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LOCKER video tape stripping were teaching


The author of this story (cactusjuggler) reserves all rights to this
story--reproducing or posting this story without the author's permission is

Locker Room Domination By Cactus Juggler 1999

I was thirty-seven, and had been the head building manager for the
university sports complex for several years when it happened. Everyone
that used the building saw me walking around with my giant key ring full of
keys on hip. It was a good job, and with my 15 years at the university I
was up to $44K a year on the civil service scale. As part of my duties
watching over the building I had access to every area, and that's what got
me into trouble. I wasn't exactly a ladies man, and my love life was
nothing to brag about. That's what gave me the idea about the equipment
room in the women's athletics locker room. You see, in the women's locker
room there's this little equipment room that goes mostly unused. Other
than fresh towels piled up on counter for the women to take, it was
completely unused. It was always in darkness, and that's what gave me the
idea to hide my little VHS-C camcorder in there.

I decided to give it a try when nobody would be there, after nine when
the athletics center was closed to the student body. I told the student
employee who was on shift that I was going to check out some electrical
problems in the basement in case somebody asked about my presence in the
building this late. Once I was sure nobody would interrupt me, I took the
camcorder down to the locker room and slipped inside. Alone, I let myself
into the equipment room and looked for a good place to plant the camcorder.
I had about made up my mind when I was suddenly surprised to hear voices
coming towards the locker room. I ducked down so that I could just barely
peer between two piles of towels. I watched as five of the best looking
tall women on campus entered the locker room carrying sports bags. Shit!
How could I have forgotten that the volleyball team had a game against
other school in the city that night. It was marked on my calendar, as even
though most of the women went straight home after night meets that were
away, there were always a small group that came back to use the locker
room. My student must have let them in.

They were some pretty unattractive women on the volleyball team, but the
five I was now ogling in secret were all lookers. And *tall*. I'm only
5'7", and they were all around 6' tall. Even though I was a little bit
uneasy about actually being there when the girls were still around, the
idea of seeing these five beautiful young women changing and showering
practically made me cream my pants. I didn't have the camera set up, but
this was better than I'd ever dreamed!

That is, until I shifted my body position slightly. The huge ring of
keys on my hip made a huge jangling noise against the equipment room's
metal counter. I frantically searched for someplace to hide, but the women
were drawn to the room too quickly for me to react.

"What the hell is that?" A large breasted blonde girl said as she
approached the equipment room.

There was no place for me to hide. As she neared, her face showed anger
at spotting me peeping. I stood up, sheepishly, trying to think of a way
out of this.

"Sara, Andrea, come here. There's a peeping Tom watching us!" She
called to two of her friends, and all five of these amazon goddesses
approached me.

"Oh my god Ashley, you're right." Said another blonde as she too spotted

"He's got a camera!" A tall brunette exclaimed, spying my camcorder.

"I know this guy, he's the head building manager! Come out of there,
right now!" The first girl to spot me ordered.

I hung my head in shame as I left the equipment room and stepped out
into the open. The girls were all white, except for a black haired
hispanic beauty. It was the hispanic girl that said the words I knew where
coming in some form or another.

"You're so fucked, you know that? You are going to be fired so fast you
won't know what hit you." The black haired girl said to me.

"That's only if we report him, Sonia." The large chested girl told her,
ignoring me for the moment.

It was clear to me already that the big busted blonde was the leader of
the group.

"What do you mean Ash? Why wouldn't we report the little pervert?" The
hispanic girl said.

"Maybe we can punish him ourselves. What's your name?" She suddenly
asked me.


"Well Wayne, you're in some deep shit now. You're going to lose your
job for sure, unless you're willing to do what we say." She said, stepping
closer to me.

Suddenly she sucker punched me in the gut. I was completely surprised,
and completely winded.

"Besides, we can always beat the hell out of you. Little man." She
laughed as I collapsed to my knees.

Reaching down, she pushed me over onto my side. Laying on the floor
now, these women looked even more amazing. They loomed huge over me as
they gathered around my gasping form.

