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LINDA04 panties under her skirt Linda didnt


The Transformation of Linda

Part 4

The Lesson Continues

She repeated a second time, "I am glad you like my body... I like
for you to look at it."

brother Bob walked around her, touching her lightly, caressing her
cute round little ass, cupping her full breasts, pinching her swollen
nipples. Linda gasped, sighed, and moaned softly as his hands
explored her body. Then standing in front of Linda he said, "Repeat
after me......As I have opened my mind for you, so too soon shall I open
my cunt for you."

Linda spread her feet apart about 18 inches as she followed brother Bob's command and again groaned as she felt his fingers probing her
wet cunt...her clit..... "Put your hands on my shoulders and look at me,"
Brother Bob said as he continued his digital stimulation. He watched her
closely as his fingers raised her heated desire for several minutes
before he heard her, "Oh OH... fuck.. cumming...fuck... fuck.. fuuuuuck."
and she fell against him as she climaxed hard.

When she could stand again he pulled his fingers free of her sweet
cunt and licked them saying, "Your pussy tastes wonderful Linda
Soon I must lick it so I can taste you first hand."

Linda smiled in her trance and said, "Hmmm I would like that."

For the next hour brother Bob worked on suggestions with her.
Suggestions about how our bodies were meant to give us great
pleasure. Suggestions about new ways to enjoy sex with her husband.
Suggestions that men and women could enjoy sex with a number of
other people, not just their spouses, that soon she would be more free
with her body, but only when he told her it was OK. A suggestion that
her neighbor Kathy was very special and that she should follow Kathy's
suggestions also.

"We are almost ready to stop now, Linda......but first repeat this
last thing.... As I have allowed you to strip me of my clothing, so shall I
allow you to strip me of any residual of my foolish inhibitions"

brother Bob smiled as the words echoed in his ear.........Linda was
indeed going to be a wonderful addition to the group. Then he said,
"You may start to get dressed now Linda, but instead of the underwear
and bra you wore, you will wear only these," he spoke as he handed
her a pair of sheer black lace top stockings. "And when you awake, you
will remember having put them on when you dressed this morning...and
you will feel no shame , in fact you will feel sexier than ever, sexier than
even the tea has made you you understand?"

"Yes, brother Bob," replied Linda.

"Sit in the wing chair and put them on for me Linda, along with just
your high heels." As soon as she finished, he ordered her to stand up
and model herself for him. A normal man would not have been able to
control himself from throwing Linda to the floor and sinking his shaft
deep within her, but brother Bob knew he must not engage in
penetration while she was in her trance......the laws only permitted mind
control and touching at this point.

"We will have another lesson may finish dressing,but
you will surprise your husband tonight by showing him what you are
wearing. Then you will let him satisfy the burning within you, which will
start to grow in intensity each hour." brother Bob wished that he could
be in Will's place tonight, because the suggestion that he had just given
her, along with the new ingredients he had added to the tea today,
would be driving her sexual flames at an all time high.

Then he told her that it was time for her to go home. That she
should continue to make her husband happy in bed each night when he
was at home...and to begin to experiment with new things with Will.

Then he said softly, "Linda... Linda...Linda."

She awoke feeling wonderful again. She felt rested but oh sooo
horny. In her state she looked at brother Bob and remembered the cock
bulge she felt earlier. And she wondered what it would be like to fuck
Brother Bob. A moment later she was shocked at herself. Ashamed
and embarrassed although only she knew her thoughts. She made her
goodbyes eagerly agreeing to the next morning.....

In the car she was driving too fast and she heard the siren behind
her. As she pulled over she had no idea how fast she had been driving.
The cop walked up slowly and Linda looked at him in the rear view
mirror with fear. She had never had a ticket in her whole life.

The cop was young, and cute she noticed. As he stood beside the
car his cock was at the same level as her eyes and as he looked over
her driver's license she couldn't help but glance at his cock through the
tight pants. It was clearly outlined and she was again shocked as she
wondered how big he was, how it would feel in her pussy. She forced
her eyes away but she also knew she was getting wet. Her nipples
tingled and without looking down at them she knew they would be hard
and clearly outlined.

The cop gave her the license back and then he noticed her erect
nipples through the silk blouse. Linda realized where he was staring
and blushed. She blushed but she also felt a warmth spread through
her bottom. The cop smiled and said, "I won't give you a ticket Linda
(from the driver's license) but slow down. You are much too cute and
sexy to kill your self out here. Maybe sometime I will see you again
and we can get to know each other better. You have a good day."

As he turned and walked away Linda stole another quick look at
his cock and was surprised to notice it had grown. Oh my God ,she
thought, what is happening to me? What is going on? Oh shit I am so
fucking hot and so fucking horny... Poor Will... he may not survive the

But when she got home there was a message on the answering
machine. It was from Will, he had called to say he had to make a quick
trip out of town. Would be gone just the one night. He had come home,
to pack but she was gone so he grabbed his stuff and ran for the airport.
He said he loved her and would see her the next night.

Linda gasped and started crying.... oh Will how could you... I
need you so bad.... what am I going to do?


She paced the floor for some time and then the doorbell rang. It
made Linda feel a little better when she saw it was Kathy. Kathy
instantly noticed the agitation, the swollen nipples and the red eyes from
crying. From brother Bob's phone call after Linda had left she knew
everything that had transpired that morning. When she had left the
chapel she had been floating... what had happened.

"Linda baby, what is wrong?" and she pulled Linda into her arms
and held her as she started crying again. She cried for sometime as
Kathy held her closely. Kathy loved the feel of her breasts mashed into
hers. She could feel the hard little nipples and it excited her. She
stroked Linda's back lovingly as she cried it out softly. Each stroke
dropped a little lower and soon Kathy was stroking Linda's cute little ass
at the bottom of each stroke. It was obvious that there was no bra
under her blouse or panties under her skirt. Linda didn't seem to notice
anything unusual as Kathy caressed her cute ass.

After a few minutes Linda straightened up, and said, "Thank you
Kathy. I'm such a ninny... but Will left a note saying he is gone for the
night and I need him so bad."

Linda smiled thinking how well her transformation had been started
but she said, "I know how you feel honey. Jack, my husband, is gone for
the week." Then in a minute Kathy continued, "Well we temporary
widows will have to make the best of it... you must come have dinner
and spend the night with me. I hate to be alone."

Linda looked up at her and sniffed as she wiped her eyes . Then she
smiled and said softly, "I would like that Kathy. I hate to be alone too.
You are so sweet and such a good friend... thank you."

Kathy smiled and recalled a line from a nursery line, "the better to
eat you with my dear..." Then she reached over and started rubbing
Linda's back again.. Kathy was having great trouble keeping her hands
off of Linda. Now she stroked her back slowly and Linda just closed her
eyes and sighed, "Ohhh Kathy that's nice."

Kathy's pussy was dripping... brother Bob had told Kathy about
fondling Linda while she was under and that, plus touching Linda like
she had been was making Kathy so horny she could taste her...

Then shortly Kathy broke away and said, "Grab whatever you will
need and lets go to my place..... we will have dinner and some nice wine
I save for special occasions like this. And we will have a long girl-talk
session. I want to learn all about you sweety."

Linda's eyes were beaming as she thought... Kathy was just what
she needed.

end part 4


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