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LOTTERY thick patch but shaped into


Title: Lottery
Keywords: mf, ff, inc, teen
Author: Caesar
"There was a young man of Kildare
Who was fucking a girl on the stair.
The bannister broke,
But he doubled his stroke
And finished her off in mid-air."
-author unknown

#include "std_disclaimer.h"

by Caesar, Copyright 1994

Version: $Revision: 1.3 $ Last Modified: $Date: 2000/05/12 22:00:03 $

I hadn't realized how much my life was about to change!
The secretary smiled at my queer look, then lead me into a
large corner office. A semi-bald man shook my hand violently,
and I remember his teeth were bright white, though I can't
remember his face. A flurry of hand shaking and different rooms.
Then waiting for about an hour while I signed papers and drank a
can of cola. The first secretary came in and sat on the table,
waving her legs vigorously, often it rubbed along my leg, while
talking to be about the weather of all things. I didn't think
much of it then! After I was rushed into a large full room,
everyone seemed to be looking at me. Many were taking pictures.
They asked questions about my life, what was my plan for the
future, which I answered I had no idea. I didn't! Before I knew
it I was sitting in the back of a large limousine, silence at
last, but the driver let me off at my apartment building only
minutes after getting in. Finally the day was finished, I lay in
my bed, staring at the ceiling, uncertain of my life. I don't
even remember falling asleep.

That next morning, I sat up in bed and looked at the
check I had received the day before. The semi-bald man had shook
my hand vigorously while reporters took many pictures of us. I
was an instant winner. Ten million dollars! I went over the
previous day in my head and realized the secretary had been
flirting with me and I had been so out of it, that I didn't even
realize it. I am not a stud, far from it, I had trouble keeping
a girlfriend and when a woman shows she's interested in me, I'm
interested. People had kept asking me what the first thing I was
going to buy, I had no idea then, and still didn't. I would have
sat in bed for hours if my alarm clock didn't go off as it does
every day to awake me for work.
Work, ya right! What a joke, that was the first thing
I knew I was going to change. Without dressing, I walked into
the only other room in my apartment and dialled my work number.
It rang ten times before an accountant answer, I realized I
wanted to tell the boss that I quit to her face. To see her
reaction, if any, and to tell her to fuck off. But first there
would be a few things I would do first. Namely the bank!

A middle-aged woman lead me to her desk at my local
bank. She took my check with a pleasant smile and began to ask
me the usual questions. The same questions I would hear for
years! She got up after I signed the cheek to deposit in an
account. Then I told her to open a few more accounts for me,
checking, high interest savings, and a credit card. Of course
she said, no problem. While she was filling out the lengthy new
account forms another woman came over and asked if I wanted
something to drink. But it was her hand on my shoulder, and the
squeeze she gave me that caught my attention. Then as I looked
at her hand, the bright gold wedding ring. I was more than a
little startled. She returned with a cup of water, and let her
fingers linger with mine when she handed me the cup. I starred
at her, wondering what this woman was doing. She was married,
and couldn't be flirting with me. No! When finally my business
was finished, I walked out of the busy bank. On the way, I
realized many of the tellers eyes followed me. When I looked at
them, one at a time, they smiled and blinked their eyes at me.
I caught a cab and told him to take me to the car
dealership on the north side of town. It was a long ride, but
gave me time to think. What was into all those woman at the
bank, or the secretary at the lottery centre? I as sure didn't
know! It took me no time at all to pick out my dream car, a
Porshe. But I had trouble getting sales help, and realized I
didn't look anything like my perception of a millionaire. I sat
at the sales desk as the man filled out the papers of sale, when
he asked how I planned on paying, his eyes nearly bugged out.
Though he did add that they would have to have time to verify the
check. No problem I answered. I bought all the extras for my
car, including a rag-top, god it was the most beautiful thing I
had ever known. The keys were deposited in my hand and after the
functionary handshake drove off the lot. It handled like a
dream, but accelerated like a panther. I was going to go to
work, but stopped at a large mall on the way and purchased
several other items with my bundle of cash in my pocket. An
expensive leather jacket and sunglasses to match my car's paint
job. Now I was ready to see my bitchy boss.
Of course I parked my car directly in front of the
window to her office, and revved the engine for several minutes
before entering the large building. The front desk girl's face
brightened up when I entered and was about to speak when I walked
right past her and entered the bosses office. She looked
surprised when I entered and then mad when I slammed the door
behind me.
Her name was Susan and she was a woman of excess and
power. She was used to getting her own way with everything. But
her anger seemed to dissipate very quickly as she spoke, "I heard
on the radio this morning, congratulations." She seemed to mean
it, and that took the steam out of my fire. "I suppose your here
to quit? Don't blame you actually, given half a chance I would
be out of here like lightning myself." Oh, did I mention she was
also smart, god don't you just hate that in a woman! "If you
came here to tell me to fuck off, I wouldn't hold it against you.
I have been hard with you." No kidding. I sat dumbfounded in
the chair opposite from her desk, a familiar spot that I often
received a lecture.
Susan stood and waked around the desk, she sat back
onto the front of her desk. As usual she was wearing a mini-
shirt. The same one we in operations often made fun of since she
was a large woman, though well figured. It was her breasts we
had voted as being her best feature, and her mouth as her worst.
"What are your plans now?" The same god-damned
But I was civilized, "I haven't had time to think it
over yet." I found some balls, "Though you were right I was
going to tell you I quit?"
She smiled and sat up onto the top of her desk, "You
mean to tell me to fuck off."
Her meaty thighs were spread slightly and I realized I
could see far up her mini, but tore my hungry eyes away to answer
her question. "Ya, that was my plan."
Again her legs spread even more. "I would have
understood." I began to cough, I had caught a glimpse of her
hairy beaver between her legs and under the leather mini, she
wasn't wearing any underwear. Of course I controlled myself and
forced myself to look directly into her eyes, but my mind kept
picturing that flash image.
There was an uneasy silence in the large office, she
smiled at me but didn't say anything, which was very queer. Then
slowly she reached up with both hands and undone the top two
buttons of her blouse. Susan pulled the two side far apart and
revealed her large ample boobs, and see-through black bra.
Finally she broke the silence, "Would you like to do
anything else while your here?" Her voice had an unknown quality
about it.
Would you believe the first reaction I had was to run
as fast as I could out of their, but thankfully I controlled
myself. She kicked off her black high heels, the sound echoed
around her silent office. At that moment I realized that I had a
hard-on, large and throbbing, trying to force itself through my
pants. I saw her eyes look down onto my lap about the same time
I thought of it, her smile got bigger. Susan slid off the edge
of the desk, her skirt riding even higher, almost to her crotch.
"I was wondering if you were going to come in today.
I'm glad you did." She sounded very glad, as she began to unzip
my pants. "You didn't know I had always liked you the best,
that's why I was so tuff with you." Ya right. "In fact I often
think about you when I masturbate" I began to cough again. But
this time it lasted longer. Things like this didn't happen to
me, in fact I didn't even believe those stories people write into
magazines about things like this happening. In fact I didn't
even like Susan, and here we were. When I stopped hacking, I
realized my penis was free of my pants and encircled in her warm
hand. "Are you OK, do you need anything?" It was a loaded
I was helpless as I watched her straddle my lap, one
large thigh on either of mine. I felt her hand moving my penis
around below her before it entered a vast warm wetness as she
sunk onto my lap.
That was when she actually did it. She purred. No
fooling, she actually purred like a kitten!
For several long seconds she was still, only her sex
was throbbing with its own energy. She began to unbutton the
last of her blouse, this time she rushed and even tore off a
button and ripped the silk. Susan didn't even notice, but
through the thing over my shoulder then wrapped her arms around
my head. She whispered into my ear, "Unhook me darling."
It took a second before I realized what she wanted and
began to fumble with the, unfriendly to man, clasp. She was
rotating her wide hips and ass around in the chair, purring into
my shoulder as I continued to fight with the bra clasp. But
finally lost my patience and pulled the thing apart, ripping it.
Finally she sat back up, and through off her bra. I realized it
wasn't a breach of protocol to look at a woman while your cock
was in her. So I starred directly at those huge boobs and big
nipples. They began to bounce as she did, the nipple getting
larger and pointer by the second. With a quick glance at her
face, I saw her eyes were closed tight and her mouth open wide,
as if in a silent scream.
It is weird what a person remembers long after
something happens. I remember the squeaking of the leather chair
and wondering if it would hold both of our weights, and the smell
of her sweat the more she worked even the sight of it. I wanted
to suck upon those large nipples, but her hands inadvertently
held my shoulders against the chair in a death grip. I couldn't
move. They bounced inches in front of my face and I couldn't
reach them. My mouth watered as my hands reached those large
white globes. They were so soft and resilient. She let out a
moan as I squeezed both breasts at the same time, her bouncing
became more rapid.
Susan's vaginal muscles were getting tighter as she
gripped my cock, increasing the pleasure for both of us. Her
moans were getting louder and I was worried someone would hear
us, I shouldn't have. My reputation would only get better if the
word got around I dicked the boss lady.
About this time I began to loose control of my
faculties while all my attention was focused on my cock and her
heavy sweaty tits. And knew my time was very close, and by the
sounds she was making, so was hers.
I felt my orgasm start deep in my balls and quickly
rush to the head of my cock. I came in great big gushes of sperm
as deep inside that cavern as I could get the head of my cock.
Susan screamed then clung to me fiercely while I finished my
orgasm. The muscles of her vagina were contracting and quivering
with excitement, though I didn't realize it then, she was having
her own orgasm.
She lay like a large whale over me, her sweat clinging
to my new leather jacket, while her stale breath warmed my neck.
My dick was rapidly shrinking until it slipped out of her sloppy
hole. I wanted to get out of their, I wasn't able to accomplish
what I wanted to do, yet didn't feel bad about it.
Susan finally got off me, awkwardly. I caught a
glimpse of her dark brown hairy pussy before she pulled down her
skirt. She picked up her shirt and put it on, letting it hang
open since half the buttons were missing. She pushed her hair
back from her face, which was slick with sweat and smiled at me.
Of course I zipped up and was ready to leave as fast as possible
but she began to talk.
She draped an arm around my neck from behind and bent
forward to kiss the top of my head, a lose breast fell against my
shoulder. "You were great! Perhaps tonight we can have a repeat
performance." It was the last thing I wanted, sure I loved sex
and hadn't had much of it in my life, I really didn't want to
fuck her again. "I'll make you so happy," she began to laugh
lightly, "and tired!" The arm around my neck slid down my
stomach to grasp my crotch.
Time to leave!
What the hell was she talking about, she seduces me,
then figures we'll be a couple. Fuck no! Sure I fucked her but
I still didn't like her.
"I have to go, an appointment with my lawyer."
She sat up and tired to smile seductively, "I
understand, I'll call you after work, we can go out somewhere
"Uh, ya sure. Call me." I had no intention of
answering my phone. I finally reached the door, but her hand
again grasped my crotch. She puckered her lips and closed her
eyes waiting for a kiss. Tentatively I kissed her lips, then
rushed out of their. Thankful it was all over.
"Uh, Dave..."
A voice stopped be right before I exited the building,
for good!
It was Shelly, a tall fake-blond sales representative.
Always figured her for the slut of the company, I was proven
"Oh, hi Shelly." I wasn't sure what to say, the front
desk girl was smirking at me. She knew I had just fucked the
boss, therefore everyone probably knew.
"Congratulations on winning the lottery." She paused
but since I didn't say anything she continued. "I have to get
back to work, but if you ever need anything just call OK?"
I left after nodding quickly, I saw she watched me as I
entered my Porshe and drove away.

The rest of the day I got a bunch of things
accomplished; including cancelling my phone. Not just because of
what Susan said, but when I went home to shower after leaving
work, I felt dirty, the answering machine was full of messages.
It seems all sorts of people were calling me, salesman, distant
relatives, old school chums, and even people asking to help a
loved one with my money.
To hell with them!
I drove to into the day and even the early night.
Stopping in Jasper, where I got an expensive room. It was huge!
I was paying for everything with cash, and again I saw many a
female, of all ages and sizes, trying to catch my eye. For
hours that night I lay in bed alone thinking about the last few
days. Before finally falling asleep.
At breakfast two days later, I realized it was time to
head back to town, and to stop hiding. I had come to a decision
about everything in my life, except I couldn't figure out woman.
I know I was stupid to try, but most were acting very suggestive
with me. And more than a few were married. The memories of my
ex-boss, Susan's transformation from a bossy bitch to a slutty
bitch. Notice I didn't drop the word bitch, that was one thing
she couldn't hide. You can't change lead to gold. That was also
something else I realized.
I wondered how far woman were willing to go to get a
rich man!

