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LINDA09 thick and prominent and all the


Transformation of Linda

Part 9

The Initiation

And then the night was there.... it was time... the moment she had
waited for, longed for, feared and fretted over, was there. Linda was lead
into a small room in the basement of the church by Kathy and instructed
to undress. As she slowly dropped first one garment and then another
onto the growing pile on the floor, she was seized with a mixture of
excitement and panic. This was different than her lessons with brother Bob... even different from the final lesson with brother Bob and Cynthia.
And as wonderful as that night had been this was in fact the reason for
all of his teachings.

Kathy placed her arm around her lovingly and reassured her with
soft whispers before she took her into her arms and their open lips met
in a passionate kiss. Linda immediately relaxed and knew she had made
the right decision to join the coven. Kathy next walked over to a basin
of scented water in the corner of the room and wet a large velvety
sponge. Returning to Linda, she lightly wiped, caressed, her naked
body with the strange water "from the spring of Aphrodite", as she
described it. Linda loved the sweet scent of the water and how it
pleased and stimulated every nerve ending of her body.

"We better hurry's almost midnight", Kathy softly
whispered in her ear with a kiss. And she helped Linda slip into a long
diaphanous, white satin robe, held closed at her neck by one small
clasp. The robe flowed open down the front of her body revealing the
inner swell of her full breasts and the dark patch of curly hair over her
cunt, her mons, her mound of Aphrodite, her Mound of Venus, for
tonight they were all the same. The center of her being, the center of
her fulfillment this night.

Kathy pinned a wreath made from dried lavender in her hair. The
feel of the smooth, shiny material, on her breasts and her excitement
caused her nipples to draw taut against the robe... to stand out in
declaration of her state of being... Kathy took her by the hand and they
walked to the spiral staircase that Linda knew lead to the most sacred
room in the old building...still down one level more than she had ever
been. They walked down the stone steps to the wooden doors at the
bottom Kathy gently squeezed her hand and smiled, as her wish of
good adventure as she knocked and the doors opened slowly.

As they parted in the center, Linda saw two familiar young girls with long blond hair standing there to greet them.They were wearing the
same red robes that Kathy wore, and it was immediately obvious to
Linda that they were twin sisters, whom she guessed were about 18
years old. The very ones who were with Kathy in her all-to-real dream.
One handed Kathy a small basket and the other handed Linda a single
white rose, with its bud not yet opened.

As Linda looked around, she could see that the room was lit
entirely by candlelight, and that decorations of white flowers were
everywhere. The large statue of Aphrodite, in all her glorious nudity,
stood at the rear of the altar and the smaller statues along the rear wall
were also illuminated by candle light and decorated with flowers. Linda
could see the members of the coven, which she guessed to be some
twenty men and women all dressed in red robes.

They lounged on large red cushions laying on the stone floor. But
she could recognize no one in the dim light. The cushions surrounded a
circular altar about twelve feet in diameter and appeared to be white
marble. Exactly in the center, a smaller circle, about four feet across
was covered in red velvet.

brother Bob was standing on the altar in his ceremonial red and
gold robe. He smiled as he saw Linda standing there,and with the
slightest nod signaled for the coven to rise. As they did the harpist
began playing. The twin girls each picked up a rope attached to a red velvet runner, and as they walked forward to the altar, they prepared a
path for Linda.

Kathy whispered to Linda to follow about five feet behind her
as she started to walk down the aisle. As they walked slowly, Kathy,
sprinkled flower petals from the basket in Linda's path. Linda could hear
the comments of approval being whispered by both the men and women
as she passed. The idea that she was totally exposed to everyone
thrilled her. It all filled her with excitement and she could already start
to feel the wetness between her legs. The music, the candles and the
flowers combined to create an atmosphere of peace and love.

A plush purple velvet pillow was on the marble at the edge of the
altar, and brother Bob motioned for Linda to kneel on it and for Kathy to
take the rose from Linda and stand beside him.

"Brothers and Sisters, we are gathered here tonight to dedicate
Linda to the Cult of Aphrodite, and to ordain her a priestess in our
order. She has received the instructions and has discovered the spirit
within her, which, through the ceremony of the Rites of Aphrodite, shall
set her onto a new freedom. Aphrodite, goddess of Love, Mistress of
Desire, we dedicate this being that you have brought to us to pleasure,
to the fullest possible sex."

"Aphrodite, goddess of Love, Mistress of Desire, thank you for
bringing Linda to us", repeated the coven.

"Linda, you may rise ............ have you come to join us of your
own free will, understanding the rites and duties of membership in our

"I have, gladly Brother", she responded

"Tell us your understanding of the lessons you have received."