"What do you plan to do with him Ash?" One of the other girl's asked my

"I don't know. Teach him a lesson. He could start by sucking the sweat
from my socks." She laughed, putting her foot on my head.

The girl had already removed her shoes, and her foot was wet with sweat.
I put my hand up to push her foot away, but another girl stomped her own
foot down on my shoulder. I had no doubt that these women could physically
brutalize me if they wanted to.

"Do it pervert. Suck on my foot." Ashley ordered me, forcing her big
toe into my mouth at the same time.

"Great idea Sara. Get in close so that you can see his face." Ashley

I was horrified to see a tall brunette holding my camcorder and I could
see by the little red light that she had switched it on! As I began to
suck the smelly, sweaty toe of this fit young goddess, it was being taped
and I knew it. I was about to try to protest, but Ashley chose that moment
to step up onto my body with her other foot. Now all of her formidable
weight was on my chest and head. I grunted in pain, and she seemed amused.

"You're going to pay for being such a disgusting little pervert. You
worm!" She shouted at me.

In spite of the pain I was in, my penis started to swell. Being
dominated by this beautiful girl turned me on. As she stood on me, my cock
betrayed my true feeling about the situation.

"My god, he's getting a stiffy Ash!" Cried out one of the girls in

"You sick little worm! You're actually turned on by my smelly foot,
aren't you?" She asked me, pulling her foot from my face and standing with
both feet on my chest.

I could barely speak with the weight of her on my chest. As I looked up
at her glowering down at me, I didn't see any purpose in denying it.

"Yes." I managed to grunt.

"Well if Ash's socks turn you on, you're going to be in heaven now
pervert. Because my ass is soaked with sweat!" Sonia, the hispanic girl,
said as she knelt down above me.

She had removed her team shorts, and was now dressed only in her panties and jersey. I threw up my arms to push her away, but she just grabbed them
and pinned them down like I was a little child. I still didn't really
understand what she planned, until she moved right over my head. She was
facing the Ashley, the girl standing on my chest, as her knees took up
positions on either side of me. Realizing what she planned, I looked up in
horror at her huge panty covered ass as she lowered it down onto my face!
Before I was immersed in her ass, I saw the dark triangle of sweat marking
her white cotton panties. And then my world went dark as her ass sort of
absorbed my face. I tried desperately to breathe, but all I could manage
was the tiniest of sweat-laden gasps of air.

"Sonia! You're too much! Ha ha aha ha!" I could hear Ashley laughing.

"Can he breathe?" One of the other girls asked.

"Who cares? He should have thought of that before he tried to make some
home movies of us." She replied.

My senses were completely assailed with their domination of me. From
the crushing weight on my face and chest. To the laughter of my tormentors
filling my ears. To the aroma of Sonia's sweaty ass filling my lungs and
the taste of Ashley's sock in my mouth. I was being totally dominated.
Finally I could breathe as my only unused sense returned and I saw Sonia's
ass lifting off of my face. I gasped for air as the girl holding the
camera zoomed in on my face.

"See, he's still alive." Sonia said.

"And he loves your sweaty ass, *doesn't* he?" Ashley said, grinding her
foot in my gut.

"Y-yes. I-I love it." I said, trying appease her.

All five of them broke into gales of laughter at my words. Sonia
reached back and pulled my head straight before slapping her ass back down
on my face. I listened, helpless, as they negotiated who would ride me
next as I lay there smothering.

"Come on Sonia, you're hogging him. That looks like fun." I heard
someone telling the girl on my face.

I could breathe again with the departure of Sonia's smothering ass, but
another girl quickly moved herself into position. With Ashley still
standing on me, I was helpless to fight as this second blond girl stood
over me. Also stripped to her panties, the new girl stood facing away from
Ashley before squatting down towards me. Reaching her knees, she grabbed
my head with both hands and guided it into her crotch as she sat on my

"Mmmmm. This feels really good. Look, you can still see his little
eyes." Andrea said as she adjusted her position on my face and looked down
at me.