The party was in my honour but I was keeping out of the
limelight. It was at my aunts and uncles home and had only a few
family members. But I wasn't a party animal, and besides after
the initial patting on the back and half-jokingly asking for
money, things returned to normal. Thank-god!
My cousin-in-law, Tami was sitting next to me, she was
very polite and sweet. She also wasn't a party person, in fact
most of the family didn't even like her. Always figuring her for
a stuck up bitch. Most of the time she was nice to me, but once
she did chew me out for a minor occurrence. I never forgave her.
I was talking to her about the places she travelled to, deciding
where to take a trip. She suggested the Caribbean.
Across the living room sat another cousin-in-law, Cindy
with her husband, my aunt and her baby boy. They were playing
with the kid, the usual baby talk and toys. But I kept feeling
her eyes upon me, and every time I looked at her she was looking
at me. She didn't seem embarrassed that she was caught starring
at me but it only seemed to encourage her to be more bold. I
knew she was caught with the bug that I was responsible for,
money. She wasn't very attractive, just plain, and a little
heavy. Her husband, my cousin, was an idiot, he had burnt his
mind out with drugs since he was twelve. I always wondered what
she saw in him.
The starring was becoming ridiculous and I was
uncomfortable, Cindy had begun to lick her lips suggestively.
Tami next to me spoke quiet enough so only I heard it, "Looks
like you have an admirer." Of course, she could also see the
woman, we were both facing her.
"Ya, perhaps I should go?" I meant it, last thing I
wanted to do was get in trouble with my cousin's wife.
Tami gently laid her small hand upon my arm, "Don't let
her ruin your evening. Try to ignore her. If she wants to make
a fool of herself, let her." I barely heard her words, it was
the first time she had ever touched me. When I looked down at
her hand, she realized where it was and rapidly withdrew it, then
got up to refresh her glass of wine. Could she also be bitten by
the bug. She hadn't acted suggestive, but perhaps their were two
kinds of woman that caught my bug. She was certainly attractive,
a small woman, early thirties, with dark hair and tanned skin. I
always noticed her as being attractive, but dismissed it since
she was my cousins wife and the fact she had a terrible temper.
She returned quickly, but went over to talk with my
uncle, I caught her nervously glance my way. But then she turned
her back on me. I got up to refresh my glass of punch. The
kitchen was quieter, with only my cousin Christen mixing a couple
of drinks for her and her boyfriend. A stood next to her to get
a new glass of punch.
"Well just because you have a few million dollars
doesn't mean I'll be nice to you!" I looked her way, as usual
she was joking with me. She poked me in the ribs then closed a
bottle of vodka. I laughed lightly, and drunk my drink,
reluctant to go back into the living room. I was thankful she
wasn't treating me any different. Christen was twenty-seven,
three years my senior, a short girl, but attractive. I had
always had a crush on her, since we were kids and I saw her legs
in a pair of nylons, since then she was often in my dreams.
Though I would never admit that to anyone. We rarely saw each
other, but she always joked around with me when I saw her.
Today it was like a breath of fresh air.
"Maybe we could do lunch this week? If you can take
time out of your busy schedule." I saw her smirk, she knew I
wasn't working any longer but mostly planning for my future. I
didn't want to just waste away my money, instead I wanted to be
rich forever.
"Sure, Thursday at Sherlock Holmes." I was a little
inquisitive at the offer, we had never had lunch or anything else
together before. But to be honest I didn't think much of it.
I was about to joke to her about her latest boyfriend,
a fire fighter, but Cindy, the other cousin-in-law came in. Chris
was about to say something but she shrugged her shoulders and
left me alone. Cindy came over and poured herself a drink.
"Tommy is sure getting bigger?"
She turned towards me, "Every day now." She took a sip
of her drink, her eyes starring into mine over her glass. When
she was finished she spoke, "I have to go to the bathroom now."
What a weird thing to say!
But as I watched her retreating back, I realized what
she meant. She wanted me to follow her. I rushed back into the
living room, bending down to play with Tommy, her son, but felt
sorry for the kid. His mother was a slut. A few jokes were
passed my way, and we all had a laugh. But I couldn't get the
sight of Cindy's eyes over her glass, wide and expectant, out of
my mind. Slowly I edged back to the rear of the room. No one
Even as I hurried down the hallway, I was wondering
what I was doing. Was I that screwed up I would fuck my cousins
wife? It looked like it.
I knocked gently on the bathroom door, it opened almost
immediately. There standing in the doorways was Cindy, buck
naked. Her heavy naked body revealed ungloriousely to my eyes.
I was conscious that I was still standing in the hallway and the
door was open with a naked woman waiting for me.
No word was spoken, she closed the door after me. Then
quickly dropped to her knees. I looked down as she tugged on my
zipper and belt, undoing both before forcing my pants and
underwear to my knees. Without hesitation Cindy opened her mouth
wide and swallowed my soft penis.
It wasn't my first blow-job, but it was the first in
the day time, with most of my relatives in the next room,
including Cindy's husband and baby. I realized she was trying to
please me, and succeeding. She wasn't doing this for her own
pleasure, she had that bug, and it caused her to act in ways that
wasn't customary. Hell, did she think I would love the feel of
her mouths so much I would whisk her away to a life of wealth and
pleasure. Did woman think all men only think through their
cocks? I didn't, at least not always.
I felt my pecker quickly grow until I could feel it hit
the back of her throat as she bobbed up and down. Never taking
her mouth off my organ. One hand was grasping my balls while the
other was holding one of my naked ass cheeks guiding my strokes in
and out of her mouth.
In one of my hands, I still held my drink, with the
other I whipped her hair out of her eyes. I watched her face as
I fucked her willing mouth. Her eyes were usually closed but she
sometimes opened them to look up into mine. What a sight!
She seemed to have no trouble with taking my cock all
the way to its base, I didn't mind since it felt extremely good.
Cindy sucked like a champ, and I realized I was going to come very
soon. I didn't want the pleasure to stop so I placed my free
hand on the back of her head and held her as I felt the first
explosion of my cock as it shot a load into her mouth. Cindy
swallowed loudly, not resisting my hand hold in the least, while
she dutifully swallowed every drop of my sperm.
It was seconds after I has stopped spurting, when her
hand came up and she milked the base of my cock trying to get the
last drop of come from my dick. Perhaps woman were right, I could
certainly enjoy this very often. When the last drop was sucked
out of the head of my cock, she pulled my pants up and redone the
zipper and belt. What service!
I was very conscious that someone may have noticed we
were both gone at the same time and was about to leave. She
sensed this and while still on her knees asked me, "Would you
like to see me again?"
My mouth was faster than my mind, "God yes!" It was
really my dick talking. I saw her smiling as I quickly and
quietly exited.
No one noticed at the party that the both of us were
missing. Or so I thought. Cindy returned a few moments after I
did, and she didn't look at me again the rest of the party. It
was only when I finally had the chance to leave did she hold my
hand a little too long after shaking it, while she slowly rolled
her tongue over her lips as if to say, "hum hum good!"
I said that no one noticed my disappearance, but when
Tami said good-bye to me, he eyes spoke volumes as she said
innocently, "Did you have a good time tonight?" Of course I told
her I did, but knew that she noticed the disappearance of her
sister-in-law and me. I soon forgot about my cousin Tami.

To let you the reader know that I wasn't cheap or a
total ass hole, I gave a chunk of my money away. To my mother, my
sister and father when a five digit number each. While a few
friends and one of my cousin's received a few gifts or a smaller
sum of cash.
Several of my buddies took me out the night after the
party at my aunts and uncles. You couldn't guess where, a strip
bar. One of them even told the DJ. that their was a new
millionaire in the crowd. There were good points and bad points
about that: the good was that the strippers spend a lot of time
dancing and grinding their bodies facing me, looking right into
my eyes while showing me what they had to offer, I felt like I
was grocery shopping. The waitresses took turns bringing the
drinks to our table, several going out of their way to ensure I
had my order right. Then the negative side: the jokes between
songs by the DJ., from my friends, and drunk strangers. I was
obliged to buy three rounds for everyone in the house as an
It was a weird night all round. I fucked a stripper in
the dirty, smelly dressing room then went home with a waitress
and I talked with her until sunrise. And believe it or not I
enjoyed the waitress more, I was surprised to find she was an
intelligent and thoughtful woman under those tight jeans and
loose tee-shirt.
The stripper's name was Cotton Candi, no kidding. She
asked me before her show what I liked her to do on stage. I told
her, shyly, show me her backside. Well she stayed on that stage
for almost a half-hour, the place was howling as she broke a few
laws. I mean she didn't just bend over and wiggle her ass for
me, she masturbated on her knees her ass arched out and her
cheeks spread wide. She played with herself on her back, her
knees near her chest, while both hands worked upon her sex. It
wasn't just that she touched her slit, but she slide her
finger(s) in and out very fast, the juice was very evident as it
coated her hand and inner thighs, while also leaving a little
puddle on the floor. She also didn't' turn away from me the
whole half-hour. God what a show.
Cotton Candi held my hand as she dragged me to the back
room, the place was yelling as they cheered me on, a path was
made for us as we wadded through the crowd. Her body was still
naked as she kicked another stripper out of the closet sized
change room then locked the door behind us. The shine from her
body was magnificent, and I could smell a pleasant mixture of
sweat and perfume.
I was animal-like! I needed to fuck this woman, this
object of pleasure. It was evident what she wanted, and what I
needed. I started to tear my clothes off. Cotton Candi bent
forwards over the makeup table, spilling several bottles. Those
magnificent rear globes raised in the air, and the crack widened
naturally. There was no fuss, no foreplay, this was sex at its
rawest. Her eyes, looking in the mirror before her, followed my
cock as it came towards her. It didn't taste fresh air for long
before I had drove it into the very wet hole that had seduced and
tantalized a whole crowd of hungry men. I held onto her shiny,
sweaty hips using them as leverage as I began a jack hammer
effect. Her cunt slopped and her wet haunches slapped, the sound
was loud even over the music next door. Soon her breathing
became laboured as did mine. My eyes watching hers in the mirror.
No word was spoken, no promise or question asked. But I realized
right before I came that she was doing exactly as Cindy and Susan
had done, but she was much more experienced at tempting a man.
She buckled against me, but I held her fast as I shot
my powerful load deep into her cunt. It felt like a gallon of
come was shooting out of the head of my cock. Cotton Candi
squealed in delight the whole time, the sound music to my ears.
Before I left her there, she wrote out her "name" and
two phone numbers where she could be reached. No word was
spoken, we didn't' need any.
Since my party was almost the last patrons left in the
building, much of the attention was focused on us. Several of my
friends had to already be poured into a taxi, until their was
three of us left. I noticed a young waitress that hadn't served
us. That was a little strange since I had practically every
available woman in the place brush up against me or pass me a
phone number. After I closed the door to my cousin's taxi, him
being the last of the party, did I see this young waitress leave
the building. I asked her politely if she needed a ride. She
looked like she was about to say no, when she nodded, yes.
As I sat in her small living room and we talked, I
learnt a lot about her. She wasn't planning on working at the
club forever, but was working only to get herself through
university. I must admit, I was impressed. We talked about
every subject, from strippers to politics. We laughed and
argued, but when I left I asked her if she would like to go out
sometime. She agreed, " long as we don't go anywhere with
naked woman!" It was a date!