"There can be no true discovery of the meaning of spiritualism
until there is a true discovery of my innermost physical feelings and
desires. And your instruction of the secrets of Aphrodite have shown
me these feelings."

"Are you prepared to receive and to give in return physical love
and fellowship from the Brothers and Sisters of the coven?" asked
Brother Bob.

Linda spoke a simple "Yes".

"And who sponsors your nomination to our flock", brother Bob

"I do", answered Kathy.

brother Bob placed his hands at her neck, at the clasp of Linda's
gown. "Repeat the words I have taught you, Linda"

"Naked as I was born into my first life, so to shall I be born naked
into my new Life", she recited as brother Bob opened her robe and
removed it from her body.

"Naked as Linda enters our church, so naked we greet her",
echoed the congregation as they too shred their robes.

"And naked as I have wanted to take you in my arms,so naked
shall I now", whispered Kathy as she pulled her robe off she and
wrapped her arms around Linda.

"As you have shred me of my robe, you have shred me of all
inhibitions, I feel the rebirth of my body starting", Linda said.

brother Bob took the rose from Kathy and touched the bud to
each of Linda's breasts, stroking her swollen nipples, then lightly
brushed it across her cunt and clit. "As this rose shall open its soft
aromatic petals, wet with dew, and blossom at the foot of Aphrodite, so
shall your cuntal petals do the same before us all." He handed the rose
to Kathy to place at the base of the statue......then took Linda by the
hands.... and turned her facing the members of the coven. He told her
sit on the edge of the large purple cushion and spread her long trim legs
wide as she leaned back against brother Bob sitting behind her. His
hard upright cock pressed into her back.

Then he spoke loudly to the coven, "Come welcome and help
prepare our newest member to be."

The members all stood and formed a circle whose edge touched
with Linda. The first member, a large male, stepped between Linda's
raised legs, her cunt just at the right height for his mouth. He kissed
and licked her warm, open cunt, darting his tongue deep into her fuck
canal. Linda gasped and he was gone, to be replaced by the gorgeous
woman she recognized as Cynthia. Cynthia slipped her hand under
Linda's cunt, as it had before, until it found her tingling ass hole.
Cynthia in one thrust shoved a long delicate finger completely up
Linda's ass. Linda screamed and came shuddering as if in a convulsion.
Cynthia kissed her pretty cunt and then moved on. Each member paid
homage to her opening cunt, opening just as Linda was opening, to this
and to all the other covens around the world.

The circle of members slowly passed by Linda and welcomed her
with their lips and fingers into the coven. Linda writhed in brother Bob's
arms as they all gave her new and delightful pleasures. When they all
had passed and returned to their cushions, brother Bob stood and
helped her onto her back, centered on the large cushion, her legs still
wide spread, open for whatever was to come.

Linda shivered in anticipation as she felt brother Bob grasping her
hips, kneeling between her wide spread legs, and positioning the rock
hard head of his cock into her juicy little cuntal opening. He paused, and
she knew he was taking in the view. It had to be terribly exciting for him
to watch his cock gliding into her as the result of his expert instructions.
And Linda smiled inside oddly as she wished Will were there to watch
this, especially after Kathy had shared with her what they had done.

Then he was pushing into her, doing it very slowly, still absorbed in
watching his cock being swallowed by Linda's hairy, glistening cunt lips.
She whimpered with pleasure as his long throbbing cock gradually
stretched and filled her cunt, soaking his stiff shaft with her hot juices.
Finally brother Bob's balls came to rest against her cunt-slit.

"Ooooooh, sweet Aphrodite, yesssss!" he breathed.

He looked down at the fantastic sight, his cock shoved to the hilt
in her hot, juicy wet cunt, a cunt that steamed and sucked around his
deeply buried cock. He sighed blissfully and started pistoning his hard
prick in and out of her hot, juicy tightness. Linda moaned and began to
hump her hips back at her Brother's cock with eager little thrusts as the
crowd voiced encouragement to them both.

"Harder,harder...pleaseeee.......more...more", moaned Linda.

"Gladly dear Linda!" he said eagerly.

He couldn't have gone on fucking her slowly much longer. His
instincts were carrying him away, urging him to pound his prick into her
tight juicy cunt. Renewing his grip on her hips, brother Bob started
fucking into her harder, faster, and Linda responded with wails of
delight. He felt her clasping cunt soaking his pistoning prick with spurts
of her pussy-juice.

"Unnnnhhhh, yes. ...., fuck hard," she moaned, "fuck me..........more".

"Ooooooh, God, oooooh!" she squealed.

