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LGS5 hurt bit take your


Keywords: Mg, gg, inc, ped, anal
Part: 5 of 7
Author: Dastardly Dodo
Title: The Tenyar school for little girls
(c) Copyright 1999 Dastardly Dodo ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written
permission of the author.
This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.
The author may be contacted at
You can find my stories at
This story contains sex between family members and sex with children.
If this kind of story offends you or if it is not legal for you to read. LEAVE
This is a fantasy, nothing else.
If you want to try this at home go to the nearest police station and have
yourself arrested.
The Tenyar school for little girls part 5

Two days later Tom's first student for his sex-class came to his house. She was
brought by her mother a good looking woman of about thirty years old.

"Hello I'm Tony and this is Karen." She said, pointing at the beautiful eight
year old girl that was holding her hand, when Tom opened the door for them.

"Hi I'm Tom. Come in." Tom replied, holding the door open for them.

"I would love to but I have a meeting." Tony said. "I'm sure that I'm leaving
Karen in good hands." Then she gave her daughter a kiss and left. Tom let Karen
into the living room and sat her down on the couch.

"So you want to learn about sex." He said while he sat down next to her. Karen
blushed and nodded.

"And what would like to learn about sex?" Tom asked.

"Everything." Karen whispered.

"And what is everything?" Tom inquired. Karen's face turned red. "Well you know
everything." She replied. Tom smiled. "Ok. Here is your first lesson about sex.
It's not bad to talk about. In fact it is very important that you tell people
what you want or do not want to do. You don't have to be embarrassed about it.
Ok?" Karen looked like she was ready to panic. 'This is going totally wrong.'
Tom thought.

"Do you want a coke?" He asked in an effort to comfort the child. Karen nodded.
Tom stood up and went to the kitchen. At that moment Sandy barged in.

"HI Karen what are you doing here?" She asked when she saw the girl. They were
in the same class and had become pretty good friends. "Do you want to play with
my dolls?" She continued without giving Karen a chance to answer.

"I can't. Your father is going to teach me about sex." Karen replied.

"Jeez, I wish I was you. I really like to fuck with him." Sandy sighed.

"You fuck your daddy?" Karen asked surprised.

"Oh yes it's wonderful." Sandy replied.

"Does it hurt." Karen asked.

"Well only the first time. But the pain only last for a minute and after that it
is the best thing there is in the whole world." Sandy said with a tone of

When Tom saw the girls chattering he had an idea. He could let Sandy help him to
teach the girls about sex. She knew all the girls on his list and he was sure
that the girls would be more at easy if one of their classmates was present. He
took a couple of cokes out of the fridge and went to the girls. He handed them
the cokes and said.

"Sandy, would you like to help me teach Karen about sex?"

"Oh can I! Can I!!". Sandy cried.

"Yes you can and if you're real good you can help me teach other girls sex too."
Excited Sandy jumped into her father's arms and started to kiss him.

"Let's start by looking at all the parts of the male and female body." Tom said.
Then he took them by the hand and led them to the bedroom.

Once they were in the bedroom Tom turned to Sandy and said. "why don't you get
your clothes off. Then we can show Karen the what the female body looks like."
Sandy took her clothes of and lay down on the bed. Tom sat down next to her and
told Karen to sit on the other side of the bed. He started hid lesson at Sandy's
chest telling the girls about nipples and breasts. Pointing out the differences
and similarities between men and women and how they could be used in making
love. From there he worked his way down towards Sandy's bottom. When he came to
Sandy's sides he grinned and said.

"The sides are usually very sensitive in both males and females. They are great
for tickle attacks." At the same time he started to tickle Sandy. Karen joined
in and they had Sandy begging for mercy in no time. Tom let Sandy catch her
breath and then continued. He pulled the hood over Sandy's clit back and pointed
at her clitoris saying. "This is the clitoris or clit. It is very sensitive and
one of the spots that is good for sex-play. Woman like it when someone rubs or
licks it. Also this is the spot woman usually stimulate if they masturbate."

"Mastebate?" Karen said.

