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Archived Sex Stories



Loves of Ramu 4 By Sahebji

All was well for several months. One Saturday morning when I reached
Pooja's house I found that she was alone. I asked her as to where Sarita
was. She told me she had gone to meet her best friend Najma and would be
back soon. She further added that she was aware that you would be coming
today so she won't be long. Then she laughed and said 'She is too fond of
your cock to miss out on it. Let us not wait and start. She can join us
later. Come, quickly fuck me in the ass before she returns and got into
'gaand fuck' position.

While I was fucking Pooja in her ass hole Sarita arrived. 'Oh you guys have already started. How mean' she said pouting her lips. 'We did not
know how long you would be so instead of wasting Ramu's time I thought it
was best to start. Sarita your turn comes next' Pooja replied. 'Don't
worry mommy I was just joking' said Sarita and after undressing got into

She sat watching us and kept fingering her cunt. As she did not find
anything unusual about what we were doing I assumed that she must be under
the impression that I had had entered her mother's choot from the rear.
After five minutes of the fuck movement Pooja started groaning and moaning
with pleasure.

'It is wonderful. Yes Ramu go on but harder and faster' she begged and
added, 'Haan Ramu apna laurda meri gaand main zor zor se pelo (Yes Ramu
shove your cock as hard as you can in my ass hole)'. I looked at Sarita.
As soon as she heard these words her ears perked up and with a shocked and
surprised expression on her face got up from the bed and bent down to see
where my cock was.

Dear readers you know that I love fucking in the ass hole. I had always
wanted to fuck Sarita's butt hole also and would have done so but for what
Pooja had said. So I slowed down my strokes and pulled my cock out nearly
to it's tip before pushing it in again so that she could have a clear view
of my cock going in and out of her mother's butt. Fascinated Sarita
watched us and heard all what Pooja was saying in her ecstasy.

After we had finished Sarita wanted to be fucked in the ass hole also
but Pooja put her foot down saying 'No, never. I wanted you to be a virgin
when you married but you gave your cherry to Ramu. I could not do anything
about it. I want you to at least take a virgin ass hole to your husband's
bed. This means no ass hole fucking for you young lady, understand?'

'Aw mommy you are mean. You sounded as if it was great fun' lamented

'Of course it is very enjoyable but as I said no butt fucking for you'
replied Pooja.

'Mommy this is not fair' complained Sarita.

Pooja was now annoyed and said threateningly, 'Don't tell me what is
fair and what is not. Was it fair to me or your future husband that you
gift your cherry to Ramu? You will do as I say or.....' seeing her mother angry and thinking that she might get deprived of fucking all together she
said, 'Okay mommy whatever you say'. Pooja smiled and said, 'That's my
little girl and kissed her' and turning to me said, 'As for you mister
don't you dare take her butt hole cherry without my consent which you will
never get'. 'You don't have to worry about me' I replied.

The matter was closed at least for Pooja and me. However, Sarita had
other plans.

For two days nothing unusual happened but on the third day she said,
'Sir please fuck me in the ass hole'. I reminded her of what her mother had said and said no. She kept repeating her request every day and I kept
declining. One day when I entered her room I found her lying on the bed on
her stomach with her skirt turned up and her pretty ass exposed. I said,
'Sarita get up'. She immediately spread her ass cheeks with her hands and
said, 'Look Masterji (a form of addressing a teacher like 'sir' in English)
look at my small ass hole isn't it tempting? Don't you want to make it
larger with your cock?'

She was a tempting sight. I did want to fuck her ass but did not want
to displease her mother and lose her's as well as Sarita's cunt. I said,
'Stop playing games and get up we have some important lessons to cover
today'. She got up and made a face and with a pout said, 'Masterji you are
very cruel'. She was not giving up so easily.

One after noon when I reached her place I found another girl of her age
with her. Sarita said, 'Sir this is my best friend Najma. We are in the
same class. She has been sick and missed a lot of classes. She is
experiencing some difficulties so I invited her to have them clarified by
you. I hope you don't mind'. 'No not at all. I would be glad to help
her' I replied.

I then looked at Najma more carefully. God! Najma was beautiful. She
looked like a European. She was very fair, with green eyes and long golden
brown hair. She was slim with a perfect figure. Her boobs, they were just
the right size for her body and perfectly shaped. I had seldom seen such
well-shaped tits. I could see her nipples through the thin material of her
kameez. I guess she knew that her boobs were extraordinary. The cut of
her clothes was such that it displayed them to their best advantage.

