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Loves of Ramu 2

By Sahebji

Dear friends this episode also concerns my friend Ramu short for Ramesh.
Ramu related it to me also with the instructions to write it and share it
with you guys.

My name is Ramesh but every one calls me Ramu. I am nearly six-foot
tall, slim, muscular. By profession I am a teacher. I got some lucky
breaks and I am at present the principal of a government school.

I am married and my wife is also a teacher, employed in a prestigious
private school. We have two children Sachin a five years old boy and
Madhuri, a girl just about a year old. We live in the house built by my
father. My parents live on the ground floor and my family and I on the
first floor.

We have a cook cum maid Maya. Maya is in her late twenties, married but
separated from her husband. She is not very tall, slim, dark with real big
boobs which swing when she walks. Their movement alone is sufficient to
give anyone a hard on. We also have Kanchi, a girl 14-year-old from Nepal
to look after Madhuri. Kanchi was short, fair and very pretty. She has
beautifully shaped small boobs. She looks so pretty and fresh that I want
to pull her to me and shove my cock up her virgin cunt. Both the maids
live on the second floor in the barsati (a small room on the roof).

During the summer vacations my wife along with the children and Kanchi
went to spend a month or so with her parents. Maya and I were left alone
in the flat. My parents wanted me to stay with them during this period. I
told them that as I had very irregular timings etc. I would not like to
disturb them and would prefer to stay in my own flat.

The real reason was that I wanted to enjoy Maya's choot (cunt). Though
she had been married and probably well fucked by her husband my readers
would agree with me that a new choot is a new choot. From the very first
day, I started to plan as to how to get her in my bed.

Few days later one night while eating dinner I asked her, 'Maya where is
your husband and why did you leave him?' My wife had told me all about her
marital history. My purpose was to remind her of her husband and make her
think about the nights she was spending alone without the benefit of his
cock to pacify her young choot, in other words to make her wet and horny.

She said, 'I did not leave my husband but he threw me out. I asked,
'But why you are young, sexy, pretty and a good cook?' She said, 'I got
married when I was only eighteen. Even after five years of marriage I did
not have children. My husband took me to different doctors and to
hospitals for check ups me. After a year or so they established that due
to some internal deformities I could never become a mother. My in-laws
then pressed my husband to marry again'.

'At first he resisted but in the end gave in to them and married again.
My husband was a fair man and after the initial few months, in which I let
him enjoy his new and young bride without complaining, he distributed his
favours evenly between us both. The new wife treated me like her elder
sister. Every thing was going well till the new wife got pregnant and her
brother came to visit us'.

'After he left the attitude of the new wife changed completely. She
started instigating my husband against me by telling him small lies about
me. There were fights and quarrels nearly every day. One day she told our
husband that he had to choose between the two of us'.

'As she was giving him the long desired child he kept her and threw me
out. Since then I have worked as cook and maid in different households and
since three months I am working for you sir'.

After dinner I went for my daily walk. On my return I did not see Maya
anywhere. It was the month of June. The day had been a scorcher. The
night was also very hot. There was no relief under the fan so I decided to
go to my bedroom straight away. An air conditioner was working in the room
and the temperature was very pleasant.

I was reading in bed when Maya knocked and came in with my nightly glass
of milk. 'Yahan kitna achha hai. Bahar tua bhatti ki terah garam hai.
Pata nahin mujhe iss garmi main neend aayegi ya nahin? (It is so nice in
here. Outside it is hot like a furnace. I don't know whether I will be
able to sleep in this heat?)'.

I told her, 'Tu chahati hai tau yahan so ja (If you want you can sleep
here)'. She blushed and said, "Sachhi? Main abhi aayi (Really? I will
just come)" and disappeared. I knew that tonight I was going to fuck Maya.
After ten minutes or so she was back with a pillow and a sheet and
started to spread it on the floor. 'Kya kar rahi hai? (What are you
doing?)' I asked. 'Apna bistar bana rahi hoon (I am making my bed)' she
replied. I told her that there is no need for her to sleep on the floor
and she could sleep on the bed it was broad enough. She blushed again and
lay down on the far end of the bed. I continued to read.

