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LINDA06 cum flew splattering him the bed


The Transformation of Linda

Part 6

From Pictures To Statues

As they sat over their ritual tea once again Linda had strange
images of the pictures from Kathy's book flashing through her mind.
She slowly recalled the feelings she had experienced on the fuck
machine. brother Bob had received a full report from Kathy on the
previous night. She had called him as soon as Linda had left. Now he
was softly talking to her but it seemed distant, like the after effect of the
wine. Then she heard the familiar words, "Time to rest Linda."

She relaxed and her eyes closed slowly, just the hint of a smile at
her lips. brother Bob asked if she were ready to explore with him, the
next level of the chapel.... she felt a strange rosy glow over her and she
smiled at him seductively through the trance and said, "I'm not sure what
it is brother Bob, but I think I would like to find out. Will you show it to

"Oh yes dear Linda, I will show you... many things. I am beginning
to think you may be very close to becoming one of us... perhaps soon.
Soon I will bury my aching cock in every opening in your sweet body.
Now take your clothes off my sweet eager student."

Linda obeyed and stood gloriously nude. His words pleased her,
excited her. Bob walked around her as usual and cupped her full
breasts, her tight little ass, stroked her pussy and asked, "Does this
feel good Linda? Do you like me to touch your cunt this way?"

"Oh yes brother Bob... I love it.. but I feel like I need more..."

"And you will have more ... a lot more and soon my dear. Now I
have some beautiful statues to show you."

He ushered her to the chapel and a door at the dark end of that
main room of the first floor. He lead her down an old flight of stairs to
the next level. As he stood at the door he paused saying, "I'm sure you
will recall that the olden churches were sometime fascinated with
statuary. In fact pretty explicit statuary of various forms of sexuality.
When we opened these stairs as we renovated this great old building we
found what you are about to see. All we have done is clean and polish
what you are about to enjoy. I know the explicit sexuality of them will
please you. Feel free to look or touch in any way you like."

Linda was deep in the trance as she listened to his words. His
words as well as his hands, caressed her and seemed to flood her
mind. She nodded and knew she would agree with anything he said.

He opened the door and they moved into a large circular room with
life sized statuary all around it. She moved to the first one and was
startled by it's beauty and graphic sexual nature. It was carved out of
some dark wood, so highly polished it seemed to glow richly. It was of a
man and a woman. He had an enormous 8-10 inch erection that the
woman was stretching her mouth around as she knelt nude before him.
As she studied the profane statue, she started to become even more
sexually excited.

Soon she moved to the next statue. It was of the same nature but
this one showed a voluptuous female lying on her back, her head
propped up, looking down at her male lover as his face was hidden in
her gash. The artist had captured her in the midst of her orgasm. It
was a thing of beauty. The next statue was a woman astride a man's
hard cock obviously on the up stroke as his cock was just barely inside
her vaginal lips. The look on both faces was one of ecstasy.

She moved from statue to statue. Every sexual act she could
imagine, including bisexual males and females were depicted, beautifully
rendered. She realized how excited she had become. Now these art
pieces seemed to drive her a little wild just like Kathy's pictures. It
suddenly dawned on her, these were just like the pictures..

She jumped then, startled as she heard brother Bob's deep male
voice speak, "Welcome dear Linda to the Shrine of Aphrodite That's
what the old people called this room. The books we found told us about
this room. How it was meant to show all the possible pleasures of the
flesh. How do you like it my lovely Linda?"

Linda was surprised at the image that ran through her mind. An
image of brother Bob, nude, a huge swollen prick standing out from his
loins doing everything to her that the statues were doing. She imagined
herself laying back, letting him do everything to her... no... not letting
him, helping him.

Then she caught herself and answered his question, "They are
impressive... exciting... but so detailed and so nasty..." and she laughed
softly, sexily. As he followed her closely, she walked around to each
statue again, only this time her hands reached out and stroked the
statues, she wrapped her fingers around the huge cocks and slowly
masturbated them with a smile on her face. She caressed the women,
their wooden breasts, lovingly, lightly rubbing one finger over the nipples
the way she herself enjoyed. Then to her own amazement she looked
up at brother Bob and then leaned over and took a large erect wooden
cock in her mouth. For several seconds she sucked it...she made love
to it with her mouth hungrily. Then she straightened and said, "Ohhh
my, they certainly do have an effect on me. I never would have believed
I could be so excited."

brother Bob was standing beside her and she felt his hand stroking
her trim firm bare ass. She only thought how good it felt, how right it
was for his hands to be on her body. Then he stepped away toward
the door and lead her speechless back to the upper level.

Unfortunately the time was over all too soon, but there was
always tomorrow. He had her dress and he kissed her deeply, his
hands again exploring her body. But to his surprise and delight, her
hands found his hard cock through the robe and she stroked it moaning
softly. Then he started his post hypnotic suggestions, suggestions
about a lot of things but specifically about she and Will. When he was
done he removed her hands from his throbbing cock and said softly
"Linda Linda Linda" and she again returned.

