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LINDA10 thick bulbous head his lust


The Transformation of Linda

Part 10

The Initiation Continues

As Linda's mouth and tongue bore deeper into her open gash, Kathy's
shuddering became a frantic, desperate bucking. Her rounded hips
humped down into Linda's face and she shook as if having a fit.Linda
could barely hear the moan rise in volume and pitch until it became a
shrill wail of pleasure, total and abandoned. She hung suspended like
that for long moments while Linda continued teasing at and toying with
her tortured clit, unrelentingly driving her further and further in her
orgasm. Linda simultaneously slid one hand farther beneath her lovely
lover and speared her with a forefinger driven into the spasm-like
clutches of Kathy's cunt and an index finger, slicked by copious overflow
of lusty lubrications, wedging its way into the constrictions of Kathy's

Kathy's scream was clearly audible to everyone in the room, as
Linda wriggled both fingers and felt her lover stiffen in utter surrender.
As Linda had licked her first female lover to a grand climax a second
day, brother Bob continued to ram his cock into her hard, excited at the
show he was so close to.

"Fuck me, fuck me," she begged hoarsely, "Oh please Fuck my hot

brother Bob grabbed Linda by the hips and started hammering his
cock up into her so hard that her body shuddered with the impact. But
she wasn't complaining. She loved his hot, pounding fucking. She
wanted him to slam his cock into her cunt as hard as he could and fuck
her like a wild animal. With a moan of pleasure, Linda let her head roll
back, and closed her eyes in ecstasy.

"Ohhhhh, yeah, that's it!" she howled, "Fuck me hard! Don't stop!"

brother Bob was fucking away as if his very life depended on it,
hammering his incredibly stiff cock into her cunt with lightning speed.
Linda loved it. She couldn't get enough of this wonderful cock. Grinding
her pussy down hard, she clenched her pussy muscles around his
deeply penetrating prick and squeezed him rhythmically, moaning
happily the whole time.

brother Bob gasped and panted beneath her, pumping his hips
up like crazy as he fucked himself and Linda toward another explosive

"Unnnhhhhh,Brother Bob, I'm almost there," she moaned. "Fuck me as
hard as you can, baby, make me come!"

Sure enough, as he pistoned his cock into her with all the speed and
force at his command, brother Bob began to shoot his load. But Linda
was coming right along with him, howling in ecstasy as the delicious
spasms racked her body, causing her firm tits to sway back and forth.
Her tight clinging cunt seemed to be sucking the cum right out of his

"Uuuhhhhhh, fuck, Anhhhggghhhhh!" brother Bob yelled.

"Ooooooh, honey, yessssssss!" Linda hissed. "Fuck it! Fuck me deep!
Cum in my cunt!

She felt his vigorous spurts deep in her cunt, bathing her womb in
hot, creamy, sperm. brother Bob kept on fucking her even after he'd
come. But after so much fucking in less than half an hour, even brother Bob couldn't stop his poor over-used cock from finally deflating inside
Linda's cum-filled cunt. But he also knew that it would not be long before
he would be hard again and deep within Linda's virgin ass.

He stood up, his cock hanging limply, dripping their mixed juices
onto Linda still laying beneath him, and he helped Linda to her feet.
The two of them turned to face the other members and those not
engaged in sex themselves gave the two of them a loud round of
applause. But they knew it wasn't over yet. Kathy positioned Linda on
her stomach across the velvet cushion in the center of the altar so that
her exquisite ass was exposed in the air.

Kathy began to caress Linda's smooth bottom with her hands.
Her fingers slipped down to Linda's wet pussy, still filled with the cum brother Bob placed there only moments before. Kathy pulled her wet
fingers into the crease in Linda's ass and pushed two fingers inside her
dark recesses. Linda moaned knowing that soon her ass would be filled
with more than fingers.Then Kathy lowered her head and put her tongue
into Linda's asshole. Linda began to rock gently back and forth on the
pillow, each rocking motion forcing Kathy's tongue deeper inside. After a
few minutes, Kathy pulled her head away and whispered for Linda to get
on her knees, replacing her tongue with two well lubricated fingers.