While I clarified her difficulties I had a perpetual hard on and found
it difficult to keep my eyes away from her shapely breasts. Before leaving
Najma thanked me and asked, 'Sir can I come again if I want some more
clarifications. I did miss a lot in school'. 'Come any time you are
always welcome' I told her. I watched her while she walked away. Her ass
was tight and moved in a sensuous manner which did my hard on no good.

'How did you like my friend Najma?' Sarita asked. 'I liked her very
much. She is very beautiful' I replied. 'That you like her I can see'
Sarita laughed pressing my hard dick. After that day Najma came quite
regularly approximately at least thrice a week. I did not mind it at all
as I got a chance to see her shapely tits and her tight bum. Another
advantage was that Sarita did not pester me so much with her usual 'fuck me
in the ass routine'.

One Saturday morning after fucking mother and daughter once each we lay
resting. Both the girls lay on either side of me with their heads resting
on my chest. 'Ramu may I ask you a personal question but you must be
truthful?' Pooja said. 'Sure, go ahead I will answer as best as I can' I
replied. 'Why do men like to fuck virgins when an experienced woman can
give them more pleasure? Do you also like to deflower virgins and why?'
she asked.

'That was not one question they are three' I laughed. 'Don't try to
change the subject. Answer my question you promised' Pooja said. 'I don't
know about other men but I love to deflower virgin cunts. As to why
frankly I have never given it much thought but will try to answer your
question as best as I can. Maybe it is the challenge of persuading and
convincing a virgin to have sex for the first time in her life. Maybe it
is the satisfaction of making her experience her first orgasm with a cock
inside her and opening for her the venue of the most superior pleasure in
this universe. Another thing I love fucking a tight pussy and a virgin
cunt is the tightest. The way it grips the cock during the in and out
movement making it difficult to push in and equally difficult to pull out.
Then there is the excitement of 'going where no man has ever been before'
to borrow the opening line of a well known television serial' I said and
laughed. 'Another thing if virgins didn't get fucked then where would
'more experienced women' come from' I added.

Pooja said, 'You are right. I suppose these things do excite a man'.
Sarita had not uttered a single word during this exchange but listened to
everything I said with rapt attention. The thought of virgins had given me
an erection and the girls transferred their attention to it.

Everything was under control and fell into a routine. On weekends I
fucked both mother and daughter together. During the week I taught Sarita.
Sarita kept singing her song about 'fucking me in the ass hole' and I
refusing. Najma came thrice a week and I watched her boobs while nursing a
hard on. During this period Pooja told me that one of her friends is
opening a boutique and she would be helping her. This meant that she would
be away from home during the day. She also asked me to spend a little more
time with Sarita as she did not want her to go to anyone else.

Surprised I asked her, 'Do you think there is danger of this happening?'
'Maybe not but she is young and her body demands more than just a couple of
fucks on weekends. She has yet to learn the meaning of the word restraint'
she replied. 'I can't spend too much time here. What do you suggest' I
queried. 'Maybe a fuck once in a while during the week will keep her choot
happy and satisfied but ensure her studies don't suffer' she suggested and
added, 'Please don't tell her that I told you to do it. Fuck her only when
you feel it is necessary'.

One afternoon when Najma came, I taught her as usual. I was unable take
my eyes away from her beautifully formed tits. Naturally I had a hard on
the whole time. When she left I started to teach Sarita. Suddenly she
surprised me by asking, 'Masterji tell me something'. By experience I knew
that whenever she addressed me as 'masterji' she was up to some mischief
but what she said took me completely by surprise.

She said, 'You said you liked Najma'. I nodded. 'You also told mommy you loved deflowering young virgins'. I nodded again. 'Najma is young and
a virgin would you like to fuck her?' After I had recovered my composure I,
instead of answering her question directly, asked her whether Najma would
agree. 'Of course she will agree if I ask her. She is my best friend.
She is a very horny bitch and would never pass up a chance like this'.

'How do you know?' I asked. 'We both surf pornographic sites on the net
together and when we get hot we play with our choots to get relief'. 'You
mean you do each other...' I started but she interrupted me. 'Don't be
offensive masterji. We are horny but we are not lesbians. We satisfy
ourselves not each other'. Then after a few seconds she added, 'I forgot
to tell you there is another plus point. She has no hair on her choot'.

'Now how would you know that?' I asked. 'Well when we are fingering
ourselves we naturally see each other naked'. Suddenly a thought struck me
'What was her reaction when one day she saw your cunt devoid of hair' I
asked her. 'Oh that. That was no problem. You see Najma always wanted me
to shave my pubic hair. She said they make it difficult to keep the cunt clean and thus were unhygienic. So when she asked me as to what happened
to them I told her that I felt an irritation in my cunt and on my mothers
advise I removed them. She bought my explanation without any further
question. You know Najma is not very clever actually a little dumb I would
say. What I did not tell her the irritation was not because of the hair
but for your lovely cock' and grabbed my hard on and laughed merrily.