I could only peer up from between her thighs, helpless, my nose and
mouth completely covered by her panty covered crotch. As she wiggled her
crotch on my face I found the smell of her sweat to be mixed with another

"Andrea, are you doing what I think you're doing down there?" Ashley
said, finally stepping off of me.

"Why not, it feels so good. I love the way I can control how much he
can breathe." The girl on my face said as she allowed me a little gasp.

It was a relief to finally have Ashley get off of me, but I was still
being smothered in this girl's crotch. I mean, she was probably only 18 or
19 and here she was *using* me to get off. All of these girls were
probably almost twenty years my junior, and here I was as helpless as a
child before them. Moaning as she worked, Andrea rubbed herself in my
face. Watching from my prison beneath her, I saw that the other girls were

"No fair! I thought of that, but I thought it was going too far!"
Andrea said to her now naked comrades.

Lifting herself off of me, she looked down and smiled. Watching my
face, she pulled the crotch of her panties to the side, exposing her hairy
muff. I grunted with pain as one of the brunettes stepped up onto my chest
behind Andrea.

"You're going to eat my pussy little man." Andrea told me with a smile,
before lowering her exposed sex onto my face.

"Oooooh. I'm next!" The brunette on my chest declared as Andrea wiggled
her already moist pussy into position on my face.

Helpless and smothering, I did what she wanted. The taste of her
dominant young pussy filled my mouth as my tongue did her bidding. She let
me catch the odd breath as she slid her wet pussy up and back on my face in
time with my lapping tongue. They all stood around naked, cheering her on.

"That's it Andrea, cum on his face!" One of them was shouting when I
heard someone else entering the room.

I was just barely able to see that it was the head of the cheerleading
squad, about 5'5" and gorgeous, wearing jeans and a sweater. She looked
shocked as she saw what the naked volleyball players were doing. She
quickly approached and some of my tormentors seemed worried at being caught
having there fun with me. The girl rubbing her cunt in my face stopped
moving, just settling there atop me.

"What on earth are you doing?" The new girl said.

"Amber, he was trying to video tape us stripping, we're teaching him a
lesson." Sonia, the hispanic girl, said quickly.

"And he agreed to this?" She asked them.

"Not really, but then he's not in any position to argue, is he?" Andrea,
the girl sitting on my face, laughed nervously.

"What are you doing here anyway?" One of them asked her.

"I forgot my statistics book in my locker and I have an exam tomorrow.
You're going to have to get off of him. He'll be in trouble, but you can't
just make him lick you." Amber told them righteously, and suddenly I had
hope that I could get out of this.

"Who are you to tell us what we can and can't do?" Ashley said,
approaching the much smaller cheerleader.

The other brunette, whose name I hadn't heard, and Sonia also move in
around Amber. Amber now had her back against the locker as Ashley, the
dominant one, moved in even closer. Ashley grabbed the little
cheerleader's shoulders and pushed her back against the locker.

"Maybe you should join him, little miss high and mighty." Ashley told

"Get off of me!" Amber shouted as she pushed Ashley's hands up off her

The naked, and much larger blonde met Amber's hands with her own and the
two were suddenly pushing at each other with their fingers locked together.
Amber looked like she was the size of a child next to the big blonde goddess, just like I must look in a similar comparison. Strength and
leverage were all on Ashley's side as she forced the girl down onto her
knees with her back to the lockers. As Andrea suddenly went back to
rubbing her sex in my face, the last thing I saw was Ashley pushing her
crotch into the girl's face!

"Suck my pussy, you little cunt. You wanted to help him, here's your
chance." I heard Ashley shouting, and then the sound of the cheerleader's
head slamming into the lockers.

As Andrea's motions on my face quickened I was amazed at how much
lubrication she produced. I was covered with the stuff. I licked and
sucked and all the while fought desperately to keep enough air in me to
survive. From the sound I heard as I worked, it became obvious that Amber,
the cheerleader, was now performing the same duties as I was. When Andrea
came, her thighs clenched my head so hard I thought it would burst like a
grape. She sat on me for a few moments more before climbing off of me.

