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LISA 3 videos law must presented


WARNING: This story contains strong themes of coercion and forced sexual behavior. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the writer does not in any way suggest or condone similar behavior. REPOST freely keeping this disclaimer & By SmCyber Please let me know if you like it / want more / have any ideas.

If you enjoy this work, take a moment to e-mail the author. Your comments are his only payment. Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author SmCyber unless explicitly indicated.

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Lisas' video 3 By SmCyber

This is a copy of the Email Eric sent me after he and his
drunken friends had enjoyed the new prisoner Lisa.

Hi SmCyber,

Re. Prisoner Training Open Days.

Thank you for finding time to visit our regional retraining
centre yesterday. I hope you found the females used to
demonstrate our vigorous retraining program interesting. In
particular the young Lisa had a particularly unpleasant
evening. As you were leaving a group of drunken trainers
arrived, it seems that one of them suggested that Lisa be
buggered. This is not uncommon but as the lads had been drinking
all day the acts were extraordinarily brutal, considering her
inexperience and tender years. You may wish to know that
tomorrow morning at 9.00 a.m. I am expecting a further fifty two
female prisoners. I understand you have requested the
opportunity to witness their induction first hand. Please meet
my aide at around 8.50 a.m. in my office, he will make
arrangements for you to follow the young ladies first day here.
If you wish to arrive earlier please contact Nigel on Ext.. 334
and he will arrange breakfast for you. Hope you find our
induction day interesting look forward to meeting you for lunch

Yours Eric.

Arriving early the next day at approximately 8.00 a.m. I was
greeted by Nigel. As promised he had arranged a hearty
breakfast. Not surprisingly considering the purpose of the camp,
breakfast was served by what I later found out to be a mother and daughter team. Both were naked and sporting nipple jewellery
and labia clips which clicked silently as they went about their
duties. " If you require anything don't hesitate to get one of
the girls to fetch it for you" explained Nigel. The mother was
about 33 years old and shuddered when I asked her how long they
had been at the camp. Nigel made a polite excuse to leave, as my
hands started to wander over the pair of shaven mons. I'd made
arrangements with Nigel the previous day for simple relief and
after a good breakfast I had both women take turns masturbate me, as I waited patiently in Eric's office for the prison bus to
arrive with its consignment of fresh raw material. " Yow party
time ! " shouted Nigel from the next room indicating the arrival
of the prison bus. From the office window I could see the
prison bus arrive, my first impression was that it resembled a
typical suburban commuter bus an ordinary bus but on closer
inspection bars over its windows could be made out. Pausing for
ten or fifteen minutes whilst the security guards checked the
paper work and boarded the bus presumably to make a head count
allowed me just enough time to roughly poke the mum and come
over her daughters innocent face. This done I decided to move
down stairs to closer to obtain a closer better look. Shielding
my eyes from the early morning sun with both my hands I stared
intently at the buses human cargo. Although it was thirty or
forty yards away I could clearly make out the faces of those
women nearest to me. Their faces were frantically darting around
looking for reassurance visibly terrified, some eyes were
transfixed on the gate of their new intimidating home. There on
the gates before them was a two foot high shield embellished
with the symbol of the PCP. Apparently satisfied with the
paperwork and the corresponding quota of women inmates the
guards stepped from the bus and waved the driver through the