I thought she apparently wants fucking and she will surely make the next
move. If not the night was still young and I could make my move later.
Sure enough after half an hour or so she said, 'Mujhe thand lag rahi hai (I
am feeling cold)'.

Dear readers if you have read Sahebji's poem 'Dost ki sali ki chudai'
(The fucking of friend's sali [sister in law] you will recall the line
'Chudne aayee thi sali, sali chud kar hee aaj jayegee'(Sali came to be
fucked and today sali will go after getting fucked). I said, 'Paas aaja
main tujhe garam rakhoonga (Come nearer I will keep you warm)'. After
initial hesitation and blushing she slid over to me.

I laid down my book and started to press her ample boobs. She said,
'Saabji kya kar rahe ho? (Saabji what are you doing?)'. 'Tujhe garami de
raha hoon (I am warming you)' I said. There after she said nothing and let
me do what I pleased. I opened her blouse and slid her bra up releasing
her large tits. I kissed them and sucked the nipples. She was moaning
loudly. I raised her sari and rubbed my finger in her slit and then finger
fucked her.

She was panting and said, 'Saabji aur mat tardpao. Jaldi se mujhe chodo
(Saabji don't tease me any more. Fuck me quickly)". I told her to undress
completely and started too undress myself. She had her clothes off in a
trice and lay down for me to 'mount' the nights show. Her cunt had no hair
on it. I quickly inserted my cock in her waiting cunt. 'AAAHHhh how
lovely it is to feel a man inside me again. I had nearly forgotten the
pleasure it gives' she murmured.

After every few strokes she came. Due to lack of fucking her choot was
quite tight and in ten minutes or so I was ready to shoot my-cum in her.
My strokes became faster and harder. Her bottoms were moving in rhythm of
my hips and she was moaning loudly and shouted, 'Faster harder y..hes more
Y...HEEEES' then with a loud sigh I shot my-cum into her and at the same
moment she also came with a loud 'AAAHHHhh'.

After the fuck she snuggled up to me. She lay with her head on my chest
playing with my balls and my limp cock. I asked her if she removed the
hair on her cunt every day and smelled so nice too.

She said, 'Actually no. Today all the talk of my husband had made me
lewd. I wanted you to fuck me. So after dinner when you went out for a
walk I dumped all the dishes in the sink and went up to my room. I removed
the hair from my choot and had a bath with the aromatic soap given to me by
madam. I thought may be I will get lucky tonight and wanted to be ready.
When you asked me to sleep in the room I knew you also wanted to fuck me. I
lay waiting for you to make a move but you didn't. So I told you I was
feeling cold. Well I did get lucky didn't I?'

Then she said, 'Saabji mujhe ek baar aur chodo (Saabji fuck me one more
time)'. I told her sure but first suck my cock and make it hard again.
Without any hesitation she took my cock in her mouth and started to suck
it. She was an accomplished cocksucker. Soon my cock was hard again. I
fucked her two more times that night. Thereafter we went to sleep naked in
each other's arms.

Next morning when I got up Maya was no where insight. A few minutes
later she came in with a steaming cup of tea. She was still naked. I
asked her sit next to me on the bed. She sat down and started to handle my
cock. In no time it was erect again. 'What are you going to do about
this?' she asked with a big smile pointing to my hard on. 'I am going to
do nothing about it, but you are going to suck it and drink my-cum' I
replied. 'Drink your cum? I have never done it before' she said.

'You have to start some day' I said and pressed her mouth on my cock.
After initial hesitation she started to suck my cock. As I had said before
she was good. What a blowjob she gave me? I quickly finished my tea and
held her head, lest she decides to cheat at the last moment. I told her to
get ready, as I was about to shoot my load. I came in her mouth and she
swallowed all that I had to offer.