"Mmmmmhhh. That was really nice. Your turn, Jenny." She told the girl standing on my chest.

I could now see Ashley pulling the cheerleaders face into her crotch
from a standing position. Sara, the girl with the camera, was now filming
the poor cheerleader's plight. As Jenny lowered herself to straddle me,
Ashley grabbed the cheerleader by her hair and dragged her towards me.

"Get down next to him." Ashley shouted at her captive, throwing her down
near me.

"This way you can get both of them in the picture." Ashley told Sara.

As Jenny sat down onto my face, Ashley was doing the same to the girl beside me. Sonia stepped heavily up onto me, and I grunted with the pain
of her weight. Andrea, coming down from the orgasm she'd had on my face,
took the camera from Sara so that she could get her turn. Sara stood up on
Amber the way Sonia was standing on me.

"Get to work!" Jenny told me as her wet folds met my mouth.

A completely different pussy's flavor and aroma enveloped my senses as I
began to toil under this new goddess's beautiful body.

"That's it, you little cunt. Lick my pussy." I could her Ashley
gloating from her perch on Amber's face.

It seemed like I licked and sucked at Jenny's pussy forever. She took a
lot longer than Andrea to get fired up, and all the while I could feel the
impatient footsteps of Sonia on my bruised and battered chest. Next to me,
Amber was making similar slurping noises under Ashley. It went on and on,
Jenny and Ashley's moans both accelerating at our toils. It was like they
were racing to cum, and it was my rider that won. Screaming, Jenny
viciously ground her mound in my face as she came and came and came. I was
totally winded, so weak that I couldn't move, when Jenny finally climbed
off of my face. I could see Ashley's big breasts heaving as she humped
Amber's face until she too came, crying out, atop her new toy's smothered

"I'm the only one who hasn't got off!" Sonia exclaimed, still standing
on my chest.

"Hold on a second, Sonia. I've got an idea for you." Ashley said to
her, still panting from her seat on Amber's face.

"You've waited the longest, so you deserve something special. Turn
around and put your ass in his face again. You make him eat your ass while
I put this little cunt to work on your pussy!" She suggested with an evil

"You hear that little man?" Sonia asked me as she knelt over my head.

I could barely breathe, much less answer her as she began to lower her
ass towards my face. Ashley was dragging the similarly gasping Amber into
position by her hair.

"You already sniffed my ass, now it's time to lick my asshole." The
beautiful raven haired goddess told me as she sat her ass smoothly down
onto my face.

As she wiggled her ass into position on my face, my mouth and nose deep
in her ass-crack, I felt Amber climbing onto me as Ashley dragged the poor
girl to Sonia's pussy. Sonia moved herself so that my mouth was right at
her anus, and as I tentatively forced myself to tongue her ass I could feel
Amber working only inches away on her pussy. The two tongues slurping at
her privates from both sides had Sonia moaning like a champ in no time.
Our double-tongued attack pushed her over the edge so fast it surprised
even me. My head throbbed with pain from the crushing I was receiving as I
tried my best to please the owner of the ass smothering the life from me. I
was so weak now that I could barely even move my tongue against her, I was
going to pass out soon. And then finally she was cumming, riding the waves
of pleasure she felt as she continued to ride my face. Still smothering, I
distantly felt the sensation of Amber being pulled off of me. And then I
could breathe again, as Sonia lifted her gorgeous, terrifying ass off of my

"He looks like he's about to pass out." Andrea remarked to Sonia as she
zoomed in on my limp form.

Ashley had pushed Amber down onto her back, and I barely noticed as she
positioned herself carefully and sat her ass down on Amber's face.

"Let's knock them out, Sonia. Sit back down on his face and make sure
he can't breathe." She suggested to the raven haired beauty, and suddenly
my world was filled with her ass again as she made my face disappear under

"I *like* this Ashley. We should smother these two losers all the
time." Sonia said.

My lungs burned with oxygen need as I lay there helpless under her,
listening to them calmly discuss my fate. "It was great making little miss
high and mighty here suck my pussy. We should do this all the time. I'm
sure we've got enough on tape to make them do whatever we want. Ha ha aha
ha!" Ashley laughed as I began to blank out.

