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LINDA11 sucked like child with


The Transformation of Linda

Part 11

The Wheel Turns

Linda now lay on her back, her trim legs were spread open, her
hairy pussy was just at one edge of the wheel. Finally she understood
the wheel and she shivered in anticipation. Her head hung slightly over
the other side of the wheel, her mouth at the perfect angle to accept a
hard cock or a wet pussy.

The coven members began to move closer to the wheel. There
wasn't room for everyone and so they were two deep, waiting to enjoy
and pleasure their newest member. Linda's heart was beating so hard
and so fast she thought it would surely burst from joy. She looked up to
see Cynthia approach her cunt and she felt her talented lips and tongue
begin to worship her open pussy. Then she sensed a movement above
her and as she looked up she saw Kathy moving her hot cunt just above
Linda's mouth. Linda darted her tongue out and tasted her lover's
familiar pussy. She loved it all so much.... how could she stand so much
pleasure. Linda wrapped her hands around Kathy's trim ass and pulled
her dripping cunt hard into her mouth as she returned everything Kathy
and Cynthia had taught her. Kathy screamed and Linda hunched her cunt up to Cynthia's delightful administrations.

The evening became dream like, now she recognized a lot of the
images that had flooded her mind of late. Now as she felt Kathy and
Cynthia leave her she saw Kathy's husband Jack standing with his hard
cock at her open lips. Linda moaned loudly and caught his cock pulling it
into her mouth. As she sucked like a child with a new lollypop she felt a
cock touch her wet pussy again. Glancing down she recognized the
young cop as he slid his hard cock into her. He winked at her as he
began to fuck her and Linda heard him say, "I knew we would get better
acquainted Linda."

The twins moved onto the wheel on either side of her and as she
fucked the young cop and sucked Jack's cock the darling twins took her
nipples in their mouths and they began to tease and lick and suck and
lightly bite her swollen nipples as they squeezed and rolled her full tits in
their hands. Then Linda noticed the twins were on their knees and
behind each of them was a man with his cock deep into their twin
pussies fucking them with long thrusts. She recognized one of the men as the town librarian and the other as the young mayor of their city.

All four of the men engaged with Linda and the twins came close
together and Linda felt the wheel move and four more men were ready to
fill her mouth and her and the twins cunts. Four women were next.
Then two women and two men. The man at her cute well used bottom
raised her hips and managed to start his cock in her asshole from this
missionary position. She lost count soon and the night became a haze...
she was cumming continuously.. She had never dreamed it could be so
good... never dreamed she could enjoy sex so much and still know that
tomorrow she would want it all again.

When everyone seemed sated for the moment some two hours
had passed. Linda thought how Kathy had told her it would go on all
night and she was glad Will had left the day before for a three day trip.
He mind flashed again to what Kathy had told her about her night with
Will and she smiled as she thought about she and her husband soon
getting together with Kathy and Jack and how they would soon be
helping to welcome the next member into the coven.

brother Bob helped her up and lead her to a table set for a robust
dinner. Everyone was seated and a huge dinner was consumed as they
rested for the next round of sex. Linda looked around the table and now
recognized different individuals a clerk at the bank... a bank president....
the man that ran the corner gas station and of course their wives. She
had seen everyone around the small town with no idea of what they
might be capable of in this vein. It was going to be interesting to see
them again after tonight.

brother Bob was sitting beside Linda and he dropped his large
hand onto her bare thigh and as he stroked her she realized that her
pussy was reawakening and wanted more. She looked up at Bob and he
asked, "Ready so soon my darling?"

"I can't believe it either my dear shepherd but I am."

"Good, the next session will be with you and our children. They
are all over 15 and some are quite experienced. I think you will find
them a little different but equally delightful. Are you ready for that dear

"Linda smiled... in the last week she had seen several teen age
boys and girls that made her pussy tingle with desire. Now it was going
to happen." she nodded at him and stood up.

brother Bob rose and everyone quieted. He smiled and said. "My
dear sisters and brothers, our Linda is ready to go again and is eager to
accept our children into her mouth and cunt."

He lead her back to the wheel and as if by signal, some dozen
teens gathered around the wheel. Linda looked at them lovingly and
longingly as she saw the little pussies, the various sized breasts on these
nubile young darlings. The hard cocks were bouncing, waiting for her.
She smiled and lay back sighing loudly as the first hard cock entered her
mouth as a second entered her eager pussy.

The cocks were hard and fast and came buckets. The pussy's
were young and tender and Linda loved them with her tongue and
fingers. The wheel turned and she enjoyed another pair of the coven's
youths. She wondered if the parents fucked their own children or just
everyone elses? The idea of her having children and introducing them
into this loving group thrilled Linda.

Then she felt brother Bob help her up again and carry her to a
couch nearby. Linda was glad cause she knew her legs wouldn't support
her any longer for awhile. As she lay their she watched as the full orgy
began. People were coupled all around the room, fucking in ways Linda
had never imagined. brother Bob sat beside her and dropped his mouth
to her well filled pussy and slowly ate and sucked her still tingling cunt.
When he slowly brought her to an agonizingly strong climax Linda
screamed and passed out.

When she came to she was in Cynthia and brother Bob's private
quarters. She saw brother Bob and Cynthia and Jack and Kathy sitting
across the room quietly discussing the nights events. Linda realized she
had been bathed and was dressed in the clothes she had worn to her
opening as she had learned it was called.