Suddenly she said, 'Hey, you have not answered my earlier question.
Tell me do you want to pop her cherry. I can arrange that and in exchange
for it you will only have to fuck my pretty ass hole'. Now the cat was out
of the bag. I should have known that it was too good to be true and there
had to be a catch to it. 'No' I said. 'Why? But why tell me?' she asked
in a desperate tone. 'The price you are asking is too high. Okay now let
us get back to our lesson' I told her.

'Lessons, studies is that all you think about?' she shouted at me and
then started to mutter under her breath. I could distinctly hear what she
was saying. I think I was meant to hear it. 'Some men are dumb, real
dumb. Here I offer him a virgin choot, the hairless virgin choot of a
beautiful girl who happens to have the shapeliest pair of tits in the
world. He could deflower her, fondle, squeeze and suck those heavenly boobs but he says the price is too high, too high my foot. What is the price I
ask? All he has to do is to fuck my virgin ass hole' and started to sob

I took her in my arms and kissed her tears away and said, 'Don't cry
sweetheart this is not the end of the world'. With a resolute look in her
eyes she said, 'Don't you ever think that I am going to give up. I will
make you fuck me in my ass hole. You will see that I will win in the end'
and started to cry again. 'Inshallah (god willing)' I said softly and I
kissed her and led her to the bed and fucked her two times without
withdrawing before she was her usual cheerful and carefree self again.

In the next days she did not speak of the events of that afternoon. She
also did not renew her request to 'fuck me in the ass hole'. I was happy
as well as sad that probably Sarita has come to terms with the fact that I
was not going to pop her ass hole cherry. If I could only have read her
mind, I would have known how far my assumption was from the truth.

One day after Najma had left Sarita started to giggle uncontrollably.
'What is so funny? Do you mind sharing the joke with me' I asked her with
my tone dripping with sarcasm. Still giggling she said, 'Did you see
Najma's face? Frankly I had not paid much attention to her face as I was
too busy eyeing her tits and trying to keep my hard on under control and
told her so.

'It was very funny she would look at you and lower her eyes and blush
and then sigh. I think she must have come at least three times. I bet
when she left her panty must be dripping wet' she said still laughing.
Hearing this the vision of Lata floated before my eyes, who had behaved in
similar fashion in a similar situation (for details please read 'Loves of
Ramu 1') and catching her by the ear I asked, 'What have you been telling
her you naughty girl?'

'OWW it hurts. I will tell you but first let go' she begged. This is
what she told me. 'Few days back when we were fingering our cunts after
surfing the net I asked her whether she had ever thought of sleeping with a
man. She said that she is always dreaming about it but who will fuck her?
I suggested why not my masterji? She then asked that would you agree? Of
course he would agree he is a man isn't he. I know all men love
deflowering virgins and you are a very pretty virgin. Then in a
confidential tone she asked me if I had done it with you. I laughed and I
told her the truth that you were fucking me since several months. Then she
wanted to know how it was? How does it feel? Does it hurt a lot? I told
her that it does hurt a little at first but the pleasure afterwards is
worth it. The pleasure is hundred or more times greater than our finger
gives us. It is very difficult to describe it. It must be experienced.
Then she wanted to know whether I was not scared of getting pregnant? Then
I told her what you had told me. She was on fire and still is. She has
asked me three times in the last two days to ask you to stick your cock
into her'.

'Did you tell her about your mother also?' I asked. 'Of course not. Do
you think I am stupid?'. 'I don't know sometimes you do behave very
foolishly' I replied. 'Don't be rude. Masterji I tell you her cunt is
hot, wet and ready. Don't you want to open her love passage?' 'No. You
don't give up do you?' I replied. 'I will never give up. I told you that'
she affirmed. 'Yes that you did' I confirmed.

That Sunday when I visited Pooja I found Sarita absent. Pooja told me
that she had gone to spend the night at her mama's (uncle- mother's
brother) house and would be back in the evening. She has left a message
for you I quote "Masterji save some cum for me I will collect it on Monday
afternoon with accrued interest". I laughed and said, 'Why not, it is her
due'. After fucking Pooja twice in the cunt and twice in the ass hole I
left. However I did miss Sarita's tight choot.

