. Wanda was trying to
take Lynda's top off, but not having any success. About that time, my mom came into the back yard and asked Lynda what she was doing. Lynda spat at
her to mind your own business and leave the property. My mom, who had
known Lynda most of her life was shocked and amazed. She ran home and went
into my room and we cried together for a long time."

Lynda came back into the room at this point saying that Ingrid was using
the powder room and would be back shortly. I noticed Lynda's face was a
little flushed and I got a tinge of jealousy (why, I don't know - Ingrid
and I had not even dated yet). I looked at Brian and saw his eyes tear up
too. I could tell his wife's lesbianism would always bother him, and I
hoped it did not break up their marriage.

Lynda noticed the reactions of both Brian and I and she started to cry.
"Damn you, Wanda!", she cried and I went white as a sheet.

"What do you mean, Damn you Wanda?" I asked Lynda. Ingrid came into the
room just then and echoed my question. (Ingrid had known Wanda too, but
had never seemed to like her - I always thought it was because she liked me
and thought Wanda was a threat - she was)

Lynda cleared her throat and said that Wanda was the main reason she was
like she was, but the story would make it all clear.

By this point, I had to know what happened to Wanda, because I did not
like the way the story was turning.

Chapter Four

Lynda picked the story up from where Brian had left off. Ingrid was now
sitting right next to me and was running her hands over my shoulders. I
knew it was to try to calm me down, but it still felt awfully good.

"When I realized (about ten minutes later) what I had done to Brian's
mother (and Brian, because I knew he had seen me and Wanda making out), I
had my first inclination that something was not quite right, but I was
still too dumb to know what it was. But whatever it was, it had made me
yell at Brian's mother who was like a second mother to me and it upset me
greatly. I pushed Wanda away (a very hard thing to do) and told her to go
home and I would call her later. I went to the neighbor's house and
knocked on the door. Brian's father answered, but would not let me talk to
either of them. I could see he had been crying too, and I was truly
mystified at the reactions. I did not know (or more correctly, remember)
the love I had for Brian. After all, he was a boy, and I did not associate
with boys any longer."

She paused and I began to think that maybe I did not want to see Wanda

Brian picked up the story next.

"After my mom and I calmed down a little, she told me to forget about
Lynda (not possible) and try to find someone else. She might as well have
told me sit and hatch an egg. I could no more forget Lynda than I could my
own name. About a month later, you, Geo came over the house for a
sleepover. I was glad for the company because it might get my mind off
Lynda for a while. That is when we both first met Wanda."

Let me describe Wanda back in those days: she was tall, slender,
drop-dead gorgeous and had the second largest set of tits in school (Lynda
had the largest) and had every guy in the school completely nuts over her.
The sobering fact that she seemed to be only interested in girls caused
most of the male class in my four years of high school to have the most
severe case of blue balls in recorded history. What was even worse was
that Wanda knew this and clung to Lynda like a prize possession which made
it all the more worse. The first time I met her, I had fallen hopelessly
in love with her, but she made it clear that boys were just a necessary
evil to be put up with until the end of school when they could be free of
them. The strange part to me was as much as I fell for Wanda, she fell
just as hard for Brian which surprised us all, Lynda the most.

Lynda continued: "From the first time Wanda saw Brian, I knew I had a
rival. As I think about it now, it is truly amazing to me that the boy I
loved with all my heart just six months ago, was now a rival for the
attentions of my new love of my life. Had I had a concious thought back
then, I would have realized how strange it was and maybe I would have not
had to suffer the way I did later and still do now."

Brian continued: "I never wanted Wanda, ever. I think subconciously I
knew that she had something to do with Lynda's sudden rejection of me and
the whole male race, but I was not smart enough to understand."

At this point, Ingrid interrupted: "I don't understand. How could you
love somebody for eight or nine years and in just six months come to hate
them? It doesn't make any sense."

Brian and Lynda both said "Yes, you are right, but if you listen you
will find out why and you will find out why the person we both hate the
most in the world is Geo's one time love - Wanda."

They had both spat the name out as if it were a distasteful food.

By now, I knew that I would not being seeing Wanda tonight, but I was
also beginning to think I did not want to.

Chapter Five

Ingrid cuddled into me on the couch because I think she could sense that
maybe I had finally understood just what Wanda really was. She looked at
me and said "I am supposed to leave shortly, I would like you to drive me
home, if you want to."

Did I want to!?! You damn betcha I wanted to, but I also wanted to hear
the end of this story because I had to know what Wanda had done to make my
two best friends so mad at her. I turned to Ingrid and said "You do not
know how much I want to take you home tonight, but I cannot leave without
hearing the end of this story. I realize that I have never stopped loving
you, but to be perfectly honest, I am still in love with Wanda and I have
to hear the end of this story. Can't you stay for a while longer, please?"

Ingrid smiled a smile that I have only seen on a woman twice - when I
saw Brian and Lynda smile at each other tonight and when I first screwed
Ingrid, I knew in an instant that she still loved me and that made the rest
of my life seem a lot happier.

She said, "I have to be up at six in the morning, but wild horses could
not drag me away now. Besides, I am just as curious as you. Please
continue Brian or Lynda."

Brian and Lynda both had big silly grins on their faces as they realized
their matchmaking efforts were succeeding.

Lynda continued the story:

"Shortly after you met her, I stopped over at Wanda's house to find that
she was not at home. I met her mother and she could pass for the Wicked
Witch of the West, an uglier looking women I have yet to see. I could not
understand how someone as gorgeous as Wanda could have come from her. I
asked her if Wanda was home, but she said something very odd. She said
yes, but she could not be disturbed as she was working on her homework. I
thought that was odd, because we had no homework tonight. In fact, we were
supposed to fuck for the first time tonight. We had planned it for several

Brian had a very pained look on his face which was shared by me. Ingrid
looked dumbfounded.