'How was it?' I asked. 'Little salty but nice' was her reply. That
night after fucking her once I told her to turn over on her stomach. 'Why?
What are you going to do?' she asked. 'Main ab teri gaand marunga' I said.
She questioned, 'Larkiyon ki bhi koyi gaand marta hai? (Does one fuck
girls also in the ass hole?)'. 'Haan. Tunne pahele nahin marwayi tau
theek hai. Main teri kori gaand ko phardoonga (Yes. It is okay if you
have not done it before. I will take the cherry of your virgin ass hole)'
I said.

I turned her over and after greasing her butt hole and my cock I pressed
my cock on it. 'It is paining very much' she said. 'Don't worry it will
soon be all right' I replied and increased the pressure. Her ass hole opened and I was in. She screamed, 'Saabji bahut dard horagi hai
AAAYYYIIIEEE (Saabji it is hurting me a lot AAAYYYIIIEEE)'. Then I fucked
her rear entrance while continuing to rib her choot. Afterwards I asked
her as to how it was. "It was much better than I thought. I really
enjoyed it," she said.

After that day we fucked every night. We fucked on every piece of
furniture and in many positions. We fucked during the day also. In other
words we fucked as and when we wanted till my wife returned. After her
return it was difficult to fuck safely but we did manage to fuck at least
two times a week.

All was well. I was happy.

One evening I sat reading the morning papers and the 14-year-old Kanchi
was sitting on the floor playing with the kids. After some time I started
watching the pretty, fresh and youthful face of Kanchi, though pretending
to read. My cock came to attention and I started to press it with my hands
thinking how lovely it would be to fuck this fresh piece of virgin flesh.

These thoughts were going through my mind when Maya brought the evening
tea. She saw me with an erection, watching Kanchi sitting on the floor.
'Saabji bilkul taaza aur kora maal hai (Saabji she is absolutely fresh and
a virgin)' she said. 'So tau hai (That is so)' I sighed.

'Isse aap chod kyon nahin dete? (Why don't you fuck her?)' she asked.
'Ek din isse chodunga tau zaroor. Bas mauke ka intezaar hai (I will surely
fuck her one day. I am just waiting for an opportunity)' I said. 'Dhyan
rakna kahin yeh maa na ban jaye (Just be careful that she doesn't become
pregnant)' she warned. "Fikar ki koyi baat nahin hai. Maine nasbandi kara
rakkhi hai (There is nothing to worry about. I have under gone vasectomy)
I told her. 'Phir der kayeki chod do haraamzadi ko aur mazaa lo (What is
then the delay fuck the bitch and enjoy yourself)' she said and left.

About a week later, as I had some family matters to attend to, I came
home around noon. As I entered I looked around and did not see Maya.
Placing my briefcase on my study desk I entered my room. As per my habit
went in the bathroom to wash my face. I was very pleasantly surprised to
see Kanchi, absolutely naked sitting on a low stool having a bath. Seeing
me she got up and placed one arm across her small bosom and the other hand
in front of her hairless choot (cunt) in an endeavor to hide them from my
gaze and cried, 'SHAABJI AAP? (SHAABJI YOU?)'.

In one glance I had seen all. The sunlight was reflecting from her wet
body. The water drops twinkled like stars on her body. Her well formed
small tits. The light brown nipples erect and pointing towards me. The
lips of her hairless choot pressed against each other. The little clit
barely peeping out of them. It was a beautiful sight to watch. My cock
responded by getting hard.

'Kanchi tu tau bahut khoobsoorat hai (Kanchi you are very pretty)' I
said. She was not listening to me. Her eyes were darting here and there
trying to locate something with which she could cover her nakedness. Her
eyes rested on the towel. I knew she will go for it and she did. As she
grabbed the towel I grabbed her round the waist and pulled her to me.

She started to struggle. I lifted her face and kissed it tenderly. She
said loudly, 'SHAABJI MUJHE CHORD DO (SHAABJI LEAVE ME)'. Without replying
I placed my hand on her tits and pressed them and tweaked her nipples
between my fingers. A soft moan escaped her. I said, 'Kanchi tu tau ab
bardi hogayi hai aur chodene ke liye tayyar hai (Kanchi you are grown up
now and ready to be fucked)' she again started to struggle again and
shouted, 'NAHIN, NAHIN (NO, NO)' but I held her tightly.

