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LINDA05 thick soft foam and soft velvet


The Transformation of Linda

Part 5

The Machine

Dinner had been great fun. Nothing fancy, a couple of salads and a
bottle of wine that was so good. Linda didn't drink very often but this
wine was so mellow and sweet. It just flowed down her throat like
honey. Linda thought, the wine is sort of like the tea... I feel so warm
and free...

They talked non-stop over dinner. Linda had so many questions
about the church and brother Bob. Kathy patiently answered each one
and then Linda asked, "Not that it matters Kathy but is brother Bob

Kathy smiled, she is dying to fuck brother Bob and doesn't even
realize it. But she answered, "Yes, Cynthia is a sweet sweet woman.
She is the daughter of the previous Brother, in fact he trained brother Bob. Cynthia is so pretty and stays in such great shape. She joins in
with the meditation and the wheel always." then she realized she had
slipped and stopped.

But Linda had picked up on it in spite of the rosy glow the wine
was giving her. "The wheel.... what is that?"

"Kathy's mind flashed to the four foot diameter wheel in the
lowest basement of the church. It was like a giant lazy susan. Covered
with a thick soft foam and soft velvet cover. She could imagine Linda
laying naked across the wheel. But she smiled and recovered nicely
with, "Oh its a term we use to indicate who is responsible for leading the
meditation that night." Linda accepted it as a plausible explanation and
Kathy breathed a sigh of relief.

The wine was telling on Linda and she was squirming in her seat
and her nipples were large and obvious through the light t-shirt she had
changed into. Kathy smiled and said, "Just between the two of us
sweety, the thing I hate the most when Jack is away is I get so lonely...
but more important I get sooo horny."

Linda looked at her and smiled. She had never talked to anyone
about that sort of thing ... but it seemed nice to be able to get it off her
chest. "Oh I know Kathy... me too, I am so horny right now I could die.
I don't understand it but ever since we moved here I can't get enough of
Will. It must be the water or something." they both laughed at her joke
and Kathy thought, closer than you think honey.

Kathy told her she had the same problem and maybe it was the
water but she sure liked it... except when Jack was gone... but she now
knew how to handle that while still being faithful. Linda didn't say
anything but her eyes opened wide with interest.

The girl talk continued, concentrating on sex for awhile making
both of them hotter and hornier... and hornier... and wetter.... and
hornier.... Then Kathy stood up and took Linda by the hand saying,
"Come on baby, I have some secrets I have to share with you." Linda
was intrigued and followed silently, glad to have such a good friend.

Kathy lead her to their large den in the basement. She guided
her to a bookshelf and pulled out a large book. Before she opened it
she said, "These are kind of naughty Linda... I hope you don't think I'm
awful... but when Jack is gone I enjoy looking at these." and she placed
the 11x14 book on a nearby table. Linda noticed the title in large gold
letters, THE PLEASURES OF APHRODITE, as Kathy opened it. Kathy
heard Linda suck in her breath and then say, "Oh my."

The book was one found in the church. The pictures were
beautifully drawn and painted and even more to the point, they were
terribly explicit.... the first one showed a naked man and women, she
with her legs spread wide and his huge hard cock just inside her pussy lips. Kathy watched Linda closely and noted her throat and face blush
red, not a sign of embarrassment but of excitement. She stared at the
picture for a long while... her eyes darting from erotic spot to erotic spot.
Kathy slowly turned the pages and each picture was beautiful but totally
sexual, totally pornographic. Every sex act ever imagined was depicted
in the book in exquisite detail.

The last few pages depicted women masturbating with their fingers
and with various mechanical devices. The last two pages showed two
gorgeous women pleasing each other with their mouths and tongues and
Kathy again heard Linda gasp softly and say almost as a whisper,

When Kathy closed the book they both were obviously turned on and
breathing hard. Kathy said, "I hope you don't think I'm some sort of a
slut after seeing those. They are considered rare works of art."