Ingrid said "What do you mean you were supposed to fuck for the first
time - girls can't fuck, at least not in the penetration sense."

Lynda continued "Have you ever heard of a dildo? We used them as
penises. Wanda was usually the man in our relationship." She took a deep
breath and muttered, "One of the great regrets of my life is that I lost my
virginity to a piece of rubber and not to the man I loved."

This was too much for Brian and he broke down in sobs in his chair,
joined by Lynda who was crying just as hard.

I turned to Ingrid and said "I am beginning to see why they hate Wanda
and I am beginning to hate her myself."

Ingrid spat out "I always have."

Chapter Six

Brian had recovered enough to continue.

"I was taking a class in psychology and Wanda was also in that class.
She was quite good, in fact she aced all the tests without trying too hard.
I did not occur to me until much later, that she seemed to know a little
too much about hypnotism for a high school student."

A lightbulb came on in my head. That would explain some of the things
that happened with Brian and Wanda later.

Brian had already stated that he hated Wanda, and he did, but
nonetheless, one day I went over to his house and heard loud moans and
whimpers from the back yard. Since this was right after school, neither of
his parents were home yet, so I decided to investigate (you know - junior
secret agent and all that).

I opened the door to the back yard, and there was Wanda fucking Brian! I
could not believe my eyes. I started to tear up and ran back home. I
decided this would be the time to ask him about that.

"Brian, you said you hated Wanda.'" he nodded. "If that is the case,
why were you fucking her after school during our junior year?"

Lynda and Brian both looked shocked. Ingrid was staring open-mouthed.

Brian spat out "I never fucked Wanda - I could not even touch that bitch
unless it would be to pull all her hair out by the root." Why would you
make that up..."

All of a sudden the same lightbulb that had went off in my head, went
off in both Brian's and Lynda's heads. Ingrid, however, was still

"Ingrid, honey (it just slipped out), hypnotism can make people see or
do things they would not normally do."

The radiant look I got from the "honey", answered any doubts I may still
have had about Ingrid and me. I also knew that I no longer loved Wanda, I
wonder if I ever really did.

Brian was seething on the couch, but I think Lynda was even madder. I
have not heard such language from a woman in my life and it was now
Ingrid's and my turn to try and calm Brian and Lynda down.

Lynda finally calmed down enough to attempt to speak.

"Now things are really starting to make sense to me. I always knew
somewhere in the back of my mind that I was not really a lesbian. I was
probably bi-sexual, but somehow that BITCH (she screamed that - I was
worried about Little Lynda, so was Brian so he went up to check) removed
the male part of my desires! She screwed up my life so much it is truly
amazing that Brian and I still ended up together."

Brian had now brought Little Lynda down, who, of course, had woken up
when her mother had screamed. Both Brian and Lynda went up to confort the
little girl and put her back to sleep.

I turned to Ingrid. "We can go to your place now, if you'd like. I
have already found out as much about Wanda as I want to for one night and I
would much rather be seeing you home."

Ingrid and I told Brian, who had come back down that were leaving, but
we invited them over the following night if they could get a sitter. Brian
said his mother would jump at the chance to sit for Little Lynda.

Chapter Seven

Six months had passed. Ingrid and I were now engaged and we would marry
in the spring. Brian and Lynda were still together and had another baby on
the way. Lynda still stops over to see me once in a while and we talk
about old times. The one subject that never seems to come up is Wanda.

I finally got the courage (Ingrid was there with me to give me courage)
to ask Lynda if she knows where Wanda is. Brian was working and would come
over later. Lynda at the time was three months pregnant and I did not
really want to upset her, but I had to know. I wanted to ask Wanda why she
ruined four lives (I included Ingrid in this as I would never have let her
leave without Wanda's influence on me) just to satisfy her desires.

Lynda clenched her teeth and let a long breath out. "Yes I know where
she is - she still lives in town here. In fact, until I realized what had
happened to me, I continued to see her in the afternoons after Brian had
left for the day. Now that I think back, I can see where if she was not
influencing me, Brian and I would probably have another child. During the
first two years of our marriage we would hardly ever have sex, and it was
because Wanda had worn me out in the afternoons. I could no more refuse
her than I could refuse to breathe. God, how I hate that woman!!!"

I smiled at Lynda and said, "You are not the only one who hates her. I
have been thinking and I have discovered that the only reason I thought I
loved Wanda is that she was unattainable and she was stacked."

"Built like a brick shithouse, you mean," giggled Lynda (At least she
wasn't angry).

Ingrid had this look of utter love for me. I think she just now figured
out that she no longer had a rival for my affections.

I said, "Look who is talking about being built like a brick shithouse."
Let me describe Lynda to you. About 5'8", blonde, blue eyes, 40DD-25-36,
etc., etc. I always knew Brian had good taste.

Lynda got this look of amazement "What do you mean built like a brick
shithouse, I am three months pregnant and I look like a house."

With that, Ingrid broke up in gales of laughter "I hope I look THAT good
when I am three month's pregnant", giving me a knowing look.

Lynda look shocked. "You mean..."

Ingrid smiled back "No not yet, but if George can walk after the wedding
night, I haven't done my job correctly." She gave me a dirty leer, which I
returned with feeling.

Lynda got serious then after laughing for a while. "Please don't tell
Brian that I know where Wanda lives, I think he might try to hurt her. I
know I would."

"How long has it been since you have seen her?"