I moved my hand from her tits to her choot and started to move my
fingers between its lips. After some time her cunt became wet. 'Kanchi
dekh teri choot kitni geeli ho gayi hai. Ab teri choot bhi chudayi mangati
hai (Kanchi see how wet your cunt has become. Your cunt also wants
fucking)' and started to half pull and half push her towards the bedroom.

In the bedroom I pushed her on the bed. She tried to get up but I held
her down with my hands. I took her nipple in my mouth and started to suck
it. She was no longer struggling to get free but moaning with the pleasure
created by the new sensation she was feeling for the first time. Realizing
her vulnerable situation she again made a desperate attempt to get free and
shouted, 'SHAABJI MUJHE CHORD DO (SHAABJI LET ME GO)'. I stopped sucking her tits and looking straight in her agitated eyes I said, 'Chordoonga tau
sahi per pahele tujhe chod tau loon (I will let you go but after I have
fucked you first)'. Her agitation and struggles increased and she again

Ignoring her protest I attacked her cunt with my mouth. I licked her
cunt and took her erect clit in mouth and sucked on it. Slowly her
protests ceased and a loud "OOOHH" escaped her. Her struggles became
feebler and feebler. Then they stopped. She placed her hand on back of my
head and presses it to her cunt. Her small bum was raised pressing her
cunt to my mouth. After ten minutes of cunt licking I saw her body was
getting tense. She was about to come. Then with a loud "AAAAHHHHHhhhh"
she came.

I got up and placed the towel under her bum and undressed releasing my
hard on from it's confinement. My cock was wet with pre-cum. Kanchi just
lay there with her eyes shut savoring the pleasure she had just felt. I
lay down top of her and started to rub my cock between her cunt lips. She
started to moan again.

I asked, 'Kanchi tu ab chudwayegi na? (Kanchi you want to get
fucked?)'. 'Haan, haan (Yes, yes)' she moaned softly. I said, 'Kanchi apni
tangain chowrdi kar. (Kanchi spread your legs)'. She spread her legs as
wide as she could. I placed my cock on the entrance of her fuck hole and
pressed in. The head entered. Kanchi groaned, 'OOWW'. I then held her
firmly and gave mighty push. My cock tore through her virginity and was
half buried in her virgin hole. With the next push I was fully engulfed in
her cunt.

legi (Speak softly. Maya will hear you)' I said and ignoring her pleas
started to fuck her. Soon she was moaning with pleasure. Her hips started
to move in rhythm of my strokes. She held me tightly to her with her arms.
Her cunt was real tight. It was one of the tightest cunt I ever fucked. I
felt as if my cock was gripped in a vice. I knew I could not last long. I
fucked hard and fast. Soon she was also ready. With a loud sigh of
satisfaction 'AAAHHHhh' we both came.

I lay on her for a minute or so enjoying the sensation. Then I withdrew
my rod. Kanchi lay still with her legs apart. Her cunt oozing my-cum
streaked with the blood of her shattered virginity. I took her hand and
placed it on my now flabby cock. At first she pulled it back but I forced
her to hold it. She started to move the foreskin up and down.

Friends, a girl doesn't require to be told what to do with a 'cock in
hand' nature teaches her.

After ten minutes or so she asked, 'Ab main nahane jaoon (Can I go and
bathe now)'. I told her, 'Abhi nahin hum ek baar aur chodenge (Not yet my
dear we will fuck again)'. When I was hard again I asked, 'Kanchi main
tujhe dobaara chodoon? (Shall I fuck you again?)'. Kanchi did not say
anything but only smiled and spread her legs wide.

