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LGS6 hurt her Tom All she has


Keywords: MMg, g/dog, inc, ped, anal, best
Part: 6 of 7
Author: Dastardly Dodo
Title: The Tenyar school for little girls
(c) Copyright 1999 Dastardly Dodo ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written
permission of the author.
This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.
The author may be contacted at
You can find my stories at
This story contains sex between family members and sex with children.
If this kind of story offends you or if it is not legal for you to read. LEAVE
This is a fantasy, nothing else.
If you want to try this at home go to the nearest police station and have
yourself arrested.
The Tenyar school for little girls part 6

A week later Janis invited Tom and his family to the well-known tradition of
murdering a good piece of meat, the barbecue.

"Oh and don't dress up. We usually don't wear clothes at all at a barbecue." She
said when Tom accepted the invitation. Tom grinned. "Sounds more like an orgy
then a barbecue." He replied. Janis shrugged her shoulders. "It usually is." She
said. Then she left saying. "See you Saturday." That Saturday Tom and his family
arrived at Janis's house around noon. Janis greeted them naked as the day she
was born. She led them into a bedroom and said. "You can undress here. I'll wait
for you downstairs." When they came downstairs Janis led them to the garden
behind the house and introduced them to her parents. Then she walked with them
to through the garden. Tom saw Karen who was getting fucked from behind by one
man while she was giving another man a blowjob. Tom greeted her and said. "I see
my lessons paid off." Karen giggled and said hi. A few yards behind her Tammy
was getting fucked by her brother. Tom walked over to them and said hi. He stuck
his hand out to the boy and said. "Hi I'm Tom. You must be Peter." The boy shook
his hand and then resumed pounding his cock into his little sister.

"Are you coming Tammy?" Janis asked. Tammy started to laugh. "Yes, I'm almost
there." She giggled. "Just keep fucking me Peter."

"Ohh Tammy, You know what I mean". Janis sighed Tammy nodded. "Go ahead. I'll be
there in a minute." She panted. At the bottom of the garden there was a circle
of chairs. One of them was festively decorated.

"You didn't tell me that it is someone's birthday." Tom remarked when he saw the
decorated chair. Janis smiled. "It isn't." She replied. She guided him to the
chair and made him sit down on it. Then she took a plate that was lying there
and started to bang on it with a spoon. On that signal everybody came to the
circle of chairs and sat down. When everybody was seated Janis and Tammy walked
to the center of the circle and said.

"As you all know we are here to thank Tom for helping Tammy and me. He helped me
realize my dream of having an monogamous boyfriend and he helped Tammy to find a
way to have something special to remember her daddy by." She turned to Tom and
said. "Tammy and I have thought a long time about how we should thank you and we
have decided to give you two gifts. Your first gift is something from both of
us." Tammy produced the gift and handed it to Tom. It was a silver cigar box.
Inscribed on it was the text 'from Tammy and Janis, no longer virgins' Tom
blushed. "You shouldn't have." He whispered. Then gave them both a kiss and said
thank you. Janis smiled and said. "Our second gift is more personal. Since you
helped me lose my virginity I want you to have the only part of me that is still
virgin. I want you to be the first to fuck my ass." Tom was stunned. He wondered
why Janis had decided to give him this gift. He knew she hated people fucking
around and had made Bobby promise not to fuck anyone but her. He wondered if he
should accept it or not. He decided to follow his instincts and said.

"I'm really honored that you want to give a part of your virginity to me. But
you have already given me much more than you can imagine. And I think that Bobby
should be the one to get this gift." Janis sighed in relief. She had really
believed that it was something that she wanted to do. But when Tom had said no,
she realized that she didn't. She hugged and kissed him and whispered. "Thanks."
Tammy stepped forward and said. "This is my gift. After I have had a baby from
Peter, I want one from you." Tom smiled. He gave Tammy a kiss and said. "I hope
you and Peter have a baby soon, so we can start making one." Tammy nodded and
said. "Because you have to wait so long for your gift I'm also going to give you
something now."

Then she kneeled before him and took his cock in her hands. She started to kiss
and lick the head of his cock while jacking him off with one hand. With her
other hand she started to caress his balls.

"Oooohhh yes lick my cock...Oooooohhhhh GOD YES SUCK IT!!!" Tom moaned. After
teasing his cockhead for a while Tammy opened her mouth and started swallowing
his cock. When she had about four inches in her mouth she stopped and started
bobbing her head up and down his cock, using her tongue to lick all around the
shaft and cockhead. In the mean time she kept jacking him off with one hand,
while using her other hand to fondle his balls. After she had done this for
about two minutes she went down until his cockhead was against her throat. She
took a deep breath through her nose and then started to swallow his cock.