"Masturbate. That's what playing with yourself is called. Most people do
sometimes. And it can feel really good." Tom saw that Karen was still pretty
nervous and decided that the best way to proceed was to get the girl to

"Why don't you show Karen how you play with yourself Sandy. In the mean time
daddy is going to make a phone call." As he left Sandy started to show Karen how
she played with herself. The last thing he heard before he closed the door was.
"No silly. You have to take your panties of first."

He came back half an hour later and knocked on the door. When no one answered he
opened the door and walked in. He was greeted by an incredibly erotic sight.
Sandy and Karen where lying on the bed in a sixty-nine position vigorously
licking each other's cunt. Silently he watched the preteens quickly bringing
each other to an orgasm. When they where done Tom announced his presence by
saying. "I see you have already started with Karen's next lesson." He winked at
Sandy and then said to Karen. "What you just did is called licking pussy or
eating pussy or giving head." He sat down on the bed and continued. "I think it
is time to look at the male body. But we can only do that if you two can get my
clothes off." Sandy immediately jumped him. Sandra followed her a few moments
later. Tom only put on some token resistance. So it didn't take the girls long
to take his clothes off.

"It's so big!". Karen exclaimed when his cock came into view. Tom grinned.
"That's because it is exited about seeing a beautiful little girl like you."
Karen blushed and giggled.

Tom explained the function of all the male parts to the girls and then said to
Karen. "Well I guess it is time to teach you the sex part. So what do you want
to know about sex?" A thoughtful look appeared on Karen's face and for a while
nothing was said. Then she looked at the floor and said.

"Well I want to learn how to suck on a cock and about when a man puts his cock
in a girls trickle or her bottom." Nervously she looked up at Tom to see his
reaction. Tom gave her a hug and said. "Ok. Lets start with sucking on a cock.
It's called a blowjob or giving head." He turned to Sandy and continued. "Why
don't you show Karen how to suck a cock."

"Ok daddy." Sandy replied. She turned her attention to her father's cock and
said. "Take it in your hands like this and then move your hand sup and down."

"Like this?" Karen, who was copying her, asked.

"Yes, like that. It's called jacking off." Sandy replied. She was really
enjoying her role as the expert. Tom was in heaven. The for little hands on his
cock where sending wonderful sensations through his body.

"Now kiss and lick his cock." Sandy instructed. Tentatively Karen stuck out her
tongue and licked the head of Tom's cock. When she found that it didn't taste
bad she started to lick and kiss his cock with more vigor.

"OHHHH!!! GODDDDDD!!!!! YESSSS!!!!!!". Tom groaned. The eight year old's lips
and tongue where driving him crazy.

"Now take his cock in you mouth and suck on it." Sandy said. Karen complied and
started to suck on Tom's cock.

"OHHHHH!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!! YESSSS!!!!! SUCK MY COCK!!!!!!". Tom moaned.

"Now move your head up and down like you were jacking him off and keep sucking."
Sandy instructed.

"OHHHH!!!!! FUCK!!!!! OHHH!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!! I"M GOING TO CUM!!!!!". Tom screamed
when the eight year old followed Sandy's instructions.

"Some white and sticky stuff is going to come out. Just swallow it." Sandy said.

"Ok." Karen mumbled around Tom's cock. That was to much for Tom. "OHHHHHHHH!!!!!
FUCK!!!!!!! CUMMINGGGGGGGG!!!!!". He screamed as he started to dump his load
into the eight year old's mouth. Even though she was warned the first shot of
sperm took Karen by surprise. She yanked her head off Tom's cock and the second
shot landed on her chin. Quickly she put the head of Tom's cock back into her
mouth and swallowed the rest of his semen.

"Did I do it right?" She asked nervously when the semen finally stopped coming
out of Tom's dick. Tom hugged her and said. "You did absolutely wonderfully."
That brought a smile to Karen's face.

She looked at his still hard cock and said. "Are you going you put it in my
trickle now?" Tom smiled. "It's called fucking when a man puts his cock in your
pussy. Do want me to fuck you?"