Sonia's beautiful ass was smothering the life out of me. I saw strange
flashes of light and then the darkness came to me...


I awoke to the sounds of soft sobbing, finding my hands bound behind me.
I looked over and saw that it was Amber, the abused cheerleader, whose sobs
I had heard. It looked like her hands were tied as well. I was terrified
to see that the five volleyball amazons were still in the locker room.
Apparently having showered, they were all finishing getting dressed. I
struggled at my bonds, but I couldn't get my hands free. Finished
dressing, and having closed up and locked her locker, Ashley walked over
carrying something between two fingers as if disgusted by it. As she
approached I saw that she was holding her soiled panties. The other girls soon followed, and I saw that Sonia too was carrying her soiled underwear.
They gathered around Amber and I.

"Unless *you* want to be fired" She said to me.

"And unless *you* want everybody to know what I made you do," Ashley
said, now speaking to the cheerleader.

"You're both going to do whatever we want." She told us.

Sara knelt down and put a slip of paper in my pocket, and then put a
similar slip in Amber's. As she stood up, I was once again impressed by
the amazing size of these beautiful goddesses standing over me.

"You'd both better be at that address tomorrow at 6pm. If you're not
there we *will* come and find you." Ashley ordered us, and Amber just kept

"And here's a gift for you both to take home and enjoy." Ashley said,
stepping closer to Amber with her panties.

I watched as she pulled her panties onto the crying girl's head so that
the soiled crotch was in her face.

"This way you have a momento of my sweaty ass and pussy." She laughed at
the girl.

Sonia approached me and soon I found myself wearing the hispanic girl's
soiled and smelly panties like some strange mask on my face as well. I
watched, my eyes peering out through leg opening of Sonia's underwear, as
they all turned to leave.

"What about my hands?" I called nervously after them, but they just
ignored me as they walked off laughing about what they had done.

After they had left, Amber and I were able to roll around and untie each
other's hands. The tortured girl could barely meet my eyes as we both
climbed to our feet.

"What are we going to do? How did this happen?" She sobbed, before
going to a sink and cleaning herself up.

I joined her and, still sobbing, Amber left the room without another
word. After I had cleaned myself up I found that they had taken my
camcorder with them, so empty-handed I left the building wondering what on
earth would happen the next day at 6.


That night at home I was completely discombobulated. I was dazed and
confused. My face and the back of my head were painfully bruised, and my
chest was worse. I had put my life into working at the university, and now
my career could be over in a flash. If that video tape got out, it
wouldn't matter that they had been the aggressors, I'd be fired so fast my
head would spin. How had this happened to me? And I'd gotten that poor
cheerleader raped to boot. She was probably talking to the police or
someone already. I ate food that tasted like cardboard, showered like a
zombie, and went to sleep.

Before my alarm rang in the morning, I awoke to semi-awareness. I was
aroused and half-dreaming of a tall beautiful hispanic woman making me
please her with my mouth. I jerked myself off while I my dream woman
abused me. It was only a half hour later when the alarm woke me again that
I remembered the real hispanic beauty who had really abused me.

I went through my morning routine like a robot, dressing myself and
preparing for work like normal. When I got to work the day dragged on and
on. I dreaded the phone call that might come at any moment, from the
campus police or my boss. And at the same time I couldn't wait to keep my
six o' clock appointment. I didn't care what they did to me, I knew only
that I wanted them to do it.

The call never came, and as I pulled up in front of the address on the
slip of paper, I wondered about the cheerleader. The address was close to
the school, and looked like your standard off-campus apartment. It was
like most of the other buildings on the block, a tall three- flat that
probably had each floor rented out to a small group of students.

I entered the outer door and rang the buzzer inside for the third floor.
No one spoke to me through the little speaker, there was just a loud
buzzing and an un-latching noise as the inner door unlocked. I pulled it
open and trudged up the stairs to the third floor. The door opened before
I got to it, and there was my latina goddess from the night before, looking
gorgeous in tight jeans and a t-shirt two sizes two small.