On Monday afternoon after Sarita had collected her due as well as
interest she said, 'Masterji listen and listen carefully. I am tired of
asking you actually begging you to fuck me in the ass hole but you remain
adamant. Earlier I had offered one virgin cunt to you and you refused.
Today I am offering you two virgin choots in exchange of your fucking my
gaand. Frankly this is best I can do'.

I was about to refuse when she interrupted me and said, 'I am not yet
finished. This is my last and best offer and if you refuse then I will be
compelled to get someone else to do it. There is this boy in my class.
His name is Ashish, I don't like him but he will have to do. He looks at
me with lust dripping from his eyes and gets a hard on each time he speaks
to me. I only have to give him a hint and he will be happy do the job and
be grateful also. If he fucks me in the ass then I will not be able to
refuse him my choot. Should mommy become a grandmother then it will be you
and her to blame and not me. This is not a threat but a promise'.

I looked at her and saw that she was dead serious. This was no idle
threat. I was sure that she would do exactly what she had said. Therefore
to gain time I told her that I require some time to think matters over.
'Go ahead think as much as you like and if you want to consult mommy be my
guest but I want your final reply on next Monday. Remember no extensions'.
During the week I thought over the matter. Sarita is adamant to get her
ass plugged and if I don't do it then this boy Ashish will do it may be
with disastrous consequences. All this while my cock was urging me to
agree. I decided to go along with my cock but also decided to get some
more pleasure for it or put an end to this daily 'fuck me in the ass

On Monday she asked, 'Okay masterji what is your decision?' I told her,
'I will do what you want'. Hearing me she squealed with delight and made
for the bed. 'Hold on let me finish first. I will fuck your ass hole but
on three conditions.

Firstly both the girls must agree to let me fuck their ass holes also.
Secondly they will also suck my cock and swallow my-cum. Thirdly I will
fuck your ass hole within four weeks of collecting full payment and in the
mean while you will study hard and not pester me every day. 'Sir you do
drive a hard bargain. Okay I agree to my part but for the other I have to
consult the girls. I asked, 'Sarita tell me about the second girl. Who is
she?' She said, 'Don't be so impatient. You will meet her when the time
comes but this much I can promise her choot is going to be the tightest of
all'. Two days later she confirmed that both the girls had agreed to my

'Now masterji it is time to celebrate. On Monday you will have Najma's
cherry' she laughed

On Monday when Najma came she was blushing like a bride. Apparently
Sarita had told her that she is going to lose her virginity that afternoon.
She was dressed in a light green ghagra and kameez matching the colour of
her eyes and not her usual salwar kameez. She was looking like a real
bride. I could see her gorgeous boobs with the nipples straining against
her kameez. One look at her and my cock became hard as rock. I opened my
arms to welcome her and she very smoothly moved into them. I kissed her on
her cheeks and to confirm matters asked softly, 'Tujhe maloom hai na ki tu
aaj yahan kyon aayi hai? (You do know why you are here today?)'. She
blushed prettily and nodded and her reply was barely audible, 'Haan, aaj
aap mujhe chodo ge (Yes, you will fuck me today)' and hid her face in my

I then raised her face and kissed her tenderly on her lips. She
reciprocated hesitatingly. Simultaneously I caressed her beautiful boobs and squeezed them gently. She started to moan softly. The more I pressed
her tits more excited she became and started to kiss me more and more
passionately. I was dying to see her naked boobs so while kissing her I
undid her kameez buttons and tried to pull it off. She made no objection
but helped me to remove it. Immediately her boobs fell free. She was not
wearing a bra.

Later Sarita told me that Najma always had her kameez tailored in such a
fashion that it gave her tits the little support they needed. Naked her
tits looked even more beautiful. They were hard and without any sag
whatsoever. Her pink nipples were pointing straight at me as if aiming to
shoot me. I laid her down on the bed and opened the string of her ghagra
and lifting her bottoms dragged it off laying her whole beautiful body
naked to my gaze. 'Najma dear you have a very beautiful body' I said.
Najma blushed and hid her face behind the back of her arm. I knelt beside
the bed and started to kiss her and suck her tits and simultaneously ran my
finger between the lips of her choot.

Najma lay with her eyes closed and moaning loudly. I was very excited
and my cock was urging me to deflower this gorgeous angel without further
loss of time. I got up and quickly undressed and stood naked with an
enormous erection before her. As soon as she saw me she started to get up
saying, 'My god his laurda (cock) is very big. It will kill me. I don't
want to fuck'. Hearing this Sarita was alarmed and jumped to her side and
pushed her back. 'What do mean by, it is very large' she asked. 'The cock
of my brother Salim is quite small' Najma replied. 'You stupid girl Salim
is barely eleven years old and when he grows up his laurda will also be big
like masterji's or maybe bigger. Have you not seen the cocks of men on the
net? They are big and some were even bigger?' Sarita said. 'I thought
that was all trick photography'. Najma said with tears in her eyes.

