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LISA 1 video tape was being augmented with


WARNING: This story contains strong themes of coercion and forced sexual behavior. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the writer does not in any way suggest or condone similar behavior. REPOST freely keeping this disclaimer & By SmCyber Please let me know if you like it / want more / have any ideas.

If you enjoy this work, take a moment to e-mail the author. Your comments are his only payment. Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author SmCyber unless explicitly indicated.

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Lisa's video
By SmCyber

Eric and Roger left the punishment room and went quickly into
the room used by trainers to socialise. Nigel had entered the
room earlier to secure Lisa, Erics poor victim. Roger walked
over to Lisa and ran his hands lightly over her face. "Ahhh,
poor baby are you scared? "Roger cooed. "Ye....Yes, "Lisa said
in a barely audible voice. Lisa was not only afraid of what
these three uniformed trainers were going to do to her but was
also highly embarrassed being tied naked, legs spread on an
adapted gynaecologists chair.

Roger pressed Lisa's breasts together between the palms of his
hands, leaned down and kissed her intimately on the lips.
"Mmmm," Roger moaned in pleasure. Roger's gleeful eyes looked
directly in Lisa's fearful eyes. His tongue forced Lisa's lips
open and his tongue snaked deeply into her mouth his tongue
played with her tongue. "Get stuck in Eric, "Nigel laughed as
they came back into the room. "Enjoy the little bitch."

"I'm going to have SO much fun with you today ,"Roger said as he
pulled away from Lisa. Nigel held a stainless steel tray in
his hands as he walked over to Roger and Lisa.

Roger helped him place it on top a pillory and together they
carried the pillory to the front of Lisa over her naked lower
body. Eric came back into the room pushing what looked like a
high tech car battery jumper set, but what later Lisa would
discover was electro torture equipment.

On the tray were four large pink dildos, nipple clamps, anal
lubricant and needles. "I really do hope you like dildo sex,
Lisa," Eric said.

Eric placed a large ribbed dildo on the tray in easy reach of
Lisa's free right hand. Nigel and Roger took the nipple clamps
and a needle each . Eric and Roger sat on the couch and Nigel
sat between Lisa's widely spread legs. They all titillated
Lisa's pouting sex lips and scratched the needles over her
private skin.

Eric explained to Lisa that the afternoon was set aside for
their pleasure and if she failed to entertain them fully by
masturbating she would be punctured firstly through her nipples
and then through the hood of her exposed clitoris.

Horrified and in terror of the three trainers who casually lent
back and waited, Lisa screamed not for the first time today for
help and her for her Mummy, screaming after begging for mercy
for what seemed like hours she felt and saw Eric tweak her
dainty nipple between his rough finger and thumb and feeling the
sharp pressure of a needle against her she screamed her

STOP STOP I'll do it I'll do it pleeeese stop STOP please.

Lisa used her free right hand to slowly insert the dildo as she
was instructed.

Nigel, Eric and Roger made small talk among themselves paying
attention to her unmarked skin the shape of her breasts the
tightness of her anus and the pinkness of her vulva as it
encircled her rubber lover. It was like Lisa was not even there.

With her eyes clamped tightly shut she felt a greasy finger
stroking the puckered rim of her anus. Her situation was
hopeless Lisa started to cry a little and started to slowly
stroke the dildo in and out ,

in and out,

in and out,

not satisfied with her ladylike attempt at masturbation Roger
clamped her nipples and pulled the clamps together and joined
them with a thick spring the tension in her pink elongated
nipples caused her to scream in agony , "when I say wank
yourself you wank like a whore not like a vicars daughter"
Nigel said.

Now much faster and deeper into her body as instructed poor
Lisa gave in, her strong right arm ( two sessions with the
county tennis club) now repeatedly forced the dildo deep into
her private passage. Roger took this opportunity to insert a
steel dick shaped electrode into Lisa's well lubricated back
passage. When everyone was finished titillating and playing
with Lisa's private parts in particular her outer labia and
nipples, Eric and Roger stood and put aside the tray with a
few of the yet unused sex tools.

Promising poor Lisa all manner of tortures if she stopped
wanking herself on her rubber lover the three trainers left Lisa
to 'enjoy' her free time.

Alone in the room for the first time Lisa opened her eyes
physically shaking she was about to draw out her personal
intruder, when out of the corner of her tear filled eye she
noticed a small red light.

Turning her stained face towards the light she could then see
clearly the lens of a video camera mounted on a motorised
bracket above her naked restrained body.

Lisa's video tape was being augmented with footage of her

Noooooooooooooo she screamed looking into the camera Noooooooooo
Daddy No No

Mummmy help meeeeeeeeeeee please they wont let meeeeeeee

For the full thirty minutes Lisa masturbated herself fully aware
that the video tape was recording both her shame and the
unwanted orgasms that nature would not deny her if she relaxed
her concentration for one moment .