"Here's our other little toy. Get down on your knees and crawl in
here!" She ordered me.

I crawled into the living room to find Andrea, Jenny and Sara all seated
comfortably on the couch watching Sonia direct me to the middle of the
floor. Ashley was the only one missing, but I could hear faint noises from
down the hallway. Suddenly I heard a girl crying out in pain, and then
again. Sonia smiled at the sound of the muted noises coming from down the

"That little cunt cheerleader got here a bit early. She started to tell
Ashley how she was going to report all of us to the police if we didn't
leave her alone, and Ashley got a touch angry with her." Sonia told me with
a laugh.

"A touch angry? She threw the little bitch down and sat on her face!"
Jenny explained.

"And now she's hogging tiny Amber all to herself. She dragged her off
to her room. Said Amber needed a good spanking. And from the sounds of
it, she's not planning on sharing her. So that leaves only you for the
rest of us." Sara chimed in.

Sonia moved closer to me and lifted her foot to my shoulder. I didn't
even try to fight her as she pushed me roughly down to the floor.

"What about you, little man? Are you going to threaten us too?" Sonia
said as she moved her foot to my head and pushed the side of my face down
into the carpeting by her foot.


"Good boy. If you don't do what we tell you, we'll just have to hurt you." Sonia told me, grinding my head into the carpet for emphasis.

"Do you understand me?"

"Y-yes!" I managed.

"You're our *slave* now. And you're going to please all of us with your
little pervert tongue, one by one. Now roll over on your back! I'm
first." She ordered me.

Not only did they want me to eat them all out, it looked like Sonia
planned to re-enact the locker room scene and just sit right on my face! I
looked up uncertainly and watched the black haired beauty remove only pants
and panties above me. I lay there waiting as she straddled my chest, her
black bush right in front of me. I couldn't believe that I was laying
there on the floor with a half-naked girl half my age about to sit on my
face in front of her watching friends! It was surreal. Surreal and
exciting. My cock stirred in my pants behind Sonia.

"What's this? You don't get to enjoy this!" Sonia told me, grabbing my
testicles through my pants.

I let out an unintended girly squeal as she began to squeeze. I
struggled, and tried to stop her, but with her weight atop me it was
hopeless. My stomach turned inside out as she crushed my nuts in her hand.
Wordlessly I wailed like a wounded animal as I felt her causing serious
damage to my tortured balls. Finally she released them, and my eyes were
teared up with the pain she'd caused, and it felt like I couldn't breathe.

"God Sonia, I think you killed him." One of the girls on the couch said
as I thrashed about in agony before them.

"Learn your lesson little man? This isn't about your pleasure, it's
about *mine*. Now get to work!" She told me, before pulling head straight
and lowering her sex onto my face.

I couldn't breathe, I was in terrible pain, and I felt like I might
vomit. But I still managed to start licking at the pussy smothering my
face. I was terrified that she might hurt me more. I began to lap at her
swollen mound as she settled herself comfortably on my face. I felt her
hand softly grasp my aching crotch and even that soft touch sent a wave of
pain throughout my body.

"Eat me good or I'll hurt you so bad you'll wish you were dead." She
threatened me.

I desperately fought to please her, slipping my tongue as far up into
her wet slit as I could manage. She began rocking her wet gash up and back
on my face as I worked my tongue like my life depended on it. Her rhythm
increased until she neared release, and then she hovered over my face with
her clit in direct contact with my diddling tongue. Faster and faster
flicked at the fleshy nub, until she came loudly and sat back down on my
face. I lay there smothering under her pussy, until she finally rose up
off of me.

"Now it's my turn!" I barely heard as I fought to catch my breath.