As you recall I had a lunch date with my cousin
Christen. Well I almost forgot the meeting, sure I had written
it down, but it seemed so inconclusive in the large events that
now occupied my head. So when I finally arrived downtown at
Sherlock Holmes, I was out of breath and worried that I had
missed her. I was almost thirty minutes late! But as soon as I
turned the corner into the restaurant, I saw her sitting there.
When I came up she stood and gave me a hug and a kiss on the
I wondered what was up, she had never hugged me except
on Christmas. Also she looked stunning, dressed in a black skirt
and blouse, with her shapely legs encased in black nylons and
black high heels. Her sandy blond hair and pale skin was
highlighted with the black clothing making her look radiate. Her
face was what caught my attention right away; she was the same
joking, laughing cousin that was always teasing me, instead she
looked serene and a little nervous.
I was about to ask her what was wrong, and to apologize
for being late, when the waiter came over and took my order. I
hadn't looked at the menu, but already knew what I wanted.
Thankfully he left seconds latter.
Chris spoke for the first time, flashing me her smile
and asking about my day. I noticed her hands kept clenching and
unclenching as we spoke about boring everyday matters. Only when
she saw that I noticed, did she stop her nervous movements with
her hands, with also a embarrassed look upon her face. The meal
came, both of ours, as did her drink. I noticed she gulped down
the tall glass of alcohol very quickly.
The talk dwindled away into embarrassing silence as we
ate. It gave me time to wonder what the hell was going on. This
was not the cousin I had known all my life. Then I came upon a
hypotheses and figured she was in trouble and needed money. It
was, after all, my money that everyone seemed to act weird about.
Finally the lunch was finished and the excellent waiter came over
and whisked off our dirty plates then returned to ask about
desert, neither of us choose to have any. But I did order some
tea, to finish off with.
I spoke up first, "Is everything OK Chris?" I was
genuinely worried, and would help any way I could. She seemed to
need an incentive to begin talking, and if I didn't speak up
perhaps she wouldn't even begin.
After a huge intake of breath she asked, "Are you
attracted to me?" Of course I was attracted to her, she was in
many of my fantasies. I nodded, unsure of what exactly she
meant. "I have a proposal for you...", she paused, and I saw one
of her hands that held her water glass, quivering, "I would like
to be your mistress!" She starred at the table top, an was
unable to see my reaction. She quickly followed up with, "But if
you don't what to I would understand?!"
The fact that Christen was bitten by the bug too was
overwhelming, at the party the other night she had acted like
nothing was different, now this. I knew she had to have planned
this, since she asked me to lunch. I realized I had to say
something, "Are you still going out with that fireman...?" I was
unable to remember his name.
Without looking up, "Yes, but I would give him up in a
second I you asked me too."
Again silence!
"What brought this on?" I was trying to act calm, but
was sure everyone in the restaurant noticed that my attractive
cousin had just proposed an illicit affair with me.
She swallowed then spoke, "I just want to be taken care
of, not having to worry about anything. And when I learned you
had won the lottery, I wondered if I could give you something in
return for an easy life."
I was about to interject and say she need not give me
anything, but I caught myself. Was I crazy, here was a beautiful
woman who I often thought about, proposing herself to me, all so
she could live a easier life. Hell, even if I spent a hundred
thousand in the next year making her happy, it would have been
worth it.
"Uh, what exactly did you have in mind?" I didn't want
to misunderstand anything. I wanted to be very clear on what was
being said here. I didn't what to get excited about the proposal
for nothing.
For the first time since she had asked to be my
mistress, she looked up into my eyes. "I want to be your
mistress!" She paused but since I didn't say anything, she
continued, "I will do anything you ask. I will never say no to
you. I will make you happy, if that means taking to you, or
giving massages, or fucking you, I will do it."
It was my turn to be nervous, I could feel the blood
rushing to my cheeks. Also to my cock! I wanted her very badly
at that moment.
"I reserved a room over in the Mac Donald Hotel, and if
you want too, I will show you how much I'm willing to do for you!
No strings attached, if you don't want a mistress I'll
understand." Somewhere in the conversation she had turned from a
shy, embarrassed woman, to a sexy temptress. And I had missed
that moment. I could see the change in her eye, her hand had
stopped quivering and her body posture had changed. I was now
the one nervous.
She paid the lunch bill and stood. I stood also but as
a machine, I felt as if I was in a dream. Just outside the
restaurant, she turned to me and wrapped her arms around my body,
stood on her toes and kissed me. Gently and very passionately.
For a second I wondered if I was going to collapse.
Her arm linked into mine, we walked to the hotel, which
was only three blocks away. For the life of me, I can't remember
anything except the feeling of our arms touching and the
lingering taste of her kiss. The walk went quickly, and she was
checking us in at the front desk. It was a fancy old hotel, and
even had an elevator attendant. There was three other people in
the elevator with us, and Chris stood in front of me. After the
doors closed, I felt something rubbing along the length of my
semi-hard-on. With a quick glimpse down I saw my cousins dainty
hand touching the outside of my pants. The ride was only seconds
long, but I wondered if I could last until the room before I shot
my first load. It would be very embarrassing if I came in my
Thankfully, we entered the large suite that she had
rented for the night. It was huge, had a outer room and a
bedroom, a large bathroom with a Jacuzzi. I was a little
overwhelmed with everything all at once and sat down in a large
chair, trying to catch my breath. Chris meanwhile had walked
over to the large window facing the river valley and turned back
towards me.
She looked angelic, her frame outlined in the light of
the afternoon. Without a word, she lifted her hands to her neck
and began to undo the buttons of her blouse. Mesmerized and
frozen with excitement, I watched her. While she watched me,
never taking her eyes away from mine. As if looking for approval
or instructions. She lifted the bottom of the blouse out of her
skirt and pulled it off. It dropped to the floor at her feet,
forgotten. She reached behind her back and undid the button and
zipper that held her skirt. And that also fell to the floor, and
she stepped out of it.
I saw she was about to take off her three inch black
high heels, and mumbled, "No, don't."
The reason was she looked magnificent. She was wearing
a black lace bra, very tiny, then stockings and garter belt, both
black, and finally a very skimpy bikini panties.
She forgot about her heels and she reached between her
breasts and undid the front clasp of her bra. It also fell to
the floor. She dropped her hands and waited for almost a full
minute, letting me see her breasts. They were small but
perfectly formed, a tiny nipple that was already hard and
pointing towards the ceiling at an angle.
I couldn't stand the wait any longer, and spoke up,
"The panties..." I needed to see her sex, the thing that had
filled my dreams, her pussy.
With two thumbs she pushed the garment past her hips
and garter belt where it fell to the floor. She stepped out of
it. There it was, her pussy. It was the same and different than
I had pictured, darker than her hair on her head, but wasn't long
and had been perfectly trimmed.
"Turn around Chris." It was an order, no longer was I
desperate for this woman, I knew I was going to soon have this
beautiful body for my pleasure. More than once!
Slowly, professionally, she turned. I watched her body
turn to profile, saw that she still had a flat stomach, curved
back, jutting buttocks. When her back was turned I was obsessed
with her buttocks. They were gorgeous. Finally, she stood
facing me. The silence was overwhelming, I wanted to reach out
and fuck this woman, I needed to.
She took very slow step towards me, one foot in front
of the other. It was the sexiest walk I had ever seen. She
flowed effortlessly until she stood over me. When I was about to
stand up, I paused when she drifted down to her knees before me.
She didn't' take her eyes off me as she unzipped my pants, then
reached in and pulled out my cock. It was, of course, hard and
throbbing. I realized what she was doing, she knew I was
extremely excited and was going to finish me quickly so we could
enjoy more of each others body.
Christen, my cousin, bent forward and took the first
inch and a half of my cock. Her eyes closed as she began to work
upon my sexual organ. The base of my penis was wrapped in her
small warm hand, she was rhythmically squeezing it in time to the
bouncing of her head. She was great! I could see her cheeks
were sucking in very hard, the head of my cock felt like it was
in a vise. Time went way too fast, I began to shoot my load only
seconds after she had first encircled my cock with her lips. I
was also pleased when she didn't lift her head but forced her
face as far down as she could while my cock spurted come down her
Chris wasn't finished yet!
Though my cock had already come, she didn't take her
mouth off me. Instead she sucked gently, while tongue lashing
the sensitive head of my prick. It had a calming effect upon me,
I was still quivering with excitement from my orgasm and her
expert lips soothed my nerves. But soon, they also began to
excite me again. Not to say I had an instant hard-on, hell-no,
but I felt the stirrings down their.
She sat back on her heels and smiled at me. That look
told me a lot, for instance; Christen was very happy, happy to
be here with me, happy that I am happy; also I saw that she loved
sucking my cock and wanted more very soon. I knew I was the
master and she the slave. The position she was in and the way I
was sitting in the chair reminded me of a painting of a Roman
with naked concubines around his feet. A rush of power ran
through my body, I was a whole lot more secure in my outlook on
the situation. Openly I looked upon her body, which she proudly
bore. The nipples were small and rock hard, her body lithe and
muscular. Without her even touching me I began to again rise!
Chris stood and took my hand. The both of us went into
the bedroom where she began to undress me. She was rushing and
trying to go slow at the same time, that she pinched my skin a
few times. I watched her hurriedly strip off my clothes until I
stood naked at the foot of the bed, my clothes in a heap around
me. She stood before me, waiting, in a posture of passive
Gently I placed my hands on her hips, and bent forwards
to kiss her moist lips. Her eyes closed and she moaned into my
mouth as I slid my tongue into her. I was conscious that her
mouth had only recently swallowed a large amount of my sperm, but
I didn't care. I felt her arms encircle me and one of her hands
cup my buttock. Her nipples were poking into my chest, they were
so hard, I felt a urge to suck them but forced myself to wait.
Our lips smashed together while my tongue explored her mouth. I
had to let out a moan that signified my enjoyment of the moment.
God damn what an afternoon!
I pulled from her grasp, which left her standing there
watching me with wide yearning eyes. I fell onto the large bed
and positioned myself in the centre, spread eagle. I knew what I
wanted and didn't even have to tell her what that was. Christen
crawled onto the bed, her heels still on. She crawled up my
body, positioning her knees on either side of my hips, both her
hands balanced upon my chest. Perhaps instinct, or luck, maybe
just experience, but she wiggled that round bottom of hers and
the next thing I realized was that her vagina was sinking down
around my cock.
God it was tight, and very wet. The liquid should have
made the going a little easier, but it didn't, I had never
dreamed her sex was this small. It was more than a pleasant
surprise. When she grounded my sex inside hers, our pelvis's
touching, that was when she let out a very loud and emotional
groan of pleasure. Her body was taunt, eyes closed, back arched,
nails ripping skin. But I loved every second.
I was looking upon my cousin, a woman who was very
attractive and sexy who had asked to be my mistress. At that
moment, I knew she had won her case. I didn't care if she had
the bug, if she could make me this happy then any amount was
worth it. I was in love, with fucking her. Nothing else
Time lost all meaning, she was bouncing rapidly up and
down, her hair flying in every direction. Small beads of sweat
were appearing on her smooth skin and forehead. I watched, as a
spectator, my cousin working herself up to orgasm. She became an
animal, her passions forcing her motions. She was begging to
come, her words desperate and pleading. My name was called
constantly, I loved every second!
I felt the ripples of her vaginal wall quiver in
delight as her cunt spasmed. Then the ripples seemed to spread
outwards into every muscle in her body. She lost all control of
her faculties and fell upon my chest trying to catch her breath
and control her muscles. I left her laying over me, enjoying the
moisture of her sweat and sex between us.
My cock was still hard and wanted to fuck more! I
rolled her over onto her back. I could see her face and see
looked asleep, with a small smile of contentment of her lips. I
bent over and took a small nipple into my mouth, and tasted her
perfume, sweat and skin. I needed more, wanted to fuck this
passionate woman until she lost all control and begged me to fuck
her still more. I had heard it once, but only once wasn't
I positioned my self on my knees and hands, then began
to earnestly hammer into her wet, tight pussy. My lips found
hers and I forced my tongue into her mouth. I wanted her to
leave this hotel room with her cunt filled with my come. Then I
would know she was mine.
I felt her smooth silk covered legs slowly slide along
my hairy legs and along the back of my buttocks, I could feel the
cold high heels between my thighs where she had locked her
ankles. Christen began to buckle her hips upwards, meeting my
thrusts. Both her hands came up and pulled my face down to hers,
our lips meet again and this time she passionately kissed me.
The whole bed was shaking with the power of our passion.
It was certainly the best and most fulfilling sexual
encounter I had ever had. Those few seconds before I came was
like I was having an out of body experience. I felt ethereal.
When her vagina again began the now-familiar rippling, it caused
me to come. Wow! It was like every energy cell in my body flowed
out the head of my dick. I collapsed onto her small frame, her
arms and legs still encasing me as we both collapsed, physically,
from the pleasure each had received.

Well after that afternoon, the fact that I was rich had
finally hit home. We had stayed in the hotel suite until late
the next morning, I had given my promise to take care of her as
long as she was my mistress. The fact that the money granted me
the chance to sexually explore her body any way I wished was
proof that money can buy happiness. The two of us set up a
contract, that she give me her sexual being in exchange for a few
physical things. Chris would leave her boyfriend immediately,
and would have no sexual relations with anyone. Her family would
not find out about this little exchange.
I had begun to develop a business, had hired a
secretary and an accountant. I would invest in several new
business's with the advice of several hired investors. My office
was downtown, only five blocks from the executive condo I bought
for Chris to use. I took a few small losses in the investing
business then I scored big and made ten times the amount I put
up! Things were looking up.
I began to date that young university student that was
working at the strip club. Her name was Sandra, but I soon began
to call her Sandy after the colour of her hair. To be honest, we
hadn't slept together yet, and I felt I really didn't need to,
since my sexual desires were quenched elsewhere. We were great
together, we talked about everything, we like the same music and
books, ate the same food, enjoyed the same type of people. A
match made in heaven.
Then there was Christen, she knew about Sandy and
didn't seem to care. We talked about her, and she gave me advice
in ways to make the relationship blossom. She was also any mans
dream. In the first month I must have fucked her an average of
ten times a week. My dick was exhausted! She was a lady in
public and a slut in bed. And she was totally mine. It seemed
she was always willing to have sex, as if her cunt was
perpetually wet. Not that she was insatiable, but just willing.
We didn't have sex only in the condo, hell, we fucked in my
Porshe, in my office, in a stopped elevator and hotel rooms. I
had told her not to wear a bra again and she never did. I
forbade her to wear nylons or those large ugly panties, instead
she had to wear stocking and g-string panties or none at all.
She taught me so many things: I ate pussy for hours
learning to please a woman with only my tongue, we fucking in a
variety of positions and styles, she showed me some kinky things
like tying up or spankings. I loved it all! She confessed she
loved the taste of my come, which she couldn't get enough of. I
learnt she didn't mind me looking at other woman, instead we
compared notes about a females charms. She dressed to play
parts, a hooker one night, a nurse the next, a cop, a bag lady.
Her imagination was limitless. And that was only in the first
We talked about our fantasies, she learnt that I wanted
two girls at the same time. And I learnt that she fantasized
about being raped.
I had gotten messages at my office from Susan my ex
boss, but I immediately threw them out. And others from Cindy
which I filed for later. A few from girls that I had knew in my
past, as long ago as when I was in high school. And a few I
didn't know. They all sounded promising. But during that month
I was very satisfied and content and need not call another woman.
Chris assured me, she wouldn't mind if I had sex with another
woman. Hell, if anything she seemed to condone it!?
A large lesson I learned from her was to be more
assertive with woman, to take the first jump, so to speak. If
they said no, then it meant no, I won't put up with no juvenile
head games. But if they didn't say anything then "all speed
ahead". I soon realized the way I looked upon woman was
different since that day I found out I was rich. Instead of
explaining, just read on.