I saw that Sarita was getting nowhere with her. I had to divert her
mind urgently otherwise there would be no virgin to deflower. Quickly I
went down on my knees and started to kiss and suck her tits again. She
started to moan again. I licked her tits and her belly and moved downwards
to her choot. Reaching her cunt I kissed it and flicked my tongue on her
erect clit. With a sharp intake of breath she shuddered as if an electric
current had passed through her body. I continued to suck her clit. She
raised her bottoms and pressed her crotch against my face. She placed her
hands behind my head and guided my tongue to where it gave her maximum
pleasure. All this while she kept moaning loudly. Suddenly her body
arched and she shouted 'Mera .... mera hone wala hai (I....I am about to
come)' and then with a loud 'OOOHHhhh' fell back on the bed. I however
continued to suck her clit till she came for the second time.

Then releasing her clit I moved towards her boobs and lips. I started
to kiss her lips and got on top of her with out any objection from her.
Taking my cock in my hand I rubbed it between the lips of her choot. Of
their own her legs opened wide. I placed my cock on her virgin hole and
said, 'Najma darling main ab tujhe chodene wala hoon (Najma darling I am
about to fuck you now)'. ' Haan, haan mujhe chod do masterji please (Yes,
yes sir please fuck me'. I looked at her and she lay with her eyes wide
open and panting heavily. I could see the look of lust and faint touch of
fear in them.

Slowly I pressed my cock in her. It slid in easily till her virginal
barrier stopped it. I gathered her firmly in my arms and pressed further.
I felt her hymen stretching. She said, 'Masterji slowly it is hurting' and
suddenly it snapped and my cock was half buried inside her.
'AAAAAYYYYIIIIIEEE meri amma. Bahut dard horaha hai. Masterji apna lund
meri bur main se nikalo nahin tau main mar jauingi (AAAAAYYYYIIIIIEEE my
amma (mother). It is hurting very badly. Masterji take your cock out of
my cunt otherwise I will die)' she shouted. Ignoring her protests I
continued to move in and out.

For few minutes she kept complaining of pain then stopped. Soon she
started to feel the pleasurable sensation and started to moan. Sarita who
had been watching all the time asked her with a broad smile on her face,
'Na! Dear Najma how does it feel? Does it still hurt?'. 'It hurt a lot
earlier but it is very nice now' Najma replied. 'Stop it Sarita. This is
no time to carry on a conversation. Let her enjoy herself' I said.

Dear readers Najma's choot was really very tight just as tight as
Kanchi's cunt, whom I still fucked regularly (for details please read
'Loves of Ramu 2'), and very soon I felt my seed rising. Najma was also
not far away from her climax. I quickened my strokes. As I was injecting
my-cum inside her she shouted, 'I am COMMMMIIINNNGGG' and came with another
loud OOOHhhh. Najma lay with her eyes closed enjoying this new sensation.
My cock started to get soft. I kept moving slowly in and out to keep it
semi hard. In five minutes or so I was again hard and we had another
satisfying fuck.

As we lay resting Najma said, 'Sarita you were right the pain was worth
the pleasure that followed'. Then she said, 'Masterji now fuck Sarita. I
am sure her bur (cunt) is itching and dripping'. I said, 'Sure but you
will have to first make my cock hard by sucking it'. She said, 'Must I?
It is dirty'. 'You promised to do it didn't you?' She nodded. 'Then does
it. If you break your promise I will never trust you again' Sarita said.

She reluctantly took my flaccid cock in her mouth and started to suck
it. When I felt that I was about to come I caught hold of her head and
warned, 'Najma I am coming' and shot jets of my semen into her mouth.
Najma did not swallow it but collected it in her mouth. 'Swallow it'
ordered Sarita but Najma shook her head. I gestured to Sarita to pinch her
nose. Sarita then caught hold of her nostrils between her fingers. In
order to breathe Najma was compelled to swallow. 'Na! How did you like
the taste of masterji's cum' Sarita asked her laughing. 'You are a very
naughty girl. Why did you make me swallow it? Najma complained.
'Remember you had promised and I did it only because I did not want you to
break your word' Sarita replied still laughing 'but you have not told us
whether you liked the taste'.

