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LINDA01 camera and headed the direction



The Transformation of Linda

Part 1

A New Beginning

Will was restless in his seat as the small commuter aircraft
headed homeward.. Not only was he anxious to see his wife Linda after
almost a week absence, he was even more anxious to tell her his
good news. He had just been offered a promotion to head up the New
England regional office....a promotion that included a thirty percent
salary increase and a yearly bonus. No longer would Linda need to work
at her unfulfilling last she could open her own photography expand her skills from her current status as an expert amateur
landscape and still life photographer to a professional artist...something
she had longed for in all of the fourteen years of their marriage and

As the engines of the propjet hummed, Will began to think more and
more of his Linda. He knew that most considered her a gorgeous lady.
More than anything in the world he loved his appealing, desirable Linda,
who he considered one of those truly rare creatures that grace our
planet. Sweet, kind, caring, faithful Linda. God could his 5'4" tall, 120
pound, size 10 wife have been 34 last month? He pictured her long
brown hair shimmering as the light hit it, bouncing as she turned her
head and the way she had of flipping it that he found terribly appealing.
And her entrancing green eyes, an unusual green that captured the
onlooker immediately. Eyes that seemed so innocent...but behind that
naive exterior, Will still suspected dark and mysterious things. Some
women have no lips, some have large full lips and some have perfect
cupid bow, pouty lips. Not pouty as spoiled or testy but pouty as in
ready to be kissed. He could picture Linda's tempting lips that seemed
to pout perpetually, lips that he wanted to kiss the minute he saw her.

He loved Linda's breasts...... breasts he considered to be perfect,
not so large to look out of place on her petite frame but more than
ample to please his eye, or to overflow his hands as he caressed them.
They were still the same size 34C as when they were first married....still
full and they still swayed nicely when she walked around without a bra,
which she sometimes did at home. Will loved that and he recalled the
trouble he had keeping his hands off of her, even when either of them
had work to do.

And he pictured how her tiny waist curved in, then blossomed
out to form her cute little ass... a firm round ass that felt so nice in his
hands. Her saucy hips, flaring out enticingly. He knew that for most
men,and, at least in his fantasies, for many women, to walk along
behind Linda was a pleasure in itself. Her long shapely legs were a joy
to look at and he ached to have them wrapped around him at this very

It had been over a week since they had sex the last time and he
longed for it tonight. Today was so special. He always felt so close to
Linda after sex... he forgot all about business for that little while.
As his mind raced, he could feel the hardness that started to grow in
his pants as he pictured his sweet Linda naked next to him.

As he looked out of the window to the fields below that were just
beginning to green, he wondered if the romance of the New England
countryside would have the promise that he had wished for. While Linda
had a B.A. degree in Journalism and had reasonably normal exposure to
life, , she had grown up with a void of sexual activity and a minimum
education in that area. She was given only the bare facts and little
more. They had met in college, and it took him almost two years, just a
month before their wedding, before she gave her virginity to him. He
also knew that his beautiful and sexy looking wife had a large amount of
hidden promise, but that, regardless of all of his efforts, he had not
been able to reach her innermost sexuality....yet.

Now as Will pictured his lovely wife in his arms, he also started to
picture the Linda who only existed in his fantasies...the Linda he enjoyed
thinking about when he was alone, either at home or most often when
he was away on business. The fantasies that he enjoyed as he lay
naked on the bed with his hand wrapped around his hard cock...picturing
his naked Linda, dreaming of swapping sex partners with other couples
they knew...dreaming of watching his sweet Linda with another man and
sometimes with another woman. Fantasizing about doing everything to
Linda but especially shoving his hard cock into her cute round little ass,
which she had never allowed him to touch. But while he would love for
Linda to "turn loose" and get wild with him, he knew that he could not
push it for fear of turning off his sweet little wife, and hurting her in any
way would always be the last thing he would do.

In the final analysis,he guessed that they were much like the
average married couple, sex no more than 4 or 5 times a month and
fairly routine after fourteen years. While he knew the two of them were
quite happy with what they had, he still secretly wished for something
more. Suddenly he snapped back to reality as he heard the low
whine of the landing gear deploying for their arrival.