high security gates. As the bus passed by my open window I could
plainly see not only those women on the side of the bus closest
me but also the other prisoners sitting along side them. Around
their necks were what appeared to be red steel collars, which
attached to chains, held their heads distressingly high. Their
arms were outstretched and clamped to bolts fixed into the rear
of the seat in front of them. Almost half the women I could see
were crying. Three or four of the girls caught sight of me
watching as the bus slowed to a standstill opposite the main
reception area. Smiling I waved a generously proportioned whip
in their direction, those faces not previously crying crumpled
and turned away. I decided that today I would watch the
induction of these women into the mass rape ways of the
retraining camp. By the time I arrived at the reception hall
the fifty two female prisoners had been decanted from the bus
and herded like animals inside. At the front of the austere
brightly lit hall on top a small stage area the duty officer had
already started calling the register of names of today's
unfortunate female prisoners. Standing in front of him, astride
broad white lines in five neat rows were the women still wearing
their steel transit collars. I could not help noticing that
today's intake were much younger than those I had seen during
previous visits to other camps. The girls unsurprisingly came
in all shapes, sizes and colours, tall and short, plump and
thin, black, white and Asian, some sporting long loose hair
styles others with short expensively coiffure hair, blondes,
brunettes and red heads. Some were wearing simple dresses others
jeans and tee shirts, one or two were wearing expensive designer
pieces. A small group obviously picked up on route to school,
either at a school bus stops or roadblocks were wearing green
school uniforms. About eight to ten girls were in night-dresses
or dressing gowns. From their appearances today's intake had all
been picked up within the previous three hours. Each of the
girls stood clutching what ever possessions they had with then
when they were picked up in the early hours to attend for
retraining. Walking between the lines were ten or twelve male
apprentices their function to ensure that any outbursts were
dealt with immediately and firmly. As if to order when her name
was called a young lady stepped forward and remonstrated that
she had tried to convince her parents that their opposition to
the PCP was wrong " NO STOP please, pleasee can I talk to the
officer in charge, I'm not supposed to be..............." she
started before the nearest apprentice yanked her cruelly back
into line by her hair , " Stop there been a terrible
mista.........." she continued to scream, struggling, before
another apprentice approached from her other side and pummelled
her solar plexus with his riot stick. The duty officer continued
with the remainder of the roll call uninterrupted, whilst the
apprentices coaxed the winded girl to her feet with a rain of
painful kicks and punches. Satisfied that the register was
correct the duty officer put aside the list of names and
examined today's girls. Scanning their faces the officer watched
intently as some refused to make eye contact and stared in
silence at the floor whilst others looked fearfully through red eyes at the assembled men who would be their lords and masters
for the next two years of their lives. Two girls from each row
were taken by the arm and detailed to thread a steel chain
through eyelet's at the rear of each girls collar. As each row
was threaded onto a chain the apprentices were busy locking the
collars onto the chain preventing sideways movement. As each
daisy chain was completed senior officers locked the free ends
of the chains to substantial wall brackets on the side walls.
Finally each pair of hand cuffs was fixed to a clip on the front
of the collars just below each girls chin. Satisfied that the
terrified audience was suitably restrained the duty officer
started to recite the all to familiar induction speech.

