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LINDA02 cum her lips and chin


The Transformation of Linda

Part 2

A New Linda

When Will's car pulled into the drive way it was just getting to be
dusk outside. Linda, carrying out the first step in her revised plan,
dashed out to meet his car and quickly opened the back door and
jumped into the large rear seat. Will turned to greet his beautiful wife only to see her open the long white robe she had on. My God he
thought, she's naked under that. He scanned over his sweet wife quickly. The look in her eyes was new to him, one of pure lust. Her
nipples were swollen and red where she had obviously been playing and
pulling on them. She was breathing like she was already close to
cumming. Her cunt was wet and glistened in the pale light remaining,
and her cunt lips were swollen and open ready to be penetrated. She
looked at him and said in a strange unfamiliar husky voice, "Hurry Will,
get back here and fuck me....hurry damn it!"

Will was shocked at her crude words and her urgency. He nervously
looked around and seeing no one in sight, and noticing how dark it was
rapidly becoming, he tentatively started to strip, not sure what he was
doing. He watched his lusty wife fascinated as she played with herself,
a strange hungry grin on her face, a glaze over her beautiful green eyes.
This was not at all like his sweet wife. She enjoyed sex he knew, but
this...this was unbelievable. He wondered what the hell had happened
to Linda to make her act like some hot fucking slut. Yet it had a
profound effect on him. As he watched she leered at him and started
hunching her pussy up and down as he stared at it Shortly Will could
stand it no more and he vaulted over the seat and moved between
Linda's open legs. She wasn't waiting for any thing but grabbed Will's
ready cock and guided it into her grasping cunt. Will was soon just as
excited as Linda and though he had no idea what had come over his
wife, he knew he liked it......

The car rocked in the driveway for sometime... then in the dark
two naked figures darted into the house. By some strange coincidence,
or not, Kathy was standing at her window and had observed the entire
passage from the time Linda dashed to the car until the two of them
scurried back completely nude. She liked what she saw of the nude

Later Will and Linda lay together in their big bed, Will asked
"What happened to get you so wild tonight honey... and the
language?... I've never seen you like that before."

Linda looked at him and again a lustful look crossed her face as
she said, "I don't know what happened honey. It was as if something
came over me today and I wanted you so bad. I just had to have you. I
hope you liked it.... But I feel it coming up again so just shut up and fuck


The next morning Linda lay in bed after Will left for work. She lay
there still nude from last night's activities She replayed the details of
the night and smiled to her self as she stretched cat like. It certainly
had been satisfying. Better than ever before by a long shot. Will had
never fucked her that way before and she loved it. She found she loved
the way that new word rolled on her tongue, fuck... fuck... fuck.

Later she found herself parked at the chapel again. As she got
out of the car she looked up to see brother Bob approaching her, his
strong arms outstretched to greet her. She soon was in his arms and
she loved the overpowering strength of this man. She felt so safe, so
comfortable nestled in his arms, against his strong body. Once more if
she knew what he had in mind for her she might have run... but perhaps
not. After her wild night, who could tell what Linda might respond to.

He invited her to join him in tea again as he gave her her camera.
Again she enjoyed several cups with brother Bob. As they sipped the
potent brew, brother Bob said softly, "Linda... you know you are always
welcome here. That this is a safe place for you. A natural place for you.
I feel as if you are one of us already dear. No harm but only peace and
pleasure will come to you here. I know you feel it. I want you to listen
to my voice and just relax and listen with your inner ear. I will help you
to find treasures you have never dreamed of. As you hear my voice you
will relax more and more. You will feel yourself sinking into a warm pool
of faith now. Faith in me and what I have for you. Now close your eyes
and meditate on all that I have said. As you relax... you will know only
peace and calm. When I awaken you soon, you will feel wonderful and
rested and you will not remember anything that happened while in trance
with me. I will awaken you by calling your name three times.. and
hereafter when you hear me say "Time to rest Linda" you will return to
this deep trance immediately.. Oh and one more thing dear Linda, you
will always be extremely horny while you are in this trance.

Linda had wondered, when he first started talking to her what he was
talking about... It sounded strange... didn't make too much sense...but
she felt her body relax and it did start to feel so good... so
peaceful and she loved where she was... where she was going even tho
she had no idea where that was. Then she remembered closing her
eyes and just drifting....floating...

brother Bob watched intently as Linda went under his hypnotic
spell... Now he knew she was an excellent subject and he also knew
she would soon be his. His huge cock started to harden as he thought
about fucking this sweet tempting woman, he thought about his cohort
Kathy eating Linda's wet pussy immediately after he had filled it with his
cum, fucked her until she swooned. He pictured Kathy teaching Linda
how to lick hot cunt. It was only fair that Kathy share in her training
since Kathy had brought her to him. And it all would happen soon

As Linda nodded in her hypnotic trance brother Bob dialed the
phone. Then in a moment he said, "Hello Kathy...yes it's me.... she is
here again and the tea and the hypnosis are working very well. Soon
she will be ready for you and I to instruct, in many things. Yes I am
eager also. She is a tempting morsel...and soon we will partake. I will
see you tonight at the Coven meeting... and afterwards."