Moaning with pleasure,Linda arched her back and enjoyed the long,
deep thrusts of brother Bob's hard cock till she was teetering on the
very brink of ecstasy.

"Mmmmm, please, just a little more," she whimpered, "I'm almost

"I'll fuck you as much as you want my darling Linda", brother Bob
answered adoringly. "I don't ever want to stop fucking you."

The feeling was mutual. Linda wanted to go on feeling brother Bob's
steel-hard cock pounding in her cunt for ever and ever. But she felt a
gigantic climax starting in the quivering depths of her pussy and it
radiated out to shake her whole body. Her pulsating cunt nipped and
sucked at brother Bob's pounding cock, soaking it with hotly gushing
pussy-cream. She was so highly aroused, it bubbled out of her
tightly-crammed pussy and ran down her legs.

"Ooooooh, I'm coming, Oooooooh, I'm cummmmmiiinnngggg! " she

brother Bob stared down at her in awe as he felt her tight cunt
convulse around his pistoning cock. Her curvy little body bucked and
shuddered as the hot orgasmic spasms ripped through her. Her cream
bubbled up around his prick and her cunt went into contractions,
squeezing him hard. He didn't come with her, though. He had long ago
mastered the art of staying power found in the church books, and he
wasn't ready to quit yet. This was too good!

As Linda came down from her delicious climax, she was overjoyed to
feel brother Bob's cock as hard as ever in her cunt. Her hot little pussy still wasn't satisfied. She was greedy for more, and brother Bob was
ready to give it to her.

"Time to fuck another way now, Linda," he said .

"Yes... yes," she said, "how?"

"With you on top," he grinned. " Let me lie on my back."

He pulled out of her and she stood as brother Bob lay on his back,
his engorged prick standing straight up. Linda straddled him, her knees
hugging his hips, her dripping little cunt mouth poised right over the fat,
purple head of his cock.

Panting with eagerness, she began to slide down his cock. As more
and more of his rock-hard cock entered her cunt, Linda moaned,
squirming her ass down and rolled her eyes, overcome with excitement.
Her cunt was steaming hot and exceptionally tight around his cock. She
slid downward till only his balls were showing. She sat up straight,
whimpering with pleasure. She ran her hands through the thick carpet of
the hair on his chest and took his nipples between his fingers, gently
pinching them.

"Play with your tits Linda....feel them....squeeze your hard nipples,
your tits," brother Bob ordered.

Kathy's pussy was burning as she watched Linda ride brother Bob's cock and play with her tits. She smiled thinking about Linda riding
the fuck machine in exactly the same way to orgasm after orgasm.

Kathy walked over to the fucking couple and straddled brother Bob's chest so that her cunt was only inches from Linda's face. Without
a word being spoken Linda wrapped her arms around Kathy's ass and
pulled her love nest to her mouth.

As Kathy looked out over the congregation, she smiled as she
saw her husband and brother Bob's wife both licking at the base of the
young cop's rigid cock.

With a moan of surrender, Linda spread Kathy's labia. The lips
were thick and prominent and all the more so for being swollen with lust.
The juices glistened brightly, even in the low light from the candles At
the apex of her pussy lips was the protruding nodule of Kathy's swollen

With thumb and forefingers holding wide Kathy's cunt lips, Linda
blew softly across the pink opening glimpsed within. She saw Kathy's
cunt contract automatically and watched the little lift and hump of her
engorged clit. It was almost as if the small bundle of nerve-covered
flesh was leaping downward to capture more of Kathy's hot breath.

She couldn't wait any longer. Linda ducked her head forward and
licked out with the tip of her tongue, a long, slow, savory tasting of the
juicy valley. Kathy moaned and shuddered and Linda felt her hands
come down to grip her dark-curled head and pull her closer.

She opened her mouth wide and placed it over Kathy's cunt,
covering the entire area with her hot mouth. She felt Kathy's thighs
quiver and slowly press down on her head and ears, trapping her there.
Linda released her finger-hold on Kathy's cunt lips and began licking
and sucking and -- yes, even gently chewing for all she was worth. As
she slipped her hands around Kathy's taut ass cheeks, she stiffened her
tongue and pressed as far into Kathy's cunt as she could reach,
enjoying the way Kathy tried to capture her pink tongue with her
eager cunt. She drew back until she held only the swollen knob of
Kathy's clit in her lips and then sucked on it mightily -- all the while
swiping the tip of her tongue back and forth as rapidly and lightly as she

end Part 9

note: chapter 9 was coaurthored by a great female writer named Linda
who wishes to remain anonymous.


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