"You have been brought here today to serve two years confinement
and punishment under penal code 45 section 4. Your crime is
being a female family member of a family sympathetic to the
opposition party" he paused as a single young female voice
shouted out. Nodding to the nearest apprentice and laying down
his notes he waited for the apprentice to apply his electric
cattle prod to the chain linking the row of girls containing the
heckler. Instantly the row of girls convulsed as a 50k Volt jolt
pulsed along the line. Leaving the prod in position for a few
moments the grinning apprentice acknowledged the subtle nod of
the duty officer. Screaming and wailing the girls hung below
the chain as their legs gave way, looking along the line two or
three pools of urine appeared between the legs of the paralysed
girls. "During your time with us you will not be allowed to
speak unless you are addressed directly. All insubordination
and resistance will be dealt with firmly as you have just
discovered" he added dryly. Whilst the officer was turning the
page I could not help but notice the sobbing and moaning had
intensified. " Your time here has been set by parliament, there
will be no remission or parole ! " he explained. "If you do not
perform well, you will not leave this establishment in one piece
! " As if to stress the point further he added "Rebel and you
will be unmercifully punished ! in ways you will not believe !"
he said as the level of sobbing increased. "OK that's the
official induction speech out of the way young ladies, I think
its about time we get down to a few 'interesting' specifics ! "
he smiled as he put down his well used crib notes. "You are all
probably aware by now that whilst you are here certain
unpleasant sexual 'video' evidence will be created detailing
your retraining" pausing as he stepped down from the stage. "
These videos by law must be presented formally to your families
and they will be required to watch your training at a local
police station before the tapes go on sale" he said. Walking
along the front line of girls waiting momentarily to lift a chin
and to look into a victims horrified eyes he added " You will
ALL be raped many times before you leave here," he stressed " to
most of you this will be your first sexual experience." From
somewhere in the middle of the hall a guttural "Noooooooooo
please .... " rang out, " Teach her please" the officer calmly
stated as a steady arm raised another cattle stunner to the
unfortunates team chain. Waiting patiently for the screaming and
bucking line to quieten down the officer moved into a new line.
" From here you will be taken to different processing units
where your duties today will be explained, listen well and do as
you are instructed" he explained. I watched intently as the two
rows of girls were de-coupled from the side walls. Still linked
by the chain they were marched sobbing out of the hall. Leaving
the remaining thirty or so girls to be collected by other
trainers, Amongst the girls who were leaving were schoolgirls,
three youngsters in dressing gowns, a young lady power dresser
in a smart pinstripe suit, a red haired punk, uniformed shop
workers, two pretty girls wearing jeans and blouses and
ordinary young ladies in skirts and dresses. I decided that I
would follow the progress of the second group today, reasoning
that I could chose different groups of ladies after lunch and
tomorrow a different group again. The girls I chose to watch
were led up a flight of stairs into what used to be the camps
gymnasium by a team of four uniformed apprentices and a senior
officer. Set out across the centre of the hall were ten chairs
set approximately six feet apart. The girls huddled in the
corner of the room as the officer made a brief telephone call
and the apprentices circled and goaded the petrified girls.
Returning from the phone the officer instructed the lads to
fully release all of the girls. One or two of the girls tried to
smile as their neck clamps were removed obviously thinking that
their torment today was not going to be as bad as they had first
thought. Waiting for all the girls to be freed the officer
impatiently paced up and down the row of chairs. Seeing the last
collar drop to the floor he shouted " OK you cunts over here
take a chair each, shut up, and stand to its side", obviously
not satisfied with the speed in reacting he shouted to the
apprentices " Get these cunts to their chairs now " he bellowed,
the four apprentices jumped into action a couple of stragglers
had painful raps across their shins to hurry them to their
chairs. Standing alongside the chairs the panic-stricken girls waited and watched as the officer casually pulled a chair in
front and sat down. Either side of him the apprentices stood
spread out toying with their riot sticks. Each youthful face
grinning at the row of frightened girls. Looking along the line
the first young lady was wearing jeans and a floral blouse she
had blonde hair and a slim appearance, "Name ?" shouted the
officer as he pointed to her . With a trembling voice she
mumbled " Clare... Clare Atkins" " Clare Atkins SIR" screamed
the officer. " Clare Atkins Sir " she sobbed. "OK Clare Atkins
we are going to play a little game" he smiled dangerously, " Do
you know how to play the game Simple Simon ?" he asked grinning
broadly. " Ye....Yes Sir" she meekly replied. " Good Good" he
said "What about you ?" he said pointing to the shop worker
standing to Clares' left " the girl nodded and seeing the
thunder in the officers face quickly added " Susan ... Susan
Thomas sir Yes sir I know how to play Simple Simon sir." The
officer repeated the question to each of the girls in turn, the
young power dresser was the only one who failed to understand
the rules. " You explain the rules to the stupid cunt " he said
pointing his stick at the red headed punk. Mary the punk quietly
