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LCA6SS cum and cum hard started


Note: this is the same as the old Chapter Six, except that we now get to
read about George and Ingrid's sexy and touching reunion.

If you like the story as originally written, don't bother with this, if,
however you felt cheated by the lack of sex scenes in the original, this is
for you.


Chapter Six

Brian had recovered enough to continue.

"I was taking a class in psychology and Wanda was also in that class.
She was quite good, in fact she aced all the tests without trying too hard.
I did not occur to me until much later, that she seemed to know a little
too much about hypnotism for a high school student."

A lightbulb came on in my head. That would explain some of the things
that happened with Brian and Wanda later.

Brian had already stated that he hated Wanda, and he did, but
nonetheless, one day I went over to his house and heard loud moans and
whimpers from the back yard. Since this was right after school, neither of
his parents were home yet, so I decided to investigate (you know - junior
secret agent and all that).

I opened the door to the back yard, and there was Wanda fucking Brian! I
could not believe my eyes. I started to tear up and ran back home. I
decided this would be the time to ask him about that.

"Brian, you said you hated Wanda.'" he nodded. "If that is the case,
why were you fucking her after school during our junior year?"

Lynda and Brian both looked shocked. Ingrid was staring open-mouthed.

Brian spat out "I never fucked Wanda - I could not even touch that bitch
unless it would be to pull all her hair out by the root." Why would you
make that up..."

All of a sudden the same lightbulb that had went off in my head, went
off in both Brian's and Lynda's heads. Ingrid, however, was still

"Ingrid, honey (it just slipped out), hypnotism can make people see or
do things they would not normally do."

The radiant look I got from the "honey", answered any doubts I may still
have had about Ingrid and me. I also knew that I no longer loved Wanda, I
wonder if I ever really did.

Brian was seething on the couch, but I think Lynda was even madder. I
have not heard such language from a woman in my life and it was now
Ingrid's and my turn to try and calm Brian and Lynda down.

Lynda finally calmed down enough to attempt to speak.

"Now things are really starting to make sense to me. I always knew
somewhere in the back of my mind that I was not really a lesbian. I was
probably bi-sexual, but somehow that BITCH (she screamed that - I was
worried about Little Lynda, so was Brian so he went up to check) removed
the male part of my desires! She screwed up my life so much it is truly
amazing that Brian and I still ended up together."

Brian had now brought Little Lynda down, who, of course, had woken up
when her mother had screamed. Both Brian and Lynda went up to confort the
little girl and put her back to sleep.

I turned to Ingrid. "We can go to your place now, if you'd like. I
have already found out as much about Wanda as I want to for one night and I
would much rather be seeing you home."

Ingrid and I told Brian, who had come back down that were leaving, but
we invited them over the following night if they could get a sitter. Brian
said his mother would jump at the chance to sit for Little Lynda.

As I walked out to the car with Ingrid, I had to ask her "Why did you
come back here? Was it the job, or was it me?"

She looked at me with heat in her eyes and breathed "I'll answer that
when you get me home."

Needless to say, it was a good thing no cops were out at that time of
night, or I would have been in jail for about a month. As we were driving,
Ingrid was teasing me by slowly lowering her top down by scooting around in
the seat. My cock was threatening to rip a hole in my pants.

We arrived at her apartment. Thank God she lived downstairs. I would
have hated to climb stairs with the hard on I now had.

The minute we were in her apartment and the door was shut and locked, I
grabbed for her. She kissed me hard saying "I've waited so long for this,
Geo, please take me in the bedroom and fuck me all night long. I'm calling
in sick tomorrow. I want to be exhausted by tomorrow night".

I didn't think I could get any harder, but I did. I began removing my
clothes and Ingrid was matching me item for item. I don't know who won the
race, but we were in her bed in about five minutes flat.

I wanted to suck her boobs and eat her cunt, but she just shook her
head, no "Please put it in. We both need a good fuck right now. We can
foreplay later."

Who was I to refuse such a great offer? I slid into the wettest cunt I
had ever been in (all right, it was the ONLY cunt I had ever been in), and
began to slide in and out to the rythmic moans of Ingrid. She came when I
put my dick in, she came when I reached the bottom, and she came when I
started sucking her right boob. Her boobs were dreaming material. I mean,
most women who have large boobs, start to get a bit of a sag as they get
older. Not Ingrid, they were just as proud and juttting as they had been
when she was seventeen, and they tasted even better, like peaches.

"Ingrid, what did you do to your boobs? They taste like peaches." I
managed to gasp in between thrusts.

She was also gasping "Just a little something I found in a sex shop in
Copenhagen. I hoped you'd get to taste it. I bought it thinking of you
and this slab of meat pounding into me."

God I loved dirty talk when fucking, and I knew Ingrid loved it, too.
"Okay, sweet bitch, I'm going to really start pounding you now! No more
Mr. Nice Guy!!"

She giggled "You promise??"

"Yeah. You're gonna be so sore by tomorrow, you're gonna need a full
massage just to take the pain away. I'll gladly volunteer to be the

"Plug away, honey, I'm close again.....fill me up....I need some
cum....I haven't felt this way in seven years....oh yeah, I
come again!!!!"

That was all it took. I was gonna cum and cum hard. I started to pull
out, but Ingrid had other ideas. She clamped her legs around me and kept
me inside her, gasping "I'm on the Pill, don't worry". I came like had
never cum before. I must have shot enough to fill her up twice, and she
was still grasping and clutching my dick with her cunt walls. She was
coming again just from the force of my cum shooting into her. I finally
started to go soft and began to pull out, but she whimpered, begging me to
leave it in there. She wanted to get me hard with just her cunt muscles.

