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LGS1 sucked them savoring the taste


Keywords: Mg, inc, ped
Part: 1 of 7
Author: Dastardly Dodo
Title: The Tenyar school for little girls
(c) Copyright 1999 Dastardly Dodo ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written
permission of the author.
This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.
The author may be contacted at
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This story contains sex between family members and sex with children.
If this kind of story offends you or if it is not legal for you to read. LEAVE
This is a fantasy, nothing else.
If you want to try this at home go to the nearest police station and have
yourself arrested.
The Tenyar school for little girls. Part 1

Tom looked around the bedroom as he prepared for his first night in his new
house. He wondered how his wife had managed to get him a job at a local school
after the debacle at the last school where he had been a teacher. He still
vividly remembered how he had falsely been accused of molesting his daughter by
one of the girls in his class. Even though his innocence was proved he lost his
job and was chased out of town. He sighed when he remembered that nasty episode
in his life. The fact that he actually wanted to fuck his daughter made him feel
guilty. It made him feel that people where right to call him a child molester,
even though he had not done anything and would never do anything about his
feelings for his daughter. No matter how much he wanted to, he would never hurt
the little girl by fucking her. Fortunately his wife and daughter had stood by
him in those difficult times, which had made the whole ordeal bearable. And now
his wife had managed to get him a job at the school she once attended herself.

His eyes caught his wife, Sheena, coming out of the bathroom. He smiled at her
and said. "Happy with our new home?" Sheena sat down on the bed next to him and
gave him a kiss. "Yes. Are you?" she replied. Tom nodded. "Yes, but I still
wonder how you got me that teaching job."

"Well I had to. Shelly's birthday is next Friday." Sheena said, as if that
explained everything. When she saw the look on Tom's face she added "She wants a
very big present from you this year." Tom looked confused. "Are you sure that we
are talking about the same thing?" He said. Sheena grinned. "Yes we are. You
see, we had to move here because of the present that Shelly wants. So I asked
the principal of the school to give you a job." The bewildered look on her
husbands face made Sheena giggle.

"Oh sure go ahead, laugh at me." Tom grumbled. Sheena hugged him. "I'm sorry
dear," she said. A serious look appeared on her face when she continued. "There
were two reasons for us to move here. First reason is that you needed a job and
I was sure that I could get you one in this town. The second reason is the
birthday present Shelly wants. You see this town belongs to the Tenyar
association of loving families. The town was named after it. Only members can
get a job or a house here." Tom frowned. "I don't remember becoming a member."
Sheena grinned. "That's because you are not a member yet. I am though. My family
has lived here for more than a hundred years and we are all members of the
association." The serious look returned to her face when she said. "Shelly's
birthday present is that you become a member."

"And how do you become a member?" Tom asked.

"Well that's the loving family part." Sheena replied. Tom gave her a blank
stare. "What do you mean?" He said. But before Sheena could answer it suddenly
dawned on him. "You want me to fuck our daughter!" he shouted with an angry look
on his face. Sheena sighed. "No Tom it's not like that. I don't want you to rape
our daughter. In fact if I ever catch you hurting her I will cut off your balls
and make you eat them." She took a deep breath and continued. "I know you want
to fuck Shelly and that you won't because you don't want to hurt her. In fact
that is one of the reasons I married you."

"WHAT?" Tom blurted out. Sheena smiled. "One of the reasons I married you is
that I knew that you want to teach your children about sex."

Tom's shoulders sagged and a guilty look appeared on his face. "Yes I want to.
But it's wrong and I won't do it." He whispered. Sheena hugged him. "No it's not
wrong. In fact I loved it when my father fucked me for the first time."