While still finger fucking Linda's round little bottom, Kathy reached
up and wrapped her fingers around brother Bob's half hard cock. Now
she stroked it as she fingered Linda's cute ass, preparing to join the two.
His cock was at her lips and she took the head of his great cock into her
mouth and licked lovingly just under the glans. It grew rapidly. Kathy
loved the feel of it as it eased farther into her warm wet mouth. But this
was not her party and she pulled his now fully hard cock from her mouth
and slipped out of the pathway.

Linda felt brother Bob's hard firm stomach pressing up toward her
buttocks and his hand gripped her by the hips, pulling her entire bottom
half backwards. Then with total certainty, she felt the hardness of his
prick running up and down the thin moist slit that stretched from the soft
open lips of her pussy to the base of her spine. She felt it pressuring
softly against the tiny, nakedly quivering lips of her near virgin asshole.

"Yeeessss", she screamed out as she waited for what was about to
happen. "Pleeassseeee, yessssss."

"YES!!,YES!!",echoed the congregation,"in the name of Aphrodite."

Again he pulled her body back to him so that slowly, expertly the
thick bulbous head of his lust engorged penis wormed just up inside the
tight elasticity of Linda's anal passage. And with that he began to rock
and push, working all the time.

She clenched her buttocks as tightly as she could to squeeze his
cock... It felt as though he had rammed his entire fist into her. Linda
twisted and danced on the end of his cock head, trying her best to get
his full length in her rectum. brother Bob's lust-hardened prick was
sinking further and further into the dark virgin passage of her anus and
to the physical enjoyment was added a distant image of white light filling
her mind, adding to the pleasure even more. She had never known
anything that had felt this good. All that filled her mind was her
enjoyment. She never wanted to pull away from him.

Coherent thoughts just wouldn't come. A solidly, cylindrical rock
was being thrust mercilessly up into her behind. She screamed out,
trying to lift her head up but brother Bob pushed her head back down
with the flat of his hand and ground his hips teasingly around so that his
cock rotated even deeper inside his helplessly kneeling Linda's rectum,
leaving her gasping, impaled totally by his thick penis wedged like the
end of a heavy axe handle up between her buttocks, his dark curling
pubic hair pressed tightly up into her widely open ass split.

brother Bob's eyes were glued to his hardened lust-bloated penis
as it disappeared right up Linda's ass with every stroke. It went right in
so that not half an inch of it showed and then it moved about in the tight,
resistant hole with the whole length of it straining out as if it were going
to burst. He reached down and felt her soft rounded ass. His sweating
face dripped onto her hollowed back making it glisten in the candle
light of the room. His breath came in short puffing gasps like a long
distance runner, his eyes taking in the whiteness of her quivering body
that slipped over his plunging cock like a tight fitting glove.

"OOOOOoooooohhhhhhh ... God ... God ... yesss ... yesss ..." Linda
gasped as brother Bob pressed tight against her soft buttocks and
rotated the head around and around deep inside her rectum. Her
moans were adding to his pleasure and his hands crawled over her
buttocks and back, and bright red welts followed his fingers as they dug
into her tender milk white skin.

"AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGG!!!!" brother Bob began to gasp for air as
he began a steady rhythmic fucking motion behind her nakedly quivering
ass cheeks and completely sunk himself deeper into the soft hidden passage of her tight little nether hole. Linda felt weak and debilitated
and as though she would never be able to hold up under the pleasure
building deep within her intestines.

She could feel brother Bob beginning to over heat at his task,
beginning to moan out his lust behind her. She felt the hot touch of his
hands roaming around the naked curves of her body, pinching and
kneading her tender flesh.

brother Bob gloated above her as he watched the progress of his
desire-hardened cock in the roundly stretched little hole. It felt so tight
and good, he wished he'd done this to her before this, a hundred times.

He watched the reddish skin of the tiny clinging circle draw back with
his prick, clutching at it as if it didn't want him to come out. At first the
pressure on his cock had been unbearable, but now it was just right and
exhilarating as it throbbed hotly around it.