Linda sighed deeply and said in a hoarse husky voice, "I can see
that Kathy... they are certainly.... clear aren't they?"

Kathy had trouble keeping from laughing. The pictures were lots of
things she thought, and they were clear... Then Kathy put the book
away and pulled Linda to the couch nearby saying, "When Jack is gone
first I look at my book. It always make me crazy hot like now. I am so
wet I can't believe it."

Linda asked softly.. almost a whisper, "You said first you looked
at the book ... then what."

Kathy said, "Well to be honest with you I use my substitute. I
can't stand to be without Jack's tool so long and he got me a very
special toy to use to keep me from going out and screwing half the men in town when I get like this."

They shared the laugh over Kathy's comment. Linda was twisting
on the couch and rocking her leg. Kathy was well aware that she was
masturbating and didn't even know it. Linda just knew that it helped
when she was so turned on. Linda cocked her head to the side looking
darling and asked, "What kind of toy could do that ?"

Kathy replied, "It's real naughty honey, but it keeps me from
cheating on my husband. When I get like this I can't keep my eyes off of
guys cocks through their pants. So I take care of myself with my toy
and Jack keeps his faithful little wife."

Kathy thought what a fucking lie that was... but Linda bought it
and said, "I know what you mean." and Linda told her about feeling
Brother Bob against her, and then seeing the cop's cock so close. Then
she said, "Maybe I need one of those toys."

"Would you like to see it? You can watch me use it if you would like.
Maybe you would like to try it too?. I really adore it and would almost
rather part with Jack than my special toy."

The day, the tea, the cop, Will's being gone, the wine, the pictures
and the conversation all caused Linda to blurt out, "Oh I would love to
Kathy... could I? could we?"


Kathy smiled, like the cat approaching the canary, she stood and
pulled Linda to her feet. They were facing each other and their breasts were brushing against each other's. They looked into each other's eyes
deeply and Kathy dropped one hand to Linda's waist and the other
lightly against her cheek as she whispered, "Little sister, you are going
to love this. It will make your pussy scream with pleasure." and she
kissed Linda's lips softly, lingeringly.

When she pulled back Linda said, "I'm so lucky to have a friend
like you Kathy, I don't really know much about sex. Truthfully I didn't
much enjoy it until just recently, right after I started going to see brother Bob. Now I just seem to "itch" down there all the time."

Kathy took her hand and lead her to the bedroom by way of the
kitchen for another glass of the drugged wine. In the bedroom Kathy
suggested they both strip. "After all honey it's just us girls."

Linda shrugged and soon both of them were stripped. Her resistance
seemed to have melted somehow. Kathy looked her over boldly and
Linda smiled and posed enjoying Kathy's admiring glances. Then
Kathy opened the closet and pulled out a large box. She opened it an
withdrew this strange looking device. Linda watched fascinated as
Kathy sat it up. First she pulled out this square base, almost like a
small raised saddle, and placed it in the middle of the floor and
plugged it into the wall. Next she opened this beautifully embossed
leather case. Inside were a number of strange looking items that looked
like rubber cocks of varying sizes, only each had a raised base. Linda
had never seen such things but as she looked at them now she began
to lick her lips and her pussy really started to tingle.

Kathy interrupted, "Which one of these is the size of Will honey?
We need to start you out with something familiar.."

Linda looked and then reached out running her fingers over each
of them. The largest was about 9 inches and huge. She wrapped her
fingers around it and said, "Do men really come this big Kathy?"

Kathy pictured brother Bob's cock that was exactly that size and
said, "I have heard that they do. Jacks is like this one," and she picked
up the 8 inch cock next to it handing it to Linda..

Linda's eyes opened wide and she dropped the 9 inch and took
the 8 inch one handed to her. She stroked it lovingly and asked,
"Does this hurt... it is so big?"