"Since the day before you made your first visit." Oh and, by the way, I
think you should know that the night of that visit when you saw me come out
of the kitchen flush after being there with Ingrid, I had tried to make out
with her there. Of course, Ingrid would have none of it and that is where
the flush came from, from trying to force her to into something she did not
want to do."

Ingrid was now shaking and I wrapped my arms around her and said "Don't
worry about it honey, I always had faith in you. If you had wanted to do
it with Lynda, I would have been a little sad, but I would not have held it
against you. That would have been your choice."

Ingrid looked and me and Lynda. "I have never had the desire to be with
another woman, Lynda, but if I did, you would have been very hard to

Lynda looked over to us and said "Thanks Ingrid, I think. When I saw
Brian's face after that, something in me snapped, just like it did that day
in camp. I knew that I was hurting the one person that meant the most to
me in the world, and what was even worse, I was doing it KNOWING it was
hurting him. From that day on, I have never had the urge to be with
another woman, and I doubt I ever will."

All three of us together said "Damn you, Wanda!"

I looked at Lynda and said "I have been reading up a lot on hypnotism
since we figured out what had happened to all of us, and I think I have
found a way that we can maybe get some revenge on Wanda, if you are

The look on Lynda's face was so scary, I did not think I could go
through with it.

Lynda said "Whatever and whenever you want, I am in, I know Brian is in.
To see the look on her face when the revenge is pulled will be like a salve
for my emotional wounds. What did you have in mind?"

"Do you know anything that Wanda doesn't like or is terrified of? That
would be a good place to start."

"She has a fear of snakes (so do I, that's out) and she doesn't really
like men. She just loved Brian to make me jealous and to keep me with her.
I don't think anything else would phase her."

"Lynda, you have just given me the perfect weapon to use against Wanda.
Do you know if she has ever been with a man other than Brian?"

"No, I am sure of it. She referred to the four times that she had sex
with Brian as "doing her duty", meaning make me not want Brian and want her
instead." I remember one day, her telling another one of her lovers that
the ugliest thing in the world was a penis and the second ugliest was an
erect penis."

"Have you ever heard of a transsexual, Lynda?"

"Of course, I have. Why would you ask..."

Lynda started to giggle and then to laugh uncontrollably. Ingrid was
still puzzled though." I started to tell her, but Lynda waved me off.

"Don't you see, Ingrid, it is perfect. What does Wanda love - girls,
what does she hate - men, especially cocks. What would be more a perfect
revenge than a girl with a cock!"

Ingrid finally got it and smiled a wicked smile. What had I gotten
myself into here?

Chapter Eight

Brian heard about the revenge scheme that night from Lynda in bed. She
said she waited until he was about to shove his dick in, and then she told
him. She said that she hadn't been so tired, so sore and so happy for a
long time.

Meanwhile, I started to plan this out. I already knew who the
transsexual would be. One of my college classmates was planning on a
sex-change operation next year, but he(she) still had his male equipment
and it still functioned. He also had a set of freshly grown 38DD tits on
his chest. He would be perfect. Any doubts that I might have had that he
would do it, vanished when I invited Brian and Lynda over to meet him
(Ingrid babysat Little Lynda - she said she would need the practice - God,
I love her). By the time they had finished their story, he was ready to
wring Wanda's neck and any other parts he could get ahold of.

We decided to wait until spring. My classmate (Danielle, used to be
Dan) would have had over six months living as a woman and would, therefore
be much more comfortable doing this. By this time, Ingrid and I were
married and we decided to start the week after we got back from our
honeymoon. (By the way, not only could I not walk after the night of my
wedding night, but for several days afterward I was sore. Ingrid had such
a look of truimph on her face, that I thought I was in a contest. No
matter, she won hands down.)

The plan was to get Wanda infatuated with Dannie and make her sweat like
she had made Brian and me sweat. Lynda, who had just given birth to their
son, Brian George (thank you), was not part of the plan yet. She was
insistent that she was going to do something, because it was her that had
suffered the most (I don't know about that, I think Brian was pretty

I had asked Lynda to keep close tabs on Wanda, even fucking her if she
had to, but we needed to know where Wanda was. None of the rest of us were
to meet her until later in the scheme. Since Lynda was quite pregnant
during this time, she could usually get away with not having sex because of
her condition (never mind that her and Brian fucked away at night until her
seventh month, when it was too painful).

I remember one afternoon late when Lynda barged in on me and Ingrid.
She looked like she needed someone to talk to and Brian was still at work.

"I only hope I can go through with this all the way without killing her
myself." Lynda said through clenched teeth. "Do you know what she said
today? She wanted me to abort the baby because babies came from men and
therefore were not worthy of living. It took every ounce of my strength to
not bash something over her head right then. She then had the audacity to
ask me if we could fuck!"

I listened increadulously. I could not believe that I had ever actually
loved this bitch. I mean I can understand lesbianism and I can understand
some women hating men, but I cannot understand anyone hating an unborn

Ingrid, who normally is very quiet and says very little, was as mad as I
have ever seen her. She was ready to follow Lynda back to Wanda's place
and they would have both cheerfully beaten her to a pulp. I had to calm
them both down, even though I would have also liked to beat her.

To try to calm both women down, I asked Lynda to tell us how she and
Brian eventually got together. This had been bothering me for quite some

Chapter Nine

"Well, after high school ended, Wanda left for a two week vacation with
her folks. She was an only child and they wanted her with them. She was
not yet eighteen, and she felt that she should go."

After she had been gone for about three days, I began to remember the
earlier feelings I had had for Brian. This confused the hell out of me
because I was now a confirmed lesbian, wasn't I, and all I should feel for
the male race was scorn, right?"