"I would like to see you...ya, today for lunch would be
perfect. Meet me here at my office. OK see you in a half-hour."
That was me, calling my cousin Tami. It was an innocent
conversation with nothing aggressive in my manner or voice. But
the only reason I called her, was that I remembered the look in
her eye as I said good-bye at that party. She may be a tough
little bitch, but she had been bitten by the bug.
When finally my secretary rang her in, I stood and
shook my cousin-in-laws hand. She was dressed in a business-like
dark suite. I had called her at the school she taught at, ten
minutes away from here. She was all smiles and polite, she asked
how things were going, then inquired into my new business,
finally asked me where I planned to take her for supper.
Instead of answering, I sat back down in my chair and
looked up at her. For those few seconds, I could feel my heart
beating very rapidly and my palms moisten. There was an uneasy
silence in my corner office, she looked visibly unsure.
Finally, "Take your clothes off Tami." A simple
statement, spoke softly. Yet it was definitely a order. I
wasn't sure how she was going to react, even though I had planned
this moment for almost a week.
She was looking down at the ground, her face had turned
pale. She whispered, "And if I don't want to?"
Immediately, "Then you may leave." I thought I said it
a bit too harshly.
"I don't want too leave." She paused for a few seconds
more, then dropped her handbag.
I had won!
Tami reached up and took off her blazer, I could see
her hands trembling and her tongue keep licking her lips. Almost
as if her moves were in slow motion, she disrobed. The more skin
she showed the more she trembled, in fact when her bra came off I
thought she was going to fall. She took off all her clothing,
until she stood in only her panties. I took a long time admiring
her early-thirties body. She was a tiny woman, yet still thin.
Small, almost flat breasts, well sculptured thighs, small waist
and hips and flat stomach. If there was one thing that I would
change if I could would be her legs, they were a little short for
my taste. Oh, well!
"May I blindfold you?" I lifted a two foot long bit of
cloth out of my desk drawer.
She looked up at the blindfold then looked around the
room, as if looking for the exit. Then she nodded, yes! Slowly
I stood and came behind her. Tami was staring at the floor,
looking extremely nervous and perhaps scared. But it wasn't as
if I threatened her or anything, in fact all she had to do is
leave if she wanted too. Being careful not to touch her I first
undone the knot holding her long dark brown hair up, then tied
the blindfold around her head. I took several minutes to make
sure she couldn't see, or that it would not slip off her head.
My curiosity was strong so I asked her, "You don't know
what I'm going to do to you, do you?" She nodded no, her
shoulders trembling. "Are you scared Tami?"
"A little..." A mouse would make more noise.
"You can still leave if you want too?" She didn't
move. I loved that very second, the power I felt over
her, the power she had chose to give to me! To be truthful I had
no idea beyond blindfolding her what I was going to do, I only
thought to this point. Of course I wanted to have sex with her,
to posses her. The only thing stopping me was myself.
With my hands, I gently turned her around facing me. I
held her shoulders as I bent forwards and kissed her
passionately. She took several seconds to return the kiss, then
she responded in kind. I could feel her body shivering under my
hand, but I heard a groan deep down in her throat. She was
enjoying this.
That was enough of that, I pulled away from her, making
her moan almost painfully. Her lips still puckered and looking
for mine. But I gave her a little push, until she was walking
backwards to the edge of my large wooden desk. Then I gave her
another push forcing her to lay upon the desk with only her legs
over the edge, off the floor. I then took my hands off her body
and stood back again enjoying the sight of her near naked form.
"Take your panties off." A definite order, there was
no stopping now. She hooked her thumbs into the tight black g-
string underwear and lifted her hips. She lifted her knees
almost to her chest as the satin slide up her smooth dark legs.
Then she let her legs drop again, and her panties slid off her
feet to land upon the ground. I starred at her dark brown pussy
hair, it was a thick patch but shaped into a definite inverted
triangle. When she had taken off her panties I had seen a long
string of moisture trail itself from her lower vagina to the
crotch of the panties. She was extremely wet!
"You are a very beautiful woman Tami." That wasn't
just idle praise, I meant it. "Show me how wet you are, spread
your legs." Without a sound she lifted her knees and spread her
legs, there was no place for her feet so she had to hold them up
spread wide. Her vagina was flowered open, her inner lips wide.
I could see the glistening wetness of her dark pink skin of her
cunt, coating her from the little bead of her clitoris to the
dark brown hole of her anus. From my position, I studied her
sex, fascinated at the unopposed view. I was also interested in
her rear hole, and for the first time wondered what it would be
like to fuck the rear end. A gentle waif of her sexual smell
drifted to my nose, it was a strong almost spicy smell that is
produced when a vagina get wet. Very appealing.
"Would you like me to eat you?"
Hoarsely she answered, "Yes."
I wanted to play with her. "Ask me nicely Tami."
Shyly, "Please eat my pussy." She sounded very
"No!" She moaned, disappointed. "I want you to get
that pretty hole wet for me. Touch yourself!" She hesitated for
a few seconds then one of her hands slid down her body to cup her
open sex. She hesitated so I said, "Play with yourself, show me
how much you want me!" My penis was almost painful in its
enclosure so I unzipped my pants and watched the show.
And a show it was! Christen had once played with
herself for my enjoyment, I didn't tell her how much I enjoyed
it, before I pounced upon her and fucked that wet cunt hole that
she had gotten wet for me. This time, Tami began slowly, unsure
of herself, but soon gained momentum. Two fingers were
manipulating her clitoris and the other hands was rubbing the
inside of her thigh. Her mouth was open and her head back at an
angle, where sounds kept escaping. I watched her chest rise and
fall more rapidly as the seconds ticked by. I could see a little
stream of vaginal juice leaking out of her cunt hole and sliding
down to her anus and to my desk. It was all I could do, not to
thrust my pole into her ready cunt.
I realized she was partially playing with me, some of
her reactions were ill-timed while others seemed to be genuine.
It was only minutes into the show when she started to beg for me.
Softly, almost to herself, I could hear her asking for my cock,
my tongue or even my finger. She promised anything as long as I
would give her the organismic delight she was waiting for. Minutes
went by and she sounded desperate, as if she would do "anything"
just so I would fuck her.
"Are you ready?"
Almost out of breath, "God yes!"
"Perhaps I'll just watch you a few minutes more."
I thought she would start crying, "I'm ready! Please
fuck me?"
I needed to fuck this beautiful woman who was
presenting herself to me, I took the one step towards her and
then pressed her legs as far back as they would go. Both her
hands came off her body and held onto the edge of the desk, her
voice and breath fast and raspy.
Looking down I aimed my penis towards her hole. When
it seemed properly set, I drove forward until I was mounted deep
inside her. Tami screamed! A delightful, and passion filled
yell that must be heard outside my office. I was pleased that
her vagina was scaled within the size of the rest of her body.
In other words, she had a tight cunt! Hell I think my cock was
hitting the end of her vagina, since a soft blunt object was
hitting the head of my penis.
I had to talk, especially since she seemed to be a
vocal lover, "God damn your a hot tight cunt!" I moved my hands
up to her ankles and held them like motor bikes handlebars. I saw
that goose bumps had popped up over her body, and her nipples
were hard little points.
I purposely didn't move my hips, I wanted to hear her
beg for it again, needed to hear it. I wasn't disappointed,
"Please! I need it, fuck me...!"
That was it, I pulled all the way out before driving
back in. It was incredible how her cunt muscles seemed to suck
me back into her cunt.
"What a hot bitch you are." She began to move her ass
in a circular motion, and every time I spoke to her she only
said, "Yes!" I knew I wouldn't last a long time, but could see
that she would probably come even before me. I could see the
muscles in her taunt body rippling as she worked her cunt, it was
a very exciting sight. "You can be my little fuck toy anytime!"
"Work that ass faster Tami!" It looked like the veins
in her neck were going to pop out, and her face was bright red.
She kept wildly swinging her head back and forth as I felt the
first ripples of her orgasm begin down deep inside her. "Soak my
cock with your juices bitch!" She did.
I was pounding so fast into her, I could feel my lower
back muscles ache. I pulled my cock out of her hole at the same
time she lost all control of her body. Her legs dropped and her
hands relaxed after she had violently spasmed three times.
I walked around the desk and looked along her body
starting at her head. She didn't move as I pulled her up my desk
towards me until her head fell off the edge. I remembered
something she had called herself while begging for my cock, "Well
slave, you had your fun. Now I want you to lick the cunt juices
off my cock before I fuck that pretty face of yours!"
I placed my hardened cock along the length of her face,
the head of my penis on her chin while my balls resting on her
forehead. Tami slowly opened her mouth and her small tongue slid
out, she licked daintily along the length of my cock. It wasn't
long before she had indeed cleaned the vaginal juices off the
bottom my penis and then I forced the head of my cock between her
She had a small mouth and I could feel her stretching
it to capacity. I was slow as I keep entering her mouth, I was
indeed surprised when I felt the base hit her lips. I figured my
penis must be down her stretched throat. Both of her hands came
up and behind me to hold onto my trouser bottom.
I began a slow long fuck with her inverted face. Every
stroke was a mile, every second a minute. I loved it. Tami had
lifted her legs again and spread them with her ankles on the
opposite edge of my desk. She placed one of her hands between
her own legs as I fucked her face. Tami masturbated gently,
enjoying the stimulation of her finger while also giving me
pleasure. The pressure was building up in my balls, my breathing
became laboured and my dick ached. Tami was withering on my desk
her body dancing to the rhythm of my slow fucking. She was
moaning and screaming deep down her throat, since I didn't once
pull out so she could catch her breath.
The first blast of sperm surprised even me! I came
with a great gusto of pearl coloured come. Tami took every drop,
swallowing loudly. She had again grabbed my buttocks and was
holding my body against her face. I was amazed at her control,
even Chris would have gagged if I had shot my sperm as far down
her throat as my cock would go. But Tami took every drop, and it
seemed to me that she demanded more from my exhausted penis.
Finally, I fell backwards into my desk chair. I rested
with my pants hanging open, my cock catching the cool breath.
Through half open eyes, I watched as Tami climbed off the desk
and began to dress, her back to me the whole time. She looked
embarrassed, ashamed? I didn't feel up to speaking just then and
only watched her.
When she was completely dressed, she turned to me and
said, "I shouldn't have come here," she was trying to comb her
hair with her hand preparing it for an elastic, "it was a
mistake. We can never do this again!" She spun, her hair in a
tail, reaching for the door.
What can I say, I was mad! She agrees to do as I ask
then seems to be ashamed of what she had done. I spoke harshly,
only one word, "Stop!" She did. But she didn't turn only stood
with her back to me. "Next time I see you, don't wear any
underwear!" It was an order. "Do you understand?"
It seemed like a long time before she nodded yes. Then
quickly departed my office. I wished I could have seen her face,
to read what was on her mind. I knew I wouldn't ask Chris about
her, since it was her sister-in-law, and would contemplate the
strange emotions that Tami had displayed.

To be truthful I had been getting more brazen, more
sure of myself in my encounters with pretty woman. I was always
polite and never forced anyone to do anything they didn't want,
but I was becoming forward in my approach. I demanded honesty
and willingly give it back. For instance, there was my
secretary, she was early thirties, very competent worker. She
was also attractive and married. After the "luncheon" with Tami,
she confessed to me that she had accidentally walked in on the
two of us. With beat red face, she told me she saw Tami laying
on the desk, naked, playing with herself as I sat in a chair and
My next question was, "Did you enjoy it?"
She laughed nervously and said, "Not as much as she
seemed to." I laughed with her.
"No, I mean, did it excite you?" She stopped sorting
the papers on her desk and nodded to me. Her eyes expectant. I
dropped the subject and talked about work, but saw the
disappointment in her face. I was experienced enough with women
who had gotten the bug that I knew she was a definite carrier.
And another time, when Chris and I went out to eat at a
nice restaurant. There was a pretty waitress serving us, late
twenties, voluptuous, and very friendly. It wasn't unusual when
Chris asked me about the woman, in this case her round breasts.
"The waitress has pretty boobs?" She bent forward to
whisper across the table, "Did you see, her nipples are hard?"
Christen returned to her seat, "Do you think I would look better
with bigger breasts?" I was only half listening to her, and
realized the waitress had appeared to notice me, her demeanour and
body posture had changed after she got over here. In fact she
seemed to try and catch my eye.
It wasn't unusual for Chris and I to play little games,
we often pushed them to the limit. So, I told Chris I wanted her
to flirt with the waitress, she agreed. Perhaps too readily.
Next time the woman came to take our order, I watched her
reaction as my cousin blatantly caress the woman with her eyes.
Then she asked her, "Did anyone every tell you that you
are very pretty?"
The woman was stunned for a few seconds, looking to me
to perhaps stop my supper companion, but I just watched on.
"Ugh, no." She finished taking my order and asked
Chris what she wanted.
I saw that Chris was starring at the woman's nipples, which
were indeed hard and pointing through her shirt. The waitress
was visibly nervous and tried to hide her chest with her note
pad, unsuccessfully. After telling her what she wanted for
supper, Chris said, "I would like you to be my dessert." Even
that statement surprised me. The waitress froze. "Would you
like to meet us", I noticed the us part, "later? My friend could
watch as I lick every inch of your body."
The waitress looked at me for confirmation, but I just
smiled at her. She mumbled something about, "supper in a few
moments", then disappeared into the kitchen. For some reason,
neither of us brought up the last few moments. Instead we talked
as we usually do. When our meals were finished, the waitress
finally came from the kitchen, her hands full. She ignored Chins
and just looked at me.
I spoke up as she turned to leave, "Oh, miss?" She turned
back to me. "My friend was serious. I would enjoy very much
watching you make love with her. Have you ever had sex with
another woman before?"
Hoarsely she answer, "No." Out of the corner of my eye, I
saw that Chris looked suddenly nervous at my remark. As if
surprised that I asked the question, perhaps she thought this was
all a game. She already knew that I wanted to have sex with two
women, it was a fantasy of mine. The reality had just sunk in
for her. While, I wondered at her own actions, she was too
enthusiastic about this little game. Did she wonder what it
would be like to have sex with another woman? I wanted to find
The waitress was ready to escape again, but I spoke up, "I'm
sorry if we're embarrassing you." I meant it. "But if you have
sex with my girlfriend I'll give you three months wages. No
questions." Both sets of eyes got bigger. I smiled at Chris,
knowing that this was the moment where she showed her true
colours. Even if the pretty waitress doesn't accept I will have
learnt something about my mistress.
The working girl mumbled something about getting the check
then left quickly, her face flush. That was when Chris turned on
me. "What are you doing, I thought you just wanted me to flirt
with her. What happens if she agrees?" I shrugged and smiled.
"Oh, god. Here she comes."
Indeed, the waitress was coming over to the table, in her
hand was the bill. She looked nervous, as before, but somehow
resigned. She whispered to me across the table, ignoring Chris.
"I'll do it. Four months wages?" I nodded yes. Then I told her
to meet us at the hotel a few blocks away in an hour. She left
us. Chris was silent. What can be said? She could
have said no, in fact after her outburst I thought she might,
that she was only a flirt after all. I let her mull over what
she was about to undergo, and left her to her thoughts.
After supper I paid the bill and left with Chris on my arm.
Silently she clung to me, as if I was protecting her. The walk
went quickly and I checked us into a room and told the front desk
I was expecting a visitor. They assured me, she'll be sent up
In our room, Chris sat by the large window, nervously
wringing her hands. While I ate some complementary fruit. The
door knocked not long afterwards, I was our waitress. I realized
I didn't even know her name, but a part of me enjoyed that little
fact. I felt my mistress stand up from her seat by the window.
The tension was filling the room as the woman walked past me into
the large expensive suite.
"Chris?" She seemed startled when I spoke, and jumped
slightly. She gazed at me for a second then took two steps to
the voluptuous waitress who waited in the centre of the room.
Chris pulled off the woman's purse and jeans jacket, letting them
fall to the floor. I sat upon the large couch and drink my
ginger ale, as my mistress held the woman's head as they kiss
gently for the first time.
All was silent in the room, except for the breathing of the
two females. The kiss lasted a long time. With Chris taking the
initiative, kissing ever so gently upon the woman's full,
slightly puckered lips. Both had their eyes closed and mouths
slightly open and puckered. I saw a tongue spear fast and soft
against the others lips, but didn't know who it belonged too.
The waitress brought her hands up to my cousins silk blouse and
felt her breasts through the soft material. She was kneading
them as I would have, paying extra attention to the hard little
nipples. Chris groaned her pleasure directly into the others
open mouth and dropped her hands from the woman's face. She
cupped the wide attractive buttocks encased in the tight denim.
The kissing was becoming harder and more passionate. Not just
the soft seductive kisses that they started with.
At that point I wondered who was being the aggressor, the
one taking on the dominate role. But couldn't figure it out,
Chris had started the encounter, but the waitress had fondled
Both were openly groaning deep down in their throats, their
bodies beginning to writhe. The waitress was fumbling with the
buttons on my cousin's blouse and my cousin was trying to get the
jeans undone. Both were having a hard time of it. The blouse
hit the ground first, baring my mistress's bare chest. The woman
pulled away from the passion kiss and looked upon the gorgeous
bosoms of my cousin. That gave Chris the few seconds she needed
to undo the tight button and zipper of the jeans. Chris began
pushing the tight denim down the curved hips, while the waitress
dived head first into her chest. The waitress hit the nipple
open mouthed and swallowed one whole. From then on they became
The waitress sent several long minutes kissing and sucked
passionately at one, then the other, nipple. Her hands,
meanwhile, undone the loose fitting skirt and let it drop to the
floor. Her eyes showed surprise and pleasure that Chris wasn't
wearing any panties. The woman's hands quickly grabbed a shapely
buttock, and roughly fondled them.
During that, Chris forced the jeans to the woman's sneaker
covered feet, and then began to practically ripe the tee-shirt
off her body. Soon, the bra followed. I never saw her like
this; desperate, going fast as if she blinked the moment would be
gone. Always with me, she was seductive, passionate yes, but
never desperate. The woman was bent over sucking on her nipples,
so her large breasts were hanging down. Chris heaved one in each
hand, testing the weight and feel of the new toy.
Some unspoken signal must have been communicated, since both
stopped their frantic fondling and stood up and looked upon each
other. At that point they laughed and realized their situation.
They were standing in the outer room of our suite partially-
dressed, their clothes in a tangle on their bodies. Especially
the waitress's. Chris kicked off her high heels and stepped out
of her skirt that was bunched about her ankles. While, the
waitress slide off her sneakers and then bent down to pull off
her jeans and socks. When both were finished, they again kissed
and walked into the open door leading to the bedroom.
It was as if I wasn't here, that I didn't exist. That
wasn't unpleasant at all, it only made me feel funny. Also it
seemed a little kinky, as if I was watching my mistress cheat on
me with another woman. The last ten minutes had been very
enjoyable, hell the hard-on in my pants was testimony to that. I
could also feel my heart beat hard and fast, it seemed to vibrate
my entire body. Was I weird, watching my mistress have sex with
another woman? I thought, I was just a little. But, fuck it, I
was enjoying it!
I refreshed my drink from the small bar, then stood by the
window and watched the city far below. I could hear the sounds
of the women. The noise was a detector to their excitement.
They were getting louder with the minutes and the sounds were
full of excitement, passion, and pleasure. One set of noise was
familiar, Chris's love calls. But it seemed to have a certain
something that I hadn't heard before, perhaps it was the newness
of a female partner. Though I enjoyed watching the two of them,
I realized in the future I would have to join in. The visual
pleasure was certainly enjoyable, but the next step would be
possessing two girls.
The noise brought me out of my distant state. It was
getting louder, and I could feel the explosion of pleasure soon
approaching, in their sounds. I walked over to the open door to
the bedroom and leaned on the door frame while drinking my drink.
The girls had closed the Venetian blinds before jumping into bed.
But the bright daylight outside was coming through the gaps in
the shade causing erotic lines to be drawn over the bed and the
bodies. It also gave me light enough to see clearly.
The first thing I noticed was there was only soft female
skin, shiny with sweat and goose bumps. Yet it took a few
seconds to get my bearings, I realized that Chris was on top and
they were facing each other. I could see my mistresses buttocks
clench and grind as she rubbed herself into the others crotch.
The waitress had her heels dug into the bed, humping upwards, her
hands clawing at the familiar backside of Christen leaving long
red trails. There faces were a mask to their pleasure. I could
see the woman's face over the shoulder of Chris. It was clenched
tightly closed, with the mouth open in a silent scream. While
the back of my cousins head was moving over the large chest of
her new friend. They were fucking like a male/female couple,
except their sex was pressed together using the friction upon
their clitoris as a stimulus. I knew that a clitoral orgasm
could be, and usually is, better for a woman than a vaginal
By their movements I could tell that a orgasm was not long
in coming. The pace was speeding up, the movements frantic,
muscles rippling with pleasure and fatigue. Chris left the bosom
and forced her face into the hollow of the woman's throat, then
she screamed loudly and passionately. A second later, the
waitress let out a howl of animal pleasure as she began to come.
Her heels left the bed and wrapped herself around my cousin,
encasing her. Both froze in that position for almost ten
seconds, only the sounds of their pleasure could be heard. Then
I saw Chris relax her whole body and collapse over her new friend
and lover, while her muscles involuntarily shivered. The other
woman wasn't far behind.
I turned from that delightful sight, realizing the smell of
the women's musk had filled the room. I left the glass and
grabbed my coat, I then left silently closing the door behind me.
Chris would take her usual half hour to recuperate fully from a
orgasm, and I wanted to leave her alone with her new found
pleasure. A part of me wanted to stay and jump into bed with
them. But I knew if I gave her time to sort out a few things,
she would be more than willing to repeat the performance. I left
several large bills for the waitress on her jeans, then left.

