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LINDA03 panties and pantyhose down one


The Transformation of Linda

Part 3

The Lessons Start

The next morning after Will had left for work Linda again lay in their
bed, still nude from the night before, and she stretched even more like a
cat. She relived the details of last night's events and she smiled to her
self thinking, it just got better and better, he never felt so good fucking
her... fucking her so hard, so many times, it had been wonderful. Why
hadn't they been doing this all along? She could hardly wait until their
next encounter. What was she going to do the next time.

Then she slowly made her way to the shower and let the hot water
relax her body. Linda stood in front of the bathroom mirror with her
towel around her as she carefully applied her lipstick and makeup, the
way she routinely did when she going somewhere other than a photo
shoot. As soon as she was finished she walked to her dresser, tossing
the towel on the bed as she passed. She opened her top drawer and
took out her sheerest bra and black pantyhose. As she started to slip
them on she stopped and picked up the bottle of perfume. Almost
without even knowing it, she applied the Chanel Fragrance to her
breasts and on each side of her womanhood before she continued to
slip into her undergarments.

She went to her closet and pondered what to wear. "Something
nice but conservative," she said to herself as she reached for her black
skirt and white silk blouse."Better hurry", she mumbled...quickly finishing
and adding her red blazer and slipping into black high heels.

As she drove toward the chapel she begin to twist in the seat as
her pussy itched. She smiled thinking, well Mr Will will have to scratch
it again tonight for me.....

Parked, she was pleased to see brother Bob coming to meet her
with a huge smile on his face. She slid out of the car and moved
to meet him not realizing how sexy she looked, nor how high brother Bob had just seen up her skirt.

Again he took her in his arms and hugged her close. Linda was
startled when she felt a large bulge beneath his robe pressing against
her loins. Then she relaxed and thought, well he is a man after all. Of
course he has a bulge there... don't act like some silly school girl. And
she let her hips relax against his half hard cock. brother Bob noticed
and smiled to himself....

They soon walked inside for their regular tea party as they
chatted about the building, the group that meditated there and about Will
and Linda's backgrounds.

" Well perhaps we should get started dear Linda.....`Let me explain a
little about the philosophy of our church, for we are a unique group, and
sometime, if you are interested at least at looking at our old records, it
will help you understand."

"There is a divine spirit both within and without ourselves", he
explained as he looked towards her. "It is a spirit of goodness as well
as a spirit of fulfillment. And it is a spirit of fellowship and sharing", he

"We are all born out of a woman's womb having been created in
what were meant to be, moments of great pleasure." While Christianity
claims to honor the woman as mother, it too often does not adequately
acknowledge her right to set her inner self free. Thus the woman is too
often doomed to live in a double bind where she is damned for enjoying
the very thing that continues the race."

Man, for his part, often seems equally damned for partaking of that
lovely sexuality, being made to feel guilty for doing so. Some even
seem doomed to wander the world turning virgins into whores, then
cursing fate for having no true mate to love."

"The myth of the mother goddess Aphrodite promises both sexes
integration," brother Bob continued. " That is why it has held such
sway over believers of both genders. To both man and woman, it
promises both sexuality and spiritualism and a joining of the two. That is
why there can be no true discovery of the meaning of spiritualism until
there is a true discovery of your innermost physical feelings and desires.
Am I confusing you Linda?"

"Yes, a little......."

Then brother Bob said softly , "Let me explain in more detail.....but
first it is time to rest Linda."

Linda instantly slumped slightly in her chair as her eyes gently
closed. brother Bob smiled as he looked at her thinking, she is coming
along nicely, perhaps I can move more quickly than I planned. Then he
said in his deep voice, "Linda... you can hear me and you can respond
even though you will remain in the trance until I awaken you. Your
inhibitions will be gone. You will say whatever you wish without shame
or embarrassment. You will do my bidding without question. You will
remember nothing from the trance time unless I tell you to. Is that all
understood and acceptable to you Linda?"

Linda's beautiful green eyes opened and she looked at him and
replied, "That is all understood and acceptable to me..."

brother Bob walked over to Linda and reached out to take her
hands into his. He pulled gently as she rose to her feet and he lead her
to the center of the room. "Humans have a sexuality that they must
exercise, whether through intercourse, some other sexual activity, or
masturbation. No other philosophy or ideology has considered sex
immoral as Christians have in the past. The early churches frequently
subjugated sex in order to better control the people.

Sex is a natural act just like eating, and for them to make such a
big deal out of it is like saying, 'You'll go to Hell if you eat!' Seems kinda
foolish", don't you think Linda? The ancient Greeks and Romans
understood the spiritualism of love and physical sharing, but most of
their secrets have been lost through the ages.While the original founders
of this church believed in the magical power of Aphrodite and worshiped
her, it was only in the last 70 years that we obtained a large collection of
translations from Greek writings that detailed the instructions for
complete physical and spiritual fulfillment."

"Those of us in the church have found special feelings because of
our study of these secrets of Aphrodite and have experienced a rebirth
because of them. It is now my duty as the brother of this church to show
you how to discover these same feelings, to let you determine if you
want to experience that same rebirth.", brother Bob whispered . "Do you
want to receive my lessons so that you may make that determination?"

"Yes", spoke Linda....."I want to receive your lessons to understand
the deep desires I have always known existed in me that I could never
consciously release."

"Very well then,...we shall begin."

Still holding her hands he looked into her eyes and told her to
remember and to repeat his words. "As I was born naked into this world,
so shall I be born naked into my new life." As Linda repeated the
words, brother Bob placed his fingers on the top button of her blouse and
opened it. He continued to undo the remaining buttons until it was
completely open.

"Again", he instructed. As Linda obeyed and repeated the words,
his hands slid behind her to unsnap her bra. He smiled as he pushed
the loose garment up to free Linda's full rounded breasts. He lifted
Linda's hands to her breasts and pushed them against her soft flesh for
an instant for her to feel the heat starting to build in her body.

He walked behind her and slid the red blazer from her shoulders and
pulled it off, folding and placing it neatly in the chair. He returned and
first undid the clasp of her skirt, then opened the zipper, allowing it to
fall over her legs to the floor. "God", he said to himself, "she really has
beautiful legs..I can't wait till I feel them wrapped around me."

Returning to in front of her, he lowered himself to his knees and ,
lifting Linda's right leg slightly, slipped off her shoe. Then he removed
her other shoe and placed his fingers into the elastic around her waist,
preparing to pull her panties and pantyhose down in one quick motion.

"Again Linda. As I was born naked into this world,so shall I be
born naked into my new life." Linda softly spoke as she felt his hands
sliding her silk panties and pantyhose to the floor, exposing her
womanhood in all of it's glory to his appreciative eyes.

His face was only inches from her cunt, and he could smell not
only the scent of the Chanel she had applied a few hours earlier, but the
scent of her love juices as well. He found her love nest to be absolutely
magnificent. He had to exercise every ounce of his control to keep
himself from plunging his face into her gash and juicy folds, which even
now he could see were swollen and ripe for the taking.

He arose after only a brief kiss upon her neither lips, and walking
behind Linda, quickly stripped her of her open blouse and bra.....leaving
her standing completely naked before him. "Repeat again," he
whispered in her ear and she once again responded with the words.

She stood there so nude and desirable before brother Bob
without any misgivings whatsoever. brother Bob drank in her beauty
and said, "You have a beautiful body Linda. Thank you for allowing
me to enjoy looking at it."

"I am glad you like my body. I like for you to look at it."

end part 3


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