"Well after two more days, I realized that I still had feelings for
Brian and I at least owed it to myself to give him a last goodbye to
reconcile my feelings for him. I knew that Wanda would be back at the end
of the next week, and we would be going away together from this town. She
had said we should go to San Fransisco, at least we'd be accepted a little
better there."

Brian knocked on the door at this time. He had Little Lynda with him.
They were both smiling. I invited them in. Little Lynda kissed both of
her parents, and then went off to the living room to watch TV. Ingrid and
Lynda would take turns checking on her. Lynda left to get her settled, and
we told Brian what Lynda had been telling us and where she had left off.

Brian picked up from there:

"When I saw Lynda that night, it was the first time I talked with her
for almost two years. I was in tears at seeing her, because I knew she was
only here to tell me goodbye. Wanda had been bragging to the other girls that Lynda and her were going to get married by a lesbian priest and move
to San Fransisco. At least, I hoped she would let me kiss her goodbye."

Lynda came back in room. "She's OK, watching Looney Tunes. We'll be OK
for a least an hour."

I asked Brian how he'd found out about Wanda's plans if she had only
told other girls.

"She has a large mean streak. She deliberately told girls that she knew
would blab it and in front of the whole school."

Lynda by this time was furious again. She continued.

"Deliberate cruelty is something I abhor. To see her tell the whole
school our plans, instigated one of our most bitter fights. As usual, I
caved in to her and told her it was my fault for overreacting."

I vaguely remember this scene, but this was during the time I had been
with Ingrid and Wanda was not on my mind as much.

Lynda continued: "At this time, the last thing I wanted to do was kiss
him goodbye - he was a man, the enemy! However, Brian had other ideas,
thank God!"

Brian said "I kissed her when I opened the door and held it as long as I
could, in the hope that maybe it would stir something."

Lynda: "Amazing how something as simple as a kiss can seem so right, but
after the kiss, instead of screaming and yelling and running out of there
like I thought would, I stood my ground and I actually asked Brian for
another one."

Brian: "I was dumbfounded - I almost didn't kiss her again because I
didn't believe what I was hearing. But never let it be said that I can't
think in a crisis. I kissed her fully this time, wrapping my arms around
her because I did not want to let her go."

I interjected here: "I think I can figure out Lynda's reaction to the
first kiss."

Lynda and Brian (and Ingrid, I guess) both wanted to know what I

"Remember when I told you about hypnosis? Well, the farther away the
subject is from the hypnotist, the weaker the hypnosis becomes. That is
why a good hypnotist is constantly reinforcing the hypnosis. When Wanda
left, and I am sure she did not want to leave, the hypnosis had a small
chance to wear off. Brian, when you kissed Lynda the first time, it
reactivated her love for you, the second kiss should just have reinforced
it more. Did it, Lynda?"

"Did it ever, I was back in love with Brian again, and I began to feel a
hatred for Wanda. I did not understand it then, but I think I do now. As
long as Wanda was around I avoided Brian because Wanda had told me to,
because it would just hurt him, and I did not really want to hurt him, did
I. Thinking it over now, I can see how stupid that was - Brian loved me,
not seeing me at all would hurt him more than us just remaining friends."

Brian spoke: "I could never have remained just friends with you, Lynda,
I love you too much, it would have killed me."

Lynda: "I know, it would have done the same for me. Anyway, to continue
the story, two days later, we made love for the first time in his house.
His parents were both home, but they were beaming and as happy as I had
ever seen them. They even knew we were meant to be together. Why couldn't
I see it sooner?" She was in tears, and so was Ingrid.

Brian picked up again. "When we finally made love for the first time, I
was on Cloud 9 and I was as happy as I had been in nearly five years, until
I realized that Lynda was leaving in less than a week and I would never see
her again. That just rebroke my heart over again. I started crying and
Lynda got mad."

Lynda: "I thought he was rejecting me and I was furious with myself for
letting myself fall in love again. I had the good sense to ask why he was
crying, though."

Brian: "I told her the truth, that she was leaving in less than a week
and I would never see her again, and I couldn't take it. I did not want to
lose you again."

Lynda: "You wouldn't have lost me. When I heard Brian's words, I knew I
couldn't go with Wanda. I was not yet ready to believe that I did not love
Wanda, but I also knew I could not leave Brian, that would have made me
very sad."

"The next few days, we began to rediscover each other and I began to
understand that I did not really love Wanda, but I was not sure I loved
Brian enough to break away from her."

Brian: "I tried my best to show Lynda how much I really cared for her
and I tried to be fair with her about her feelings for Wanda. But I had
always hated the bitch, and I couldn't talk to anybody about it. The only
other two people I was close to - Lynda and Geo were both in love with her.
How could I make you see what she really was?"

I spoke: "Now I know why she made me love her. I had not really
understood that before, but now it makes sense. Brian, you only really had
two people that you could really trust other than Lynda, me and Ingrid, and
Ingrid had left for Denmark the previous month. Wanda had to make me love
her, otherwise we would have figured out what she was really up to. Boy,
it feels really rotten to be used and get absoulutely nothing out of it but
heartbreak and pain."

I turned to Ingrid: "Honey, if I had realized what Wanda was up to back
then, I would have proposed to you before you left for home. I would not
have been able to bear being apart from you."

Ingrid started crying, and said through her tears "I loved you from the
first night we were together. When you let me go back home, I was crushed.
I could not understand why you let me go. That is why when I heard from
Lynda that you had settled back in town, I took the instructor's job here
in town - to see if I could get back together with the one man I had loved.
When you saw me and did not recognize me (but your cock did), I thought it
was a lost cause, until you called my name - I could hear in your voice
that you still cared. I could also see that you still loved Wanda, and I
was afraid that you still loved her more than you loved me."