Will would not tell Linda what the surprise was when he had
called that morning, but she had a good idea. She left work early and
stopped at the store to purchase all of the ingredients she needed to
prepare a special meal for them. After she had set the dinning room
table with her fine china,put the roast in the oven, and made a special
desert, she still had time for a hot bath before Will got home.

The warm water felt relaxing as Linda settled back in the tub. She
was so happy for her Will...he had worked hard...she was proud of him.
She could hardy wait to see his handsome face and feel his strong arms
wrapped around her. She really hated it when he had to travel. As she
continued to think about her 6 foot, 170 pound husband, she soaped her
breasts....almost unconsciously allowing her hands to massage her
nipples. She pictured herself and Will sitting under a large tree enjoying
a Spring picnic....and as her hand slipped lower, of him kissing her and
beginning to undress her. She slid down even more in the tub and
raised one leg to rest on the wall as she continued her masturbatory
arousal. Her right hand was now working her little bud of a clit while her
left thumb was flicking across her nipple...her eyes were closed as she
pictured Will pushing deep into her...sliding in and out of her love nest. It
only took a few minutes for her to feel her orgasm approach. She
stopped her self caresses, blushed realizing what she had done as she
quickly sat up and completed her bath.

She dried herself and perfumed her body for Will and slipped into
the long black silk nightgown that he got at Victoria's Secret for her
birthday. She knew that she and Will were deeply in love. That they filled
each other's needs completely. Each year since they met they had
grown closer and closer and more in love. Their's was a world
complete with just the two of them. Linda dismissed the small unsatisfied
hunger deep within her as simply a natural curiosity. She never
consciously asked herself if she had married too young, before knowing
other lovers......for she had found her sweet, sweet Will.


As soon as Will opened the front door, he smiled broadly as he
saw his beautiful wife standing in the living room waiting for him. They
opened their arms and fell into a long embrace coupled with a
passionate kiss. "Welcome home", Linda whispered.

"Well honey", Will replied, "I can't wait to tell you any longer...I
have been offered the's everything we talked about,
including a high enough salary that you can open your own studio."

The scene that followed was what you would expect. Will had
been hoping and working hard for this new job for a long time. Linda
had kept her fingers crossed, wanting it because her husband wanted it
and now it had happened. The thought of missing her dear friends
crossed her mind fleetingly but she put it out of her mind for Will's was going to be an exciting change, she told herself.

Will and Linda had a romantic candlelight dinner, as they sat
close to each other and planned their new beginning. It was one of
those rare but unforgettable moments in marriage where it seems that
everything will be perfect forever. Will stood and reached out for Linda's
hands. He took her in his arms and again kissed her passionately. His
tongue slid into her mouth and danced with hers.His hardness pressed
against his pants and he could see Linda's swollen nipples through her
silk nightgown. He broke their kiss and took her by the hand and lead
her up the stairs. In their bedroom he slipped the straps of her gown off
of her shoulders.....then pulled it down to expose her lovely breasts.

The remainder of the evening, Will made soft, passionate love to
his wife.....the type of love that can not be described..just imagined... if
you were not the loving couple. But that night, Will and Linda felt closer
than they had in years, and after Will exploded deep within Linda, he
stayed pressed against her....his now soft manhood still wedged in her,
till they fell asleep in each other's arms.


The next couple of months were a blur of activity as they did all
those things necessary for the transition to a new job, a new town, a
new life. The home they selected in New Hampshire was a
beautiful old colonial saltbox. There was a restored barn,which would
make an ideal studio. It was in a quaint little New England village only
about a half -hour from Will's new office.

Will had thought it necessary to work extra hard at first, leaving
Linda alone a great deal those first few months. He needed to get
things started right in the new job, he told her. Linda understood that
but was terribly lonely all the same. She buried herself in getting settled
at home and soon had their new home complete.She even found a little
time to unpack and hang some of her photographs in her new studio
and to start exploring the countryside with her camera to capture the
autumn foliage. And when Will was available, she was reasonably
happy. Life was good, she told herself and her loneliness would soon
pass... at least she hoped so.