Najma smiled and told us that it was gooey and very salty. 'Don't worry
the taste will grow on you' was Sarita's verdict. Najma repeated her
earlier request "Masterji please now fuck Sarita'. While I was undressing
Sarita was in a hurry to get her ass hole fucked. She whispered to me,
'Sir instead of fucking me try to fuck Najma in her the ass hole'. I
pretended not to hear her and proceeded to fuck her.

After we finished as it was already late Najma left. Sarita was livid.
She asked angrily, 'Why did you not fuck Najma's butt hole?' I pacified her
with the words, 'Don't worry I will do that also but tomorrow when my cock
is still fresh. Najma is a scarecrow. She takes to new things slowly. We
must proceed gently with her. Remember to keep some vaseline ready' and

Next day I reached late to Sarita's house. Sarita was waiting for me
impatiently. Najma was lying naked on the bed and blushing sweetly. 'Sir
you are late. Look at Najma's cunt it is dripping in anticipation of your
cock' Sarita told me and lifted Najma's legs to show me her wet and
dripping cunt hole. 'This is rectified in no time' I said and quickly
undressed and entered Najma's waiting choot. After a very satisfying fuck
when I was about to withdraw Najma said, 'Masterji abhi mat nikalo. Ek
baar aur chodo (Masterji don't withdraw yet. Fuck me once more)'. 'Sure I
will do it again but let me get stiff ' I told her and withdrew and lay
down next to her. She immediately took my cock in her hand and first
kissed it then took it in her mouth and sucked it to erection.

'Sir it is ready. Fuck me now' she said pleased as punch at her
achievement. 'Najma darling this time you fuck me' I told her. She looked
a little confused and said 'Me? How?' I pulled her on top of me and
inserted my cock in her cunt from below and said, 'Like this. Move your
ass up and down and fuck me' I said. Najma immediately started the fuck
movements. After a few minutes when she started to moan I inserted one
finger in her ass hole and commenced to finger fuck her ass hole.

She stopped and asked 'What are you doing?' 'Finger fucking your ass
hole. You don't like it?' I replied. 'Of course I like it. It feels very
nice' she said. 'Then why have stopped continue fucking and enjoy my
finger in your rear hole?' I told her and she started to move her bum up
and down again. I then inserted another finger in her butt hole and
started to move them in a circular motion. 'Oh masterji your fingers feel
so nice in my gaand' she panted.

After ten minutes she lay still on me and said, 'I can't do it any more.
I am tired. Now you fuck me pleeease' she said and got off me and lay down
with her legs wide open. 'Okay I will do it but not like this. I will
fuck you from behind' and brought her on all fours. Then gripping her
firmly I entered her cunt from behind. I fucked till she came. I had
however not come yet. I then took my cock out and said, 'Najma darling now
I am going to fuck you in your ass hole'. 'No it will hurt' she protested.
'When I fucked you in your cunt for the first time it hurt but then you
liked it. You found my finger nice in your butt hole. Sure it will hurt but my cock will give you much more pleasure than my finger' and started to
apply vaseline on and in her ass hole.

'Are you sure that I will not die of pain. What are you doing? She
wanted to know turning around. 'Of course sweetheart you won't die. You
will love it. Promise. I am applying vaseline it will help reduce the
pain when my cock enters your virgin ass hole'. She then turned around and
offered her ass hole to me. After applying vaseline on and inside her ass
hole and on my cock I placed my cock on her butt hole and pushed. Her ass
hole was also very tight and her sphincter did not yield.

'It is hurting me' she shouted. 'Just a little more patience' I told
her and pushed harder. Her ass hole started to open and soon the head of
my cock was in. Najma was in great pain she screamed 'AAAYYYIIIIEEEE it
hurts terribly. 'Oh meri bechaari gaand phatt gayi (my poor gaand is
ruined forever)'. I did not reply and gave another push and my cock was
fully engulfed in her ass hole. I started to fuck it. Najma kept
complaining of pain. 'Wait a few minutes darling you will soon feel the
pleasure' I told her. After five more minutes Najma started to enjoy my
cock in her behind and said so.

After her first gaand fuck we lay down to rest. Sarita, who was
watching all this with delight, said, 'Masterji it is now my turn to be
fucked'. Najma protested, 'After all the pain I had to bear I deserve a
bonus fuck' and grabbed my cock. I laughed and said, 'Don't fight. There
is enough for every one. If not today tomorrow is another day'. That day
I again fucked Najma. As it was already late we dispersed. Sarita had a
big grin on her face, 'Masterji the first part has been successfully
completed. Now for the second virgin'. There is no hurry. Let me first
enjoy Najma to the full' I said. 'Enjoy Najma masterji but not for too
long. I also want my ass hole fucked. Remember!' Sarita replied.