I had rolled into a sort of fetal ball on my side, where I lay gasping
for air. Following Sonia's example, it was a similarly half-naked Jenny
who forced me easily back over onto my back. Before I could recover even a
tiny bit I found a new pussy planted on my face. A different smell and
taste assailed my senses as Jenny began to use me. She was already wet,
really wet, and unlike Sonia she didn't move around much. She just sort of
sat right on my mouth, and pulled my face up tighter into her with her
hands. I could hear Andrea and Sara arguing on the couch about who was
next as I worked to please Jenny. I slurped on and on until I found a
steady tonguing rhythm that seemed to set her off. Finally she too came on
my face and I could catch some more air as she climbed off of me.

There would be no rest for me. The blonde Andrea was standing next to
me and immediately took Jenny's place when she got up. Again I was
overwhelmed my a new pussy and ass on my face, and a new style of
domination all together. Andrea really ground her pussy down hard into my
face, so hard my head felt like it would burst. As she began to heat up,
she starting bucking her crotch in my face. She did it harder and harder,
until it felt like my face was being ripped off. I wasn't even licking
anymore as she furiously humped my face. She totally took over, riding my
head for her pleasure with a total disregard for me. Finally I my third
tormentor went over the edge, giving my face a few last crushing humps as
she cried out with her climax. As she recovered and stood up above me, I
felt like I had just been boxing with Mike Tyson. My face felt almost as
smashed as my balls.

Sara was naked under her loose knee-high skirt. Unlike the previous two
girls she didn't just sit right down on my face though. Kneeling next to
me, she smiled down at my beaten face.

"I want you to do for me what you did for Sonia last night. I want you
to lick me back there." She said, actually blushing a little.

She turned and faced towards my feet before straddling my head. I was
helpless to stop her as she lifted up her skirt, exposing her beautiful
round ass, and then lowered it onto my face. She might have been a little
shy when it came to telling me what she wanted me to do, but she certainly
didn't seem too shy about actually doing it. Sara settled in and came to
rest with my face wedged deep into her ass-crack, her anus positioned right
at my mouth. Although at that point I'd do whatever they commanded,
without hesitation, Sara helped goad me into action by swatting at my
aching crotch.

"Lick it! Lick my asshole!" She ordered as I started to tongue her.

She must have forced me to lick and suck her ass for at least ten
minutes before she finally turned around and sat her pussy on my face.
Soon I had my tongue in my fourth pussy of the night, and soon I had her
moaned and shouting obscenities at me as she came. Sara came again and
again, and she practically smothered me to death in her sloppy pussy as she
rested atop my face. When she finally climbed off of me I was barely
conscious to hear the girls all laughing with each other about what they
were doing to me.

I lay there gasping for breath, my head fuzzy with my lack of oxygen.
My face and balls both ached, and the four beautiful girls who had done
this to me were chatting and giggling like children about my plight. I
didn't even try to think about what they'd do next, I was just trying to
regain my strength. Suddenly the young women were all silent and I turned
in time to see Ashley walking into the room with Amber the cheerleader crawling naked behind her. The naked girl looked like she had just run
marathon or something, she seemed so weak she could barely crawl.

"Well you two were gone for a long time. Now we finally get our turn
with her." Jenny remarked.

"Not exactly. Amber and I had a little discussion. Well, more
accurately I sat on her cunty little face while I explained her new role in
life. And now Amber realizes that what she really wants is to be my little
slave. And I don't plan to share my toy with you four. You guys will just
have to amuse yourselves with him." Ashley said, gesturing at me.

"Ashley, that's not fair. I was looking forward to making her eat me."
Sara exclaimed.

"No way, she's mine. Although I might lend her out to you sometime.
You'll be seeing a lot of her in the near future, she's moving in with us.
To live in my room with me." Ashley replied.

Without any urging from Ashley, Amber knelt at the big breasted blonde's
feet and began kissing them. The other four girls seemed to already defer
to Ashley, and Amber's sudden display really bowled them over.

"Wow Ash, what did you do to her?" Sonia asked.

"I just gave her a little smother-training. It's amazing what a little
fear can do. Check it out. Amber, would you like to suck my cunt?" Ashley
inquired abruptly.

"Yes goddess, please let me lick you." Amber begged hurriedly.