"You fucked your father?" Tim said with disbelieve in his voice. Sheena nodded.
"When I was nine I discovered masturbating. So I went to my mother and asked her
about it. She told me about the birds and the bees and gave me some tips on
masturbating. That got me curious about sex, so I sneaked up to my parents
bedroom a couple of times to watch them. One day I got so horny from watching
that I walked in and demanded to be fucked. Instead of being mad my parents
started to laugh. 'I guess it runs in the family,' my father said. mother just
nodded. She got the rest of the children and then told us about incest and what
people thought about it. They also told us about their own experiences with
incest. It turned out that their families had incestuous relations for as long
as they could remember." Sheena smiled to herself and continued. "You know,
somehow talking about it made me feel loved by my parents. Even though we didn't
do anything. But when my father finally fucked me it was heaven. I really can't
explain how it feels to be fucked by your father while the whole family is
watching. It made me feel loved in a way that I never knew before." She looked
Tom in the eye and said. "It's not bad Tom; it's the most beautiful thing in the
world." A long silence followed. Tom looked lost. "Fucking my own daughter," he
mumbled. Sheena got up and left the room. A few minutes later she returned with
their daughter, Shelly. Shelly sat down next to her father and said. "Do you
love me daddy?" Tom smiled. "With all my heart." he replied. Shelly nodded.
"Daddy, I want you to make me pregnant." Tom gave her a long hard look and said.
"But you're only nine." Sheena smiled. "She will be ten in a few days. In fact I
think that was what gave her the idea."

"What do you mean?" Tom asked A grin appeared on Sheena's face. "I'm afraid that
when I was telling Shelly about the birds and the bees, I also told her that I
asked my daddy to get me pregnant as present for my thirteenth birthday. He did
and Angie was born when I was fourteen."

"So she is not your sister but your daughter". Tom concluded. Sheena nodded.
"Yes and she asked my father the same thing when she was nine. She had Lisa when
she was ten." Tom's face lit up as he considered the possibilities

"Your thinking about fucking Angie aren't you?" Sheena said with a grin. Then
she gave him a playful slap and added "You better fuck your daughter first." Tom
let out a big sigh. He had wanted to fuck Shelly ever since she was seven and
now she was asking him to make her pregnant. Who was he to refuse. He looked at
Shelly and said. "Oh I give up. I'll make a baby with you, if that is what you
want." Shelly let out a cry of joy and started to kiss him. She rammed her
little tongue into his mouth and started to explore it. Tom pulled his daughter
onto his lap and returned the kiss. The loving tongue duel that followed got Tom
horny and his dick started to rise.

"Ohhh, am I doing that?" Shelly giggled as she put her hand on her fathers dick.
Sheena stopped her saying. "Hey stop that. It's not your birthday yet".

"It's not fair!". Shelly pouted.

"I think she is just teasing you sis," a voice came from the bedroom door. Tom
looked up and saw his seven year old daughter, Sandy, standing in the doorway.
"Can I watch daddy?" She asked. Tom smiled. "Sure honey, come sit on the bed."

He pulled Shelly off his lap and laid her down on the bed.

"Are you sure?" He asked her. Shelly nodded. Tom smiled. He brought his mouth to
her ear and started to nibble on it. This made the nine year old giggle. Slowly
his mouth and tongue traced the lines of Shelly's face until he reached her
other ear. From there he went down her neck towards her tiny nipples. For a
while he sucked on them, savoring the taste of his daughters virgin body. Shelly
moaned softly. "Ohhh daddy. That feels so good." Tom felt love for his daughter
in a way he never had before

"I love you." He whispered

"I love you too daddy." Shelly sighed. A smile lit up Tom's face. He kissed his
daughter and their tongues started a loving duel. After a while Tom broke off
the kiss and resumed his exploration of the nine year old's body. He kissed his
way down from her nipples to her virgin pussy. His tongue lingered at her belly
button for a while. Licking and probing it, making the nine year old squirm from
pleasure. Finally he reached her bald virgin cunt. It was the most beautiful
pussy he had ever seen. Carefully his tongue traced every fold, probing and
licking, drinking in the taste and smell of her virginity. Eagerly he lapped up
the juices that were flowing from her cunt. Searching for more of her delicious
fluids he pushed his tongue in until he hit her hymen.