It was the first time I had ever bought a hooker. I drove
up next to an attractive slutty looking one and rolled down the
passenger side window. I agreed to her price and I then parked
in a dark deserted alley. I must admit their wasn't much room in
my Porshe for her to bend over, but somehow she did it. I sat
back in my chair as the fake blond sucked on my penis, she was
expert and fast. And even with the sight I had just come from, I
lasted five long minutes. Perhaps I was worried about some
passerby. The condom filled with my sperm, as she sat up and
wiped the saliva from her face with the back of her hand. I
counted out her money, giving her a fifty percent bonus before
driving her back to her spot on the street. Lets face it, she
was only their for my satisfaction, I just wanted to get my rocks
off. We both got what we wanted. I barely noticed her, and
couldn't have given a description if someone asked.
I went back to the office and did some work. Tami called to
thank me for the gift I had sent to her work. An expensive piece
of jewelry. Then Chris called to also thank me, but for "a
delicious afternoon". My pleasure, sort of. She seemed to be
very pleased with the outcome, and assured me a pleasure filled
To be truthful I was a little depressed, and I didn't know
why. Karen, my secretary must have noticed because she asked me
if something was wrong. And instead of telling the truth that
everything was perfect, I began to talk. She sat and listened
politely as my whole afternoon was related to her. She seemed a
little uncomfortable about hearing the details, and often
uncrossed then crossed her legs, and shifted on her seat. Then I
realized I had kept her past quitting time and apologized. She
stood and assured me everything would be fine then left.
That evening was certainly pleasurable. It was as if
Christen was thanking me for giving her the new gift that she was
very generous with her body. She was determined to please me.
And she did. Three times that evening, I was exhausted. That
one night, she was the personification of a mistress, a fuck toy
extraordinary. Only my cock and the sperm that came out of it
mattered. I even promised her another woman, but told her I
would join in this time.
Next morning when I got too work, I complemented Karen on
looking very attractive. She pretended that she didn't hear me,
and gave me my messages, though I saw her blush. She asked why I
looked so tired, and told her that Chris had kept me up most of
the night. Of course I had that little grin men of all ages have
when relating something naughty. After sitting down I
immediately called Tami at her office, and left a message for her
to join me for lunch at my office. I had given Chris a new
experience, and wanted one for myself. As I had driven to work,
I remembered Tami's attractive buttocks and the cute little bum
hole. I wanted to fuck her in the ass, wondered what it was
like. In fact I had bought k-y jelly before getting to work and
planned out the whole "luncheon".
Time went slowly, since I was practically glued to the
clock. Until Karen buzzed and said Tami was here. Tami closed
the door behind her, she had a grin of expectation. She walked
directly to my side of the desk and kissed me passionless, as if
I was her husband.
"I'm glad you could get away."
I interrupted, "I want you right now!" She could hear the
desperation in my voice and smiled friendly, openly. I nodded
towards my desk, "Bend over."
She asked first, "My dress?"
I ignored her question, "Are you wearing underwear?"
"No darling, just as you asked." She turned towards my
large desk and promptly bent forwards over it. Presenting me
with her finest asset.
Still seated, I pulled the back of her tight skirt up her
shapely thighs. I was purposely slow, the fabric inched casually
up her dark skin. I spoke to her before it reached the bottom of
her bum. "I want to try something new with you Tami?"
"Anything darling." She was certainly not the same shy
woman as the first time we had "lunch".
"I want to fuck your ass hole." Blunt yes, but definitely to
the point.
It caused her to pause, just as the bottom hem of her skirt
reached the crack of her ass. I stopped and admire the small
tuff of hair sprouting from between her legs, her pussy. Of
course I continued on, I wanted her dressed, with her skirt
around her waist and her heels on.
"I won't do it unless you ask me?" I was putting her in a
spot, she wanted to please me, but perhaps has never had anal
sex. Yet then again, perhaps she has? I reassured her, "I'll be
gentle Tami. It's just that you have the most attractive bottom
of any woman I know." I was manipulating her, and wondered is
she realized it, or even cared. I was using the fact that she
had the bug, that occurrence I had experienced when women found
out I was extremely rich. Finally the skirt was bunched up
around her waist. I placed open palms on each of her raised
cheeks and spread them apart, as wide as they would go. I
studied her small puckered brown hole, then down to her slightly
spread vagina. I could smell and see the moisture that was
contained there. Gently, softly I bent forward and planted a
kiss directly upon her anus. Thankful that it was clean and had
a neutral smell to it. It tightened then relaxed under my lips.
"Please Tami, I need you!" I put the sound of desperation again
in my voice as I spoke between her spread cheeks.
Tami made a decision, her hands came around behind her and
replace mine on her buttocks spreading them. Then she spoke,
"Anything my darling. I'll do anything you want!"
"Then I may...", I paused.
"Yes! Fuck my ass!" She sounded pleased. Remember that
she had the bug? A part of my theory was that, women tried to
assure me that they could please me. I'm not always sure what
they expected in return, but that didn't matter. Only that I had
given the impression to Tami, that I would do anything for the
pleasure of her bottom. She realized all she had to do was give
me this one pleasure, for good or bad, and she could have her
say. At least that was what I figured she was thinking.
I pulled the jar of jelly out of my desk and quickly opened
it. Tami shivered as I applied a generous amount to her
spincter with my finger. I had a perfect view of my hand as I
gently slide my forefinger into her bottom. God damn it was
tight! How the hell did I expect to get my cock into such a
small hole?
My finger was left inside her for several long seconds, I
could feel her rear muscles trying to purge me from its
intrusion. I could see and feel Tami attempting to relax her
body, all except her hands which held her bum open. After almost
a full minute of silence and stillness I pulled the finger out.
It was coated with the jelly and a light brown film which I
realized was her bowels. The realization didn't trouble me at
all, in fact I became more excited that my cock would reach far
into her, a spot that it hadn't reached yet.
"Have you ever..." I pretended embarrassment, to further my
Almost a whisper, "No darling you will be the first."
My slick finger began a fucking motion with her bum hole.
In and out, repetitively until I could feel her tight ring muscle
relaxing to the intrusion. And just when I was about to enter
her again, I added a finger to the down stroke. It surprised my
cousin-in-law and she grunted gently, the only sound she had made
besides talking. The pressure was again applied to her ass hole,
to loosen to a new width. This time it didn't take as long.
While I was fucking her with two fingers, I undid my zipper and
pulled out my hard cock. And then left it to reach between her
slightly spread legs to cup her sex. Tami was indeed wet, not as
much as the first time, but I realized my hand was already coated
with her juices. I wiggled my middle finger over the hard bud of
her clitoris, while my palm pushed into the soft wet hole.
Tami spread her legs slightly to accommodate me, but
otherwise hadn't moved a inch. I wondered if she was enjoying
herself, or was terrified at the immediate future. Perhaps her
pussy was the excitement gauge that told me her excitement, or
perhaps she was wet when she walked in the door. I know she was
wet the first time I had seen her naked cunt, maybe the idea that
she was about to have sex with me excited her. A rather pleasant
Finally I took my hands off and out of her body. Wiped my
fingers fairly clean on her attractive hips and buttocks. And
then took aim with my guided missile. I could see that her
relaxed anus was still open, almost a full inch in width, so the
initial plunge was no problem. But after the first inch of my
thick cock, I had to slow down my descent from the sheer
tightness of her cavity. I could see her knuckles turn white and
her jaw twitch as I slowly, but forcibly entered her. I was
determined to reach the depths of her bowels, I was going to fuck
her ass for all it was worth.
No, I didn't feel sorry for her, nor sympathized in any way
at her situation. It was completely her choice. Sure I had
manipulated her, but she had the final say in everything she
choose to do. Tami was gasping now, and I grabbed her mane of
hair and pulled her head back, causing her back to arch and her
bum to round beautifully. As I do to Chris when I fuck her doggy
At that precise moment, when I grounded my cock deep inside
her, that I saw movement across the room. The door to my office
was open only a crack, and I could see half of Karen's face as
she peeked upon my activities. A part of me wanted to give her a
show, wanted to let her know that I was fucking this attractive
woman in her ass hole.
I closed my eyes and began to slowly, earnestly fuck my
cousin's wife. I spoke for Tami's benefit as well as my
secretaries, "Goddamn you have a tight ass hole!" My strokes
were speeding up as her anus muscle became more relaxed. Tami
must have realized this episode would not end until I had shot my
sperm in her ass hole. So she began to wiggle her buttocks side
to side. Her hands had let go of her ass cheeks and had grasped
the edge of the desk in front of her.
She was having trouble breathing, but somehow managed to
gasp, "I want to feel your warm come inside my ass! Yes...!" The
last word was a quick scream of what sounded like pleasure.
Hell, if she enjoyed herself it would be a definite bonus, but
not mandatory.
Again I opened my eyes, quickly glancing to see if my
secretary was still watching as I looked down upon Tami's naked
and soiled flanks. She was! Between the sight of her taunt but
shaking butt cheeks, caused from my repetitive slapping, and the
tight pleasure of a new wonder, I wasn't long before coming.
She sensed my urgent pounding of her bowels, and doubled her
The first shot of my come, was accompanied my a tight squeeze
of her anus creating a painful, yet pleasurable orgasm. It was
as if a plug was suddenly pulled from a geyser. Tami squealed in
delight as she felt the warm sperm hit deep inside a never before
fucked part of her body. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the
door close silently.
"Yes darling, come deep inside me."
I pulled out of her ass with a quiet pop, then fell back
into my chair, exhausted. I could see that her anus was wide
spread and a trail of sperm and brown shit was leaking out of her
ass hole. She lay over my desk for a few moments until she stood
up. The image of her stretched and leaking ass would forever be
implanted in my mind. Without pushing her dress back down she
sat perpendicular to me, on my lap. As a girl would sit on her
daddy's knee. She was kissing my neck and cheek. I could tell
she was excited and pleased.
I wanted her to go away and leave me to catch my breath, but
knew that was unreasonable. I dropped my hand upon her lap,
where she quickly spread her legs. I unceremoniously reached for
her sex, then slide two fingers into her, now, very wet cunt.
She moaned into my neck, "I'll do anything for you darling!" I
finger fucked her wet snatch while my thumb manipulated her clit.
But as I worked on pleasing her, I wondered if her ass hole was
leaking over my expensive pants. "Make me come and I'll spread my
ass for you anytime!" I knew she would even if I didn't make her
Again, across the room the door opened a crack and Karen's
eye returned to spying. She couldn't see much there, since we
were both seated behind the desk, but she remained until Tami was
Meanwhile Tami asked me between gasps, "Did I make you happy
darling?" I didn't answer. "I can't begin to explain the
feelings that I had when I felt your warm come hit deep inside
me." I couldn't care less at that moment. She whispered, "Tell
me I'm a good girl!"
For the second time today I kissed her lips, tasting her
yearning and need. "Your a good little girl Tami, but you did
get my cock dirty?"
We had begun something new and unexpected, she acted shy,
"I'll clean you up after you make me come daddy." I began to
enjoy this little game and worked upon her cunt with greater
"Daddy's little girl has a wet pussy?"
She groaned and jerked upon my lap, "Make me come daddy,
please? I'll be a good little girl I promise!" She squealed
again. "See, daddy makes my cunt so wet and hot." She could
barely talk, the words were coming out in gasps. "Yes daddy
yes!" That was it, I could feel her tight pussy clamp up as her
orgasm shuddered throughout her body. In fact I almost lost my
hand, as her thighs clamped shut.
Tami lay over me for a few moments, before finding my lips
with hers and kissing me gently and with affection. She stood
and went over to the sink. Then returned with a wash cloth. I
watched as she knelt between my thighs and preceded to clean my
still dirty cock off, as she had promised. When I was clean, she
planted a firm kiss on the head of my cock and then stood and
began to repair herself. First she whipped her bottom crack with
the same cloth, then pulled down her skirt. Silently I watched
her as she tidied up her hair and clothing. Often, as she
worked, she would turn to me and smile, or throw a kiss.
For some reason I felt I needed to say something, "That was
great Tami!" I meant it.
"I'm glad you enjoyed it." She smiled then as an after
thought, "Next time daddy's little girl will wear something
special!" I was slightly surprised that she had continued the
little charred, enjoyable as it was.
Tami left me with a chaste kiss upon my tired lips. Her
eyes promised me more.