In the days to follow I enjoyed Najma's tight choot and gaand every day.
Najma also started to like the taste of my-cum. On the weekend it was back
to Pooja and Sarita. Pooja was blissfully unaware of Najma's fuck sessions
of the afternoons. I enjoyed Najma in the following week also.

Then on Sunday when I was leaving after screwing both mother and
daughter Sarita whispered to me, 'Tomorrow you will have the second
virgin'. 'What about Najma?' I inquired. 'She has to go out of station to
attend a marriage in the family. She will be back only after ten days. I
planned it this way. Am I not a good planner?' she replied happily.

The next day when I entered Sarita's room she was alone. 'Where is the
virgin? Don't tell me she didn't come' I asked. 'Don't worry she is here.
When I plan things that are important to me nothing goes wrong. You sit
down and relax and I will fetch her' she said with a proud look and left
the room. 'In a few minutes she was back with a girl, who did not look a
day older than fourteen, in tow. She was not pretty but quite ordinary
looking. She was wearing a T-shirt and jeans. She was a little plump and
her tits were a little too small for her body.

Judging by her disheveled look, she had apparently been asleep when
Sarita fetched her. Her face bore a marked resemblance to Sarita. 'Who is
she? Is she related to you? I questioned. 'This is Shobha my cousin.
Daughter of my mamaji (uncle - mother's brother)' she replied and then
turning to Shobha she added, 'Munni, this is her pet name, meet my tutor
Mr. Ramesh Kumar. He will deflower you today' and turning to me she added,
'Masterji aapko choti umer ki larkitan pasand hain na? Yeh kuch hee dinon
pahele chauda saal ki huti hai. Isski choot meri choot se bhi tung hogi.
Aapko isse chodene main bahut mazaa aayega (Sir you like very young girls don't you? she became fourteen only a few days ago. Her cunt is going to
be tighter than mine was. You will enjoy fucking her)'.

Munni automatically said, 'Good afternoon sir' but when Sarita's words
soaked in she squealed with delight and said, 'You stupid girl why did not
say so in the first place' and started to undress. She was naked in no
time and jumped on to the bed and lay down with her legs wide open and
said, 'Come sir I am ready. Which cherry do you want to take first? My
cunt, my ass hole or you would like me to suck your cock and swallow your

For a moment I was taken aback at such brazenness on part of a virgin
and looked at Sarita. Sarita smiled and shrugged. I then undressed and
approached the bed with my cock pointing towards the ceiling. 'Oh what a
nice big cock you have. I am going to have a ball' Munni giggled. I
started to kiss her lips and tits while running my finger through her pubic
hair and between her lower lips. 'Oh how lovely your fingers feel' she
said and after a few minutes sighed loudly and opened her legs wider.
'Please sir, don't waste so much time in foreplay. I am already quite wet.
I can't wait to feel your lund inside me. Just shove your big cock into my
choot and fuck me and fuck me hard' she panted.

I said, 'If I do what you are suggesting then you will experience a lot
of pain'. 'I don't care. It has to pain some time. Why not now. Little
more or less pain doesn't really matter' she said. I looked at Sarita
questioningly. She nodded and said, 'If that's what she wants then that's
what she will get. Masterji fuck her and fuck her hard'.

I got on top of her and after placing my cock on the entrance of her
fuck hole gave a mighty push. My cock tearing through her virginal
sentinel entered half in. 'AAAYYYYIIIEEEE god it hurts like the devil.
Please stop. Let me catch my breath' she screamed. There was no stopping
now. I pushed my cock in and started to fuck her with all my might.

After the initial pain subsided she started to enjoy herself and kept
giving voice to her feelings, 'It is lovely. I knew that it would be
lovely but I never imagined that it would be so heavenly. Yes masterji
fuck me harder'. In between she stopped speaking only to cum and then
restarted. By the time I shot my seed in her choot she had come four

'It was really lovely. Now shall I suck your cock? She suited her
words with action and soon sucked me off and swallowed my-cum with relish.
'Now it is the turn of my ass hole isn't it?' She asked and turned around
and lay on her stomach. 'Munni slow down. What is your hurry? We have
lots of time' I told her. 'I don't like to keep things pending. First I
must fulfill all your conditions and my commitments then I will make you
fuck me where and the way I want'.

This was quite fair. I then fucked her in her ass hole. In the
beginning it hurt a lot but later she said she enjoyed it. Sarita said
that she also wanted a fuck. Munni said 'No way dear cousin. Masterji has
been fucking you now for several months and you kept enjoying yourself
quietly without saying a word to me. Now it is my turn. You can have your
screw when I am gone but as long as I am here his cock belongs to me and
only to me' she said firmly.