"OHHHHHH!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! YESSSSS!!!!". Tom groaned as he felt the head of his
cock disappear in the ten year old's throat. Everybody started to cheer and
urged Tammy to take more of Tom's cock in her throat. Tammy slowly swallowed
Tom's dick until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. Everybody cheered and
applauded when the little girl had managed to swallow all of Tom's cock. Tom let
out long moan of pleasure. The ten year old's throat felt like heaven to him.
Tammy held her head still an began milking his cock with her throat-muscles. Tom
was totally overwhelmed by feeling of the ten year old's throat milking his
cock. He started to moan and pant. "OoooHhhhh.......YESSSSS!!!!! OHHHHHHH!!!!
FUCKKKKKKK!!!!!". Tammy sensed that he was ready to cum and quickly took his
cock out of her mouth. She held the head of his cock in front of her open mouth
and started to jack him off. Seconds later Tom exploded into an orgasm

"OoooooHhhhhhhh fuck!!!! I'MMMMMM CUMMINGGGGGGG!!!!". He shouted. He came like
he never had before. It seemed like it was never going to end as he shot strand
after strand of his semen into the preteen's mouth. Tammy just kept milking his
cock to the last drop. When his orgasm finally died down Janis sat down next to
Tammy and opened her mouth. Slowly Tammy let some of the cum run into Janis's
mouth. Then both girls showed him the semen in their mouths and swallowed. Tom
was a bit overwhelmed by it. They had given him something far more beautiful
then their virginity. They had given him their love. He wiped away some tears
and hugged the girls. After a while Janis broke off the embrace and said. "The
barbecue will be ready in half an hour."

45 minutes later the ancient ritual of burning meat was well under way and
everybody was enjoying their meal. Janis and Bobby cane to Tom and thanked him
again. Tom saw some cum dripping from Janis's ass and whispered.

"You better clean up if don't want the whole world to know that you got fucked
in the ass." Janis threw her arms around him and gave him a big hug.

"I don't care. I don't want to clean up. I'm so happy." She whispered.

"I'm happy for you." Tom said as he gave her a kiss. Suddenly people started to
yell and cheer. Tom looked up and saw Sandy and Janis nine year old sister Mandy
walking through the garden with a german shepherd. Sandy came to him and said.
"Can I play with the dog daddy?" Tom was about to say yes when Janis stopped
him. She knelt in front of Sandy and asked. "Has Mandy told you what she does
with the dog?" Sandy nodded. "Yes and I want to do it too." Janis stood up and
said to Tom. "Before you say yes, you should know that Mandy has sex with the
dog and Sandy want's to try it." Tom's cock got instantly rock-hard at the
thought of the seven year old getting fucked by a dog. But concern for Sandy's
safety took over and he said to her. "I don't know. The dog might hurt you and I
don't want you to get hurt." Sandy looked really disappointed. "Please daddy!".
she begged. Janis father, who had been listening to the conversation, said. "The
dog won't hurt her Tom. All she has to do is say stop and the dog will back

"Well if you say so." Tom replied. He turned to Sandy and said. "Ok honey. You
can play with the dog."

"Oh goody!". The seven year old cried. Shelly climbed onto Tom's lap and said.
"Is sandy going to fuck the dog?"

"Yes she is dear." Tom replied.

"Oh." Shelly said. She put her father's cock at the entrance of her cunt and sat
down, impaling herself on his cock. Then she just sat there watching Sandy and
the dog.

Sandy lay down on a low bench and spread her legs. "Come here doggie. Come here
and lick my pussy." She said. Slowly the dog approached. He stuck his head
between Sandy's legs and began to sniff at her cunt. The dog's hot breath
caressing her preteen fuckhole, made Sandy shiver in delight.

"Oh yes. Lick my pussy doggie." She moaned. The dog's long hot tongue snaked
out, stabbing deep up between the waiting girl's quivering thighs, mercilessly
penetrating her hot wet cunt, sliding up over the wet vaginal opening and then
digging into the seven year old's tiny pink clitoris.

"Aaaaahhh!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!" Sandy moaned, filled with desire for the dog's
hot tongue. Her back automatically arched to thrust her steaming cunt up toward
the dog. She spread her thighs farther and farther apart, begging the dog to
drive its tongue deep up inside her. The dog ardently stroked his hot wet tongue
up into the seven year old's pussy, licking up the fluids that were dripping
from her cunt.

"Ooooohhhhh!!!!!!! Yesssss!!!!!! Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!," Sandy moaned. She started to
pinch and pull her nipples in an attempt to quench the fire within her. The dog
rasped its rough tongue over the little girl's clit, sending jolts of
electricity through her body. The seven year old gritted her teeth and almost
stopped breathing as she felt herself teetering on the brink of an orgasm. The
dog stabbed his tongue into the preteen's fuckhole in search for the source of
the arousing fluid that was flowing from her pussy. This sent Sandy over the
edge. She let out an inhuman wail as her orgasm came crashing down on her. Her
mind exploded into millions of colors and her arms and legs started to flop
around as she lost control over her body.

The dog decided that it was time to fuck. He put his front paws on the bench and
started to stab his cock at Sandy's trembling body. When Sandy, after a few
minutes, finally realized what the dog was trying to do, she took his dick into
her hand and held it at the entrance of her preteen cunt. The dog did what came
naturally and rammed his dick all the way into the seven year old's tight cunt.
Seeing the dog's cock disappear into his daughter's cunt was to much for Tom.
With a loud groan he started to spray his sperm into Shelly's welcoming womb.