We had a few minutes to talk while I recharged my batteries and Ingrid
came down off the plateau she had beeen on.

"Ingrid, honey, what did you mean when you said you hadn't felt this way
in seven years? You did some screwing after we parted, didn't you? I've
heard all the stories about stewardesses, and as good as you look, you
probably had to keep track with a book." I chuckled, but I was concerned
that she was just comparing me to all the other guys she'd probably been
screwing, and I knew I would come out second best.

"Geo, those stories about stewardesses are mostly myths. We have a lot
of opportunities for sure, but that doesn't mean we have to take advantage
of them. I never went all the way with any of the guys I dated, and I
never did more than a blowjob or handjob. You are the only person I've
ever let in my cunt. I never wanted anybody else but you, and seven years
away from you just made me miss you even more. If this job opportunity
hadn't come up, I would have probably quit and moved back here anyway.
There was nothing more I wanted in Copenhagen. My life was, and I hope,
will be with you, sweetheart. I love you, Geo with all my heart."

I couldn't speak, hell I couldn't even think. This was overwhelming.
Here was Ingrid telling me that she didn't want anybody else in her life,
and not even expecting me to say the same thing back to her. She probably
figured that this was the only chance that she would have of winning me
away from Wanda. What she didn't know, and I hadn't realized until just
now, was that I felt the same way about her. I probably always had, but
Wanda kept getting in the way. Damn I hated that woman.

I had to tell her. I had to say it. "Ingrid, I have only one thing to
say to that."

I got up off the bed and got down on my knees. "Ingrid, will you marry
me? I feel the same way about you. Wanda kept me from having you once,
and I'll be damned if I'll let her do that again."

Ingrid was the one who couldn't speak, now. She tried but her voice
wouldn't work. She just nodded her head, with the happiest look I had ever
seen on a woman's face. She finally found her voice. "YES, YES, YES, YES,
OH GOD, YES! I can't believe this, dreams really do come true!"

We kissed again, and I was now hard again too. I took one look at the
gorgeous cunt spread out before me, and started into feast on my ration of
pussy. This time there was no protest from Ingrid. I looked into her face
for a minute, and she smiled down on me and said with contentment "Finally,
I'm complete. I have what I've needed for so long.". Well, that felt good
to hear! As I was concentrating on the sight and feelings of her cunt, I
noticed the distinct smell and flavor of apricot mixed in with both of our
cums. I looked up at her again, licked my lips and said "Was there
something apricot flavored in that shop, too? Either that, or you have a
small tree growing down here."

Ingrid laughed and said "One thing I'll say for Copenhagen, they sure
know what to sell in their sex shops. I almost bought out the store when I
heard you were coming back home. I have some more surprises for you later,

Ingrid pushed me off her, finally after coming at least twice and
proceeded to give me a blowjob that I would remember for days, but she
didn't let me come. I wanted to so bad, but Ingrid wanted my dick
somewhere else even worse. She shoved me back on the bed and straddled me.
She sunk down on my rod with her cunt and impaled herself all the way. I
was looking up at the glorious sight of two 44Ds above my head moving and
shaking with Ingrid's movements. I was babbling incoherently and reached
up to suck one of them while I squeezed the other. Ingrid went nuts. She
was pounding me into the bed - I didn't have to do a thing - SHE was
fucking me. She came loudly and often - I stopping counting at three, but
I was still good for a few more minutes. Finally, I could hold back no
longer and came with a torrent of cum all up inside her filling her up.
She came again and collapsed on me, her boobs on either side of my face. I
would have gladly suffocated right there and been a happy corpse. She
finally pulled herself off me and gave me an exhausted, happy look.

Ingrid started for the bathroom, and said "Wait right there, don't move,
I'll be right back." She came back out with her panties back on , holding a
white box. I was curious about both the box and the panties.

"Honey, are you done for the night? Why the panties, and what's in the

"I am exhausted right now, and I need to rest a little. The panties are
so I don't lose any of your precious cum from my soaked pussy, until we are
both ready to be refilled. (I smiled at that, that was just kinky enough
to turn me on again, Ingrid saw and giggled.) I can see I'm not gonna get
to rest too much, but I don't care." The box is for you, honey."

I took the box and opened it. In it was the panties that I had removed
from her the first time we made love. They had not been cleaned and were
permanently soiled. They weren't smelly, though, they had the same peaches
scent as her boobs did. "Why did you save this, Ingrid?"

"It was a reminder to me of how much you mean to me. I swore to myself
I would never wash those panties until we were together again, and I
haven't. That box has not left me since we've been apart, and now I don't
need it anymore." She grabbed the panties, and was going to rip them up. I
stopped her. "Don't do that. I want you to keep them. It makes me feel
so proud and honored that you would do that for me. Let's keep them as a
momento of us."

That earned me a wet sloppy kiss and I loved every minute of it.

She called her boss and told her that she wouldn't be in that day. She
said she was coming down with something (yah, my cock in her pussy at the
time), and that she would be in tomorrow. By the time that next night
rolled around, we called Brian and Lynda, and told them the news, we also
begged off the meeting as we were both exhausted, just like Ingrid wanted.
Lynda laughed and said "I knew you two were right for each other. Hope
you'll be as happy as Brian and I are." Ingrid smiled at me and said to
Lynda "I am not happy, I am complete." I kissed her then, we hung up the
phone, and went another round.



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