For the rest of the week I fucked Munni in every way she desired. On
Friday afternoon after our fuck session a satisfied Munni left for her

On a Sunday after a week when Pooja, Sarita and I were starting our
mornings activities I asked Sarita to fetch the vaseline and turning to
Pooja I told her that today I am going to fuck Sarita in her ass hole.
Sarita ran out of the room naked as she was and was back in a trice. Pooja
was aghast, 'Why do you want to do it? I told you that I don't want you to
do it'.

I then related all the events since the morning when Pooja had made me
promise not to fuck Sarita's gaand. Sarita pestering me daily - my
refusing - her offer of a virgin - my refusal - then offer of two virgins
cunts - her threat to let Ashish fuck her butt - my placing severe
conditions to deter her - her acceptance - my collection of payment over
the last three weeks or so. I finished by saying that I thought it was
better that she has it done at home than her going outside and distributing
her favours.

Pooja listened to me intently and then throwing up her hands in despair
said, 'Okay go ahead fuck her little butt for all I care. You are right
that if she is bent upon getting it plugged then it is better to do it at
home'. Hearing this Sarita clapped her hands and said, 'Come masterji let
us start'.

Suddenly Pooja said, 'Ramu did you say two virgins? One I can imagine
must have been Najma her best friend. They are very close. But who was
the other one?' I kept quiet and looked at Sarita. Sarita replied in a low
voice, 'It was Shobha'. Pooja said with a puzzled look on her face,
'Shobha? Who Shobha? Do I know her?' Then the truth hit her, 'You don't
mean Munni? No! Not our Munni? Not my brother's little girl? Sarita you
are a despicable person. Just for fulfilling your fixation to have your
gaand fucked you persuaded your own cousin to sacrifice her virginity, her
most valuable possession. Shame on you. How low you have sunk' and turned
away from her in disgust.

Stung by her mother's sharp words Sarita shouted back, 'Yes I am the
villain and she is a saint. For your kind information it is not I who got
her fucked but it was she who led me to lose my virginity. As you would
say my precious virginity. She is the one who introduced me to
pornography. She was the one who always talked about sex and how wonderful
it was. She is the one who gave me passwords to various porno sites. She
is the one who made me an addict of self-gratification. Yes you are right
I am the bad girl she is a saint' and started to cry uncontrollably.

Hearing this Pooja took her in her arms and kissing her said, 'Don't cry
darling. I am sorry but I did not know the background. Come I will help
you to fulfill your desire'. When Sarita had calmed down she said, 'Mommy
I am telling you the truth. I did not need to persuade Munni. I just
mentioned about fucking in passing and she was all over me and pestered me
daily to introduce her to a cock. Ask sir how she behaved on the first
day. I was ashamed that she was my sister'.

Pooja looked at me and I nodded. She said, 'Come to bed darling'. Then
Pooja lovingly applied Vaseline on Sarita's gaand and on my cock. Then
placing my cock on the ass hole of Sarita she said, 'Ramu go into her butt
hole and give her the pleasure she has worked so hard for'. After I had
finished fucking her butt hole Sarita said, 'It was nice but nothing very
great. I do not understand why you both rave so much about it'.

I said, 'I love fucking ass holes as they are much tighter than cunts'.
Pooja said, 'The first time when your father fucked my butt I felt the same
as you but as he loved fucking in the ass as Ramu does I got used to it and
started enjoying it immensely. I suppose that by the time you get married Ramu will fuck it often enough for you to start relishing it also'.

Well! Friends, there is not much more to tell. I fucked Munni only
when she came to visit Sarita, which was seldom. One day I said, Sarita
how is Munni I haven't seen her since weeks'. Sarita said, 'Sir you can
forget about her. The stupid girl is now involved with three guys. One
boy from school, no not Ashish, an elderly neighbour and their driver. If
she goes on like this she will surely land herself in big trouble'.

I enjoyed Najma and Sarita till they got married. I still fuck them
whenever they are on a visit to their parent's house. As for Pooja I am
still fucking her on regular basis but not as often as before.

The end

Dear readers, this is another story of the series 'Loves of Ramu'.
Judging from the colourful life my friend Ramu has led I am sure he has
many more experiences to share with us. I aim to ask him when I meet him
next. Please do not hesitate to send me your impressions about this
episode in Ramu's life. I would love to receive them. As a matter of fact
I am looking forward to your messages. Take care. My address is Bye. Your Sahebji



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