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LINDA12 sucked her nipples Jack


The Transformation of Linda

Part 12

Will"s Show
Linda lead him into the empty studio. She dropped her clothes
standing there so sexy and bare and she told Will to strip. And told him
until further notice he wasn't allowed to touch himself or anyone else.

"I want to see if you can really cum just watching me get fucked.
And have no doubt about it my husband... you are going to see me get
fucked a number of ways."

Linda was watching as Will's cock hardened as she talked to him
like that. She sat him in the chair and called, "Jack."

From the dark room area Jack, their neighbor came out carrying a
large coil of soft cotton rope. Jack started to tie Will firmly to the chair
as he told him he envied him the show he was about to see. When Will
couldn't move his arms or legs Jack smiled and stripped his clothes off.

Linda walked over to him and molder her nude body against his
as they kissed passionately. Jack's hands roamed over Linda's cute
bare ass, her big tits, her wet pussy. Then Linda turned her back to
Jack and faced Will.... Jack had his hands full of her tits from behind
her and Linda reached her hand up to his face and stroked him tenderly
and moaned, "Hmmm Will this feels so good. Do you like watching Jack
play with me like this?"

Will had trouble swallowing... finally he said in a husky voice. "I
love it Linda... but don't stop there."

"Oh my husband... I have no intention stopping for a long long
time. But I want you to meet brother Bob."

On cue brother Bob and Kathy walked in both completely bare ass
too. Will looked down to see his huge cock standing straight out, ready
to fuck Linda. Linda introduced them and Will nodded and smiled.
Brother Bob stepped over to the front of Linda, making a sandwich of her
between himself and Jack. They kissed and fondled each other. Will
watched as Linda slowly stroked his hard cock in both of her hands.

Kathy walked over beside Will and said, "Honey you are going to
get your wish. But now you can do nothing but direct. You can't touch
anyone or yourself thanks to Jacks rope tricks. Tell your wife what you
want her to do Baby."

"Oh God, suck both of their cocks. Kneel down and take them in
turns into your mouth and suck them both until they cum in your sweet
fucking mouth."

Linda smiled devilishly and turned the guys facing Will at an angle
where Will could see her mouth on their hard cocks as she sucked them
and she kneeled down and took brother Bob's cock, licking and kissing...
running her tongue under neath the glans, sucking him deep. Then she
switched to Jack and did the same thing. Will groaned loudly, "Oh yeah
Linda... go for it baby."

It wasn't long until Will watched as first Jack shot his load into
Linda's mouth and then she let his cock free and he came all over her
full tits. Shortly brother Bob filled her mouth and Linda let most of his
cum run out the side of her mouth, over her chin and down onto her
glistening cum covered tits. Obviously swallowing a large amount of
both of their cum for Will's benefit.

When their cocks went limp, Linda stood up and walked over to
stand in front of Will and rubbed the cum all over her tits as she said,
"Like that sweetheart?"

"Oh God yes Linda.... now I want Kathy to clean you up and then
eat your cunt so I can see her tongue enter your cunt and your asshole
and then make you cum by sucking your clit."

"Will honey, you are a nasty boy... God I love you...."

` Kathy pulled Linda to the bed and slowly licked every drop of cum off of Linda's face and neck, her tits and her tummy ... then she moved
on down and gave Will the exact show he requested. Linda bucked and
moaned and came over and over. Will encouraged Kathy to lick her and
suck her clit, to finger fuck her cunt and asshole and then told her to
suck her clit til Linda stopped her.

It was some time when Linda screamed "Stop... Stop... oh fuck
please stop my sweet Kathy." They lay there for a moment. Will looked
around and Jack and brother Bob were both stroking their hard cocks
and staring spellbound at what had just transpired.

Then Will quietly said, "Now you my darling wife... you do the
same to Kathy. Kathy screamed louder, took Linda sucking longer but
soon enough begged her to stop. Linda looked up at Will with pussy juice all over her beautiful face and smiled waiting for her next
assignment. She saw the look of wild hunger in Will's face and saw his
cock, bigger than she had ever seen it before waving in the air, pre-cum
running all over the head. She wanted to suck it so bad but she knew
she wasn't allowed... after all she had set the rules.

Will said in a hoarse whisper, "Fuck both guys now, brother Bob in
your pussy and Jack in your ass." The three of them moved like a well
oiled machine... brother Bob lay on his back and Linda slowly eased her
pussy down over his throbbing cock. She leaned forward and brother Bob sucked on her nipples as Jack stepped up behind her and slowly
entered her ass hole to the hilt. Linda let out a low growl and shivered
and came for the first of many on this ride. For the next half hour the
three of them fucked.... slow, fast, crooked brother Bob and Jack
would be still and let Linda impale herself on first one cock and then the
other. Linda cried out regularly and thrust herself harder on a cock.
Then Linda started crying, tears running down her face.

Will noticed and said in fear, "You OK sweetheart... do you want
to stop?"

"Oh no no no you sweet motherfucker..... I want to fuck the entire
mother fucking cock sucking pussy eating world." and she fell over
unconscious. Had she been conscious another minute she would have
seen her husband cum with such force that it covered her body, spurt after spurt, after spurt.

Kathy untied Will and then she and brother Bob and Jack left. Will
stood and hugged each of them, still nude close to his body. He
thanked them, especially brother Bob, for liberating Linda and promised to
see them all for a lot more of tonight's activity very soon.

Will picked up his wife, so covered with cum it was like a body
suit. He turned the lights out behind him and carried his sweet love into
the house and to the bath room. He filled the tub with hot water and
then lay his well fucked darling in it. He lovingly bathed her. She started
to come around and Will kissed her tenderly. "Hi sweetheart." he said.

"Will???? What happened? God was it all a dream? No, no
dream.... did you like the show we put on for you?"

He stood her up and as the water ran out of the tub he gently
dried her tight body and said, "I loved every minute of it. Now as I said,
You can fuck anyone or anything you wish. I just hope I will be there to
watch and join in."

"Oh my poor husband, you didn't get to join in tonight...", then
with a twinkle in her eye she said, "Did you cum without touching your

"Oh yeah baby... about a quart... all over you as you fell over

"Will honey, do you still love me?"

"Would you believe I love you more than ever.... now tell me
about this church."

Will carried her to their bed and slowly fucked her as she related
every detail.... He came in her so hard he damn near passed out. Then
they cuddled and Linda said, "I love you so much Will."

"I love you too baby, but get some sleep. We have to go to
church in the morning."

end of story


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