Then unexpectedly a low guttural wail began to seep out from
Linda's throat as without the slightest warning she began to feel a weird
spark deep within her, come to life. Her belly quivered with a dull
pleasure at what was happening and something about this expert
cocksmanship released that hidden torrent of lust that lay buried and
hidden deep inside her for all of these years. brother Bob was right, as
always, she was experiencing a rebirth! Aphrodite lived within her.

"MMMMMmmmmm ... ooooohhhhhh ..." Linda began to croon, but
the sounds were different now. Her arousal was apparent even to
Brother Bob as her buttocks began to twist beneath him, offering him
encouragement as she lewdly, salaciously now, ground her naked hips
back at him in obscene invitation. He was fucking deeper up inside his
beautiful Linda's asshole than he had ever thought his lustfully
burgeoning cock would go.

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE ..." She felt half crazy as his gigantic rod
skewered her tightly into her open belly and her entire body undulated
and jerked, her hair flying, her mouth gaping. Over and over she cried
out, dancing obscenely back into the Brother's powerfully lunging cock,
her knees trembling and shaking, her heart palpitating. The frenzied
delight spread to her ignored moisture drenched pussy and she felt the
pleasure take hold there with an unprecedented strength.

Her new leader began to fuck rapidly into her hard and fast,
battering and flattening her quivering buttocks with his strongly driving
pelvis. He gripped her waist with his fingers squeezing the nude well
tanned flesh that contrasted so sharply with the whiteness of her
untanned ass into strange, odd shapes. His mouth hung open and his
breath whirled out of it in long, broken gasps.

out as Bob gave one last spine-chilling ramrod thrust. His groans
mingled with hers, his cock growing first stiffer and then exploding out its
heavy load of sperm high up into her wildly sucking anal passage.
Wave after wave of his thick hot jism spewed from the swollen tip of his
prick filling her desperately contracting belly to the hilt with his molten

brother Bob's fingers dropped down around Linda's thighs to
manipulate the passion moistened lips of Linda's wetly drenched pussy,
toying teasingly, increasing her frenzy as together they experienced the
wild, untamed thrill of mutual orgasm overtaking them.

Linda's eyes rolled, then closed tightly, as she felt herself
rocketing toward another intense orgasm. She didn't know how many
times she'd have to come before she was totally satisfied, but she
hadn't come near it yet. She just knew she wanted to go on fucking all
night. Luckily she now had the services of the entire group, both men and women...including the twin sisters that prepared her path to the
altar, who were at that moment laying on a cushion next to the altar in a
sixty-nine position.

Kathy helped Linda up as brother Bob pulled free and stood up.
Kathy told her to lie back . She positioned Linda so that she was totally
on the plush carpet with the heels of her feet in two small recesses so
that she was open wide. Linda was still in a daze, and her lust-filled
mind reeled with the new found possibilities. Her cum filled cunt and
ass glistened in the candlelight. Kathy placed the white rose, which was
in full bloom now, on Linda's belly. brother Bob, wearing his robe,
stood over her. "Blessed Be", he spoke.

"Blessed Be", repeated the congregation.

Then as the harp again started to play its sweetest notes, the
coven all joined hands in a circle around the marble altar, brother Bob
stepped on a small button and the altar-stone on which Linda was lying
began to rise. As the platform moved up inch by inch, brother Bob knelt
between Linda's legs, worshipping Linda's cunt as he chanted

"Aphrodite, goddess of Love, Mistress of Desire
Hear me your humble servant
Thank you for allowing Linda to enter our presence
I have prepared her for you to enter
and for her to share in the passion of your Rite
And I did so in your name oh great beloved goddess"

"Yes my new Brothers and Sisters, I am part of her and you now",
came an almost whisper from Linda's lips. brother Bob rose to his feet
repeatedly saying "Blessed Be, Blessed Be......"

The altar, the 4 foot diameter round wheel stopped at a height where
Linda's cunt and mouth could be fucked comfortably from a standing

"By the powers of Venus and Aphrodite, and the powers vested in me
as brother of your coven, I proclaim Linda a Priestess in our coven,
gather round and join me in worship of her.....lift her name in prayer to
our goddess" He bent over and kissed her wet pussy as the coven n
circled round the table. Linda was about to fully understand the Rites`of
Venus and Aphrodite..

end of part 10


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