and slowly explained the simple rules to Bridget the young office girl, " Whatever Simple Simon says you have to do OK" she
explained. Bridget, looked puzzled but nodded ! Satisfied that
each girl knew his rules the officer decided to proceed. "
Right lets get started Simple Simon Says
........................." he paused " Simple Simon Says
........ Clare Atkins take off your clothes !" Horror
stricken 15 year old Clares' hands went to her face. The officer
waited for a full two minutes in silence as the poor girl cringed and sobbed wildly the other girls wept openly at the
indecent instruction. " Take off your clothes NOW !" he firmly
demanded as he waved forward an apprentice with an electric riot
stick. Clare suffered five paralysing shocks before she could
bring herself to remove her clothes. The grinning apprentices
and the officer enjoyed the spectacle of the pretty girl stripping, the trembling fingers and the bright red face made
quite a pleasant sight. First she removed her shoes, the officer
instructed her to put them 'neatly' together under the chair.
After removing them she was instructed to neatly fold and lay
her jeans and her blouse over the chair, soon she stood in only
her bra and panties. Grinning broadly " Take those off as well
pleasssssse " mocked the officer. Clares slim manicured fingers
hesitated momentarily before she pushed open the clasp on her
front loading bra, slipping it off her shoulders Clare managed
to retain a little dignity for a few moments by clasping her arm
in front of her breasts. Placing her now redundant bra over the
chair Clare pushed down her panties with her free hand, turning
slightly to the side crouching she picked up her pants and
clasped them to he naked private parts. " On the chair with
those as well !" instructed the officer, pointing to the girls crumpled pink pants , Clare momentarily released the covering
hand giving the excited audience a brief glimpse of her bush as
she dropped her pants onto the chair. " There that's wasn't so
bad was it " he giggled, waiting, choosing his moment " STAND
NOW" he blared thumping his riot stick repeatedly on the wooden
hall floor, shocked she slowly obeyed sliding her hands behind
her neck and spreading her feet widely, her face blushed
brightly. She stood exposed and vulnerable shivering under the
gaze of the delighted guards. Her nipples hard her body covered
in goose pimples her legs barely holding her upright as she
shook uncontrollably alongside her neatly folded clothes. The
next girl to play Simple Simon was Mary the punk, she was
instructed to remove only her boots and her maxi skirt and her
Star Trek panties before being stopped and told to hand stand
against the wall. Next Bridget was to perform Simple Simon "
Simple Simon says ..................... " pausing for thought "
Simple Simon says ........................ Bridget take off your
shoes" the officer watched as she kicked off her high heeled
pumps, " Simple Simon says ........... Bridget tear open your
blouse" continuing slowly the officer had the poor young girl destroy each article of clothing before telling her to remove
it. The two school girls one white and one asian were forced
to undress one another in slow humiliating stages. When the
officer had stripped all the remaining girls naked he returned
his attention back to Mary the punk, who by now had been
performing her indecent hand stand for ten minutes. She was
allowed to stand and told to remove her floral hippie top, her
trembling hands struggled with the cotton bows as the blood
circulation slowly refreshed her arms. When all the young ladies
had stripped off their clothes, the officer instructed that the
humiliating pose adopted by Clare was to be performed by all the
girls. Soon all stood vulnerable, and naked, breasts uplifted
by their pose and their open splayed legs. The apprentices were
invited to inspect the shaking and terrified girls closer. After
a short while, probably ten minutes, the naked girls were
instructed to trot to the far end of the gymnasium retaining
their grips on their necks. It was a delight to be in the gym.
After yesterday, I was not at all surprised to be watching the
ten or eleven naked girls lined up along the far wall. The
officer had the girls trotting back and forth bare footed for
five minutes before ordering them to race. The loser received
encouragement as her legs were cruelly whipped. I really
enjoyed this nude physical exercise under duress angle that the
officer employed on his unwilling victims. The use of forced
physical exercise performed naked and compelled by the threat
and use of cattle prods gave me a fantastic hard on. It's a
great technique to use when you want to leave minimal marks on
your girlie victims bodies. I liked to watch and see that
running them to exhaustion and tears, then zapping them when
they faltered produced a level of horror found no where else.
Next the officer had them laying on their backs in a row and
cycling their legs above their heaving chests. Moving along the
line the officer prodded the presented cunts with his riot stick
screaming " Don't stop you worthless cunt" When he reached the
white schoolgirl Tina he held a cattle prod inches from her
sweaty face and with his other hand pressed into her grinding
cunt his riot stick. "If you stop cycling young lady I'll push
this prod up you instead " Tina continued to cycle her legs high
in the air masturbating her self on the polished wooden shaft. "
How I like the sweaty little cunts working themselves off " he
remarked to the nearest apprentice. " Perhaps, you might have
them run through the shower to clean them up before the rape if
your boys are the sensitive sort." I remarked to the officer
quietly. Smiling the officer agreed " But wait I'll do better
than that " he smiled.. After allowing the girls a few moments
to catch their breath the officer had the girls climbing the