Later that same day and for the rest of the week, Karen kept
looking at me out of the corner of her eye whenever we were in
the same room. Could she be wondering if I had seen her? I
wasn't about to give her any clues. Though she was acting
strange, coming into my office for the slightest of issues,
clumsily tripping and falling into my chest as I was walking by
the filing cabinets, the extra button undone on her blouse, her
hair was pulled back for the first time. These were all signs
that she was bitten by the bug. But I ignored every one, well
not every one. Though I didn't act upon any of them. I flirted
with her shamelessly. I openly looked upon her cleavage knowing
that she knew and didn't do anything about it. When she tripped,
my left hand had "accidentally" brushed her full breast. When
she dropped a pile of papers on the floor of my office then bent
over away from me to pick them up, I enjoyed a long sight of her
hourglass figure then said, "How's your husband, did he get that
job last week?" She immediately turned, became embarrassed and
then realized I was again looking upon her body, Karen returned
to her duties. I laid a hand upon her friendly and often, never
sexually or provocatively. And it always caused her to pause,
sigh, or stare at my hand. She dressed in sexier clothing,
showing off the body that she had previously hide.
Once she had disappeared for an extended break right after
she realized I had a definite bulge in my pants after standing
behind her to look over some work she had been doing, the sight
of her bosom and the tops of her thighs in a mini-shirt was
enough to excite me. When she returned she looked dishevelled and
tired, she also radiated a glow. I new she had just masturbated
herself to orgasm. Could she be that far gone?
The last day of the week, Chris usually came to my office
for lunch. This week it had been raining out, so when Karen let
her into my office, I didn't think much about the overcoat she
was wearing. But as my secretary closed the door behind her and
the two of us were alone, Chris undid the belt holding her jacket.
She pulled the large flaps to either side, flashing me a frontal
view of her naked body. Christen had come to my office, naked
except for her high heels and overcoat. The same coat she had
just let slip off her shoulders. She was also wearing her smile
that said, "I'm going to fuck you."
"Well are you ready for lunch?" She sauntered slowly
towards me around the desk, a seductive walk that sent urges down
between my legs. It had been several weeks since we had sex in
my office, and never had she appeared in this fashion. I liked
it very much!
Chris knelt between my thighs, her hands expertly undoing my
trouser zipper. In seconds she was performing a superb job upon
my cock. It went all too quickly, before she stood up then
straddled my hips in my large comfortable office chair. My
cousin rode me fast and hard. She was breathing hard and
rapidly. My mouth was busy with the hard buds of her nipples.
It was a quick and dirty fuck, the job of a mistress to please
her man. In my apartment tonight would be a better place for a
long relaxing screw.
When I came, I knew she hadn't, but as a good mistress she
relaxed over me letting me catch my breath. She had drained the
sperm from my cock, tonight I will spend a long time munching on
her trimmed pussy. Chris finally rose from her position and
donned her overcoat. Behind her my office door closed silently,
Karen had viewed me yet again. Did she hope to be caught?
Perhaps I would put a stop to her free exhibition.
Chris left me with a parting kiss, a promise for more
tonight. Instead I held her hand and told her I want her to find
a girlfriend. Her eyes widened as I related my idea. Someone
young, cute, never had sex with a woman before, and someone who
would worship my beautiful mistress. I gave her permission to
have sex with this unknown girl, but would have to tell me every
detail of the encounter. I told her I had a date tonight with
Sandra and suggested she begin her search for a female mate. The
last thing I said to her was, "I'll give you one week to find a
girlfriend or I'll have to punish you!" She smiled with me, then
left. I had begun another game!
After she left I asked Karen to come into my office. I told
her that there was a meeting in Vancouver Tuesday next week and
would like her to accompany myself and an investor that was
consulting me. She looked surprised and pleased and said, "Of
course I can go with you." I asked her to reserve an extra
ticket, since she had readied the other two a week ago. Then
asked her to find a replacement for her those two days she was

My weekend wasn't anything special, I had an enjoyable date
with Sandy. We went to a movie then an outdoor amusement park,
where we drove go-carts, hit baseballs, played miniature golf,
and other fun activities. We ended up at her place, and fell
asleep in each others arms far into the night after talking for
hours. We were both clothed.
Saturday I sat back and watched as Chris did a beautiful
show. She masturbated for me. Starting slow then worked up to a
violent climax. She was surprised when I didn't jump her
afterwards. That night she was going out, looking for her newest
friend, she seemed very excited and I didn't want to upset or
interrupt her in any way.
So instead I called Shelly, the sales representative from
the company I used to work for. She sounded very surprised to
hear my voice, but agreed to meet me at a restaurant . We ate
and gossipped about the business she was still in. It all went
over my head, I had no interest in that part of my life any
longer. So I interrupted her just after the dessert was
finished. "Shelly, I would like to fuck you?" She froze and her
face became pale. "I have always been attracted to you, and
would like to find out where those long legs led."
It took several minutes for her to answer me, then when she
did she seemed very upset. "I thought you liked me?" I could
see she was about to cry.
I think I made a mistake, "Well, I do. Its just that...
I'm sorry, I'm used to women practically throwing themselves at
my feet, and assumed you..." She stood and quickly exited the
restaurant. I sat there feeling like a heel. I was again a
little depressed.
Again I went to my apartment and watched television for the
rest of the night. And I slept a restless sleep while having
images of my cock growing so large that it overwhelmed me.

The business trip was boring, the days long with meetings
and lectures. I did learn a few tricks about ways to handle my
money but I had to shift through the shit to do it. Karen looked
and acted very professional, I kept her busy being my personal
assistant. She sat through all the meetings with me, and also
worked longer than I doing memos and calling back to our office.
It was the final couple of hours before the car was to take us to
the airport. I was already packed and ready to go, anxious to
see Christen again. I strolled down to the bar, it was full,
even at this time of day. Seated by herself was Karen.
I sat next to her. Then I realized she must have been here
for some time since she looked very smashed. She saw me then
turned away, her back facing me. Very rude. I placed my palm on
her back, and felt her shiver through the blouse.
"Karen, you OK?"
She nodded yes. Then thankfully turned around.
I was waiting for her to talk, since she looked like she
wanted to. "Do you find me pretty?" Her words were very
slurred. "I wish..." She stopped. I realized her eyes were
glassy and her hands shaking.
Instead of answering her, I pulled the shot glass out of her
hand and pulled her off the bar stool. I half-dragged Karen to
her room. After the door was closed I saw that she had tears
running down her cheeks, and she was very nervous.
She came to me and draped her arms around my neck. "Fuck
me?" Her voice sounded desperate, pleading. "I think about you.
Sometimes I spy when you fuck someone in your office. Then after
they go, I'm so hot I go to the wash room and play with myself."
I was practically holding her up, but made no move to silence
her. I wanted to hear this. "My cunt gets wet whenever I'm
around you. I'm wet right now!" She awkwardly stood straight
then lifted the front of her skirt until it was over her waist.
I looked down upon her panty covered crotch, the bright white
material was discoloured where a damp spot appeared just between
her legs. "My god-damn-husband can't please me, I need you!" She
let go of her skirt but reached under and began to push down her
panties. When she was finished she again raised her skirt and
this time I saw the dark brown bush of her pussy. There was
glistening drops of moisture. "He's not even man enough to look
at me. I know you can give me what I what! Need!"
For the first time I spoke, "What is it you need Karen?"
She dropped her skirt and again wrapped my neck in her arms.
This time, I reached behind her and unzipped her skirt. I
could feel her shiver in joyous expectation when I first touched
her. First the skirt fell to the floor then I practically ripped
her blouse and bra off. Since she spy's upon me, she knew I
didn't like underwear on my ladies, unless it was visually
exciting. Well Karen wore stockings and garter belt and high
heels, white. And that was it after I stripped the rest off her.
She was barely standing by herself, as I looked down upon
her attractive frame. "So you what me to fuck you?" She nodded,
almost like a teenage girl getting ready to do something naughty
but delicious. But I just wanted to fuck, no pressure, no
promises. I grabbed her arm and spun her around, she almost
fell. Then I pushed her onto the bed and began to pull my belt
out of the loops in my pants. Just a little nervous and unsure
of the situation, Karen finally looked over her shoulder.
"I'm going to fuck you Karen! I don't care if you enjoy it
or not! But before that I am going to punish you for spying on
me!" I watched the goose bumps rise upon the pale skin of her
buttocks. Even through the acholic haze she understood she was
going to get a beating. "Onto your knees..." I waited and
watched as she hurriedly pulled her knees under her until she was
curled into a ball, her ass and back raised high.
I lifted the hand and belt high into the air. My eyes not
coming off her white flanks as I swung the thick leather hard
into the curve of her bum. She jumped and covered her face with
her hands, and stifled a scream. That was the first time I hit a
woman, it would not be the last. Again I brought down the belt
and hand. And again! In fact I swung until I felt the sweat
running down my brow and my arm was trembling. There were red
marks upon her rear globes, and blood had risen to the surface in
several places. During it all she took it like a trooper, only
letting a stifled scream through her hands.
At that moment I wanted her! Or rather wanted to fuck her!
I frantically undid my pants and let it drop to my knees.
Then I knelt behind her and with one strong lunge drove into her
pussy. I didn't check if she was wet, nor if she still wanted
me. I didn't care.
I grabbed her shapely hips and began to pound into her cunt.
My stomach slapping her still red bum. I realized Karen was wet,
her vagina was well lubricated and felt slick upon my shaft. I
loved it! I fucked her hard and fast for about five minutes.
While she only made little noises into her hands, while at times
wiggling her buttocks. I pulled out just before I felt the final
twinges of my cock. And let the sperm shoot into the crack of
her ass making a guey mess.
It took only seconds for me to catch my breath. I stood and
pulled my pants up. Karen hadn't moved nor said anything yet.
But just lay still over the bed.
When she first moved I spoke up, "Don't clean your bum up, I
want you to sit in my come on the plane back." She turned towards
me and I could see that she was confused and thinking. But she
nodded yes and stood up and dressed. I continued to watch her
making sure she didn't put any panties on, nor cleaned the mess
in her crack up. "I'll see you downstairs."

