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LGS2 hurt bit more then


Keywords: Mg, inc, ped
Part: 2 of 7
Author: Dastardly Dodo
Title: The Tenyar school for little girls
(c) Copyright 1999 Dastardly Dodo ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written
permission of the author.
This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.
The author may be contacted at
You can find my stories at
This story contains sex between family members and sex with children.
If this kind of story offends you or if it is not legal for you to read. LEAVE
This is a fantasy, nothing else.
If you want to try this at home go to the nearest police station and have
yourself arrested.
The Tenyar school for little girls part 2

The next morning Tom, Shelly and Sandy went to their new school. They were
greeted by the principal, Mr. Waters who showed them around. Tom didn't know
where to look as they walked down the hall with the principal.

"As you may have noticed, a lot of the girls don't wear panties." The principal
said to him. "That means that they are available. If a girl wears panties it
means she is not available. Usually they only wear panties when they have their
period or when they are trying to get pregnant."

"You mean that all the girls that don't wear panties are willing to fuck?" Tom
stammered. The principal grinned. "Well it means that you can ask them. They
still can say no if they don't want to. But a handsome guy like you shouldn't
have much problems with that. There are a few rules though. Number one, no sex
during school hours. And number two, no sex with children under the age of ten
unless you are asked by one of the senior students or the child's parents. And
of course the child has to agree to. We have set those rules to prevent the
children from being molested." They walked on as the Principal continued to

"This is a very small town so we have children of different ages in the same
class." He said as they stopped in front of a classroom. The principal opened
the door saying. "This is your class. They are the six to ten year old girls. So
your daughters will be in this class too."

"Ohhhhh!!!! Goddddd!!!!!". Tom groaned as he saw the girls in his class. None of
them was wearing panties. When he saw what Tom was looking at, the principal
smiled and said. "You'll get used to it after a while. Everyone does".

"No boys?" Tom inquired. The principal shook his head. "No we keep them in
separate classes until they are sixteen to prevent things from getting out of
hand." Then he Turned to the girls and said. "Good morning girls."

"Good morning Mr. Waters." The girls replied.

"This is Mr. Brooks. He is going to be your teacher this year."

"Good morning Mr. Brooks." The girls chirped."

"Good morning girls." Tom replied.

"Well I'll leave you to it then". The principal said as he left.

'This going to be hard work.' Tom though as he looked around the class. He sat
down behind his desk and started with the introductions, trying not to stare at
the cunts of the girls as they introduced themselves. Instead of paying
attention, Shelly was talking to Tammy who was sitting next to her. Tom walked
over to her and told her to stop.

"Yes dad." Shelly replied with a grin. Tom couldn't help himself and grinned
too. "You'd better behave young lady, you are not too old for a good spanking."
Shelly started to giggle. "Promises. Promises," she sniggered. Everyone started
to laugh. Tom shook his head. "I think these two need to be tickled. Let's get
them girls," he said as attacked Shelly. The whole class joined in the tickle-
attack and they had the girls screaming for mercy in no time. Tom stopped them
and sent them all back to their places saying. "Ok girls, that's enough fun for
one day." He sat down behind his desk and continued. "Now I want you all to put
your hands on your pussies and finger yourself." The girls looked stunned.

"Well what are you waiting for?" Tom said. Hesitantly the girls started to
finger their cunts. An evil grin appeared on Tom's face "Good. Now every time
you feel horny and think of me, I want you to do that. Because that's as far as
you will get with me." A look of disappointment appeared on the girls faces.

"That's not fair." One of them said. Tom smiled he let them simmer for a while
and them said. "Unless you do your best in class. Any girl that gets at least
one A on her report can get a date with me." That got him some cheers.

The rest of the day was uneventful. Even though he had a hard-on most of the
day, Tom managed to get through it without too much trouble. A quick fuck with
Shelly during the lunch break had given him some relief but it wasn't enough.

"Thank god!" He sighed when bell rang, signaling that the day was finally over.
He wondered if he could survive another day with twenty preteens showing off
their beautiful cunts as much as possible. 'Ohh well, I better get used to it'.
He thought. As the girls left Sandy came to him and asked of she could go home
with one of her classmates to play with her. Tom agreed and told her to be home
before six. Soon all the girls had left except for Shelly and ten year old
Tammy, who would be picked up by her mother. The girls were engaged in a lively
conversation with lots of giggles. Tammy's mother came in and introduced
herself, "Hi I'm Samantha Wise."

"Tom Brooks." Tom replied as they shook hands. Tammy went to her mother and
whispered something. Samantha looked shocked. "What?" She cried out.

"I'm sorry mommy. I didn't mean to be bad." Tammy started to apologize. Samantha
hugged her. "You're not bad dear. In fact I think that it is a wonderful idea. I
just was surprised." She smiled and added. "Why don't you ask him." Tammy
whispered something else to her mother. Samantha smiled. "I'm sure he will make
an exception for you. Go on ask him." The girl blushed. "Would you like to lick
my pussy." She said to Tom. Tom looked at Samantha. "Please." She mouthed. Tom
turned back to Tammy "I would love to." he said. He was rewarded with a radiant
smile from Tammy.

