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LISA 2 split the room two Along


WARNING: This story contains strong themes of coercion and forced sexual behavior. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the writer does not in any way suggest or condone similar behavior. REPOST freely keeping this disclaimer & By SmCyber Please let me know if you like it / want more / have any ideas.

If you enjoy this work, take a moment to e-mail the author. Your comments are his only payment. Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author SmCyber unless explicitly indicated.

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Lisa's video 2

By SmCyber

When I saw her the first time she was sitting beside a trainer
on the couch at a rape party Eric and I had been invited to. She
was dressed in a floral patterned long dress that was slit up
one side nearly to her waist. She sat motionless with a pink
dildo embedded deep into her mouth lips straining eyes pleading,
her legs were splayed wide and the slit revealed most of her
left leg. Eric had pointed her out to me.

"Legs wider, Girl", the young trainer said, smiling and nodding
in my direction.

I ran my appreciative eyes over the long legs being exposed so
freely and then up to the pretty face with red tear stained eyes
and the dark, dark long hair cascading over the full breasts which protruded like ripe fruit under the silky material of the

"16 or 17", I pointed out to Eric, "if that!"

We strolled around the room looking at those unfortunate females
many of whom had only arrived today. Several trainers had
brought with them cameras to record the afternoons events. Those
men at the party with whom the girls were to be made to perform
were already well acquainted with the format. For quite some time now
the traditional ice breaker was the striping of the inmates by
their appointed trainer followed by the introduction of the girl to humiliating suspension bondage. Eric went to get a fresh
beer for me and when he returned he told me he had met Lisa at
school and wanted to introduce me to her. I expected to find
Lisa still on the couch with her trainer where we had first
seen her, but Eric led me instead into an adjoining room off
the main hall where we found Lisa standing handcuffed still
fully clothed alone, waiting for us to arrive.

The room was windowless. The floor was finished with a drain
that split the room in two. Along the wall were heavy leather
straps fastened to round iron hoops which were drilled into the
cement. In the centre of the room was a low table and couch.
Leather thongs were fastened to four iron hoops. It all looked

Eric closed the door behind us and after exchanging pleasantries
we sat on the couch in front of the marble topped table between
us and Lisa. Lisa stood awkwardly with both hands cuffed
behind her back and both ankles spread wide with a three foot
spreader bar. Eric smiled evils at the terrified girl then
turned to face me as she shivered and trembled.

Smiling warmly I spoke.

"Bob tells me that you were her PE Master", I said with
interest. "He also says that you both arranged for her arrest"

"And both respected family friends to boot" he quickly added.

Smiling broadly now Eric responded with a broad wink an a nudge
the significance of which was not lost on poor lost Lisa.

Turning to Lisa Eric took up control...............

"You are very attractive, Lisa, we both appreciate pretty women,
especially women with long shapely legs", I replied.

Lisa face crumbled and her shoulders lifted as she wailed a
reaching scream into her dildo lollipop.

"Think yourself lucky Lisa what your about to do although
unpleasant will be nothing to what you will be made to do later
with the apprentices."

Standing now Eric reached down and unclipped the spreader bar
from both her beautiful ankles pausing only to look deep into
her contorted face.

Stepping back and with a flourish Eric Motioned to Lisa to stand
on the low table. Weeping and trembling she stepped gingerly
up onto the table in front of us and began to draw her feet

"Oh No No NO " instructed Eric "You are here to entertain us,
where do you think you are at the races?"

Moving more quickly now Eric slid between the outspread legs a
low wooden hurdle reminiscent of a child's rocking horse.

A block and tackle was swung into position above the poor young lady and the associated hook slipped behind the straining

Taking the strain Eric pulled on the block and tackle and raised
the girls forearms forcing the inmate to lean forward.

Satisfied with this Eric lifted first Lisa's left foot and then
her right foot into locking stirrups.

Lisa's head swam, off balance, arms high up behind, her legs
astride the horse snorting into the dildo gag.