Kathy smiled and stroked Linda's cheek and said, "Hmmm
is wonderful... I love the way it stretches me. You will too... I mean with
the fake cock. But lets start with Will's size."

Linda reluctantly put down the 8 inch model and reached for the 7
inch one. As she handed it to Kathy saying, "This can be Will's cock,
that one Jack's and that monster we can pretend is brother Bob's."

Linda realized she had just revealed her desire for brother Bob.
Kathy caught her slip but said nothing. Kathy only smiled and sighed,
"And we can fuck all three of them can't we sweetheart?"

Linda stood waiting but rather than attach the 7" cock to the fuck
machine, Kathy held it in her hand and reached down to Linda's crotch,
saying "We need to get you ready to ride the "fuck machine" honey. As
the head of the toy touched her outer labia, Linda sucked in her breath
but didn't pull away. Instead she spread her legs wide to give Kathy
room to explore. For several seconds Kathy just rubbed the head up
and down just between Linda's wet outer lips. She moaned with
pleasure and Kathy whispered, "We women can be a big help to each
other when our men are gone can't we baby? There is so much more
to sex than just fucking our husbands, but no one tells us about all the
wonderful possibilities."

Linda groaned and whimpered as Kathy found her cunt opening
and eased her fingers in deeply first and then the fake cock into her just
an inch. Slowly moving it in and out that inch Kathy said, "Feel good

"Oh my yes Kathy....usually Will just rams it in all the way, I love
what you are doing. I never dreamed women could please each other
like this."

Kathy thought, Little baby you haven't seen anything yet. Then, as
Linda adjusted to it, Kathy shoved the fake cock slowly all the way
inside her tight pussy. Linda gasped and hugged Kathy to her tightly.
Kathy just let the toy rest inside, letting it stretch Linda as they pressed
their bodies into each others. After a moment Kathy kissed her lightly
on her lips and said, "Little sweetheart, I have much to teach you if you
would like."

Linda for the first time leaned over and kissed Kathy's full open lips
and said, "Oh Kathy... this feels so nice. If there is more I think I would
love to learn.... I just need to be sort of true to Will.... "

Kathy replied, "I understand baby..." and she kissed her deeply
as she pressed the fake cock harder into her eager cunt, then said,
"Baby you are so sweet I could just eat you up."

Linda gasped "Oh fuck Kathy, anything... oh God that feels so
good. You feel so good...."

Kathy smiled at this sexy near innocent and thought - you are a
star pupil honey, soon you will spread these sweet pussy lips for all of
us. - But she said, "Now I think you are ready to ride our toy properly."
and she withdrew the cock. Linda groaned with disappointment as it left
her but Kathy said, "Sweetheart, a moment you are going
to blast off into space."

Linda giggled and nodded as she watched Kathy attach the 7 " cock
to the machine. She was so hot she stroked her own clit lightly as she
asked, "Am I going first?"

"Of course darling... you are my guest... maybe we can both work
our way up to the big one."

Linda shivered with the thought. Then Kathy raised a velvet flap
and said, "This is where you can attach another cock for your anus.
Sometimes I do that and having two cocks in me at the same time
makes me go crazy. Someday if you like, you can try that too. The
cocks turn around and around and also vibrate. This part at the base
presses against our hard clits and vibrates divinely. These knobs
control the speed. But first honey we need to lubricate you."

Linda watched, playing with herself as Kathy opened a drawer
and took out a large tube of something. She opened it and took a little
bit on one finger and then rubbed it on Linda's hard nipples. Linda
jumped and gasped. It felt warm and tingly... it smelled great and then
as she waited Kathy put her finger in Linda's mouth and the stuff even
tasted great.