Wow - for Ingrid that was like a graduation speech, she never said that
many words at once. Now it was my and Ingrid's turn to be comforted by
Brian and Lynda.

When I could speak again: "Ingrid, darling, to be perfectly honest, at
that moment I did love Wanda more than you, until we kissed, and then Wanda
did not seem so pretty anymore. I guess strong emotions can cancel out the
hypnosis. As the night went on and I began to hear what Wanda was really
like, the only feelings I had left for her are the ones I have now -
extreme hatred. I fell back in love with you before that night was over."

Ingrid and I must have kissed for five minutes. I happened to look at
Lynda and Brian, and they were doing the same thing."

Lynda left to check on Little Lynda, and soon returned.

Ingrid asked them to continue their reunite story.

Chapter Ten

Lynda: "Wanda came back and immediately knew something was wrong. I
tried to hide it and lie, but she knew that I had rediscovered Brian and
she was furious with me, and she was even more furious with Brian."

Brian: "She called me up that night and called me every name in the book
and a few I had never heard before. She said that I hope you enjoyed
fucking Lynda, because I was never going to see her again. She then hung
up. The next day, both her and Lynda were gone."

That surprised both Ingrid and me. I asked: Gone? I thought you would
not have been able to leave, Lynda."

Lynda: When she came back, she must have reapplied the hypnosis even
stronger, because I completely forgot about Brian again, but at least this
time, I no longer hated the male race. I guess she did not think it
necessary to reapply that. Thank God, she did or I would still be living
with her in San Fransisco and a four year old girl and a soon to be born
baby would have never happened." As it was, though, because I could now
tolerate the male race, I began to notice a few things about myself that I
had not noticed or cared about before. One was that I had large boobs and
that could get me almost anything I wanted from a man if I played my cards
right. Wanda also used this trick too, but it did not work as well,
because she could not really stand to get close enough to a man to get what
she really wanted."

I chirped in "Take it from a professional boob fancier, I know I would
have given you anything you had asked for." I knew this would get a
response out of Ingrid, but I was not prepared for Brian and Lynda's

Ingrid pulled up her shirt (she never wore a bra at home -she knew I
loved her boobs and she loved showing them off to me) "Are these as good,
can I have my Mercedes now" she said giggling.

"Well, what can I sell to get that Mercedes for you dear, hmm - Wait, I
don't have to sell anything - look I have a Mercedes for you - I went
upstairs and got the Mercedes Gull Wing Matchbox toy car from my collection
and made a big deal of presenting it to her.

"Aw, I wanted it in white, honey" laughed Ingrid.

I was prepared - I produced one of those small bottles of model paint
and prepared to paint the model white. Ingrid stopped me because she knew
I loved my Matchbox collection and did not want me to deface one of my

Lynda and Brian were both in hysterics and Brian piped up: "Let's see
what was causing all that ruckus in San Fransisco, baby"

Now remember that Lynda was pregnant (quite pregnant) at this time and
gave Brian a look that would cut diamond, but she pulled up her sweater
anyway. Amazingly she was also not wearing a bra, and her big titties just
sort of jiggled out. I had never seen Lynda's boobs before (though it was
one of my fondest fantasies) and I was staring with my mouth open. Brian,
on the other hand was doing the same staring at Ingrid who had not pulled
her top back down yet.

There were two grown men reduced to gibbering idiots and both ladies
could stand it no longer and broke out laughing. Ingrid thumped me on the
arm (just about hard enough to disturb a flea) and Lynda did the same thing
to Brian.

Both ladies redressed themselves (Aw!) and Lynda continued with the

"The other thing I had going for me was my pussy. I could turn strong
willed and powerful men into simpering idiots, like Ingrid and I just did
here, just by using those two attributes."

Ingrid was still laughing and Brian made the comment that her legs were
not too shabby, either. I agreed with him.

"Thanks guys - you really know how to make a fat old lady feel good."

I had to say "Fat old lady, where is there a fat old lady - all I see
are two lovely women, one of whom is carrying another wonderful person."

That earned me a kiss from Ingrid, a "You betcha" from Brian, and the
most loving smile I have ever seen on a pregnant women.

Lynda continued: "I am thoroughly ashamed of this now, but I used my
body to set Wanda and I up quite comfortably in San Fransisco. Since Wanda
would never actually fuck a guy, I had to do all the dirty work in that
department. I think that is why she did not reapply the hating males
hypnosis. About a week after we settled into San Fransisco, I met Brian

Brian took over: "I knew that I had to see Lynda again, I knew she still
loved me, and I had to make her see that again. I asked some friends I
knew that were going to San Fransisco to try to find Lynda and Wanda for
me. It wasn't difficult, they had made quite a name for themselves in both
the lesbian and the straight circles. They called at the end of the week
and gave me the address where Lynda and Wanda were staying. When I got
there, I couldn't believe my eyes - they were staying in the penthouse of
one of the swankiest hotels in San Fransisco. How did they ever afford

Lynda: "It is amazing what pussy will buy. It is also amazing that I
was never raped or that Wanda was never attacked."

I offered "Maybe she used hypnosis to ensure your safety."

Lynda: "You are probably right, that did not occur to me. Anyway, I was
left a note by Wanda to meet this big spender in his office for a chat. He
had promised Wanda that he would move her into her own even larger place,
and that he would send a steady stream of girls for her enjoyment."

