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LINGERIE sucked briefly almost


I was looking for Stephanie that night. Come to think of it, I'd
been looking for Stephanie most of the year. She was one of those
pretty girls that always got guy's attentions. Blonde, busty with pale
skin, she caught men's eyes and made women jealous. I loved her almond
shaped hazel eyes. I used to think that guys who said they liked eyes
were lying until I meet Stephanie. Her eyes were what the poets had
been talking about.

We were at Holly's apartment, since she was the one who graduated
with a 4.0. Years later, I still can't believe our personal nympho got
the best grades out of all of us. Stephanie was a close friend of
Holly's, and since both of them were missing, I assumed they retreated
into the back. I was glad they were out of the party's public eye
because I had a mission tonight. Tonight I was going to ask Stephanie

I found Holly in her bedroom, but I almost wish I hadn't. She
was sitting on Matt's lap, and making out with Dan. I thought about
Dan's tongue piercing and winced. Her dresser drawers were open, and
various articles of lingerie were on the floor. I looked at the
threesome on the bed and thought that it wouldn't be long before their
drawers were open too. It was a good thing I got here before that

"Holly, do you know where Stephanie is?" I asked.

Holly broke her sloppy kiss and beamed a drunken smile at me.
"Sure, she's in the bathroom trying on one of my corsets."

The guys started laughing and I could feel the heat rise on my

"Thanks, could you tell her I would like to see her when she gets
out?" I said.

Holly placed Matt's hand on her ass and looked at me again.

"Go see her now. She won't mind if you ask," Holly slurred.

Dan looked at me with a smirk. He didn't think I would do it.
His eyes told me that he knew I would blush and excuse myself. He
didn't know me that well. Or more likely, he didn't know how much I
had to drink tonight.

"I will," I answered. I turned to Holly's bathroom door and

"What are you doing, Stephanie?" I asked.

"Trying on a corset, Jason," she answered.

I looked right at Dan who was feeling Holly's chest. "Mind if I
get a peek?"

A long pause ensued.

"Only you," Stephanie replied.

I am embarrassed to admit it, but I gloated briefly while
Stephanie unlocked the door. Dan glared at me until Holly pinched his
nipple through his shirt. Dan sighed, and I realized I wanted to get
through that door before I witnessed anything kinkier.

Looking back, my rush to get through the door was ironic.

I entered the bathroom, and didn't see Stephanie at first. I was
drunk enough to imagine she had disappeared. Perpelxed, I almost left
until I heard her from behind the shower curtain.

"Are you by yourself?" she asked.

"Yes," I answered.

"Lock the door, and sit on the toilet," Stephanie asked.

I did as she said, and sat down. Stephanie stood behind the
concealing curtain for a few seconds in silence. Something told me to
keep quiet.

Finally, the curtain pulled aside and there was Stephanie. She
was about 5'8 and although very curvy, not nearly as curvy as she was
tonight. She was wearing a deep red corset that encased her full, pale
breasts. The corset cinched her waist, tightening her into an
hourglass figure. Black lace adorned the corset, which matched the
black skirt she had been wearing all night. Her blonde hair was pulled
forward over her shoulders, giving her angelic glow.

"Wow," I said.

I looker at her face, and her smile was cryptic. Was she drunk?
Was the color on her cheeks from the drinking or from the corset? Was
it for me?

"Does it look good," she asked.

"Of course," I said. "You fill it out wonderfully." I must have
been drinking too much myself to say something that bold.

"You're not just saying that?" Stephanie asked. She swiveled
slightly, offering me a side view of her wonderful cleavage. It also
caused the pushed up breasts to jiggle, which made my pants very, very

"No, you're. . ." I said, at a total loss for words. "Very
sexy." I offered lamely.

Stephanie frowned. "I don't know, I think it makes me look fat.

"I can't prove it's sexy to me," I laughed.

Stephanie smiled at that. She raised her arms and gripped the
curtain rail. It caused her breasts to rise and a thrill went through
me as I saw the top pink of one of her nipples.

I laughed until I realized she was serious. I felt a flash of
fear but there was also a thrill of potential. I had wanted to ask her
out but now I was being asked to strip. Maybe it wouldn't lead to
anything, but it was more attractive than another night of dreaming
about her.

Standing up, I unzipped my pants. Stephanie's eyes were on me
and that put me at ease. For once, I knew I had her to myself without
a friend of ours getting involved.

I pulled my pants down and Stephanie giggled when she saw the top
of my cock peeking over the waistband of my underwear. I felt a brief
flush of embarrassment but it was too late down. At least my cock was
erect, and clearly outlined against my underwear; it looked larger than
I remembered it.

"I guess you find me sexy," Stephanie said. There was an edge to
her voice. In fact, I think it wavered slightly.

She licked her lips nervously before asking her next question.
"Am I sexy enough to be fantasized about?"

"Even before the corset," I said without thinking. This time her
face flushed, and I loved the way it spread over the top of her chest.

"Really?" she asked. Her breasts were heaving inside her corset.

"Really," I answered.

"Prove it," she asked.

Her eyes were so intense I had to obey.

I pulled my underwear down shyly, a bit nervous at her scrutiny.
My cock didn't care. It was fully engorged and almost pulsing. I sat
back down on the fuzzy toilet lid and felt the pink cover tickle my

"Right here?" I asked.

"Right now," Stephanie confirmed. Her lips were open and her
breasts were moving with her breaths.

It was easy. With my cock in hand and began to stroke it. I
placed my fist on the ring of my tip, rubbing it with every stroke. My
cock felt natural in my hand, a little sweaty from the long night but
alive with desire.

I watched Stephanie as I stroked. Her legs kept moving, perhaps
fighting her own desire to masturbate. Most likely she was just
nervous, but at the time I liked to think she was as hot for me as I
was for her. When she shifted from one foot to the other, her breasts
jiggled in the tight confines of her corset.

"Need help?" Stephanie asked and my heart leaped. Was she
offering help of a tactile kind? I nodded my head quickly, perhaps

Stephanie didn't touch me, but then she didn't disappoint me
either. She leaned forward and rested her hands on the bathtub rim.
This gave me a straight view of down her cleavage. The sight of her
breasts crushed together by the corset made me shudder and I would have
given anything to kiss them.

"He looks ready," Stephanie said. I pointed my cock towards her
as I stroked. I don't know why I did it. Maybe it was to further
proof that this was for her.

Stephanie wasn't through helping me. She took one of her fingers
and sucked on it briefly. I almost had my climax right there.
Stephanie then took her wet finger and slid it down her chin, down her
pale throat and down to her soft breasts. I moaned as she slid her
finger to between her breasts. As I stared, Stephanie slipped her
finger into her tight cleavage.

As I watched Stephanie and Stephanie watched my cock, Stephanie
slid her finger in and out of her cleavage. The heat of my on friction
fired my imagination, making me feel what it would be like to fuck her
chest. Her breasts were heaving with every breath and they were so
damn close. I debated risking a kiss of her breasts but my cock
prevented me from doing anything so rash. I was ready to cum.

"Stephanie," I moaned at the start of my orgasm. My body was so
aroused, I could feel my cock opening to release my cum. A long
silvery strand arced towards her and fell to the ground. I didn't
care. I merely stroked my cock and shivered, my eyes locked with
Stephanie's green.

When I was done, and the floor was a mess, I simply gasped.

"Did that turn you on?" I asked with the last of my strength.

Stephanie was breathing harder than me.

"Yes," she said, her eyes aflame with something new.

"Prove it," I replied.

She did.

Later that night, I realized I had forgotten to ask her out.

The end.


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