The girl's face turned red, and she kept her eyes lowered as she kissed
Ashley's feet. Again, it was obvious to me that the other girls were
astounded by the changes in Amber.

"Tell the others what you are Amber."

"I-I'm your little cunt-sucker."

"Good girl. Now why don't you crawl back to my room and wait to suck my
cunt." Ashley told her, and then smiled broadly at the others.

Amber crawled off down the hall as Ashley turned back to the group.

"I don't want to keep her waiting. You guys have fun with this one."
Ashley told them, glancing at me.

"What should we do with him next? I'm thirsty. Little man, go in the
kitchen and get us all something to drink." Sonia said, filling the silence
Ashley's departure had left.

For the next hour I waited on them hand and foot. It was eery walking
around a house filled with mostly naked beautiful girls. It was even
stranger to be ordered around by them, to be forced to be their servant. I
was too dazed to figure out what I should do. I kept thinking about losing
my job. But the more I thought about it, the hell I was being put through
wasn't worth keeping my job. Even though I was turned on by their
domination, it was just too humiliating. Here I was, a grown man, turned
into the sex-toy and servant of some college girls.

"I-I don't care if you get me trouble. I'm leaving." I told them as I
made for the door.

My sudden show of determination surprised them, but they weren't too
surprised to catch me before I could leave. I found myself surrounded by
the door. I had to look up to meet Sonia's eyes as she pushed me back
against the door.

"Do you really think you have any decision here?" Sonia asked.

And then like that they were throwing me down on my back. Sonia began
lecturing me even as she squatted her ass down onto my face.

"Listen up you worthless little pervert. We're going to do whatever we
want with you, and that's final." She told me as she smothered me in her

Sonia kept her ass in my face for far too long. I was getting
light-headed and dizzy under her.

"If you don't behave, I'm going to smother you to death with my *ass*!"
The raven haired beauty instructed me.

And I thought she was doing it right then too. My lungs ached as I
twisted and struggled in vain, searching only for a breath of air. Finally
Sonia lifted her ass off of my face for a moment. I exhaled massively and
sucked in a great gasp of live-giving air before she returned to smothering
me. The warm soft prison of her ass controlled me totally as she wore me
down with it. After twenty minutes of first Sonia, and then the other
girls, controlling my breathing, I gave up any thought of resistance. They
made me kiss their feet as they sat watching television and letting me
recover my strength. This time when I was allowed to perform my duties as
their servant, I had no thoughts of escape.

Every so often one of them felt a need to use me, and then I'd be on my
back smothering in pussy or ass again. I learned a lot about what they had
planned for me. I found out that Ashley and Sara lived in the apartment I
was in, and Sonia, Andrea and Jenny lived a floor below. I also learned
that Ashley was captain of the volleyball team, and that she was from an
affluent family. I was sucking on Sonia's breasts when the subject of
their future plans for me came up.

"So what's the plan for tomorrow?" Jenny asked.

"Our little toy here is going to visit for the whole weekend." Sonia
told her.

The next day was Friday, and from the sounds of it Sonia planned for me
to stay all weekend. I could only fear what else might be going on in my
terrible goddess's mind. It was obvious to me now that after Ashley, the
girls deferred to Sonia next. Sonia pulled my face from her tit and pushed
my head down to her crotch. I automatically began licking her as she gave
me my instructions.

"Softer idiot! I'm sensitive. Ummm, that's better. Get all the money
you can, clear out your bank accounts." This college girl ordered while I
pleasured her with my tongue.

"Bring some clothing, you'll be staying all weekend. Oh yeah, just like
that. Suck that pussy. Show up at six again, and this time bring
a.......oh......ummm.....large pizza with everything on it.
Unn....unnnnn......unnnnnnnnmmmmm.....mmmmmmmmmm..........OHHHH!" She cried
out as she came at my tongue's gentle lapping.

They used me so casually now it was like I was a piece of furniture.
They made me kiss each of their asses and then thank them for letting me
serve them. And then it was over and I was standing outside on the street.
How was this happening to me. And why did I find it so arousing?


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