Brian: "I knew that bitch well enough to know that she could not resist
that offer. All I asked in return, was Lynda to myself for a week. I
figured that if I couldn't reverse Wanda's hold on her in a week, I had no

Lynda: "I really wanted to do this, because I was starting to like my
little escapades with all the men. That should have told me somthing, but
it didn't. How could I be a contented lesbian and still enjoy fucking men?
Well, when I first saw Brian, Wanda's programming took over and I began
screaming at him. All he did was take me in his arms, with me fighting
every step of the way, and kiss me. That caused me to stop fighting, and
then he kissed me again. I began to respond to him, but not as would if I
was in love with him, but as a girl who wants to get fucked. At that
moment, I very much wanted to get fucked, and Brian would do just fine."

Brian: "I began to worry after the second kiss had no real effect other
than she looking at me as if to say "Do you want to fuck me?" Actually, no
I did not want to fuck her, I wanted to take her home, marry her and then
make love to her on our honeymoon."

Lynda: After a few minutes, the love started to fight the programming
and I was in turmoil. I sat down on the nearest couch and looked up at
Brian with a lost look on my face. I knew that there was something about
him, but I did not know what. Then he kissed me again."

Brian: "The third kiss was like the first kiss back while Wanda was
away. I immediately applied the fourth kiss, and I had my Lynda back. A
very angry Lynda, I might add."

Lynda: "You're damned right I was angry - I was angry with myself for
ever getting hooked up with Wanda again. Brian had finally awakened me to
what Wanda truly was. This time I kissed Brian and I used tongue to let
him know I was back, and I wouldn't leave this time. I think we were
screwing within ten minutes and we must have screwed for an hour.

Brian: "I proposed before the end of day, and she accepted".

Lynda: "I knew that I could not ever see Wanda again, or she would take
me back again. I did not know how powerful her hypnosis really was."

Brian: "We left that night, went home and were married within a week.
Wanda showed up two days later. Luckily we were on our honeymoon, and we
had told our parents not to tell anyone where we were.

Lynda: Wanda called every place she could think of to try to find us,
but we were smart. We were staying in town, right under her nose, in fact.
We were staying at Geo's house and his parents were watchdogs for us with
regards to Wanda."

This was news to me - my parents had never told me. I was in college at
the time. "Why would my parents not tell me? I asked Lynda and Brian.

Brian: "We knew you were still under Wanda's influence and you would
lead her right to us."

They were absoulutely right, I would have done it without a thought. I
had been used again. How could I have ever thought I could love someone so

Chapter Eleven - The final chapter


After the story was concluded, we all needed a break, so while Lynda
checked on Little Lynda, Brian and I went outside to shoot some baskets.
Ingrid was fixing sandwiches for us.

A question popped into my head, but I couldn't ask Brian, because I was
sure he didn't know that Lynda had been seeing Wanda for most of their

I told Brian I wanted to help Ingrid and for him just to make himself
comfortable. He said he should take his daughter home and put her to bed.
He said to tell Lynda to come home whenever she was ready - he'd be
waiting. Brian gathered up the sleepy Little Lynda and left.

I had something to discuss with the Big Lynda, so I went into the
kitchen. Sure enough, both ladies were just finishing up some finger
sandwiches and this time there were no flushed faces.

Lynda must have read my mind, because she said "Look, no flush", which
of course produced a very deep blush by Ingrid. She was still not
comfortable with the way Lynda had come on to her, and Lynda knew it.

"Ingrid, I want to apologize for coming on to you. I know that it upset
you and it was very wrong. When I was under Wanda's influence there were
times I could not control myself and I found myself doing things that were
both harmful and unsettling. I also found that my value system had taken a
hike, and for that I am profoundly sorry."

Ingrid, trying to choke back tears: "Lynda, I forgave you that very
night. After I heard about Wanda, I knew what was happening, but you
didn't yet. I think you do now."

Lynda: "You bet I do, and that is just another in the long list of
things I hate Wanda for."

Both Ingrid and Lynda hugged each other as friends do, not like lovers.

I decided the time had come to ask Lynda about why she continued to see
Wanda, although I thought I knew the answer already.

"Lynda, this may be painful, but I think you need to talk it out. Why
did you continue to see Wanda those first years of your marriage?

Ingrid was astonished "You mean even after you knew what she was and
what she had done to you and Brian, you continued to see her?"

Lynda: "It started about a week after our honeymoon. I knew I was going
to have to face Wanda sooner or later, and I wanted it to be on my terms.
So I invited her over to our house, making sure that Brian was going to be
home. He said there was no way he would leave me in the presence of that
witch alone and that he would be wherever he was needed. Wanda came in
looking like a two dollar whore. I am sure that was intended for Brian.
She probably figured that if she looked attractive enough, that he would
overlook what she had done."

I said "I guess that proves that she isn't as smart as she thinks she

Lynda: "No way! Brian actually got quite a kick out of her outfit, he
must have laughed for five minutes and I was laughing with him. That was
definitely not the image she wanted. Then she played her trump card. She
told me that she had fucked Brian several times and that how could you love
someone who was that unfaithful. Brian was thunderstruck. Remember, he
did not know that he had fucked Wanda. I am sure that if I didn't need
him, he would have went to the bathroom and threw up. I know that is what
I felt like doing. I countered with - how about all the screwing I was
doing in San Fransisco? That is the same thing, and neither one means
anything to us."

Ingrid said "Wanda must have been desperate, because she was giving you
information that I think she would have normally kept for leverage."

My admiration for my honey goes up every day.