Then Kathy surprised her as she put a large amount on the warm
substance on her hand and her hand went to Linda's pussy. As Kathy
rubbed it all around her wet cunt Linda gasped and moaned, loving the
way it tingled on her pussy. She felt two of Kathy's fingers enter her
cunt and she groaned, "Oh damn Kathy, Will is the only one ever in
there... at least before now," and she giggled again Everything was
having the desired effect. Kathy was slowly finger fucking Linda's tight
cunt and she didn't want to stop. It seemed Linda wasn't too eager for
her to stop either as she sighed, "Oh yes Kathy..... "

But soon Kathy pulled away and told her to straddle the toy on the
floor and prepare to lower herself onto the "fuck machine". Without a
instant of hesitation Linda stood over the device. Kathy helped by
reaching in between Linda's spread legs and holding her pussy lips open
as Linda lowered herself and the artificial cock slowly eased into her
open well lubricated cunt. Linda was moaning softly. She could never
remember anything feeling so good. Then Kathy flipped on the switch
and Linda screamed and came immediately. Kathy just turned up the
speed a little more and Linda groaned, "Fuuuuuuuck"

Before long Linda began raising and lowering her quivering cunt on
the marvelous fuck machine as she felt new sensations she had never
dreamed about. She was chanting, "fuck.. fuck.. fuck.." as the toy spun
and vibrated and she fucked up and down on it. Kathy moved up to
Linda as she fucked her new partner rapidly. Linda's head was the
same height as Kathy's pert breasts and as Kathy wrapped her arms
around Linda's nude body, Linda's face was buried in her breasts,
Kathy's hands were cupping the cheeks of Linda's tight little ass and
she held her as she was being thoroughly fucked by the machine.
Kathy squeezed her ass and ran her fingers between the cheeks of her
ass over her tiny rosebud. As Linda moaned and came repeatedly
Kathy couldn't resist and she cupped the full breasts of her neighbor
and squeezed and rolled them in her hands. Linda looked at her
through lust filled eyes and sighed her approval as she thought, "I'm not
fucking another's OK Will honey."
Soon Linda begged Kathy to turn the machine off. Kathy smiled
and flipped the switch. Linda fell over against the bed and groaned, "Oh
shit Kathy that thing is awful... I can hardly wait to try the larger ones."

Kathy leaned over and kissed linda's parted lips lightly, letting her
tongue dart out just a little and then she said, "Now you watch me, I
think I will fuck Will first for awhile and then Jack. Is it OK with you if I
fuck your cute husband?"

Linda shivered at the words and pictured Will between Kathy's
legs. She smiled at Kathy and said, "That would be fun... sure you can
fuck him anytime you want to." Neither of them was real sure what
they were talking about... the fake cock or the real thing.

They spent most of the night on the machine and to Linda's
amazement she eagerly took all of the 8 inch cock and then later
even all of the 9 inch one, and loved every inch of both of them.
Afterwards she smiled over at Kathy, lying close with her and
said, "What does the cock feel like in your ass?"

Kathy smiled and dropped her fingers to Linda's stretched and
very wet pussy. Wetting one finger good, she then slid it further
between her legs and onto her tiny ass hole. When Kathy touched it
Linda jumped but Kathy pressed and her slick finger entered a couple of
inches. Linda gasped...and pressed back against Kathy's long finger
taking another inch and groaned, "Oh fuck....yessssss."

They got a couple of hours sleep and after a quick shower it was
time for Linda to head for her meeting with brother Bob. As she left
Linda turned and kissed Kathy's lips warmly and then said, "My dear
dear sister, thank you. I hope we can do this again soon."

Kathy was surprised and delighted at her reaction. She pulled her
in her arms and kissed her deeper with a little tongue and said, "My
sweet sweet little sister. We can do this anytime you like and more... a
lot more baby. I want to teach you a lot more."

Linda looked into her eyes and smiled and then kissed Kathy's
parted lips with her tongue exploring. Then she said, "I would like that
Kathy. I feel like I have started to discover a whole new world."

As Linda drove to see brother Bob she grinned widely at all she
had enjoyed the night before and thought, Kathy is such a dear friend.
What is next?

end part 5


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