wall frames slowly at first then again in races. Soon the naked
bodies were glistening with female sweat as they continued to
exercise to and through the pain barrier for the enjoyment of
the guards and me. After about hour the officer ordered the
girls to the far end of the gym, all stood with their backs to
the far wall awaiting instructions. Each young lady covering her
nudity as best she could with arms and hands. Anxious looks
darted from the terrified faces of today's intake, those at the
two ends of the line were begging with their eyes the uniformed
guards to be allowed back their clothes. The apprentices were
instructed to prepare and fit wrist and ankle cuffs on each of
the girls. When each young ladies had been fitted with her
cuffs, the girls were herded out of the hall into what could
best be described as a ice cold perfumed sheep dip, pushed into
line the row of sweaty naked girls were forced one at a time to
jump in, instantly to be pushed under by an apprentice with a
steel pole. Coughing and spluttering each girl kicked to reach
the far side. The shivering girls huddled together to keep warm
as they were led back one at a time to strategic points around
the gym. Each girl stood approximately ten feet from her nearest
neighbour in shame shivering. When all the girls had been
positioned the officer instructed them to lie on their backs on
the floor. Working quickly and in pairs the apprentices spread
eagled each of the girls in turn to iron shackles set into the
floor. It took about ten minutes for all the girls to be
restrained, seeing what was happening caused the petite 16 year
old asian schoolgirl to panic and try to escape but her vain
attempt only gained her moments of freedom and ten strokes of a
cane across her breasts when she was finally bound down. Firm
cushions were placed under the hips of each girl in turn,
raising and presenting the hairy feminine orifices as an easy
target, to a soprano chorus of "Nooooo's" The officer and the
apprentices strolled around the room checking the bonds and the
positioning of the cushions. Stopping once at each naked girl in
turn the officer bent down and asked each a simple series of
questions as he stoked either the girls breasts or inner thighs,
" Age ?" ... " Name ?" ... " Virgin ? " Rejoicing in their utter
shame the officer returned to the phone he had used earlier. "
OK you can come in now.... thanks ..... thanks for waiting " he
said replacing the handset. Moments latter five of the camps
most hideous men entered the room. Smiling and pointing to each
of the girls, each mans cock thickening with the sight and smell
of ten naked perfumed girls. The girls strained at their bonds
and twisted their necks to watch as the men quickly undressed
and hung their uniforms on hooks. A crescendo of wailing and
pleading erupted from the spread-eagled girls. Each rapist
proceeded to strap on a girth enhancer behind his glands. I
should explain these enhancers are a sort of finger-less cock
glove made in the Middle East from the finest black leather.
They are slipped over an erect dick and comfortably ( for the
man ) pad out and support the section of dick from behind the
glands. Inside the leather construction is a web of fine leather
laces undetectable to the wearer but to a woman they present a
coarsely ribbed surface. On the back of each enhancer is tough
leather stitching positioned to snag and trouble the clitoris.
Each man laced up his enhancer to suit his personal preference,
no one wanted to shoot to early with this amount of fresh cunt about I heard one remark. If one was lucky one might pop more
than one virgin anus as well. These government issue enhancers
were designed to fulfil two purposes. Firstly the leather
construction increased the pressure behind the glands prolonging
the rapists endurance and secondly the multiple straps caused
the female recipient significant discomfort initially and severe
pain during a prolonged session like today's. Horrified the
girls stared at the naked men unbelieving that only hours before
they were free. Now they were simply objects for the advancement
of a political party. Swinging slightly the enhanced dicks waved
menacingly as the men limbered up with gently stretching
exercises. The officer called the men over and introduced the
girls by name age and sexual experience. Seeing the men's
impatience he invited the men to have a good look around before
they got started, each rapist inspected the vulnerable victims
bodies in great detail before the three hour session got under
way. The first five girls to be raped were Mary, Clare, Tina,
Bridget and Susan. Inhuman roars and pleading rang through the
air as each man chose his initial victim. With legs splayed wide
and hips raised five cunts offered no resistance to the
professional rapists. One of the smaller girls screamed in agony
as her Negro rapist prodded her defenceless hole with his dick.
Soon the men were jumping on and off the girls unpredictably.
The officer explained that the men were trained to ensure that
each girl had her fair share of cock. Certainly the lads never
seemed mean in giving it to them. At one stage Bridget became
hysterical as the five rapists formed a queue each rapist giving
her thirty violent thrusts counted out by the others. This
intense fucking went on for ten minutes. As each rapist took up
the challenge. I could make out the poor girls raw cunt and
distended clitoris, battered repeatedly by the enhancers. I
watched for a full hour as the men enjoyed each of the girls bodies, the screaming never ceasing as their bodies were ravaged
those girls not currently being impaled watched in horror as the
circus of rapes continued around them, knowing that at any
moment it would be their turn again and again and again.

Lisa's video 3

By SmCyber


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