"Ohhhhhh goddddd!!!!". The little girl gasped as she felt something enter her
virgin pussy for the first time. He probed her cunt for a while, fucking her
with his tongue.

"Uhhh....huuuuh......uhhhh......huuuuuh!!!" Shelly panted on the brink of an
orgasm. Tom took his tongue out of her cunt and brought it to her clit.

"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!". Shelly screeched when her father's tongue hit
her clit. Her body seemed to be on fire and in need of release. Gasping she
pushed her cunt into her daddy's face.

"Ohhhhhh godddddddd!!!!! Lick my pussy! Make me cummmmmm!!!!". She cried. A few
seconds later the tongue rasping over her clit became to much for Shelly.

"Daddy!!!! Daddy!!!! Daddy!!!!". She moaned as her orgasm came crashing down on
her. Tom was lapping at her cunt like a madman, trying to drink as much as he
could of the nectar that was flowing out of her pussy like a river.

"Ohhhhh daddy!! That was wonderful!". Shelly sighed when she came down from her
orgasm. Tom grinned. "Are you ready for your first fuck?" He said. Shelly nodded
vigorously and spread her legs. Tom knelt between her legs and put the head of
his cock at the entrance to her pussy. "This is going to hurt a bit," he said.
Instead of answering, Shelly spread her legs wider. Deciding that it was best to
take the nine year old's cherry quickly, Tom pushed his cock in with all his
force until he hit her cervix. Shelly yelped when her father's cock tore through
her hymen. Tom bent over and kissed the little girl.

"It's alright dear. It will feel better in a minute." He told her. Shelly
nodded, biting on her lip in an effort not to cry. After a few minutes she felt
the pain go away.

"It's better now daddy." She whispered. Tom started to fuck the little girl with
slow long strokes, taking his cock almost all the way out and then back in

"Ohhh god!!! Your beautiful pussy is so tight." He moaned. Slowly he picked up
some speed as Shelly's hips started to move in time with his strokes.

"Ohhh!!! Godddd!!!! Yessss!!!! Fuck me daddy!!! Shoot your baby juice in my
pussy and make me pregnant!!!". Shelly screeched. Tom started to pound in out of
the little girl's cunt like a jackhammer.

"Ohhhhh!!!! Yesssss! I'm going to shoot my sperm in your womb where it belongs
and make you carry my baby!". He shouted. The idea that her daddy was going to
make her pregnant was to much for Shelly. "OOOOH!!!!!! NO!!! OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!
NO!! OHHHHHHH!!!!!! GODDDDDDD!!!!!! YESSS!!!!!!!! YESSSS!!!!!!
AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!" She screamed as she exploded into an orgasm. Her
already tight pussy clasped down on Tom's cock, making it almost impossible for
him to move. The added friction took him over the edge. He shoved his cock into
the nine year old's virgin cunt as far as it would go and sprayed his semen into
her unprotected womb.

When he came down from his orgasm Tom heard someone moaning. He looked to the
other side of the bed and saw his wife licking and finger fucking Sandy.

"Oh mommy, mommy, mommy!!!". The seven year old cried. Sheena had the tip of her
finger in the little girls tight preteen cunt and was licking her clit. The
sight of Sandy getting head from her mother had Tom hard again in no time.
Shelly noticed his erection and started to stroke his cock slowly. Sheena felt
that Sandy was ready to cum. She took the little girls clit between her lips and
started to suck on it. This was to much for Sandy. She threw her head back and
opened her mouth in a silent scream. Her back arched and her whole body started
to tremble as the first orgasm of her live washed over her body. Sheena kept
fingering and licking the little girls pussy until her orgasm subsided.