"Oh daddy! I can feel that." Shelly giggled as the wonderful feeling of being
filled with her father's sperm spread through her body. She cuddled up closer to
her father and then continued to watch Sandy getting fucked by a dog.

Sandy could feel the huge cock of the dog ramming deep up into the depths of her
preteen pussy. The feeling was incredible. Low, shuddering moans escaped in a
continual stream from her lips as the dog mercilessly drove his cock into her
tight preteen cunt. Her hips began a mindless, automatic motion back against the
invading animal cock. The dog's cock sent wave after wave of pleasure through
the seven year old's body, driving her crazy with desire.

"OH DOGGIE!!!!! OH DOGGIE!!!!! OH DOGGIE!!!!!". Sandy chanted. Her world had
shrunk to the dog's hard cock, savagely pounding her tight preteen cunt. The dog
rapidly fucked in and out of the seven year old's cunt. His powerful cock was
ripping into her without mercy. Sandy's tight preteen cunt swallowed his rock
hard cock eagerly , holding and squeezing it with her cuntal muscles. Her body
tensed and relaxed again and again beneath the dog as its cock set her body on

"OHHHHH!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!!! FUCK ME!!!! HARDER!!!! DO IT HARDER!!!!!". She cried.
The dog didn't need any encouragement. Relentlessly it drove its cock into the
ten year old's pussy at a pace no human could match.

"OHHHHHH!!! YESSSSSS!!!!! OHHHHHH!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!". Sandy cried as the dog
ruthlessly battered its cock into to her tiny cunt. Soon the hard animal cock
ravaging her preteen fuckhole became too much for the little girl.

as her orgasm came crashing down on her. Her tight preteen cunt clamping down
his cock was too much for the already wildly aroused dog and suddenly he began
to piss his hot animal cum into the seven year old's squirming cunt. Sandy's
mind exploded in a great flare of colored lights as this last incredible
stimulation, of the dog shooting its sperm into her cunt, made her cum all over
again. The dog seemed to come forever. But finally it stopped and he backed
away. Its cock left Sandy's pussy with a loud plop and a great river of doggy
cum started to gush from her abused cunt.

"Jeez look at that!". Shelly cried when she saw the enormous amount of doggy cum
that came out of Sandy's pussy.

"Yes it sure is a lot." Tom agreed. His cock had regained it's strength while he
watched the dog fuck Sandy, and Shelly started to bob up and down on it.
Suddenly Shelly felt a finger invading her anus.

"Oh yes daddy! Stick your finger in my ass!". She moaned. Tom grinned and said.
"I'm not doing that." Surprised Shelly looked around and saw Janis father
standing behind her.

"Do you want me to put my cock where my finger is?" He asked while he shoved a
second finger in to the preteen's ass.

"Oh yes please!". Shelly replied eagerly. Tom put one arm under Shelly's ass and
the other behind her back. Then he came up from the chair and lay down on the
ground with Shelly on top of him. Janis father knelt down behind Shelly and with
one thrust shoved his dick all the way into her ass. Then the men started to
fuck their hard cocks in and out of the ten year old's tight holes. Slowly at
first trying to find the right rhythm, but soon they were fucking her holes at a
steady pace. Shelly was in heaven. The cocks hammering in and out of her tight,
preteen holes were sending wonderful feelings through her body.

She screamed. The men doubled their efforts and started ramming their dicks in
and out of her cunt and ass like jackhammers, impaling the ten year old's little
body on their hard cocks. Her hot tight holes were working wonders on their
cocks. Groaning the men fucked their cocks into the little girl with all their
might as they worked towards their orgasm. Faster and faster they rammed their
cocks into the ten year old's holes, riding her to a gigantic climax.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!". Shelly screamed as she exploded into an
orgasm. Her body started to tremble and her holes tightened around the hard
cocks that were invading her body. This was too much for the men. With one final
thrust they rammed their dicks all the way into the ten year old's cunt and ass,
and pumped their loads into her belly.

When Tom came down from his orgasm he saw Sandy sitting next to him.

"Can I have dog daddy? Please daddy, please!!". She begged. Tom burst out in
laughter. "Sure honey, you can have a dog." He said.

"I'll help her pick out one." Janis father offered. "She will need a well
trained dog. If she want's to fuck with it."

"Oh goody." Sandy cried. She jumped into the pile of bodies in front of her and
started to hug and kiss every one.

"Hey your squashing me!". Shelly cried. She was still lying in the middle,
impaled on Tom's and Janis father's cocks. The men started to laugh. "Sorry
dear." They said in unison as they pulled their cocks out of the little girl's
tight holes.

Tom stood up and walked over to Sheena.

"I'm afraid I promised Sandy that she can have a dog." He said to her. Sheena
grinned. "So she wants her own doggie to fuck." Tom nodded. "Yes her daddy is
replaced by a dog." He sighed. They both burst out in laughter at that remark.


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