She felt a confusion but it was a pleasant confusion. She was so
turned on still. As she walked beside brother Bob she suddenly knew
what she was going to do to Will that night. It was so unlike her, so
naughty. She had great difficulty believing she had thought of it. She
would use the devise Kathy had loaned her.

brother Bob offered her more tea and she eagerly had another
two cups. She could hardly wait for Will to come home for her attack on
him. As they stood just outside the door brother Bob said, "Tomorrow
we will go another level. You will love it as you revisit your old friends
you saw today and then to a new level in our dark cathedral." As he
spoke she looked up at him and his hands again stroked and caressed
her soft ass. Linda didn't think it the least out of place or even unusual
even though she was no longer in the trance. In fact she had a
tremendous urge, wishing he would touch her more.... wanting to touch

As she got in her car he handed her a bottle of wine, "For you
and your husband's after dinner drink"


When Will drove into the driveway he wondered what his new wild
wife would have waiting for him tonight. He grinned expectantly... the
last few nights had been great. He hadn't fucked in a car since high
school and Linda had made it great, and the sex slave routine she had
come up with was out of sight... what would she come up with tonight?.
He could hardly wait... where did she learn all this stuff?

Inside he was amazed and a little disappointed to see his wife dressed in a prim, old fashioned floor length dress. Though it was
designed to hide a woman's charms it failed in Linda's case. Her
delightful breasts seemed even larger now. A bustle hid her cute
rounded ass and Will smiled, wondering what the hell she had up her
sleeve or more appropriately up under her skirt.

He had to wait though and it was hell, through dinner, through after
dinner wine, Linda gave no inclining that anything was afoot. The after
dinner wine was a deep dark red heady wine. Will sipped it and it was
ambrosia. Linda had already had a glass before he got home and now
she enjoyed a second. She like Will felt it warm them, stimulate them
and Linda was so very wet and horny. Will felt his cock grow as he
leered at his, of late, extremely sexy wife.

When they had downed the rest of their unusual wine Linda took
his hand and lead him to their bedroom. She slowly stripped him and
motioned for him to lie on the bed. He followed her instruction eagerly
his hard cock waving in the air as he watched her strip.

Gloriously nude and obviously stimulated everywhere she knelt
over his cock taking him deep in her mouth. She sucked him frantically
bobbing her head up and down the length of his cock and Will loved it.
She licked him everywhere especially his ass hole. He felt her well
lubricated fingers slip into his asshole the way he loved, as she
took his cock deep into her throat. He moaned and shot his cum into
her fabulous mouth. Linda drank his nectar eagerly, greedily but didn't
slow her pace, and to Will's amazement his cock did not flag in the
least. Nor his appetite.

Linda stood up releasing his upright swollen cock. She reached
under the bed and as Will watched she pulled this strange looking thing
Kathy had loaned her out of it's case. It looked like two cocks attached
to each other by some straps. He watched fascinated as his sweet little
wife first lubricated both ends of the two headed monster and then bent
slightly to open her cunt as she slid one end of the two headed cock into
herself. He had never been so excited. Next he watched as she
attached the straps around her waist and between her long sexy legs.
When she stood erect, this pseudo cock stood out in front of her,
bobbing ready to fuck something. And he knew it was HIM, even if he
didn't know that brother Bob had directed it.

She told him to get on his hands and knees. He knew what she
was going to do. He had secretly hoped for something like this for a long
time but "knew" it would never occur. Now questions flew around in his
mind but he quietly did as she had suggested. Her fingers felt wonderful
again as they entered his asshole. She fingerfucked his ass slowly and
then gradually faster, harder , deeper.... all the time her other hand was
wrapped around his throbbing cock, stroking it in time with her fingers in
his ass.

When she pulled her fingers free he groaned his regret, but was
silenced instantly as his ass was speared with the artificial cock attached
to his lust filled wife. His eyes opened wide, his insides stretched, he
gasped as it slowly entered him one inch... then two. She pulled back
out and then it was three inches in his asshole... it continued until she
stopped, now all the way in his ass. She waited to let his virgin asshole
adjust as she said softly, "Baby you are going to love this.. and so am I.
You know you want me to fuck your asshole... and I can hardly wait to
drive this thing up you till your cock spews cum all over the bed."

Will couldn't believe the words coming out of his once innocent
little wife. Who was this woman?.... God I hope she stays.

She slowly started to fuck him again, and before Will realized it he
was pushing back against her thrusts hard, taking it all up his ass
eagerly....Much later he screamed as she drove it so deep, so hard and
his cum flew, splattering him, the bed even the wall.

The cock, also buried in Linda's cunt had made her cum too many
times to count. She smiled wickedly as she pulled the fake cock out of
her husbands asshole. She slowly unstrapped it and pulled the other
end out of her cunt with a pop. She tossed it aside and said, "I
loved fucking you baby...I think I will need to fuck you with that thing

Will could only smile....

end part 6


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