The day they moved in, one of the first to welcome them had been
the woman who lived next door, Kathy something or other, she was bad
with last names. She had been so sweet and Linda was struck by her
beauty of face and limb. Will too immediately liked the darling petite little thing with her cute face and a delicious body. Her breasts and her
round little bottom quickly were noticed by well as most men.
"Mmmmm", he smiled to himself, "this is certainly going to a nice place
to live."
Linda also felt unusually drawn to Kathy immediately... almost
kindred. There was just something about Kathy that Linda found warm
and attractive. Kathy was very friendly but it was something more.
Linda couldn't quite put her finger on it but she knew she liked being
around Kathy. She helped a lot to keep Linda from missing her old friends so much. But somewhere in the back of her head Linda felt
different when Kathy was around. Linda found her self wanting to put
her arms around Kathy To be closer... she certainly didn't understand it
and she absolutely didn't mention it to Will.
On one particular Fall morning, Linda was looking forward to
poking around the New England country side for new and unique
pictures. It was a gorgeous day, crisp, and the leaves were all sorts of
colors as they turned. It was a "good to be alive" day.

As she was getting her equipment from her studio, she saw
Kathy coming up the path. "Hi", she said, " I see that you are getting all
moved in.....going out to take pictures today?" Kathy had seen the
superb shots of barns, churches, and country bridges that hung on
Linda's living room walls. In fact Kathy had raved about how much she
loved her work.

Then Kathy looked at Linda strangely and told her about a really
unusual church a few miles out of town. A church that Kathy had some
connection with, although she had not made it too clear what the
connection was. "The colors in the trees out there are really brilliant
right now...I was just there yesterday.....and the church itself is also very
unusual...I am sure that you will find it a very interesting area to

When Kathy was leaving she said, "Linda sweetheart, if you
should go out to look at that church, a man called brother Bob leads it.
You will like him.... and I know he will like you. I'm sure if you ask, he
will be delighted to show you around the place. You will learn there are
lots of possibilities inside that building." and Kathy flashed an enigmatic
smile at Linda and left.

Linda was intrigued to say the least. She intended to drive out to that
church as soon as she had straightened the house and planned dinner,
not to mention a special surprise for Will that night. She was so much
in need of feeling close to Will again. She planned on interesting him in
sex.... she had thought to dress as sexy as she knew how... to somehow
tempt Will into forgetting business for a while. Then she grabbed her
camera and headed in the direction Kathy had suggested.

Linda looked stunning in her tight jeans and the light wool sweater
that hugged her full breasts lovingly. Linda, down deep, liked to attract
men's looks ... but that was all. And she had no idea how tempting she

She found the turn off on the small dirt road exactly where Kathy had
indicated, although she was certain she made a mistake because there
was no sign or church name pointing that way. But it did have the white
wooden gate, which was wide open, just as Kathy described. "Funny",
Linda wondered, "odd that there would be a church out here that is not
well marked...mmmm, well Kathy did say it wasn't one of your main line
religions." Suddenly, as Linda drove down the winding road through a
grove of trees, from out of nowhere, this beautiful old building appeared
in a valley below. She sat there in her car for a moment just looking
down at it, just taking in the view. Planning her pictures... then she
thought, I guess it would be nice to get permission first, after all it is
private property.

She parked her car in the small gravel parking area next to the
church, grabbed her camera and headed for the door. She couldn't help
notice the windows, they were truly unique, stained glass in beautiful
abstract dark patterns, not quite recognizable.

She stood at the large oak doors and wondered if she should
knock or just walk in. But before she had time to do either she heard
this deep mellow voice say, "Good morning and welcome. How may I
help you dear lady?"

Linda turned and looked up into the face of an imposing figure to her
right. He was tall, dark, very attractive and older than she ... but it was
hard to tell. His eyes were what captured her attention, they seemed to
look right into her soul. He gave the impression of great strength, in his
facial features and in his large imposing body. He wore a long black
flowing robe... somehow she sensed he was lean and hard underneath
it. Finally Linda got her voice and said, "Are you brother Bob? My
neighbor, Kathy suggested that I come see this beautiful old building. I
love taking photographs of old buildings like this one, I hope you don't
mind. Actually I'm getting ready to open a studio in town."