"You like horse riding don't you Lisa" giggled Eric "Well this
is what I've arranged for you".

Moving around the front of our poor unfortunate victim Eric
stroked his chin and thought deeply for a moment or two.

"Your clothes spoil it, they will have to come off" he said.

Raising her skirt slowly as I watched with interest, Eric
promised her all forms of horrors, her eyes darting around the
room looking for help.

When he had slid the silky material all the way to her waist,
revealing not only both of her long lithe legs, but her most
private part as well, he smiled broader and said slowly,

"How do you like this Lisa?"

"Oh I am sorry you cant answer can you with that horrible thing
in your little mouth can you" he gloated.

Eric reached over to me and took my left hand and slid it under
her short skirt, pressing it against her damp pubis, beginning
to breathe hard as he stared at the soon to be naked beauty in
front of us.

"Open wide, Lisa" he chuckled as he unbuckled the dildo. The
dildo was drawn out with an unladylike plop.

Almost instantly Lisa started to beg and plead all manner of
promises were made intermingled with screams and crying.

Eric returned to his seat and said "Lets let her calm down for a

Lisa screamed and bellowed and begged for a full twenty minutes
during which time Eric explained what he would do to her in the
following years of her sentence.

These details were not lost on our poor young lady sexual
perversions were discussed and Lisa could only squirm and plead
for release.

Tiring of Lisa's begging Eric fitted into her mouth a spreader
clamp originally designed to force the jaws of a patient apart
whilst undergoing dental surgery.

Lisa swallowed hard, obviously very freighted by the act of
exposing the inside of her virgin mouth to both of us and by the
instructions he had given her. He reached between her legs
with both his hands, and holding the dress up with his arms
pressed tight against her waist, he pulled at her labia with
unhurried fingers, pulling them outward so that we might see
the pink wetness of her already lubricated vagina. The lips
were moist with vaginal fluids and the longer he held her open
for us the larger the dark circle of her hole seemed to grow.

"Take your hands and spread her cheeks and have a feel around"
suggested Eric to me.

Lisa was squirming and bucking like a pig on a spike as I spread
open her cheeks and stroked her virgin anus.

Taking a few more liberties I maintained my probing as Eric like
a City tailor snipped off our young girls clothes.

Now naked astride the horse feet and shoes in the locking
stirrups, Lisa looked more scared than ever.

Into the top of the horse Eric screwed a black studded dildo
only for your front passage he explained to her.

"But if we have any trouble with will have an anal
invader as well OK" he instructed.

Whilst I enjoyed myself with Lisa, Eric took the rags which were
once the proud girls clothes and tossed then into the fire.

Returning to Lisa Eric instructed her to lower herself onto the
rampant dildo.

Hesitating for a moment Lisa all legs, mouth and eyes wide
stared in disbelief.

"Nooooooooooooo" she groaned through her spread wide lips like
a poor ventriloquist, "Noooooooooooo" her pink tongue dashing to
and fro.

"Down you go girl or I'll fix another plastic lover for your bum
hole and I'll stand on your shoulders" Eric quickly replied.

Slowly accepting defeat Lisa lowered herself onto the black

"Now the rules are very simple Lisa" said Eric,

"Listen very carefully ... are you listening " Lisa red faced
impaled Nodded slowly.

Leaving Lisa waiting for instructions Eric retrieved from the
fire place what appeared to be a medieval branding iron.

Eric explained to a disbelieving Lisa that unless she
masturbated herself on the dildo horse riding fashion she would
be branded with the camps insignia.

Lisa was lost and she knew it shamed at her nudity in front of
her former PE Master and family friend Lisa started to rock her
beautiful hips on her personal lover.

"I'd want some up and down motions as well please " smiled Eric.

Whilst Lisa continued to grind away on the horse Eric turned to

"The clit, Mike, lift it with your finger and let it poke itself
out toward us.