She sat up and the four of them turned and smiled at her lovingly.
Kathy was the first to speak, "How are you little darling?"

"Oh God... so wonderful... I have never felt this good before in my
entire life. Thank you my dear dear lovers."

Cynthia said, "You are so welcome sweetheart. We are your
mates now... any of us... all of us are yours to enjoy whenever you like.
Don't ever hesitate to let any of our coven know what you want. Going to
the bank or the gas station or almost anywhere else in town can have a
whole new meaning for you now."

Linda smiled as she thought about that for a moment... then Jack
spoke, "Sweetheart we were just talking about Will. When ever you are
ready we would suggest that we have a party for Will. Since he has
been fucking Kathy for almost a week now we think he is ready for a lot
Linda spoke up brightly and told them of the conversation she and
Will had before he left for Atlanta. "When can we?"

"When your body tells you love." brother Bob joined.

Linda moved and said, "I think your are right... but by the time Will
gets home from this trip I should be ready to go again."

Everyone walked over and kissed her and Linda felt their love


The party was planned for Will, but it had to be a couple of days after
he returned to get everything ready. Will returned ready for something...
damn near anything. His imagination was going wild. Linda picked him
up at the airport and drove straight home. Will was ravenous for her
body and they were fucking wildly minutes after they got home.

When they rested for a moment later Will said, "What did you do
while I was gone baby?"

Linda's mind relived her introduction to the entire coven and their
kids, the wheel... yesterday a threesome with Jack and Kathy and this
afternoon she had fucked Tim the cop in the back seat of his cop car.
She smiled at Will and said, "I just tried to keep busy honey... I missed
you so much."

In a moment, after a long pause Linda said, "Honey, remember
how I told you I thought Kathy was so beautiful and sexy and how I
thought I wanted to make love with her?"


"Well I think it could happen.. we have gotten even closer... and
we have talked a little about girl sex.... would you really like me to do that
... and you watch?"

His cock stood erect again and he said, "Yeah baby I would love
to see the two of you together. I can only think of one thing hotter. You
with another man."

"Oh God Will, hearing you talk about it makes me so wet and hot.
I almost think I could do all that. I need to tell you about brother Bob
honey. He is the head of the little church I joined and to tell you the truth
honey, I find him so attractive."

"Do I take that to mean you wouldn't mind if he fucked you?"

She looked at Will and her tits were rising and falling as she had
trouble breathing she was so hot. The game with Will was so exciting.
She knew Will really wanted it all and she was going to give it to him.
She dropped her eyes shyly and said in a small voice, "Please don't be
upset honey but every time I am around him, my pussy gets so wet and
hungry. I honestly believed if he tried to fuck me I would let him.... Are
you mad sweetheart?"

"No baby... no does my cock look like I'm mad?" He had a
raging hard on.

Linda wanted to tease him a little and she said, "Oh Will,
sometimes I have imagined sucking his cock, and him fucking my hot
little pussy. I get so wet I have to play with myself. I have to cum and
cum. It gets so wild.... lately I think about fucking every man I see."

Will was about to pop his cock and said, "Linda baby, you are
making me so fucking hot I'm about to cum."

Linda cocked her head to the side and said, "Honey... do you think
you could cum just watching Kathy and I, .... or Jack and I, .... or brother Bob and I?"

Will smiled and said, "I don't know... but I would like to try kitten.
Especially if I could join in later."

She smiled mischievously and said, "What would you like to see
me do? "

"Love, I would like to see you spread out on a bed with Kathy
between your legs eating your pussy... then you hers.... I would like to
see this brother Bob, fuck your hot mouth while you suck his cock, then
him eat your pussy and then fuck your pussy.. maybe your little asshole.
I would like to see Jack in your cunt while brother Bob takes your ass and
you eat Kathy's Pussy. How's that for starters?"

Linda shivered and pulled Will's face to her bush. Some later she
said, "All that was just sex talk, wasn't it Will?. You wouldn't really go
along with that right? Do you really want to watch brother Bob fuck me...
and other men as well, and women?"

Will laughed softly and said, "Honey... if you would arrange that for
me to watch I would do anything you want sexually. You can fuck
anyone you want, anytime you want. I would prefer to watch or at least
hear all about it, but you will be free to do it."

"And would you join in anyway I say?"

"Anyway honey! Anything you like."

She smiled as she kissed him goodnight.....

. ******

The next morning while Will was at work Linda was on the phone
being very busy arranging Will's show. She and Kathy were busy setting
everything up in the studio... folding out the couch into a king sized bed.
Rearranging everything. Moving a large heavy chair to the middle of the
room facing the bed. Jack moved the fuck machine into the studio and
fucked Linda just for fun, while she ate Kathy. Just to test the bed....

Then it was all set....

Will got home early and Linda wore only a short mini-skirt and a
halter top that showed everything. She teased him and played with him
and then after a light supper she said, "Will my beloved husband, you
better speak up soon honey if you aren't totally serious about going
through with what we talked about. I made some phone calls today and
unless you stop me it is time to go out to my studio."

Will looked at his bright eyed lusty little wife and thought, What a
transformation that has taken place. How lucky can I get.... Then he
said, "I want it Linda... I want it all...."

Linda smiled and took his hand and lead him out to her studio.

end part 11


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