"I don't know." Karen replied.

"Then we won't do it." Tom replied.

"I'm afraid that it will hurt." Karen said.

"It will hurt a bit to take your cherry. But only the first time you do it. and
the pain goes away real quick. It is something all girls have to go through one
time or another." Tom told her.

"I would like to see you fuck Sandy." Karen said.

"Oh, would you daddy?" Sandy asked eagerly. Tom laughed. "Yes I will." He
replied. He kneeled between Sandy's legs and put the head of his cock at the
entrance of her tight preteen cunt. Then with one stroke he shoved his dick all
the way into her fuckhole until he hit her cervix.

"OH YES DADDY!!!!! FUCK ME GOOD!!!!". The seven year old cried when she felt her
father's cock enter her pussy. Tom pulled back a bit and then with all his force
rammed his dick through her cervix into her womb.

"YESSSSSS!!!!! FUCK MY WOMB!!!!!!!! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!". The seven year old
screamed. Tom didn't need any encouragement. He forced his cock all the way into
her cunt and then started to ram it in and out of her tight preteen fuckhole
with all his force. Karen was looking on with great interest.

"Does it really feel good?" She asked.

"OH FUCK YESSSSS!!!". Karen replied. "MORE!!!! HARDER!!! FUCKKKKK!!!!!". Tom was
doing his best. He was hammering his cock in and out of the seven year old's
tight cunt without mercy. All to quick it became to much for Sandy. Her body
went rigid and she let out an ear piercing scream as her orgasm came crashing
down on her. Seeing his daughter cum on his cock almost took Tom over the edge
to. But he managed to go on without pissing his load into her preteen womb.

"OH YES HONEY!!!! COME FOR DADDY!!!". He yelled as he continued to ravage her
cunt and womb with his cock.

"Oh daddy! That was the best!". Sandy sighed when she came down from her orgasm.
Then she turned to Karen and said. "Now you." Karen still looked unsure about
it. "I don't know." She said. Tom smiled and said. "I have an idea. You can go
on top. That way you can decide What happens. Do you want to try that?" Karen
nodded. Tom lay down on the bed and waited.

"What do I do now?" Karen asked.

"Just kneel above my cock and put it at the entrance of your pussy. Then you can
lower yourself down and fuck at your own pace." Tom replied. Karen did was Tom
had told her and slowly lowered her self on his cock. With only an inch in she
hit her hymen.

"It doesn't go any further." She complained.

"That's your cherry." Tom told her. "You will have to push down hard to go
through it. That is also the part that will hurt a bit." Karen nodded nervously.
She pulled up a bit and then pushed down hard. She felt something tear and then
Tom's cock shot into her virgin cunt until, with five inches in he hit her
cervix. Much to her surprise it didn't hurt all that much. Instead there was the
strange feeling of being full. It felt like she had a really big stick in her
tummy. But it didn't hurt. She experimented with moving up and down a bit and
concluded that it felt good. Then she saw that a large part of Tom's dick was
still outside her pussy.

"It's still not all the way in." She said.

"That's because my cock is already at the entrance of you womb. It can't go any
further." Tom replied.

"But it went all the way in with Sandy." Karen retorted.

"That's because I pushed my cock through her cervix into her womb. But she has
done it before. The first time you do that really hurts a lot." Tom explained.
Karen decided that if Sandy could do it she could do it to. She pulled up until
only the head of Tom's cock was in her pussy and then pushed down with all her
force. At first her cervix held against the pressure but then it gave way and
Tom's cock shot into her womb.

"OHHHHHHHHHHWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!". Karen screamed as her cervix gave way to
Tom's cock. A look of shock appeared in her eyes. She had never expected that it
would hurt so much. She froze and for minutes just sat still on Tom's cock.

"Are you alright?" Tom asked with a look of concern on his face. Karen nodded.
"It's already better." She managed to say a minute later. A few minutes later
the pain was almost gone and she started to move up and down on Tom's cock. A
new and wonderful feeling started to develop deep with in her belly as she
started to move more freely.

"OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! THIS FEELS GOODDDDD!!!!!". She moaned. She began to bounce up
and down his cock as fast as she could.

"OOOOHHH!!!!! GODDDDDD!!!!!! I CAN FEEL YOU IN MY WOMB!!!!!!" She screamed. Tom
started to thrust his hips up and down in time with her body moving up and down.

ME HARDER!!!!!!!! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!" The eight year old screamed. Tom
grabbed her sides and rolled her over on her back. Then he started to pound his
cock in and out of her tight preteen fuckhole with all his force. Karen exploded
into an orgasm. He body became rigid and she let out an inhuman wail as she came
like she never had before. Tom fucked her through three more orgasms before he
could hold out no longer.

screamed. The feeling of Tom pissing his sperm into her preteen womb made the
eight year old orgasm again.

screeched as she exploded.

When Karen came down from her orgasm, she hugged tom and burst out in tears.

"Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh Boy!". She whimpered.

"Does that mean you liked it?" Tom asked. Karen managed to compose herself and
nodded. She gave Tom a kiss and said.

"Are you going you put it in my bottom now?" Tom looked at Sandy and said. "I
suppose that you want me to fuck your ass too?"

"Oh yes please!". The seven year old replied eagerly. Tom laughed. "Well if you
girls can get me hard again I will do it." Sandy and Karen immediately started
to work on his cock, licking and sucking it until he was hard again. Tom took
some lubricant from the nightstand and told the girls to sit on the bed on all
fours. Then he started to apply the lubricant to Karen's ass. First he started
to fuck her ass with one finger and then with two. When he felt that she was
ready he repeated the procedure with Sandy. When she was ready to he told Sandy
to lay down beneath Karen and lick her pussy. Then he put the head of his cock
at Karen's ass and started to push. At first it wouldn't go in. He pushed harder
and suddenly the head of his cock shot into the eight year old's tight ass.

"OHHHHHHHWWWW". Tom and Karen both groaned as his cock slowly went into her ass.
Tom kept pushing until his cock was all the way in the eight year old's tight
preteen ass. In the mean time Sandy had started licking Karen's cunt.

"OHHHHHHHH!!!! YESSSSS!!!!!! LICK MY PUSSY!!!!! FUCK MY ASS!!!!!". Karen cried.
Tom started to pound his cock in and out of the preteen's ass with all his

"OHHHHH!!!! FUCK!!!! YOUR ASS IS SO FUCKING TIGHT!!!!". He groaned. He increased
his tempo and started to ram his cock into the eight year old's ass with short
quick jabs. At the same time Sandy buried to fingers in Karen's cunt and started
to finger-fuck her. This was too much for Karen.

"OHHHH!!!!!! YESSSS!!!! OHHHHHH!!!!!! FUCKKKK!!!!!! AAIIIIIIIII!!!!!!". She
screamed as she explode into an orgasm. Tom kept fucking her ass until her
orgasm subsided. Then he pulled his cock out and made the girls switch places.
When they where in position he put his cock at Sandy's anus and pushed.

"OHHHHHHH!!!!!! GODDDDDDD!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!". He groaned as his cock slowly
entered the seven year old's tight preteen ass. Sandy's ass was so tight that it
almost hurt. He had never fucked such a tight hole before in his live. He knew
he would only last a few strokes if he continued, so he stopped pushing. Sandy
was having none of it. She pushed back on his cock forcing more of it into her

"Please stop moving honey or daddy is going to cum." Tom said.

"Don't you want to cum daddy?" Sandy asked.

"Yes, but not to soon I want it to be good for you to." Tom replied. Sandy shook
her head . "Jeez daddy I like it when you cum." She said and pushed back on his
dick until he was all the way into her ass. This was too much for Tom. "With a
loud groan he started to shoot his load deep within the seven year old's bowels.
Feeling her father pissing his sperm in her ass was enough for Sandy to have an
orgasm too. As she came she lost control over her body and the only thing that
prevent her from falling forward on the bed was the hard cock buried in her ass.


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