Lynda: "What she was giving up, we already knew, and if we had any
reaction at all, it was anger. Wanda then seemed to give up and actually
turned into quite a pleasant person. I did not know this side of Wanda,
neither did Brian. By the end of night, we were feeling pretty chummy with
her. As I think about it now, I realize that she was hypnotising both of
us. She would have me come to fuck her all day long, so that by the time
the night rolled around, I would be too tired for Brian. This went on for
over two years, until Brian finally smelled a rat. She also made Brian
forget that he had fucked her, so she would still have that leverage in
case it was needed."

"Brian figured it out, huh?" Ingrid offered.

"No actually he didn't. He just knew something was wrong. A young woman in love with her husband just does not plead tiredness on a regular
basis to avoid sex. I think Wanda's plan was to make me so tired, that
Brian and I would never have sex, and she could steal me away again. Brian
followed me one day and saw what was going on. He immediately made plans
for us to have a second honeymoon, but he did not tell me until we were in
the car on the way to the airport. Since I had no time to call Wanda (as I
was compelled to do), she did not have her hooks in me for three solid
weeks. Brian and I caught up on what we had been missing, and Little Lynda
was conceived."

I asked "How did Wanda react when she found out you were pregnant?"

"Like I expected her to - she was furious. She said that children were
proof that the male of species is to be shunned. She said that the woman
has to carry the baby, feed the baby, and give birth to the baby, while all
the miserable man has to do is watch. What she was not expecting was my
reaction. If she thought my fight with her after she told everyone in
school that we were moving to San Fransisco was big, she had a full-blown,
knockdown drag-out fight on her hands. It surprised her so much that she
left me alone until Lynda was born. But her influence showed up again.
Lynda's full name is Lynda Wanda."

"How did Brian ever let that happen? I asked.

"I don't know - maybe he thought it would placate her and we could be
free to live our own lives. Fat Chance! Anyway, she sunk her hooks back
into me again right after the baby's birth. But she was a little kinder,
she only had me two or three times a week. But she made up for it by
making me seduce other women, which I hated. That's why I came on to you,
Ingrid - she figured if I could convert you, she would have another spy to
serve her."

Ingrid then did something I never thought I would hear from her - she
swore like a sailor on leave: "Why that bitch. How dare that plastic cunt try to make me into a fucking slave!! I want her to suffer like we all
have suffered, or so help me God, I'll string her up somewhere and have her
gangbanged all night. Maybe the fucking bitch will see what she has been

Ingrid had frightened the both of us - we just looked on in shock.

I thought for a minute: "The gangbang sounds like a good idea, dear.
Maybe we can get Dannie to set it up. I am sure that he has got Wanda in
love with him by now. Remember, he promised not to have sex with her until
we told him to."


I talked to Dannie that night and asked him how things were going. He
said that Wanda would do anything for him, including fucking a man while he
watched. I knew Dannie had really succeeded then because the last thing I
would ever expect Wanda to do would be to fuck a man. I then asked the
important question "Dannie, you haven't fallen in love with her, yourself
have you?"

Dannie chuckled and said "If I was ever in any danger of that I have
four people to call to remind me how much this bitch deserves what she is
going to get. "

I then told him about Ingrid's idea of a gangbang for dear ol' Wanda. I
told him I could get the entire male graduating class of my high school to
gangbang her, and I am sure any of the previous classes would join in too.
Most all of the guys in high school ended up hating her because she treated
every boy in school like dirt.

Dannie was quiet for a moment.

"What is the matter, don't like the idea?'

"No that is the best idea I've heard yet, in fact I like it better than
the original plan. I have a couple of ideas to make it even better."

"Tell me!"

"First, videotape the whole scene. Blackmail works both ways you know,
and you could get some good jackoff material from this. I would love to
see her face when she sees the video. You know we could sell it to a porno
house - we might have a hit on our hands."

"Great idea! I know just who to see. An old school chum from high
school makes porno flicks these days. I am sure he would give his left nut
to see Wanda get hers."

"Second, the last three people to gangbang her should be you, Brian and
Lynda. I don't think those bangs will be very gentle!"

I could hear the smile in his voice. "You might want to include Ingrid
in that. She has never been with a woman before, but I think she would
make an exception for Wanda."

"Last, but not least, save me for the very end. I'll make her suck me
off and then I'll fuck her in both her holes. They should be good and
ready for me then.

"I like all those ideas. Yes, that is just what we will do. Good night
and good luck".

As I figured, I had no shortage of willing participants in the upcoming
gangbang. What surprised me the most was that about ten females wanted to
be in too. Wanda had dumped them somewhere along the road, and they wanted

The porno filmmaker jumped at the chance. He had been singled out in
class one day by Wanda as she told the teacher that he had tried to feel
her up. That got him a three day suspension and had his grade for that
semester reduced by one. He wanted to lead the gangbang. He also said,
that he didn't need to sell the video on the streets - he would make a
fortune just from our high school class.

The gangbang went off without a hitch. The filmmaker got to go first
and he fucked her up the asshole. Lynda had told me she absolutely refused
to get fucked up the asshole by her, so the filmmaker thought that would be
a good place to start. By the time the gangbang was over, 27 men and 10
women had had their way with dear, sweet Wanda. I have to give her credit,
though she was still yelling and screaming just as loud with number 2 as
with number 30. Somewhere towards the end, though she finally got quiet. I
guess she accepted that maybe she deserved this. After the last
participant was through, she gave a big sign of relief. We left her alone
for about an hour, but she was still bound.

The first of our big four was Brian (I thought he deserved to go first).
Brian has a huge cock and he used every bit of it getting his revenge. By
the time he was done, Wanda had been reduced to crying. This was something
new for her, too, and I could tell it embarrassed the hell out of her.