Show me and your PE Master your clit", I said as dirty as I

The back of the horse was pressing my hand hard against her now
soaked pussy as Eric placed his finger under her tender clit
and lifted it, encouraging it to snake out from under its hood
and exciting it even further as he pushed his finger against
it. I began sliding my fingers alongside the slippery dildo
feeling the tightness inside Lisa's cunt. Lisa rocked and
twisted there elevated in front of us displaying her innermost
charms so lewdly. Lisa moaned and fucked her hips toward my hand.

"Do you like the dick up you, Lisa?", I asked.

"Ohhh Noooooooo, Master...please let me stop, Master!", she said
hotly through her spread-eagle lips.

"Your swollen lips and extended clit make you hot, don't they my
precious little slave?"

"No Nooooooooo Master, please, Noooo!", she replied.

"Would you like to have my dick in your pretty mouth, Lisa?", I
asked, smiling.

Lisa's hips jerked forward involuntarily as I asked her the
question and a rivulet of juice began running down the inside of
her left thigh.

Encouraged by Eric and ignoring her pleading I positioned a
simple chair in front of Lisa's horse.

Carefully removing my clothes I mounted the chair and slipped my
now fully stiffened interrogator into her mouth.

Twisting and turning her head tried to get away from me and I
was obliged to hold her still by her ears.

With a very easy motion I copulated with her mouth her tongue
darted around in a vain effort to expel me.

"Wow this is really something" I nodded to Eric," This going to
take sometime very little friction lovely warm tongue and a nice
tight throat.

"Take your time I'm going to fetch a video I think her family should see their daughters training..... bloody traitors !", he

Her hips moving even more regularly now as she stared at my
belly button urgently now, like an animal, she was fucking

Turning to Eric I took my fingers from her left ear and rubbed
them over her breasts and face as I spoke to her. "Learn well
for your Master, Lisa. lick his swollen glands with your tender
tongue and with your ripe mouth."

"Slide your submissive tongue into my dick and suck for all your
worth and maybe I'll recommend you for good behaviour"

Lisa moans and screams with the sheer horror, I delight in her
shame. She has displayed her nakedness to her new Master Eric
with great humiliation and deserves to be rewarded for her
efforts. "Your sexual sluttishness will be video taped and
copies as usual will be sent to opposition HQ and your family."

Eric returned, and moved around the table, video in hand

"OK let rip.... take one ACTION."

I felt her tongue in a vain effort to expel me stiffen, the snug
mouth closed around my cockhead. The muscles around my anus
tightened to force more meat into cock. She cried out, shame
mixed with discomfort as I poked her mouth. I lunged ahead, not
giving a damn whether the girl enjoyed the assault, not caring
for anyone save myself.

Eric moved around the room getting all the best angles.

I concentrated on releasing the load in my passion clogged
testicles. Humping with a bull's abandon, no longer feeling the
presence of Lisa's teacher, not even realising he was there.
All she was there for was as a receptacle for my lust.

Receptacles don't feel, arnt human, I humped methodically,
sawing her tender, sensitive mouth. All I thought about as I
plunged away was how much snugger, warmer , moister her vagina would be following its introduction to dildo sex.

I bore down, striking repeatedly with tiny, sharp blows of my
hips hearing her gurgling her spit as my balls gave up their
load, my semen issued forth splashing first over her tongue then
her lovely tear stained face.

Lisa's Adam's apple bobbed as she vainly tried to eject my seed,
glancing down I saw her eyes vacant, lust drained dullness of
her eyes, her jaws speckled with my jism, the tousled hair
matting her forehead.

I reached down spread the dripping semen over the girls heaving

This was to be the first of five videotaped interrogations I
would be involved in today, Still somebody has to teach the
opposition party to respect us the Progressive Corrective

After exchanging a few pleasantries with Eric I dressed, I
walked out of the room without looking back, leaving the part
time trainer with his pupil.

Only feet away from a whole room full of other trainers Eric
would undoubtedly rape the inmate gaining extra satisfaction
knowing that her internment was his doing and her family could
do nothing to help her for two years.

Several days after the party I received the following letter
from Eric...................

Lisas' video 2
By SmCyber


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