"Yes dear lady, I am brother Bob. So Kathy sent you, yes Kathy is a
very unusual lady. A very special lady. I am delighted you came. I'm
sure Kathy told you I enjoy giving tours of the old place. I keep
discovering new and wonderful things about it. It dates back to the early
1700's. There are many rooms below the main level that have just
recently been discovered. But let me show you through the upper level
first... Perhaps later you can explore the lower chambers...with some of
the rest of us " and he smiled at her. His smile warmed her... like
Kathy's, he seemed to be so open and appealing. Somehow brother Bob and Kathy seemed like kindred spirits too.

She wondered what KIND of church this was. She and Will hadn't
been too involved or cared much for organized religions but brother Bob
made this one sound interesting. Maybe she and Will should consider
joining. Certainly Kathy seemed very happy here.

Had she been able to read brother Bob's mind she would have run
to her car and never returned. For at that moment brother Bob was
enjoying the shape of her breast, her cute ass, those pouty lips. brother Bob had an image of Linda, naked, speared on his huge hard cock.
Just as he had with Kathy. Only with Kathy it wasn't just imagination.
Now brother Bob wondered how long would it be before he had her
under his complete control... like the others in his flock.

brother Bob cleared his mind of that for the moment and slowly
showed Linda through the different rooms on the main level as she took
photo after photo. The wood work was superb, delicately carved, old and warm. The ceiling was like an old cathedral with flying buttresses,
painted ceilings and all the rest of the ancient construction that similar
old dark buildings also protected. Linda didn't recognize any of the
beautiful paintings. She was a little shocked by them. They were of men and women laying around completely nude, similar in style to the Sistine
Chapel ceilings. Linda was simply awestruck with the entire building and
before she knew it a couple of hours had passed.

When she noticed the time she said she had to go but brother Bob protested, "Dear Linda, please have a cup of tea with me before
you dash off. We make it ourselves here... from some wonderful herbs
and roots we put together. Actually it is from a very old and special
recipe we found in one of the ancient books from the lower basement.

Linda couldn't be rude after he had gone to so much trouble to show
her around and explain everything in his beautiful resonant, almost
hypnotic voice. She loved listening to him and soon they were sipping
their tea. It was very good. It seemed to warm her all over and relax
her as she sipped and then sipped again. She wasn't a big fan of tea
but when he offered her a second cup she accepted and drank it with
equal relish. The flood of warmth and well being seemed to take over
her mind and body.

As she prepared to leave soon thereafter, brother Bob placed his
hands on her shoulders and looked deep in her eyes, uttering some
strange foreign words she did not understand and then as his eyes
seemed to bore into her brain he said, "You must come back again
soon Linda. I am here every day and you are welcome anytime. I will
be expecting you..."

Linda looked back into his eyes. She didn't understand it but now
Brother Bob seemed more to her... very important... she felt like she
needed to please him and said meekly, "Yes brother Bob... I think I
would like to come back here again soon."

In her car on the way home, she continued to feel warm and
wonderful and a strange pleasant tingle had started and grew stronger,
between her legs... she could hardly sit still. It had been quite an
experience today and she somehow knew she would return there soon.
Then she realized she had left her camera. Oh well,she thought, I will
get it tomorrow.

Her mind shifted to her planned evening, she had previously
thought that she would dress in her shortest skirt and lowest cut blouse
to try and tempt Will to pay some attention to her but now she realized
something totally new. For the first time ever she was actually so horny
she ached. Always before she wanted sex with Will just to feel close,
to cuddle. But this feeling was new. For the first time ever she lusted
for Will's hard cock.. She discarded her earlier plans of just tempting
Will. No that wouldn't do. It had to be "more interesting" than that,
hotter, nastier, riskier. She was a little surprised at her own thoughts,
this seemed to be a new, very different, side of her but it made her smile
mischievously ... it pleased her. And then the perfect idea came into her

end part 1


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