The next day at the office I asked Karen if she wanted to be
my "little fuck toy", and she quickly answered yes. Surprised,
since I was half-expecting her to quit her job. She promised
never to wear panties and to be there for me anytime I wanted
her. I made a note to myself to buy her a gift to say thank-you.
Tami arrived for "lunch" on schedule. I told Karen to come
into my office, quietly, after my guests clothes were off.
Before my cousin-in-law had said a word I said, "Take your
clothes off!" It was an order.
Rushed she tore her dress clothes off her body until she
wore nothing. With barely contained excitement she rushed over to
my side of the desk and straddled my hips, bringing her lips to
mine in a passionate and promising kiss. She was squirming
around, pressing her cunt mound into the bulge in my pants.
I pulled my face away from hers, "How is daddy's little
She smiled at the role we had adopted for each other. "I've
been a bad girl daddy." She put on a pouty face.
"Tell me what you have done girl?"
"I thought about you..." She waited but I didn't say a
word. "I pretended my finger was your penis." She ground into
my crotch for good effect.
"Tell me what do you mean?" Of course I knew what she
Pretending embarrassment, "I played with myself!" I could
see her nipples were rock hard, and she had goose bumps on much of
her body. She wanted to get fucked.
"Did you put your finger in your mouth?" She nodded, yes.
"In your cunt?" Again, yes. "And even in your tight little
She giggled and bent forward whispering into my ear, "I put
one in my bum and another in my pussy!" By the giggly sound of
her voice I could tell she enjoyed herself immensely.
My cock pressed into her wiggling mound, anxious to fuck
this tight attractive bundle of sex. Over her shoulder I saw my
office door open and Karen quietly come in. I ignored her.
"I'm going to have to punish you!" She made a pouty face,
but I could tell she didn't really mind. "What do you think is
an acceptable punishment for a young girl who was playing with
herself?" She shrugged, anxious to begin. "I have one in mind
but you may not like it." For only a brief second her face
revealed worry, but she soon recovered and she again wiggled her
bottom onto my lap.
"I've been a bad girl daddy, I'll do anything you want."
I pulled the silk cloth from a drawer and handed it to her.
She realized I wanted her to put it on and she soon did. Then I
throughly checked it to make sure she couldn't see. Then I kissed
her gently and passionately, and asked, "Any punishment?" She
nodded sighing from my kiss. "Excellent!" Gently I pushed her
off my lap.
"In this room Tami is a naked woman, another woman. Your
punishment is to make her come!" I could tell she didn't believe
me, and just stood there unsure of the situation. I grabbed her
hand and led her to the couch, Karen was sitting wide eyed
nervous and delighted her legs slightly spread, then pushed Tami
to her knees. "Reach out girl." She did, and I could tell she
was very surprised when she touched a woman's soft skin, the place
right inside the knees. "Theres the woman Tami, when you finish
with her I'll fuck you." I saw a shiver run over my cousin-in-
law's body. She obviously didn't have the same views about
having sex with another woman as Christen did.
"I don't think I want too." Whispered Tami, letting her
hand drop from the others leg.
Using a gruff voice, "Then I want you to leave and never
come back!" I meant it.
Tentatively, Tami again reached out and placed both of her
hands on the unseeing woman's knees. "Who is she?"
"A hooker who costs a very large sum of money, by the hour!
You had better get started Tami!" I began to undress, yet
watching every second. Karen looked delighted at what I had told
the kneeling woman, a part in a play.
Tami kissed one knee, unsure of herself, and after a pause
kissed down the inside thigh. Karen instinctively spread her
legs wide, giving a wide gap for the dark maned head of her new
lover. I sat down next to Karen after I was naked, I could see
down into the face of my cousin-in-law, while fondling my
secretaries breast.
Finally, Tami reached the nest of delight, but paused
directly over it. For a long time she sat with her face barely
touching the hairy region. Then her tongue slide out of her
mouth and she touched the slit. It was like she was tasting
some rotten fruit. While, Karen arched her back and let out a
large moan of delight at the first sexual contact with her
vagina. I knew enough about her already that she would be wet,
that her musky smell would at this very moment be drifting up
Tami's nostrils.
I could tell Tami didn't want to be doing this. She was
trying not to touch the other woman, and even her tongue barely
licked the thick cunt lips but just moved the thick pussy hair
around. I was a little impatient, so grabbed the back of
Tami's head and pressed her face into Karens sex. She was
pressing into the slightly spread cuntal lips, the moisture
rubbing into her skin. Tami tried to resist, and had closed her
mouth, least it come in contact with the wet vagina, then she
realized the folly in her resistance.
Tami began to eat the needy pussy, it wasn't dainty nor
gentle, she fucked that cunt with her hardened tongue.
Realizing the only way to get this over with was to get the
"hooker" to come. So, driven with a purpose, Tami fucked Karens
cunt like a undersexed vamp she really was. No longer was she
the timid, moody bitch that I had always heard about. Instead
she was my sex toy, anything I desired she would deliver. Sure
she probably still didn't enjoy sucking on another woman's pussy,
but to get what she wanted she would.
During all this Karen ignored us, but concentrated on the
feelings that exploded from her cunt. She kept trying to kiss
me, but I ignored her and concentrated upon her nipples. Which
were poking and seemed to aim right at my open mouth.
I could hear Tami's sloppy eating, she was making wet hungry
noises. The meal in front of her would be soon finished at this
rate. At that moment, I wished I had a camera, to capture the
moment forever on film. The couch was squeaking as my secretary
gyrated upon it, I made a mental note to have it oiled.
"That's it my little girl, lick that cunt." Tami put a
little extra effort into it. "Now lick her bum hole...thats a
girl, now stick your tongue into her cunt," she was following my
directions perfectly. "Now pull out your tongue and slide a
finger into her...lick her clit baby." Karen almost flew off the
couch in her spasm of delight. Whatever Tami was doing she
seemed to be doing it right. I could see the determination in my
cousin-in-laws face, as she continued to eat the sloppy cunt
before her.
Finally Karen came, her body doing weird contortions and
vibrated with an unearthly quivering. It was a powerful sight to
witness, and very hot. My secretary collapsed into herself, her
exhaustion evident. And finally Tami sat back onto her heels,
bringing her juice covered face up from between the finely
sculptured thighs. I saw that she was about to lift the
blindfold off her head and stopped her abruptly.
"Go back to my desk and bend over." I watched as she felt
her way over to my side of the desk, walking on her hands and
knees, before positioning herself as I had asked. Tami was
standing on her feet, her legs shoulder-width apart, her chest
and face pressed against the hard wood of my antique desk. As a
good little toy, she arched her back and pressed her buttocks
outwards highlighting her fine features.
Instead of just fuck her immediately, I draped a necklace
onto her upper back. It was cold and caused her to shiver
delightfully. "I bought you a present in Vancouver." I
manoeuvred it until it encircled her neck then clasped it shut.
The bracelet was very expensive, resembling a slaves collar. I
had thought of Tami as soon as I saw it. In fact it even had a
gold loop that could hold a leash or chain. It fit perfectly,
and saw her fingers come up to fondle and count the stones inset
into the fine piece.
I sat back in my seat and spread her ass cheeks exposing her
fully. It was a familiar sight but still erotic. "Perhaps I'll
fuck you here?" I pressed my index finger into her anus, dry, up
to the first knuckle.
Still fondling the collar, "Yes daddy anything!" Tami
sounded very convincing.
I pulled out my finger then slide it into her vagina. It
was surprisingly wet, I had thought the act of sucking another
woman's cunt repulsive to her. "Maybe I'll just fuck you here?"
She groaned in agreement.
I stood behind her, and felt her tense up ready for my
entrance even though she didn't know which hole I would intrude
upon. I removed my finger from her cunt and replaced it with my
cock. It sunk deep into her until her buttocks were pressing
into my stomach. She let out a groan of delight, letting go of
the necklace to grab the edge of the desk in a white-knuckled
But I didn't fuck her cozy cunt. No, instead I reached into
a side drawer and pulled out a four inch dildo, already coated in
vaseline. She attempted to begin fucking by rotating and moving
her ass, but I grabbed her hips in a death grip and held her
still. She hissed as the hard rubber cock touched her puckered
As I pressed it into her she whispered, "Yes daddy!"
I could feel pressure on the upper side of my cock as the
dildo pressed against the thin membrane between her cunt and
ass hole. Tami groaned deep down in her chest then sighed deeply.
I knew I had her, in fact she was enjoying her self immensely. I
could feel her cunt muscles ripple in delight. There wasn't much
she would object to after this. Perhaps I would have her leave
her husband, or fuck a football team while I watched. Anything
was possible with this slut.
Karen stood with tired movements. I motioned her over to
Tami, the other side of the desk. With a smile she complied. I
was motionless as I watched my naked secretary bend down and kiss
Tami on the lips, I could see the tongue enter my cousin-in-laws
mouth. Tami took it all eagerly!
That was when I began to fuck her. With my left palm
holding the dildo firmly into her ass hole and my right hand
grasping a hip, I fucked her hard and fast. I didn't care to
please her only to please myself. With both holes filled, there
wasn't much space down there. But I enjoyed it. As did Tami!
Karen stopped kissing the thirty-something year old woman
and was now hand feeding her heavy tits. Tami didn't care, she
was sucking a nipple and groaning at the same time. In fact her
ass was wiggling back and forth which was also stimulating me.
For the first time I was having sex with two women. And the
sight of it alone soon caused me to come deep into Tami's cunt
hole. She let go of a nipple and actually screamed as the warm
thick gobs of sperm coated deep inside her vagina.
My orgasm didn't last long and I pulled out of her cozy hole
dropping back into my chair. Without a word or command, Karen
came around the desk and knelt behind the heavily breathing
woman. Placing one hand onto the dildo still inside the tight
anus, and the other on the right butt cheek pulling it apart. From
my seat behind them, I could see all. Karen earnestly licked the
length of Tami's slit. Gently at first, then with more
conviction and drive. I could see the muscles in Tami's thin
short legs ripple from the back of her knees to her buttocks.
She was groaning and whispering, "Eat me!" Over and over. My
sperm was dripping out of the hole, and Karen immediately licked
it up, swallowing heavily. She speared her tongue deep into the
slimy hole, fucking the cheating wife with her face.
I lifted Karen's hips up off the ground, she never missed a
lick, and slid my half-hard cock into her still wet hole. The
three of us were now in a sexual triad.
That lunch break was certainly memorable, I didn't come
again. But watched as Tami had another powerful orgasm, and
perhaps Karen even had one. Afterwards my secretary slipped out
of the office to dress herself and to keep our secret. Tired, I
played with the dildo inside of Tami's still raised bum hole.
Only after several minutes, enough time for Karen to tidy up, did
I let my cousin-in-law take her blind fold off.
Without a word, Tami dropped to her knees and licked my cock
clean. While at the same time fingering the heavy collar around
her neck. When she looked up into my eyes, I could see love
there. Or at least a woman's version of the age old emotion.

I hadn't planned on being in Victoria on Friday, but a hot
business call pulled me away from my town. Christen had called
only moments before I was leaving to tell me she had accomplished
her mission. In fact the young girl she had met was a virgin and
very naive. Of course she had already slept with her, relating
to me that the girl was, "hot in bed". With a sigh I told her I
was just about to leave, and to save me her cherry for when I got
back. She promised, then blew a kiss over the phone as I hung
Business went smooth, I had taken Karen again, and shared a
bed. She related to me, her husband didn't like her going away
on business and would like to stop. She wanted me to tell her
what to do. I couldn't and didn't. I of course fucked my
secretary that first evening, but that is not why I'm telling you
this. The reason is my childhood friend Nancy called after
trying me at my office. Since I had won the lottery I had wrote
or spoken to her three times, things weren't going well for her.
I promised to come to her house tomorrow instead of heading back
I sent Karen home with a armload of work and a kiss. Then
rented a car and drove to the small town my old friend was living
at. She had married six years ago, and had two boys. He joined
the air force as a clerk and had to move two times in four years.
Last summer, Nancy had called and told me hubby had confessed to
having an affair. A week later, she called back and told me she
had decided to give him another chance. I can still remember, as
kids she being three years older than me, we were playing on a
old home made swing. The wind was catching her dress and blowing
it wide allowing me to see up to her panties and young thin
thighs. It was perhaps the earliest memory I have.
Soon I was sitting in her sparsely furnished living room,
the kids playing at a friends house. She looked the same as when
I last saw her, when I was nineteen. She had a traditional
hourglass figure, topped off with large heavy breasts, and wide
firm ass. Nancy was into playing sports, and two kids hadn't
ruined her strong yet attractive thighs any. She hadn't dressed
up for me, I didn't expect her too, wearing loose shorts and a
large tee shirt. I learned he was on exercise in another province
and wasn't expected back for six more days. I listened
intently as she told me about hubbies indiscretions. She was
positive he was cheating on her, and she wouldn't take it any
longer. She needed help!
I thought about it for a long moment, then told her I could
help her one of two ways. The first: I would lend her money to
leave him. Or the second: I would give her my full support
Nancy froze as my hand slid onto her chest cupping a large
heavy boob. She was my friend, sure, but I wanted her. Since
winning the money I had been able to indulge in outrageous or
otherwise unthinkable fantasies. And just perhaps this fantasy
would come true.
"What would I have to do?" She looked down at the floor,
unable to meet my eyes. I knew exactly what the question was
pertaining too.
I just opened my mouth to tell her to undress for me when
the phone rang. Both of us jumped, and she rang into the kitchen
to grab the loud phone. My heart dropped when I heard her say
hello to hubby. But soon realized, if I wanted my fantasy to
come true I would have to accomplish it myself.
When I entered the small kitchen I saw she had her back
towards the wall and phone. She was whispering, answering his
questions, perhaps embarrassed at what had just happened. Nancy
tensed up as I slid my hands around her torso and cupped a breast
in each. In her ear I whispered, "Keep talking to him." I
kissed and tongued her neck and ear. She moved her head to an
angle to accommodate me.
Wanting to rush the moment, I reached out and grabbed a
large kitchen knife on the counter next to us. Holding her tee-
shirt away from her waist I cut it up her back, to her neck and
both arms, it fell to the floor. Then expertly I cut her bra
straps and it too fell to the floor. Nancy fell forward towards
the wall, catching herself with her one unused hand. I slid the
knife between her skin and her shorts. It too dropped to her
feet, until she was standing naked her backside towards me. I
threw the knife in the kitchen sink.
"Talk dirty to your husband, tell him you miss him." I
Unresisting I manoeuvred her over to the kitchen table, and
bent her over it. She wasn't statuesque any longer, bus still
looked good. With a quick zip of my trousers I aimed my cock
between those wide globes and slowly drove forward. My penis
entered her slightly dry hole while she began to bait her husband
into talking about their marriage bed. I pulled my cock out of
her and applied a generous amount of saliva to the head of it
then entered her again.
This time she let out a long sigh, then told her hubby, "I'm
sitting here naked darling...I can't wait until you get home, I'm
very lonely..." I held onto her hips as I began to fuck her in a
long slow motion. "...last night...the boys were asleep...all
right, I'm doing it...yes...hum...two fingers." She was
breathing hard and enjoying my fuck, while telling her husband a
fabrication. I again whispered, "Tell him something new."
"I want to try something when you get back baby...yes even
that...I'm so hot, I can't wait for you to get back..." I
fingered her bottom hole mercilessly as I banged into her cunt
over and over. "...the purple stockings...yes I promise...what
else will you do?" The situation seemed to be finally getting to
her, as she was having trouble talking and breathing at the same
time. I realized she wasn't far off, but neither was I. "I'm so
hot...yes its even dripping down to the floor..."
I pulled out of her and she groaned, "!" Then ripped
the phone out of her hand and threw it onto the floor. She
looked suddenly startled and scared as she looked over her
shoulder. Roughly I pulled on her hips spinning her around and
pulling her off the table. With wide eyes she watched helplessly
as I forced her to kneel before me. Now her eyes were witnessing
the full blood-gorged wet cock inches from her face.
She licked her lips unconsciously.
Then I bent over at the knees and squeezed her breasts
together. I began to pump my cunt-wet cock along the fleshy
valley of her boobs. Nancy had her chin pressed to her chest as
she watched the one-eyed wondered fuck her large chest.
She may have been a good childhood friend but at that moment
I wanted to fuck her silly, to use her mercilessly, and to
dominate her until she pleads to me to let up. Nancy didn't help
me fuck her, only watched on. While on the floor, forgotten by
her, was the phone and at the other end of that line was her
husband. I figured she was touched by the bug as many other
females I knew, and at that moment was very thankful.
With a grunt of pleasure and a final lunge of my hips I shot
my load. It hit her lips, chin and covered her neck and upper
chest region. But she didn't try to move, and kept her lips
slightly opened and I knew she had at least a small taste of my
milky white sperm. I let go of her chest and then bent over and
hung up the phone. With wide fearful eyes she realized her
husband could have been listening. Though there had not been
much to listen too.
Zipping up my pants I spoke sternly to her, "I want you to
come to my room tonight after the boys are asleep, and wear
something sexy." I began to walk out of the kitchen but stopped
at the door and turned around. "Oh, yes. Trim your pussy." I
left her kneeling there, with come on her face and chest.