Ingrid was next. She wore a fifteen inch ribbed strap-on dildo. She
had personally sharpened each of those ridges so that they were nice and
painful. She also preferred the anal route and every time Wanda would cry
out in pain, Ingrid would smile. Remind me to never get her angry at me.

I was next. I had only one mission in mind - I wanted to cover her face
and tits completely with my come and make her lick it up and swallow it.
My prize pupil performed superbly. I also took a crack at her pussy and
asshole while I was at it. As I was screwing her pussy, I saw Ingrid. She
had our personal video camera out and was recording these moments for
posterity. I later learned that Brian and Lynda were doing the same thing.

Lynda was last, and I have never seen hate like I saw it that day.
Lynda would not be sated until Wanda was begging her to stop which she did
after about only five minutes. Wanda was bleeding from several cuts and
her once lovely tits had so many marks in them they looked like
pincushions. Lynda was wearing three strap on dildos each one bigger and
thicker than the other. She started with the small one and used all of the
other ones in turn. When it was finally over, she smiled at Brian and me,
and hugged Ingrid. She said that she could finally live the life she was
meant to live.

Dannie waited about a hour before making his appearance. He was dressed
normally and he untied Wanda. Wanda immediately began shrieking about what
had happened, and what was he going to do about it. This was what Dannie
had been waiting for.

"This," he cried, and pulled out his large dick. He forced her to suck
him off, with her gagging on every downstroke. "I came in her mouth and
told her to swallow every drop, which she did." He then proceeded to fuck
both of her other holes and left her on the floor, saying - see how it
feels, bitch.



Several years have gone by since the gangbang.

Brian and Lynda had two more children and are now quite busy with a
large and very happy family. I visited them the other day and both Brian
and Lynda looked worn out, but very, very happy.

Dannie had his operation, and now lives somewhere overseas. He writes
us sometimes, and Ingrid writes him back. (I told you I am not a writer)

Wanda, believe it or not, became addicted to gangbangs. She now works
as a porno actress, and has married another girl. I still don't believe

Ingrid and I are very happy. We have a boy and a girl, and Ingrid is
pregnant again. Lynda, in case you are listening, Ingrid looks just as
sexy as you did three months pregnant.

I finally cornered Wanda a few months after the gangbang to ask her why
she did all this to us.

"When I was very little, my father fucked me on a regular basis. My
mother would cheer him on and sometimes would join in with a dildo,
herself. I couldn't have been more than eight or nine years old. I think
that is why I began to hate men so much. I would always remember when I
was young and it would set me off."

I asked "Why didn't you report this to anyone? You could have had them

"What, and become an orphan? No thanks, bad parents were better than no
parents at all. When I went away to camp and saw Lynda, I fell in love at
first sight. After talking to her for a few days, I knew she was
completely in love with Brian, and something in me snapped. I had been
taught hypnosis by my parents early in my life, so that I could be fun at
their sex parties. They would have me put other little girls and boys under hypnosis and have me do all kinds of nasty things to them sexually. I
was soon an expert in hypnosis. So for the remainder of our time together
in camp, I made her into a man-hating lesbian and made her love me only. I
also knew that I could not let her anywhere near Brian, or my hypnosis
would fail."

I said "Yes, strong emotions can cancel out the hypnosis, can't they?"

She seemed surprised that I knew this. "Yes, that is correct, and love
and hate are the strongest emotions of all. I knew I could not make her
hate Brian, so I had to keep her away from him."

"Wanda, I am still confused about a couple of things - why did you fuck
Brian when you hated all men, and why did you make me love you?" (I knew
the answers to both of these, but I wanted to hear her explanation.)

"I apologize (another shock!) for both of those things. I needed you to
love me to keep you from wondering how Lynda could suddenly forget about
Brian, and I finally had to fuck Brian to keep Lynda from going back to


"During the summer vacation of our junior year, I had to go out of town
for a week. Lynda lived next door to Brian, and eventually they met and
talked for a while. By the time I got back, I could see that her love for
Brian was beginning to resurface. I quickly reapplied my hypnosis, but it
did not take as well this time. So I figured the only chance I had to keep
Lynda was to shock her into staying with me. So I made Brian think that I
was Lynda and the four times we screwed, he was sure he was fucking his
lady love. The last two times we did it, I made sure that Lynda was where
she could watch, and she did. This had the desired effect and she began to
hate Brian, and took pity on me. I told her that Brian had raped me, and
the other times were done for her benefit, so that she could see what she
was missing. The last time, just before Brian was to come, I removed his
vision of Lynda, and let him see who he was really fucking,and he fainted
dead away - he didn't even come! I started laughing, and removed his
knowledge of the actions. I figured I had some leverage for later on."

I said "Did you know I saw you during that last fuck?"

"No, I didn't. I just figured that Lynda had remembered and told him."

"No, both Lynda and Brian were surprised and very angry when I told

"I guess I would have been angry, too."

Wanda's lover came by then. Her name was Sheila, and she was very
plain, almost ugly. I couldn't help but ask "Sheila doesn't seem to fit
the pattern of all your other girlfriends does she?"

"No I guess not, but I am truly in love with her, probably more that I
was ever in love with Lynda."

"Does this mean that you will finally leave Brian and her alone?"

"Yes, I know what I have done to all of you, and the gangbang made me
realize just how cruel and mean I could be. When Dannie pulled out her
cock, and used me, any last vestiges of cruelty I may have had disappeared,
and so did my overriding hatred of men. I mean I am still a lesbian, but I
no longer hate men, I fact I still fuck a few from time to time in my

I didn't think this was possible, but I began to feel sorry for Wanda.


(Ok, I admit it, I am a sucker for happy endings.)


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