When he hung the phone back in it's cradle he walked over to
Linda and he couldn't resist as he cupped one of her large breasts in his
hand. She moaned in her sleep and he felt her nipple swell and harden
as he said out loud to no one, "You are a responsive thing aren't you
dear Linda. Soon you will feel my cock in every opening that you can
possible imagine .... dear dear Linda."

She surprised him as she said in her trance, "Yes.... soon."

Then he thought about the time. He didn't want her wondering
where the time had gone. Later she could be under longer as he
prepared her. He pinched her nipple and loved the way she jumped in
her trance and sighed "Yessss." with great pleasure.. Then he sat back
across from her, exactly as before and said softly, "Linda..... Linda.....

Her eyes opened and he was smiling at her. She wondered if
she had dozed off? Surely not, what would brother Bob think?. Then
Brother Bob said, "You were saying you would be interesting in
exploring our group here in more depth... I would love for you to enter
into a short course I conduct for newcomers. I think you will find it most

Linda didn't remember saying anything about that ... but now it
seemed like a wonderful idea. She looked up into his powerful eyes and
replied, "I would like that, when could we start."

The lessons were set to begin the next morning and every morning
for two weeks.... or however long it took to completely subjugate the
darling Linda. Linda eagerly agreed thinking how nice it will be, to be
with brother Bob so much. In a moment she looked at her watch and
realized how late it was. She rose thinking how fast the time seems to
pass with brother Bob and she admitted that she enjoyed being here
with him. It seemed to make her feel so good.

As she drove toward home she felt a deep hunger again in her
loins. She smiled and thought, "How am I going to take my Will
tonight?" Then it came to her and she knew what she wanted.. what
she .would do."

At home she had just finished with her preparation for dinner and her
unusual surprise for Will when the door bell sounded. She walked to the
door, excited by her plans for the evening. When she opened her front
door she was delighted to see Kathy. She asked her in and they sat at
the kitchen table and chatted like old friends. Then Linda volunteered
that she was going to study with brother Bob. Kathy smiled broadly
thinking, yes and I will dine on your sweet pussy soon my lovely baby.
But she replied that she had done the same thing and found it all
fascinating. That she had joined the small group of regulars that studied
and meditated together at the church regularly. She further said she
hoped that Linda would like what she heard in the beginning lessons
with brother Bob and join the rest of them in the lower room where they
all "studied" together.

Linda found Kathy's encouragement very pleasing and she looked
forward to her first lesson, not realizing she was several lessons past
the first one already .... she also thought how nice it would be to study
with Kathy... how nice it would be to do anything with Kathy....

When Will came home Linda was dressed in a Japanese Hoppy
Coat. A short kimono that didn't quite cover her cute bare ass. Or her
lovely dark love nest. Will grinned and wondered silently, God she is
getting hotter and hotter ... what is she going to do tonight?

Linda looked at Will piercingly as she was thinking, I am so fucking
horny... he better be ready to use me hard tonight....

After dinner Linda walked up in front of the chair where Will had
been sitting watching TV. She knelt down on her knees in front of him
and lowering her head said softly, "Master, tonight I am your servant...
Your slave... your sex toy. I beg you to use me for your pleasure.
Anything you want me to do I will love doing for you. Command me

And now Will knew what the newest game was to be. His cock
sprang up like steel as the idea of having an obedient sex slave
appealed to him. He used the remote to turn off the tv set and said,
"To start with Linda, remove all your clothes and play with your pussy while I watch."

Linda had been willing to do anything with Will before. But she had
always felt strange about masturbating in front of him. He had requested
she do that once before while he watched but she had always refused
that adamantly Now without a word she spread her knees widely on the
floor and her hand slid down over her wet cunt. As Will watched she
slipped her fingers into her cunt, over her clitoris, deep between her legs
and Will knew she was playing with her asshole. Her face was flushed
with the blush of intense excitement. She contorted her face and bit her
lip as her fingers hit each special sensitive spot. Some of them only she
had known about prior to this moment. Now Will knew too.

As he watched and encouraged her, she began to throw her head
from side to side as she stiffened and groaned, "Oh fuck, fuck fuck... I'm

She slumped with a satisfied grin on her face. Moments later she
sat straight again and smiled up at him. The aroma of sex and pussy were intoxicating and Will said, "Take my cock out and suck it. Make
me cum in your mouth."

And she eagerly did as bid, giving her husband head like he had
never enjoyed before. It was wilder, hotter, she took him in her throat
deeper and finally he burst forth with a stronger climax than he ever
remembered. Linda drained him greedily... like his cum was her fountain
of youth... of life.

When she finally let his cock fall free from her mouth reluctantly
she looked up at Will again, with cum on her lips and chin, dripping off
on her bare tits and after one look at his wife looking so used, Will was
hard again. He had never seen anything as hot and lustful as his sweet
wife was at that moment.

The next morning he dragged himself out of bed, still exhausted,
sore all over and totally confused. He thought to himself, my God what
has gotten into Linda. She is acting like such a hot fucking slut. And he
grinned as he thought of all the fun they had had the night before, and
through the wee hours of the morning. He had gotten only a couple of
hours sleep all night as Linda seemed to have become absolutely

end part 2


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