We fucked two more times. I said, 'Kanchi you can finish your bath now.
Then make the bed and remember to wash the towel properly to remove any
signs of blood on it'. She nodded. I then had a quick wash. As I was
ready to leave I told her that tomorrow morning after madam has gone to the
school, she should come to my room and we will fuck again. Kanchi blushed
and said, 'Aaungi (I will come)'. Then I left.

I met Maya standing near the gate and told her to tell madam that I will
be back by evening.

In the next days I enjoyed fucking Kanchi's tight cunt. I also
introduced her to cock sucking and cum drinking which she relished.

One afternoon Maya said, 'Saabji now that you have deflowered Kanchi it
is not nice to forget your old friends'. I kept quiet. 'Don't play
innocent I know everything. It was only because of me that you could enjoy
the virgin choot of Kanchi'. I still didn't say a word.

'You don't believe me. Then listen. On the 16th after dinner I
overheard you telling madam that the next day you will come home by noon,
as you had to attend to some family matters. Kanchi did not know about
this. Next morning I kept Kanchi busy in the kitchen doing meaningless
chores. When I saw your car enter the gate I told Kanchi that it was
getting late and she should quickly go and have her bath. I knew she would
go to your bathroom to bathe. She did this daily despite my telling her
that it was wrong. I also knew that as per your habit you would go
straight to the bathroom to wash and find a naked Kanchi. You are much too
experienced to let such a golden opportunity to fuck a virgin choot go by'.
'When you came up I hid. You went straight into your room and then into
the bathroom. I ran to your bedroom door and listened. I heard Kanchi
say, 'Shaabji aap? (Shaabji you?)' I could not hear what you said as you
spoke softly. Next I heard was, 'Shaabji mujhe chord do (Shaabji leave
me)' then silence and then Kanchi said 'Nahin, nahin (No, no)' again
silence then an agitated Kanchi said 'Nahin, nahin Shaabji mujhe chordo
(No, no Shaabji leave me)' her voice was getting nearer you both were now
in the bedroom. Then I heard the sound of somebody on your bed then she
again pleaded 'Shaabji mujhe chord do (Shaabji let me go)' I still could
not make out what you were saying. Then she shouted in an agitated voice
'Shaabji maine nahin chudwana (Shaabji I don't want to fuck)'

Then she said, "OOOHhh" followed by a long sigh 'Aaaahhhhhhhhh'. I
could guess as to what was going on. The life span of Kanchi's virginity
had come to an end. It won't be long before your lund shatters it. I was
just thinking this when I heard Kanchi shout "Ooww' followed by
'Aaaaiiiiieeee Shaabji bahut lug raha hai. nikalo, nikalo (Aaaaiiiieeee
Shaabji it is hurting a lot. Take it out. Take it out)'. I knew the deed
is done. Kanchi was no longer an innocent girl but a woman. I then left
you to your pleasures and went down stairs to ward of any disturbances.
You will remember when you left after an hour or so I was standing at the
gate and you gave me a message for madam'.

'Why did you not say something before' I asked. 'Well I thought let
Saabji enjoy the new tight cunt for some time in peace. I also know all
about your morning games. When will you fuck me?' she replied. I told her
that tomorrow when Kanchi is with me in the morning then you come in and
'discover' us. I also explained to her what to say and how to act. She
asked if this is all necessary. Yes it is. She is still too new to
fucking to know the meaning of sharing.

Next morning as I was fucking Kanchi Maya came in and said, 'Kanchi yeh
kya ho raha hai? Madam ko pata chalega tau woh tera keema bana dengi
(Kanchi what is this going on? When madam finds out she will make mince
meat out of you)'. I withdrew and said, 'Kanchi quickly catch her'.

Kanchi without thinking obeyed. Together we both pushed Maya on the
bed. I raised her sari and I entered her already dripping choot and fucked
her. Kanchi was watching us with astonishment. After we had finished she
complained, 'Shaabji aapne Maya ko kyon choda? (Shaabji why did you fuck
Maya?)' I explained to her that it was necessary otherwise she would have
told madam and we both would have been in trouble. This way she will keep
her mouth shut. Maya said, 'I will keep quiet only if I can join you in
your daily games'. After some persuasion Kanchi reluctantly agreed.
Thereafter we all three fucked every morning.