"Bring her home before six." Samantha said as she left.

Tom started to kiss Tammy, working his tongue into her mouth. At first Tammy was
surprised by this, but soon enough her tongue was exploring Tom's mouth. Tom
broke off their kiss and took off the little girl's shirt. Then he brought his
head to her nipples and started to suck on them, sending shivers down the ten
year old's spine.

"That feels good!" Tammy moaned. After a while he let go of her nipples and
started to kiss his way down to her skirt. Tammy was in heaven. When he arrived
at her skirt Tom stopped. He took one of her feet in his hands and took off her
shoe and sock then he started to suck on her toes. This made Tammy giggle

"That tickles." She said. Tom let go of her toes and started to kiss his way up
her leg. When he reached her pussy he took her other leg and repeated the

"Ohh!! Yesss!!! Good!!" Tammy moaned. Tom started to lick around her pussy with
long broad strokes teasing her a bit more. Then he started to lick her pussy
stopping each time at her clit. It was driving the girl crazy.

Tom kept her on the edge for a while stopping each time as she was ready to cum.
Then he took her clit in his mouth and started to suck on it. This took Tammy
right over the edge. "OOOOOOHHHHH... GOGDDDDD...YES...
AAAIIIIII....YEAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" she screamed as she exploded into an orgasm. Her
mind exploded into millions of colors and her arms and legs started to flop
around as streams of fire scorched her preteen body. Tom kept licking and
sucking her clit until her orgasm subsided.

When Tammy finally came back to earth she hugged John with tears in her eyes.
"That was so good!". She mumbled. Tom smiled. "I would like to fuck you." He

"Oh no!!!! You can't." The girl answered with a frightened look on her face. Tom
gave her a hug and said. "Don't be frightened. You don't have to do anything you
don't want to do." Tammy sighed in relief. "I want my daddy's baby". She said.
She looked away and added. "I would like to see you fuck Shelly." Tom looked at
Shelly and saw that she was already naked. He grinned and laid down on the

"Why don't you two take my clothes off." He said. Giggling, the girls started to
strip him. He didn't help them so it became a real fight. The whole thing got
Tom so exited that he almost shot his load in his pants. The girls managed to
get off his shirt and started to work on his pants. This time Tom helped them a

"Ohhh! It's so big!" Tammy exclaimed when Tom's dick came into view.

"You haven't seen anything yet. Watch this." Shelly giggled. She kneeled above
Tom's dick and put the head at the entrance to her cunt. Then she pressed down
hard. When she had about six inches in, he hit her cervix. Shelly looked down
and saw that more then two inches where still outside. Wanting to show off to
her new friend she decided to take it all. She lifted up a bit and then pushed
down with all her force. At first nothing happened. Until suddenly her cervix
gave way and Tom's dick shot all the way into her womb. "OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
GODDDDDDD!!!!!! I'M IN YOUR FUCKING WOMB!!!!!!!". Tom cried. Then he saw the
tears in Shelly's eyes.

"Oh my god!!!! Are you alright honey?" He cried. Shelly nodded and croaked. "Yes
it just hurt a bit more then I thought it would, but the pain is already going
away." For a while she just sat there waiting for the pain to go away. Then she
slowly began to move her hips up and down. A smile appeared on her face as her
father's cock going in and out of her womb sent wonderful feelings through her
body. She began to bounce up and down his cock with all her force.

"OOOOHHH!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!!! FUCK ME IN MY WOMB!!!!!!" She screamed. Tom put his
hands around her waist and began to move her up and down on his cock.

"OooHhhhhh!!!! Yessssss!!!!!! I'm fucking you in your womb!!!!" He moaned. He
started to thrust his hips up and down in time with her body.

ME HARDER!!!!!!!! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!" Shelly screamed. Tom put one arm
under Shelly's ass and the other behind her back. Then he stood up with Shelly
still impaled on his cock. He lay her down on his desk and started to pound his
cock in and out of her preteen cunt with all his force. Shelly went over the
edge and started to scream like an animal as her orgasm hit her. Tom just kept
on fucking her through one orgasm after another. After about ten minutes he
couldn't hold out any longer.


screeched as the feeling of her father pissing his sperm into her preteen womb
set off yet another orgasm.

"Ooohhhhh! I wish my daddy would come back and do that to me." Tammy sighed.

"Where is your father?" Shelly asked. Tammy looked forlorn. "Mommy says that he
is in a big place in the sky." Tom felt his heart sink when he realized that the
little girl's father was dead. He took her into his arms and said. "Daddies
can't come back when they go to that place."

"He has to!". Tammy cried. Tom decided to try a different approach. "Do you have
a brother?" He asked.

"Yes Peter." Tammy replied.