"Did you like your first orgasm?" She asked when the seven year old came down
from her orgasm. Sandy threw herself into her mother's arms and nodded fiercely.
Tom and Shelly joined the embrace and the whole family hugged each other.

Then Sandy notice her father's hard on and said. "Can I touch your thing Daddy?"
Tom smiled. "Sure honey. But it's not called a thing. It's called a cock or dick
or penis." Sandy didn't reply. Tentatively she reached out with her little hand
and touched it. His cock jerked a bit. Sandy quickly pulled her hand away.

"It moved!". She exclaimed with a voice full of shock and surprise. Tom grinned.
"That's because it feels good when you touch it." He said.

"Oh." Sandy said. She took his cock back in her hands and started to examine it.

"Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!! Godddddd!!!!!". Tom groaned. The seven year old's little hands,
roaming over his cock, had him almost ready to cum.

"Does that feel good?" Sandy asked with an innocent voice.

"Ohhh yes honey!!! But it will feel even better if you move your hands up and
down." Tom moaned. He took her hands into his and showed her how to jack him
off. Sandy started to rub his cock with vigor. The knowledge that she could make
her father feel good made her feel all grown up. Tom was lost in a haze of lust.
The touch of the seven year old's little hands rubbing his cock send shivers
down his spine. The feeling was absolutely incredible.

"Oh god honey!!!! That feels so good!!!!". He moaned.

"It will feel even better for daddy if you kiss his cock honey." Sheena told
Sandy. Tom almost lost it when he heard her say that. It took all his will power
not to cum. Then Sandy brought her lips to his cock and started to kiss it all

"OOOOOOHHHH!!!! GODDDDDDDD!!!!! OHHHHHH!!!!! FUCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!". Tom groaned as
he felt his daughters lips touching his cock. Streams of fire shot straight from
her lips through his cock to his brain. Tom was in heaven. Sandy stuck out her
tongue and started to lick around the head of her father's cock. Tom groaned and
squirmed as the little girls tongue send wonderful sensations through his body.
Sheena sensed that Tom was ready to cum and said. "Some white and sticky stuff
is going to come out honey. It's called sperm or semen or cum, and daddy would
really like it if you swallow it."

"Ok mom." The seven year old replied as she put the head of her father's. cock
into her mouth. That was to much for Tom. "OHHHHHH!!!!!! GOD!!!!! HERE IT COMES
HONEY!!!!! I"M CUMMINGGGG!!!!!!!!". He screamed as started to shoot his load
into the preteen's mouth. Sandy tried to swallow all of her father's semen but,
with his dick already filling her mouth to the brim, there just wasn't enough
room for his sperm to collect. And she couldn't swallow fast enough to keep up
with the stream of sperm that he was shooting into her mouth. It started to
dribble out of the corners of her mouth on to her chin. She kept swallowing
until her father's cock went limp. Then she took his dick out of her mouth and
wiped the sperm of her face with her fingers. She put her fingers in her mouth
and for the first time really tasted her father's semen.

"Hmmm, it tastes nice," she concluded. Tom smiled. He gave her a hug and said.
"I'm glad you like it." Sandy looked at him and said. "Are you going to fuck me

"Do you want me to?" Tom replied.

"Oh yes, please fuck me daddy!". Sandy said eagerly. Tom smile widened. He gave
her a kiss and said. "I will honey. But not tonight. Tomorrow is going to be a
big day. It's our first day at our new school. So we need to get some sleep."
Sandy wasn't satisfied with that answer. "When are you going to fuck me?" She

"Tomorrow after school honey." Tom said with a grin on his face.

He pulled the sheets over them and turned of the light.

"Daddy?" Sandy said a few minutes later.

"Yes honey?"

"I think that mister bear is lonely."

"Do you think he want's to sleep with us?" Sandy nodded.

"Ok. Let's get him then."

"Me too." Shelly said. Tom nodded. They got out of bed and, hand in hand, walked
to the girls' bedroom to get their teddy bears.


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