I had not planned to stay over, but when I first got their
she had invited me to stay in the spare bedroom. I refused.
With my order I had accepted the gracious invitation. The day
went quickly. The boys returned home to a "normal" house, their
mother made a supper for us. Our relationship when the boys were
around was like the old way, natural and relaxed. But when the
kids were out of ear shot she quieted down and tread lightly.
She barely even looked at me. Nothing was spoken about our
encounter, nor the call to her hubby. The four of us relaxed and
watched a little TV. Then a game of cards that her oldest by won
three times out of nine.
The kids were then escorted to bed by their mother. I
expected her to come back downstairs but she didn't. In fact I
heard the bathroom tub being filled for a bath about a half hour
after they went upstairs. I watched another program then went to
my main floor bedroom. The sheets had been turned down for me
and the bedside light turned on. I undressed and got into bed.
I had brought a book with me and began to read.
The knock at the door almost a hour later took me by
surprise, even though it was quiet and gentle. Over the rim of
my hard-covered book I watched as the door opened and Nancy
entered my small room. She immediately closed it behind her and
then stood next to my bed, waiting. To torment her I finished
reading the page I was on, then set the book down on the bedside
table. I crossed my hands on my stomach and looked upon my old
friend.turned slut.
Nancy was wearing a old ratty house coat tightly
bound at her waist. But even in the shadowy dim light I could
see she was wearing black high heels and her hair was nicely
combed and done up and finally the smell of her perfume drifted
throughout the room.
"Take your house coat off." It was an order. The fact that
she had appeared in my bedroom late at night was proof enough of
her acceptance of the situation. I figured she was scared and
excited both at the same time, but uncertain what to do about it.
Thankfully the thick ugly coat dropped to the floor allowing
me a clear view of her preparations. I had seen the black heels
she wore, but hadn't noticed the stockings. Black, thigh high.
Tied up to a black girdle which pressed her ample boobs together
and up. And finally black string panties, over the garters
She indeed looked sexy! But for some reason I didn't want
to tell her. Instead I mumbled, "You look adequate. Good enough
to fuck anyway!" She lowered her head in shame. Obviously she
thought that she looked her sexiest, and worked very hard to
achieve it. "Take everything off but the shoes and stockings."
Again a definite order, and a hint of impatience in my voice.
Without posing as many girls would do in her situation,
Nancy just undressed. When the panties came off I saw that the
thick bush of brown pussy hair that pervaded her crotch wasn't to
be seen. In fact their was no hair at all anywhere below the top
of her head. When I had asked her to trim her pussy she must
have deduced I wanted a bald beaver. To tell the truth, I rather
enjoyed the sight. Next came the girdle, which caused her
problems since it seems the knot she tightened was too tight, so
she took a few moments to undo the tiny string. Finally she took
a pair of gold studs from her ears I had not seen earlier.
Nancy crossed her hands before her, covering much of her
bald cunt. She waited and waited. I forced her be patient as I
looked upon her body. She was more exposed now than she had been
earlier today. Right now I just amused myself in parts of her,
enjoying one part before going onto another. I never known my
old friend was so attractive. Right now she could pass for a
girl ten years younger, and with her present nervousness, a
virgin. It wasn't cold in the little room but she was shivering
uncontrollably, her nipples hair and pointing, her body riddled
with goose bumps.
Finally I pulled back the covers to the bed exposing my
naked body and rock hard cock. Nancy diverted her eyes from the
floor to look upon my manhood and shivered even more violently.
I let her watch as I stroked my shaft slowly. She several times
licked her lips and I wondered what she was really thinking at
that moment.
Then, "Come here and suck my cock Nancy." The shivering
stopped as she came to the edge of the bed and knelt on the hard
wood floor. Only her hand quivered as she reached out and took
my member from my hand. She measured it in her fingers then
wrapped her fingers around the base. Nancy stroked my penis a
few times before bending forward and tentatively kissed the head of
my cock. I saw a clear liquid string run from her lips to my
purple head, pre-come. She didn't seem to see it before she bent
over and took my cock head in her warm mouth. I was then her
eyes closed and her cheeks sunk inwards. My beautiful friend
stroked the bottom half of my penis with her warm hand, while
she bobbed her head while sucking the other end. I have to admit
I was surprised at her skill. She gave a good blow-job!
My hand rubbed down her back to her bottom, then back up. I
could not reach her crack but enjoyed the warm smooth skin
instead. With the other hand on the top of her head making sure
she couldn't stop what she started. I ordered, "Finger yourself
Nancy! Make your cunt nice and juicy." She moved her hips
slightly to get herself enough room between her thighs and the
floor. I could feel her mouth quiver when she hummed and moaned
as she masturbated herself.
Up and down. Again and again. I was indeed enjoying myself
and would have let my sperm shoot. But I wanted more with her,
needed to see her sweat with my cock inside her. Just the sound
of her two fingers fucking her sloppy cunt got me hot.
Pulling her head off my hard penis, using my hand and her
hair, she came up mouth still open and with a groan. "Mount me!"
Her eyes opened and she looked at me a moment then climbed onto
the bed, swinging a leg over my hip. She held my cock steady in
one hand and aimed with her bottom. I could feel the head touch
her now-smooth outer cunt which was well greased with her juices.
Then rub along the juicy clit. Finally she sank down engulfing
me in her big wet pussy. After two kids Nancy didn't have a
tight cunt any longer, but it was sure wet, hot and sloppy. She
placed both palms on my chest to steady her and then took a deep
breath before she began to fuck me.
Using her shapely wide ass, Nancy moved up and down over me.
Her eyes were closed and her mouth open. She moaned openly and
then she would smile right before she bit the bottom of her lip.
I could see her body jiggle as she thrust downward slapping my
hips and pelvis. It was her big heavy breasts that caught my
immediate attention. Especially since they were inches from my
After several minutes of inactivity I reached up with both
hands and cupped the upper portion of each breast. I brought the
hard nipple to my lips one at a time. sucking and gently
nibbling upon those luscious mounds. They bounced and rubbed my
face, and I didn't need my hands to manoeuvre them so I placed
both hands upon her wide buttocks.
The muscles in each was rippling as she worked hard upon
achieving orgasm. With quick movement, I slapped her right
buttock very hard with my open palm. "Your my little fuck toy
tonight aren't you?" She didn't answer so I slapped her again
and she yelled out "yes". "You love my cock don't you bitch?"
She opened her eyes and said "yes" again but quieter and with
more meaning. Three times in quick succession I slapped her
bum cheek which certainly caused her pain. "You want to come don't
you bitch?" Again she said "yes", but added a "please", her eyes
looking like a cute puppy dogs.
My other hand slide down the crack of her bum, and my index
finger was preceding to enter her rectum. "Ask for my permission
to come slut."
"Make me come!" It sounded like a desperate woman asking for
a orgasm, but it wasn't enough I wanted more.
"No." I turned my head away to look at the wall, and forced
her ass to stop moving on my cock with my hand and finger.
Nancy bent forward until she was laying over me, her hard
nipples poking into my chest. She kissed my neck and ear, but
still I didn't respond. I could feel that her body needed to
come, perhaps she hadn't had sex with her husband for a very long
time and the only release she had was masturbation.
She whispered into my ear, "Please fuck me!" Again very
convincing, but this time she had added a hint of seduction.
Something that didn't really fit her personality or todays mood.
When I didn't respond again she tensed every muscle in her body
then spoke quite loudly, "Please make me come! I'll do anything,
just please fuck me!"
With that I turned my head to look into her warm brown eyes,
and could see tears of frustration and desperation there. I let
go of her bum, but entered her rectum even further with the other
Immediately she began to earnestly fuck me. Nancy was doing
all the work and neither of us minded. Her cheek rested next to
mine as her body worked upon an orgasm and I could hear and feel
her heavy breathing. I could hear her sloppy loose pussy as it
moved over my cock, the slaps of her sweaty skin on mine, the
rhythmic creaking of the bed. Even though the kids upstairs were
supposed to be asleep, they must have woken up with all the
noise. Did they know their mother was in my bed and was making
all the noise? Perhaps the eldest even had a hard-on as he
pictured the event!
Her breath was harsh and warm as it blew on my ear. Nancy's
tongue sometimes licked at my neck or chin, but I wouldn't let it
reach my lips. Only her hips were moving, frantically wiggling
back and forth in time with her breathing and moans. She kept
whispering, "Fuck me!", over and over. One of her hands
fingernails were digging into my shoulder, it felt like a rusty
My exploring hand forced another finger into her rectum when
the opening became relaxed with only one digit. Inside her
bum hole I could feel my cock as it moved in the warm confines of
her cunt. Every once and a while my other hand would again slap
her generous ass cheek creating an extra few seconds of wiggles as
she enjoyed the pain.
It surprised me when I felt her anus tighten, clasping my
fingers tight, and her vaginal wall quiver deep inside her. She
whispered, "I'm coming!", into my ear. Then she collapsed over
me, pinning me to the bed, my cock still embedded inside her. Her
body quivered involuntarily every few seconds and her sweat
bonded us together. After about five minutes, she
whispered,"Thank you!", over and over while kissing my neck.
But I wasn't finished!
"Get off me!" She rolled off me onto her side, pulling out
my cock and two fingers. When I sat up and turned towards her
she was about to turn my way but I stopped her. Nancy's back was
turned towards me, her knees were bent up and her generous bottom
facing me. I hadn't come yet, and the night was young. My
childhood-friend was still my fuck toy.
Manoeuvring myself behind her, I knelt facing her bum.
Forcing her knees up to her chest I saw her look of bewilderment.
"Pull your bum cheeks apart." Using one hand she pulled the
raised bum up causing the crack to widen. I couldn't see down
into the dark crevice but I knew what I was looking for. Aiming
my still hard cock, I pressed the head against her slightly
relaxed anus. The look upon her face, fear and surprise made my
day, just before I plunged mercilessly into her rectum.
Nancy screamed! In fact I doubted the kids would be able to
have slept through that. Her bum hole was only slightly
lubricated, with sweat and pussy juice, and made the hole tight
and dry.
"Put two fingers in your cunt!"
She let go of her bum and reached between her thighs, though
I couldn't see I knew she had followed my order. In fact I
thought I felt a slight pressure of the fingers against my
submerged cock. Nancy had her eyes tightly pressed together and
her mouth open in a silent scream.
She made a low animal noise as I began to fuck her. Her bum
clenched tightly to my shaft and stretched outwards then inwards
as I stroked. This was one fuck she would not soon forget. I
could feel the difference between the tightness of her sloppy
cunt and dry ass hole and definitely preferred the tighter. She
pressed her face into the pillow to let out a scream, most of it
was caught. I could feel the two fingers between Nancy's legs
trying to rub her natural lubricating oil over my shaft every few
strokes. Trying to grease the passage of my thick man meat
piercing her tight anus.
My balls felt like lead, they ached with the sexual tension
that I had built up until now. So when the first explosion of
sperm shot out of me I almost passed out with delight. My whole
body tensed up and I let my seed drain from my body to enter the
dark tight hole of my friends anus. A part of me heard her gasp
and felt her freeze as my orgasm hit me. No longer did
possessing this woman, nor submitting her to my will excite me.
I already achieved my fantasy with her.
Now I just wanted to sleep!

Tami came to the office expectantly one day, looking like
a million dollars. The expensive gift hung around her neck. "I
left him!" She said with pride.
"My husband." She meant my cousin. I didn't tell her to
leave him, or did I? "I want to be near you..."
"You mean my mistress?"
Nodding, "I love you! I'll do anything you ask." I don't
believe it, she imagined I wanted her full time just because I
used her a few times. Fuck what was I going to do?
I picked up the phone, "Karen come in here please." I
waited. "Tami my secretary will take you to my condo here in
town." She nodded and smiled, obviously very pleased. "Karen in
the drawer next to the bed is a whip, and other things, I want
you to punish Tami here for not doing what I ask. I don't care
what you do to her. I'll come around in a few hours." The
surprise on my cousin-in-laws face was worth it.
Almost four hours later I entered my condo that I had
originally bought for Christen. Sitting naked, wearing only her
heels, was Karen. "Well?" She stood and ran into me, wrapping
me in a hug.
Without a word she took my hand and lead me up the stairs to
the bedroom. The first thing I noticed was the smell, cunt! The
next was Tami, crying. She was kneeling upon the floor, her back
straight up, her knees apart, and she was very naked. I could see
welts and red streaks where she had obviously been beaten. Then
I saw that the bed was very messy, and could see a few sex toys
and a whip and manacles thrown about the room. The collar around
Tami's neck caught my eye, as did the leather lease attached to
its loop. Karen, looking down, looked very proud.
"Now you are a slave Tami." I enjoyed the sight. "Well
Karen, is she properly chastised?" She nodded. "I hope you used
her, made her eat your cunt?" She blushed and again nodded.
"Good, she is just a slut slave anyway."
I stood before Tami's tear streaked face, taking her chin in
my hand forcing her head up. "Well Tami, you decide to leave
your husband for a life of my mistress. I hope it was worth it
since I'm only going to let you go when I tire of you!"
"Y..yes my l..lord." She had a hard time getting out the
words. My hand traced along the contours of her face as she
tried to smile up at me.
"You did excellently Karen! In fact I want you to be my
slave mistress. You are to train and care for my slaves. And if
I have to punish a slave myself, you also get punished!" She
nodded, excited at the prospects. Turning back to Tami, I
outlined the red marks upon her body with my fingers. They were
several upon her small breasts, her inner thighs, and her
buttocks was a mess of welt. "Yes a great job indeed!" Better
than I knew I could have done.
I motioned for Karen to come over to me, while with a free
hand I grabbed Tami's head and pulled it into my crotch. My new
slave knew the drill and took my cock lovingly into my mouth
after she unzipped me. Karen began to undress me, while her
tongue and lips tried to also grapple with my own. In only a
moment, my body was naked and my cock hard. I let go of Tami and
took my secretary to the large soft bed. She lay upon her back,
her sexy legs wide in the air, the highs pointing at the ceiling.
I mounted her and began to drive hastily into her sloppy wet
cunt. Out the corner of my eye, I could see Tami staring at us,
her eyes filled with tears, but she still knelt in the same
position as a good slave would.
"I'm so wet...!" Karen whispered into my ear. "Fuck me
master, fuck your little slave mistress...yes!" I did.
Unfortunately I didn't last very long. Though Karen seemed to
explode in a orgasm just before my own started.
After, I lay for several moments upon the sweaty body of the
beautiful woman, her arms and legs holding me in a possessive
loving embrace. I finally stood and went back to my slave.
Without a word I put my soft wimpy sloppy cock into her mouth,
letting her taste and clean it. Her eyes continued to watch me
through this, almost pleading with me. I pulled away from her.
"Lick the slave mistress clean Tami, but don't get her
excited, just clean up the spunk." She crawled over to the bed
and quickly stuck her face between the still spread thighs.
With a relaxed sigh, Karen closed her eyes while my slave cleaned
her spread crack. When Tami was finished she crawled off the bed
to kneel at my feet, her forehead on my toes. "Are you horny
slave? Would you like permission to come?"
Desperately, "Yes my lord!"
I went to the bedside table and pulled out a small dildo and
threw it before her. "Come along Karen, lets get some food.
Slave come down when you are done..." We left her alone,
kneeling upon the floor.
It was a very relaxing evening, Karen and I cuddled in front
of the tv watching some mindless show, while also fondling each
others naked body. Tami, on the other was ordered to clean up
the house, to prepare a list for grocery shopping, to make supper
and clean up afterwards. Later Karen left to go home. I was
alone with my slave and could see her eyes begging me. But I
ignored her for a while yet.
"Slave come here, kneel by me." She did very quickly.
"Tell me what your mistress made you do, how did you learn to be
a slave so quickly?"
She looked up into my eyes, her body in the proper position
for a slave, kneeling knees apart, back straight hands on thighs.
"She punished me every time I made a mistake." She waited but I
didn't say anything. "She taught me how to be your slave."
"Those marks look very sexy on your smooth skin, perhaps
I'll have her whip you every day, make a good slave of you eh?"
She trembled with visible fear. "Tell me why you left my cousin,
I never asked you too?"
She paused for a second to think, "I haven't loved him for a
very long time, and then you gave me so much pleasure and
attention. I thought you and I could be..."
"As long as your here, I'm going to keep you as a slave,
treat you the same." She nodded. "But once a week I want you to
come to me a plead that you want to stay my slave, if not then
you may leave and go back to your husband." She nodded again,
understanding. "I'll take you places, and then you will look
normal, dressed very nicely, yet you will still be a slave. But
here, alone, you will look your place. And don't doubt that I
will not punish you, as a slave you will be hurt whenever you
make some folly. " Again, she nodded. "As my slave, the only
thing that matters to you is my happiness. And most of the time
that means sex!" She nodded more rigorously this time.
I reached out and touched a wrinkle next to her eye, "You
are getting old slave." She looked to the floor ashamed and
depressed. "When I no longer desire to fuck you as my slave, I
will give you whatever it takes to make you comfortable and
happy. You have nothing to care for." I bent forward slightly
and slide my hand between her thighs to her sex. I slide a
fingers urgently into her, causing her to squirm delightfully.
"Why are you wet slave?"
"Being near you excites me master."
"Climb up here upon my lap and mount me slave." She climbed
slowly up my body, a smile upon her face. My cock only seconds
to enter her. She orgasmed immediately. Collapsing upon my body,
almost exhausted and definitely spent. "Tomorrow I will punish you
Almost happy sounding, she whispered, "Yes my lord."
"Now get off me and finish me with your pretty lips."
Happily, "Yes my lord."


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