"And how old is Peter."

"He is fifteen." Tom smiled. "You know, if I was your daddy I would want you and
Peter to make a baby. Then you could tell the baby about me and that way you
would not forget about me." Tammy thought about it for a while and then
answered. "Do you think my daddy would want that?"

"Yes I think that all daddy's that go to that place in the sky want that." Tammy
nodded. "I'm going to ask daddy if he want's that."

That evening Sandy came into her parents bedroom and jumped on the bed.

"Are you going to fuck me now?" She asked her father with an innocent smile on
her face. Tom's cock immediately became rock hard. "Sure honey." He replied. He
slowly removed the seven year old's nightshirt and discovered that she wasn't
wearing panties. For a while he just sat there and looked at her. He admired her
flat chest with small nipples pointing out proudly. He admired her tiny hairless
cunt with its puffy lips already moist from excitement. He admired her golden
hair cascading down from her head. He admired her straight legs and hips which,
in a few years, would develop delicious female curves. He wanted her. He wanted
to make love to that little angel, lying there with her big blue eyes gazing up
at him lovingly, waiting for him to fuck her.

Tom's heart filled with love for the little girl. He knew then that he could not
refuse her anything. He bent over and kissed her, ramming his tongue into her
little mouth. Sandy's tongue met her father's halfway and they entwined in a
tender duel of love. After a while Tom broke off the kiss and started to lick
the preteen's chest , paying special attention to her nipples. Sandy moaned as
the tongue, caressing her body, sent streams of fire through her body. Tom's
tongue started to explore the rest of Sandy's body, making her shiver in
delight. When he reached her virgin pussy, he teasingly started to probe and
lick it with his tongue.

"Hmmmmmm!!!! Godddddd!!!!!! Yesssssss!!!". The seven year old moaned as she felt
her father's tongue touching her cunt. Tom smiled. He slowly pushed a finger
into Sandy's fuckhole and started to finger fuck her.

"Yes! Do it! Fuck me with your fingers!". Sandy groaned. Then she started to
thrust her hips up to meet his finger. Tom added a second finger and started to
suck on her clit. This took Sandy over the edge. She let out an ear piercing
scream and her body went rigid as her orgasm came crashing down on her. Tom kept
ramming his fingers in and out of her tight preteen cunt until her body went
limp and fell back to the bed.

When Sandy came down from her orgasm Tom hugged her and said. "Are you ready to
fuck now?" In response Sandy lay back down on the bed and spread her legs wide.
Tom grinned. "I guess that means yes." He put the head of his cock against the
entrance of her bald preteen cunt and said. "It will hurt a bit the first time

"I know." The little girl replied. "Are you going to fuck me now?" Tom smiled.
He bent forward and gave her a kiss. Then he started to push. At first his cock
wouldn't go in. Tom pushed a bit harder and suddenly the head shot into the
seven year old's pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhwwwwwww". They both moaned as Tom's dick entered his daughter's virgin
fuckhole for the first time. Slowly Tom pushed his dick in further but, almost
immediately he met some resistance. Deciding that it was best to take her cherry
quickly, he pulled back a bit and then rammed his cock into her tight virgin
cunt with all his force, only stopping when he hit the little girl's cervix.
Sandy froze and let out a small scream.

"Are you alright honey?" Tom asked with concern in his voice. Sandy nodded,
unable to speak without screaming. A tear formed in the corner of her eye.
Afraid of hurting the seven year old even more, Tom stopped moving. That was
just what Sandy needed. After a few minutes the pain started to fade away,
allowing her to concentrate on the new feeling of being filled by her father's
dick. She put her arms around her father and said. "It's alright now daddy, it
doesn't hurt anymore." Slowly Tom started to move his dick in and out of her
incredibly tight cunt. Taking his cock almost all the way out and then pushing
it all the way back in again. The feeling of the little girl's tight preteen
pussy clinging to his dick was indescribable. He had never fucked anything so
tight before. He needed all his will power not to cum too soon. Sandy started to
move her hips in time with his strokes. Sensing this Tom started to fuck the
seven year old faster and faster, ramming his dick in and out of her virgin cunt
with short quick jabs.

moaned. He doubled his efforts and pounded his cock in and out of Sandy's tight
preteen fuckhole like jackhammer. The sensation of her fathers dick ravaging her
pussy soon became to much for Sandy. She let out an ear piercing scream as her
orgasm hit her like freight train. Her arms and legs started to flop all over
the place as she lost control over her body. Seeing his seven year old daughter
having an orgasm on his dick took Tom over the edge to. With one last push he
shoved his cock into her preteen pussy as far as it would go and started to piss
his semen into her womb. Feeling her father spraying his sperm into her womb
made Sandy orgasm all over again. The pleasure became to much for her and she
passed out.

"Well did you like your first fuck?" Tom asked Sandy when she came back to

"Hmmm... Wonderful." Sandy murmured. She cuddled up to him and fell asleep.


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