When they came back into the room all three men were wearing
studded leather thongs. Nigel was wearing a black mask, Eric a
black waistcoat and Roger was carrying a stout whip. Nigel
walked over to Lisa and cruelly yanked off both clamps ,he took
Lisa's left breast in his hand and started stroking it until
the distended red nipple began to get hard. Nigel then took
Lisa's right nipple in his mouth and started sucking it. Roger
removed Lisa's hand from the dildo and attached it to a piston
on the electrical trolley. While this was going on Eric tied
Lisa's right arm to a binding point behind her head with a
course rope.

With her legs spread wide, her one arm to her side and the other
tied behind her head poor naked Lisa looked as though she was
lying lazily on a beach.

Eric positioned between Lisa's rigidly fixed thighs the frame
holding a piston

device designed to push a dildo in and out of her gaping vagina.

Roger pointed out to Lisa that the dildo occupying her anus
would not on this occasion be attached to the piston but to the
electrical torture set.

A short extension piece like the one used on her during her
previous rape by Eric, was attached to the neck of the dildo. On
each inward stroke the rotating button slapped the precious
feminine fold of skin protecting her defenceless clitoris then
the jaws of the artificial fingers grasped the clit pulling it
first right then left before releasing.

This most unwelcome intrusion into the helpless, waiting hole by
the dildo attached to the piston device, caused the unfortunate
inmates hips to buck wildly and to jerk up and down with each
piston stroke.

Adjusting both the angle of attack and the depth of stroke on
the piston frame the dildo continued its relentless invasion.
Roger decided to make Lisa a lot more uncomfortable. The speed
control to on the automatic lover was turned from medium to

This for Lisa had the unpleasant effect of a forceful fucking
with no predictability ten hard strokes could easily be
followed by one two or many slow strokes drawing the dildo right
back until only the lips were holding it then another pattern of
random strokes were started.

Soon Lisa was broken her legs were like jelly she was soon to
be on the verge of her sixth unwanted orgasm, the vile result
of her inhuman copulation with the unfeeling machine.

Just as Lisa was about to come for the seventh time, Nigel
unexpectedly stopped sucking her nipples and switched off the
machine leaving her high and dry.

All three men were now standing in front of Lisa. "Now we are
going to fuck your brains out, Lisa, "Eric said with a smile.
"You are here to please all the guards, "Nigel smiled. "Not
only us . What happened to you yesterday at the rape party was
just the beginning."

"You now belong to us, Lisa, "Roger said. "So you might as well
start to enjoy it." The men watched Lisa's face with smiles
as she suddenly realised the hopelessness of her situation.
"This is not allowed its my father who is the politician not me
pleeeeese pleeeese no, "was all Lisa could say. "You cant
please don't do this to me please."

They all laughed at her. Roger walked over to the Large screen
video player set and put on the video tape made earlier to
show her sexual humiliation . After the 30 minute tape finished
Lisa's body held no secrets what Eric had made her do to avoid a
nipple puncture and a whipping was there for all to see "We've
been planning this for a while, Lisa, "Roger said. changing the
tape Lisa suddenly saw the entrance to her house. All of a
sudden she could see herself entering the house. Then she saw
herself leaving her house and getting into her fathers car she
next saw herself entering her school. "As you can see we've
been watching and video taping you for the last couple of weeks,
Lisa, "Roger said. "We are employed by the state to remove
women and girls like yourself from the families of members of
the opposition party, "Eric said." And your two year sentence
has been commissioned by me, your attendance here at our
retraining centre will give me a lot of fun." "You seem to
have the bad luck of becoming our prey, "Nigel said with a
smile. "we noticed you about a month ago after Eric described
your gymnastic skills and we've been watching you ever since.
We know that you started going out with friends two weeks ago
distributing anti government leaflets after school,"

Roger waited for a few moments for this to sink in ....

Lisa was sobbing uncontrollably this could not be true she

" This afternoon, so you wont be lonely over the next two years
we picked up your school chums Hazel Thomlinson and little
Domino Fox-Robinson." said Roger.

These young ladies are down stairs awaiting their new trainers
who will be escorting them to today's rape party just like
yours yesterday.

Lisa now knew that she could do nothing to save herself. her
only chance would be to do as she was told there would be no
escape from these three government appointed rapists.

Her mind wandered back to the events of the previous day she
shuddered and weeped downstairs her best friends were being
entertained for the first time by some of the most dangerous men in society, playthings to government torturers and rapists.

Suddenly with a jolt she heard a sound behind her, trying vainly
to turn her head she heard muffled voices.

Without warning a door opened and the sound of many drunken men spilled into the room ,

"I hope you don't mind Lisa but I've invited some of our
friends up for the afternoon......."

she heard a voice saying................!

"A nice new sixteen year old is just what the doctor ordered "
she heard another voice reply.

The subsequent multiple rapes which occurred that afternoon
downstairs at the introductory rape party and upstairs in the
trainers private quarters were designed to break the will of the
girls and to send a clear message to their families that
opposition to the government could not and would not be allowed.

Tomorrow after editing Lisa's family will be obliged by law to
view Lisa's video, her father and mother both are required to
witness their daughters degradation.

And if she is required to, Lisa's mother herself may be
demanded to attend a week long on the job ' retraining' session
at the centre.

She will be 'introduced' to her daughters keepers and will
experience for herself the seriousness of her daughters plight.

Lisa's video



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