One morning as I was on the bed with Maya Kanchi had to go out to attend
to Madhuri. I quickly explained to Maya my plan to fuck Kanchi's ass hole.
When she came back she found me fucking Maya in her ass hole.

'Shaabji yeh kya kar rahain hain? (Shaabji what are you doing?)' She
asked. 'Saabji meri gaand mar rahe hain (Sir is fucking my ass hole)' Maya
replied. 'Maya tu bahut ganndi hai (Maya you are very dirty)' Kanchi said.
'Pagli gaand marwane main bahut mazaa aata hai. Tu bhi marwa ke dekh
(Stupid fucking in the ass hole is very nice. You should also try it)'
advised Maya between moans of pleasure.

'Main nahin marwauingi (I will not do it)' Kanchi replied. 'Mat marwa
main hee akele gaand ka mazaa lootungi (Don't do it I alone will enjoy it)'
Maya told her and started to moan loudly with pleasure. Kanchi watched as
Maya enjoyed herself. This set Kanchi thinking.

After we had finished I asked Kanchi to come on the bed. Hesitatingly
Kanchi asked me, 'Shaabji would like to fuck me in the ass hole also? Will
it pain a lot?' 'Sure I would love to fuck your ass hole. Initially it
will hurt but thereafter you will enjoy it, but if you think you can't bear
the pain then don't do it' I told her.

Kanchi was not to be outdone by Maya. She said, 'If Maya can bear the
pain, then so can I'. I then put her on the bed doggy fashion and pressed
her head down on the pillow. I asked her spread the cheeks of her ass with
her hands. At my instructions Maya applied oil on her butt hole and on my
cock. Then placing my cock on her ass hole entrance I applied pressure.
The ass hole started to expand making way for my prodder. It started to
hurt and Kanchi shouted, 'Shaabji bahut dard horagi hai. Main mar jaoongi
(Shaabji it hurting a lot. I will die)'. I told her that until now no
girl had died while getting her ass hole plugged and gave big push.

My cock was now inside her bum hole. Kanchi was screaming and crying
loudly to release her. I did not relent but started the in and out
movement. After some time she calmed down and started to enjoy it. When
we had finished she said, 'Shaabji pahele tau bahut dard huyi lakin baad
main mazaa bhi bahut aaya (At first it hurt a lot but later on it was very,
very nice)'. I told her would she like me to fuck her in the butt again.
She said, 'Aaj nahin abhi bhi dard horaha hai. Kal phir maar lena (Not
today it is still hurting. You can fuck it tomorrow).

From that day onwards I fucked both of them in their cunts and their ass
holes, as I wanted. Things now settled down in a routine.

One evening when I was reading the morning paper Maya came and said,
'Today I overheard a lady asking a shopkeeper about a teacher for giving
tuition to her school going daughter. I told her that you were a teacher
and she could talk to you and gave her our address. Her name is Mrs.
Pooja and lives not far from here. I hope I did right?' Then in a
confidential tone she added, 'Mrs. Pooja is around thirty-five and very
beautiful. From her clothes I think she is a widow. Maybe you can enjoy
her and the daughter too. You must be getting a little tired of Kanchi and

I assured her that it was not so but a new choot is always welcome.
Anyway she had done the right thing and in case I don't want to teach her
daughter then I can always refuse. Three days later when my wife and I
were drinking our evening tea Maya announced that a Mrs. Pooja had come to
see me. My wife asked her to escort Mrs. Pooja in.

Well friends do you want to know what and how things transpired with
Pooja and ...? Well this is the subject matter of the next episode 'Loves
of Ramu 3'. You have to wait to read it. Bye for now.

The End

Dear Readers, in response of the story 'Loves of Ramu' I received a
number of e-mails asking what happened next? I hope you all find this
episode in Ramu's life just as interesting. Do send me your comments on
this part of the story at Till then. Take care.
Yours Sahebji



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